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The deployment of the US missile defense system near the borders of Russia has practically begun. And it is already clear that in the negotiations on missile defense with us they were not going to agree on anything. The goal of the Americans was to pass the point of no return by negotiating on a strictly defined conceptual level that suited them. In such a game on a foreign field and according to the rules of others, the Russian arguments, as obviously unconvincing, were simply ignored.

The main thing for the United States in this "game" was to convince the world of the goodness of the stated goals, working on emotions. The US appointments to the role of the “dark forces” were also agreed in Russia. No one has crept in on suspicions about the true intentions of the "light forces."

October 28 2013 of the year began with the construction of a missile defense base created by the USA and NATO in Deveselu in Romania — an anti-missile “umbrella” to protect the “good” from “evil” —the “white and fluffy” Americans put an end to the negotiations, bypassing the concepts of Russian missile defense negotiators .

October 31 2013, the president of Russia, abolished the out of work working group on cooperation with NATO in the field of missile defense.

Russia on the missile defense system “chews” information in the format that it is submitted by the American side. There is no meaningful idea of ​​a specific missile defense threat, but there is only some kind of intuitive sense of threat in the form of a “sixth sense in the fifth point”. But in the negotiations it is not an argument. It requires painstaking study of issues and the development of convincing arguments, and not only confidence in the correctness of their feelings.

And after all, the already existing practice clearly showed everyone: our Americans could not ignore our real arguments on the third missile defense position region with GBI antimissiles in Poland.

In the "anti-missiles" GBI were originally laid shock functions, which is almost impossible to deny. Just as our Pioneer medium-range rocket was created on the basis of an intercontinental rocket, so the GBI intercontinental rocket became the basis for the antimissile. In essence, this is a medium-range missile, which was also tasked with intercepting missiles. Even from the mine launchers, the Americans did not refuse. The GBI stationed in Poland would be able to reach even Novosibirsk. Colonel Vladimir Vasilyev drew attention to this in 2008 through the media. He also emphasized that in information on American missile defense in Europe there is not even a mention of the most important element of the system - the pair points of radio control and radio communications of GBI interceptor missiles and their homing heads that are included in the IFICS (In-Flight Interceptor Communications System) system. Although without an IFICS system, none of all other missile defense systems has the technical capability to accurately target interceptor missiles at a ballistic target. Therefore, mine launchers with GBI missiles in Poland can not solve the missile defense problem. Consequently, they are intended for other purposes, concluded Colonel Vasilyev.

Also, in particular, 25 May 2009, V.V. Zhirinovsky, his assistant, prepared material on the impact of American missile defense in Europe against Russia and some possible countermeasures in order to prevent the implementation of US plans (in the spirit of the ideas of Academician Sakharov, who offered to fight the global carrier of "democracy" by the forces created by artificial tsunami nuclear warheads). 28 May 2009, the question was brought to the DA Medvedev and was received with interest. After the visit of 6-8 in July 2009 by Obama’s President to Moscow, the Americans, based on the arguments of the Russian side, were forced to abandon the third missile defense position region with the heavy GBI “interceptors”.

However, already 17 September 2009, Obama said that now the main emphasis is placed on the mobile missile defense system deployed in the Mediterranean, Baltic and Black Seas and on the territory of several European countries.

Figure 1

And everything would be fine if it had not become even worse. Distances to Moscow have declined even more - the flying time of the SM-3 missiles of the mobile missile defense system is even less than that of the GBI interceptors. The “Anti-Missile” SM-3 is a mini “Pershing-2” near the very borders of Russia. If the Pershing-2 rocket from West Germany was supposed to fly almost 1.800 km, then the distance from Moscow to the Black Sea is slightly more than 1.000 km. The Baltic Sea is even closer - 700-800 km. To the Baltic countries - less than 600 km - 3 times less than to West Germany.

From the leading positions at the borders of Russia, American "anti-missiles" can perform strategic tasks incomparably better than intercontinental missiles. The critical minimum flight time of American missiles (5-6 minutes) makes the Russian retaliatory strike almost impossible. Decision time for a retaliatory strike is at least 4 minutes. A massive blow to the decision-making centers, command and control points and points of deployment of our missiles will almost guaranteed to disable their critical significant part.

According to Admiral Komoyedov, chairman of the defense committee of the State Duma, "a group of American scientists prepared a report that bombing all of Russia is not necessary: ​​there are 12 main goals to be hit and the state will be defeated." The American mobile missile defense system is a carefully concealed means of inevitable destruction of Russia. The situation is worse than in 41: then the country's leadership even had time, but now there will be no leadership left.

Figure 2

And we, alas, have not been able to figure it out. But, in fact, there was only a replacement of one “anti-missile” with another “anti-missile”.

As a result of the beginning of the deployment of "PRO" on our borders, Russia is entering the third and most dangerous missile crisis for it, without even realizing it.

For the first strike means best with a short flight time. Therefore, the United States in 1961 began the deployment of PGM-19 Jupiter missiles near Turkish Izmir. Moscow was under attack. To achieve parity, we went back and set up medium-range missiles to Cuba. Washington was under attack. The Americans were shown a “goat” for the first time in response, and they were scared for the first time. The Caribbean crisis ended with the mutual withdrawal of these medium-range missiles and, for the first time, achieving some parity, although the United States had twenty times more nuclear charges - 6.000 versus our 300.

By the middle of 1970, nuclear parity with the US was reached. The United States for some reason did not like it. December 12 1979 was decided to deploy Pershing-2 missiles in Europe. The flight time of the medium-fired Pershing-2 missiles from West Germany to facilities in the center of the European part of the USSR was just 8-10 minutes, which made them very dangerous weapons first strike. To defeat highly protected point objects (the main targets for these missiles), a thermonuclear charge penetrating deep into the earth by 50-70 and a variable TNT equivalent was developed: 0,3; 2; 10; 80 CT The world was again close to a nuclear disaster. The world community could not agree with such a situation. The next missile crisis was resolved by the signing of a treaty on the elimination of medium-range and shorter-range missiles.

With the end of the Cold War, formally, Americans could calm down, but for this to happen, the whole world would have to go under them. Thus, Russia, lowered by the “reformers,” was to continue to deteriorate and collapse. Then nothing would prevent the United States from taking full control of Russian resources. The plan announced by Thatcher, according to which 15 million people are sufficient for the entire former USSR, would be implemented. And the golden billion would not know the problems. Did not happen.

For the United States again, the problem arose with a short flight time. It does not matter that the Kremlin has long ceased to be the bearer of the communist ideology. The main thing is that, in addition to the golden billion led by the United States, no aboriginal people have the right to dispose of Russian resources, which should belong to the entire "civilized" world. It is necessary to deal with the Russians once and for all. Otherwise, what does the "chosen one" live on? The only question is how to execute everything, how to get closer to Russia for a “pistol shot”. And so that no one understood!

The USA and Russia seem to be partners and even friends for someone. Therefore, the Americans needed some enemy to justify placing funds with a short flight time. Having studied the possible flight paths of the missiles, the United States planned to deploy the third missile defense position region in Poland. Poland is much closer to Russia than West Germany with the Pershing-2 missiles. The enemy was appointed Iran. Rogue Country - You Can't Think Better. Hysteria rises, psychosis is injected. 13 June 2002 of the United States withdraws from the Treaty on the limitation of missile defense systems from 26 in May 1972, according to which the Americans could only deploy anti-missiles on their territory, as well as all means for aiming and pointing missile defense systems. And here the USA with the PRO system is already in Europe ...

The world community does not have an adequate understanding of the threats that the American anti-missile weapon conceals. Meanwhile, the missile defense system being developed by the Americans is not defensive, but offensive, designed for the first crushing blow. By developing anti-missile systems, the United States hides from its allies that these systems are also shock. Allies are used "in the dark." While pumping psychosis, the United States intimidates Europe with far-fetched threats and, under the guise of an “umbrella,” drags a strike system that should be as close as possible to targets in Russia.

You can write anything on the barn, but in fact there is something completely different ... Same here. The weapons used by the Americans in the missile defense system have other possibilities than is commonly believed.

Over the past decade, there has been a qualitative breakthrough in rocket and other technologies. Tactical missiles were transformed into strategic, capable of hitting targets both in space and at long ranges on the ground.

History Standard Missile (SM) family originates from the Tartar anti-aircraft missile. The RIM-66 / RIM-67 SM-1 (Standard-1) rocket began in the 1963 year. In this case, initially all modifications of the SM-1 could also be used for firing at surface targets within the radio horizon of the ship. Also, modifications of the SM-1 rocket were specially developed for use on land or surface objects beyond the horizon.

For example, the 18 of April 1988 of the US Navy in the Persian Gulf operation "Mantis" frigate "Simpson" with two anti-aircraft missiles SM-1MR (RIM-66E) and the cruiser "Weinwright" with one anti-aircraft missile SM-1ER (RIM-67) attacked the Iranian corvette and completely disabled it.

On the basis of the SM-1 anti-aircraft missile, an AGM-78 Standard ARM (ARM - anti-radiation missile) anti-radiation missile of the air-radar class was created.

