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Burn, Arseny, Burn ... (Material on the speeches of A.Yatsenyuk)

In the week with his address, apparently, trying to build some kind of "counterbalance" to the address of Vladimir Putin in Russia, a man called himself the Prime Minister of Ukraine, namely, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, spoke out. The appeal took place on this Tuesday - it would seem that the time for discussing the “gypsy with the exit” from Mr. Yatsenyuk is over, and it’s too late to think about it, but it’s hardly worth leaving the monologue of the self-proclaimed Ukrainian Prime Minister to be completely ignored.


It is hardly worth at least for the simple reason that, as it turned out, Arseniy Yatsenyuk is a person who is able to change his opinion on the opposite for a fairly small period of time, guided by exactly the motives that Viktor Yanukovych used to follow. Yes, yes ... Viktor Fyodorovich tried to "tack", having perched on his "presidential body" on two chairs distant from each other, now Arseniy Petrovich, who considers himself involved in the real Ukrainian government, is trying to demonstrate the same thing.

So, last Tuesday, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, having switched from Ukrainian language to Russian, decided to appeal to residents of south-east Ukraine. Yatsenyuk’s speech should be commented on, as they say, point by point, because in this speech truly stunning gems are found that do not fit into the outline of even the most elementary logic. Well, they do not fit ... They do not fit in if they make an effort to represent Yatseniuk as a full-fledged and independent head of the Ukrainian government, but here, first of all, you need to remember that the so-called Ukrainian government today not only does not control political and economic processes in the country, it does not even control its own verbal, sorry, diarrhea. Does not control the "government" - and does not control the "prime minister", giving a fool out of conflicting not only common sense, but often each other.

The “premier” began his speech by saying that he had announced “directing not very numerous, but rather aggressive rallies” in Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk and other cities, which are carried out by “external forces”.

Everything is correct here, Arseny Petrovich! Especially right - to mention, besides Kharkov, Donetsk and Lugansk, the term "other cities". Yes! These are Kiev, Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk, Ivano-Frankivsk and not only - cities, where exactly external forces (and we know perfectly well, and you also know which ones ...) began to translate into reality their main task - the task of destabilizing the situation in Ukraine from simultaneous activities to transform the producing country into a market, tied to the owners of long-term draconian loans. It is these forces that today are trying to break the blood ties that have linked Ukraine and Russia for centuries, are trying to push in the bloody massacre representatives, in fact, of one people.

Didn't take in Kiev bread and not just bread from the gentlemen of the Atlantic, did not Kiev, as a result, as you say, aggressive rallies, people died. Is it not in Kiev and further everywhere in Ukraine this aggression has passed all imaginable and inconceivable limits, leading to the seizure of administrative buildings, the abuse of monuments, the persecution of "non-Ukrainians". In this regard, Arseny Petrovich, reflecting on the external forces in Ukraine, it was necessary with the mention of Kiev and to begin, and not “transfer the arrows” to the east of the country. Do you not know this, "Prime" ...

Further Mr Yatsenyuk broadcasts:

Law enforcement agencies collected convincing evidence of the involvement of Russian special services in organizing riots in the east of our country.

This is already a surprise! It turns out that law enforcement agencies remained on the territory of Ukraine after a bloody coup d'etat ... And we naively thought that the real law enforcement officers were exterminated on the Maidan, and the survivors were “taboo” in the form of a surprisingly democratic law ... We somehow thought that prosecutors and judges in Ukraine, from now on, they work without ties — well, so that some regular “Sashko” does not break into their offices and did not begin to demonstrate who the new Ukrainian government really is ... In this connection, it’s not whether Sashko defined the awn Russian special services "to the organization of unrest" ...

By the way, one cannot miss the tirade of Yatsenyuk that the rallies in the eastern regions of Ukraine are “not very numerous”. Here either Arseny Petrovich has something with a vision ... Or, the Premier is looking at the Donbass meetings only through the slit between the curtains of one of the numerous bedrooms of his mansion, which is far from Donetsk ... You, Arseniy Petrovich, come to Donetsk themselves, since you consider yourself to be an “All-Ukrainian Prime Minister” - you will see “scarcity” with your own eyes and you will see ...

After discussions of the work of the Ukrainian “Law Enforcement” bodies, Yatsenyuk turns to assurances that the language law as amended by Kivalov-Kolesnichenko (Law “On the Fundamentals of the State Language Policy” No. 5029-VI) remains in force. Recall that the law dealt with guarantees for so-called regional languages ​​(languages ​​that are considered as native more than 10% of the population of a certain region).

Yatsenyuk reports that the “acting president” Oleksandr Turchynov with, quote: “my full support for me”, (support from Yatsenyuk) decided to leave the law in its previous form.

This is the turn! .. It is interesting how to understand this? .. After all, not more than two and a half decades ago, Arseniy Petrovich himself diligently pressed the button in the Verkhovna Rada, being a deputy from “Batkivschyna”, in order to repeal amendments to the law, concerning the status of regional languages. At the same time, the button Turchinov also pressed the button on the repeal of the law on language status. And suddenly - oh, a miracle! Turchinov and Yatsenyuk themselves are going to block their own decision ... They are trying to slap their tails themselves - so what? ..

Or gentlemen simply began to realize that one thing is to grind tongues and chop from the shoulder while sitting in the seats on the circus arena, that is, I'm sorry, in the Rada, and another thing is to try to build an "all-Ukrainian power" of yourself in the executive key ... So Where in this case are the real Yatsenyuk and Turchinov? There is an opinion that the real ones do not exist at all, but there are all the same two-faced (at least) individuals who repeat the “glorious” policy of their predecessors in the power of Ukraine: two or three stools for one priests — as bequeathed by the “great” Yanukovych ...

On top of this, Mr. Yatsenyuk, in his fabulous address, states:

A separate line, prescribed in article 10 of the Constitution: no one attempts on your right to use the Russian language freely (addressing the residents of eastern Ukraine - author's note). My wife Theresia speaks predominantly Russian, and she, like millions of other Russian speakers, does not need to be protected by the Kremlin.

Stop, stop, stop, Arseny Petrovich! Do not chase the horses. Specify better what kind of "Constitution" do you have in mind. The one on which you can shoot with impunity people from sniper weapons and throw them in bottles of flammable liquids? Or the one who agrees to be able to seize administrative buildings under the guise of the radicals, dethrone the legitimate authorities in the country and declare himself the prime minister?

And if your wife Theresia, as you put it, does not need the protection of the Kremlin (it’s understandable — as long as the White House and personal funds protect her, as it were), millions of ordinary Russian-speaking Ukrainians cannot afford to just take it and buy it off sectors ”is an honor for them more expensive, and therefore they hopefully expect someone to help them (even if the Kremlin or not the Kremlin) to resist Russophobic aggression in word and deed.

