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Cognitive dissonance of the Maidan

Cognitive dissonance of the Maidan

Recently, a widespread phenomenon has spread in Ukraine, which I cannot call anything other than voluntary collective schizophrenia. A large number of people diligently ignore objective reality. And it would be okay if they were illiterate rural residents, so there isn’t - well-educated citizens, who have access not only to the “zomboyaschik” of a censored Ukrainian TV, but also to alternative sources of information on the Internet.

Despite this, they all repeat the same false propaganda stamps word for word. Reality constantly refutes their imagination, but they either do not understand this, or simply do not confess. Which inevitably leads to cognitive dissonance across the country.

Reality: according to all classical political science definitions, an oligarchic armed coup occurred in Kiev. As a result, characters who could never come to it through elections came to power.

Imagination does not believe: Democrats and European integrators have come to power.

Reality patiently proves: Turchinov usurped power, directly violating the Constitution and other laws of Ukraine. "And about. President ”cannot be the Supreme Commander, does not have the right to appoint ministers of the power bloc, has a number of other significant limitations of authority compared to the current President (all this is grossly violated by Turchinov and the company). In addition, Turchinov combines the positions of heads of legislative and executive authorities. The last one who assumed the same authority was Adolf Hitler.

Imagination is not inferior: we have the triumph of democracy.

Reality: on euromaidan even during its peak days there were less than 1% of the population of Ukraine. In addition, according to sociologists, approximately 65 – 70% of its participants are unemployed residents of rural areas from Western Ukraine. Therefore, euromaidan is an insignificant minority of Ukrainians, besides not representative.

Imagination: "the whole will of the people."

Reality: the most severe censorship is underway. Almost all TV channels and most news sites broadcast "the only correct line of the party." Dissent and dissidents are intimidated, beaten, arrested and harassed.

Imagination: freedom has come.

Reality: after the interim government came to power, the economic situation is rapidly deteriorating.

Imagination: Yanukovych and Putin are to blame for this. Personally.

Reality: the euromaidan is practically filled with xenophobic and Russophobic rhetoric from the beginning. “That is not jumping, that Moskal”, “Going out of Moscow view”, “Moskaliv on a knife” and even “wild Asian hordes” (which is another direct reference to the Third Reich, because the author of this expression is Dr. Goebbels).

Imagination: there is no xenophobia that you that you!

Reality: militants of ultra-right factions (“White Hammer”, “Trident named after Bandera”, “Viking”, “Patriot of Ukraine” and others) and football ultras who have a frankly racist and Nazi ideology, run on Independence Square. This is confirmed by xenophobic chants, symbols (various swastikas, runes, Celtic crosses, inscriptions “14 / 88”) and even an interview by the Maydanovites themselves, who do not consider it embarrassing to admit all this.

Imagination: "onizhedeti" and "heroic Ukraine".

Reality: “hundreds of Maidan” have been actively engaged in banditry for several weeks. Practically not a day goes by without firefights, robberies, looting, car theft, flagrant cases of racketeering, unmotivated violence, arson attempts, and other clearly criminal manifestations.

Imagination: all this provocations "titushek", real maydanovtsy saints.

Reality: residents of the south-east of Ukraine gather huge protest rallies against the illegitimate "interim government."

Imagination: all Ukrainians are for Maidan, and only "titushki" protest. Putin brought them to Ukraine in the hundreds of thousands.

Reality: attempts to seize the regional administrations of the southeast were made by visiting "guest performers", mainly from Western Ukraine. Residents of these cities have created people's guards of self-defense and repulsed (and continue to repel) these attempts. For example, in Kharkiv, out of several dozen detained attack aircraft, only one turned out to be a Kharkov citizen, the rest were brought by buses from other cities.

Imagination: local supporters of euromaidan were “beaten” by mercenaries brought from Russia.

Reality: in the Crimea, polite people maintain calm and order (in Sevastopol, the crime rate has even decreased compared to the usual).

Imagination: the evil Putin and his “bloody gebnya” plan to arrange a genocide in the Crimea, so the local population must be urgently evacuated.

Reality: the list of victims from the supporters of the junta has been calculated in hundreds, if not thousands. The number of victims of "polite people" - zero.

Imagination: Russia wants to drown Ukraine in blood.

Reality: The American aircraft carrier is drifting in the Aegean Sea and is not going anywhere. But even if he wanted to sail to the Black Sea, the Montreux Convention legally prevents this, and physically the bridge over the Bosphorus.