Figure 3
About "PRO"

The next rocket, the SM-2, could also be used for targets on the surface. However, at that time, preference was given to the Harpoon subsonic rocket with a greater range of fire. But in 1998, the United States based on the Standard-2 rocket (SM-2 Block II / III) began developing the RGM-165 SM-4 rocket for strikes against ground targets (Land Attack Standard Missile - LASM) in order to take it to 2004 year on arms.

Figure 4

According to the developers, such a ship-to-earth missile could play a new role in attacks from the sea to depths of 200 nautical miles (370 km), providing flexible point fire support for the US Marine Corps.

Figure 5

Missile guidance system - inertial in combination with satellite navigation - GAINS (GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System). In addition to the standard high-explosive fragmentation warhead, the rocket is also equipped with penetrating warheads. LASM missile tests have fully confirmed the ability of the missile to perform assigned combat missions.

The US Navy was to receive up to 1.200 LASM missiles. Reach initial operational readiness planned for 2003. But in 2003, the program was stopped, allegedly due to lack of funding. And it is in such “fat” years for the Pentagon? .. LASM tests were successful. Why does the Pentagon not brag about success? And only sometimes information that, it turns out, more than one year as the SM-2 missiles (the SM-2 index was not changed to SM-4 just did not slip), sometimes destroys targets on the surface of the sea and land at a distance of 500 km. It turns out that the task was even exceeded! And - such "modesty"? But this is not modesty, this is secrecy ... In the process of developing the LASM rocket, the United States saw new, already strategic opportunities for such missiles.

Using the LASM rocket, the United States decided to go much further. As a development of the SM-2 rocket (LASM), the SM-3 family of missiles, in addition to the declared anti-missile functions, is also intended for high-precision destruction of ground targets at multiple times long ranges.

Figure 6

Ground targets can be hit by a LASM rocket at a distance, 3-4 times as far as the interception range of aerial targets with a common SM-2 anti-aircraft missile. 21 February 2008 of the year at an altitude of 245 km and 450 km removal, the SM-3 Block IA rocket struck with a direct hit (“hit-to-kill” - “bullet in a bullet”) of a failed US military satellite USA-193. Capabilities of the SM-3 Block IB - 320 km rocket at an altitude at a distance of up to 800 km. A SM-3 Block II rocket will have even higher data: it can intercept targets at an altitude of 1.000 km at a distance of 1.500 km. This is already an order of magnitude (10 times) further than beats SM-2 Block II / III, from which they made the LASM rocket.

In terms of its anti-missile capabilities, the SM-3 Block II will be at the GBI anti-missile level.

The technologies that were developed during the creation of the LASM rocket are also suitable for the new role of the new family of significantly more advanced SM-3 rockets. The entire European part of Russia (and even further) is under the gun. The treaty on medium-range and shorter-range missiles has in fact been violated by the United States for a long time. October 28 2013 of the year it became a fact and de jure.

With highly accurate destruction of targets, small enough nuclear charges are enough to equip penetrating warheads. The satellite positioning system implemented (not by us) in Moscow provides navigation accuracy in 20-30 cm horizontally and 50 cm vertically. The penetrating warhead was developed for the SM-2 (LASM) rocket. Warheads of the Pershing-2 missiles could penetrate 50-70 m into the depths of the earth. When a nuclear charge is detonated at a depth, the seismic wave will destroy bunkers within a radius of tens of meters. Nowhere not hide.

Figure 7

The sheer number of main objectives (12) suggests that a war can begin at any convenient time, when a situation arises in which one can guaranteedly take the first persons out of the game, so as not to get a retaliatory strike with unacceptable damage for the United States. Mikhail Poltoranin in his book “Power in TNT equivalent” gives the following information: “In total for the 34,5, the Pentagon received technical calculations of thousands of dollars for our defenders regarding the destruction of the Moscow metro. The American Special Weapons Directorate ordered the Russian side to multivariate computer simulation of the effects of explosions on different sections of the metro of charges of one, ten and fifty kilotons of TNT equivalent. Of course, they were interested in the subway access networks to the reserve command posts equipped in case of war - and the performers used secret information about the “sore spots” of the metro. ... overseas mentors of "Tsar Boris" revealed the strictest secrets of our country. They revealed the organizational structure of the strategic rocket forces grouping, the location of the nuclear stockpile repositories, calculated the effectiveness of high-altitude atomic explosions for new telecommunications networks and so on. and so on. " All the old secrets of the "bad guys" have been given out, and you can’t hide the new one ...

The most dangerous for Russia option of placing "PRO" on land. Cruiser or destroyer is not easy to quietly approach the borders of Russia. But the "anti-missiles" in the same as on ships, universal vertical launchers Mk 41 (VLS - Vertical Launching System) from the territory of European countries will be constantly aimed at us. Moreover, launchers can be mounted, for example, in a standard 40-foot sea container. And such "containers" can be anywhere, for example, in the Baltic States. The container can not be controlled. Ships carry a myriad of them. Any freight train can carry rockets. Shipping containers are transported by cars. Such "containers" can be placed in any transport terminal or simply in stock. Options do not count. Moreover, transport airplanes in a matter of hours can deliver "containers" to any American airbase, for example, to the Manas base in Kyrgyzstan, which has long since crossed its originally stated objective function. And this is beyond the Urals.

Already, when deployed at the Manas base (Bishkek), the SM-3 Block IB anti-missile systems are available: Magnitogorsk (4 target - 1.639 km), Perm (5 target - 2.111 km), Yekaterinburg (11 target - 1.841 km), Omsk (1 target - 1.348 km), Urengoy (7 target - 2.578 km), Khanty-Mansiysk (12 target - 2.050 km), Novokuznetsk (9 target - 1.518 km), Angero-Sudzhensk (10 target - 1.679 km), Bratsk ( 8 target - 2.418 km), Irkutsk (2 target - 2.440 km).

Figure 8

And Russia today absolutely does not control this direction.

Figure 9

The Manas base was opened in 2001 and consisted over 1 of thousands of soldiers and officers, 200 civilians and contractors of the Ministry of Defense. 22 June 2009 of the Manas airbase was only “redeployed” to the Transit Transportation Center (TTC).

In May, 2013 was offered to the President of Kyrgyzstan by expanding his personal Turkish business if he fulfills the requirements of the United States, Great Britain and Turkey for Manas. Again we are talking about "reprofiling", now formally in the "transport hub".

On the territory of the Transit Center "Manas" there is a new construction with a deadline in 2015-2020. The erected aeronautical complex will become the control center of a single radar space formed by the United States in Kyrgyzstan.

The authorities of Kyrgyzstan do not have access to check imported into the country from the United States. Everything functions under ambassadorial status. There is also the right to shoot to kill.

There are at least 500 people working in the American Embassy. Whereas, for example, in the embassies of Germany or Iran - everything from 20 to 30 staff, including technical staff.

The construction of the new territory of the US embassy in Bishkek is being completed (officially). The building complex is mainly located underground (up to 28 m). Part of the electronic equipment will be transferred there from the central heating point and it will be included in the global tracking system Echelon. There will be about 200 officers from the Transit Center who are no longer officially military, but received diplomatic status and are enlisted in the staff of the embassy.

Experts say that a new, southern NATO missile defense facility will appear in Kyrgyzstan ...

The USA "PRO" obkladyvayut Russia from all sides.

If the United States can return to Iran, the "PRO" will be near Astrakhan.

In 2008, the United States threw Georgia into the war with one goal - under the guise of providing free access for its PRO ships to the Black Sea. Well, Turkey was up to par and did not allow the US to violate the Montreux Convention on the Straits of 1936.

Sochi 2014 is also suitable for access to the Black Sea.

And on land a nightmare for Russia: Ukraine in NATO - 450 km to Moscow.

Our new missiles accelerate faster to reduce the possibility of their interception. Warheads of missiles are being improved for a guaranteed missile defense ... But in order to break through something, you must first take off.

Americans say "truth and only truth" when they say they are not going to shoot down our missiles. The United States has approached the problem radically: a strike on the advance does not allow our missiles to take off at all, including the Perimeter command missiles.

The strength and at the same time the weakness of the Americans is that they turn it all alone - no one, except specifically insiders in the United States, knows all the possibilities of "pro." Newly minded allies should by no means know anything. Perhaps this is hidden even from the first NATO officials. Inducing psychosis about the "Russian threat", and especially among the eastern members of NATO, the United States uses the allies "in the dark." The United States has so far completely succeeded in an information cover plan. Everyone has a “Russian bear” before their eyes. American missile defense offscreen. And no one thinks about the other possibilities of "PRO". The American "magician" made everyone, hiding the main thing. The aggressor always carefully conceals the true intentions - without this it is impossible to inflict a sudden crushing first and unanswered blow.

However, once the Americans had already decided that their goals for "PRO" were revealed. 17-18 June 2013, at the G8 summit, Russia should have been pounded so that only G7 remained. This was announced to the whole world by a Canadian. And suddenly - silence. Not even touched Syria.

It seems that the United States could “confuse” the statement of the Russian president, similar to the 19 of June 2013 made by him after the summit, that “the first so-called disarming, decapitating strike is possible, and even against nuclear powers”.

But since there was nothing concrete about the “PRO” from Russia, the United States calmed down and even became impudent.

And for the G20 summit, the Americans decided to give a “decapitating blow” to everyone, and first of all to Russia, with a gift - the “carcass” of Assad.