An “prime minister” tells the east of Ukraine that an entire deputy prime minister has appeared in the “government” who is in charge of transferring the broadest powers and even financial resources to the regions. They say that the decentralization of power is already running and you just have to wait until the regions become more independent within the borders of Ukraine. These changes, as assured Yatsenyuk, will be displayed, attention:
in the new constitution

Also, the new Constitution! - to the heap ... But what about Yatsenyuk mentioned just the Constitution with guarantees regarding the Russian language? And in any way ... He himself trampled her when he jumped into the executive branch.

Well, about “the broadest powers of the regions” - if Arseny Petrovich understands the decentralization of replacing some oligarchs on the ground and in the government of Ukraine by other oligarchs, then yes - Ukraine’s decentralization is complete ... Change the awl to soap - that’s what Maidan’s victory is .

And now it is worth moving, perhaps, to the main part of Yatsenyuk’s appeal - a conversation about the EU association.

21 March in Brussels, it is planned to sign the political part of the association agreement with the European Union.

And now - Special attention:

We have postponed until the signing of the economic section of this document. Taking into account the experiences and concerns, whether the free trade zone will not lead to negative consequences for industrial regions, and this is primarily East. We will hold additional consultations on this issue.

As the saying goes: Yanukovych, are you? (sorry for familiarity ...)

But no, we are not even Victor Fedorovich, but a man who came to an imaginary power in Ukraine in the wake of calls for the immediate signing of an agreement on political and economic association with the EU. So what happens? On the Independence "Prime" says one thing, but for the east of the country - completely different. Is it possible to be surprised here? Yes, by no means, at least taking into account all previous statements Yatsenyuk.

It turns out that Arseny Petrovich just threw those who came out in his time on the so-called euromaidan. And if not threw evromaydan, then, it turns out, quietly lying to the east of the country.
Ah, yes, the Prime Minister ...

Is it worth it then to talk about the words of Yatsenyuk about the fact that Ukraine is not going to NATO, and about the desire to allegedly establish partnership and good neighborly relations with Russia ...

Is it worth commenting on the words that Yatsenyuk suddenly joined the ranks of opponents of the ban of the “Party of Regions” ...
And there’s really nothing to comment on when a person who has just lied at least half of Ukraine declares that now there are “colossal chances to change our life for the better.” Whose life?

In this regard, I would like to clarify with those representatives of the simple Ukrainian people who supported and support the euromaidan with its "leaders": friends, do you seriously think that the new Ukrainian "power" is better than the old? What Yatsenyuk with Turchinov better Yanukovych with Azarov? Do you seriously think that today the West will give Ukraine a president and prime minister independent of it - from the West? There is an opinion that fewer and fewer citizens of Ukraine are ready to adhere to such a point of view, if citizens evaluate the statements of new “political leaders”.

Here, by the way, remarkable in all respects, the video for the "dessert" from all the same Arseniy Yatsenyuk. The point, however, was before euromaidan, but the speeches of Arseny Petrovich once again make it clear how effectively this person can be built into the desired wave. Amazing political and economic flexibility ... Yesterday branded credit bondage from the United States, and today - pulls his little hands up to dollar loans for any conditions.

But how Yatsenyuk a few years ago reflects on the current “ally” Oleksandr Turchynov (the video uses the well-known “definition” of Turchynov in Ukraine - the “good pastor”). And in fact, what are the exact definitions - as if from today's day ...

And how will the Crimean Tatars be happy, the lack of rights of which are argued by the current Ukrainian prime minister, looking at this video of the “pre-premiere times”:

I wonder how much more Arseny Petrovich is left to sit in the premiership, fooling the people of Ukraine? ..
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  1. Rambiaka
    Rambiaka 20 March 2014 07: 51
    Here is their essence ...
    1. maks-101
      maks-101 20 March 2014 08: 05
      clowning continues.
      1. Denis
        Denis 20 March 2014 08: 11
        Quote: maks-xnumx
        clowning continues.
        1. Sakhalininsk
          Sakhalininsk 20 March 2014 08: 26
          It is sinful to laugh at the wretched ... wretched people like the current Ruin guards need to hang on the first bitch.
          1. Denis
            Denis 20 March 2014 08: 53
            Quote: Sakhalininets
            It is sinful to laugh at the wretched ..

            And from these Yaroshi Tyagniboki and another cockerel grow!
            1. Ataman
              Ataman 20 March 2014 09: 52
              Although they do not compare the current Reich Commissioner of Ukraine with the previous one, they will end the same way.
              1. Baloo
                Baloo 20 March 2014 11: 49
                Crassavchik. But they will not take to the circus. Stupid like a cork, thinking like a mouse.
                1. infinite silence ...
                  infinite silence ... 21 March 2014 01: 07
                  Sorry for the carrots ...
              2. radio operator
                radio operator 20 March 2014 12: 15
                Quote: Ataman
                Although they do not compare the current Reich Commissioner of Ukraine with the previous one, they will end the same way.

              3. Vasyan1971
                Vasyan1971 22 March 2014 00: 03
                The forehead has already been smeared with brilliant green ...
            2. GDP
              GDP 20 March 2014 11: 39
              Now this two-faced snake - otherwise it is impossible to name Yatsenyuk - will promise the east anything. That's just it - to promise ... Let it first be fixed on paper at least.
              Although we know that he can use this very paper for any purpose improperly and sorry to wipe it. There is an example - the same agreements with Yanukovych whose guarantors, among other things, were the enlightened and infallible west ...
              Who will be the guarantor of his statements here and how is this Bendery fox with glasses going to be responsible for his bazaar and the past - when he lied to everyone - Yanukovych, the European Union, the Maidan, eastern Ukraine and the present?
              1. 52
                52 20 March 2014 17: 12
                Not a "two-faced snake", but a two-faced anus
              2. The comment was deleted.
            3. Anper
              Anper 20 March 2014 19: 18
              Quote: Denis
              another cockerel!
              named V Portnikov wrote today
              And this is the worst thing in the current state of Russian-Ukrainian relations. Vladimir Putin - and with him the huge part of Russian society that supported the "Anschluss" of Crimea - no longer treats Ukrainians, let alone brothers, even if they are smaller and unreasonable. They do not treat Ukrainians as people. The attitude is as to a herd of sheep, which has fought off the common flock and therefore is driven to the farmyard by any means. And while the sheep will imagine that they are people and something depends on them, they will be intimidated, occupied, insulted, refuse economic cooperation with them, and destabilize the situation on the border. Because there shouldn't be any people in the new empire. People are uncomfortable, unpleasant, fraught with Maidan. Therefore, the task of the Ukrainians is to understand that there is nothing without Russia, to fall on their knees in front of the angry ruler, crawl to the farmyard and firmly close the latch behind them.

              This is what is now called the brotherhood.

