German next generation tank - Leopard 2А8 or Leopard 3?

German next generation tank - Leopard 2А8 or Leopard 3?
In fact, this is not a finished model. tank, and, so to speak, a demo sample. At which the Rheinmetall company demonstrated all of its latest systems that it offers on the arms market.

According to representatives of the company, these systems are designed to be installed on existing Leopard 2 tanks with their further modernization. My knowledge of English was not enough to reveal the whole essence of these systems. Therefore, I will describe some of the most obvious.

So, the company "Rheinmetall" offers to install a system of panoramic surveillance and warning of shooting at the tank. Apparently, this camera, in the corners of the tower. This system is automatically connected with the active protection system, which is to shoot defensive ammunition at the approaching anti-tank missile. And, in the same way, destroy it still on approach. This, apparently, fan-shaped blocks of trunks located in the front ends of the tower. Also, the tank has an automatic firing point on the roof, well protected from small-arms fire. weapons. In addition, the entire tank is closed by powerful blocks of dynamic protection.

These are just some of the systems, all on this tank of their 12.

According to representatives of the company "Rhinmetall" on existing 2 Leopards can be installed, like all systems, and then you get machines, similar to the one that was exhibited at the exhibition, and some of them separately. Thus, apparently, we will soon see a huge variety of different variations of Leopards. Of course, provided that Rheinmetall finds buyers and those who want to upgrade their tanks. But I do not doubt it. Recent local conflicts have clearly shown that it is too early for tanks to retire, and their modernization is a good option to get a modern car for relatively little money.

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  1. unit669
    April 12 2011 09: 13
    A panoramic observation system and an automated firing point on the turret are also present in the T-90 AM options, as representatives of Uralvagonzavod recently announced. As for the MBT Revolution itself, this is most likely, indeed, a presentation of the next generation tank concept and the possibilities for modernizing tanks "Leopard" -2A5 and 2A6. Nothing more.
  2. Escander
    April 12 2011 11: 09
    Again a window on half a tower profile. They said to them - WEAK place.
  3. turnip
    April 12 2011 12: 54
    Undoubtedly - a technology demonstrator. Leopard 3 cannot be, because it already exists. And the window is also true, the Jews on the Mk-IV mercava have already got rid of it and the Germans will have to reconfigure the tower
  4. +3
    April 12 2011 13: 26
    powerful beast.
  5. figwam
    April 12 2011 15: 27
    Nice bastard. And we are his railgun! laughing
  6. +5
    April 12 2011 20: 12
    For me, as an artilleryman, the full face and profile of this animal is just a gift. Electronics often go wrong in modern combat. It can be ripped off, but the exterior remains. And he is a gift of fate for anti-tank officers. Germans are Germans. Although the car is certainly good, it is not the best in the world.
    1. dmitri077
      26 January 2012 22: 34
      what is the best car in the world for an anti-tanker? )
  7. Forward
    April 15 2011 05: 23

    I understand what you are talking about! A successful shot under the tower, and only memories will remain from the tank
  8. FantoM
    16 July 2011 14: 19
    The car is good, the Germans are great .. but no matter how good it was in the modern war, according to calculations, the tank lives on average 40 minutes ..
  9. 0
    29 September 2011 16: 48
    a shell will fly under the tower and piz ... a weak spot like the abrams
  10. +2
    9 October 2011 07: 21
    Yes, it looks beautiful.
  11. Alexandr_K
    30 November 2011 01: 30
    Quote: koosss
    a shell will fly under the tower and piz ... a weak spot like the abrams

    Like the vaunted T-90, in which the tower is tearing down, in the literal sense of the word, like the T-72, and T-80
    1. +1
      19 May 2013 15: 38
      Quote: Alexandr_K
      Quote: koosss
      a shell will fly under the tower and piz ... a weak spot like the abrams

      Like the vaunted T-90, in which the tower is tearing down, in the literal sense of the word, like the T-72, and T-80
      Just like the T-64, T84, BM "Oplot" ... This list looks closer to you.
  12. WADIM
    2 February 2012 07: 34
    I wonder how many of these tanks will buy?)))) and at what price?))) 150? or 200? to the whole west and rich Arab countries? He will probably have a guard of 3 merkavs or abrams))) This is still only a model and in my opinion he is far from the series! They seem to have made Typhoon, Rafal and who buys it? Even Germany is strangled by a toad ...)) And why does she even need these expensive toys? They did not want to fight the field of World War II and now they are reducing the army .... The Chinese will take it or what? They have their own developments much cheaper ... The Indians cannot master our tank well, constantly breakdowns. This tank will be flaunting as our project "Black Eagle", and will be promoted in the factory museum ... I understand he would have a series at least like our tank t 2.
  13. dmitry98
    9 February 2012 13: 58
    The author "My knowledge of English was not enough to reveal the whole essence of these systems". I will translate from German
    this system was not developed by Rheinmetall AG, but
    ADS Gesellschaft fr Aktive Schutzsysteme mbH (part of the shares owned by RM AG)
    AMAP-ADS system: Active protection system suitable for heavy and light vehicles.
    The principle of work in the photo.

    provides 360 ° hemispherical protection.
    the weight of the system is only 145 to 600 kg, depending on the type of object to be protected.
    AMAP-ADS strikes a medium at speeds of up to 2000 m / s, and from a launch distance of 15 m.
    extremely short system response time (SRT) - allows you to use in urban battles.
    AMAP-ADS provides protection against the following threats:
    Hand anti-tank weapons (e.g. RPG-7)
    Anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs)
    KE shells of all calibers
    APFSDS medium and large caliber shells
    Ammunition (EFPs)
    (on the picture)

    Electro Optical Sensors
    NFS / CPU processor
    central LIU -Laser communication with end emitters via fiber optic.
  14. kov
    18 July 2012 20: 10
    Video from the Germans about Leopard 2
  15. Watchteer
    19 May 2013 15: 22
    Between us speaking, in my opinion, it is obvious. Did you not try to look in
  16. olosors
    9 May 2015 13: 16
    This is not a dynamic defense but an additional modular reservation.
  17. 0
    8 June 2017 22: 56
    The Germans will again fall into the trap of their own manufacturability. In any situation, during hostilities (long-term), the one who will be able to produce military vehicles, weapons, ammunition and equipment at any mechanical plant and at the same time not inferior functionally is more likely to win. As it was. However, in my opinion (I'm not a tanker, therefore, on emotions) our cars are better.