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The Pentagon has spent on the development of special chewing gum for soldiers $ 12 million

The Pentagon has spent on the development of special chewing gum for soldiers $ 12 million

According to The New Yorker, chewing gum has been developed for about seven years. $ 12 million was spent on research. The novelty is to be tested in the coming year. According to Dominic Zero, director of the Institute of Dental Research at Indiana University, the few who have already managed to try it, liked the new chewing gum. At the same time, Zero noted that even such a useful thing would not replace tooth brushing.

The US military spends $ 100 million annually on dental procedures. Sometimes a soldier has to be transported to another continent in order to get to a doctor. According to Colonel Robert Hale, commander of the dental and trauma unit, 40% recruits have at least three sick teeth. Therefore, in the case of efficiency, military gum at a cost of $ 2 apiece will potentially help reduce military spending.

“Oral hygiene is of paramount importance to the military. It helps reduce time and money spent on treatment, ”the report said in The Army Times.

Originally gum was intended for the military, serving in regions with a lack of water. But now she will strive to ensure, first of all, those 15% of the military, who are in the "risk group", having a strong caries or gum disease. In addition, "military development" will be on the market.

“If we manage to develop an effective means of combating caries and offer it, for example, to a company like Wrigley, then perhaps young people will come to the army initially with healthier teeth,” Hale said.

Chewing gum caught on in the American army for a long time. The generals used it for moral support of the fighters during the Second World War. According to researchers, the use of chewing gum helped the soldiers to cope with stress and created a feeling of home.

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  1. Rash
    Rash 22 March 2014 05: 51
    It remains to wait until DARPA invents a means for hygiene of the anus and rectum. For the American army, this is also true.
    1. Riperbahn
      Riperbahn 22 March 2014 05: 57
      They always wear diapers, specially designed for 123 million :))))
      1. Kodar 75
        Kodar 75 22 March 2014 06: 09
        As the English Marines froze to diapers and refused to participate in exercises:

        At Norway’s northernmost military base in the town of Porsanger in the Finnmark region, the British Marines refused to perform combat training missions due to low air temperature. Her Majesty’s subjects stated that they could not train in conditions where the temperature drops to minus twenty degrees. The commander of the Norwegian base, Lt. Col. Trond Thomassen, justifying the British soldiers, explained that they have a special attitude to health and safety. They sit in the barracks and flatly refuse to undergo any kind of professional training whenever the thermometer drops below eight degrees. Complicating the situation is the fact that in such a cold, soldiers cannot use the diapers that are given to them for the duration of long exercises because of the inability to put toilet stalls in forests, in the mountains and in other rough terrain. Once the urine cools down, the genitals begin to freeze, and in two soldiers the genitals literally froze to the inside of the disposable diaper. The British soldiers were not able to pour into a snowdrift, as ethnic Norwegians still do, the young generation lost these skills. For the Norwegians themselves, this situation caused only a grin. So the Norwegian Labor politician Ida Catherine Balto Björnbak told reporters that she was amazed at how soldiers behave. “Let's hope that there will be no winter, no war!” She joked. In her opinion, extreme weather conditions should only temper soldiers. She noted that at NATO, exercises at a temperature of eight degrees are considered “cold winter training”. “Eight degrees in northern Norway is a beautiful fall day,” Balto explained. “But we must remember that people from all over the world represent NATO: they are Germans, Spaniards, and Italians. They all live in completely different climatic conditions, ”she concluded. True, the Norwegians are perplexed as the ancestors of these same marines fought with the Germans at Narvik. The then British fairly tolerated the April and May cold and courageously fled from Norway not at all because of the cold. Moreover, even their more distant ancestors survived frosts in the cold Russian Crimea a century and a half ago, besieging Sevastopol for 11 months. "Yes, the Norwegians conclude, - the Englishman is now not the same."
        1. Vasyan1971
          Vasyan1971 22 March 2014 14: 50
          Here, one and a half centuries ago, the frost-resistant Anglo-Saxons ended. Grandfather Frost - forever!
          1. Alex 241
            Alex 241 22 March 2014 17: 49
            Quote: Vasyan1971
            frost-resistant Anglo-Saxons and ran out.

            Learn the salabons!
            1. svp67
              svp67 22 March 2014 18: 30
              Quote: Alex 241
              Learn the salabons!
              And our girls are prettier ...
              Salute to pilots hi
              1. Alex 241
                Alex 241 22 March 2014 18: 33
                Quote: svp67
                And our girls are prettier ...

                This is an axiom. Hello to the tankmen!
                1. svp67
                  svp67 22 March 2014 18: 49
                  Quote: Alex 241
                  This is an axiom. Hello to the tankmen!