              And this is the entertainment of the cocks, personally posted on YouTube. It is found only through Google.
              [media = http: // http: //
              1. Anper
                Anper 20 March 2014 20: 50
                Quote: Anper
                will intimidate, occupy, insult, refuse economic cooperation with them, destabilize the situation on the border

                Please note that everything that Turchinov is doing now has been hanged on Putin. [email protected] they are to blame.
                But the flight of the imagination of a creative person - the rams falling to their knees and crawling onto the farmyard - touches Portnikov’s rams, flocks, and herds somehow not at all. to know that a livestock yard is a place for cattle. And why are rams who have fought off flocks (!) driven to the livestock yard, and not to the flock? Yes, this is for you, Portnikov, not friendship with Klitschko and not love with boys - you had to consult with the current Minister of Agriculture, the former commandant of the Maidan Shvaika.
                Z.Y. This is today's material from
              2. 4952915
                4952915 21 March 2014 14: 40
                Write, it's nice to see how writhing from impotent malice ukronatsiki)))))
          2. 222222
            222222 20 March 2014 11: 23
            observing their actions and deeds .. it seems that they act under the guidance of specialists ..from the FSB ..and play against themselves ..
          3. The comment was deleted.
          4. siberalt
            siberalt 20 March 2014 22: 18
            No, it’s not sinful. For they are not miserable from origin, but by faith in their God repugnant. And this is a double sin, because it is pernicious in the defeatism, like an infection. Do not judge strictly, I am not religious, but I understand the Orthodox. I am just Russian!
        2. Baloo
          Baloo 20 March 2014 11: 47
          This is not clownery, it would be the same if instead of "Stalin" there were "Sverdlov" or "Trotsky" and other leaders in power, who regularly sent the stolen goods from the state security to relatives abroad.
        3. waisson
          waisson 20 March 2014 20: 56
          and they too laughing and they, too, do not miss the moment
          1. infinite silence ...
            infinite silence ... 21 March 2014 01: 05
            ... otozh ...))))))))
        4. Vasyan1971
          Vasyan1971 22 March 2014 00: 01
          And what's there below the belt is even scary to imagine!
      2. invisibility
        invisibility 20 March 2014 09: 03
        Yes, it is not written on his face, I x .... lo!
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. sscha
        sscha 20 March 2014 11: 31
        As I see it - a hand in search of carrots fumbles ... laughing hi
      5. wow
        wow 20 March 2014 14: 03
        Eared Rabbit anneals not childish !!!
        1. Baloo
          Baloo 20 March 2014 19: 11
          Colleagues, meet the scent egg, pass the carrot from me.
      6. Ross
        Ross 20 March 2014 15: 30

        clowning continues.

        It’s just that the American curator brain tapped to be more flexible. laughing
        1. Simple
          Simple 20 March 2014 21: 31
          Quote: Ross
          It’s just that the American curator brain tapped to be more flexible.

          The result of diplomatic negotiations between Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry.
          Once again, the current puppet regime of Ukraine has proved itself, for which the interests of the peoples of Ukraine are things of a secondary order.
      7. Che burashka
        Che burashka 20 March 2014 20: 18
        Dabil and continuous egg-laying. Nothing more to say. I feel sorry for people - they then sincerely went to the Maidan for the truth. They got their Yushchenko-Timoshenko-Yanuki-and other ki. And at the output we got egg and fascists. And no one knows what to do - you need to put things in order, and for this, first of all, you need to collect weapons from the Nazis and hang the eggs. Only now without blood it will not work ... But it will have to be shed and the sooner it starts, the less blood there will be and the faster it will end. There is no point in delaying the process - they will manage to arm themselves well and learn, and then blood will be unmeasured.
        I propose, by analogy with the aunts, to introduce a new term for a special kind of politician - egg-laying, honorary egg-laying, great egg-laying, etc. The more he surrendered his people and country, the more eggs.
        You can start with the march of our liberals in Moscow under fascist banners.
        And by the way, is it true that Makarevich was present there?
        1. ksan
          ksan 20 March 2014 22: 59
          Che Burashka And by the way, is it true that Makarevich was present there?
          Pravda. Even a yellowish-black warrant waved. hi
          1. Che burashka
            Che burashka 21 March 2014 10: 45
            Quote: ksan
            Che Burashka And by the way, is it true that Makarevich was present there?
            Pravda. Even a yellowish-black warrant waved. hi

            Thanks for the info, I already found it myself. hi
            How is that possible? Well, you do not like Putin-and health. No one is forcing. Go to rallies, defend your point of view in the media, give arguments. In a word - fight! But not under the fascist flags!
            There are things that are not forgiven in spite of any previous merits - the betrayal of the Motherland is what it is. For me, Makarevich died - his songs are wonderful and he was a good person, a blessed memory to him. And then the PM who is hiding under his appearance - I propose to send to the Maidan, dive there for diving fish.
            I would like to ask him a question - but what about "You shouldn't bend under the changeable world, one day it will bend under us"? Is all Andryushka? Pshik on the way out? You quickly caved in to the west, it's not an iron point, right?
    2. PPL
      PPL 20 March 2014 08: 19
      I listen to Yaytsenyuk and more and more understand that they are looking for a "black cat in a dark room." The search for an enemy who is to blame for all the troubles has turned into a national idea. fool
      Ukraine today is very similar to Russia in the early 90s.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 20 March 2014 08: 37
        Quote: PPZ
        I listen to Yaytsenyuk and more and more understand that they are looking for a "black cat in a dark room."

        What cat, he already found everything. He is sitting in the chair of the deputy prime minister and does not blow in his mustache. He wanted to get power, he got it hi
        This is, in a month, the Mayidanites can tear his legs out, but these are already details.
        1. PPL
          PPL 20 March 2014 09: 32
          ... in a month, the Mayidanites can tear his legs out, but these are already details.

          Will they succeed, after all, an hour will escape. Probably not only Scythian gold managed to overtake abroad.
      2. samotlor
        samotlor 20 March 2014 08: 37
        This should have been said at the beginning of the Maidan !!
        1. predator.3
          predator.3 20 March 2014 10: 26
          The rot ... and, spoke in Russian, give time you will still sing and dance in Russian! And ...
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. Letun
        Letun 20 March 2014 08: 43
        Quote: PPZ

        Ukraine today is very similar to Russia in the early 90s.

        I don’t remember that in Russia in the 90s, portraits of General Vlasov were hung in Moscow and Natsiks were marching all over the country. I don’t remember people in masks and with machine guns on the streets of cities either. And they didn’t seem to be jumping in the squares with the slogans "Who doesn’t jump, he x o x o l!" Not?
        1. PPL
          PPL 20 March 2014 09: 19
          Well, why are you so straightforwardly trying to draw an analogy?
          We somehow did not have Bandera in Russia, but all the same, the monuments were demolished.
          I'm talking about the general situation - this is frankly incompetent rulers, and the robbery of the people, and the fooling of the masses (especially young people), and the warm friendship of "young reformers and democrats" with American "well-wishers", and constant stupid reforms of the power structures, and the shooting of their own people, and etc.
          By the way, about the masks and "skipping ropes" in the squares, was that also or was it forgotten? For example Surname Barkashov doesn't tell you anything?
          1. alex_83
            alex_83 20 March 2014 09: 50
            She looks more like Germany 30x now !!!!!
          2. Letun
            Letun 20 March 2014 10: 42
            Quote: PPZ
            For example, LastName Barkashov doesn’t tell you anything?

