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Russia is preparing to adopt a new subject of the federation.

Russia is preparing to adopt a new subject of the federation.The State Duma is planning for 21 in March to consider a package of bills according to which Crimea can become a new subject of the Russian Federation.
After the completion of voting in Crimea, the official results of the referendum were summed up, according to which it turned out that more than 97,4% of Crimeans supported the accession of Crimea to Crimea, about 2,5% voted for Ukraine to remain part of Ukraine. Turnout was more than 83%, and this is an absolute record of all the processes of expression of the will of the Crimean people over the past decade.
Simultaneously with the referendum, a separate referendum on the future of Sevastopol was held in the Crimea. It is worth noting that Sevastopol was a city of central subordination and was not part of the administrative component of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Sevastopol overwhelmingly (about 96%) also voted for the entry of the city into the Russian Federation.
March 18 is scheduled for a speech by the President of Russia to representatives of the Federal Assembly. After this speech, the fate of the Crimea and Sevastopol will be finally decided. Already we can assume that Vladimir Putin will take a positive decision on the admission to the Russian Federation of a new entity.
Today, the Crimea has been declared an independent state by local authorities. So far, no state in the world has officially recognized the independence of the Crimean Republic. And this is the first step that Russia can take to comply with all international legal norms on the inclusion of Crimea in its membership.
People who call themselves the authorities of Ukraine continue to call the Crimean referendum illegitimate, playing their own games for boystrying to prove their legitimacy to the world. However, such games are unlikely to have anything in common with the letter of international law for the reason that Kiev officials a few weeks ago destroyed the constitutional system of the state, putting itself outside the law.
If the Crimea will be part of Russia, the population of the Russian Federation will automatically increase by 2 million people. At the same time, there will be two more hero cities in Russia - hero cities Kerch and Sevastopol will be added. The length of the coastline of the country will increase.
Yulia Tymoshenko and the leaders of the “Right Sector” have already threatened the Crimea with a “partisan war”.
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  1. Leshka
    Leshka 17 March 2014 20: 17
    welcome CRIMEA drinks
  2. TurboSloN
    TurboSloN 17 March 2014 20: 26
    Terrorists must ... blow them up, then Umarov is called for help, then they want to organize Nazi partisans .... Do you want to repeat the "feats" of militants in the Caucasus? Only you have no mountains and there will be nowhere to hide, but in the open field you are already yearning for Drying with FAB-500.
  3. Booby
    Booby 17 March 2014 20: 44
    This manifesto was written by a Ukrainian patriot, I want to highlight a separate part:
    Who cares about the future of YOUR children - REPEAT

    "I envy the Russians.
    I envy their Olympics and their army, I have many friends, there are
    relatives in Russia. And I see how they change and grow. They believe
    to your President. They believe in their army. They are proud of their great
    history, their achievements and victories.
    And this was our common story ... and victories and achievements. Just yesterday. They are
    reconciled with themselves. They didn’t give a damn about the West we worship. And they
    go further and develop so that they don’t tell us on our televisions and
    on our forums. And I understand that this is what we are losing, not them. we
    become weaker, and they are stronger.
    And no matter how loudly we shout "Glory to Ukraine!" it cannot be stopped.
    More recently, we mocked when they had Chechnya.
    And now the Chechens are no less Russian than the Russians themselves. They are ready
    fight for your reborn and Great Country. Part of which they
    are. And already Chechen battalions scare us. How did this happen ???
    They killed each other yesterday. And the reason is simple, the Chechens were able
    remember that they are Russian, and that they are part of the Great Country and the Great
    The people.
    We gloat when they have terrorist attacks and disasters.
    And they overcome them time after time and become stronger! Although the whole world is against them!
    They fall and rise again. They stand and smile. They only spit blood through their teeth.
    And we scream that they are slaves. That soon they will fall apart, oil will fall,
    NATO will attack, and next punishment will fall on them. But they are us!
    We spit in our reflection. Themselves in.
    We need to remember that we are one. And when we start
    to understand and realize this. That feeling will come, when something former in ours
    ancestors. Feeling of inner strength, hope, faith and pride in the fact that we
    also Russian.
    And it doesn’t matter who our ancestors are, Ukrainians, Tatars, Jews, Buryats or Uzbeks.
    It doesn’t matter who we are by faith, Catholics, Orthodox, Muslims or Jews.
    It is not important. The main thing is that we are Russians! And we are part of the great people
    and a great country. "
    1. TurboSloN
      TurboSloN 17 March 2014 20: 50
      It seems to me that many "maydauns" think, I would give you a plus for the information, but not mature enough, so just respect)))
    2. free
      free 18 March 2014 05: 00
      not a step back, nor any concessions, they are pissing, they want to live in trembling knees, HEAR THE PRESIDENT WE ARE WITH YOU IN FIRE AND IN WATER, NOT A STEP BACK, VIVAT RUSSIA!
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Serebryakov. 75
    Serebryakov. 75 17 March 2014 22: 28
    Yatsenyuk runs into the White House Oval Office:
    - Mr. President, Mr. President !!! I just called the Kremlin, as you ordered me ... I tell them: Give Crimea back, oaths! Otherwise, it will be bad for you !!! .. And Putin replied: "Go to the ass, big-eared! .. And call again - you will pay rent for 60 years !!!" ... Call him, tell him not to call him names. ..
    Obama listened gloomily and exploded:
    - GO TO ASS, EAR !!! !!! .. I already called yesterday ... Do you know how much they put me for Alaska !?
    1. badger1974
      badger1974 17 March 2014 23: 49
      the rabbit brought there the Ukrainian gold reserve in the form of Scythian GOLD, gold is of low quality, but has a very high cultural value, so that the rats of the tributes are already running from the boat
  6. badger1974
    badger1974 17 March 2014 23: 44
    and Timokha and others like her already are troupe, so, we’re home, hello bear, but the bear cub Crimea hasn’t finished things yet, because the habitat must be marked, so that both Donbass and Kharkiv and Odessa are our habitat
  7. Andrey_cn
    Andrey_cn 18 March 2014 01: 43
    Quote: Bukh
    More recently, we mocked when they had Chechnya.

    Quote: Bukh
    We gloat when they have terrorist attacks and disasters.
    - delirium, mocking and gloating in such situations can only inappropriate people
    "Yulia Tymoshenko and the leaders of the Right Sector have already threatened Crimea with a" partisan war. " - these politicians said, they need to be promoted, only business.