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Kosovo and Crimea: similarities and differences through the eyes of European politicians

Kosovo and Crimea: similarities and differences through the eyes of European politicians

The Kosovo precedent, to which Russian diplomats refer, when it comes to the right of Crimean citizens to self-determination, is viewed differently by different parties on the basis of their interests. From the once Serbian region - the material of our special correspondent Mikhail Antonov.
A satirical rethinking of the Maidan is presented in the comedy show "Psushka". The “other”, relatively official, point of view on events and actors with elements of the grotesque and direct quoting the US Assistant Secretary of State: “The Americans invested five billion dollars in a coup in Ukraine ... Mr. President, demolish this Wall Street!” So always, first laugh after 22's, and then begin to criticize in prime time.

Mrs. Merkel looked alarmed on Thursday in the Bundestag, but so far obviously not by this, and continued to bend the old line about sanctions, the declaration of independence of the Crimea and today's referendum.

"What we see in Europe now is very unpleasant. I am afraid we will need a lot of time to resolve the conflict. We are talking about the territorial integrity of the neighboring European state, respect for UN principles, principles and methods for realizing the interests of the country in the 21 century" - said Merkel.

It is believed that what the Russians did is a violation of international law. US Secretary of State John Kerry remarkably said:
“Under false pretenses, they do not attack countries in order to push their own interests."
- Allow me! Can I hear these words again? - interrupts his journalist.
- Yes, of course, so: "Under a false pretext, they do not attack countries in order to push their own ..."

On the screen was Colin Powell - the US Secretary of State, who already in the 21 century told fables about chemical weapon in iraq. But Western policy does not remember this tube, as if it was born in it. But in fact, no: the technology of violent regime change and the revision of European borders was worked out in 99 at the Serbian test site.

In July, 2010 will de facto have long recognized Kosovo as an international court of justice of the United Nations, and the European Union and the United States will warmly support this.
Says Karin Ashton, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy: “The EU welcomes the decision of the Hague Court. Now we need to focus on the future. The future of Serbia is in the European Union, as is the future of Kosovo. Neighborhood relations, regional cooperation is the basis of the EU’s existence. And we are ready to help establish a dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade. Cooperation between Serbia and Kosovo will make progress on the way to the EU, improve the lives of citizens of these countries. "

Serbia and its rebellious region are still stuck on the way to the European Union, but now about something else. The referendum, the declaration of independence - in Crimea everything is the same as it was in Kosovo. Although not. Almost all. Chancellor Merkel could explain what is missing - she spoke about it in the Bundestag - but for the sake of completeness, let Mr. Elmar Brock do it - the chairman of the international committee of the European Parliament, who just jumped out of the room without waiting for the end of the conversation with the Russian deputies. this topic:

- There was a genocide in Kosovo, and it had to be stopped, and in the Crimea no Russian-speaking rights were violated.
- Why don't you see any parallel?
- Absolutely nothing. Nobody was killed in Crimea.

What is it, Mr. Brock? Is Russia to blame for not waiting for "Muscovites for knives"? Wait - everything was okay? But then your rules of the game are violated, and not international law, which knows examples of the bloodless solution of questions about the nationality of territories. And there is no need to go far from Strasbourg - only one hundred kilometers to the north.

France wants to include the Saar in its borders, but historically and ethnically it is Germany. In this connection, a local referendum is held in the middle of 1955. People are asked: "Do you want a European Statute, yes or no?" The European Statute envisaged the settlement of the territorial dispute around Saarland, under which the land would remain economically oriented to France and would enjoy the rights of semi-autonomy in this country. 67 percent voted against. They, like Crimeans today, want to go home. Roland Shtigulinski worked a lot of brush that year so that Saar would say no to France.

“Of course, we were glad, we celebrated, we sat by the radio and counted votes in different polling stations. We quickly understood that the Saarland’s population would reject the land autonomy project, although it was preceded by heated debates, fights, and many police calls. July to October 1955, it's three months, there was a mess here, there were no dead, but people walked with black eyes and broken bones, the situation was extremely tense, ”recalls the cartoonist.

The German Bundestag perceives the negative result of the referendum as a signal to action. And as a result of negotiations between Bonn, Paris and Saarbrucken 1 on January 1957, this land is reunited with Germany.

