Germanic tanks. Stug III and Stug IV Assault Guns

Stug. III - the most massive tracked armored vehicle of the German army of World War II. It was created as an infantry fighting support vehicle - an assault gun. The base was the chassis tank Pz. Kpfw III. After arming in 1942, the long-barreled gun became essentially the main anti-tank weapon of the Wehrmacht, and the functions of the assault gun were transferred to the StuH 42 assault howitzer, created on the same base.
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    1. kesa1111
      November 13, 2011
      Practice has shown Manstein is right in the need for assault artillery. Rapid raids of tanks, self-propelled guns and armored personnel carriers in the rear were the main components of the blitzkrieg.
    2. 9991
      March 16 2012
      Great machine, pulled on most of the anti-tank work.

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