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Bloody falsifier


The events of recent years have shown that the topic of the January events that occurred in Vilnius in 1991 will poison Lithuanian-Russian relations for a long time. Moreover, the Lithuanian side is constantly updating this topic. This year, a pseudo-documentary video fake should appear, which is being prepared by the British television station Gizmo films production with the active assistance of the Lithuanian side.

It will be a gaming TV movie about the January events under the working title “We will sing” (“We will sing”). Directed by - Robert Mullan. The three-day field shooting of this film in Vilnius was told by the NewsBalt internet portal by the Lithuanian historian and former leader of the Unity international movement, Valery Ivanov. In the article “Even then, the actors”, he spoke about the main accents that will sound in this film.

A number of scenes of the film is frankly Russophobic in nature. Thus, not only Soviet soldiers, but also “Russian warriors with red armbands on the left sleeve and brutal faces” will beat the singing and defenseless Lithuanian patriots with national flags in the film. They beat the Lithuanians with sticks, shouting indecent swearing and threats.

Particular emphasis in the film is made on the scenes of Soviet collisions tanks at the protesters. For greater reliability, against the background of the Vilnius TV tower, the T-72 tank and a legless disabled person were involved. A forty-ton machine ran into empty legs of a disabled person, generously sprinkled with tomato ketchup, and at that time he screamed heart-rendingly. They paid the disabled person four times more than other filming participants. There was something to try.

In this regard, it seems appropriate to return to the two photos of the so-called “hitting” of the T-72 tank to the protesters at the Vilnius TV tower, made at night on January 13 by the Lithuanian photographer Algirdas Sabaliauskas. These were discussed in the articles “Wine without Atonement” and “Vilnius-91. Looking from the other side ”(“ Special Forces of Russia ”No. 9, 2012 and No. 11, 2013). Today, new important information about these images has become known, and therefore the previously stated conclusions should be clarified.

Lithuanian Jeanne d'Arque

It turned out that both of the above-mentioned photographs are precisely those that the Lithuanian prosecutors have been saying for twenty-three years that they are irrefutable evidence of the incursion of Soviet tanks against people. It is known that the three men who, according to Lithuanian prosecutors, were allegedly crushed by tanks, Lithuanian forensic scientists recognized victims of ordinary car accidents. Therefore, the Lithuanian Prosecutor General’s Office only confirmed these shots to confirm the fact that the tanks were hitting.

I will try to prove that these photos are clearly of dubious origin. The task is facilitated by the fact that today the names of the women whose legs are visible from under the tracks of the T-72 tank, as well as their memories, published in February 1991 of the year in Švyturys magazine (Mayak, No. 4), have become known. This is Angela Lay and Loreta Truchilyauskayte. I will give to the attention of readers their impressions of their experiences under the tank.

I will start with A. Play, the owners of the legs in black boots (the translation is not literary, but almost literal - V. Sh.). “I didn’t feel that I was hit by a tank. It seemed to me that I had run away, but I feel that the two fallen girls felt like a deed. I am trying to get out, but I felt that the tracks of the tank were walking along my legs. I heard bones crack. The men rushed to the tank - swore, begged to go back, and I tore my hair on myself so as not to lose consciousness. The men tried to pull me out from under the tank. Fortunately, they pulled lightly, as one leg turned out to be so crushed that only one artery nourished it, the skin was insensitive, an open fracture. When the tank moved away, and the men carried me, I was seized by the feeling that this tank was still catching up with us. ”

It should be noted that Pladite mentions two girls who allegedly were under her. In fact, there was only one girl there - L. Truchilyuskaite. This is her leg in a light boot visible between the legs. Play.

However, the mention of the third “victim” of hitting the tank (Lorete Asanavichiute) was demanded by the official version of the events at the TV tower, the author of which was the then head of the Supreme Council of Lithuania V. Landsbergis. In the first days after the January tragedy, he said that the young, fragile Loreta Asanavichiute heroically stood in the way of the Soviet tank and was crushed.