Imagination: the US Sixth Fleet will sail from day to day and arrange Armageddon for the damned Muscovites. Purely for the love of "Ukrainian freedom-loving democracy," yeah.

There is a neurotic picture of the world, completely divorced from reality. Why it happens? The outstanding social psychologist and philosopher Erich Fromm has long given an exhaustive answer to this question.

First, the stark contrast between the rosy expectations of euromaidan and the frightening reality of its results leads to the strongest frustration of its supporters. The psyche of these people tends to suppress the frustrating experiences, and the easiest way to do this is by ignoring or denying the disturbing facts. Moreover, external attempts to bring such people to reality cause only aggression. “Leave us our illusions,” they seem to shout, “we have nothing more than them.”

Part of their consciousness understands the depth of the situation. That a dictatorship has been established in the country, in the capital and other cities, gangs of far-right groups are boundless, a sharp rupture of economic relations with Russia leads Ukraine to default, Ukraine is losing some of the territories and can break up altogether. There is an underlying understanding, but for changes neither strength nor desire. It is easier for weak people to deny reality than to admit its unattractiveness.

Secondly, supporters of the Maidan are ashamed to admit even to themselves that in the situation prevailing in Ukraine there is also a share of their guilt. As Erich Fromm wrote, ordinary people panicky fear responsibility. Therefore, they are shifting it to anyone - to the former opposition, to the circumstances, to the “goodies” (previous power) and, of course, to the machinations of the “evil Muscovites” in general and Putin in particular.

Well, the third factor is public expectations. More precisely, the ideas of these people about what others are expected of them (and the desire to meet these expectations). For example, they believe that “patriotism” is right, therefore, they demonstrate it in every way (but they may not pay taxes for years or work for the interests of third countries). That is, it is not profound beliefs, but a form of conformism. And, of course, massive anti-Russian propaganda in the media plays an important role in shaping this perception of reality. As Mrs. Hudson said, "so writes the Times."
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  1. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed 22 March 2014 15: 20
    Everything is correctly described. To understand the power of the zombies of Ukrainians, it’s enough to go to the Censor, it seems that they’ve carried out the Internet in the asylum, and normal comments wassat
    I would also add a few "myths":
    - From the Crimea there is a mass exodus of Ukrainians to the mainland, which the separatists catch;
    - Russia will collapse under EU sanctions and Crimea will remain hungry;
    - Russia is sleeping and sees invading Ukraine and robbing it, and only the Maidan hundreds restrain aggression;
    - The Russian media are lying, the Ukrainian only tell the truth
    1. sledgehammer102
      sledgehammer102 22 March 2014 15: 44
      Great comments from the psychologist at the end of the article
      Firstly, the striking contrast between the rainbow expectations from the Euromaidan and the frightening reality of its results leads to the most frustrating of its supporters. ... “Leave us our illusions,” as they shout, “we have nothing else but them.”

      Secondly, the Maidan supporters are ashamed to admit even to themselves that in the current situation in Ukraine there is also a share of their guilt. ... Therefore, they transfer it to anyone - on the former opposition, on circumstances, on the "fellow soldiers" (the previous government) and, of course, on the intrigues of the "evil to it" in general and Putin in particular.

      Well, the third factor is public expectations. ... they believe that “Hooray-patriotism” is right, therefore they demonstrate it in every way (but at the same time they may not pay taxes for years or even work for the interests of third countries).

      Roughly the same thing is happening in the heads of Navalnyat and other creative class, also known under the term "Fifth Column" - now officially named at the highest level.
      1. Sid.74
        22 March 2014 15: 51
        Quote: sledgehammer102
        About the same thing is happening in the heads of Navalny and other creative classes.

        One to one! yes

        The American aircraft carrier is drifting in the Aegean Sea and is not going anywhere. But even if he wanted to sail to the Black Sea, the Montreux Convention legally prevents this, and physically the bridge over the Bosphorus.

        No wonder he was nicknamed "floating maidan"! laughing
        1. SHILO
          SHILO 22 March 2014 17: 32
          As a continuation of cirrhosis of the brain, a bill on holidays was introduced in the parliament fellow wassat belay

          “It is planned that the 8 of March and the 1 of May will cease to be a weekend along with the 9 of May - the“ celebration of the victory of the Bolshevik invaders. " The end of World War II in Europe is planned to be celebrated by the funeral Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Soviet Occupation and installed on May 8 by analogy with Europe, ”a source told RIA Novosti.
          “February 20 may become Freedom Day - in honor of the heroes of the Maidan and in memory of the feat of Heavenly hundreds. Ukrainian Army Day is planned to be proclaimed by the Ukrainian state Stepan Bandera and his supporters in Lviv in 1941, ”the source noted.

