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I enjoy reading. I read at home, in public transport, in nature, at work (instead of a smoke break), during meals and before bedtime, and even before going to the toilet for a long time I choose what to read.

I read smart books and not very, history, fiction, journalism, memoirs of historical figures and bedtime stories for a child.

But over the past three months I have not read a single book - whenever I can, I eagerly absorb information from Ukraine, from various sources, where there are opposing opinions. Hopefully, I will wait for the memoirs of the Berkutovtsy and the publication of the interrogations of Bandera.

It will be later, and now even people far from politics are watching and discussing events on the southwestern edge of the Russian world (even my wife today asked whether Ukraine and Crimea are one or the same, asking for comment on the referendum. And I thought that there are still people in the country who are never interested in politics for anything).

I discussed the latest events on the net, with friends and colleagues, and with my father. So, sitting on the Internet, reading tons of analytics, interviews, looking at the Maidan from all possible TV-spots, again I have to admit that chicken does not teach chicken.

The father's argument was straight and peremptory, like himself: in Ukraine there was a church schism, its inhabitants allowed sedition and terrible betrayal, and now let them slurp famously with full spoons until they realize and repent. I fully subscribe to this statement.

In Ukraine, there was already one church split, when a number of traitors and renegades under the strongest pressure of Catholic Poland passed into submission to Rome. The Brest Union was signed in 1596 year, after which the blood in the Ukrainian territory flowed like a river, the apotheosis of which was the ruin of 1657-1687, which claimed many, many lives. Cause and effect ... As in the big Russia, the anti-Christian events of 1917 were 1930-s and the civil war with the Great Patriotic War.

The Crimea is absolutely not Ukrainian, it is Russian and Orthodox (we leave the local Tatars behind the brackets - they have their own truth and their own will, which we will have to reckon with in any case). The split did not hurt the peninsula, and there everything comes back to normal.

Lugansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv plague touched the corner - there, too, everything will be fine. As the saying goes, "polite will come - will bring order." This is on 100% Russian lands, which, like the Crimea, for reasons that are not fully understood, have legally ceased to be Russia.

In the central Ukrainian regions, “mutants” are much more, and those who did not fall under alien influence will suffer during the treatment. It's a pity. But on the other hand, once the cause is allowed, then there will be a consequence.

Kiev ... I have such pleasant and romantic memories of visiting the ancient capital. Light, Light, where are you now, how are you? Kindness, politeness, desire to help and prompt. It seemed that these qualities are inherent in all Kievans. And then-Maidan on his head. Not otherwise, the goat marsh kikimory were very strong witches.

Kiev lost its Russianness. I’m not even talking about signs on the shops and not about moving on the streets, I’m talking about one necessary sign of a Russian person, about whom Dostoevsky spoke. According to this criterion, there are few Russians left, or evil people, as always, are simply better organized. It's a pity.

Western Ukraine ... Centuries of Russophobia and direct repression on the side of our western enemies have done their job. The terrible genocide of the Russians by the Austrians with their Ukrainian assistants during the First World War became the culmination of the extrusion of Russia from the Carpathians.

In fact, the inhabitants of western Ukraine (except Transcarpathia, they somehow managed to survive the Rusins) are descendants of traitors, descendants of those who chose to betray, many of whom were accomplices in the massacres who did not change their faith, their self-name and the Russian language (maybe Tolkien described the emergence of orcs from the former Russian Carpathians?). Terezin and Talerhof - this is where the history of Russians in Galicia stopped.

Soon zapadentsy will be completely alone. They will not be fed by either the Donbass miner, the Odessa seaman, or the farmer on the Black Sea coast, and even free buns will not be distributed to them anymore. Tyagnibok and Yarosh, like their predecessors Bandera and Shukhevych, will fiercely and bloodthirsty find out who loves Ukraine more and who hates Mosklyak and Jews. Not sorry. Totally. It would be good if all Ukrainian adversities concentrated on these lands. But nothing depends on me, but terms such as the California Sea, Florida Glacier, and the Confederation of American Indian Tribes of America have long appeared. It's a pity.

Further - not about that piece of land, which is not Ukraine, but Little Russia. Let's talk about Russia as a whole.

We constantly, for centuries, balance between greatness and doom. Many say that the existence of our country is a miracle. Luck. Happening.

Is it easy for “mice”, such as Andorra, San Marino and Liechtenstein, to survive on the field of history? They really can rely on chance. Or columns tanks they will pass by, or Vesuvius will not throw out lava there, or the neighbors will forget to annex ... Russia in this regard is not even a bear, but a hefty mammoth, who, despite the packs of evil jackals around, is not going to die out. Remember the animated series "Ice Age" and his mammoth character, and calculate the probability of his survival in all sorts of vicissitudes. It turns out somewhere very close to zero. So: the likelihood of Russia being preserved as a large mammoth, and not a pack of baby rats biting among themselves, is even less. How did we survive and still survive all the burns and hardships, while becoming only stronger and stronger? There is only one answer: with God's help. Where does it come from so much, why is its "concentration" on 1/6 land so incredibly high?