It is known that Landsbergis, since the autumn of 1990, constantly insisted that the independence of Lithuania required an “atoning sacrifice”. 2 December 2014, a former member of the Landsbergist Supreme Council Presidium, Aloizas Sakalas, made public his statement “Mysterious Ways of the Lord” (“Nežinomi Viešpaties keliai”., in which he reported that in December 1990 at the meeting of the Presidium of the Supreme Council everyone agreed by the fact that “independence will not be obtained if blood is not shed”.

There is no doubt that at this meeting of the Presidium, or while clarifying the plan of the bloody provocation at the Vilnius TV tower, Landsbergis, known for his addiction to "historical parallels, ”said:“ We need the Lithuanian Joan of Arc, whose death will personify Lithuania, fighting for independence. ” It remains only to find a suitable candidate. That turned out to be Loreta Asanavichyute, who was pushed out of the crowd of protesters under the airborne combat vehicle (BMD).

But the BMD Loreto did not move, but only got used to a metal mesh fence around the TV tower. I needed a heroine who would be under the tank. Therefore, Lithuanian prosecutors convinced Pladite and Truchilyauskayte to state that Asanavichiute was under the T-72 tank with them. Since the girls agreed to take part in the falsification of the tank attack, they had no choice but to agree to voice information about Asanavichiuet who had fallen under the same tank!

The so-called memories "from under the tank" were voiced in the publication of the Švyturys magazine. As in the USSR as a whole, and then in Soviet Lithuania, people absolutely trusted what was written in the official press, especially in a reputable magazine.

So what did "recollect" Loreta Truchilyauskayte?

“With Loreta Asanavichiute, an employee of the same association, where I worked, we were at the TV tower all Saturday, only ran home to warm up in the evening ... My friend and I firmly locked our hands. Moving away from the tank moving on us, her hand pulled out of mine. I fell backwards. Overhead, she managed to see the barrel of a tank gun. Someone fell for me. I felt the tracks of the tank squeeze my leg. I felt all this terrible weight, and through the pain I heard the crack of breaking bones. But not lost consciousness. Could not escape. I saw someone waving, shouting and showing that the tank was driving back. But he did not move for a long time. Then from the pain did not understand where he went, forward or backward. She screamed in pain. Someone grabbed me and carried me. On the way to the hospital I felt my toes and was glad that my leg was alive ...

Only a few days later I learned that my friend Loreta Asanavichiute is not. Loreta, as I can judge from other photos, apparently fell under the tracks of the same tank. She had broken bones of the pelvis and chest, crushed legs. When she was taken to the hospital, she also called her home phone number ... "

Truchilyauskayte, unlike Pladite, who claimed that there were two girls under her, said that at the time of the “attack” of the tank she had not seen L. Asanavichiute. But then, ostensibly looking at some photos, she came to the conclusion that her friend got under the same tank. By the way, still no one has seen the photographs of the arrival of a tank on Asanavichiute, about which Truchiliauskayta talks. Apparently, the information about such supposedly available photographs was provided to her by the Lithuanian prosecutors.

I remember that during interrogations in the Prosecutor General’s Office of Lithuania I was repeatedly told that the next time they would show a video about how Soviet paratroopers “from the hip” shoot the crowd. But I didn’t wait for this show, because there was no such video.

Apparently, Truchiliauskayte "processed." As a result, she claimed that Asanavichiute had a chest, pelvic bones and legs crushed. And then Truchilyauskayte stated that, despite this, Asanavichiute was conscious and talking. But medicine is not aware of cases where people with such injuries remain conscious! They died immediately. This contradiction can be explained as follows.

Asanavichiute's conversation with doctors, both in the ambulance car and in the hospital, was widely known. But at the same time, confirmation was required that she was the victim of a tank hit. Therefore, two mutually exclusive statements were put into Truchiliauskayte’s mouth. The first is false, that the tank allegedly crushed Asanavichiute, and the second is true that she was talking. This is a half-truth that was believed more than the truth.

However, let us return to the T-72 tank, under which Lay and Truchilyauskayte lay. The question arises, was there really a hit of this tank? The following facts are certain.

Tank at the tower was. Lay and Truchiliauskay lay under it. Asanavichiute under this tank was not. There was also no collision. This is evidenced at least by the fact that there is no photo in which the crippled girls would be recorded - after the tank drove off.