Professor stories Khudeman came to an interview with a dictaphone so that we did not distort anything, because he is against the secession of Crimea from Ukraine. But his objections are still not substantive, but according to the procedure: “Can Crimea be compared with Saarland? No, then negotiations took place for several years, there was international agreement on the issue, international observation. There was no pressure, there was many opinions. As a result, they came to a common denominator. "

Although observers came to Crimea, of course, it is impossible to compare: it did not occur to the French to forbid the Saar Germans to speak their native language. Or send a friendship train to the referendum. And in France there was a Constitution and a lawfully elected president with whom it was possible to talk. But in Ukraine now there is neither one nor the other, says the leader of the German "left" Gregor Gysi, speaking as the main opponent of Merkel, all at the same hearings in the Bundestag: "I am surprised that you, Merkel, say that such a referendum contradicts the constitution. You decide when it acts and when it doesn’t. When the president resigns, she doesn’t act, and during a referendum she suddenly comes back into force. Determined whether you support the constitution in whole or only some parts of it. "

"If I come into contact with the new government, which somehow was formed, I must accept this fact. But! If I was the minister of the German government, I cannot accept that there are five state fascists in the country who hold key government posts This, honestly, is simply unacceptable, at least if you take into account our history. I would be very careful in contacts with them. I get angry: four ministers and the prosecutor general are fascists, the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine was one of the founders of the fascist Party "Freedom".

Of course, there are democrats there, but I know from history that if the fascists somehow seized power, they will not give it up voluntarily. It bothers me, "adds Gysi.

A significant part of the European ruling elite and European bureaucracy have already compromised themselves with their ties to the liberal-fascist group in Kiev. With each handshake, with each approving gesture towards this political oxymoron, they increasingly get dirty in brown. And this time it’s definitely not about money, but about spending, including political capital. Tunnel thinking, which does not allow to take counter arguments, turns out to be psychological defense, and the only strategy in the dispute, in which the voice of the West itself is heard louder and louder on the Russian side.
Says Jean-Pierre Shevenman, a French senator, an expert on Russia: "As for the Crimea, no one can argue that historically he is Russian. The population of Crimea is mostly Russian. There is no ideological or military reason for the new cold war in Europe. No one is interested in this. Ukraine cannot be confronted with a Manichaean choice: either Russia or the EU, since this dilemma, taking into account the country's history, is becoming insoluble. "

But Valerie Giscard D'Estaing, President of France in 1974-1981, thinks: “The referendum and the Crimea should be put aside. As soon as a decision is made and the majority of the population speaks out, then the problem will disappear. And from that moment The Ukrainian question will no longer be a source of confrontation between Russia, France and the whole of Europe. We need to search for a solution calmly. There is no need to threaten Russia, this does not lead to anything. I believe that Ukraine will be alone in Europe anyway. It will not become an EU member - it's impossible. She doesn't maybe a member of NATO is impossible. But it can be a privileged partner of Europe. Although we still need to see how it will look. "

Privileged partnership promised Ukraine next week. At the next emergency summit, European leaders plan to sign a political agreement with Kiev and impose the first sanctions against Russia. This means that satirists will have a new space for creativity, and the show, as they say, is a master.
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  1. Humpty
    Humpty 17 March 2014 06: 44
    It is impossible in the right mind to compare the independence of Kosovo nonhumans with the liberation of Crimea.
    1. Igor39
      Igor39 17 March 2014 06: 49
      Kokosovo is a US drug laboratory in the EU.
      1. platitsyn70
        platitsyn70 17 March 2014 07: 23
        Kokosovo is a US drug laboratory in the EU.
        Afghan drug laboratory, every week a man flies from Manas Kyrgyzstan to Kosovo which is overloaded only by a special unit consisting of marines of local Kyrgyz serving the base and are not allowed to fly a mile to this side.
    2. Horde
      Horde 17 March 2014 06: 53
      Kosovar Albanians were stationed in the SERBIAN region of KOSOVO with the permission of TITO. They lived, lived, and then they say - "this is our land" and expelled the owners from their land with the help of the world community.
      Crimea was ALWAYS RUSSIAN, and UKRAINE has nothing to do with the Ukrainians, either with the newly-formed nation in 1917, or with the NEW state formed in the 90s. This is OUR LAND! and let Europe suck, they love it ...
      1. Humpty
        Humpty 17 March 2014 07: 01
        Kosovo is not just a land for the Serbs, but the same symbol as for the Russians - Crimea, Kulikovo Field, Peter.
        1. Horde
          Horde 17 March 2014 07: 08
          Quote: Humpty
          Kosovo is not just a land for the Serbs, but the same symbol as for the Russians - Crimea, Kulikovo Field, Peter.

          there are good reasons to believe that the KULIK BATTLE was on the KOSOVO FIELD. By the way, the KULIK in Serbian KOSOV ...
          1. Humpty
            Humpty 17 March 2014 07: 24
            Quote: Horde

            there are good reasons to believe that the KULIK BATTLE was on the KOSOVO FIELD. By the way, the KULIK in Serbian KOSOV ...

