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Veche in Kharkov: "Right Sector" shot at protesters

Veche in Kharkov: "Right Sector" shot at protesters

On the eve of the Crimean referendum was supported by residents of Kharkov. Thousands of people came to the assembly to vote for freedom of choice, the right to their native language and the federalization of the region. The organizers said that many who did not go to the rally for fear - on Saturday, militants of the Right Sector staged a shooting in the city, which killed two people.

Several thousand citizens came to the referendum meeting, they decided to hold it in support of the Crimean. Ballot papers have three main points that must be supported or rejected: democracy, linguistic sovereignty and economic federalization.

The results of the vote will sum up the other day. The second group of protesters took up a position opposite the council house. The townspeople stretched a thirty-meter-high cloth in the colors of the Russian flag. The culmination of the protest action was a march to the Russian consulate general. Residents of Kharkov asked Vladimir Putin to protect them from the Nazis, those who occupied offices in Kiev and sent neo-fascists of the right sector to the city.

From the second floor of the office center, the militants of the Right Sector methodically shoot people on the street. Everyone who enters the zone of visibility of the shooter, whether it be a regular passerby or a policeman, automatically finds himself in the line of fire. Another shot - and a young man falls on the asphalt. They are trying to help him, unsuccessfully. Five minutes later, doctors ascertain death.

The three-story building is squeezed into a row of others the same. It is impossible to bypass the flank, there is one way - through the gate and into the courtyard. So the townspeople got to the rear of the militants, where they were greeted with Molotov cocktails.

It all started on the Maidan of Freedom. Radicals arrived there by bus, threw pro-Russian activists with smoke bombs and sprayed tear gas.

Provocateurs tracked down. But the citizens themselves could not do anything. Soon the police cordoned off the block. Directly from the house arrest, which he appointed the capital court, the city head Gennady Kernes burst through the cordon in a training suit. He immediately called the leader of the militants Andrei Biletsky on his mobile phone.

This far-right nationalist missed all the events on the Maidan. At this time he was serving his sentence in the colony for group robbery. But with the advent of the new government, Biletsky was released under an amnesty as a political prisoner. Yarosh immediately took it into circulation and sent it to the "eastern front."

Meanwhile, Biletsky and his gang are already held hostage by three people: a policeman and two guards. Militants require a bus to leave the city, specifically - to Poltava. Most of the armed nationalists came from there.

Kernes still went to visit the radicals. As promised, alone and without weapons. And soon he returned and brought one hostage. Nikolai confirmed: Bandera are serious, they have enough weapons. "They have everything there divided into groups. Mostly hunting pump-action shotguns, travmatika. I talked to them, said that you are doing? You understand that this is not a game, a game? You are killing people, I say."

Two killed, five seriously wounded, among them one policeman. The end came on Saturday morning. Militants suddenly decided to surrender. Here they are put in buses, no one resists. The townspeople do not believe that the radicals will be taken to prison and not taken out of the city and released, and they block the road.

The next day, it becomes known - more than thirty people were detained. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine confirmed that all the detainees were the militants of the Right Sector, and it was the radicals who were the first to open fire. A whole arsenal of weapons was removed from the building. And this is not the first sortie of the right-wing radicals. A few days ago, participants in the peaceful pro-Russian march were shot from the same Volkswagen.

In the afternoon, on the square - a rally of many thousands. People require an honest investigation. Near the building of the regional department, where evromaydanovtsev was taken, activists of the city militia have been on duty for two days. They fear that radical youth will be released. By the way, the information that the neo-fascist Biletsky, who was definitely in the building, was detained along with everyone was not confirmed. Apparently, he was allowed to leave at night, through a hole in the wall. It was probably the price of a deal in which the militants agreed to surrender to the authorities voluntarily.
The office of the radicals in Rymarskaya’s protesters defeated today, the St. Andrew’s flag was hoisted onto the building
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  1. Good
    Good 17 March 2014 09: 48
    At this rate, the "current" Kiev authorities will lose all areas and remain on the ruins of the Maidan. And then until the inhabitants of Kiev will not rise to the fight against fascism.
    1. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov 17 March 2014 09: 56
      Right Sector militants are methodically shooting people in the street.
      Ordinary fascism ..! I hope our special services also work! (there is no rest for them .. The Olympics were held without excesses !!! .. and here again, a day to fly) Good luck to you guys! The main thing is that without loss!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. TUNISIA
      TUNISIA 17 March 2014 09: 57
      Ukraine urgently needs a large-scale anti-terrorist and anti-extremist operation, before it is too late.
      1. philip
        philip 17 March 2014 10: 03
        GDP NU BLN Cho.
        1. domokl
          domokl 17 March 2014 10: 08
          Quote: Philip
          GDP NU BLN Cho.