How were made photos of the arrival of Soviet tanks on people at the TV tower, I already wrote. I repeat again. About this technology in 1996, the witness V. Yarets told in some detail at the trial of V. Ivanov. His testimony was published in the Lietuvos rytas newspaper (No. 79, 4 on April 1996 of the year).

Yarets under oath asserted that at the time of stopping the tanks (the tanks regularly stopped to avoid hitting people - V. Sh.) Tall men laid people under their tracks, and after signaling the start of movement they were removed. That is why there is not a single (!) Snapshot where a man crushed by a tank would appear. As a result of the procedure described by Yarets, photographs were created on which the legs of A. were laid. Lay down and L. Truchilyauskayte under the tracks of the tank.

It is known that these two women today feel normal and do not even limp. It is impossible to believe in the wonders of Lithuanian medicine, which was able to restore their crushed limbs, especially the knee joints. This is a clear confirmation that the tank was not hit. Apparently, for this reason, in 1996, Plan, not wanting to demonstrate your confident gait, chose not to appear at the court hearing on the case of V. Ivanov. Truchilyauskayte in the courtroom appeared without signs of lameness.


The staged nature of the photographs of the so-called “hitting” confirms their content. Snapshot No. 1 captures the position of the legs supposedly before the arrival of the tank. Snapshot number 2 - after the accident. Imitation of a tank collision was carried out by changing the angle of photographing and the position of the legs of people under the caterpillar. Here I must apologize to the readers. The following text may be somewhat difficult to read. But it is extremely necessary, as it is time to put an end to speculation about the hitting of Soviet tanks on people at the TV tower.

Bloody falsifier

Compare the position of the legs under the tracks of a Soviet tank in one photo and another ...

Consider snapshot No. 1. You can see the skirt on it. Smooth and her legs are in black boots. And the left leg. Put it slid under the very caterpillar. Right leg. Lay in the hip area on the left. And in the photo posted in the Švyturys magazine, her face is clearly visible in the background.

Between your legs. Lay your left leg. Truchilyauskayte is visible in a light boot, her right leg is not visible. If a tank had shot down Truchiliauskayte in the course, then he would inevitably have to run over and crush her right leg.

Now analyze snapshot No. 2. Only two legs are visible on it: the left one - Truchilyauskay, and the right one - Play. This situation was supposed, according to the “stage directors,” to indicate that the tank allegedly moved forward and completely hit the left foot. Play and crush the left foot of Truchiliauskayte. Moreover, it is clear that the left leg of the latter has significantly advanced under the track and moved forward.

If the tank were moving forward, then this would have been impossible, since Truchiliauskayte’s left leg would have been immediately fixed by a running caterpillar. Well, the right leg of this girl, who was behind, in such a situation would have to be completely crushed by caterpillars.

And now, having compared two pictures, answer: is the tank moving or is it standing still?

However, despite all the tricks of the “directors,” it was not possible to create an imitation of a moving tank. There is no doubt that the tank in the pictures No. 1 and No. 2 remained stationary. According to V. Ivanov (and we should agree with him), the immobility of the tank confirms the invariance of the distance from the edge of the protective cover over the tank track to the upper connecting “finger” of the links of this track.

As stated, the tank was standing. Only the angles of photographing and the position of the legs of the girls lying under it changed. The ability of the girls lying under the tank to change the position of the legs is another evidence of its static nature. The next convincing argument that the photo number 1 and number 2 were staged, are the faces of two smiling young men, recorded in the photo number 2 somewhat to the right of the center. These guys, watching the attempts of the “losers-directors” who fussed around the tank, just laughed. Could it be if the tank really crushed people?! ..

Analyzing the circumstances of the death of Loreta Asanavichiute, one involuntarily comes to the conclusion that she did not accidentally become the main victim of the January events. According to external data, she could be a member of the contest “Miss Lithuania”. Stately, tall, beautiful. In short, a worthy heroine. It's a pity.