          No koment!
      2. SPACE
        SPACE 22 March 2014 16: 25
        Quote: sledgehammer102
        About the same thing is happening in the heads of Navalny and other creative classes.

        And here on the site such a schizoid contingent was also present with nicknames: Yarosvet, S_mirnov, Normal, Optimist, Polyar and other prosrashchiki, who many peppy stars put. Remember those blindly believing in someone else’s or their own invented dirgo calling for revolution, with the atrophied brains of Heroes ... Recently, the truth went out, they felt ashamed for their own stupid brainlessness ... As comrade STALIN said, either idiots or traitors ... well, let's see it heal they, ali no ...
      3. tirazu
        tirazu 22 March 2014 16: 37
        And how much filthy kreaklin shit got out in my hometown of Moscow on the so-called "Peace March"! I naively thought that there would be several dozen. Alas.
        1. aywan
          aywan 26 March 2014 00: 17
          apparently no one was offered compensation for this event ...
      4. maks-101
        maks-101 22 March 2014 19: 33
        Roughly the same thing is happening in the heads of Navalnyat and other creative class, also known under the term "Fifth Column" - now officially named at the highest level.
        if a person is hammered into the head that he is, he will soon believe it. My neighbor fought in Finnish, so the captured Finns asked me to take off my hat and checked if our soldiers and officers had horns.
    2. major071
      major071 22 March 2014 15: 47
      Here is what I found in plain language about cognitive dissonance:
      Imagine that a well-known person comes to you, whom you think is quite smart and quick-witted, and explains that he hasn’t got gas to his house, electric stoves, and he wants to supply gas. With this sauce, he seriously asks for help finding an adapter from 380 B to gas. This is an awkward feeling when you seriously think about which of the two of you go. There is cognitive dissonance.

      Now tell me how to talk to them? what
      1. Tumbleweed
        Tumbleweed 22 March 2014 15: 51
        Quote: major071
        Now tell me how to talk to them?

        There was no one to talk to, there was a "hope" that Zhulka would somehow be able to calm the situation and somehow establish a dialogue, but her speech yesterday was something ...
        Or coke sniffed or in the jail blew the roof, which is not a thesis it is more delusional and delusional request
        Here (this is not mine, laziness itself was isolated):
        1. Putin is the number one enemy.
        2. Putin is to blame for everything.
        3. In what Putin is not to blame, Putin’s agents are to blame.
        4. The attack on Ukraine for Putin is a “grenade without a check”.
        5. We will not let Putin take a step on mainland Ukraine.
        6. We will fight with Putin if he takes a step.
        7. NATO troops will not fight with Putin, but we will become cooler than NATO troops.
        8. The country has both a war with Putin and a default due to the war with Putin.
        9. As soon as Europe refuses Putin’s Russian gas, it will also include a reverse for us.
        10. By 2020, we will completely throw off Putin’s energy shackles.
        11. We do not need nuclear fuel from Putin.
        12. We do not need Putin’s markets - Europe has opened markets for us.
        13. The damned Putin reached out to the Ukrainian army and SBU and cleaned it up.
        14. On a peace march in Moscow, hundreds of thousands marched against Putin.
        15. There are two Russia. Our future is not Putin's Russia. Our future is Makarevichevskaya Russia.
        16. Our President of Russia - Makarevich, wrapped in the Ukrainian flag.
        17. Putin and Hitler. The analogy is striking.
        18. It was Putin who campaigned for Ukraine to join NATO.
        19. Putin has destroyed the status quo, which will lead to its self-destruction. The world will not stop.
        20. Putin will end up in a bunker.
        21. In Crimea, 34% voted for joining Putin's Russia. And that seems to be true.
        22. We need the Crimean military to protect the eastern borders from Putin.
        23. The Crimean military was forced to disarm at gunpoint of Putin’s military machine guns, which were aimed directly at children in kindergartens.
        24. Putin’s goal was not even Crimea, but all of Ukraine. In general, he was going to go further.
        25. Until Putin liberates Crimea, negotiations with him are impossible.
        26. 11 billion that we supposedly owe to Putin, we will transfer to him on a Visa card.
        27. Let the world speak in plain language with Putin, and then Ukraine will return to its Crimea.
        28. Putin’s agents are filled with the country like air.
        29. Putin’s agents are even on the Maidan. They are organizing pogroms in Kiev.
        30. Federalization is Putin's ultimatum.
        31. Federalization in the understanding of Putin is impossible.
        32. By federalization, Putin wants to turn the "horseshoe" of the South-East into the Crimea.
        33. The Eurasian space is Putin's painful dream. Messianism of Putin.
        34. The beautiful Russian woman Novodvorskaya is waiting for us in Russia with the liberation army.
        35. In Putin's Russia they are already shouting: "Glory to Ukraine!", "Glory to the heroes!" and "Gang - get out!"
        36. Militaristic Putin's Russia cannot live without us.
        37. Putin teaches us to live without Russia in a non-aggressive environment.
        38. The Baltic was drowning with wood, and we need to leave Putin's orbit.
        39. Forcibly sweet Putin will not.
        40. Let's recover once and for all.
        1. Shoma-1970
          Shoma-1970 22 March 2014 16: 33
          to the evil of the Ukrainian "authorities" and the West, I am ready to believe all this, but if it's no joke, if it were so, then they did not exist in February!
        2. IGS
          IGS 22 March 2014 16: 43
          34. The beautiful Russian woman Novodvorskaya is waiting for us in Russia with the liberation army.