          Urgently run to the draft board ... We do not have enough such aggressive fighters ... laughing
          1. Strezhevchanin
            Strezhevchanin 17 March 2014 10: 22
            Quote: domokl
            Urgent run to the draft board ... We do not have enough such aggressive fighters

            Why just send SMS wassat
          2. alone
            alone 17 March 2014 20: 26
            Quote: domokl
            Urgently run to the draft board ... We do not have enough such aggressive fighters ...

            wassat Why? Lying on the couch is more convenient)) laughing
    4. bubalik
      bubalik 17 March 2014 10: 00
      just want to start a war ,,,,
      It is urgent to prepare for a possible start to the Russian invasion.
      This was stated by the leader of the "Right Sector" Dmitry Yarosh in his address.
      He believes that the Ukrainian government is obliged to immediately form the headquarters of the high command, to prepare the headquarters for active actions in defense of the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine and to counter the invasion of the occupying forces.
      In addition, Yarosh urged the state leadership in the event of aggression to declare a war against the invaders, declare general mobilization of the population, and form armed combat units.
      In his opinion, it is also necessary to ensure the supply of weapons from NATO member states, to prepare for destruction weapons, vehicles and facilities of the Ukrainian Navy, which may fall into the hands of "collaborators and occupiers."

      full text
      1. Vedmed_23
        Vedmed_23 17 March 2014 10: 25
        The rabbit has already asked for a weapon, to which he was instructed to "sit and gnaw dry rations", let his jaw train, soon he will have to eat stones.
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. domokl
      domokl 17 March 2014 10: 06
      The information is already old ... Events are rushing at the speed of a racing car ... So far nothing is clear there. But, it seems to me, to predict further events is easier than a steam turnip ...
      The investigation will go not so awkwardly, and then the suspects will be requested in Kiev and they will quietly be released there for lack of evidence. Or for other reasons (such as an improperly held detention or something like that). And then their way to the Crimea ... Through the border , for guerrilla warfare or for heroic death (which is most likely).
    7. 120352
      120352 17 March 2014 11: 26
      It’s time to fight the street trash. To each maydaun a shovel or a broomstick - and the whole struggle against fascism. For the incentive, it is necessary to put along the perimeter of our border guards with dogs and Kalash. But to Kalash - with grenade launchers!
      When the hands are busy, in the head, too, everything comes to order.
    8. The comment was deleted.
    9. arnaut
      arnaut 17 March 2014 12: 28
      Watching everything that happens inside the Ukrainian madhouse, I dare to tell you that in Russia they do not quite understand the situation in Ukraine.
      Fascism (and especially Nazism) is not here. There is its complete opposite - Makhnovism. This is not at all easier for the residents of Ukraine.
      I understand that it is easier for the fighters of the ideological front to fight against fascism than against anarchism. But if the disease of Ukrainian society is correctly diagnosed, then it will be easier to fight it.
      By the way, for Ukrainians the word fascist is even more abusive than for Russians. All the same, all of Ukraine saw the Nazis. Take advantage of this and the Ukrainian fighters. Examples: Gubarev’s accusations that he was a member of RNU.
      Kharkov is one of the victims of the Right Sector, allegedly a fascist

      706.100000684512307 & type = 1 & relevant_count = 1
      Well, there are a lot of videos from Moscow, where the fighters against fascism - dressed in "red shirts" (by analogy with brown shirts and black shirts) march around Moscow in formation.

      It only saves that the majority of Ukraine does not believe the media. To all the media.