The grave of the unfortunate Loreta Asanavichiute, declared in 1991, the “Lithuanian Jean d'Arc”

The circumstances of the injury and death of Loreta suggest that she was the victim of sophisticated and bloody falsification. A number of points of this falsification was found out by the above-mentioned V. Ivanov. He found out that the “preliminary diagnosis” of the injuries of L. Asanavichiute, set and inscribed on call card No. 5164 by the doctor of the ambulance car (MSM) A. Brigade, A. Kutuzov read: “injury to the right leg, bleeding of unclear localization”

However, this diagnosis was different from the diagnosis recorded in another card for the number 5309, but issued on the same L. Asanavichiuet, which read: "bleeding from the left femoral region." By the way, these cards were documents of strict accountability. Who and for what purpose instructed to issue a second card?

It is known that during the surgical operation that Asanavichiute was doing in Vilnius Red Cross Hospital 13 in January 1991 from 2 hours 50 minutes to 4 hours 20 minutes, pelvic or hip fractures were not recorded. She died at 7 in the morning, that is, in 2 hours of 40 minutes after this operation. However, in the post-mortem video at Asanavichiute, deep lacerated wounds on both thighs are clearly visible (“Sausio 13-oji. In memoriam”). It turns out that they were not processed and not sewn up during the operation? How is this possible?..

Lithuanian forensic scientists, carrying out a post-mortem autopsy of Asanavichiute's body (see certificate of Lithuanian forensic examination No. 29 from February 6 of 1991 of the year), did not fix these lacerations! There were only abrasions and subcutaneous hemorrhages on the hips, a strong squeezing of the pelvis, thighs and right leg, internal hemorrhages and a fracture of the sacrum. Could the forensic scientist not see ripped wounds from abrasions? I can not believe in this. Why did he not fix them?

Especially to speak about the fracture of the sacrum. Finding it only during the post-mortem autopsy causes extreme bewilderment. How does bewilderment and the lack of X-rays in the medical card of Asanavičiut filled in the hospital? They should have been made immediately! It turns out that the surgeons, knowing that Asanavichiute is the victim of a tank hit, made her a “blind” operation. It is simply impossible - the Red Cross hospital in Vilnius has always been famous for its specialists.

The statement of the gynecologist of this hospital, Vida Kujene, who examined Loreta upon admission to the hospital, adds ambiguity.

Kujene reported that during the inspection she stated the hopelessness of Asanavichiute's position. The doctor claimed that the soft tissues of her hip area were completely crushed, as a result of which it was impossible to stop the internal bleeding: Asanavichiute was doomed. The assembled doctors agreed with this conclusion of the gynecologist.

A street is named after Loreta Asanavichiute in Vilnius.

However, an hour and a half operation was carried out. But, as it turned out, the lacerations on the thighs were left untreated. What caused such negligence? How so?! After all, bleeding only from these wounds can already cause death.

Once again we come to the conclusion that the girl was simply left to die from blood loss, since her death was just necessary for someone.

There is a video film depicting the scene of bringing Asanavichiute to the hospital. There she is conscious and smiles a little. This suggests that Loreta’s injuries were not fatal. She only underwent a strong contraction (?). In a word, there are significantly more questions about Asanavichiut's death than answers. This raises the question of who needed the death of Loreta?

Once Cicero formulated the famous principle of Roman law: “look for who benefits.” There is no doubt that the death of Asanavichiute was beneficial only to Landsbergis, who initially appointed her to be the main victim.

This brings to mind the strange injection that Asanavichiute was given in the ambulance car before it was taken to hospital. Let me remind you that Landsbergis, having given his consent to the arson of the building of the Supreme Council of Lithuania in case of assault by Soviet paratroopers, effectively condemned most of the three and a half thousand people who were there. Naturally, the life of one girl meant nothing to him.

Do you know the worst? The fact that “defenders of the official version of the January events” constantly assert about the numerous bone fractures of Asanavichiut. They would not hurt to see the video on which Loreta was captured immediately after death. Her face and body striking beauty and tranquility. She seemed to fall asleep. So do not die from multiple painful internal fractures.

Moreover, when the nurses shifted her body onto a gurney, it was obvious that it was not crippled by tank tracks and kept its shape.