            Uhhh ... Should I? Intrigued, he climbed onto Wikipedia, read it, and still did not understand why this person is so odd.
            1. PPL
              PPL 20 March 2014 11: 50
              In short, in the early 90s, Barkashov did not hesitate to call himself a "Nazi". The flawedness and lack of elaboration of the ideology that he promoted in was copied (although this was shamefully silent) from the ideology of Hitlerite Germany. Even the external manifestations of this "ideology" were taken from the times of Hitler's "Reich". All these thrown up arms, black form, symbolism did not leave an impartial person in doubt about the root of all this.
              Read more
            2. ksan
              ksan 20 March 2014 23: 09
              Summer RU Today, 10:42 ↑

              Quote: PPZ
              For example, LastName Barkashov doesn’t tell you anything?

              Uhhh ... Should I? Intrigued, he climbed onto Wikipedia, read it, and still did not understand why this person is so odd.
              Dial RNU, these are the Russian NATSIKs, in the 90s they also marched around Moscow under the liberal democrat Popov (Moscow measures), then when Luzhkov they pressed them, they took offices, banned newspapers, etc.
              1. RPD
                RPD 21 March 2014 00: 34
                me in 93g. 16 years old was)) what Natsik? was born and raised on the ideas of communism and internationalism. Yes, they were evil at all, because everyone started a war against us, everywhere they poked the occupiers. and we saw then that those who expel our grandparents from the republics want to expose themselves as masters here (in Moscow). don’t drive on the river, there were a lot of people in it, but there were no Nazis
      5. sPS
        sPS 20 March 2014 09: 04
        Putin is right when he says that there’s no one to talk to from the new leadership .... there aren’t even words ... but what started to be handed back is evident with such a heavyweight as Russia they can’t compete with ... so that they don’t fall into hysteria .. it’s a pity the Ukrainian people, against the background of their leaders, begin to understand what Russia looked like when we ourselves voluntarily disarmed receiving peace prizes (hunchbacked) and led orchestras under a drunken bench ... today Russians wake up with national self-awareness and pride in their country and when we are united, we’ll even be damned not scary ... last Since the annexation of Crimea, we have become more and not the worst part of the Russian people, if only all this had not been cheated and we all had the patience and wisdom since there will certainly be jackals who will bother the people and shout themselves are not enough ..
        1. Kuvabatake
          Kuvabatake 20 March 2014 10: 48
          So you have to send your agitators.
        2. Anper
          Anper 20 March 2014 20: 27
          Quote: sps
          Putin is right when he says that there’s no one to talk from the new leadership

          Laugh - don’t laugh, but one Svidomo maydaun told me today that Putin had no moral right to do this with Crimea.
    3. sds555
      sds555 20 March 2014 08: 39
      1. Evgen_Vasilich
        Evgen_Vasilich 20 March 2014 09: 55
        law enforcement agencies cannot protect themselves, but they learned that maskals are behind everything in dill
      2. sds555
        sds555 20 March 2014 10: 07
      3. GRune
        GRune 20 March 2014 11: 18
        Leaving the service would not be dishonored ...
      4. sscha
        sscha 20 March 2014 11: 36
        "Protect Ridna land ..." - said the fascist.
        Why are you afraid to show your face if your case is right ??? !!! am hi
      5. Mature Hrych
        Mature Hrych 20 March 2014 12: 49
        Stupid animal .... breathe like dogs .... Filthy creatures who by holes do not hide all in pieces to chop.
      6. Flooding
        Flooding 20 March 2014 13: 26
        sds555, this is an old video from Maidan times
      7. Fanat1984
        Fanat1984 21 March 2014 01: 11
        And the shouts "Don't hit them" and "Who is hitting them" were superimposed over the main sound! And if anyone knows this brat in a special forces mask, tell him that my neighbor is a well-known and respected clairvoyant, having seen these footage, she ran to pray for the peace of his soul. She said that he would die in the near future, and in very great agony ... sad
    4. just exp
      just exp 20 March 2014 14: 19
      rumors walk around the country that Arseniy yatsenyuh.
      1. JonnyT
        JonnyT 20 March 2014 14: 36
        arseny he is (let admins forgive me)
    5. Angry reader
      Angry reader 20 March 2014 15: 29
      will remain a crest,
      Though you let him in Europe.
      Where to act with the mind,
      He strains only the ass.

      And that is why in Russia
      By the will of Monomakh
      Contact God forbid
      With three - a Jew, a crest and a Pig!

      A cunning jew, though blind;
      Puffy Lyakh - worse b..di;
      will eat bread with you
      And then in the soup you pogadit.
      1871 year.
      ... Their idol Shefchenko)
    6. Alexey K.
      Alexey K. 21 March 2014 12: 50
      To the heap, the essence of all maydanutyh.
  2. mirag2
    mirag2 20 March 2014 07: 53
    Oh well, this is a weak politician, just well, there is no other in Western Ukraine, better ...
    1. Sibiriya
      Sibiriya 20 March 2014 07: 57
      Clown ... the very place to him in the Geyropei circus
      1. The point
        The point 20 March 2014 15: 15
        And he has two prospects: to be a clown in p ... daras (star-striped), or-p ... daras in clowns (radically and deeply right). Sorry for the vulgar, just boiling.
    2. W1950
      W1950 20 March 2014 08: 06
      This is not a politician, but a weather vane of the Amer’s State Department. Even his speech compiled in the State Department was badly translated, sheer confusion.
      1. 311ove
        311ove 20 March 2014 08: 23
        .... Now Julia has returned .... I already wrote earlier: run, Senya .... run!
        1. Egoza
          Egoza 20 March 2014 11: 22
          Quote: 311ove
          Now Julia has returned ..

          "Today, after less than two weeks of treatment, Tymoshenko was discharged from the Charite. They did without operations - a course of therapeutic exercises and injections. Immediately after discharge, Tymoshenko flew to Ukraine to burn people's hearts and Putin's nerves with a verb."
          Yeah! Julia entrusted him with such a thing, but he ruined everything !!! And although the poor one is limping, because of which she didn’t want to give an interview upon arrival — she’s embarrassed! belay But will give him the first number !!! Most likely a shoe with 10cm heels will knock on the head !!! laughing
        2. A TYPE
          A TYPE 20 March 2014 11: 39
          Yeah! The Feast of St. Jorgen is walking along the outskirts. Now the klikusha will start screaming and wetting ... And the fighting rabbit is not only stubble, but also a consumable on which Grigiansha will prove her love for "biomass". She likes the chipped Komsomol pastor better. He will do everything for a dose.
      2. Dimkin
        Dimkin 20 March 2014 08: 26
        Yes, not even a weather vane, but simple.
      3. Kuvabatake
        Kuvabatake 20 March 2014 10: 51
        So in pen.dosov with Russian even worse than fascist Ukrainians.
        1. MBA78
          MBA78 20 March 2014 16: 04
          1. Stalingradec
            Stalingradec 20 March 2014 21: 09
            Gopher met with Monkey! I can’t perceive them differently!
  3. olegff68
    olegff68 20 March 2014 07: 56
    Everyone immediately became tolerant, spoke Russian, trying to look civilized and sane ....
    Meanwhile, the refugee accommodation center in my city received the first 200 Russian-speaking refugees from the western regions of "Ukraine".
    1. PPL
      PPL 20 March 2014 08: 26
      Everyone immediately became tolerant, spoke Russian, trying to look civilized and sane ....

