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Deputies decided: We have a lot of humanities, we will treat them by the army

Deputies decided: We have a lot of humanities, we will treat them by the armyStudents of higher educational institutions are now planned to be recruited into the army not by indulgence, but by specialties. First of all, economists and lawyers, who are already divorced in the country. But to applicants of technical specialties, probably, will give postponements from an appeal. The initiators of this idea were the State Duma Committee on Education and Defense. The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Education support this proposal, of course, but the Kremlin has not yet given the go-ahead for this idea. Also, the draft law was not submitted for approval to the State Duma.

So, there is no distinct list of the most professions that are recognized as “redundant” and from which the armed forces will save the labor market. The legislators will determine this question already in the process, as they say, at their discretion. But the long-suffering lawyers have already been mentioned. And how many more different "useless" singers, dancers, managers of all stripes and philologists. But various design engineers-technicians will keep as far as possible from the service. At the same time, they offer to postpone the appeal to give right up to October 1. So techies can safely continue education.

If we take into account that any army for the most part needs technical specialists, and not all kinds of “thinkers,” then the logic of this bill is rather strange. Although, based on the experience of the past, recruiting campaigns in Russia for some reason always focus on quantity, ignoring quality. So with this bill, everything is fine. Especially since the president has repeatedly complained about the oversupply of lawyers, in March of this year he spoke directly about delays for vocational school graduates who wish to continue their technical education in universities. According to some calculations, graduates of vocational schools can graduate over 30 thousands of “defenders”. In the event that the bill is supported by the parliamentarians and it enters into force, the humanities will have to clean their boots and potatoes, so that the rest will be discouraged from choosing new fashionable professions.

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  1. Andrei
    Andrei April 12 2011 12: 14
    In fact, the logic is iron. And the right one.
    the fact is that everyone who is smarter and who has a higher score break into prestigious law economics faculties. And those who go to technical specialties are mainly those who want to get at least some tower, and economist lawyers can’t crawl in, because there are three years old, but there’s no money for paid money.
    This is disgusting for the country as a whole - economists / lawyers certainly should be, but not in those quantities this time. And the second - the situation when the best brains go to the economy / jurisprudence are also not happy. These are professions that provide the economy, and by no means locomotive ones. So there are not enough techies - and for those who have, the average level is relatively low.
    In no way do I want to offend those clever techies who have honored the technical consciously, consciously preferring technical work to so many financial and legal pribludy. But there are few such enthusiasts.
    Therefore, if the state accepts this project, then the "smart people" who are now stomping to the law school will think carefully - is it worth it? And the army will get a good number of smart guys from legal economics faculties.
  2. datur
    datur April 12 2011 13: 13
    Andrei,you're right!

  3. turnip
    turnip April 12 2011 13: 18
    forward and with the song. there’s nothing to do with the kitchen. war on the nose. and who is the author, some kind of anonymous author? belay
  4. Ildar
    Ildar April 12 2011 15: 44
    I was very offended by your comment. I don't know about your university, but the one that I graduated from is the opposite. The faculties of economics and law are (mostly) lazy people who barely finished school (and, as you said, "they want to get at least some kind of university"). For them, the main thing is parties, clubs, etc., but they don't care about their studies. For example, a friend of mine who graduated from the faculty of commerce has no idea how equations with fractions are solved. He has not been able to find a job for almost a year. On the economic side, they are in the majority. But technical specialties are taught (mostly) by hardworking and smart people. It is very difficult to graduate from the technical faculty (I myself graduated from the energy faculty). By the fifth year, all those who "do not pull" are expelled. Therefore, your statement that “those who have, the average level is relatively low” is not true.
  5. Phehe
    Phehe April 12 2011 15: 52
    The ministry’s point shrank nervously when in the end no one went on a contract to knead the dirt and paint the grass. Now they need slaves.
    It remains only to ask how many deputies served, and what about the service of their children.
    Although it is certainly interesting, first give universities accreditation, wait until those who pay for their studies begin to study and disrupt their education. And given the interesting fact that more than half of all students in Moscow (disabled people and others took up the entire budget) and that now there is exactly the same excess of programmers (the choice of 80% of people who want to associate themselves with techies) becomes generally very fun, especially for large cities where there is no need for thousands of graduates of vocational schools (those who are so passionately hungry for the president) and most young people work in the field of trade and services.
    Vocational schools or the army and unemployment or work for a beggarly salary, that is what the choice is. Although, of course, a couple of factories will like this idea, because then it will be possible to lower salaries with impunity.
  6. Maj.
    Maj. April 12 2011 16: 36
    Our government needs to decide. Either a contract army or draft. If by call, then serve everyone. Despite the ranks. And there will be no such separation. At one time I was a lieutenant from the workers who commanded the sons of generals, scientists, etc. And there was nothing to worry about. They served well. Moreover, in the Strategic Missile Forces, I had units with secondary education. Basically a technical school or several courses of the institute. The specificity was such that illiterate soldiers should not be allowed into expensive equipment. And the demobilization could be taught not only salazhat, but also young officers. Then, after Gorbachev’s decree on the demobilization of students, a mess began. Even those with no secondary education began to enter the racket. Naturally, they cannot be admitted to technology. Everything fell on our shoulders.
    As for painting the grass and mowing the lawns - this joke is out of date. Maybe I was lucky, but in 30 years of service I have not seen this.
  7. Sailor
    Sailor April 12 2011 17: 12
    We do not have majors or they do not show themselves. The guys in the fleet are busy from morning to evening. It’s easier for techies - they master the technique faster. It is only a pity that the equipment is all outdated and has long served its moral and material term. Sailors, often younger in age than their material part.
  8. Alex
    Alex April 13 2011 01: 59
    Although these parasites have thought of something true .... The country needs builders and normal scientists, and not all foreign crap, such as useless managers, though everything depends on desire. For example, half of whom I studied with do not work by profession (Although the finisher , a profitable profession, but you have to work there), but basically they go to where it is easier ... And I agree with Ildar, most of the party-goers there, with rich moles, they don’t even have to bathe how to feed themselves!
  9. Captain
    Captain April 13 2011 14: 49
    Who would cure the deputies themselves
  10. mishan
    mishan April 13 2011 17: 29
    For starters, create normal conditions for military service so that it is prestigious, or at least not degrading, otherwise the army will be equated with the prison soon! And if there, everything is so good, then what the hell to ring into all the cracks about hazing, bad conditions in the barracks, cold uniforms, summer cottages of generals, etc. And if you think that only rich sons want to slope away from the army, then you are deeply mistaken !!
  11. Escander
    Escander April 17 2011 10: 25
    The level of training of these "highly educated specialists" warps.
    My dialogue with a friend who recently graduated from the university:
    - It's like a terrorist attack in America.
    - What is the attack?
    “Well, the twin towers.”
    - What are the twin towers?
    - Well, you still ask in which America ...
    If there was a man - I would send him to the mabut ...