            Unfortunately, we will never know much that is important from our history. You understand why not worse than me. Bit by bit, enthusiasts and some scientists collect what was deliberately erased from memory for the sake of interested parties.
            For example, the Soviet film "Primordial Rus" is not shown on TV. A castrated version of the film is circulating on the Internet.
        2. mamont5
          mamont5 17 March 2014 07: 19
          "Kosovo is not just a land for the Serbs, but the same symbol as for the Russians - Crimea, Kulikovo Pole, St. Petersburg."
          Right. It was on the Kosovo field that the decisive battle of the Serbs with the Turks took place, when the Serbian governor Milos Obilic, having made his way to the Turkish headquarters, cut down the Turkish sultan. Unfortunately, the battle ended in defeat for the Serbs.
          1. Humpty
            Humpty 17 March 2014 07: 27
            For Vidovdan.
          2. Horde
            Horde 17 March 2014 07: 39
            Quote: mamont5
            It was on the Kosovo Field that a decisive battle between Serbs and Turks took place, when the Serbian voivode Milos Obilic, having made his way to the Turkish headquarters, cut down

            it is possible that this is not so. KOSOVA-KULIKOVSKAYA BATTLE it was a battle of the Orthodox Church of the Byzantine Empire and its allied Rus with the heretical Catholic Crusader troops. The Crusaders were defeated by the youngest son, Dimitry Komnin, who was also the RUSSIAN prince DMITRY IVANOVICH suppressed a RELIGIOUS rebellion in the possession of the empire ...
            % 8F /
        3. CALL.
          CALL. 17 March 2014 07: 58
          Is Russia to blame for not waiting for "her knives"?


        4. Asgard
          Asgard 17 March 2014 08: 00
          Recall the story of my patient (Serbia - Kosovo))
          It was YESTERDAY .... 2009 Barack Obama is already the president, hearings were held in the International Court of The Hague at the request of the UN General Assembly on the compliance with international law of the unilateral separation of the Autonomous Region of Kosovo from Serbia.

          The representative of the USA Harold Honju Koch spoke there and he said: “The United States calls on the International Court of Justice to leave the declaration of independence of Kosovo unchanged as an expression of the will of the people of Kosovo, either to refuse to comment on its legitimacy or to state that international law does not prohibit secession.”

          Pearl from the representative of Great Britain Daniel Bethlehem: “Serbia made it clear that it will never agree to Kosovo’s independence, and Kosovo does not want to be part of Serbia. Courts cannot force warring couples to remain married. ”

          Representative of Germany Susan Vasum-Rainer invited the judges to consider the case of Kosovo taking into account the principle of effectiveness, that is, taking into account the situation on the ground. She said that the unilateral declaration of independence is not in conflict with international law.

          Helmut Tichy, representative of Austria, said: “There is no provision in international law prohibiting the adoption of a declaration of independence and secession.” Tihi noted that in Kosovo, a declaration of independence was adopted by “elected representatives who expressed the will of the people of Kosovo.”

          And about Wonderful, the declaration of the sovereignty of Crimea (ugh you))) Kosovo was recognized and it does not violate the principles of international law.

          Who cares about the communique was published on July 22, 2010 (I translate it, in an open meeting in the Great Hall of Justice in the Peace Palace in The Hague, announced the decision by ten votes to four .....

          These are the standards-DOUBLE))))
          And France-Germany and the history of the Saarland are from another opera ...
          Wait, the Empire will collect YOUR EARTH, on the line SOUTH_VOSTOK and so on ...
      2. Canep
        Canep 17 March 2014 07: 01
        The referendum and accession (return) of Crimea is no longer a precedent. This is becoming an international practice, while we followed the referendum in Crimea on the same day a referendum was held on the separation of Venice from Italy. In light of this, many states now need to be more careful, and Russia, including the Dagi, can also play a role. But most of all, the United States needs to fear on the table of Barak Husseinovich are petitions from 29 states on independence. Including the Texas petition with its oil reserves.
        1. muks
          muks 17 March 2014 07: 46
          THE CONSTITUTION OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION does not provide for the possibility of the RF SUBJECTS leaving the RF, there is no sovereignty of the RF SUBJECT in relation to the RF (Article 4 of the CONSTITUTION). The legal system of the Russian Federation is Romano-Germanic, and not precedent .--- There is only one thing to be afraid of in RUSSIA - ourselves! But nevertheless, this is OUR BUSINESS! Compliance with the rules of the international treaties of the Russian Federation, the norms of international law is stipulated by part 4 of article 15 of the CONSTITUTION ... At present it is simply profitable politically. But there is every reason to believe that in the presence of a powerful ARMY AND NAVY, a stable state of the economy, self-sufficiency, the RUSSIAN FEDERATION .. .. "will consult" with Alexander Mikhailovich Gorchakov, Chancellor of the RUSSIAN EMPIRE. The question will be short and simple: Would you like to send us, Your Excellency, an evil foe in three letters? -I am sure that the leadership of the Russian Federation will receive a POSITIVE ANSWER, which will be done. Everything has its time.
        2. Prometey
          Prometey 17 March 2014 08: 12
          Quote: Canep
          In light of this, many states now need to be more careful, and Russia, including the Dagi, can also play a role.