          40. Let's recover once and for all.
          After point 34, point 40 will not work. Indeed, you start to wonder whether I’m going from or they ... it seems to me that she’s not sniffing coke, but “dichlorvos” ...
        3. zol1
          zol1 22 March 2014 17: 03
          Judging by the statements of this political litter, only one remedy can cure it - the grave!
        4. tasey
          tasey 22 March 2014 17: 17
          And THIS was the prime minister ...
          1. gfs84
            gfs84 22 March 2014 17: 42
            And THIS was the prime minister ...

            Nothing ... It will be the winner on the Bank and possibly in the Galitchina)))
        5. kare
          kare 22 March 2014 20: 28
          Alex, where does this opus come from? Please reset the link
    3. W1950
      W1950 22 March 2014 15: 50
      It’s time to rename Radu to Chamber N6.
      1. Sid.74
        22 March 2014 16: 13
        What kind of nonsense ..... ??? fellow
        The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine expects to increase the country's GDP by 7 times in the next 2,7 years. The loss of the Russian market will be a powerful impetus for the development of the Ukrainian economy and entry into the European market. This was stated by Minister of Economic Development and Trade Pavel Sheremeta.

        “Just because we want to be free, we are losing the Russian market. This will not happen there. There, if you gain a position for your quality, for your price and the ratio of these two things, you keep it. Constant innovation gives you most of this Any theory in the world says that the competitiveness that is so necessary now for Ukraine and enterprises, partly consists of how fastidious, demanding your consumers. Obviously, in those countries they are quite picky and demanding. And this can be a powerful factor in the development of Ukrainian competitiveness in practice. We had the opportunity to communicate with our Moldovan colleagues. And, in particular, there was a question about Moldovan wine, and the Prime Minister said: you know, we no longer care about the Russian market. years ago with Georgia. They say - the question does not matter anymore, we have enough demand in other countries, "Sheremeta said. The curtain of applause! laughing
        1. Sid.74
          22 March 2014 16: 18
          Want to laugh !!! Another Russian spy caught, and even some, colorful !!! laughing

          Witnesses to the detention of the Russian spy were random passers-by on the Red Square of Chernigov, according to the TSN story.
          Alfovtsy caught the foreigner "hot" when he received documents on the latest warhead guidance systems.

          The man was in a long leather cloak, from under which two daggers peered.