3 September 2013 of the year in 10: 16 Moscow time, the missile attack warning system in Armavir spotted two targets classified as missiles.

Figure 10

Eleven minutes later, the radar station in Armavir recorded a drop in missiles at sea.

Ballistic missile launches from the Mediterranean area about 200 km northwest of the Libyan Benghazi were made in the direction of Syria.

"The US military ... were quick to assure: none of the American ships or rocket airplanes in the Mediterranean launched", - noted in the program "Vesti".

Figure 11

Since the launch area was under the control of Russian ships led by the large anti-submarine ship Severomorsk, the Americans tried to hide the most "interesting" part of the truth by default, as if they forgot about their submarines.

But these “rockets flew up as if from nowhere”, “Vesti” emphasized.

Figure 12

The United States has four modernized Ohio-class nuclear submarines.

In rocket mines, these boats carry modules for seven vertical launch installations. If the destroyer of guided missile weapons (URO) of the Arly Burke type has up to 96 universal vertical launch systems Mk 41 (of which 74 for the Standard missiles), and the Ticondero URO cruiser has the 122 of the Mk 41 missiles (the 80 Standard missiles "), Then the Ohio-type boat carries the 154 vertical launch setup.

Officially, the Ohio-type boat is the carrier of Tomahawk cruise missiles, but nothing prevents it from carrying the Standard-family SM-3 Block IB, which are no longer inferior to the Tomahawk. And on the approach rocket SM-3 Block II.

And if the Ohio anti-aircraft missiles are not needed, then it was created for attack missiles.

The SM-3 Block IB rockets that flew “out of nowhere” were intended for the “evil” Assad. But something from the Americans in this operation went wrong, and they decided to flood the rocket - do not let them fall on the territory of Syria.

The US attempt to commit an act of international terrorism to assassinate the legitimate head of a sovereign state revealed the true tasks of the American "missile defense", removing the disguise from the SM-3 anti-ballistic missile systems. PRO is already working! It remains to be noticed.

In addition, Russia’s 3 on September 2013 of the year documented a breach of the US INF Treaty that was concealed by the United States, according to which the parties abandoned ballistic missiles with a firing range from 500 to 5.500 km, the missiles flew 1.227 km and 1.255 km.

And today, 616 of such non-contractual medium-range missiles of four Ohio-type boats can suddenly “surface”, for example, in the Gulf of Riga or Narva.

However, this deadly threat remains beyond the understanding of the responsible persons of Russia. For some reason, Russia “led” to the version of Israel’s own missile defense system, which was invented by the end of that day. The United States was able to "convince" Israel to take responsibility. The Israeli Defense Minister explained that the target missile was fired from the plane.

Instead of “out of nowhere”, a “plane” suddenly appears, already capable of launching a medium-range missile. And the rocket is not alone. But our “Severomorsk”, which controlled the launch area, simply could not miss the aerial target of such a “format”.

And 5 September 2013, Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, who oversees international communications, invited the US and Israeli military attaches and told them about the inadmissibility of testing missile systems in the Mediterranean.

Again, Russia could not see its trump cards and gave carte blanche to the United States.

Here is October 28 2013, the United States and began to quietly deploy ground-based "PRO".

We can infinitely say to our "partners" that "missile defense programs in Europe are developing, our concerns are not taken into account", that "we lack predictability regarding missile defense plans," that "NATO will have nothing to explain the need to create an European missile defense system if the Iranian problem is solved" that ... Only this kind of immaturity and romantic contemplation could in no way affect the United States and prevent them from embarking on the official deployment of "PRO".

Such stubborn pushing by the Americans of "PRO" cannot but be accompanied by unofficial US actions. Thus, the Pentagon spends almost a fifth of the budget on closed (“black”) programs without notifying both chambers of Congress.

The achievement of an agreement on a nuclear program with Iran revealed "the discrepancy between the declared missile defense tasks and the real situation." This is finally noticed.

16 December 2013 of the year following the first video conference of the Russian and US defense ministers at the Pentagon said: "Hagel informed that the United States and NATO will continue to implement their missile defense plans."

There was no need to wait for 16 December 2013 of the year, but it was necessary to immediately trust the US Special Representative for Strategic Stability and Missile Defense, Helen Toscher, who had also 3 of May 2012 recognized the US intention not to abandon the deployment of missile defense even if there was no threat from Iran.

Recognition Tosher should be more than noticed and properly unwound.

But to reveal the aggressive goals of the "partners" was neither bold nor clever.

In their assessments, analysts are already directly talking about the inevitability of the coming war. Thus, the famous 91-year-old scientist, economist and politician of the United States, a participant in the Second World War, Lyndon LaRouche (Lyndon LaRouche) said that only the Third World War would allow the hopeless US bankruptcy to avoid a complete collapse of the monetary system. LaRouche in 1959-60 predicted the collapse of the Bretton Woods system. He predicted the global economic crisis of the year 2008. 12 August 2010, LaRouche announced the start of a “new, final stage of the financial system crash process” built on the dollar.

LaRouche assesses Ukraine as a cocked fuse for the start of a world war.

The United States could not even wait for the implementation of the agreements from February 21 of the year 2014.

US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland at a closed briefing at the White House admitted that the USA had spent more than 5 billion dollars in support of the Ukrainian coup.

5 March 2014, a former CIA officer Scott Ricard, said that the United States is tackling economic and geopolitical tasks by drawing Ukraine into NATO.

The latest open data for 2001 year on US strategic nuclear forces contain about 1.200 targets. The number of victims could range from 8 to 12 million. The concept of the twelve main objectives involves reducing the victims to 2 million.

But this is not the humanism of Americans in relation to the population of Russia. It is just that the United States will try to preserve for itself the ground infrastructure of the colonized “Russia” (Russia should not be with a capital letter) so that the economy of the new colony will immediately work for them. It is the Russia-colony that will cover the insane US national debt. The American dollar will again receive a gold filling.

China will be denied access to resources and will also be credited. The remaining countries do not count. The US dollar will remain the only means of payment on the planet.

It is estimated that the US consumes 3,5 times as much as they themselves produce. LaRouche says that "the US economy has continued to deteriorate since the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the outbreak of the war in Vietnam, since then there has been no real economic growth in the United States." Over the course of these half a century, the United States has reached such a level of imbalance, when increasing unprecedented economic problems can be solved in principle only through the Third World War, and in the first 5-10-15 blitzkrieg minutes.

Russian sociologists in 2006 presented their new fundamental development - the theory of compromise, which at the ideological level Russia can oppose to the US doctrine. Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vyacheslav Kuznetsov noted that “the key point of the compromise is the use of concessions for the sake of reaching an agreement”. “Yielding in one, you will win in something else, without losing as a whole. It should always be remembered that a compromise implies an agreement only with an equal, strong partner, and no one will talk with a weak one. ”

Thus, Russian sociologists theoretically substantiated the wisdom of their ancestors.

It follows from this that the Americans unequivocally consider themselves stronger and hide the “PRO” baton for a while, therefore they avoid any agreements and obligations.

In order to deprive the Americans of their strength, it is necessary to realize everything in detail at all levels and to bring the information on “PRO” to the world very clearly. Then neither the Baltic countries, nor Poland, nor Romania will want to be the first to burn in a nuclear fire in the name of the United States. Awareness of the NATO countries that the United States so dirty "used" them, will raise the question of the danger of NATO membership. USA play in the dark? Turn on the light!

All its neighbors, obviously or secretly involved in the "PRO", Russia should publicly and extremely clearly indicate that in the case of the Third World War, they will first of all be completely erased from the face of the earth. And so that such a situation does not arise, these countries should be engaged in and this should not be allowed. They should know that their fate is in their heads. And the whole world community will help them figure it out.

Exit from the missile crisis - exit of the latter-day Eastern members from NATO. The world community does not need the Third World.

At one time, NATO saw only one way not to let the Soviet Tanks to the English Channel - to mine the borders with nuclear explosives. In order to prevent this, the USSR had to try very hard to attract all progressive humanity to its side.

A similar solution with nuclear land mines of different capacities can be applied by Russia - all progressive humanity will fight the American "PRO".

On the other hand, our warships equipped with multi-megaton nuclear weapons to create artificial tsunamis and the same "antimissiles" should defiantly patrol in the English Channel (London - "Kuzkinu mother"), opposite New York and other US cities and more where Russia sees fit. The crews recruited exclusively from volunteers on a competitive basis (there will be no release) in the event of aggression against Russia will be able to fulfill their military duty.

At the height of the Caribbean crisis, tens of millions of Americans rushed away from Soviet nuclear missiles along the roads of America. And President Kennedy compromised — he recognized the strength of his opponent.

When Russian sworn ships with inscriptions aboard 50 megatons, 100 megatons, will be seen at the mouth of the Thames and across from New York, our sworn partners will not have any options other than compromise. And they will not be to Ukraine.

The goal of Russia and the entire world community should be the dissolution of NATO.

The West will have to invest in disarmament, and Russia will be able to save.

In the “reform” times in Russia, only two of the four arithmetic actions became “division” and “subtraction”. So we’ve come to 12's main goals - war at any moment!

