Tanks. Blitzkrieg. Scenario of victory

Appeared during the First World War, Tanks survived the turbulent period of evolution from clumsy machines designed to break through the stagnation of the trench warfare, to powerful and maneuverable steel monsters that spawned a new strategy and tactics of warfare.

Tanks. Blitzkrieg. Scenario of victory
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    1. dred
      2 January 2012 17: 17
      The first tanks were the British.
    2. Crang
      5 October 2013 00: 40
      That's for sure. In addition, these structures were not tanks in the modern sense. And so the world's first tank - the French Renault FT-17.
    3. TeR
      8 November 2014 15: 47
      Again there is no article. The video is one. Without annotation.
      Considering how pages overloaded with elements slow down when opened, what is the rating of similar materials on the network?
      The visitor will not waste time viewing it for no one knows what, and even such a nerdy one.
    4. 0
      22 June 2015 23: 54
      The collaboration of the Bolsheviks with the Nazis was ultimately detrimental to both.

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