Once again I will remind the testimony, which explains how Asanavichiute was injured at the TV tower. He was stated in the book “Mano prisiminimų kraitelė” (“A basket of my memories”) by the long-term director of the Lithuanian History and Ethnography Museum Agot Jankevičienė-Grybauskaite. She recalled that the morning after the January events a museum employee came to her, who said that he barely managed to save his wife, who had participated in the rally at the TV tower. He barely managed to pull his wife out of the chain, arranged by young men near the TV tower, who, clasping their hands, squeezed their ring, trying to push the people standing under the tanks and armored vehicles ...

But this does not diminish the guilt of M. Gorbachev, who agreed to conduct a military operation in Vilnius using heavy armored vehicles.

A place of collectivists
Summing up the investigation of the January events of 1991 in Vilnius, one should answer the question: why did Landsbergis' people on January 13 go for a great provocation with human victims? The answer is simple. They tried at all costs to remain in power.

And the same thing - in Lithuania!

Let me remind you that in March 1990, former Soviet collaborators led by “Honored Art Worker of the Lithuanian SSR” and partly KGB informant, Professor Vytautas Landsbergis, broke through to power in Lithuania. A professor was picked up by his inner circle.

It is known that for many years the translator Virgilius Chepaytis, the agent of the KGB Juozas, was a trusted ally of Landsbergis. Soviet foreign journalist Algimantas Cekuolis, whose friends and journalists called Algimantas-Chekist, was not by chance, entered the inner circle of Landsbergis.

The deputy professor in the Supreme Soviet was Kazimeras Motek, the son of the commander of the 16 Lithuanian division, who fought in the Red Army. At one time he worked as an investigator for special cases, and during the years of perestroika he headed the party organization of the 1 legal advice office.

Among the current surroundings of Landsbergis, Laima Andrikienė, a European parliamentarian from Lithuanian conservatives, should be highlighted. In Soviet times, she was sent to an internship in economics at the University of Manchester (England).

It is known how strictly in the USSR citizen travels to capitalist countries were controlled, even on tours. And then leave for England for a few months? There is no doubt that the matter did not go without the closest involvement of the KGB.

The list of Soviet collaborators surrounded by Landsbergis could be continued. However, we confine ourselves to a quote from the memoirs of Lyudas Dambrauskas, one of the oldest Soviet dissidents. In 1945, by the Soviet tribunal, he was sentenced to death, pardoned, and swallowed plenty of camp dummy.

Dambrauskas wrote about the modern political elite of Lithuania: “The creators of the communist paradise, having come to a logical end, did not leave active politics, but repainted the facade of new reforms in a different color, remaining and continue to lead on“ democratic ”principles. Therefore, we are still floundering in the swamp of an independent state, not realizing that the ideologues of this state are the same political speculators who almost reached the heights of a bright communist tomorrow in the Soviet empire. ”

Former "Soviet" hate everything Soviet for two reasons. First of all, they have the so-called “Torquemada complex” working. It is known that the Grand Inquisitor of Spain, Thomas Torquemada, was a descendant of Jews converted to the Catholic faith - "Converse". In this regard, he was most afraid that he would be suspected of being soft to the enemies of the Christian faith. And the modern ruling Lithuanian elite is ready to destroy everything that reminds of their Soviet collaborationism.

Another reason for the ardent anti-Sovietism is the inability of the Lithuanian elite to solve the urgent social and economic problems of the republic. This was already apparent in the 1990 year. During the six months he was in power, Landsbergis and his clique (as one of the founders of Sayudis, the philosopher Arvydas Juozaitis called them), proved their complete professional incapacity. In July, 1990, a group of leading Lithuanian intellectuals addressed the republic with a “Statement”, which they refused to trust in the Supreme Council and its head Landsbergis.

In October, 1990, the intellectuals withdrew from “Sajudis” and formed the “Forum of the Future of Lithuania”. By December of the same year, the indignation at the Sun's policy reached its apogee. Suffice it to say that even the police of Kaunas planned to go on a protest march to Vilnius. The power of the Landsbergist Supreme Council was in the balance.