If you master the "addition" and "multiplication" - the goals will be "darkness." You can forget about “PRO”, and you don’t have to agree on anything with anyone and nothing. In matters of war and peace, there are no treaty aggressors. Warranty wolf sheep on the result does not affect. Warranty wolf bear - nonsense. All sorts of promises and agreements are only dangerous games that create the illusion. You should always remember that once Joseph Vissarionovich played with Adolf Aloizovich ...
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        1. dude_not_in_theme
          dude_not_in_theme 19 March 2014 22: 34
          Guys, but I think that’s all garbage, all these missile defense systems are at the borders. After all, several submarines with nuclear missiles are constantly on alert near the coast of Sysh, and even if 90% of them can defend anti-aircraft defense of amers (which I doubt), those that fly, some large cities will surely be wiped off the face of the earth. In such a scenario, mattresses are unlikely to hit our facilities, not to mention the fact that many European countries will also go to Elvis. Already ordered boats to bomb GDP mattresses time to give exactly. Or am I wrong?
          1. saber1357
            saber1357 19 March 2014 23: 38
            That's it! The author forgot about submarines, about the perimeter, about mobile systems, about aviation (it takes off faster than 5-6 minutes) and much more (about common sense, for example). Therefore, the proposal about medicine made by one of the readers above is very relevant.
          2. And Us Rat
            And Us Rat 20 March 2014 11: 54
            How tired of these science fiction writers No.

            The SM-3 Block IB rockets that flew “out of nowhere” were intended for the “evil” Assad. But something from the Americans in this operation went wrong, and they decided to flood the rocket - do not let them fall on the territory of Syria.

            Target missiles launched from the F-15I, the Blue sparrow ballistic missile simulators, were aimed towards the high seas opposite Israel's northern coastline, and were intercepted by Arrow-2 interceptor missiles as part of a routine exercise.
            Here is a video from these exercises:

            And 5 September 2013, Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, who oversees international communications, invited the US and Israeli military attaches and told them about the inadmissibility of testing missile systems in the Mediterranean.

            Demagogy and idle talk, cannot any country indicate to another sovereign country what is permissible and what is not permissible in NEUTRAL, INTERNATIONAL waters, such statements have no weight (especially in dialogue with nuclear powers) and put the balabol in an awkward position.
            In fact - he (I quote) "expressed concern that such tests could provoke an escalation of tensions around Syria."

            By the way, USA did not know anything about the exercises, because Israel did not intentionally notify them, it was a kind of hint to the BOTH warring parties - and you can translate it something like this:
            "We do not intend to adjust your DAILY plans to YOUR showdowns, do you want to measure pussies? Roll to do this at the North Pole, away from us"
            1. aircraft
              20 March 2014 17: 13
              Immediately visible is the work of a full-time professional (State Department, Pentagon, CIA, NSA or the like).
              First of all, there is a discredit - "science fiction writers."
              Then, with the ultimate aplomb, “truth” is given ... in the expectation that no one will understand it.
              However, this "truth" with protruding "donkey ears."
              “Launched [nonetheless Russian nonetheless hereinafter wrote] from the board of the F-15I target rocket” ... “were intercepted by the Arrow-2 anti-ballistic missiles.”
              But, "as the Israeli defense minister explained, the Ankor target missile was" only "successfully tracked by the Khets-2 and Khets-3 missile defense radars.
              Yes, and “Radar in Armavir” “recorded the fall of rockets in the sea.”
              So, the “video from these exercises”, and even with the “Arrow-2 missile defense” - “bullshit”.
              "Blue sparrow" has a weight of 1900 kg and a decent size (
              Both the “video” showed and the “Israeli Minister of Defense” “explained” that “the Ankor target rocket was launched from an airplane” - one missile from one F-15I airplane.
              Two Blue sparrow missiles require two F-15Is. And also tankers.
              After all, the launch site was one and a half thousand kilometers from Israel.
              Thus, a whole air operation was to take place, which for some reason both the Americans and the Russians had spoiled.
              "By the way, USAA did not know anything about the exercises, because Israel did not intentionally notify them."
              Feel all the power of Israel in comparison with some kind of USA there.
              "We do not intend to adjust our EVERYDAY plans to YOUR showdown," the commentator says for proud Israel.
              But if Israel is so proud, why did Israel’s military department remain silent for so long.
              Completely "donkey ears." Goebbels could have put "unsuccessful", but he would have stroked his head anyway.

              03.09.2013 20:48
              Missiles over the Mediterranean Sea: Israel made the whole world worry
              Starts spotted Russian radar in Armavir. A few minutes later she recorded the fall of rockets into the sea. Damascus also reported that the shells did not reach the territory of Syria. For several hours, the incident remained a mystery - rockets soared as if from nowhere. As a result, the culprit of the provocation was found.
              The launch of two ballistic facilities in the direction of Syria could mean the beginning of a military operation against Bashar al-Assad. At 10:16 Moscow time, the Russian missile attack warning system, located in Armavir, spotted two targets classified as missiles. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu immediately informed the President of Russia of the launch.
              In the early hours, not one of the states, one way or another involved in what is happening in Syria, took responsibility for these launches. At NATO headquarters, the ministries of defense of France, Italy and Germany, they disowned missiles. Israel remained silent and the military department.
              The US military, having already pulled its group to the shores of Syria, also hastened to assure: not one of the American ships or planes launched missiles in the Mediterranean Sea.
              However, the data of the latest Russian warning system clearly indicated that there were launches. And it is from this region and precisely in the direction of Syria. Therefore, after several hours, under the pressure of irrefutable evidence, the authors of the shot had to admit. Israel took responsibility for the provocation, calling the launches a test of their own missile defense.
              As explained by the Israeli Minister of Defense, the Ankor target rocket was launched from an airplane over the Mediterranean Sea, after which it was successfully tracked by radar from the Khets-2 and Khets-3 missile defense systems.
              Dmitry Melnikov
              1. And Us Rat
                And Us Rat 21 March 2014 02: 51
                Conspiracy theories seem? I sympathize, but I will not waste my precious time refuting your crap, you are either a paid provocateur or an unreasonable young man with relapses of maximalism.

                Next time, take the trouble to remove information from official statements on the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the countries, and not from the yellowish and censored media.
                OBS and Broken Phone are not held in high esteem here, this is not a site for "counter-strike veterans", serious people communicate here. I advise you to learn how to logically build your "arguments" and have something to confirm them besides "personal opinion", and mark your personal opinion - "IMHO" No.
          3. Firstvanguard
            Firstvanguard 20 March 2014 13: 41
            Guys, but I think that’s all garbage, all these missile defense systems are at the borders. After all, several submarines with nuclear missiles are constantly on alert near the coast of Sysh, and even if 90% of them can defend anti-aircraft defense of amers (which I doubt), those that fly, some large cities will surely be wiped off the face of the earth. In such a scenario, mattresses are unlikely to hit our facilities, not to mention the fact that many European countries will also go to Elvis. Already ordered boats to bomb GDP mattresses time to give exactly. Or am I wrong?

            Those who promote missile defense and think about the doctrine of a disarming strike are not particularly concerned about the survival rate of the population of a certain number of Amer cities. They simply ***. Something like this soldier
            1. Azat Babai
              Azat Babai 21 March 2014 21: 54
              Those who join NATO do not care that they will not be in the first minutes. They only do everything to harm us. They’re like zombies. Previously, psychosis against the Communists. Okay, they sort of sorted it out themselves with the dictatorship of the proletariat. Now, with the word Russia, they have foam from their mouths. Russia from time immemorial did not go to war with them. They today issue maps of their territories with our lands . So we need to make them understand, this EARTH is so simple we will not give up !!!
      2. dmitriygorshkov
        dmitriygorshkov 19 March 2014 22: 22
        Quote: sancho
        I'm only interested in one thing! Do all schizophrenics across the ocean have bunkers in which they can live for more than 100 years? And maybe more! After all, nothing will remain on top ..

        And there are no such bunkers, if such a booze goes, then not only the American charges will work. From the ball under the affectionate name of the Earth there will be no shih!
      3. saber1357
        saber1357 19 March 2014 23: 37
        And the author of this article too. Why did he draw some advertising pictures in English - trying to get us orders for their American missiles, or what? So this is an analytical article or a brochure with scarecrows and accusations like "there are only idiots in the government of the Russian Federation" (I paraphrased the author)? I, personally, will buy "Borey" from my salary anyway, and no missile defense system, neither the Usovites, nor small-Britons will save, honestly.

        And the author deliberately kept silent about the Perimeter, which makes this whole idea of ​​"limited 12 strikes" complete nonsense.