      For critics.
      I do not like what is happening in Ukraine. Unlike most commentators, I can become a victim if persecution of Russian speakers begins in Ukraine. Unlike many Russian-speaking people, I will not be able to leave here, since I have an unsportsmanlike father.
      But when our rulers make it so that two fraternal Slavic peoples accuse each other of fascism - this is a representation of our grandfathers who destroyed Nazism.
      1. wanderer_032
        wanderer_032 17 March 2014 12: 37
        Quote: arnaut
        Fascism (and especially Nazism) is not here.

        And the followers of Bandera reading "Mine-Kapmf" and openly speaking about the prohibition of the Russian language, the displacement and destruction of those who speak Russian.
        As well as people of other nationalities.
        Who do you think this is?
        1. arnaut
          arnaut 17 March 2014 13: 26
          Once upon a time with I tried to read mine-camph. For general educational purposes. I read 4 percent and quit, well, very boring reading. At Lenin’s school it was easier to take notes — the language was more expressive. I bet on a bottle of pepper, that people who are now showing how the Nazis would not have mastered even 1 percent.
          About the language. In Ukraine, literally a few people speak about the crowding out of the Russian language. All Russophobes now gathered like a midge on a lamp in the Right Sector. According to Aksyonov, the right sector in Ukraine is 1500 people. According to ratings, Yarosh in the presidential election takes less than 1 percent. And this is in conditions of real shock from the green men.
          For general development. Now in Ukraine, most of the airtime on TV is in Russian. In bookstores, Ukrainian books are represented by very expensive children's books by the posh publishing house "Ababagalamaga", legal literature, and literally one billboard shelf (with a circulation of 1000-1500 copies).
          Often I communicate on work with representatives of Western Ukraine. If you contact them in Russian, they automatically switch to Russian.
          So I dare say - the problem of language is contrived.
          Last year, two Russian colonels from Moscow helped to make a trip to Western Ukraine. One has Ukrainian roots, but even before the collapse of the Union, his parents moved to Russia, the second refined Ryazan. When they returned, they said that they were dreaming that they would be treated like that in Dagestan, as in Western Ukraine.
  2. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed 17 March 2014 09: 49
    A strange situation, lawlessness on the streets of a modern city, inaction of the police and authorities, distrust of the people that "ghouls" will be punished ...
    The "arrested" Gennady Adolfovich Kernes, who, in a fit, rushed to "put things in order" and the authorities' statement about "more than 30 people were detained" was especially struck - probably there were not enough fingers on his leg to count laughing
    1. domokl
      domokl 17 March 2014 10: 14
      Quote: tumbleweed
      Strange situation,

      Why? Lawlessness? So it is the revolutionary masses, guided by revolutionary legal consciousness, that they administer justice over the enemies of the people and their minions ...
      Police inaction? And they (policemen) think they are not watching the news? Do you think they do not know about the fate of the Berkut soldiers?
      And the authorities? Let me ask you: those who were driven out, or those who are appointed from among the same maydaunov?
      Distrust of the people? And how can you trust the authorities, which even bank robbers are released for services to the Maidan
      And the last ... According to competent people, the militants were 40 ... 38 was detained .. So the two real commanders left ... And most likely not without the help of the police ...
  3. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 17 March 2014 09: 51
    For some reason, I’m sure that neither Euronews nor the Biblis will show it.
    1. Normal
      Normal 17 March 2014 10: 14
      Quote: FC Skif
      For some reason, I’m sure that neither Euronews nor the Biblis will show it.

      Well, why? Will definitely show. Only voice-over text will be in this style

      I didn’t post it in the discussion, it’s too painful. Anyone interested can get acquainted.
      1. Babon
        Babon 17 March 2014 11: 24
        I read, everything is turned upside down, it turns out where the Nazis are, and this turns out to be peaceful patriots from other areas. They would also write that Kharkov residents themselves are killing each other in order to describe the picture very much.
    2. Strezhevchanin
      Strezhevchanin 17 March 2014 10: 20
      Quote: FC Skif
      For some reason, I’m sure that neither Euronews nor the Biblis will show it.