          Dagestan is a beggarly subject, it alone will not survive or slide into a fundamentalist obscurantism. Most Dagestanis understand this.
      3. Sid.74
        Sid.74 17 March 2014 07: 01
        Gregor Gizi from the left faction runs into Merkel in the Bundestag, full version, translation is so-so, machine voice, but the speech is very informative worth listening to !!! hi
        1. Canep
          Canep 17 March 2014 07: 05
          I liked that he called the Chancellor - "Merkel", neither Frau, nor Madame, and not even the Chancellor, but simply "Merkel", it sounded like spit.
          1. svetlomor
            svetlomor 17 March 2014 07: 30
            Ukrainian politicians argue that the only people in Crimea who have the right to any rights are Tatars, it turns out that the Russians not only do not have any rights to self-determination, but not the people at all, these are not double standards, but the beginning of genocide.
      4. mamont5
        mamont5 17 March 2014 07: 16
        "The Kosovar Albanians were accommodated in the SERBIAN region of KOSOVO with the permission of TITO. They lived, lived, and then they say -" this is our land "and drove the owners from their land with the help of the world community."
        Just about, I remember a Russian folk tale: "The hare had a bast hut, and the fox had an ice hut. The fox asked to spend the night, and drove the hare out ..."
        1. Sid.74
          Sid.74 17 March 2014 07: 42
          Ugh damn better translation found !!!
      5. The comment was deleted.
      6. The comment was deleted.
      7. Gennady1973
        Gennady1973 17 March 2014 08: 01
        Vain work - no, you will not understand them, -
        The more liberal, the more vulgar,
        Civilization is a fetish for them,
        But their idea is not available to them.

        As you bow down before her, gentlemen,
        You do not get recognition from Europe:
        In her eyes you will always
        They are not servants of enlightenment, but servants.

        Fedor Ivanovich Tyutchev * * * (February 28, 1869)
    3. Dezzed
      Dezzed 17 March 2014 08: 17
      "Kosovo and Crimea: Similarities and Differences through the Eyes of European Politicians"

      Chechnya and Crimea: similarities and differences through the eyes of Russian politicians
      1. Igor39
        Igor39 17 March 2014 08: 45
        So they were given freedom, do not remember what came of it?
      2. CTEPX
        CTEPX 17 March 2014 11: 30
        Quote: DezzeD
        Chechnya and Crimea: similarities and differences through the eyes of Russian politicians

        And what, in the Crimea have already begun to slaughter Ukrainians? Throw out of houses? Attacking neighboring regions? Accept fascist (Wahhabi) otrebye from around the world?
      3. svp67
        svp67 29 March 2014 13: 22
        Quote: DezzeD
        Chechnya and Crimea: similarities and differences through the eyes of Russian politicians

        Why does this bother you so much, I think that you are closer to "Jerusalem - similarities and differences, through the eyes of the Jewish and Arab population ..."
  2. smel
    smel 17 March 2014 06: 44
    Welcome back, Crimea !!!
    1. stroporez
      stroporez 17 March 2014 07: 10
      Quote: smel
      Welcome back, Crimea !!!

      --- "....." This is our victory! "- the Zaporozhye voices sounded from all sides, sounded the trumpets and threw out the victorious banner. Broken Poles ran and covered themselves everywhere." Well, no, not quite a victory! "...." ------- Ishsho PPC is not a victory ........... it's too early to relax. I think the fascist Caudle will try to take revenge more than once ...
  3. Igor39
    Igor39 17 March 2014 06: 45
    As Vika Nuland said: Yes, this EU has gone ....
    1. Denis
      Denis 17 March 2014 07: 09
      Quote: Igor39
      As Vika Nuland said: Yes, this EU has gone ....
    2. Tersky
      Tersky 17 March 2014 07: 27
      In the West, it seems, they did not immediately understand, if they understood at all, that the Ukrainian question for Russia is not just a red line, but "double solid". Now they will understand, but already too late, the process has begun ...
    3. Revolver
      Revolver 17 March 2014 09: 13
      Quote: Igor39
      As Vika Nuland said: Yes, this EU has gone ....