          Well, in general, everything is like a pattern !!!
          Stirlitz walked along the streets of Berlin and nothing betrayed in him.
          Soviet scout: no parachute dragged behind,
          neither the PPSh machine gun, nor the Order of the Red Star on the chest. laughing
          1. brelok
            brelok 22 March 2014 17: 47
          2. Shaki's memory
            Shaki's memory 22 March 2014 21: 40
            recourse and they didn’t ask a question FUCKING US TO BUY OUR ROCKET GUIDING SYSTEMS ?!
  2. konvalval
    konvalval 22 March 2014 15: 24
    Everything from false information.
    1. sergey32
      sergey32 22 March 2014 15: 37
      Yes, Ukrainians themselves are glad to be deceived, they simply do not perceive truthful information. Some kind of mass psychosis. I propose to call the Maidan in the name of the outstanding Ukrainian doctor Kashchenko.
  3. Valentine77 64
    Valentine77 64 22 March 2014 15: 27
    I am becoming more and more convinced that the more west of Russia (the Russian world), the dumber and dumber the people.
    All Western civilization and all Western people are a natural dumb herd. So it has been at all times. To begin with, we learned to go to the toilet and wash relatively recently. This flock of rams (ever-hungry and greedy) looked to the East (and not only to Russia, but also further) like a puppy on a bone. And this herd pounded to us, because I want to eat. They do not have any personal identity. This is a moral and physical herd.
    1. Shaki's memory
      Shaki's memory 22 March 2014 21: 45
      am am who gave the right to label people .. I’m deeply apathetic maydauns and Bandera. but do not dare to insult the people of Ukraine and Transcarpathia .. READ ABOUT RUSSIANS, UKRAINIANS and just normal people. There are more of them, just much more noticeable. And after such words you are no different from Yarosh ibn company.
      1. not main
        not main 23 March 2014 03: 01
        Quote: Shaka's Memory
        . READ ABOUT RUSSIANS, UKRAINIANS and just normal people.

        Well, where are the Rusyns, Ukrainians? While I see only banderlogrov!
  4. Avdy
    Avdy 22 March 2014 15: 28
    Imagination: Glory to Ukraine!
    Reality: Inglourious Ukraine ...
  5. Snoop
    Snoop 22 March 2014 15: 30
    The western part of Ukraine turned into a ruminant herd ... you can’t prove anything with logic, they repeat their mantras)))
  6. delfinN
    delfinN 22 March 2014 15: 30
    To central and western Ukraine, not a foot - otherwise we will be enemies forever. First let the shit slurp a full spoon, play enough of their toys and ask affectionately.
    1. housekeeper
      housekeeper 22 March 2014 15: 59
      Quote: delfinN
      To central and western Ukraine, not a foot - otherwise we will be enemies forever. First let the shit slurp a full spoon, play enough of their toys and ask affectionately.

      And not the fact that it will be so. Perhaps even greater anger at Russia and the Russians. Look at the Baltic states, how much they already slurp? Russophobia is incurable.
      1. blonde
        blonde 22 March 2014 16: 20
        Even as treatable.
        The most intelligent, for example in Latvia, from ardent anti-communists and Russophobes turned into pro-communist Russophiles. Although, of course, so far they are not enough, but these people are notable, and they are listened to.
  7. Black
    Black 22 March 2014 15: 32
    Believe, sho "Ukraine-tse Europe!", It is like repeating: "KHALVA_KHALVA_KHALVA !!!", with the hope that your mouth will be sweet.
    Enlightenment will come, sooner or later, but then the hina will seem caramel.
  8. tnship2
    tnship2 22 March 2014 15: 33
    We can’t blame people. We always believe in the best at all times. Here, in Ukraine, we thought - we’ll throw off a rotten Yanukovych and heal !!! Here are all kinds of scum who understand all those hopes and aspirations technically come to them. Then there is naturally an external enemy who prevented from coming true hopes. It would not matter if Putin would have found another. Sobering is not for the sorrow. What a pity the brothers.
  9. mr.rafael-r
    mr.rafael-r 22 March 2014 15: 35
    Quote: delfinN
    To central and western Ukraine, not a foot - otherwise we will be enemies forever. First let the shit slurp a full spoon, play enough of their toys and ask affectionately.