Vera. Our Orthodox faith is the source of miraculous victories and the salvation of Russia. The stronger the faith, the more we give birth to future warriors, blacksmiths and plowmen, the more united, kinder and more conscientious we will be, causing impotent anger from enemies and respect from neighbors. The stronger the faith, the greater the chances that, it would seem, of the most hopeless situations, Russia will overcome all hostile intrigues. Thinking for national security, people who regularly attend church do nothing less than our armed forces.

In the event of an enemy attacking our country, the best often die - those who decided to weapons in the hands and faith in the heart to resist the enemy, or martyrs who courageously take a cruel death for abandoning the most terrible betrayal. The souls of both those and others fall straight to the heavenly throne, and upon the occurrence of the next misfortune they can turn to the highest authority. Their requests have not remained unanswered to this day.

They will be heard in the future, if there is faith in our souls. If to be a cynic, then we can say about a certain resource of Russia, accumulating in the time of misfortunes to prevent the terrible and irreparable - the disappearance of our country.

Then the great invaders make absurd mistakes, their army at the most inopportune moment will become infected with dysentery and pacifism, frosts and mudslides will come just when they disturb the enemy, and most importantly, the great leaders and rulers will show themselves.

Our “partners” (enemies) understood something, therefore they throw up all kinds of heresies, communism and liberalism, all kinds of euro values ​​there. They try to distort, snatch and trample our faith, replacing it with some kind of alien surrogate. If they succeed, Russia will not. There will be no one to ask the martyrs, because we will remain in the power of the one who comes up with all these "European things." And he is clearly the oppositionist Heaven!

Everything will be fine with us. The main thing is to believe. To love and hope, but also (I almost forgot) and not to do it myself.
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  1. Samaritan
    Samaritan 21 March 2014 09: 11
    If we are together, break through!
    1. v53993
      v53993 21 March 2014 09: 14
      If we are together, break through!

      But break through - then we will live!
      1. major071
        major071 21 March 2014 09: 41
        Unlike the Americans with their prehistory, we have a thousand-year history with its ups and downs. Everything has happened, but Russia has always stood and will continue to stand. Many states are no longer there, we are. Our strength lies in the originality and our mentality, cohesion, spirituality and in the fact that we are peaceful people, but we don’t need to touch, otherwise you can get an answer in such a way that you won’t even collect bones. We are Russians, and that’s it, but whoever doesn’t understand has long been decaying in the earth. IMHO. hi
        1. zzz
          zzz 21 March 2014 12: 15
          Quote: major071
          Our strength lies in the originality and our mentality, cohesion, spirituality and in the fact that we are peaceful people, but we don’t need to touch, otherwise you can get an answer in such a way that you won’t even collect bones. We are Russians, and that’s it, but whoever doesn’t understand has long been decaying in the earth. IMHO.

          Russia has a very strong KEEPER ANGEL.
        2. Ross
          Ross 21 March 2014 17: 42
          major071 (4) SU ↑

          Unlike the Americans with their prehistory, we have a thousand-year history with its ups and downs. Everything has happened, but Russia has always stood and will continue to stand. Many states are no longer there, we are. Our strength lies in the originality and our mentality, cohesion, spirituality and in the fact that we are peaceful people, but we don’t need to touch, otherwise you can get an answer in such a way that you won’t even collect bones. We are Russians, and that’s it, but whoever doesn’t understand has long been decaying in the earth. IMHO.

          Correct words! I’ll add more than one thousand years, but more than 1000 years! From the time of Prince Kiy, the founder of the Kiev state of Rus, to the present day, we are such Rusich! And it was not religion that made us like that, but our genes. Is it true that in the Great Patriotic War, not in one system, Russians, Tatars of Kazan and other peoples fought shoulder to shoulder with the common R1a genome?
          Now the example of Crimea has shown that the whole country is proud of Russia, that we are Russian. It was not enough for us to rekindle religious divisions ...
      2. Lawless
        Lawless 21 March 2014 09: 50
        I’ll fix it a bit, our children will live ...
      3. Duke
        Duke 21 March 2014 10: 05
        The main thing to believe. Love and hope

        To Russia with love.
      4. CALL.
        CALL. 21 March 2014 11: 57
        Quote: v53993
        But break through - then we will live!