      Actually she said literally: "Fuck the EU". I will not translate, because profanity on the site is not welcome. Everyone is invited to use online translators.
  4. Lantau
    Lantau 17 March 2014 06: 46
    "Under false pretenses, they do not attack countries in order to push their ..."

    I wonder what Iraq, Libya, Syria think about this.
    1. stroporez
      stroporez 17 March 2014 07: 11
      Quote: Lantau
      I wonder what Iraq, Libya, Syria think about this.
      --- Thou hast asked this question nigger president, it is quite reasonable answer - "and this is where?"
  5. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 17 March 2014 06: 48
    Let them chat .. Main Crimea with Russia! Dogs bark the caravan is coming!
    1. Sibiriya
      Sibiriya 17 March 2014 07: 11

      Faster would have carried out the procedure with us

  6. Sunjar
    Sunjar 17 March 2014 06: 49
    I watched this news release yesterday. Finally, at the state level, they began to cover important issues in the media with the support of our interests. Not all the same, they are pouring mud on their homeland, as the liberal SMRAD (media of disinformation mass media) love it.
  7. Rattenfanger
    Rattenfanger 17 March 2014 06: 50
    Finally, we began to act as our interests tell us, not listening to the screeching of the "civilized community."
    By the way, what is a "civilized community"? Geyrop and the United States? In Iraq, Serbia or Libya, they will not agree with this, I think. And from the point of view of the emergence of a "community", the more civilized, let them stand in line behind us, China, India or Iran (Persia). When the above countries had their own, distinctive civilization and richest culture, in Paris and London they learned to wipe only with burdocks.
    ZY The ghouls once again showed their true colors, which is good news. The second time to bred us to change "country in exchange for gum and jeans" will not work.
  8. Same lech
    Same lech 17 March 2014 06: 56
    RUSSIA won the first round of the fight with WEST ... it is too early to calm down.

    Ahead is the struggle to defend our national SECURITY against attacks from the Western world ... all Western countries voted in the UN against RUSSIA .. CHINA abstained
    Therefore, we need to understand that the struggle will have to be in our own field, and this will not be easy.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 17 March 2014 07: 27
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      ..voted in the UN against RUSSIA all Western countries .. CHINA abstained

      And in front of China, Putin bent all Western countries laughing And nobody spoke about easily, the southeast will be even more difficult to return.
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 17 March 2014 07: 36
        Quote: The same LYOKHA
        .to rest still early.

        Especially when such news comes! hi

        MIA: National Guard and Security Service of Ukraine took under special protection the gas transmission system of Ukraine

        KIEV, 17 March. ITAR-TASS. The National Guard and the Security Service of Ukraine took the country's gas transmission and distribution system under special protection and full control. This was reported in the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

        "This decision was made to ensure the safety and uninterrupted operation of the country's most important infrastructure facility," the message says.

        Earlier, the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs announced the start of recruitment to the National Guard, the law on the creation of which was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 13 in March.

        The National Guard is created on the basis of the Interior Ministry troops. "The number of the unit is up to 60 thousand people, and if it is necessary to increase the corresponding decisions must be made by the parliament," said Speaker of the Parliament Alexander Turchinov, appointed by the Verkhovna Rada, acting President.

        Well, the Security Service of Ukraine is understandable, but the National Guard is fools! Who will protect the pipe from anyone!? In Ukraine, everything is expanding like a madhouse request
  9. Delink
    Delink 17 March 2014 06: 59
    “Under false pretenses, they do not attack countries in order to push their own interests."