    But do they need corrupt ones ........, because they themselves fell under the booty geyropu to the top. Why are they spoiled for us ?????
    1. delfinN
      delfinN 22 March 2014 15: 52
      This is our cross - to bring spiritual purity to the world. And with the brothers "onizhedeyami" they missed the time - we need to correct the curvature.
  10. Dangerous
    Dangerous 22 March 2014 15: 36
    Something tired of all these morons discuss. In the end, this is their life, their country, their future. The only thing is a little worrying - NATO bases, missile defense, etc., but I’m sure that Putin and Co. are monitoring the situation and in case of which they can take adequate measures
    1. I read the news
      I read the news 23 March 2014 01: 07
      But what about us? Maybe this is also our lives, and our country?
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. rpek32
    rpek32 22 March 2014 15: 43
    FSUs at all on these greats
  13. mountaineer
    mountaineer 22 March 2014 15: 43
    all right !!!! laughing
  14. tokin1959
    tokin1959 22 March 2014 15: 44
    as VV still sang Vysotsky - the Indians came up with a convenient religion.
    so the patients with the maydan of the brain found the perpetrators -, aunts, raguli, Putin.
    and they themselves believe in it.
  15. upasika1918
    upasika1918 22 March 2014 15: 53
    It looks like it will take a long time.
  16. upasika1918
    upasika1918 22 March 2014 15: 54
    In the meantime, we have it.
  17. homosum20
    homosum20 22 March 2014 15: 55
    In general, what happened and is happening in Kiev is an ungrateful topic for a scientifically based discussion. I will explain.
    I have a superficial (very insignificant) but sufficient for conclusions attitude to the processes associated with obtaining cash gesheft from transactions on a scale of eeeee .... as if ... remotely ... state.
    Believe me, there is no question of any schizophrenia (in the concept of Wikipedia or professional psychiatrists). We are talking about two pennies that are intended for the decision maker (decision maker).
    Also, we are not talking about ideology, politics, common sense, health, probability theory, the tales of Anderson ..... Something bore me - but you understand. Nothing but two cents and a canary dwelling.
    No, dear political conservatives, of course, should write long analytical articles (they also need their two pennies), chap. editors should publish this (they also need their two pennies), but everything is much simpler.
    2-3 people gather, analyze the situation and decide how they, regardless of ideology, politics, culture, history, probability theory ... damn it, I repeat, but you can’t get anywhere - how they get their two pennies.
    What next....
    Next we write smart comments.
    Once, one of our kings (I can find someone in the vipedia - but too lazy to waste time) told his son. You know ... (name) .., it seems like two people are not taking bribes in this country. It's me and you.
    I have a feeling that in this country among the elite, one person acted in the interests of the country - the GDP.
    1. homosum20
      homosum20 22 March 2014 16: 05
      I think a minus was put by one of the elite, but not by GDP. Because, otherwise, he is just a stupid person. I know what I'm talking about.
    2. homosum20
      homosum20 22 March 2014 16: 17
      Why are blind people good - no matter what (even from Anderson's tales) - they will not go far.
    3. Keeper
      Keeper 22 March 2014 17: 48
      External Gross Product)))
  18. delfinN
    delfinN 22 March 2014 15: 55
    Quote: climber
    all right !!!! laughing
    1. homosum20
      homosum20 22 March 2014 16: 10
      Delighted !!!!
      In practice, I felt myself at a meeting with our Director General.
      Quote from the meeting: "Now I can not exactly formulate what I said. You yourself formulate ....".
      Quote from the meeting: "I threw this question just like that. Threw it into the void. In my head ...".
    2. Allegedly
      Allegedly 22 March 2014 16: 24
      What today's illegitimate Ukrainian government has achieved is called linguistic sovereignty. It is not even worth the paper on which it will be written.
    3. ia-ai00
      ia-ai00 22 March 2014 17: 52
      Perhaps, "in time" decided not to voice it, but did not forget. Perhaps his FATHER told him an important thing, how to live, and the "son" does not live according to his precepts, and now the father would tell him that he is crap, so he decided not to remember what his father said.
      ...our parents. After all, they laid the foundation of everything that we own. All our life values, moral standards, character traits - all this from them: Vladimir Rodionovich and Nadezhda Ulyanovna.

      Wladimir Klitschko born April 24, 1947 in the family of a police officer, former head of the passport office of the village of Vilshany, Cherkasy region of the Ukrainian SSR Rodion Petrovich Klichko and elementary and Ukrainian language teacher Tamara Efimovna Klichko (nee Etinson [7]), originally from Smela, Cherkasy region and graduates of the Korsun Pedagogical College. During German occupation Brave Rodion Petrovich harboring his wife in the basement (underground), while her family died in the ghetto and their eldest son Vladimir died.