      The arsenal of tricks and pods has not yet been applied; let's see what happens next. If only it didn’t come to bloodshed again.
    2. inkass_98
      inkass_98 20 March 2014 09: 39
      Quote: olegff68
      Everyone immediately became tolerant, spoke in Russian

      I got it. The tsar in America has been replaced! Another was sent, similar. The same, but with the implanted program "speak Russian". We look forward to further work of American programmers on this model of "half-human robot".
      ZY "Robot" - a word formed by K. Chapek (RWR), meant a mechanism capable of working for a person. These homunculi do not want to work and never will. I recall the dream of the "black" learned from the time of studying ethnography: a white wife, a European / American car, a sinecure. Very similar to the dream of Svidomo stole.
      1. radio operator
        radio operator 20 March 2014 12: 29
        Quote: inkass_98
        I got it. The king in America has been replaced! Another was sent, similar.

        The same garbage in Ukraine
        1. waisson
          waisson 20 March 2014 20: 59
          show masks and only laughing
  4. parus2nik
    parus2nik 20 March 2014 07: 57
    A. Yatsenyuk .. such brain changes .. say that psychiatrists missed him ..
    1. SSR
      SSR 20 March 2014 08: 28
      Quote: parus2nik
      A. Yatsenyuk .. such brain changes .. say that psychiatrists missed him ..

      After reading, I even fell into a mild state of stupor, I did not understand, is this the FSB's successor KGB’s successor's NKVD has such a multi-way brain removal to the whole world?)))))
      1. Scoun
        Scoun 20 March 2014 10: 32
        Quote: SSR
        I don’t understand, is this the FSB’s successor of the KGB’s of the successor of the NKVD with such a multi-way brain removal to the whole world?

        No, it was Yaytsenyukh who hit his head against the wall of Real Politician. and now with his memory and other laughing
      2. Kite
        Kite 20 March 2014 14: 24
        Quote: SSR
        I do not understand, this is with the FSB of the KGB

        - Another repetition of stupid fiction! Let’s finish considering ourselves fools, we won’t repeat behind the scenes that if we stood in the conflict and even got a partially positive result, it means that we organized everything ourselves. Why is it not natural to affirm that we are superior with reason and conscience, and therefore we will tear up brute, insolent power by its overstrain.
        To survive, it is not enough to be the strongest (like mattresses), you need to be smart (like 100 Chinese), think through your actions for different circumstances. Such a situation, as it is now, was easily predictable, even with IQ = 70, a very straightforward course of events. Only one thing is surprising - how primitive the brains of these Maidan monkeys are!
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 20 March 2014 11: 34
      Quote: parus2nik
      A. Yatsenyuk .. such brain changes .. say that psychiatrists missed him ..

      His performances in the East of Ukraine really frightened him! They did not expect this! We got used to the fact that people work there and don’t go to the Maidan! Yes, and young leaders showed up!
      And now - so what did Yanukovych do wrong with the EU? Themselves repeat his path !!! And how they want to revise the gas contracts that Julia signed !!! Make them "illegitimate"! This has already been announced! Is it correct that she was imprisoned for "damage to the state" or not?
  5. Siberian19
    Siberian19 20 March 2014 07: 59
    Political prostitute - yaytsenyuk! you won’t tell more precisely! wink
    1. vadson
      vadson 20 March 2014 08: 44
  6. awg75
    awg75 20 March 2014 08: 01
    I think that a very large part of the Ukrainian people is worthy of all the circus that takes place in their country. ENJOY YOURSELF AND NON-SLIPPING WITH YOUR REVOLUTION!
  7. Name
    Name 20 March 2014 08: 01
    COUNTERWEIGHT? Yatsenyuk- PUTIN ... now ..., well, you must admit that it is:
  8. rasputin17
    rasputin17 20 March 2014 08: 03
    Political clown !!))))) Once again, an occasion to laugh heartily at stupidity and political stupidity !! With such clowns Ukraine does not need a circus !! laughing
  9. goody
    goody 20 March 2014 08: 04
    What we fought with, we ran into it !!! Well done, then what! By such efforts, Russia will "restore" the rest of Ukraine))
  10. artist-mamluk
    artist-mamluk 20 March 2014 08: 06
    I have such an impression that his mother brought up one, and dressed in a dress as a child. He is somehow not a man.
    1. avant-garde
      avant-garde 20 March 2014 08: 13
      The way it is! Here is a photo confirmation laughing
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 20 March 2014 11: 38
      Quote: artist-mamluk
      Someone he is not a man.

      He is an intellectual !!! But not a fighter! Instead of a fighter, they have Tyagnibok! Well, Klitschko - the sign "European" These are the "Three carcasses" !!!! wassat
      1. radio operator
        radio operator 20 March 2014 12: 34
        Quote: Egoza
        He is an intellectual !!! But not a fighter! Instead of a fighter, they have Tyagnibok! Well, Klitschko - the sign "European" These are the "Three carcasses" !!!! wassat

        They are one team. United by stupidity, political blindness and hatred.
        1. Containers
          Containers 20 March 2014 19: 05
          Where are Akhmetov and Kolomoisky? Somehow the row is not full ...
        2. Kuzbassovets
          Kuzbassovets 20 March 2014 20: 45
          faces what, direct intelligence seal lies so that there is no place to put samples
  11. Chifka
    Chifka 20 March 2014 08: 06
    Yes, everyone has long understood that Yaytsenyuk is not a leader, and the current "government" is not a government, but a bunch of people who were appointed temporarily at the time of the turmoil, so as not to substitute ahead of time the real players who will come later. This is, so to speak, a consumable. They really do not solve anything, moreover, they simply do not know how to do it. And when the mess podrassossya, already real people will begin to appear on the stage, and it will be, like the classic: "-Which are temporary, get off! Your time is up!" And banana in f ... u on the lane, sorry for the bad French.
  12. 020205
    020205 20 March 2014 08: 09
    Didn’t they take rolls in Kiev
    rather moved apart
    1. rasputin17
      rasputin17 20 March 2014 08: 32
      So he breaks into the EU to push them there !! With its orientation, perhaps there could be another option !! The scandals with his participation on the basis of his orientation speak for themselves all in plain text !!
    2. Kuvabatake
      Kuvabatake 20 March 2014 10: 54
      They parted them and accepted them ...
    3. The point
      The point 20 March 2014 15: 20
      Quote: 020205
      rather moved apart