    Stsuki, did they look in the mirror themselves? Themselves that they did, and do, 3,14 ... sy.
    It's time to go skating in Europe to Alaska.
    1. Rattenfanger
      Rattenfanger 17 March 2014 07: 07
      Magazine Kerry nobly troll, but he was half-witted, and did not understand))))
    2. Per se.
      Per se. 17 March 2014 07: 12
      Quote: Delink
      Stsuki, did they look in the mirror themselves?
      If they looked, then the same USA would see it, - "The United States Declaration of Independence, a historical document in which the British colonies in North America declared independence from Great Britain, was adopted unanimously by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ", British King George III was then very unhappy.
      1. philip
        philip 17 March 2014 08: 07
        Today, the British queen, I suppose, is also VERY NOT SATISFIED. But after Obamishna violated her physical integrity (Royal persons in this country are physically, not diplomatically inviolable), it is unlikely that, unlike Obama, she wants to shake hands with the egg.
  10. Sibiryak13
    Sibiryak13 17 March 2014 07: 02
    Yes, let them say what they want. Fact fait accomplished-Crimea part of Russia. Forever with us and now no one to tear. And they will pull their dirty little handles, they will get by the head. Still empty. That's the way the EU is.
  11. ZU-23
    ZU-23 17 March 2014 07: 02
    The topic is not subject to discussion, in general there is no coincidence. Congratulations to the Russians with the replenishment, with the Crimea all!
  12. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 17 March 2014 07: 03
    Here's how to support the Southeast ..? The people there specifically are buzzing and openly asking to go to Russia ... Activists are being arrested.
    1. free
      free 17 March 2014 07: 40
      Yes, by the principle of the Crimea, we need a clear message for the east of Ukraine, if that we accept you too!
  13. avant-garde
    avant-garde 17 March 2014 07: 04
    So the Crimeans now all together broke up in pairs, a boy and a girl held hands and went to the passport office to get passports of the Russian Federation, and let Western jackals whine further on, they have such an essence!
  14. Kodar 75
    Kodar 75 17 March 2014 07: 05
    How do you want to send now these finished rear-wheel drive shit ...
    Bro returned home and this is important! With what I sincerely and cordially congratulate everyone!
  15. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 17 March 2014 07: 05
    It's funny to look at the gray-faced Obama, the poor fellow did not think that SO everything would turn out! take and just give Russia a huge piece of territory near the Black Sea ... probably his head is beating against the wall! and what is most terrible, he began to realize that this is just the beginning! and that it turns out that some of them (the USA) are not only not afraid, but also simply ignored! and the Crimeans are handsome! welcome HOME! (and even a little bit, it pleases that it is possible that the legendary camp "ARTEK" will please our children and grandchildren as before) good
  16. Same lech
    Same lech 17 March 2014 07: 06
    By and large, KOSOVO has nothing to do with it ... a new DRANG NAH IS STARTED in RUSSIA ... the battles are already on the border of RUSSIA and the REFERENDUM IN THE Crimea IS OUR FIRST REAL VICTORY over the expansion of the west .. then everything will depend on the ability of the KREMLIN to use those opportunities which he has.
    1. Rattenfanger
      Rattenfanger 17 March 2014 07: 10
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      to RUSSIA launched a new DRANG NAH OSTEN

      He did not stop. As in 1232, if I’m not mistaken, Pope George 9 declared a crusade to Russia, so he takes care of everything. Ridged, snot wiped out, and a new one.
      1. Same lech
        Same lech 17 March 2014 07: 24
        He did not stop.

        There were always intentions to enslave RUSSIA in the WEST and now they have not changed at all.

        The forms and methods of invading RUSSIA have become creeping in nature and often have a Jesuit character (liberal reformers, various Western foundations operating under charitable cover, the dubious participation of RUSSIA in various international organizations, etc.).

        An open armed CONFLICT WITH RUSSIA is fraught with military defeat for the WEST (as it was with Napoleon), therefore, the stake is made on undermining RUSSIA as a state from the inside using the proven MONRO doctrine.

        But I am absolutely sure that RUSSIA has an antidote against this poison and the WEST will suffer another defeat .. heh heh happened historically .. on the edge of the abyss RUSSIA always managed to find a way out and smash its opponents.
        1. Svist
          Svist 17 March 2014 08: 26
          Quote: The same LYOKHA
          .On the edge of the abyss RUSSIA has always managed to find a way out and smash its opponents.

          I agree. In the face of external aggression, Russia has always consolidated and gave a worthy rebuff. After all, how did the national identity of Russians stir up the coming to power in Ukraine of Bandera. And it is annoying that mold is emerging in Russia, which, for the sake of its Western sponsors, is pouring dirt on its homeland. This is not democracy, this is betrayal.
          And the West, that the West ... They will trample and calm down. First time or something ...
    2. free
      free 17 March 2014 07: 42
      give the USSR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (without previous mistakes), in a new way!
      1. The comment was deleted.
  17. mak210
    mak210 17 March 2014 07: 09
    Welcome home, brothers! We have been waiting for you for a long time and hoped for the best! And let foreigners shove their tongue in s ... y. Even reading is not interesting.

    And Ukrainians want to say: "It's not good to take someone else's." Are you not ashamed yourself?
  18. ambiorix
    ambiorix 17 March 2014 07: 10
    Russians, I wonder - will you go to the Crimea in the summer? Support new compatriots in difficult times?
    1. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov 17 March 2014 07: 38
      Quote: ambiorix
      Russians, I wonder - will you go to the Crimea in the summer? Support new compatriots in difficult times?