      But on an independent, such as this will be broadcast !!!
  4. Unknown
    Unknown 17 March 2014 09: 52
    We are waiting for you, BROTHERS! drinks
  5. vladimirZ
    vladimirZ 17 March 2014 09: 53
    Considering that the officials of the governorship and the militia of Kharkov are pursuing the Kiev Bandera course and at any moment can "throw" the Kharkovites, the people of Kharkov and the whole southeast of Ukraine, it is necessary to create their own bodies of power - the Councils of People's Deputies and take power into their own hands.
    Learn from V.I. Lenin, how it is necessary to take power from the bourgeois oligarchs and the related Bandera Nazis. Power to the elected bodies of the people, and then a referendum. The experience of Crimea is in front of you.
    1. Niki
      Niki 17 March 2014 10: 36
      The Bolsheviks then had militants, those revolutionary units would now be called that.
      Maidan now has had hundreds of self-defense ...

      And now, the desire of the Kiev authorities to reform these hundreds into legal structures, and then any new spontaneous appearance of groups that can support some local protests, appeared absolutely logical.

      In general, it is clear that it is best if professionals form the basis of the urban self-defense units. Then the resistance will occur with much smaller losses in manpower and other resources.

      By the way, Yarosh and his associates have been engaged in their activities not for a year or two, but for more than 20 years. They may not have many fighters, but the command was formed a long time ago.
  6. forester
    forester 17 March 2014 09: 53
    they knock out a wedge with a wedge, but they are almonds with them. Are Crimeans really no example to them?
    1. Strezhevchanin
      Strezhevchanin 17 March 2014 10: 26
      Quote: forester
      lyn wedge

      And so it will be !!! We’ve completely relaxed, they haven’t beaten their faces for a long time fellow
      Run Forest run lol
  7. Elle-elle
    Elle-elle 17 March 2014 09: 54
    Now, alarming information is coming in, isn't it? it looks like: "In the Lugansk University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the village of Yubileiny received a command to prepare 500 beds for the fighters of the National Guard - Right Sector, Andrey Borodavka said on the Facebook page on March 15." In the evening and at night, cadets brought beds and mattresses to a separate barracks Wart also reports that about 15 people from NG-PS arrived at the University in the morning of March 400. “The same information in Kharkov - the Head of the Kharkiv Air Force University named after Kozhedub received a command to prepare sleeping places for NG-PS,” Wart wrote. In the evening of March 14, at about 21:80, about 22 people in camouflage blocked a military unit at XNUMX Volodarskogo Street (Cold Mountain - Air Force University). " Source
  8. pv1005
    pv1005 17 March 2014 09: 54
    While many are afraid and do not come, the gradual destruction of the protest movement will continue. And then they will mutter that Russia abandoned them. That is, it turns out they are afraid, and the Russians have no fear, because they, like Duncan MacLeod, have endless lives.
  9. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 17 March 2014 10: 00
    Frankly speaking, I hoped that Kharkov would be more active. They are already being shot in the streets, and they are all trying to agree on something! What other arguments do you need to give? Next time, they will not come to them with a smoothbore, but "national guardsmen" with machine guns and armor!
  10. moremansf
    moremansf 17 March 2014 10: 00
    Unfortunately, there is no power in Ukraine, complete anarchy of fascist elements ... The so-called "new" leadership of the country has absolutely no control over the situation ... what this will lead to is not difficult to guess ... remember the classic - the pre-revolutionary situation - "THE TOP CANNOT, NIZA DOES NOT WANT !!! "... Donetsk, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine ... the people are rising, unable to endure the inaction of the authorities and the lawlessness of the Bandera regime ... Yesterday in the news Alexander Prokhanov said sensible things, Yanukovych, as a legitimate president, must create a government in exile and begin to act in the interests of the Ukrainian people, stop sitting out in Rostov, behind the back of Russia, the time has come to show courage and patriotism, to pay tribute to the people who elected him president ... but there will be advisers and associates in the right cause !! ! The people of Ukraine are tired of deceptions and lies, they want peace and stability, and Russia has always been there !!!
  11. Rusin Dima
    Rusin Dima 17 March 2014 10: 01
    I wonder why there is no money for retirement and for militants throughout Ukraine
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 17 March 2014 10: 15
      Quote: Rusin Dima
      I wonder why there is no money for retirement and for militants throughout Ukraine

      Because pensioners' money goes to provide for the militants! 40 social programs have already been reduced !!! "The army must be provided!" The only question is WHAT !!!
      1. Ivan Russky
        Ivan Russky 17 March 2014 10: 53

        Already swung the pipe. The geyropa will not stroke them over the head for this.
        1. wanderer_032
          wanderer_032 17 March 2014 12: 15
          Quote: Ivan Russian
          Already swung the pipe. The geyropa will not stroke them over the head for this.