      Yeah! Hot dog- feel the meat between the buns! am
  13. Nikolski1973
    Nikolski1973 20 March 2014 08: 14
    Egg-headed ram hanging noodles on the ears of the people of Ukraine.
  14. Lyton
    Lyton 20 March 2014 08: 14
    Come on Senya show the true face of the Maidan authorities, otherwise people will not see in any way.
  15. Berimor 2
    Berimor 2 20 March 2014 08: 15
    The patient has a clear split personality! Although some leaders (and ordinary performers) of Kiev began to realize that the West had once again "thrown" them. So they are trying to back up so that the inhabitants of the East of Ukraine do not drive away with a nasty broom, they are trying to flirt with them, because someone must contain all this power. Like Yanukovych, they try to sit on two chairs. Although in this situation there is a chance to get from the Maidan, but you have to steal something, because everything has already been divided and taken out (including museum values) ... We look further.
  16. Lyton
    Lyton 20 March 2014 08: 16
    Come on Senya show your true face, otherwise people will not see in any way.
  17. Ghenxnumx
    Ghenxnumx 20 March 2014 08: 18
    A good selection - it wasn’t sent to the Euromaidan and the Crimean Tatars? It would be worth it)) hi
  18. askort154
    askort154 20 March 2014 08: 19
    I look at him - well, the spilled-out illegitimate grandson of Goebels.
    1. fduch
      fduch 20 March 2014 08: 52
      Well, why are you insulting Goebbels so much? He was not such a stupid person ...
  19. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 20 March 2014 08: 23
    from the Don.
    Song of the Maydan Lazarus!
  20. Alexgs
    Alexgs 20 March 2014 08: 24
    How vile is this creature. Nothing, Arsenka will pour out all his deeds ...
  21. Good
    Good 20 March 2014 08: 27
    Yatsenyuk - jumps like a pubic louse from one place to another. I am convinced that the Ukrainian people will soon realize that Arsenius (him) will not lead the people anywhere.
    1. rasputin17
      rasputin17 20 March 2014 08: 37
      I must disagree with you !! Will result:
      1. A country in a debt hole and complete collapse as a state
      2. The complete collapse of the economy
      3. The sale of the remaining public heritage
      4. The people on the porch of the EU
      5. And Russia will blame all of this !!
  22. viktsavenko
    viktsavenko 20 March 2014 08: 27
    A long-standing but very modern joke. A lesson in the Ukrainian school: the teacher is Dita! Who took our freedom? Children - m ... rock! Dita! Hto taking our fat? - m..skali !, Dita Hto for $ 10 to sell mom mom? - Silence! Only from the back of the desk a voice - But then we gently sleep.
  23. Andreitas
    Andreitas 20 March 2014 08: 28
    Yatsenyuk looks dashing and silly, so that his understanding does not embarrass Europe.
  24. sidachev
    sidachev 20 March 2014 08: 29
    Our campaign to him wrote what you need to read))))))
    1. PPL
      PPL 20 March 2014 08: 32
      Instructions are handed to him in the Washington regional committee, and our once-need to equip the Crimea! laughing
  25. yan
    yan 20 March 2014 08: 29
    A very comprehensive illustration.
  26. pensioner
    pensioner 20 March 2014 08: 34
    Thanks Alexey! hi
    It was reported here that in Ukraine, lists of unwanted persons from among aristas, journalists, media people, etc. were being compiled. yes So, Alexey - be careful with the eggs ... And then you are not even an hour to get into them. And there the White House will catch up with Brussels ... recourse And turn your life into hell. am
    1. Volodin
      20 March 2014 12: 41
      in Ukraine lists of unwanted persons are compiled

      Yes, Yatsenyuk does not have enough paper for such lists - he will again have to get credits in the West. And the paper of the new Ukrainian "power" will soon come in handy ... As in the joke about that Frau who had two toilet bowls (gold and platinum), but at the sight of "polite people" she got fucked up right on the stairs smile
      1. pensioner
        pensioner 20 March 2014 17: 20
        Quote: Volodin
        As in the joke about that Frau, who had two toilets (gold and platinum), but at the sight of "polite people" she was fucked right on the stairs

        laughing laughing laughing
        I told this joke in December last year in Sumy. They all laughed. Well ... except for one chela. From ... as it is more accurately ... I can not find the epithets suitable. And he knows about this site and about the Senior Citizen ... I will not say anything ...
  27. mountain
    mountain 20 March 2014 08: 35
    Well, in vain you gentlemen are talking about the egg, this is the best representative of the elite, chosen on the Maidan, it was he who was entrusted with ditching everything that was created before him. But I think that even this mission he will fail. Although the damage will be not small.
  28. valokordin
    valokordin 20 March 2014 08: 35
    This Kiev gang enjoys the support not only of NATO, but very significant from the center and the west of Ukraine and this cannot be discounted. The only way out is the federalization of the country and powerful Russian support for the south-east of Ukraine, and this must be done urgently and intensively. To begin with, to send Judas to protect the Russian-speaking, not the troops, but the SOBR and OMON
  29. S-17
    S-17 20 March 2014 08: 41
    Quote: parus2nik
    A. Yatsenyuk .. such brain changes .. say that psychiatrists missed him ..

    They are already powerless)
  30. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 20 March 2014 08: 43
    The more I look at Yatsenyuk, the more I become convinced of his resemblance to one of the cartoon heroes ...
    Simpson Sr. What is portrait, what is in the way of thought and life ...
    1. f.lourens
      f.lourens 20 March 2014 11: 35
      Similarly, I have the same associations only with their entire government, and Klitschko-Bart Simpson wassat
  31. mamont5
    mamont5 20 March 2014 08: 43
    "I wonder how much more Arseniy Petrovich has to sit in the prime minister's chair, fooling the people of Ukraine? .."