        The article has a lot of numerical and logical inconsistencies, I will not even analyze it.
      4. tilovaykrisa
        tilovaykrisa 19 March 2014 23: 42
        In the article there is a lot of truth0 this point of view was only described in more detail in a series of documentary books by M. Kalashnikov, however, the author nevertheless escalates too much, the concentration of large surface forces with missiles such as Burke, ogay boats and other things will not go unnoticed, mobile complexes are mobile and have special only camouflage machines, inducing interference, destroying mine installations can only be done by TNWs, and even not everyone, there are also submarines with a blue mace (in the future), there are many answer options, and that is why the Amerif want to first destroy the Russian Federation, approaching the very borders like in Ukraine, Georgia , it is likely that the next will try to break the Central Asians.
    2. Commander
      Commander 19 March 2014 18: 27
      The war is still going on for information, which we are still losing. And Ukraine is now really like a cocked detonator for the start of a world, but already thermonuclear war. For the West and the Americans, Russia is an aggressor. Our truth cannot break through there now. Amerikosov missile defense remote control. The United States will be able to justify a nuclear strike against Russia in the eyes of the world community calmly. They did not mind killing 2000 Americans, simulating the 11.09/XNUMX attack to invade Iraq. The entry of Russian troops into the south of Ukraine is a good reason to "pacify the aggressor" forever. What the author actually “shouts” about is that a blow can occur at any moment. Soon, and it will certainly be, the Banderavian scum will go to restore "order" in the south of Ukraine. And the leadership of our country will face a very difficult question of how to act. I would like to believe that Russia, having shown its determination in Crimea, will be able to oppose the Americans with such arguments that the desire to attack will disappear immediately !!!

      It's no secret that the American missile defense against Russia, but for some reason we are behaving somehow relaxed. As if in the event of war, this will not affect us. This is a real threat to Russia. I hope the best minds of our country are doing everything to maintain a balance of power and prevent aggression!
      Thanks to the author!
      1. Blackgrifon
        Blackgrifon 19 March 2014 21: 18
        Quote: Commander
        It's no secret that the American missile defense against Russia, but for some reason we are behaving somehow relaxed.

        Still, there are far from everything in the General Staff of the VSRF, like Stouretkin and his company. We must also proceed from the fact that the "Serdyukov reform" did not affect the Strategic Missile Forces, and the problem itself did not appear suddenly. Countermeasures are most likely developed and implemented.
        In addition, for the Yankees, even a few nuclear warheads that burst into their territory and hit the military / civilian infrastructure are an unacceptable risk, and our Strategic Missile Forces will be able to provide such a strike. Do you really think that if tactical nuclear weapons are used, the country's leadership (if it survives) will wash its hands and surrender the country? Our army (and country) always rested on honest officers (and there are many of them), so there will be a retaliatory strike.
  2. malikszh
    malikszh 19 March 2014 08: 22
    Revision of the card is erroneous check !!!
  3. Volodya Sibiryak
    Volodya Sibiryak 19 March 2014 08: 38
    The article makes you think about the true purpose of PRO.Article and the author +.
    1. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 19 March 2014 13: 27
      Quote: Volodya Sibiryak
      The article makes you think about the true purpose of PRO.Article and the author +.

      Open secret. From the very beginning, it was clear to everyone why the missile defense system is being built in Europe and to whom it is aimed.

      We need to think about how to neutralize this system and break up NATO ... it’s already possible, now we can do it ...
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 19 March 2014 15: 10
        Quote: Geisenberg
        We need to think about how to neutralize this system and break up NATO

        Our answer, as always, will be asymmetric. For example, a nuclear strike on a Yellowstone super volcano! and God be with her, with America!
        "The last time a supervolcano near Yellowstone erupted 640 years ago, when ash covered the whole of North America, and climatic shifts were felt throughout the Earth."
        I guess after that you don't even need to create a tsunami. And if the truth about seismic weapons is still "true", then a nuclear strike will not be required. I wonder if the Americans thought about this before going into our sandbox?
        1. zarya
          zarya 19 March 2014 18: 27
          So it is assumed that Moscow will be blown up so that there is no one to press a button. Unless only a smart computer will automatically start everything ...
          1. Blackgrifon
            Blackgrifon 19 March 2014 21: 22
            Quote: zarya
            So it is assumed that Moscow will be blown up so that there is no one to press a button. Unless only a smart computer will automatically start everything ...

            The "Perimeter" system and its analogues imply a retaliatory strike even if there is no one to give the order.
            1. Assistant
              Assistant 20 March 2014 04: 01
              The "Perimeter" system and its analogues imply a retaliatory strike even if there is no one to give the order.

              That is why the Perimeter system, like the strategic missile forces' command and control facilities, are the primary targets for strike. Moreover, the missiles of the "Perimeter" system are silo-based, it is not known whether there are any analogues of ground / underwater basing, and even if there were - how will they collect information about the environment and take off automatically?
              So they will hit the mines in the first place: there are the most powerful missiles, and relay missiles, and the easiest to aim at them.
            2. voffchik7691
              voffchik7691 22 March 2014 23: 40
              Yes, the perimeter itself must strike, only here at the start of the rocket can beat. For this, they climb closer so that they do not reach them!
        2. dmitriygorshkov
          dmitriygorshkov 19 March 2014 23: 01
          Quote: Boa constrictor KAA
          Interestingly, did the Americans think about this before climbing into our sandbox?

          Of course they thought! And they probably thought that we would think .... But, as in the case of Crimea, and before that with Ossetia, they still do not believe that we have enough w-s.
          They rob and pour blood all over the world and have not yet met with serious opposition. Therefore, crazy, hysterical aunts act on behalf of America.
          We live in terrible times! But thanks to GDP, I am proud of my country!
    2. pechv
      pechv 19 March 2014 17: 05
      I remember one of our generals saying roughly the same thing in those distant years, when they just started talking about the possibility of deploying a missile defense system in Poland. I don’t remember exactly, but I compared missile defense missiles with shock and talked about the risk of a war - supposedly, our tracking means identify an accidental launch of such a missile as the beginning of a nuclear missile attack.
      The only pity is that such texts are written ... not by politicians and not voiced. We are still voicing the version that missile defense is dangerous for our retaliatory strike potential. It has long been seen that missile defense is the front line of the forces of the first disarming strike.
      Article plus
  4. Bongo
    Bongo 19 March 2014 08: 38
    Some of the illustrations in the article do not correspond to reality, Russia has not received information from radars located in Crimea and Azerbaijan for quite some time.
    At the same time, the diagram does not indicate the new "Voronezh" type radar.
    This will be closer to reality:
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 19 March 2014 09: 44
      This is from a resource, where can I simulate the hit of nuclear weapons at any point?
      I didn’t go at it, probably I’ll have to stick some plug-ins.
      I don’t want to let the NSA know that in the USA I don’t like most.
      Although if only on a false trail? laughing
      1. saber1357
        saber1357 19 March 2014 23: 41
        Haha, great! Direct resource, and models, and in the public domain. Precisely for such authors to write such articles - they will simulate them and write with half a liter.
    MAKSAK 19 March 2014 08: 47
    I would like to live to see this wonderful time when NATO will fall apart, like the United States with its dollar!
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 19 March 2014 09: 48
      I would also like, but the United States also with the dollar in the subject, should there be any improvement in their economy.
      - so as not to accuse me of bias, this was recently said by the head of the diamond industry at the opening of the Arkhangelsk pipe.
      And at a time when you can buy everything, it’s hard to fight with someone who is almost unlimited in his spending.
      Therefore, I say, that the US economy is now very important.
    2. Thompson
      Thompson 19 March 2014 11: 08
      We must not wait, but make good efforts!
    3. Thompson
      Thompson 19 March 2014 11: 08
      We must not wait, but make good efforts!
  6. ed65b
    ed65b 19 March 2014 08: 52
    The article is not at all unambiguous. As in the verse "Horses mixed up in a heap, people and cannonballs prevented a mountain of bloody bodies from flying." already 50 times in the media, our experts and the military have talked about how Russia will resist missile defense and what answer we will give. It's already boring to debate. all the routes of retaliation have long been shown. And yet, with Angero-Sudzhensk? there is nothing but a coal mine and a railway line.
    1. mamont5
      mamont5 19 March 2014 09: 15
      Quote: ed65b
      And yet, what about Anzhero-Sudzhensk?

      Indeed, I wonder what our Angers did.
      1. rauffg
        rauffg 19 March 2014 13: 38
        there Yurga is nearby
      2. Nagaibak
        Nagaibak 19 March 2014 14: 57
        mamont5 "Indeed, I wonder what our Anzherka is guilty of?"
        But, your city is fine.)))
        And our Khanty - Mansiysk in which there is no industry surprised. This is the district capital, population 50-60 thousand. Maybe I'm a little mistaken))) I don't remember exactly. There is nothing in this city. White collars live there. District structures: Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, etc. Ie, the district administration. In particular, the district recruiting office. Yes, there is a fish factory. If it works, I'll be surprised. There are no power plants and oil production, factories or factories. Gas and oil are produced in other cities of Ugra. There is also Governor Komarov there. Its people do not like it. Maybe that's why the city of Khanty-Mansiysk was included in the list?
        1. podolski_cky
          podolski_cky 19 March 2014 17: 10
          rather, they were mistaken by 300 km, if they bombed something in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, then only Surgut, namely GRES-1 and GRES-2
          1. Nagaibak
            Nagaibak 20 March 2014 06: 51
            podolski_cky sooner "they made a mistake by 300 km, if they bomb something in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, then only Surgut, namely GRES-1 and GRES-2."
            That's right. Surgut is a declared goal.
    2. Ascetic
      Ascetic 19 March 2014 14: 25
      Quote: ed65b
      And yet, what about Anzhero-Sudzhensk? there is nothing except a coal mine and a railway line.