                  Alex, how real is the threat to our civilian planes flying along the border with Ukraine? then infa passed that the SS took "control" of several air defense divisions. What do you think "duck" or a possible scenario?
                  1. Alex 241
                    Alex 241 22 March 2014 20: 37
                    Serezha, sorry, I noticed your post late. A number of countries have a legal right to shoot down civilian aircraft.

                    In the United States, shortly after the September 11, 2001 air attacks, President George W. Bush ordered the downing of aircraft flying to Washington and refusing to change course. There is no special legislative act regulating the actions of the military in such cases, however, senior Pentagon officers have repeatedly stated that the air defense forces are ready to destroy any captured liner. The order for destruction can be given by the president, the minister of defense or authorized Air Force generals. The decision-making mechanism is classified.

                    Israel also has no legal basis for the destruction of hijacked aircraft. However, on February 21.02.1973, 727, the country's air force shot down the Libyan Boeing 113 with 727 passengers over the Sinai Peninsula. The plane was destroyed by order of the Chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces on the basis of information from the special services on the preparation by the Palestinians of the terrorist attack using a passenger liner. Later it turned out that the Boeing XNUMX was off course.

                    In the UK, France, the Czech Republic, and Australia, air defense forces have the right to shoot down aircraft in the presence of the threat of using them for attacks on socially significant objects, which may be accompanied by a large number of victims. First of all, these are nuclear facilities.

                    In 2002, the Government of Ukraine allowed the border troops to use weapons and military equipment to “prevent and terminate in the airspace the unlawful actions of aircraft captured by terrorists”.

                    In 2003, Germany passed a law on the basis of which the military received the right to bring down planes hijacked by terrorists. This country emphasizes that the new law is not a “license to kill”: fire will be opened only in the most extreme case.

                    In 2005, India passed a law authorizing military aviation to destroy aircraft hijacked by terrorists heading for strategically important targets, such as the presidential palace or parliament building.

                    In 2005, it gave its military authority to shoot down civilian aircraft in Slovakia. The government of this country approved this measure on the eve of the Russian-American summit, which took place on February 24.02.2005, XNUMX in Bratislava. According to the adopted document, an aircraft can only be shot down if its crew did not respond in any way to demands to change course or land a car, and also if such a measure as warning fire did not take effect.

                    In Russia, after the rancor of September 11th, some generals were also ready to proceed with the destruction of civilian aircraft with terrorists, without even waiting for the adoption of the relevant provision. For example, on April 07.04.2005, XNUMX, Commander of the Special Forces Command (Air Defense Forces), Colonel-General Yu.V. Soloviev, said that he would not allow "that something fell on Moscow." “I decided for myself which decision I will make. The final decision will be made by the Commander-in-Chief or the Minister of Defense of the country, ”the general said.

                    In 2007, the Russian military also acquired the right to “eliminate the threat of a terrorist act in the air”, after being signed by Prime Minister M.E. Fradkov Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation “On Countering Terrorism”, No. 352 dated 06.06.2007 (as amended by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, No. 1013 dated 07.12.2011). By this normative act, it decided to approve the attached provisions, including the "Regulation on the use of weapons and military equipment by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to eliminate the threat of a terrorist act in the air or to suppress such a terrorist act."
                    1. Alex 241
                      Alex 241 22 March 2014 20: 49
                      As you can see, in order to shoot down a plane, we need quite weighty circumstances. Yes, and according to the "Air Code", the use of weapons on a civilian aircraft is only possible after all preventive measures. Article 33, clause 4 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation: An aircraft registered or accounted for in the established manner in the Russian Federation acquires the nationality of the Russian Federation, and the use of weapons on an aircraft of the Russian Federation will be considered an act of war.
                      1. svp67
                        svp67 22 March 2014 22: 41
                        Thank you, this is understandable, but if a launch is launched from the territory of Ukraine on our civilian side, but the Ukrainian authorities refer to the fact that extremists did this, is this a reason for the war? Lord Ukraine, Ukraine, why do we need all this ...
                      2. Alex 241
                        Alex 241 22 March 2014 23: 13
                        Seryozha, and the Ukrainian authorities are extremists. God forbid, of course, if they burn!
    2. Duke
      Duke 22 March 2014 06: 16
      According to The New Yorker, chewing gum has been developed for about seven years. $ 12 million was spent on research.