        1. ing
          ing 21 March 2014 13: 21
          The Japs don't have an "L" sound
        2. The comment was deleted.
      5. Ross
        Ross 21 March 2014 14: 03
        For thousands of years, the Russian people carry the truth and justice. This is true Orthodoxy, because it was so long before Christianity came to Russia. Recall Rurik, Oleg, Svyatoslav Horobre. We with the genes of our ancestors absorbed these qualities, and today this is the most important part of the Russian code. We even melted religion under our qualities.
        Our Russian idea is understandable to the whole world - Honor and Justice.
        1. agbykov
          agbykov 21 March 2014 15: 28
          There was no Orthodoxy before the advent of Christianity; the Rus were the most ferocious and cruel people. Historical facts and evidence refute your unjustified fantasies.
    2. platitsyn70
      platitsyn70 21 March 2014 09: 30
      .. ".. Shut up, shameful Europe and do not swing your rights! .. You are just an ass in Russia .. and you think that the head !!! .." FI Tyutchev. . (1867) :)))))))))))))))
      Tyutchev then knew who such Europe was, and the Ukrainians still did not understand where they were striving.
      1. Weniamin
        Weniamin 21 March 2014 10: 50
        It's right. Our classics can see at the root.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. alexng
      alexng 21 March 2014 10: 15
      In vain did the West popper against Russia. Oh, in vain! Soon a reciprocal surprise move from Russia will begin, and the West will not like it very much and at the same time, most likely, it will generally unlearn the hypocrisy. Not We started it.
  2. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed 21 March 2014 09: 12
    In fact, the inhabitants of western Ukraine (except Transcarpathia, the Rusyns somehow managed to survive there) are descendants of traitors, descendants of those people who chose betrayal,

    This is "attached" belay About what kind of resettlement of the people after the war did not hear? And you read a lot ...
    Is it easy for “mice”, such as Andorra, San Marino and Liechtenstein, to survive on the field of history?

    It is very easy, because they have nothing to "pinch off", and no one will dare to total conquest. You have forgotten the Vatican, the same is the same "mouse" laughing
    Souls of both come directly to the throne of heaven, and when another misfortune comes, they may turn to the highest authority. Their requests to this day have not remained unanswered.

    Everything went to a different topic ... Previously, the Varangians made human sacrifices in order to convey their aspirations to the gods through them (scratched on the body). They were pagans
  3. Oleg Sobol
    Oleg Sobol 21 March 2014 09: 12
    Everything will be fine with us. The main thing is to believe. To love and hope, but also (I almost forgot) and not to do it myself.
    good Good message article. hi
  4. polite people 2
    polite people 2 21 March 2014 09: 13
    Amazingly, the man is right - I also stopped reading these days, except for the press. Yes, probably most of RUSSIA is worried about everything that is happening. And here is the result - our entire positive gave us 2 million friends. Keep it up Russians! fellow
    1. sergey32
      sergey32 21 March 2014 09: 26
      And for the last two years I have not let go of the tablet, I even read it in traffic jams while driving. Wife puffs, threatens to break. Very convenient, news, books, the press, videos, and of course VO in the first place.
      1. FC SKIF
        21 March 2014 09: 34
        My dear is also jealous of VO. I don’t understand, I don’t go into her culinary sites, which is what makes me mad.
        1. Horst78
          Horst78 21 March 2014 12: 57
          And my sister asked about the address of VO. Says "Where do you get all this from? I also want to read smile ."
    2. Goodmen
      Goodmen 21 March 2014 14: 38
      Quote: polite person 2
      And here is the result - our entire positive gave us 2 million friends. Keep it up Russians!

      I will say - he gave us 2 million compatriots !!!))))
  5. Name
    Name 21 March 2014 09: 14

    “Here the Russian spirit, here it smells of Rus ...”
    Here every stone is the edge of feelings
    stores a radiant print
    your steps, dear Russia!
  6. konvalval
    konvalval 21 March 2014 09: 15
    Quote: Samaritan
    Everything will be fine with us. The main thing is to believe. To love and hope, but also (I almost forgot) and not to do it myself.

    And we are not lying. Russia stood in a single rush.
  7. mabuta
    mabuta 21 March 2014 09: 19
    That's right!
  8. bubalik
    bubalik 21 March 2014 09: 20
    ,,, even our detractors admit it ,,,
    "The Russian state has the advantage over others that it is controlled directly by God himself, otherwise it is impossible to understand how it exists."Christopher Minich
    1. Gromily4
      Gromily4 21 March 2014 10: 03
      Two for your inability to use search engines.,_%D0%91%D1%83%D1%80%
      1. bubalik
        bubalik 21 March 2014 11: 33
        Gromily4 RU  Today, 10: 03 ↑

        went wrong ,,,, request
      2. The comment was deleted.
  9. Sma11
    Sma11 21 March 2014 09: 23
    I repeat again and again request
    I'm Russian

    I am Russian, which means:
    There's a rebellious soul in me
    You can’t buy me for a penny
    And do not sell for three pennies.