      Probably the Yaya refinery is new with modern equipment. And all the major refineries in the list of goals as strategic objects of industry to be destroyed in the first place.
    3. zarya
      zarya 19 March 2014 18: 31
      The new fact is that they will not have time to strike back.
  7. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 19 March 2014 08: 55
    We need to place missiles in Cuba - yes, yes, we are threatened by an evil Panama !!! And along our borders - "Iskander"! When attacking (God forbid) on our territory, all hope is for the S-300 and S-400, then the Iskanders and missiles in Cuba come into play ... I hope the Americans understand how all this can end ... hi
  8. bear
    bear 19 March 2014 09: 11
    Personally, I believe in this five !!! I think the pros are working for us on the defense, so it’s tight. And yet it will turn out to live to the gray eggs laughing and great-grandchildren nurse.
    1. silver_roman
      silver_roman 19 March 2014 20: 02
      Let's be honest: without HUGE, like the globe, GDP EGGs, everything that happens would have no place in history - most likely !!! I don't want to talk about the "exclusiveness" of the GDP again, but after reading the article, the point somehow shrinks involuntarily)))).
      I think all those inherent here watched Putin’s yesterday’s appeal regarding Crimea. I personally was very upset by the look and behavior of our President: a tired and pale face, red spots around my eyes, constantly leaned on the podium with which I was speaking (or what is it called there?)!
      I can say one thing about Shoigu: this year he received the Order of the Maltese (Masonic) Club. This suggests that he is, to a minimum, a person with a much greater "outlook", ambitions and capabilities than a typical defense minister.
      Rogozin is a good-natured and ambitious dreamer. I am sure that everyone plays a role, but it seems to me that he lacks pragmatism and sober views on reality.
      Well, the rest (Lavrov and Churkin) are the strongest politicians with vast experience. And, in my purely personal opinion, this is the only and surest weapon against our Western "partners and friends" (their mother .....) !!! Still, the sphere of their influence and competence is practically limited by the borders of the Russian Federation, and even then not always. For them, there are practically no barriers in where to place their bases, what to supply there and how to use it. We can only oppose a clear policy fueled by TRUTH.
      Listened to Fursov somehow, he quoted a certain Oleg Markeyev. So:
      “There are the owners of the Game. They write the rules.
      There are players who play exclusively by these rules, but carry on independent activities.
      There are assistant players and pieces.
      So the task of the owners of the game and the players to create an impression among the figures that they are players !!!
      Therefore, it is customary to deny the existence of game owners and players.
      There is none of them!!!!"
      Here "the owners of the game" absolutely do not care how many stupid, overweight and happy from all this (hello to Zadornov) Americans will die!
      Only by revealing the truth to terrifying truths will it be possible to defeat this evil!
  9. denozavr
    denozavr 19 March 2014 09: 14
    So I'm wondering if it turns out that we have a lot of people who have "reliable" information, and intelligence doesn't work at all? and Putin and Shoigu probably also do not know about the true purpose of the American missile defense? Gentlemen, you don't need to be so naive! I think people who are responsible for making decisions such as the defense of the country are well aware of the existing threats and know the options for an adequate response to these threats ...
    1. silver_roman
      silver_roman 19 March 2014 23: 17
      this is all true, but here you see what’s the matter: Putin and Shoigu know, but the Americans know that Shoigu and Putin know, and Putin and Shaigu know that the Americans know that Putin and Shoigu know ... in short everything is complicated belay
      As a result, the Jews will win anyway crying
      ps I'm not anti-Semite bully
  10. VL33
    VL33 19 March 2014 09: 15
    "Thank you" Yeltsin did this and ruined such a power. Hitler is resting. Everything is returning, and not only Crimea, but they are all carrying out all the difficulties with the West behind their backs. Again the Russian people will have to bear all the overcoming. And why does Russia need oligarchs? They are flawed and vulnerable and hinder the development of the country.
    1. malikszh
      malikszh 19 March 2014 09: 43
      Yes, I agree with the shoals of Yeltsin, But at the expense of the Crimea Gorbachev was to blame when the USSR was falling apart, it was urgent to submit to the Congress the entry of Crimea into the RSFSR !!! There would be no hype now.
      1. kotvov
        kotvov 19 March 2014 13: 46
        the question is not only in Crimea. the question is what is being made of a Nazi country from Ukraine. I don’t know much, but it seems like a missile defense topic. Star Wars have already passed, I somehow watched the start of our new missiles, I don’t think that you can create an interception algorithm.
        1. zarya
          zarya 19 March 2014 18: 37
          Yes, but the article says that they won’t be able to launch them. That would be nice as in Dr. Strangelove when everything happens through an autonomous system.
      2. DmitriRazumov
        DmitriRazumov 19 March 2014 14: 07
        Quote: malikszh
        But at the expense of the Crimea, Gorbachev was to blame when the USSR was falling apart. It was urgent to submit to the Congress the entry of Crimea into the RSFSR !!! There would be no hype now.

        When, after a bath in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Yeltsin planned to sign a paper on his knee about the liquidation of the USSR with his gang, Gorbachv was simply obliged to give the command to arrest all this mosquitoes and put him on trial for committing a state crime. Instead, he, as always, crap for a mild case and did not do anything ...
  11. Leshka
    Leshka 19 March 2014 09: 28
    we must answer them the same
    GHOST_AAA 19 March 2014 09: 41
    I think if such simple information is open to us even in this form, then Putin has already taken some measures in this regard.
    1. Vita_vko
      Vita_vko 19 March 2014 10: 11
      Nuclear weapons, like missile defense systems, are primarily weapons of deterrence. And in order for the enemy to be afraid, it is necessary that he not only knows, but also is confident in the inevitability of destruction.
      That is why
      Quote: GHOST_AAA
      such information is open
  13. scientist
    scientist 19 March 2014 09: 55
    As you know, the US sits down for negotiations only when it is beneficial to them. On the deployment of missile defense in Europe, Russia can have only one answer, this is the deployment of missile defense systems in the SCO countries. I am sure they will only be glad to receive reliable protection for their military-strategic facilities. Russia’s attitude to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty should also be reviewed. I am sure many countries that for decades have opposed American aggression with pleasure will agree to have Russian military bases with a nuclear guarantee of their sovereignty.
    1. Governor
      Governor 19 March 2014 20: 14
      It seems to me that now it is necessary to get rid of Venezuela. It’s hard to come up with a better ally ... And put them something high-precision. Belarus, Syria and Venezuela, but no more! And China is more likely a potential adversary. Yeah ... Soon it will burn. So we live and save humanity, we’ve gotten used to it; but the last battle is the hardest one. So we collect dry packs and wait.
      1. tokin1959
        tokin1959 19 March 2014 22: 51
        Russia has no allies except the Army and Navy.
        everybody writes - Venezuela, Venezuela.
        But do you know about the political situation in Venezuela?
        there is a very vacant throne under the president.
        it’s not even an hour — they will be thrown off, and he will certainly not pass the next election.
        to put weapons in unreliable hands? to go straight to amers?
  14. Letun
    Letun 19 March 2014 10: 01
    If everything that is written here is really true, we can assume that the leadership of Russia and China also know about this. Then it is necessary to conclude an alliance between our countries, in this case no tricks will save from a retaliatory strike on NATO countries.
    1. Turkir
      Turkir 19 March 2014 13: 38
      We are probably informing China. But hoping for China is extremely unwise. The Chinese have stratagemic thinking. They use 36 stratagems (tricks) and of course the Sun Tzu treatise. At the UN, when they abstained from voting, they applied stratagem 9 "Watch the fire from the opposite bank."
      The point is, stratagems are good for tactical operations, but they do not provide advantages for a strategic vision of the situation. If China is convinced that they are in danger, they will see, through the prism of their thinking, that you are pulling them into a problem that does not concern them. It would be nice to remind them that Zhuge Liang, despite a number of victories, eventually lost his state.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. zarya
      zarya 19 March 2014 18: 42

