Military Review

Economic whirlwinds

Against the background of the daily changing political picture of the world, the global economy also behaves quite strangely. Many experts have already stated that the world may already face a new financial crisis this year, which will be more powerful than the wave of the 2008-2010 sample crisis.
In 2008, the situation was similar to what is happening in the economy today. The multi-trillions of US foreign debt was virtually unserviceable, insurance companies stopped fulfilling their obligations to insure loans and deposits, which provoked economic troubles in the United States and then around the world. The conflict in South Ossetia, the active phase of the operation in Afghanistan, the difficult process in Iraq — all these became political factors that also played on the economy.
Today, the political situation is no more stable than in 2008. No global stability is out of the question. The only thing that keeps the world economy from another sharp peak is the relatively mild sanctions that the West imposed on Russia. If these sanctions will affect not only a few representatives of the Russian authorities, and more significant - entire sectors of the economy, then the crisis wave will not escape. And the prerequisites of such a wave are already visible today - the decline in oil prices on 6-7 dollars from the beginning of the year, while unstable situations in the securities and currency markets occur.
In such a situation, people who do not want to lose their savings, if they have any, can find those objects for investment, investments in which can always have an effect. For example, this is an investment in real estate. Today, many are willing to buy both apartments in new buildings, and in old houses, investing in the repair of old apartments in order to get a suitable result.
Investing in the housing sector can lead to a good profit in the medium term. Since the time of the last crisis wave, it has been known that people who invested in real estate, which fell in price during the crisis, subsequently only won. Real estate in the metropolitan area and other regions of Russia over the past 2-3, has increased in price by about 14%. And such indicators with unintelligible economic growth rates look impressive for investors.