    I am Russian, which means:
    Such blood flows in me
    She’s not capable of meanness,
    But capable of love.

    I am Russian, which means:
    I love the blue of the sky, expanse of fields,
    How in the open horses ride
    And fairy tales about the heroes.

    I am Russian, which means:
    There is an Orthodox cross on the neck
    Love was given by God, God will give good luck.
    But, most importantly, it would be an honor.

    I am Russian, which means:
    I am indebted to the family of ancestors.
    I am Russian, which means:
    I just can't be another.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. alex47russ
    alex47russ 21 March 2014 09: 26
    Russia woke up from that dream! Now we need to stand to the end! You can not a meter back! If in some way we surrender to the snickering west, then everyone will feel Our slack and like Hyenas, who smell blood, will tear Us apart! So we stand to the end, as it always has been! Russia You and I will not give you an insult, just as we will not give an insult to the Slav brothers in Ukraine!
  12. mountain
    mountain 21 March 2014 09: 27
    But it’s true in the 90s, I remember the wave in Ukraine, the section went to churches and the Russian diocese, subjected to persecution. That's where the first swallow was, but we did not pay attention to it. Faith must be returned to the Russian Church and the people.
  13. Quantum
    Quantum 21 March 2014 09: 28
    In the east and south of Ukraine, not everything is so simple! As long as in different
    squares are supporters and opponents of the Maidan, nothing real
    Poverty and famine are coming, and with them enlightenment of the brain.
    For a Russian person, these conditions are familiar, and updating is inevitable.
    1. FC SKIF
      21 March 2014 09: 36
      Something somehow I also said, just a little from a different angle.
  14. Thompson
    Thompson 21 March 2014 09: 35
    Started for health, finished for insanity! Heralded heresy, elevated religion! But the point is not in them. The West also has a religion, and the East and Asia, each has its own, and each is the best for them!
    And the power of Russia in the right of her affairs! This is what unites the whole of Russia into a single shield and fist! The rest is from the evil one!
  15. Cossacks
    Cossacks 21 March 2014 09: 40
    And it all started even earlier, when the Prince of Kiev, because of a woman, sold our faith and baptized Rusov, and brutally killed consonants. Since then, this land has attracted treason.
    1. cozy
      cozy 21 March 2014 14: 56
      If only you knew a little about the faith in which Rus was baptized. Orthodoxy implies exclusively the VOLUNTARY adoption of faith. It is impossible to christen.
  16. Normman
    Normman 21 March 2014 09: 40
    The main imperative of the West as the heir to the Roman Empire is Divide and rule!
    The main imperative of the Orthodox Slavs as the spiritual heirs of the Byzantine empire is Our strength is in unity!
    Not for nothing, the main idea inscribed on the coat of arms of the USSR is "Workers of all countries - unite!" and the name of the now ruling party "United Russia", only modifications of the basic common Slavic idea of ​​unity.
    This is the root of the antagonism of the east and west. It is impossible to reconcile polar ideological aspirations!
    The West crushes everything it can reach. It divides, atomizes, its own society, potential opponents, beaten off from the hands of supporters and vassals. A small group that considers itself "chosen by God" in whose hands, through violence, power is concentrated, can win only in this way.
    Russia is dangerous as the bearer of the killer idea of ​​unity and equal living of nations and nationalities. This initially fair idea, the West can not oppose anything but money and lies, the only tools through which he disguises his true goals and recruits performers.
    I think the time has come to admit that Russia does not need to invent a national idea.
    Our strength is in unity!
  17. wulf66
    wulf66 21 March 2014 09: 42
    I agree with the idea expressed by the author. Wherever the Vatican has reached out to the Russian world, Slavic blood is shed. In addition, do not forget that in the 1991 referendum, 90 percent of the population of Ukraine voted for "nezalezhnost", so now they are eating it with a full spoon. But for me, the mistake of the brothers does not make them enemies.
  18. onegin61
    onegin61 21 March 2014 09: 43
    Ukraine needs a civil war to purify and divide due to the impossibility of the existence of aggressive nationalist mass movements in the western part and the Russian-speaking southeastern part. And Ukraine itself will remain as it was two or three western regions, hopeless in its nationalism and no one This process is already underway, the lack of funds and the shutdown of production will only aggravate this situation, hunger riots will rally into division into western and eastern parts. This is the picture, there will be no winners, it is impossible to unite the unconnected. and the population and "brothers" to choose carefully
  19. kit-kat
    kit-kat 21 March 2014 09: 44
    What faith does the author mean? Believe in what? If in a certain god, then I strongly disagree. There is only one faith that combines faith in oneself, in one’s people, in one’s country and truth.
    1. Mikl1977
      Mikl1977 21 March 2014 10: 08
      Please tell me: who are you? What kind of people is yours? Which country do you think is yours? And what is true for you?
      1. Kahlan amnell
        Kahlan amnell 21 March 2014 11: 33
        Guys, please don’t argue or quarrel. We still did not have enough skirmishes on religious grounds.
        If you believe, do not impose your faith on another and do not consider him an atheist, who can only "... burn in fiery hell forever ..."
        Do not believe - do not bully the believer with ridicule.
  20. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 21 March 2014 09: 47
    By and large, the guys who plan the Maidans are interested in the population as an instrument of geopolitics, and geopolitics is geography, and no one even plans to feed the "assistants" ...
  21. Lawless
    Lawless 21 March 2014 09: 49
    Only thanks to our grandmothers the Orthodox Church was preserved, which, despite the persecution by the Communists, hid the icons and secretly prayed.
  22. Gavrilych
    Gavrilych 21 March 2014 09: 49
    I was born and raised in Western Ukraine (Lutsk), since 1976 I live in Russia.
    I wonder: am I from the traitors?
    How can whole regions be declared traitors!
    1. FC SKIF
      21 March 2014 10: 02
