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Completion of the contract for the supply of armored personnel carriers BTR-4 to Indonesia

According to the Interfax-Ukraine news agency, citing the press service of the Ukrainian state concern Ukroboronprom, GHVP Spetstekhnoeksport, a subsidiary of the state company Ukrspetsexport, and the Indonesian Ministry of Defense completed the development of the draft contract for the supply of Ukrainian BTR-4 to the Indonesian Navy .

According to a report by the state concern, sent to Interfax-Ukraine on Thursday, the draft contract for the supply of the first five BTR-4 to the Indonesian customer was initialed by the parties during the talks held in Jakarta in late February.

Armored personnel carrier BTR-4MB (prototype) (c) KMDB im. A.A. Morozova

“The draft contract was initialed by both parties. Currently, the process of its approval by authorized structures of the Ministry of Defense of Indonesia is underway. It is expected that this contract will be transferred to the Ukrainian side in the near future,” the press service informs.

"This contract is the first step in the procurement program of armored vehicles by the Indonesian Navy. In case of its successful implementation, according to the existing agreement, the Indonesian customer will be supplied with 50 similar machines," the state concern said, "The victory in this project was won in a difficult competitive situation the fight against Russian special exporters. "
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  1. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed 17 March 2014 11: 44
    Is that humor? What supplies and from whom? There the whole country is holding a meeting, there is no one to work ... wassat
    "The victory in this project was won in a difficult competition with Russian special exporters."

    Well, even a dispute will not work ... Russia won !!! wink
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov 17 March 2014 11: 52
      And who is the plant in the east? Ours will or will remain independent as a result? =]
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Lone gunman
        Lone gunman 17 March 2014 12: 30
        On the outskirts of Russia will be.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. jjj
      jjj 17 March 2014 13: 13
      Sell ​​something to sell. But they won’t be able to deliver. Maidan imposed a resolution on
  2. vkrav
    vkrav 17 March 2014 11: 47
    Well, do you need to return the Iraqi contract somewhere? laughing
  3. Perm59rus
    Perm59rus 17 March 2014 11: 48
    another contract decided about shit
  4. W1950
    W1950 17 March 2014 11: 53
    The army is ruined, and the technology in Indonesia. Again thieves in power.
    1. Aleksandr12
      Aleksandr12 17 March 2014 12: 03
      They didn’t go anywhere smile
    2. alone
      alone 17 March 2014 20: 22
      Quote: W1950
      The army is ruined, and the technology in Indonesia. Again thieves in power.

      Until recently, Russia was the same. And what do you mean by that? wink
  5. ZU-23
    ZU-23 17 March 2014 12: 00
    Well, for God's sake, someone must take them. There by the way in Indonesia Rogozin was that week, they became interested in ERA-GLONASS.
  6. Antibrim
    Antibrim 17 March 2014 12: 00
    enterprises need to somehow survive. sold to everyone who buys.
  7. moremansf
    moremansf 17 March 2014 12: 00
    According to media reports, the Ukroboronprom concern is in no hurry to cooperate with the new authorities of Ukraine ...
  8. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 17 March 2014 12: 00
    Of course, one could write something with evil irony, but probably enough already.
    KOSMOS 17 March 2014 12: 14
    Quote: Standard Oil
    Of course, one could write something with evil irony, but probably enough already.

    I agree! We will rejoice for the Ukrainian defense industry! I hope a penny will get a penny!
  10. JonnyT
    JonnyT 17 March 2014 12: 18
    Let the plant work!
    Salaries to people pays!
    The fewer hungry mouths in Ukraine - the better for Russia!
    All the same, this industrial enterprise will sooner or later work for the Russian defense industry
    1. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 17 March 2014 13: 25
      Quote: JonnyT
      All the same, this industrial enterprise will sooner or later work for the Russian defense industry

      So many defense industry enterprises in Ukraine and so work with the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation. Mainly because their products in the world are rarely taken by anyone.
      There are many of their manufacturers in the arms and military equipment market. And superfluous competitors are useless there.
      And in the current situation it is generally unclear how the Ukrainian military-industrial complex is going to produce something? request
  11. Mikado
    Mikado 17 March 2014 12: 48
    Will the Indonesians try to cram cars not accepted by Iraq?)
    1. Russkiy53
      Russkiy53 17 March 2014 13: 06
      And why: "not accepted"? An uninhabited tower, a centro-engine layout and, most importantly, an exit from the landing, from behind ... judging by the photographic armament for the armored personnel carrier, more than ... what are the hidden defects?
      1. max702
        max702 17 March 2014 21: 17
        There were a lot of defects, both structural and manufacturing, they pulled up the mass too fast and the machine rolls in, metal welding is not up to the mark and other jambs.
  12. avt
    avt 17 March 2014 12: 59
    Here the other day, the maydaunas of 50 KAMAZ trucks, which they wanted to deliver to Kazakhstan from a site in Ukraine, were stolen. And here request even if they do, the Indonesians will have to carry out a military operation in order to pick up the cars.
  13. Vyacheslav 64
    Vyacheslav 64 17 March 2014 14: 18
    Colleagues, do not offend our brothers from the east, they, like ours, also have families, children.
    I believe that they respect and respect, that in such difficult conditions they managed to maintain their production potential and continue to collect modern equipment. These are Kharkov brothers.
  14. Cristall
    Cristall 17 March 2014 19: 52
    yes they are great. People work. Quietly, without an explosion of packages and cocktails, they worked for the country, while others were bawling and "fought" .. for 200 UAH
    judging by the general salary of the Maidan worker and the worker of Kharkov, the comparison is not in favor of the second. And according to merit, the homeland is not a comparison at all.