          It is rather a provocation than a real threat.
          If the Banderlog do this, then they will have nowhere to take money from (they will prefer to steal gas, or milk those who have money from the pipe). The cash cow is not slaughtered; it is milked. In addition, this threat directly affects the interests of the Ukrainian oligarchy, which controls the work of the "pipe" and receives money from it, which means that as long as they have mercenaries, they will fight for this cash cow.
          In addition, if they touch the pipe, the EU will immediately declare them enemy No. 1 and begin to raid them.
          And it is not known how long these dolbo will live ... from PS.
          So in any case, they will come soon kirdyk if the pipe is touched.
          And they do not resemble kamikaze, something on the Maidan was hidden behind other people's backs.
    2. Aleksandr12
      Aleksandr12 17 March 2014 10: 18
      That is why there is no money. They let everyone down on the militants so that diarrhea seizes am . And pensioners, such as they live well, they have vegetable gardens and pickles from last year.
    3. from punk
      from punk 17 March 2014 10: 21
      Quote: Rusin Dima
      I wonder why there is no money for retirement and for militants throughout Ukraine

      because seniors do not esem.syat. and therefore do not support the Ukrainian army wink
  12. Cossacks
    Cossacks 17 March 2014 10: 01
    With all my heart with Kharkovites. You need a leader and money. "There are few violent ones and there are no leaders"
  13. Siberian19
    Siberian19 17 March 2014 10: 03
    On the night of March 17, fifty young people with St. George ribbons and flags of the Donetsk Republic blocked the entrances to the border part on Gagarin Street in Mariupol and part in Novoazovsk. The head of the Donetsk border detachment, Colonel Yuri Lysyuk, said that the picketers threatened to take action if one of the border guards tries to leave the territory of the border unit.
    Picketers are representatives of the anti-fascist committee. They were called by the border guards themselves, who did not want to leave part and were afraid that they would be forced to fight.
    Lysyuk ordered his baits to not enter into negotiations with the picketers, but also not to respond to their actions until they start firing, but, according to border guards, the picketers do not have weapons with them.
    Vitali Klitschko, who learned about this incident, immediately made a noise on the Internet and was going to contact the Donetsk SBU, but could not find anyone there by phone - all the SBU phones are silent - this is not surprising - yesterday, March 16, the building of the SBU in Donetsk was crushed by protesters, and now the security officers are sitting back at home.
    1. major071
      major071 17 March 2014 10: 12
      Having learned about this case, Vitali Klitschko immediately made a noise on the Internet and was going to contact the Donetsk SBU,