      Listen, at the beginning of World War I Russians in Galicia were severely pressed by the Austrians and their voluntary forced assistants from ukrov. Undoubtedly, some not significant percentage of Russians in spirit remained there, and it is quite possible that you are one of them. or maybe you just broke away from the ideological dictatorship of the Westerners, and again became Russian.
  23. reader1964
    reader1964 21 March 2014 09: 49
    I do not accept the word "betrayal", I believe that people have their own point of view on the circumstances, to which they came by their own understanding or under the influence of someone's words. The subjunctive mood does not correlate with the life situation, but I will say: if it were not for religious division, less blood would have been shed, if not for the Golden Horde, which burned Kiev twice to ashes at the beginning of the millennium, Russia would have been Kiev from the Dniester to the Pacific Ocean
    1. FC SKIF
      21 March 2014 10: 05
      I think that Vlasov somehow justified himself in court. By the way, I do not mind, but even very much for Kiev to once again become the capital of Russia. But for this he must again become Russian.
      1. Docent1984
        Docent1984 21 March 2014 12: 11
        Yes, Vlasov was not particularly judged. In general, what kind of court for people like him is an ordinary person can have a "point of view on the circumstances", and a Russian / Soviet / Russian officer who took the oath and violated it by direct betrayal, is subject to capital punishment without trial or investigation. I think everyone who took the oath will support me.
    REDBLUE 21 March 2014 09: 56
    At this time, Russia has proudly raised its mighty head. The people became united. Now no one can beat us. And this was what the whole was afraid of. Europe. But we ourselves made it so that we sent them to the devil. Together we are invincible. And if they already woke up the Russian bear, now it’s not enough for everyone. GLORY TO RUSSIA!
  25. diff
    diff 21 March 2014 10: 01
    I agree with the article to a greater extent. But there is a more significant fact of the collapse of Ukraine - presidents amateurs.
    Playing liberal democracy today is like death. The EU is an indicator of this. Complete submission to the United States, and in matters even killing the very existence of Europeans as a whole. Ukraine has decided to "feed the lion with a bare hand," now you have to fight off the cute pussy, because now the hand of the feeding has become its prey. And Ukraine, together with the EU, still think, since they have a whip, they are the masters of the situation. When a predator has tasted the taste of fresh food, it cannot be stopped with a whip, only killed. The analogy I think is clear, the United States only needs to kill, because there is already blood.
    Yanukovych showed his softness as president. His state (People) entrusted him with power, in the wake of reunification with Russia, he won. And he went in the opposite direction. Religion in this case also feels the weakness of power and as a result of the manifestation of dissent, then a split.
  26. Mikl1977
    Mikl1977 21 March 2014 10: 10
    "Holy Russia! Keep the Orthodox faith, in it is your affirmation!" Holy Righteous John of Kronstadt.
  27. Alex66
    Alex66 21 March 2014 10: 27
    Our "partners" (enemies) have understood something, that's why they are throwing at us all kinds of heresies, communism and liberalism, all kinds of European values. They try to distort, snatch and trample our faith, replacing it with some kind of alien surrogate. If they succeed, then Russia will not.
    It is a pity, but not everyone here understands this, why attacks on the Orthodox Church are going on, because truth is behind it, and truth is not pleasing to everyone, it interferes as the Lord interfered with the conviction of not truth.
  28. Frate
    Frate 21 March 2014 10: 32
    Thank you for the article! The church schism - they somehow forgot about it, they all listed, but the whole root of evil is in it. Maidan has become the center of devilry. Obsession is a terrible disease. Yes, and we are all sick spiritually, and God grant us to be healed! Someone will remain blind, but many, I hope, will open their eyes. Now more than ever, we need unity. Thanks again for the sincere, correct and timely article. And thanks to the author’s father - he’s right!
    1. cozy
      cozy 21 March 2014 23: 06
      Good words. Plusanul. good
  29. Michael KG
    Michael KG 21 March 2014 10: 37
    Survival algorithm: rallying the whole nation into a single fraternal nation!
    Remember the time of the USSR, who was interested in the nationality of a neighbor or friend? That's right, it did not matter, and no one took the right to reproach or blame any ethnic group.
    But now, what do we have? Sheer racism and hostility towards other nations. This is not a reason, but the result of a long and focused work to separate people.
    Sometimes we ourselves are not able to deal with dissent in our family, not to mention anything more.
    Start with yourself and then ...
  30. mamont5
    mamont5 21 March 2014 10: 45
    That's right, I spoke about this before. Petlyurovschina, Bandera grew out of the womb of the Uniate Greek Orthodox Church. It’s hard to love those you betrayed. And stumble upon those who cheated also does not work. So dangle between east and west like Mr. in the hole.
    The bad news is that the idea of ​​"Ukrainian conciliarity" was raised on this and spread to the east.
  31. Sergey Sitnikov
    Sergey Sitnikov 21 March 2014 10: 56
    I agree that in the methodical grinding of all enemies of Russia there is some kind of Divine Providence and Providence ... It remains only to regret that the Lord deleted from his methods - the punishment of sinners in the aggregate. New York and Washington than Sodom and Gamora?
    1. cozy
      cozy 21 March 2014 15: 06
      If the Lord had not deleted this method, then perhaps the world would not have survived to this day. After the Butovo training ground and other acts (the artificial organization of hunger, etc.), sulfur could pour out on Russia.
  32. Horn
    Horn 21 March 2014 11: 10
    In the event of an enemy attack on our country, the best are most often killed - those who decided to confront the enemy with arms and faith in their hearts, or martyrs who courageously accept a fierce death for refusing the most terrible betrayal. Souls of both come directly to the throne of heaven, and when another misfortune comes, they may turn to the highest authority. Their requests to this day have not remained unanswered.