      IMHO also needs artificial intelligence to launch a retaliatory strike if it is obvious that an attack has been made: so that the rapid destruction of an object does not make a retaliatory strike impossible.
  15. Nikich
    Nikich 19 March 2014 10: 18
    And if we add to all of the above that Israel launched air strikes against Syria, and Syria has nothing to answer, now there are no chemical weapons. And Russia is occupied by Crimea ...
    1. corporal
      corporal 19 March 2014 11: 51
      What does Syria have to do with it?
  16. Burmistr
    Burmistr 19 March 2014 10: 44
    Here, we have arrived ... I doubt that our "top" did not know and does not know about this state of affairs. It looks like they are about to drain us. The current "elite" will drain. All this hype about pouring money into the domestic military-industrial complex costs nothing for me personally, because you can see that money is not being poured into precision weapons and the latest weapon systems. Just talk. As for the new missiles and torpedoes, everything is bad with us. Airplanes, helicopters, ships, boats are produced very slowly. Prospective systems are actually not that promising. About domestic tactical nuclear weapons in the modern understanding, where they, for example, can be installed on high-precision air-to-ground missiles or other modern high-precision systems, something is not heard at all. For some reason, we also do not produce carpet bombs or their analogues. The United States is already testing military laser systems with might and main - our development, but for some reason we do not produce and do not test. Friends, Crimea can really become a trigger for the start of World War 3. Our "partners" have already surrounded us from all sides and have long aimed at us. They are already ready. Dolbo .. if they don't understand that with the destruction of the Russian civilization, they will be degraded to the level of primates, this is already clearly visible, for example, with the widespread introduction of such abominations as LGBT people in "developed countries". It is worth noting that it is the Russian civilization that is their ultimate goal. The rest of the pseudo-civilizations are not dangerous to them. With the rest, the POC will happen by itself. And very quickly.
  17. Sergei75
    Sergei75 19 March 2014 10: 46
    It is necessary to launch ICBMs into space, into orbit, there it is faster to accelerate there quickly.
  18. AVV
    AVV 19 March 2014 10: 53
    The West needs to be held for Adam's apple !!! Then they will not have the desire to dirty tricks !!!
  19. Gagarin
    Gagarin 19 March 2014 10: 55
    I am sure that these threats have long been taken into account and worked out.
    The West NEVER AGREES if he feels the opponent’s weakness.
  20. Leader
    Leader 19 March 2014 11: 00
    Do not sign any contracts at all! We don't have any "friends"!
    You just need to design, manufacture and deploy your missiles - so that everyone has "enough".
    I do not need their respect - just enough to be afraid to get involved.
  21. Thompson
    Thompson 19 March 2014 11: 07
    Our politicians have always been enraged by the position that they are NOT settled by verbal agreements and assurances that the missile defense is not directed against Russia! And what is a piece of paper called the AGREEMENT that solves the problem of its non-focus? Stop building illusions. Today we agreed, tomorrow they will change their mind! Examples are Hitler and the US withdrawing from the same ABM treaty. You just need to clearly, firmly and firmly defend your- RUSSIA SAID NO, MEAN NO! and IF DAILY TO Cuba ...
  22. greshnik80
    greshnik80 19 March 2014 11: 22
    Something somehow scary became for the victory in the coming war.
    1. Victor-M
      Victor-M 19 March 2014 12: 11
      Quote: greshnik80
      Something somehow scary became for the victory in the coming war.

      Don't panic. One thing pleases, if it happens (God forbid), then it will be the last for everyone (except for us - Russians), and this is not wishful thinking. The war will go mainly along the perimeter of Russia, and in the case of its protracted nature, as it will most likely be, our western "partners" will be the first to howl, unless of course there is anything left of them by that time. This needs to be conveyed to the naive Western "partners".
  23. Tektor
    Tektor 19 March 2014 11: 55
    The article inflates a little: "they could not even wait for the implementation of the agreements of 21.02.14/2015/3", hinting at 2018 as the year of global showdowns. According to the plans, the possibility of implementing the plans for decapitating and counterforce strikes using SM-3 block II missiles should appear only in XNUMX. The gap of XNUMX years can hardly be closed. And so the Amerzians started talking about using GBI again.
    We need to consider countermeasures. Nuclear landmines near GBI mines are quite possible, as well as near ports with container terminals. As well as bottom in key areas of the water area as an instant preventive cleaning them.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 19 March 2014 15: 50
      Quote: Tektor
      We need to consider countermeasures. Nuclear landmines near GBI mines are quite possible, as well as near ports with container terminals. As well as bottom in key areas of the water area as an instant preventive cleaning them.

      Iskander M and K with a special head, so 350 kilotons ... Plus a couple of "Anteyevs" to the shores of Europe to fit 24 "Granites" on board, all for 500 Kt ...
      To Belarusians and in Transnistria with Nikolaev to supply "Club-K" in railway and automobile containers.
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 19 March 2014 16: 23
        In addition, in Cuba, they certainly will not be superfluous ...
  24. siberalt
    siberalt 19 March 2014 12: 20
    And what is the novelty of the article? The fact that not one of our nuclear warheads will reach the target in the event of a retaliatory strike?
    And the fact that it is necessary to widely inform the world public about the threat of missile defense with this I completely agree.
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 19 March 2014 14: 25
      Quote: siberalt
      The fact that not one of our nuclear warheads will reach the target in the event of a retaliatory strike?

      Oh !? And about rpkSNy you all forgot. Not good on a day of divers!
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic 19 March 2014 16: 07
        Quote: Boa constrictor KAA
        Oh !? And about rpkSNy you all forgot. Not good on a day of divers!

        As Rear Admiral Kirillov Yury Vasilievich said, the deputy commander of 2FPLP in the mid-90s

        “We are somewhat different from the sailors of the Sholokhov motor ship. They carry drunkards and *** to her, and we rockets! ”

        “It is very easy to fight with the Americans. I poked a finger at ..opu and ... made a mistake in a tonnage of displacement. "
  25. vasyliy1
    vasyliy1 19 March 2014 12: 59
    If the West is deploying missile defense around us without taking into account our opinion, then it's time to remember about the deployment of missiles in Cuba and dozens of nuclear charges in suitcases in the United States (just in case)
  26. maxxdesign
    maxxdesign 19 March 2014 13: 01
    5-10 minutes of missile defense missile launch ... and why during this time no rocket will fly? Do they fly on wood or something?
    1. zarya
      zarya 19 March 2014 18: 49
      If everything is tied to Moscow, then alas, ah :-(
      1. zzz
        zzz 19 March 2014 23: 25
        Quote: zarya
        If everything is tied to Moscow, then alas, ah :-(

        Everything really tied to Moscow ..... There was once a base in the Keys ... So, after all, Yeltsin was his own ... whose! And he sold all of them! And if Serdyukov had been in the Defense Ministry for another year, then nothing would have remained of the Strategic Rocket Forces!
  27. Puler
    Puler 19 March 2014 13: 04
    with a labeled humpback, all this gained such momentum that he died of constipation, ok, there are no other words! Who prompted him to sign documents enslaving for Russia? why is he not responsible for this? as a traitor, it is necessary! would die quicker ... but he still tries to talk.
  28. Turkir
    Turkir 19 March 2014 13: 15
    Thank you for the article.
  29. Turkir
    Turkir 19 March 2014 13: 15
    Thank you for the article.
  30. Leader
    Leader 19 March 2014 13: 33
    Quote: maxxdesign
    5-10 minutes of missile defense missile launch ... and why during this time no rocket will fly?

    It simply does not take off - there will be no order. Command and control of our troops has always suffered ...
    In peacetime, they become generals, and then lead the army, very far-sighted staff rats with flexible spines.
    Only war can nominate the brave, decisive, intelligent, thinking first of all about victory over the enemy to the management posts. In peacetime, such people do not rise to the "top" ...
    (A typical example is the disaster of 1941; when in six months - 2 million killed, 3 million captured personnel of the Red Army)
    Over the past 25 years, this has been vividly illustrated - when you need to give an ORDER and assume RESPONSIBILITY, then you will wait for the team.
    I have witnessed many times (at my low level) HOW this happens. You just hear: "Wait ... wait ..."
    Delay - exacerbates the situation. And these "military leaders" - take responsibility! (Who is in charge of the power structures? - political!)
    And now the Wars are: the one who hits first will win! (talking about the nuclear scenario)
    1. DS14
      DS14 19 March 2014 13: 58
      The approach time is constantly reduced - everything goes to the point that the decision on a retaliatory strike will be made by robots.
      1. zarya
        zarya 19 March 2014 18: 50
        Well, in general, as in the movie Dr. Strangelove. :-)
  31. DS14
    DS14 19 March 2014 13: 43
    Does not let go of the obsessive desire for underwater US and NATO perimeter nuclear mining, as well as hanging Domoclov’s sword in the form of orbital multi-megaton charges right above the heads of opponents according to the ISS type - and then something is complicated and far ... let the horns sweat ...
    1. shatu
      shatu 19 March 2014 20: 09
      By the way, the article somehow ignored nuclear submarines.
      If you believe an Internet, then the Russian Federation has 75 submarines with 14 nuclear charges (14 are active out of 28). Yes, and the rest, I think, is not a gift - there is something to be fired at.

      Data taken from here:Список_кораблей_Военно-Морc
      whom_ Fleet_ of the Russian Federation

      Sources, of course, are not very reliable, but that’s not the point, how are such submarines going to neutralize? Or is NATO submarine lurking behind every submarine?
      Even if pandostaniya manages to erase us from the Earth, then I hope our sailors will show them the mother of Kuzma!
  32. solar99
    solar99 19 March 2014 14: 20
    Quote: ed65b
    And yet, what about Anzhero-Sudzhensk? there is nothing except a coal mine and a railway line.

    What about Magnitogorsk? Steel mill ??? Is it only proximity to Yamantau ...
    1. Burmistr
      Burmistr 19 March 2014 14: 31
      Maybe in those parts some significant artifacts from a past civilization have been preserved? On Novaya Zemlya, artifacts were destroyed with a nuclear explosion. And still it is a closed territory. Apparently not everything was destroyed.
  33. Tektor
    Tektor 19 March 2014 14: 29
    New PRO meme. By means of missile defense, you can mean anything if it is capable of destroying a missile even before leaving the mine. yes For example, our complex Rubezh, or Iskander ...
  34. over
    over 19 March 2014 14: 46
    Friends, I’m a man far from the sun, but I really like sites with this theme. That even registered and write the first koment.
    As much as we would not like it, but our armament is both quantitatively and qualitatively inferior to ovskoe, and they simply have no equal in world influence. And another arms race will simply destroy us. And while we poorly reequip poorly, you can go the other way. Everyone knows that they are rare rascals. They will never climb unless they are one hundred percent sure of victory.
    We can create or supposedly create a bunker in the center of Russia at a kilometer depth and lay there such a nuclear charge that is guaranteed to destroy the entire planet. You can simply protect the plot of the taiga with a kalyuchka and launch a misinformation such as a top secret Russian weapon. The perimeter is resting. And structurally it is easier to do.
    And you can also make tens of thousands of inflatable shells, expanders and S-400. And put them all over the border. Here is the answer to missile defense. Very simple and effective.
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 19 March 2014 15: 45
      Quote: over
      We can create or supposedly create a bunker in the center of Russia at a kilometer depth and lay there such a nuclear charge that is guaranteed to destroy the entire planet.