In this situation, Landsbergis and his entourage came to the conclusion that it is possible to regain lost positions if Moscow is compelled to use a force action similar to those held in Tbilisi and Baku. This action, as we know, took place in Vilnius on the night of 12 on 13 in January of 1991. Mass indignation allowed Landsbergis to strengthen his position in the republic.

But in October 1992, the Landsbergists lost the elections to the Sejm. And in February, 1993, Lithuania, elected Algirdas Brazauskas as the first post-Soviet president. It was a terrible blow to Landsbergis and his team. Lithuanian people preferred the former communist, as they personally saw the difference between what was under the “soviets”, when Brazauskas was the head of the republic and what became under Landsbergis.

However, the conservatives Landsbergis, changing the political sign to the "Union of the Fatherland", in October 1996, again became at the helm of the republic. From this point on, anti-Sovietism and Russophobia in Lithuania came to the fore not only to the fore, but acquired the appearance of a solid concept. It is based on a number of mythological and distorted historical situations. First, it is argued that modern Lithuania is a continuation of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (1236-1795) and the First Lithuanian Republic (1918-1940). Russia and the USSR allegedly were the external enemy that destroyed these Lithuanian states.

All these people who died for various reasons in January 1991 Vilnius of the year are “canonized” as victims of “Soviet aggression”

Secondly, it is claimed that the USSR in June 1940 of the year occupied Lithuania. The occupation period lasted until March 11 1990. The Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic was an illegal state entity. The Lithuanian bourgeois republic allegedly continued its existence throughout the entire occupation period. The only legitimate authority in Lithuania during the Soviet occupation was the council of eight leaders of partisan detachments, which at an underground meeting of February 16 of the year passed the Declaration on the restoration of the parliamentary Lithuanian Republic (LR) at an underground meeting.

To consolidate this statement at the legal level, the Lithuanian Seimas, on the initiative of its chairman, Landsbergis 12, January 1999, decided to consider this Declaration as the State Legal Act of the Republic of Latvia. Thus, the Soviet period in Lithuania is officially recognized as illegal. In this regard, Lithuania considers it reasonable to demand from Russia, as the successor of the USSR, material compensation.

Thirdly, it is alleged that in January 1991, the USSR committed an act of aggression against an independent Republic of Latvia. During this aggression, the citizens of Lithuania 13 died and material damage was inflicted. But the Supreme Council, under the leadership of the “father of the nation,” V. Landsbergis, organized the heroic defense of the republic and managed to defeat the mighty enemy.

Hence the conclusion - long live the Landüsbergists, the fathers of Lithuanian independence! Only they have the right to govern the republic ...

SHVED Vladislav Nikolaevich, was born in Moscow.

From 1947, he lived in Lithuania. From 1990 - second secretary of the Communist Party of Lithuania / CPSU Central Committee, member of the CPSU Central Committee. Chairman of the Citizens Committee of the Lithuanian SSR, who defended the rights of the Russian-speaking population. Deputy of the Armed Forces of Lithuania.

In December, 1991 refused to change citizenship, was deprived of the mandate of a member of the Seimas and arrested. Due to lack of evidence and under the influence of public opinion, he was released.