    - That's how it is, but today we have the following fact: while the best are laying their heads, defending the Fatherland, Novodvorskie with the Makarevichs and a host of white-bellied ones spit in the soup the families of these heroes left behind and put them on the porch. We must first cure the parasites, and only then think about whether we look beautiful in the eyes of our neighbors.
  33. Rubmolot
    Rubmolot 21 March 2014 11: 12
    Let us remind ourselves who the highest god of the West is.

    "CAPITAL ... avoids noise and abuse and has a fearful nature. It's true, but it's not the whole truth. Capital is afraid of lack of profit or too little profit, as nature is afraid of emptiness. But once there is sufficient profit, capital becomes bold. Provide 10 percent, and capital agrees to any use, at 20 percent it becomes animated, at 50 percent it is positively ready to break its head, at 100 percent it violates all human laws, at 300 percent there is no crime that it would not risk, even on pain of the gallows. If noise and abuse are profitable, capital will do both. Proof: smuggling and slave trade. "
    T. J. Dunning

    And in the current situation all strategic steps must be subordinated to this fact. Corruption in the territories of "countries of interest" is the most powerful weapon of the West, a silent and invisible enemy. There are no bribes - there are no collaborator presidents, no collaborator prime ministers, no collaborator politicians, no fighters of "truth and love" in the struggle for "human rights" in the territories of "countries of interest."
  34. Voenruk
    Voenruk 21 March 2014 11: 49
    The USA is the main enemy, World behind the scenes, the US Federal Reserve. There is a historical war for the Heart of the Earth (Hartland). If Russia falls, then all will come to an end.


    In 1919, in his new book, Democratic Ideals and Reality, Mackinder expanded the fulcrum concept with the concept of Heartland. Heartland is the continental basis of Eurasia, consisting of Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia. Mackinder sees this geopolitical formation protected from the east by natural barriers (Siberian expanses, the Himalayas, the Gobi Desert, Tibet), which he called the "Inner crescent". The coastal territories of Eurasia - Western Europe, the Middle and Near East, South and East Asia - are grouped around the Heartland. The system of this necklace around the Heartland is complemented by two island systems on the sides of Eurasia - Great Britain and Japan. Mackinder already calls Eurasia the "World Island".

    In 1674, John Evely (1620-1706) defined the British maritime power: "He who owns the oceans controls world trade, and who controls world trade, he owns the riches of the world, which means he is the ruler of the world." Mackinder uses this chain of arguments to define a continental power: "Whoever owns Eastern Europe owns the Heartland; whoever owns the Heartland owns the World Island (Eurasia); whoever owns the World Island owns the world."