    I think not for long. About the next Maidan.
  32. major071
    major071 20 March 2014 08: 55
    Again the bunny pranked
    Once again climbed on a stump
    Promised freedom to people
    From Maidanutyh
    The scythe is burning right today
    Pushing speeches before the beasts
    And hit the chest with a fist
    And pours out "smart" words
    Yes, it’s all moore
    The hare wanted power
    Screaming from hemp: Hooray! Hooray!
    Down with adversity and bad weather!
    I will lead you with me
    Go straight west
    Do not forget about food
    We cried like a cat
    And Russian, and so on and so ...
    Still like that, but it's between us!
    Possibly urine hit Bosko
    Tie, in short, with substances!

    major 20 / 03 / 2014
    1. andrei332809
      andrei332809 20 March 2014 09: 17
      Hello, Vova. I understood, the egg wants Kondraty enough for us to laugh
      1. major071
        major071 20 March 2014 16: 35
        Hi Andrew! hi
        The circus left, the clowns remained. Burning is not childish, the feeling that first-graders write speeches to him. laughing
      2. 52
        52 20 March 2014 17: 27
        Horror, horror! You have solved the terrible psychotronic weapon of Western democracy! Russians will watch and listen to the news and die of laughter! This is the solution to the "Slavic question" !!!
      3. The comment was deleted.
  33. TekhnarMAF
    TekhnarMAF 20 March 2014 08: 56
    Thank you Alex for the wonderful video tutorial about the two-faced Anus! Against his background (anus) Abamka turned pale! good
  34. Gray 43
    Gray 43 20 March 2014 09: 02
    This brave guy needs to collect folklore, and not compose it. Looks like signing an association agreement with the EU
  35. alex47russ
    alex47russ 20 March 2014 09: 19
    Really circus! It is simply impossible to understand what is happening in people with mental disabilities in their heads! It must be so dishonored in the whole world!
    1. rasputin17
      rasputin17 20 March 2014 09: 40
      The question is different !! What does he smoke during spring exacerbation ?? And where does the local fool look when he lets go of such tricks ??
  36. Stiletto
    Stiletto 20 March 2014 09: 22
    Speech by Yaytsenyuk is nonsense of a stubborn hare. The feeling that a person is sitting on LSD from birth ...
    1. rasputin17
      rasputin17 20 March 2014 09: 43
      Here are the miracles really !!! We saw a stiff fox but that one is calm !! And the stubborn hare is something !!))) It would be better if the stubborn fox was assigned to his place would be more useful !!))) laughing
  37. Bakht
    Bakht 20 March 2014 09: 29
    Nobody will believe the words.

    We need a resolution of the Verkhovna Rada to start discussing the document proposed by the Russian Foreign Ministry. We need an official cancellation of all (ALL without exception) resolutions of the Verkhovna Rada after February 21. All detained "people's governors" must be released immediately. Cancellation of all appointments after February 21. Yanukovych Should Return To Kiev. Disarmament of all bandit formations in Ukraine. The arrest and trial of all (including people's deputies) involved in the beatings of civil servants. Videos are all over the internet.

    They say that if Hitler had not pursued a policy of genocide on the territory of the USSR, he would have won the war. But in that case, he would not have been Hitler. Yatsenyuk cannot accept these conditions, because he is Yatsenyuk. So once again he is lying. And he lies because it's time to pay. It's time to collect stones.

    Once a liar has no faith. So the first demand is the resignation of Yatsenyuk himself.
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 22 March 2014 23: 17
      Hitler would never win, the wrong people in Russia. Sudoplatov 5 times suggested that Stalin destroy Hitler before the war, before the war, at the beginning and time of the war. Stalin forbade it not because he thought of our scouts, who at the same time perished by chance, especially since there would have been a woman among them. Stalin nailed Hitler, while forcing the customers and sponsors of Hitler, the Angles and Merikas, to unite against Hitler.
      Alas, as the collapse of the USSR showed the main enemy-5 column, the way it is in our time.
  38. ed65b
    ed65b 20 March 2014 09: 34
    Pan Yanuk was trying to just sit on two chairs, the chairs began to slowly diverge to the sides. when Pan Yanuc’s ass ceased to fit on them, he fell into tartarara. Pan Yaytsenyuh now does the splits trying to cling to the chairs that he himself pushed aside, and since the gymnast of them is not an important fate, he decided in advance. Well, to fight a cockroach against our GDP in a verbal duel and speeches is simply ridiculous. since there is no true for the soul neither will nor reason nor logic, and most importantly there is no vision of the country's development.
  39. Gomunkul
    Gomunkul 20 March 2014 09: 43
    Burn, Arseny, Burn ... (Material on the speeches of A.Yatsenyuk)
    The surname of this colabrationist speaks for itself, if you carefully consider it, then in my opinion it is more correct to call it: not Yatsenyuk, but I am a cynic! That is exactly what, in my opinion, it looks like. hi
    1. Artyom
      Artyom 20 March 2014 10: 05
      no, this species is called a hypocrite. or in Lenin's "political prostitute"
  40. J. Tapia
    J. Tapia 20 March 2014 10: 08
    at the sight of this creature, for some reason only one word comes to mind - a prostitute
  41. Burmistr
    Burmistr 20 March 2014 10: 12
    The article is definitely a fat plus !!! Well done! People should know what kind of clown is at the helm in Ukraine. It would be good if it was abandoned on English-language sites with translation, so that the foreigners could also verify the truly democratic Ukrainian realities.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 20 March 2014 11: 50
      Quote: Burmeister
      The article is definitely a fat plus !!!

      I support! Thank you, Aoeksey! Excellent selection! but to the question "How long will he manage to sit in the prime minister's chair?" I suppose there are several options:
      1. Now Yulia will displace him as the leader of the Batkivshchyna party, and Yatsenyuk is just her I.O.
      2. A couple of maidans will last until May, and there the roof will go completely, will not know what to lie, and they will not elect him for president!
      3. The mental aggravation from intense mental activity will become so obvious that his orderlies will take it right from the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada
      4. Kondrashka will be enough when Yarosh appears with the question: "What did you fight for?"
      1. yur
        yur 20 March 2014 20: 38
        Quote: Egoza
        1. Now Yulia will displace him as the leader of the Batkivshchyna party, and Yatsenyuk is just her I.O.
        And here is a very interesting question. Will the bobby want to give the "mistress" a sweet piece, which he grabbed with a rumbling?
        1. densh
          densh 20 March 2014 22: 58
          Quote: yur
          4. Kondrashka will be enough when Yarosh appears with the question: "What did you fight for?"

          Questions have already begun to be asked by the Maidan;(Taken from "Vkontakte Euromaidan")
          Today we first gathered on Maidan 3.0, there were about 200 people, but my worst fears were immediately confirmed.

          The picture looms like the following. Russia wants to merge Ukraine without firing a shot. If you are worried that I am breeding a provocation here and want to provoke a conflict that will enable Putin to send troops, think about this: IF EVERYTHING GOES FURTHER, NO PUTIN TROOPS WILL BE NEEDED. He will take us into circulation without any troops.

          Apparently, dear Julia, whom we so graciously released from prison, did not waste time and managed to conclude a small agreement with Vladimir Vladimirich, according to which she becomes our next Yanukovych (fortunately, prison experience already exists), and Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, Poroshenko , Paruby, Avakov and the entire Verkhovna Rada in full force will share the armchair.

          Turchinov, as you know, reports directly to Yulka. Avakov is also her old protege, and in general a peasant who knows how to sit tightly in place. All Kharkov hates him - and he sits. Kiev already hates him - and he sits. He is hated by all of Ukraine - and somehow he does not care.