      "Come on, suicide!" (poster of the era of the fight against alcoholism)
      Dear, well, there is no need to make a world firebrand from my homeland! Instead of "blowing up" amers, you offer to lie under one of their tanks with a bunch of grenades. Will not work! I still want to get a Komarinsky on their grave. And then, who told you that we have no weapons based on new physical principles "in our bosom" apart from conventional weapons?
      So, "it's too early for us to die, we still have things to do at home!"
    2. zarya
      zarya 19 March 2014 18: 53
      Again, as in the movie Dr. Strangelove. And the automation itself decides to trigger.
    3. schizophrenic
      schizophrenic 20 March 2014 00: 27
      Quote: over
      We can create or supposedly create a bunker in the center of Russia at a kilometer depth and lay there such a nuclear charge that is guaranteed to destroy the entire planet

      Well, why destroy the planet, can you calculate the charges so that America becomes Antarctica, though it is almost a suicide, and it’s hard to get out of a bunker for about 200 years.
  35. Auralski
    Auralski 19 March 2014 15: 12
    I was especially touched when our Aifonya spoke about the need to sign a "legally binding" (!) Document that ABM is not against us.
    I just can not understand how such a document differs from toilet paper. winked
  36. JonnyT
    JonnyT 19 March 2014 15: 30
    In general, it’s scary to become after reading such articles. But I don’t think that everything is so bad. There is opposition for every action ..... Someone in America wants to apply the concept of a global strike, after which the answer will not be possible ..... only this is utopia! the answer in any case will be .... and in any case, playing war games using nuclear weapons will lead to mutual destruction!

    who knows
    the perimeter is functioning or not ??? There are a lot of rumors going around!
    What about the new rocket for a breakthrough pro?
    When will the Scalpel return to service?
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 19 March 2014 17: 18
      Quote: JonnyT
      the perimeter is functioning or not ??? There are a lot of rumors going around!

      is functioning. I heard. Even allocated money for modernization

      Quote: JonnyT
      What about the new rocket for a breakthrough pro?

      Tested new combat equipment for a light rocket (Rubezh). heavy missile (Sarmat) will not be new until 2018. We manage with the "Voevoda" for now. Plus, in 2013, work was resumed on the KAZ silos "Mozyr" (the name is different, of course, and the system will be in several echelons and work to reflect all types of military equipment, existing and prospective). This is collectively called super near missile defense

      Quote: JonnyT
      When will the Scalpel return to service?

      In the form in which it never existed. Outline design is underway, the complex is planned to be created with a light rocket to the dimensions of a conventional standard refrigerator car. Based on the results of these works, a decision will be made on the creation of a new complex.

      many generations of rocket launchers regret that today there is no such complex. The Supreme Commander asked me about this, I reported to him that I - for the BZHRK "

      Commander of the Strategic Missile Forces Colonel General Sergey Karakaev.
      1. SHILO
        SHILO 19 March 2014 22: 24
        Ascetic hello hi
        But still. In essence. Do you think the scenario for the article is possible? After all, there is a rational grain in this. Global deception of both allies and the enemy fellow. And is there a weak (exclusive) and strong (confirming) link in this article in your opinion? I do not voice my opinion, because I want to compare the train of thought and conclusions. And thanks yes for links - it was interesting to read.
  37. over
    over 19 March 2014 15: 53
    And then, who told you that apart from conventional weapons, we have no weapons based on new physical principles "in our bosoms"?
    So, "it's too early for us to die, we still have things to do at home!" [/ Quote]

    Maybe there, maybe not. It does not matter. Everything is now controlled by information flows. We think that fascists with machine guns are walking in the streets of Hohland. And they think that not today or tomorrow our tanks will be in Kharkov.
    The main thing is to say that we have such a weapon from which everyone will not even have thoughts about an attack on our mother am
  38. Duelist
    Duelist 19 March 2014 16: 34
    The author plus - the powder must be kept dry!
    And it is high time for Russia to adopt the doctrine of "defensive preemptive strike" - which is precisely the deterrent factor. Think, if Russia did not have nuclear weapons, it would have been sovereign for a long time. Who wants to be in coalition with the aggressor, if he will get the most out of it in the event of ANY mess? - This is how NATO should be destroyed (as in the 80s), remember the nuclear-free zones in Europe?
  39. The comment was deleted.
  40. Bakht
    Bakht 19 March 2014 17: 25
    The article is a fat plus. Everything is just that.
  41. fregina1
    fregina1 19 March 2014 17: 48
    I wonder if a new radar will be built in exchange for the closed one in Sevastopol? repeat The place is VERY good !!! Moreover, these are now quickly being built facilities!
    1. saag
      saag 19 March 2014 20: 53
      There is a Voronezh under Armavir and is functioning normally, which it showed when missile launches in the Mediterranean were discovered
  42. Gorkii
    Gorkii 19 March 2014 18: 01
    all the same, it seems that the perimeter system is the main argument of our independence
  43. Leader
    Leader 19 March 2014 18: 05
    And the whole world (or only Europe) must loudly, briefly, clearly and firmly promise to wipe any country off the face of the Earth - if an American rocket flies from them to us. And that neighboring countries will also get.
    Let them pause - is the tender "military" friendship with the United States worth such a prospect?

    And in general, perhaps the best way to bring them to life is to organize a leak of information and publish a "secret" map, where Russia and China have divided the globe into two halves of their interests.
    We - the Eastern Hemisphere, China - the western, along with the United States. yes
  44. IOwTZ
    IOwTZ 19 March 2014 18: 57
    I read comments and wonder, comrades, you are on the verge of collapse. The article is a minus for the fact that we were drawn without an exit situation. I’m certainly not special, but there are mobile missile systems and then there should be not 12 goals, but much more. There are submarines grazing in the Atlantic, there are railway trains, vans, sea containers with nuclear pills. Americans can’t keep track of this. And the answer will happen, in a semi-automatic mode. It is clear that in no case should you relax, and I am sure that work in this direction is underway. The Americans owned atomic weapons in the 50s, but even when we were with the same hoe, they did not dare to bomb us. Plus an article for drawing number 10. There are a lot of talented people in Russia, I believe that there is a worthy answer. I propose to calm down (but not relax), not to panic, go to the bath, wash the ass and go to bed a little later.
  45. wandlitz
    wandlitz 19 March 2014 18: 58
    The time has come to build a radar in the Crimea, since no one needs to ask permission from anyone .. I think they should make a similar decision.
  46. polite people
    polite people 19 March 2014 19: 33
    And we thought it was over. Peace and security. People - do not believe this will never happen. The whole world wants to see RUSSIA on its knees. They only need her like that. And no other. Margaret Thatcher said that we should live no more than 15 million slaves and all. Strong we interfere with them. Very disturbing. Therefore, RUSSIA will never listen to anyone and will go its own way - BY MAINTAINING ORDER AND PEACE. It is the WORLD, and therefore we will arm ourselves, arm ourselves and arm ourselves. We are the guarantor of PEACE on the planet. It has always been that way. And will be. soldier soldier soldier
  47. propolsky
    propolsky 19 March 2014 19: 48
    Yes, it’s long enough to play the role of "obedient and incomprehensible child" in the American comedy about Russia. The time of the "Chupachups" is over, it's time to get busy, we played "democrats". And there is nothing to look at "teeth", lifted!
  48. tnk1969
    tnk1969 19 March 2014 20: 07
    If, de facto, America has already "tested" missiles in the Mediterranean Sea, and they in fact belong to medium-range missiles, then Russia should also withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty). And by withdrawing from this Treaty, warn all countries in which the deployment of missile defense elements is planned that our strategic arsenals will be targeted at them. And we need to abandon the first requirement for nuclear weapons. And then NATO members will think ... And start consultations with China and Iran on countering the American missile defense system. I think that the danger of a nuclear strike will come to the senses of the Europeans and they will understand that the Americans are setting them up again.
    And here someone wrote about the strike on Yellowstone ... I think we need to make a "leak" from an informed person in the Ministry of Defense about playing scenarios and team games on this topic. And give all this to the Western media. This will frighten the American inhabitants ... More than missiles in Cuba ... Although this option should be started to develop ...
  49. studentmati
    studentmati 19 March 2014 21: 48
    Decision time for retaliation is at least 4 minutes. A massive attack on the decision centers, control points and basing points of our missiles will almost certainly disable their critical significant part.

    More often and not only in the press it is necessary to remind the adversaries about the "Perimeter"!
  50. studentmati
    studentmati 19 March 2014 22: 02
    For some reason, Russia was “led” to the version of Israel’s testing of its own missile defense system, which had been invented by the end of that day.

    Standard misinformation.