      I think now his relatives would spit in his face. Although, if we consider that there is Jewish blood in his blood, then maybe for them a "change of values", from the "circumstance of MONEY", is quite normal ...
  19. mad
    mad 22 March 2014 15: 56
    It’s easier to divide them along the Dnieper, and it’s easier to keep the border, and how the adequate / inadequate watershed will fit. Bandits to the west, not losing their human appearance to the east. Bendera nuzzles, rake in the cradles and deploy to their sponsors from Poland and Germany - it’s easier to cut pampered sodomites than regular parts of the Russian army. Then we’ll see if Putin is right in calling them fascists! Cover Belarus not to forget only, but there is Old Man, he is an intelligent man.
    1. Native grandfather
      Native grandfather 22 March 2014 16: 20
      Quote: mad
      BelarusianсI can’t forget to cover up only, but there is Old Man, he’s an intelligent man.

      So as soon as the Old Man recognizes Abkhazia and Ossetia and supports (not whispering behind the curtains) the Russian Crimea, then it makes sense to cover Belarus. And also to deal with his press.
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 22 March 2014 16: 50
        Quote: Native grandfather
        And also to deal with his press.

        What for? He has freedom of speech! And let anyone pick on! laughing
        1. Native grandfather
          Native grandfather 22 March 2014 17: 34
          Quote: Egoza
          What for? He has freedom of speech! And let anyone pick on!

          Helen, don’t you know that in Belarus almost all the free press openly supported the mood of the USA and Europe regarding Crimea? Or did I misunderstand your joke? request
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 22 March 2014 16: 53
      Quote: mad
      Divide them along the Dnieper,

      And how do you imagine this "along the Dnieper"? We already have half of the cities of the Dnieper divided into the old city and the sleeping-industrial district! Kiev, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk ...
    3. Valentine77 64
      Valentine77 64 22 March 2014 17: 41
      Purely on the Dnieper is impossible. Do not forget about Odessa. And so I fully support it. Thanks Perekop Crimea and survived.
  20. infinite silence ...
    infinite silence ... 22 March 2014 15: 57
    As Erich Fromm wrote, the townsfolk are panicky afraid of responsibility. Therefore, they are shifting it to whomever — to the former opposition, to circumstances, to the “fiancées” (previous government) and, of course, to the machinations of “vicious to it” in general and Putin in particular.

    Yeah ... Uncle Fromm from so many patients, he just spins a fan in his coffin ...
  21. gunter_laux
    gunter_laux 22 March 2014 15: 58
    what to do with Kiev? We studied there, loved and got married. And now I can hardly imagine how I will come there! Russian, Germans and Jews, Poles, and on the list, Geth? A passport and a visa are now unlikely to help find a common language with Ukrainians, although bucks and eureka help for a complete understanding wink but somehow, for its security in the capital, it’s scary, but in the provinces people are easier!
    1. Shaki's memory
      Shaki's memory 22 March 2014 21: 54
      winked The Ukrainian border guards have already determined the price of love for Ukraine. You have 600 bucks, you love Nenko, you don’t have the wickedness of Java)
  22. polite people
    polite people 22 March 2014 16: 19
    Actually, they have already decided at the top what and how it will be and we have already agreed on everything. discussed to whom what and how much. And those who shine at the helm are no longer sweet and just around the corner. Now the main thing is people who are innocent, deceived, thrown and abandoned. THEY ARE OUR GOAL. Save them. How is another matter. Need to think. CRIMEA - RUSSIA is already a fact, and whoever says a word against it means it is encroaching on Russian territory from today. Heard - Tyamoschenko and Tyagniytsekhi. It’s time to shut up and think about the rest that you have. You still have 46 millions of people. For each YOU are responsible.
  23. Pharao7766
    Pharao7766 22 March 2014 16: 20
    And you go to the Ukrainian propaganda sites. Channel 5 yesterday looked on the network .... I have not seen such nonsense, paranoia and idiocy for a long time. And yet they believe ...

    Guys from Ukraine confirm I think.
    1. infinite silence ...
      infinite silence ... 22 March 2014 17: 46
      I’m not a man))) BUT I ABSOLUTELY confirm ... For more than 5 minutes this ... it’s impossible to watch THIS !!! stop
      What Ukrainian media show is the tantrum of a smoked patient at a neuropsychiatric dispensary, after three bottles of vodka ... on an empty stomach! fool
      1. Pharao7766
        Pharao7766 22 March 2014 21: 18
        Given the situation in Ukraine, you Irina abruptly will be many men. love
        1. infinite silence ...
          infinite silence ... 22 March 2014 23: 08
          repeat ... Thanks, Maxim)))
          That inadequacy, which is understood by ALL little thinking people, has already been brought to perfection! PERFECT, perfect inadequate! Sometimes words are simply not enough!
  24. konvalval
    konvalval 22 March 2014 16: 23
    Oh guys it's all wrong, it's all wrong guys!
  25. Cristall
    Cristall 22 March 2014 16: 51
    Quote: polite people
    You still have 46 million people left. For each YOU are responsible.