          Yatsenyuk, as you can see, standing in line a little and posing for a personal photographer, also missed his best life.
          Part 2:
          Worse, with the youngest (and some mature) of the self-defenders, who stood under the attacks of a golden eagle and imagined themselves to be wiser, bolder and needed human beings than the rest of the people, serious educational work is being carried out from the Maidan EVERY DAY.

          They are taught that we will never defeat Russia. That our army is incapable of fighting. That a real patriot should not criticize the authorities, which are trying very hard and it is very difficult for them, but to go and urgently join the National Guard, or dance to music, or draw placards, or ... defend the Maidan from "provocateurs" who come against something there to protest.

          In fact, it was immediately announced (by the Turchinovs) that we needed the new National Guard not for the war with Russia, but for "dispersing the bandit formations on the territory of Ukraine itself." If now we are building good-neighborly relations, then what kind of bandit formations are we talking about? Have you already guessed? Yes! We are talking about those PSNiks, self-defenders and ultras who refuse to lay down their arms and leave the streets. Of our not the brightest heads, they are hastily making loyal chain dogs of the new regime, which will be sent down on us.

          After all, otherwise these would-be authorities are so scary. It is necessary to wait for "fair elections" and push Yulka through - and NOT FOR ANYTHING not to quarrel with Russia - but how to do this when this nasty nation is constantly demanding to repulse the invaders, to catch and punish the sent guest performers, to plant influential separatists, to block the borders with our newly acquired brotherly people, to allow everyone to carry weapons, to release dangerous extremists from the PS, and so on and so forth? How to sit on your ass without joining any EU or NATO, without giving any orders, right up to the elections in May?

          People are angry. And the golden eagle is already afraid of them. And the cops generally prefer the raven in the sky to count. And the Ukrainian army, such a whole battlefield, according to Turchinov ... maybe she herself would come to the Maidan, in full gear and with machine guns! It is better to let their occupiers quietly clean. And we will tighten up a new BB cannon fodder for Berkut residents (which will now be called the National Guard), so that they would not be afraid to disperse the demonstrators.
          1. Baloo
            Baloo 22 March 2014 23: 30
            , I realized that he piled on?
            I myself am not local, but the tragedy of Ukraine seems to me to be the result of a conspiracy of corrupt security officials with foreign agents (bullshit, yangles, shame, frogs, sausages) agents of influence, laundered oligarch bandits and the most vulgar crime. Fascism has always been the ideology of bandits, no matter what slogans they hide behind.
            Ukraine looks like a very sick person who is being devoured by an internal infection. Healthy parts of the body try to save the body, but an external negative effect makes its position worse.
            Yaytsenyuh has already transferred to Mericosia the national treasure of Ukraine: Scythian gold, but it has no price.
  42. MAKSAK
    MAKSAK 20 March 2014 10: 14
    Yes, look at him - he’s a corrupt gay man who has no opinion! They call him Yaytsenyuk! wink
    1. v-sorok
      v-sorok 20 March 2014 13: 28
      Eggs Scent !!!
    2. vadpol
      vadpol 20 March 2014 15: 48
      egg yum yum
      1. IOwTZ
        IOwTZ 20 March 2014 18: 00
    3. Igool
      Igool 21 March 2014 05: 22
      He is not corrupt. He has a master and faith. He is faithful to both of them. Belief in money and the owner of USA. No one else will buy it, because, as to whom he tries ... you need, such, say Honduras
  43. Artem1967
    Artem1967 20 March 2014 10: 33
    Zavavili ... Toli still will be when the Ukrainians realize in what a pool the IMF will put them with their predatory loans. Something tells me, it's time for Yatsenyuk and Turchinov to set up huts in Canada, otherwise they will go to the bunks.
    1. nov_tech.vrn
      nov_tech.vrn 20 March 2014 16: 25
      now they’ll spoil everything, and then Julia will come white and fluffy, and will quietly strangle everyone
  44. Klepa
    Klepa 20 March 2014 10: 35
    Do you want to laugh? A friend from Odessa yesterday shared the latest news via skype.
    "oh ****, you definitely won't hear this anywhere
    [0:40:51] 11111: in the sense of?)
    [0:41:04] 22222 -: in short, an employee of the son called
    [0:41:22] 22222 -: he, as a decent citizen, went to the draft board
    [0:41:32] 11111 -: and?
    [0:42:15] 22222 -: well, they sent him and the guys there are still in the unit here near Odessa
    [0:42:25] 22222 -: in short, everyone was surprised to see them
    [0:42:33] 11111 -: gygygyg
    [0:42:50] 22222 -: well, what to do, they settled them in some kind of unheated room, they just slept there on the floor, and in the morning the commander came and said
    [0:43:21] 22222 -: in short, I don’t know who you are or who sent you here, but I don’t have any food, equipment or premises where you can be accommodated and let them go home
    [0:43:33] 11111: yyyyyyy
    [0:43:43] 22222 -: It’s good that there are still citizens of Odessa, there is a minibus to the city for 20 minutes, and from other cities there’s a circus
    [0:44:30] 22222 -: * la, this is not a country, this is a circus!
    [0:44:39] 22222 -: I don't know whether to laugh or cry ... "
    And this country is puffing up to be an independent state and is yapping towards the Russian Federation ....
  45. kind
    kind 20 March 2014 10: 38
    Yaytsenyuk needs to put a bag on his head, and sprinkle dichlorvos there, so dibilny cockroaches in his brain die fool
    1. vadpol
      vadpol 20 March 2014 15: 45
      the cockroaches will die, but it will flatten it even more! maybe poison?
  46. SashOK
    SashOK 20 March 2014 10: 50
    To my great regret, my friends, I have to doubt that they will go to the bunks, this is practically not realistic. It’s just that when there is a danger of real gain ... lei from the finally devastated and fragmented people of Ukraine, these half-pokers, with the full support of overseas aggressive tantrums, will again shout the masses into the ears with great pressure the tale of the evil and cruel to her, whose tanks are already approaching the convoy with a forced march Kiev, they will quickly drive off another maydanchik, distribute money to the provocateurs, burn a couple of armored vehicles with the next followers of the golden eagle who are objectionable to the regime, and again find themselves in grief.
    It just happened in Ukraine, otherwise they don’t want, and they can’t ...
  47. cup
    cup 20 March 2014 10: 53
    just clowns.
  48. naughty
    naughty 20 March 2014 10: 56
    Well, something like that.
  49. morpogr
    morpogr 20 March 2014 10: 59
    Damn, he’s just a two-faced anus, that is, Janus. So I want to say you take off your cross or put on your underpants.
    1. The point
      The point 20 March 2014 15: 26
      Quote: morpogr
      take off your cross or dress or panties

      Better cut the fly. although figs with her, let him leave.
  50. Quantum
    Quantum 20 March 2014 11: 04
    And then Julia the rogue, she’ll be in time soon! In Germany, she’ll be inserted right now
    pins and chips. She is already training and soon, on the Maidan, Ohr will begin!
    1. waisson
      waisson 20 March 2014 21: 00
      Julia - Julia will soon be an unnecessary granny