    It was the birthday of American geopolitics. Mackinder wrote that the Anglo-Saxons should split the Europeans, above all the Russians and the Germans. Blocking states (Poland, the Caucasus, the Baltic states and Central Asia) should be created everywhere between them and around them, which should have slowed down Russia's expansion towards the warm seas and Germany's aspiration to the east ("Drang nach Osten"). Mackinder viewed France as a peninsula, which after the overthrow of Napoleon no longer possessed sufficient forces and means to single-handedly restrain the strengthening of the continental power of the Heartland. All the peninsulas of Eurasia (France, Italy, Egypt, India, Korea) are destined to be bridgeheads for maritime powers (USA, Great Britain) on the Eurasian continent, in alliance with which and using which, the maritime powers could contain the continental Empire. In one of his last articles, "The Round World and the Winning of the Peace", published in the fateful year for World War II - 1943 - in the journal of the influential American Council on Foreign Relations (" Council on Foreign Relations "), Mackinder refines his geopolitical project for the post-war period: he shifts the center of the Anglo-Saxon empire from Great Britain to the United States. Those. crowned heir, Mackinder entrusted the protection of the Anglo-Saxon nation to the rising North American empire. Mackinder died in 1947, this year India will cease to be a British colony, and the United States will enter the Cold War with a new dominant power in the Heartland.
  35. silver_roman
    silver_roman 21 March 2014 12: 06
    all this is so, but the more I read about our history, the more I delve into the whole meaning of the existence of mankind, the more the idea wakes up in me that we do not have a place among these silly Anglo-Saxons with the Zhidomasons! if only to move all of Russia to some kind of planet similar to Earth, away from this entire gadyushnik.
    In general, if you do not get out of reality, then you need to act against the ENEMY with his own weapon (I have been repeating this for a long time): find weak points in society (there are a lot of them), heat up the situation inside, beat pointwise at the most inconvenient moment - stick a knife in the back with a smile of 32 teeth on his face. At the same time, talking about friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation, turn the handle of the knife. and do so until the "DEMON" falls on its knees, and then cut off its head.

    Our identity, traditions, culture, our Faith are holy, inexplicable and incomprehensible to the Western capitalist. But you should not only count on it. This is ALL just an incentive, a quiet voice in the most difficult moment, forcing you to perform an unprecedented and unthinkable, and sometimes even IMPOSSIBLE - Russian miracle, which our enemies have talked about so many times! it’s like a single resource, which if you constantly apply and use it, it will quickly dry out. You need to be proactive, be more cunning, smarter, more insidious TO YOUR ENEMIES, and then stronger (in terms of the army). Take a look at the stinking britain ... a couple of our airborne divisions will sweep her to the damn mother on a level field, and how much blood she drank RUSSIAN!
    ps I apologize for the long monologue, but it’s painful!
    1. cozy
      cozy 21 March 2014 15: 17
      But is it not possible that using his own weapon against the enemy, we ourselves will turn into the same monsters? Maybe it’s better to change yourself and then the rest will change around?
      Indeed, with the resources that our Motherland has, it is possible (of course, of course) to change ourselves - to defeat corruption, educate people, develop science, industry, etc. etc.
  36. Alekst
    Alekst 21 March 2014 12: 18
    I agree with the author of the article, I myself got involved with all my hands and feet in the news from Ukraine, I even slept through the dismissal of Karpin from Spartak. To be honest, I began to get fed up with pretentiousness and hysteria in the media, both in the West and in Russia, I cannot read the Ukrainian press, but apparently there is the same thing, I just want to put all the politicians, journalists, historians, etc., in one room, for a week, at will, with a box of vodka or something at will, so that they figure it out and put all the points above "and ", and then already tired of reading all the nonsense that they sometimes! but not all splash out.
    I also agree with the author in the role of the Orthodox Church in the formation of the Moscow state, earlier, and Russia - later, no princes, and possibly patriarchs, could be the core, the bond that united people after the actual disintegration and disappearance of Kievan Rus, probably only Orthodoxy united those disparate and ever-conflicting principalities that the then princes practically led into the abyss of chaos.
  37. Vtel
    Vtel 21 March 2014 13: 15
    Together - we are force! Russians unite - with God no enemies, carnal and ethereal, are terrible to us. May the Lord help the three branches - Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian, merge together, for we have one root and we have one God.
  38. archi.sailor
    archi.sailor 21 March 2014 13: 22
    Quote: FC Skiff
    My dear is also jealous of VO. I don’t understand, I don’t go into her culinary sites, which is what makes me mad.

    mine is not furious and not jealous, VO herself reads, but does not register, she is afraid that men will attack her
  39. Alex_Zlat
    Alex_Zlat 21 March 2014 13: 25
    The correct article! We will live, brothers!
  40. wanderer
    wanderer 21 March 2014 13: 46
    Although I do not believe in God, I agree with the article. There must be something to unite the people.
  41. dusya2006
    dusya2006 21 March 2014 13: 57
    "... in Ukraine there was
    church schism, its inhabitants allowed
    sedition and terrible betrayal, and let them
    now slurping famously with full spoons, while
    do not realize and do not repent. "