      Wow, another Judas drew herself. He’s afraid to go by himself, apparently not all his pants were removed. Now only on the Internet and by phone. God forbid they’ll fill their faces, it’s not a ring, there are no rules. laughing
  14. mvv
    mvv 17 March 2014 10: 11
    Well, how long will you paw there? You will soon start tearing to pieces in the streets. Etozh Ichkeria-2 is pecking ... Damn, until you start going to the market with a grenade in your pocket, you won’t understand anything. It's a shame right up to the groan of people for you.
  15. Gagarin
    Gagarin 17 March 2014 10: 12
    Yes, it will be harder than in the Crimea, here as in the proverb - EAST BUSINESS IS THIN ...
  16. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 17 March 2014 10: 17
    No one has done more to separate the Crimea than the Maidan new government in Kiev.
  17. aleks700
    aleks700 17 March 2014 10: 23
    The lower classes do not want anything at all! To the millionth city of 5000 protesters ?! Maybe the truth came from Belgorod? Do not want war? The war will come east anyway. It's a question of time. And either the East will resist, or after 20 years the children of the current pacifists will chant mos kalei on knives!
  18. Aleksandr12
    Aleksandr12 17 March 2014 10: 23
    What the fascists do is horror! And the police are afraid of them, a small bunch of villains intimidated the whole state. If statesmen and their representatives (police, etc.) cannot (do not want) protect their citizens, drive them into the neck like negligent workers.
    1. Putnik960
      Putnik960 17 March 2014 10: 30
      Bulgakov once wrote in 1917 that a handful of drunken deserters of 600-800 people are terrorizing the capital of the empire. and what came of it ...
  19. il2.chewie
    il2.chewie 17 March 2014 10: 38
    And the brown end is always the same - the mother of the cheese is the earth. history teaches nothing
  20. Coffee_time
    Coffee_time 17 March 2014 10: 39
    In my opinion, in the east, people simply did not fully realize the destructiveness of their situation, are they afraid, what are they afraid of? They are afraid to protect their children, their land. What can I say, Russia will help if you yourself begin to help yourself. And while you are silent, sit at home and are afraid, but this is not a task, these will come to your house with time, the walls will not help. Good luck in your confrontation with the Nazis and gangs.
  21. From
    From 17 March 2014 10: 46
    Stock up on bottles of kerosene and skipdar Kharkiv residents. Do not go to the buildings on the roofs of which the punitive snipers will sit in a crowd. But when the bandits in armored vehicles begin to drive around under the windows of houses, you will have a chance to get the temporarily serviceable armored vehicles of the punishers with a "Molotov" gift. I advise those who have rifles with optics not to engage in open combat with bandits. Shoot at them from cover only during open fire. You can provoke these narrow-minded people to shoot with distracting explosions of firecrackers and explosives. And under the cover of their shooting - shoot their leaders with single shots. Without shepherds, they are a flock of sheep!
  22. Auralski
    Auralski 17 March 2014 10: 56
    Ah yes brave Kernes! From the substance that does not sink.
    I ran to my friends, said:
    - Guys, the locals want to tear you up, I’ll tear everything apart, and you don’t forget me later.

    Yes, it’s tense with the leaders. Kharkov boys! Miss the moment - you will be sorry all your life!
  23. rasputin17
    rasputin17 17 March 2014 11: 03
    Crimean referendum should serve as a starting point and a signal for action of all regions and regions of Ukraine who do not want to live under the oppression of a fascist infection !!! Russia is ready to take all its children home !!
  24. ALEKS419
    ALEKS419 17 March 2014 11: 07
    Quote: TUNISIA
    Ukraine urgently needs a large-scale anti-terrorist and anti-extremist operation, before it is too late.

    It is clear what is needed. And who will conduct? Our ?? In the west, such "vaidos" will begin.
  25. HAM
    HAM 17 March 2014 11: 07
    I would ask the Germans, French and other Swedes to open a dorga in the EU as soon as possible, they would sooner learn that, compared to these, the Arabs are just snotty boys, and then "Obama will help them".
    1. made13
      made13 17 March 2014 11: 41
      In Europe, not a single Ukrainian is needed - they have enough of their problems. And before the Maidan, no one kept wanting to go to Europe, only who needs them there?
  26. ed65b
    ed65b 17 March 2014 11: 20
    Kepa, at least in place, the situation arrived poorly poorly, but he resolved. unlike Yanuka did not crap one's pants.
    1. alone
      alone 17 March 2014 20: 32
      + Edward! This one, although Kepa, turned out to be bolder than this thief!
  27. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 17 March 2014 11: 32
    It seems that in the Kharkiv region and the Donbass, still many people do not understand who came to power in the country and what consequences this could entail.
    Many of them still hope that in a country where anarchy and anarchy actually reign, there are still militia and the army that can protect them from the arbitrariness of the Nazi gangs and from slave existence under the control of local oligarchs. These are empty hopes, because Ukraine has split into many separate groups that are actively fighting for power and will continue to lead it for a very long time, until their ability to do so is depleted. Or until some grouping is destroyed by competitors or a third force.
    The oligarchs have money, but there isn’t such power behind them that in the struggle for power can resist the ultra-Nazi groups. The actions of their forces consisting of professional mercenaries depend on the amount of money that they are paid if tomorrow whoever pays them does not have enough money, then the mercenaries will simply disperse to those who can pay. Or they will put together in their own separate groups and take what they need by force. Conversely, the Natsiks have power and weapons, not enough fin. money, but there is an ideology that allows you to attract the replenishment in the ranks of people and put your plans into action.
    And between them (as between a rock and a hard place), ordinary inhabitants of which regard all these forces as a milking herd. And they (the groups fighting for power) will try to squeeze everything out of this herd, from money to replenishment of their groups with "infantry", that is, ordinary performers.
    And those who understand everything that is happening and do not want to adhere to either side, as well as eke out a miserable existence under the yoke of a particular group, remain in the dry residue.
    Here you need strong opposition from all citizens living in these regions. If everyone who does not want to be a pawn in the hands of one or the other and is able to resist, all without exception, must understand and begin to act together, only then they can lose this yoke.
    The time when this could be done having worked ahead of schedule and with minimal casualties has passed, now you have to earn your place in history. In this situation, you need to have great will to go this way to the end. Here, as in Crimea, it will not work, time is lost. But there are chances to win a free and dignified life.
  28. 120352
    120352 17 March 2014 11: 35
    Lord officers!
    We live today in a completely different country than a year or a week ago. Two powerful Olympiads, which proved not only that Russia "keeps its word", but also that Russia has the best sport in the world, finally, this night we returned to Russia its integral part: Crimea. The time will come, and Little Russia, the same part of Russia, will return home. It remains to exterminate the fascists.
    Now we feel different, we believe in our strengths, and the world sees us differently, namely as we are! Now RESPECT US! (And the faint of heart are afraid). And let some states whose sunset is obvious do not want to recognize the results of the referendum, i.e. OBVIOUS. This is the same as not recognizing the onset of spring or sunrise! This fact is beyond their comprehension. But our guilt is not there! It’s just slowly getting to some!
  29. ded10041948
    ded10041948 17 March 2014 11: 38
    The east of Ukraine, Kharkov and bandarlogs on the streets? Kharkovites, go to cemeteries (especially military). Your ancestors loosened the earth in coffins tossing and turning!
  30. Weniamin
    Weniamin 17 March 2014 11: 40
    The next day it becomes known - more than thirty people are detained.