    it was 45 like a penny ..
    Crimea is 2.5 million .. now maybe 40 million.
    in my opinion we are the most interesting country in terms of population / area in Europe
  26. delfinN
    delfinN 22 March 2014 17: 05
    Quote: Shoma-1970
    to harm the Ukrainian "authorities" and the West, I am ready to believe all this,

    No one can be trusted! Even myself. Just wanted to fart.
  27. Artem1967
    Artem1967 22 March 2014 17: 08
    Quote: tumbleweed
    40. Let's recover once and for all.

    The fortieth point explains all the previous ones. Mrs. Yulia's head is clearly ill, something was tricked at the Charité clinic, the wrong place was being treated.
  28. Quantum
    Quantum 22 March 2014 17: 41
    Russia is to blame for everything, this message is so rooted in the heads
    some Ukrainians that it is difficult to rebuild their thinking.
    Take the last glitch Parubiya: the introduction of visas. And right there, Ukrainian howled
    Media: Russia introduces visas and poor Ukraine, forced to introduce visas.
    So, ladies and gentlemen! A lie is deliberate, but it is impossible to prove the opposite.
  29. zollstab
    zollstab 22 March 2014 17: 45
    In many on the Maidan, the mosquito was covered with an impenetrable sheath of fat. This is a diagnosis.
  30. Valentine77 64
    Valentine77 64 22 March 2014 17: 45
    Well this is how you have to hate your people (I mean Ukrainian) in order to write that they came from the great people of the U.K.R.s. Brain Dilution: U.K.R. => Urks => Orcs. And the current government has no right to issue laws, moreover, to steal our victory in 1945 (they have a day of mourning or sorrow). Eternally offended us.
  31. anfil
    anfil 22 March 2014 18: 02
    And unfortunately diplomacy is not enough. Krovushka will spill anyway, sooner or later.
  32. Bassoon
    Bassoon 22 March 2014 18: 36
    Heh, Duc, the whole Internet is full of "figures" who zealously declare that the Banderaites are an invention of the first channel and Kiselev with VGTRK. It is useless to prove anything to them.
  33. Bassoon
    Bassoon 22 March 2014 18: 42
    Dynamo Kiev goalkeeper Oleksandr Shovkovskiy: “There are no fascists and Bandera members in Kiev. Come and see - I will buy a ticket for anyone "
    Once I respected this collar, because in the post-Soviet space it was really one of the best, but now such a person does not exist for me.
    His full interview can be viewed at the link ( In it, this one dared to blurt out about Chechnya and South Ossetia ...
  34. Cynic
    Cynic 22 March 2014 18: 51
    It’s very difficult to admit to a person that he was deceived, that he was seduced by beautiful words and involved in a crime, and it is almost impossible to admit this to a group of people.
    Until this group disintegrates or is destroyed.
    By the way, everyone is very closely following the Right Sector, although everything is clear with him.
    That’s interesting Self-Defense, that resigned?
  35. mamont5
    mamont5 22 March 2014 20: 06
    It seems that Ukrainians need to go through this purgatory, to go through this experience, then maybe they will understand what they have done. Or maybe not, it’s hard to admit your mistakes.
    1. kare
      kare 22 March 2014 20: 49
      fascism is a one-way ticket. Nor will there be any purification. Those who think will be allowed through gas chambers and crematoriums. Illusory? But in 33, they also could not imagine such a thing.
      It’s necessary to start destroying a furious pack of dogs today, while they still have sane
      They showed local self-defense in Lugansk with armaments in the central area. Some began to get to it, if you want the job to be done well, do it yourself recourse
  36. Allegedly
    Allegedly 22 March 2014 20: 09
    Ukraine as a sick person: tired of waiting, nervous and breaks a dropper.
  37. gammipapa
    gammipapa 22 March 2014 21: 45
    And the fourth factor is whether you noticed such a national trait in simple everyday conversations with the Ukrainians brothers - yes, what the hell can you prove to them, they know everything, they literally know everything and everyone. foam will prove that black is white and xs can not convince them in any way. I have come across this at work many times and came to the conclusion that it’s not worth proving anything, to no avail.