      Of course we'll go! No options!
      On ... why with overwork earned to invest in Turandia?
    2. philip
      philip 17 March 2014 07: 56
      Of course we’ll come if God willing. Only not new compatriots RUSSIA it.
  19. vasiliysxx
    vasiliysxx 17 March 2014 07: 11
    A privileged partnership is promised to Ukraine next week.

    Well, yes, gypsies will be brought from all over Europe and made to rejoice.
  20. Alexandrbarsa
    Alexandrbarsa 17 March 2014 07: 24
    In addition, they howl, shout meaningless songs, invite the Jungle People to climb up to them and engage in battle with them; or for no reason start fierce fights between themselves and throw dead banderlogs to where the thicket population can see these corpses. They are all going to elect their leader, draw up their own laws, come up with their own customs, but they never fulfill their plan, because their memory is not enough until the next day.
    –Joseph Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book.
  21. Sterlya
    Sterlya 17 March 2014 07: 27
    Yes, where does Kosovo even. Crimea has always been Russian. and spit on everyone. how they spit. We even spit right
  22. Gardamir
    Gardamir 17 March 2014 07: 29
    It seems to me more than Kosovo, the situation of the unification of the two Germanys is suitable. Russia began to reunite.
    1. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov 17 March 2014 07: 54
      Quote: Gardamir
      It seems to me more than Kosovo, the situation of the unification of the two Germanys is suitable. Russia began to reunite.

      I don’t understand their rhetoric at all! How many times have they tried to seize the Crimea from us with the use of military force? Was it very legitimate ?!
      So what should we convince them of something? Do you think they are ALL fools? No, of course! And they understand everything perfectly, but they will say what they need, despite the facts and common sense !!!
      By the way, did they notice? They brought up worthy pupils in Ukraine! You tell him the facts, and he tell you what you want, Putin is still to blame! You tell him what? And he-because!
      You can explain to those who listen! The West does not hear us? He is worse!
  23. mabuta
    mabuta 17 March 2014 07: 39
    The war is in full swing, and we didn’t start it. And so the victory of the people of Crimea is our victory. And attempts to clarify our position to the west are useless. They already know everything and act only in their interests. That’s the GTS of Ukraine promised by an illegitimate government chevron company. There were no more elections, but they are already trading in Ukraine.
  24. Egoza
    Egoza 17 March 2014 07: 40
    On Ukrainian TV every now and then they say that observers were not allowed in Crimea, and in general observers from Europe were not invited there, and they themselves did not consider it necessary to go there, because "Crimea is not a country!" FULLY LIE. And it is all the more pleasant when you read that European observers were pleasantly surprised by how the preparations for the referendum and the voting were going. There are reviews from Greece, Spain, but here, for example:
    Peaceful democratic atmosphere reigns in Crimea - international observer
    According to one of the international observers from Italy, member of the European Parliament Breto Fabrizio, voters in Crimea are free to choose, no one puts pressure on them. He announced this at a press conference in Simferopol. The observer has already managed to visit three polling stations and talk with Crimeans. “In my opinion, nothing unusual is happening at the sites now. The process is going smoothly. Many people say that they are completely free to choose, they do not exert pressure on them, ”he stressed.
    Breto Fabrizio noted that a calm democratic atmosphere reigns in Crimea, as in the elections in Italy. He was surprised by the plots broadcast on Western channels, in which Simferopol is reflected as a city occupied by the military. The Italian observer also added that he intends to visit several more sites today and make a statement after the announcement of the voting results.
    So what now will the European Parliament say after their reports?
    1. avant-garde
      avant-garde 17 March 2014 07: 51
      Quote: Egoza
      So what now will the European Parliament say after their reports?

      They say that he was out of his mind or was at gunpoint AK, what else can they say requestWell, certainly not to admit that this is true!
    2. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov 17 March 2014 08: 02
      Quote: Egoza
      So what now will the European Parliament say after their reports?