In 1998 ‑ 2000 - Head of the State Duma Committee on Labor and Social Policy. Acting State Advisor to the Russian Federation of the 3-th class. In 1996 ‑ 2000 was deputy chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party. The author of the book “Katyn. The modern history of the issue ”(2012 g.).
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    If all these "fathers of Kurland independence" appear before the court, then they should be headed by the chief JUDA - Gorbachev!
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      Medvedev has already delivered his "verdict" by awarding him an order.
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        These are the affairs of politicians and managers. We will remember others telling who they really are. Gorbachev is a criminal, by all worldly and non-secular laws, a traitor and a big bastard. Landsbergis is a provocateur, a dumb pig
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          EEE My friend, you are wrong! Lyandsberg is a very cunning pig, for all his adventures on the way to power and in power, he managed to remain spotless! Although he is the leader of the anti-rating, his opinion of mulberry means a lot! All local politicians look back at him! In this article, it would be nice to mention how his co-comrades reacted nervously to the Kiev snipers! They are afraid that the term "their own shot at their own" may flare up with considerable force and raise once again, about the acts of the television center in 1991.
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    I will never stop hating all these politican faces of the late 80s. Landsbergis, Liquid Changeling especially.
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      And what did you dislike about Shvets? Is he. by the way, even too correct. During the Vilnius events, a relative lived near the tower - on Suderves Street. She personally saw how the guys from the cordon of Sayudis did not allow the barranes gathered there to disperse when they began to wet their own from the roofs of nearby buildings. After all, it is precisely because the Lithuanians killed their own from various-sized weapons. which was not in service with the SA, the corpses were hidden by them from investigation teams from Moscow, and even more so from our medical experts.
      And the fact that when the tanks and boxes stopped in front of them, the Lithuanians immediately packed in and happily took pictures, I saw on the set of events. By the way, for your information - the privates, from the Alpha operations support unit, didn’t have a BC, only officers.
      Therefore, on aggressive barrranes. Sayudis gathered there for slaughter, none of ours shot. Although tracers between the soldiers, going hollow from top to bottom. quite visible on the set of events.
      So, if you have something to object to the author - write ... or do you have nothing to object? :))) Or are you afraid of criminal liability - after all, Lithuanian lawmakers have introduced criminal liability for voicing the truth about these events - he knows about this full of people. and not all of your fellow tribesmen were silent. :))) So you are not afraid, we will not insult you at the Children's Children's Hospital. :)))

      By the way. colleagues highly recommend the book of the Swede - "Katyn. Modern history of the issue." An extremely successful book, reveals the mechanism of the Polish-Goebel falsification of Katyn, dwells in sufficient detail on the destruction of our prisoners by the Poles in the 20s. The book is academic, a lot of documents and links to them. Perhaps the best book on the subject. The author was involved in the development of our position on the consideration of Polish claims in the European Court of Human Rights - when the Polish claims were not satisfied.
  7. sarmat-4791
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    Have you ever seen these military-industrial-industrial-trainers when armored vehicles hit a person and what happens to him later? Not seen, but I saw. The soldier violated the TB and was not crushed, but was slightly crushed by the BMP-1 landing door. But his mind went out in 2 seconds. Stayed alive. And here a man describes as if he was not lying under a tank, but standing aside. Nonsense all these indications. Complete FALSE!
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    A good article - it is necessary to teach in universities - the topic is "how the USSR was betrayed and sold."
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    In January 1991 they moved in a convoy from Riga to Vilnius. I don’t remember exactly where, but the convoy was stopped in connection with an attack on a driving car with military traffic controllers. The explosion of the tented Urals was dropped into a ditch and 12 soldiers were killed as a result of fuel ignition. According to the officers, 8 of them were Lithuanians. By the way, then it was not surprising since In the Navy, especially in support, many Lithuanians served. I served in the Baltic Fleet in Kaliningrad, and when they lifted us up for combat, at the same time all Lithuanians who served as security, were taken into custody and sent to the lip. Our unit was transferred to Riga to the General Staff of the Baltic Military District, after which they marched to Vilnius. To be honest, the victims were there, but among the Vilnius riot police and the Children’s Artillery Regiment. Among the civilian population, if there were any victims, I can safely say that a man with a weapon is no longer a civilian - a criminal for the police, but an enemy for the military. Something like this.
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    By the way, I know V. Ivanov personally - I was responsible for the security of the meeting of Unity members in Kaunas.
  11. La xnumx
    La xnumx 30 March 2014 08: 03
    hmm .. a rare scum - this landsbergis .. Absolutely cynical creatures rule the enemy territorial boil called Lithuania. Even the president is there, for all her "adherence to principles" a graduate with honors from the higher party school of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in Leningrad. in general, all this shobla is nothing more than a repainted nomenclature bastard. worthy of only one thing - to be hung on the lanterns.
  12. Ivan Fufaikin
    Ivan Fufaikin 30 March 2014 14: 21
    whole article bullshit, figment of the imagination of zholpoliza dwarf
  13. yastr
    yastr April 1 2014 10: 01
    .. crowd .. snipers .. everything was tested even then ...