    Russia has already suffered for treason. And the Lord missed so many godless terrible years ... I also had an idea what kind of misfortune was with them ...
  42. agbykov
    agbykov 21 March 2014 15: 33
    The reason for the hatred of Holy Russia is that almost all the peoples of the world have bowed to Satan, and only the Slavs keep the sides of the World and Love.
  43. Rohon
    Rohon 21 March 2014 16: 26
    Do not rush Friends, a little patience, spring is a period of exacerbation in mentally ill, although in the fall you have to wait for an exacerbation again, but winter will calm all the screamers and idiots. Since the climate is changing and Europe is already "kalbasilo not podeski" and "The time of despondency" will come - in Russian speaking "Zh.o.p." The EU, as the UN, has outlived itself - they themselves do not decide what they only yapping like pugs at the Elephant. And NATO is already in convulsions, it will fall apart. each country of this bloc has its own Chechnya and Crimea, so the split is not far off. A question as ancient as life itself will arise - "to be or not to be", but if to be then with whom ??? The wind of change has touched us too, though, unlike them, Great Russia is getting stronger both in Spirit and Body.
  44. Ross
    Ross 21 March 2014 17: 25
    Quote: agbykov
    There was no Orthodoxy before the advent of Christianity; the Rus were the most ferocious and cruel people. Historical facts and evidence refute your unjustified fantasies.

    You swap accents. Rusichi, according to neighbors, was hospitable and welcoming to the guests, but they were never forgiven for lies and betrayal. And all the neighbors spoke with one voice - God forbid to offend Rusich! These were unsurpassed wars. No unreasonable cruelty!
  45. Sirius-2
    Sirius-2 21 March 2014 20: 25
    I wonder why the ethnographers of the Carpathians and the Dnieper region combine into one ethnos: Ukrainians? With such differences in religion, culture, mentality - these are two DIFFERENT peoples!
    I will give two reasons.
    The first. During Perestroika, I was a witness-listener to a dispute on a train between old men, one of them lived in Lvov. And in the heat of the argument, this old man blurted out: "Why do you consider us Ukrainians ?! We do not consider ourselves as such!" I forgot a lot of that argument, but these words were etched into my memory. Think about it: they call him a Ukrainian, but he himself is not. I think that among them he is not the only one who thinks so. It would be appropriate to ask then: Who does he consider himself to be? Alas, "clever thought comes afterward." Yes, in my youth, it seemed impolite to interfere with strangers and strangers in a conversation.
    Second. A thousand years ago, Serbs were only Orthodox. Then they were conquered by the Ottoman Turks and the Austrians. The conquerors forced the conquered to abandon Orthodoxy in favor of their religion. Over the centuries, Catholic Serbs and Muslim Serbs have appeared. Now their first name is Croats, the second Bosnians. And no one has the idea of ​​combining them into one nation. Although they all speak the same language! It is called Serbo-Croatian. So the Slavs of the Carpathians within five centuries lost ground in religion and culture, turning into Western Ukrainians with a genetic hatred of Eastern Ukrainians. (I’m silent about the Russians. And everyone knows that.) Although they speak the same language. Maybe it’s worth taking for an axiom: the inhabitants of the Carpathians are not Ukrainians, but Galicians, for example. This situation is easier to understand: who is his own and who is a stranger. I see a plus here: Ukrainians have the right to lead their genealogy from the founders of Kiev, Chernigov, Poltava, and finally from the Zaporizhzhya Sich. But the Galicians - no. Neither historical nor moral. When appointing people to important posts, information about his nationality will be very useful. I am against national discrimination. In every nation there are both good and scum. But, knowing is helpful. Met somewhere in Hurghada with a Bulgarian and a Pole. A Bulgarian can be hugged and called a brother right away. He will understand, but the Pole - no. You meet a Ukrainian, you say: “Great, brother!” And he is in your jaw. Then it turns out - he is from Ivano-Frankivsk.
    Drive the banderlogs there, to Lviv, and from there do not let them go east. And we will drive: the radicals always ended badly, be they left, be they right. And let this small one, in the five or six current regions, Galicia join the European Union. If they are taken there. Let them go to dirty work in Europe.
    But most of Ukraine, and much more, a place in the Customs Union, including the Rusyns of Transcarpathia. Only they will need to be treated from the vodka of Galician bottling. From "Muscovite to Gilyak" they will have a severe hangover, after all, almost a quarter century brainwashing. Not sober right away. You can get drunk in five minutes, but sober up for two days.
    I do not insist on this point of view. But you need to look for a way ...