      Fidget SU hope a rhetorical question?
      Without exception, everyone likes to be praised.
      Consider this situation. WHAT did we have to do to make the West applaud us? Drain Crimea, recognize the Yatsenyukov as the legal authority .... and yes! Still self-cut! Are we ready to do all this for their false praise?
      In my opinion, we’d better not be praised! repeat
  25. major071
    major071 17 March 2014 08: 05
    Crimea - with returning home
    It was hard your way here
    A western don't listen howl
    Do not listen to the ravings of those banderlogs
    They have no honor, no kinship
    No conscience and no brotherhood
    In the first place there is grub
    Measure of life there is wealth
    No, this world is not for you.
    We are waiting for you, you know it
    We have been one family for centuries
    We don’t leave our own at the crossroads.

    major 17 / 03 / 14 drinks
  26. parus2nik
    parus2nik 17 March 2014 08: 06
    And now .. "Do you remember how it all began, everything was for the first time and again .." Rallies in the Baltic States, at the end of perestroika, under the slogans For our and your Freedom! Moreover, under this slogan were both Russians and Balts, and how did it end, Russians in the Baltics are not citizens, the annual Nazi Day, the marches of the former SS men .. And this is normal for deEurope .. The current "fighters" for democracy in Ukraine are no different from those who are now in the Baltics .. They shout For our freedom! And we wanted to spit on yours ... And as for Crimea, Israel annexed East Jerusalem, hell knows when ... he was repeatedly condemned ... at the UN General Assembly, and therefore the United States constantly vetoed the issue ... on the decisions of the Security Council ... Europe sculpts excuses, they say, we stopped the genocide in Kosovo ... about the genocide in Kosovo, no one really speaks ... or S. Milosevic, unexpectedly died during the trial ... Someone was not interested in what he would tell how it really was ..And Germany, let it stall .. you can unite, poor, unhappy .. And to return your own to Russia, for some reason not .. We returned ours ..
    1. Makatun
      Makatun 17 March 2014 10: 24
      "Do you remember how it all began, everything was for the first time and again .."
      Not the best quote from the person who supported the fascists
  27. Rusin Dima
    Rusin Dima 17 March 2014 08: 06
    Crimea generously watered the blood of our ancestors and the current generation simply does not want to water this land with its own
  28. Cossacks
    Cossacks 17 March 2014 08: 06
    The West has always been hypocritical. Another thing is surprising why it has been reaching us for so long. The moaning about pan-European values ​​and Euro integration is still fresh in memory. And God forbid doubt. Immediately zamususuyutsya excessively infiltrated guys. Although now it is exactly the same only in the light of the new fashion. I would venture to notice the same owners in the Kremlin.
  29. Archimedes
    Archimedes 17 March 2014 08: 29
    Once again, Russia has conquered Crimea, its people, its land, and this is a great victory. Against this background, it does not seem to you that Russia, left its other people, too, alone with the brown plague that came from western Ukraine. New Russia is a historical territory adjacent to the Sea of ​​Azov and the Black Sea, including the south of the European part of the modern Russian Federation (Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, the republics of Adygea and Karachay-Cherkessia, Rostov Region), the southern steppe part of modern Ukraine (Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Nikolaev, Kherson, Odessa, Kirovograd, Transnistria, Moldova). Also, New Russia was Kharkov and the north of the Tauride province. The term has been used widely since the end of the 8th century. When a general council was assembled on January 1654, XNUMX, expressing a desire to unite with

    The Moscow state, that Ukraine was 5 times smaller than the current one.
  30. Shaki's memory
    Shaki's memory 17 March 2014 09: 10
    repeat The West will draw an analogy between Kuwait and Iraq .. I won’t be surprised that they will find a girl of about 15 who was raped by 15 Russian paratroopers and her little brother was killed in front of her grandparents. But some people don’t understand that we can be destroyed only from the inside. If they start a war .. Yes, we can’t win, but we can’t defeat us, we can only destroy them. In Europe, we have not forgotten that only Russians can blow up bridges and factories when retreating so that the enemy doesn’t got it (well, it’s not accepted from them, the Wehrmacht got whole factories in France, Belgium, Denmark, even Yugoslavia and Greece) This does not fit into civilized logic, so we are barbarians for them .. and dangerous. Yes, they can bargain with Tolstoy, Pushkin, Tchaikovsky, but still they are CIVILIZATION and we are VARVARA! They don’t understand how one and the same country launches rockets and allows carts in the villages .. They will never understand that the grannies who curse Putin and the Kremlin for a miserable pension can suddenly forget all the hatred and go all their savings to help the army, if all of a sudden. . (My grandmother told me that my great-grandfather, who hated the Communists, was dispossessed three times. He dug up a cast iron with royal chervonets in the courtyard and carried it to the army in 1941 ..) So ..

    CRIMEA OUR. And try to take it by force .. Twice it was possible .. but remember WHAT PRICE! And how it last ended ..
  31. sd1971ural
    sd1971ural 17 March 2014 09: 37
    Crimeans handsome, not surrendered. And these Western Besogons will still flinch.