      This is the main problem of the American army now.
      1. tronin.maxim
        tronin.maxim 22 March 2014 06: 30
        I wonder what's next? They will probably invent a special army rubber woman. Hmm, the wonders of the madhouse.
        1. igordok
          igordok 22 March 2014 08: 24
          Quote: tronin.maxim
          invent a special army rubber woman.

          Do not insult them. They are homie ki tolerant. soldier
          1. Vasyan1971
            Vasyan1971 22 March 2014 14: 53
            So there will be a high-tech bayonet-f alloimulator. I will present such eagles in a parade with sided or, God forbid, in a bayonet ... belay
  • PPL
    PPL 22 March 2014 06: 04
    American soldiers evolve as pets from a bovine family (goat husband) lol
    Modern ruminants: cows, camels, goats, llamas, etc. - became such in the process of evolution. Their distant ancestors lived many thousands of years ago. They had no sharp teeth and could not run fast, therefore they could not defend themselves from predators. But everyone needs food equally. In the process of survival, such animals have a special way of eating. To eat, they had to grab something quickly, swallow quickly without chewing, and run away. After that, in a safe place it was already possible to chew and enjoy food.
  • Humpty
    Humpty 22 March 2014 06: 04
    Here is this chewing gum.
  • Tatarus
    Tatarus 22 March 2014 06: 04
    Yeah fuck. We were worried about the Mistrals with the Eveks. Sawing annoyed us. And here is the chewing gum

    "The gum has been in development for about seven years, according to The New Yorker." - seven years? A missile or a ship or a tank is sometimes developed faster

    "At the same time, Zero noted that even such a useful thing will not replace brushing your teeth." - that is, chew, do not chew, but do you need to brush your teeth?

    "The US military spends $ 100 million annually on dental procedures." - Toothless army soldier on teeth?

    "Chewing gum has taken root in the American army for a long time. Generals have used it to provide moral support to soldiers since World War II. According to researchers, using chewing gum helped soldiers cope with stress and made them feel at home." - we must go further. For drug addicts, develop a special joint. Well, that would create a feeling of home. And for gays, a faloimitator, that would not only feel at home but also a sense of family.
  • Bober
    Bober 22 March 2014 06: 07
    Ahhh! And I thought that as a means of a balloon probe for local reconnaissance, and with more inflation, the evacuation of the wounded from the battlefield or the delivery of goods.
  • IGS
    IGS 22 March 2014 06: 10
    Sarcasm will begin now laughing But there is nothing wrong with that. Teeth in the field is a weak spot, caries progresses very quickly. Often soldiers have a flux, especially when the air temperature is about 0 degrees, or the humidity is high. Many will understand me here. Combat toothache.
    1. Tatarus
      Tatarus 22 March 2014 06: 13
      Quote: IGS
      Teeth in the field is a weak spot,

      The weak point in the field is diarrhea and lack of toilet paper. In the forest when. In conifers.
      1. IGS
        IGS 22 March 2014 06: 31
        Who hurts request laughing
    2. Bober
      Bober 22 March 2014 07: 17
      So it is clear what is needed, and even very. But development time and cost suggest that it is from the field of super weapons.
    3. Nayhas
      Nayhas 22 March 2014 07: 20
      Quote: IGS
      Combat toothache.

      Quote: IGS
      Teeth in the field is a weak spot, caries progresses very quickly