    If they are transferred to Kiev, they will be released there "For services to the Maidan." Like those freaks from the bank.
    1. exiv200gt
      exiv200gt 17 March 2014 12: 52
      So they seem to have already been released.
      The administration and local police previously promised to arrest these people. But first, Andrei Beletsky disappeared without a trace. According to official information, he was in the central city administration, where he was taken after the collision. The city prosecutor’s office said they had no idea where he had disappeared. 12 people released on a subscription basis.
  31. Belarus
    Belarus 17 March 2014 12: 12
    I have the feeling that the West initially had just such a goal - to ruin Ukraine as a state in general and to push Russians and Ukrainians with their foreheads. This is exactly what is happening in Ukraine as yet.
    Yes, the ideologists of the collapse did not take into account one factor - this is the factor that the Russians will not sit or stupidly fight, it is not clear why.
    And as for the EU, the West just used them as they say in the dark. And when the EU already became clear that they got into the US adventure by "don't play with yourself" it was too late to change something. They had nothing more than stupid pretend that everything is fine.
    So it turns out that Russia will actually build a new Ukraine without the Nazis and those like those who now support everything that is happening in Ukraine as yet.
  32. Luga
    Luga 17 March 2014 12: 33
    A battle group arriving in a hostile territory simply cannot use the phones and sim cards they use in everyday life to communicate with each other. Before leaving, those who are supposed to receive new devices and impersonal SIM cards, ordinary soldiers remember the necessary numbers as a keepsake. It happens that the group receives both phones and SIM cards upon arrival at the scene. At this time, their personal phones "walk" in the area of ​​their permanent residence, sometimes even come to life. Why this is done, I think, there is no need to explain.

    Now the question is: where did Kernes get Biletsky’s phone? Either called someone in Kiev, or KNEW. And in both cases, it turns out that the mayor of a large city is in direct operational contact with the bandits.

    I would venture to suggest that Kernes was aware of what was happening and was about to happen, "stood on the watch," ready to intervene if Biletsky was squeezed, which happened. am

    By the way, I applaud the unknown experts who carried out the operational support of the rallies. I am sure that all measures to conspire Bandera in Kharkov strictly complied with and expected to buzz there for a long time. Those less to me, they figured out. good
  33. razved
    razved 17 March 2014 20: 58
    The people of the east must rise ...