      Most of those who noted this news will leave their sarcastic remarks or offensive posts, for them this note is from the category "gee-gee-gee stupid Americans, cut the dough!" They do not understand that concern for the health of a soldier should always be at the forefront. At one time, I was wildly afraid that my untreated teeth with which I risked going on a business trip would crawl out sideways, but the pancake carried over. But there was a precedent. Our chef had a wisdom tooth ache, three days of hellish pain, no help from our ever-blue doctor, the nearest dentist in Mozdok. But they learned that the local tractor driver could help when he was once again driving through the checkpoint he was told about the problem and he agreed to help, drove up to the location, "examined" the patient and said that he needed to vomit. Everyone decided that they would have to go to his house, but he rummaged in rags under the rear window and took out a first-aid kit, and there were ampoules with novocaine and a tool. He put the injection, then pulled it out at once, so quickly that the patient didn't really notice.
      If not for the tractor driver, then for a long time we would have lost the cook ...
  • VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 22 March 2014 06: 16
    How much cheaper is our soldier, we have 1 ruble chewing gum, they have $ 2 each. But ours is just as reliable!
  • Sergg
    Sergg 22 March 2014 06: 28
    Our paratroopers would love to comb their teeth, after that, the American soldiers would not need chewing gum, and the toothpick is the same ... winked
  • borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 22 March 2014 06: 29
    from the Don.
    I wonder how much the US delivery costs: Coca-Cola:, ice cream, chewing gum, diapers, artists, etc.?
  • Metal
    Metal 22 March 2014 06: 32
    Seven years to invent chewing gum? Are you laughing laughing I think there is ordinary corruption and sawing-off here. In the USA, the easiest way to make money is on the "defense industry". You decided to collect furniture, put a stamp that it is for barracks, and your business will go uphill. Selling machine oil? Do not forget to write on the box that it is approved by the Department of Defense, etc. The Americans have created a cult of war, officials are skillfully using it.
  • Ivan Russky
    Ivan Russky 22 March 2014 06: 33
    This chewing gum was specially developed for the Maidan. wassat
  • Simon
    Simon 22 March 2014 06: 36
    Ha! 12 million dollars for such a "valuable" invention for their soldiers, there is nowhere else to spend money. Amerovskie soldiers without toilet paper are already going on strike, and if there is no gum, they will completely lose their combat effectiveness. So, there are significant vulnerabilities in the US army. wassat
  • VadimL
    VadimL 22 March 2014 06: 46
    This is just a jerk. Wasting time and a military budget on such crap? At this pace, they will soon begin to develop toilet paper with a homing system, as soldiers will forget how to find their bully.
    1. serega.fedotov
      serega.fedotov 22 March 2014 12: 00
      I don’t know TTX, but I read that the development of toilet paper with certain special properties is already underway
      From the same song: an Italian scientist proved for 32 thousand euros, vampires do not exist, because for 7-8 years all people are gray-haired!
  • Free Island
    Free Island 22 March 2014 06: 47
    I always knew that Sshantsy and Anglo-Saxons are just ruminants .. they even have the sound of a dialect chewing and vomiting ....
  • Keeper
    Keeper 22 March 2014 06: 52
    Oh, for 12 million $, everyone can simply heal their teeth initially before serving in the army ...
  • shatu
    shatu 22 March 2014 07: 01
    Nowhere to give them money.
    Since childhood, we have chewed natural "chewing gum" - in our Far East, for some reason they called it "sulfur". Although it seems to have nothing to do with the chemical element of the same name. Probably, this name was used to misinform the enemy! :)

    In fact, this is the resin of coniferous trees - pine, cedar, etc., which is evaporated in a water bath. I do not know what can be found more beneficial for the teeth ...
    We cost a penny - grandmothers were selling in the markets, now I buy in a pharmacy for "crazy" money)

    By the way, it would not be superfluous in our dry ration - no millions of rotten pieces of paper, tested for centuries by Siberians and Far Easterners!

    Chewing sulfurChewing sulfur
    1. shatu
      shatu 22 March 2014 07: 13
      Imagine the eyes of Americans when they are told that Russian soldiers instead of chewing gum eat sulfur - "they make gunpowder out of it!"
      These crazy Russians! :)

    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. serega.fedotov
      serega.fedotov 22 March 2014 12: 02
      I didn’t hear it! Today I’ll check it !!!
      1. shatu
        shatu 22 March 2014 15: 24
        In pharmacies, it can be sold under the brands "Zhivitsa" and "Smolka", "Sulfur" has not seen, apparently, the one that is sold higher only in Siberia. The name is too strange for the European part of Russia)

        Chewing "Zhivitsa"
      2. The comment was deleted.
    4. Nayhas
      Nayhas 22 March 2014 12: 34
      Quote: shatu
      Since childhood, we have chewed natural "chewing gum" - in our Far East, for some reason it was called "sulfur".

      We in Siberia, too, cost 15 kopecks a wand, grandmothers from shops sold them in the village. But they rarely bought, it was considered chic to pick up logs at the sawmill themselves, while not looking for resin, but for the place where the resin was allocated in the area of ​​the old broken one. They didn’t even dream about chewing gum ...
  • Lissyara
    Lissyara 22 March 2014 08: 08
    Now it’s clear what it is for:
    "To make the" bolt "a pillar,
    Chew the chewing gum Bom-Bib.
    If he can't stand
    Even Snickers won't help "...
  • Gagarin
    Gagarin 22 March 2014 09: 16
    Well, with chewing gum it's already too much ...
  • The comment was deleted.
  • MolGro
    MolGro 22 March 2014 11: 57
    rospill and mego rollback !!
    APASUS 22 March 2014 14: 09
    Pampers for soldiers, chewing gum, next will the toilet bowls for military operations and robots for wiping asses go?
    Yeah interesting army
  • VadimL
    VadimL 22 March 2014 15: 40
    Is it better to develop new brains for American soldiers? At least "lightweight field sample".