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Unpleasant news come from Afghanistan on the eve of the withdrawal of American troops: compared to last year, the area of ​​poppy crops in this country increased by 36%, which is alarming for Russia and the states of Central Asia. The aggravation of the problem of drug trafficking will inevitably lead to an increase in the level of crime and an increase in the financing of terrorist groups. At the same time, NATO is not in a hurry to take responsibility for indulging in drug business and acts in Afghanistan according to the principle “after us - even a flood”.

Perverse economy

The State Drug Control of Russia warns: the production of heroin in Afghanistan is an international disaster, threatening the national security of all states located in the vast area from the Pamirs to the English Channel. In Europe, however, only a small fraction of Afghan opium is released; The main drug market is Russia.

According to the Federal Drug Control Service, since 2001, when Operation Enduring Freedom began, the amount of heroin produced in Afghanistan has increased almost 40 times. This is an unprecedented case, unparalleled in the world. stories.

At the same time, it is important to note that the avalanche-like growth of the acreage of opium poppy occurs precisely on the eve of the withdrawal of the occupation forces. So, at the beginning of last year, poppy plantations occupied 150 thousand hectares, and at the end - already 209 thousand. For comparison: in 2001, poppy crops in Afghanistan made up just 8 thousand hectares! In just three years, the Taliban managed to almost completely destroy the Afghan drug business.

NATO cannot boast such achievements. On the contrary: an increasing number of Afghans are becoming involved in the production and marketing of narcotic substances. So, to date, 3 of a million people in Afghanistan are involved in the drug business - mainly they are engaged in slave labor in the cultivation of fields of opium poppy. They get a penny: the bulk of the money is used to finance various mafia and terrorist groups, both in Afghanistan and far beyond its borders.

In general, the Afghan economy is a unique phenomenon: under conditions when the industry is absent and agriculture is in decline, the state’s “unofficial” GDP is provided only through the production of heroin. So, today Afghanistan alone produces opiates twice as many as all the countries of the world put together made 10 years ago. At the same time, Afghanistan has managed to become the main consumer of heroin.

Hosted by Afghanistan

The head of the Federal Drug Control Service, Viktor Ivanov, calls Russia hostage to the Afghan drug traffic. The main reason for this is the US military-political activity in Central Asia.

US officials themselves ruthlessly criticize ... themselves. According to them, Washington for many years was not able to develop an effective strategy to combat drugs. However, as it is known, who is looking for - he will always find, and the self-criticism of foreign special services seems too hypocritical.

The United States disclaimed all responsibility for increasing the production of Afghan heroin. The government of Afghanistan should be blamed for everything - this is the official position of the American occupiers. At the same time, there are nine American bases in the country - and this is clearly enough to suppress the drug business at the root.

But Washington, apparently, the fight against drug trafficking is not profitable. After all, the drug traffic from Afghanistan does not concern North America! And only small crumbs get to Western Europe - that which could not be sold in Russia and the CIS.

But the number of Russians who use opiates is growing every year. The statistics are disappointing: about half a million Russian citizens need expert help from a narcologist. Of these, 90% take heroin or other opioid drugs, the vast majority of which are imported from the territory of Afghanistan.

The problem of drug addiction is closely related to the spread of HIV infection. Up to 80% of Russians infected with the human immunodeficiency virus use opiates regularly. It should also be added that the spread of drugs leads to an exacerbation of the demographic problem and contributes to an increase in crime rates.

The Russian market is attractive for manufacturers of heroin because it is safe. When transporting drugs through the Central Asian republics, local mafia groups guarantee the safety of cargo. Iran, China, Pakistan and other destinations are not attractive for drug traffickers from Afghanistan: in these countries they are severely punished for possession, distribution and use of drugs.

For example, there are cases when the Corps of Guardians of the Islamic revolution without a trial hung up couriers caught on the Afghan border. And the executions were not solitary - massive. In China, they are also executed for drugs, but as it should be - with the collection of evidence and evidence, the conduct of a trial. If the court deems it necessary, the death penalty may be delayed, if not abolished.

Why do they close their eyes to the heroin trade in Russia? Why are punishments too liberal despite the fact that the country is leading in terms of drug use? Apparently, these problems will have to be addressed in the next few years.

How the United States "protects" drug producers

To win the confrontation with drug manufacturers, Russia needs to enlist the support of the world community. And these are not empty words: there are no borders for crime. Today, almost all the neighbors of Afghanistan are involved in the fight against drug trafficking, but there is no concrete success due to the fact that the actions of the countries are not coordinated by anyone.

Russia is demanding to raise the problem of manufacturing and marketing drugs at the highest level - in the UN. Specialists have prepared a plan for the destruction of Afghan opium poppy plantations, called "Rainbow-2".

However, the owners of Afghanistan - the United States and NATO - strongly oppose Russian initiatives. According to James Appathurai, Special Representative of the North Atlantic Alliance for Central Asia and the Caucasus, “we should not allow people in the second poorest country in the world to be left without work, without the only source of their existence.” Yes, the official representative of NATO stated in plain text that the fight against drug trafficking is a crime because Afghans do not know how to earn money by other means.

It turns out that the North Atlantic Alliance justifies the existence of opium poppy plantations, and does not see an alternative to the existing situation. Any objections of Russia will be perceived in hostility - diplomacy will not help. The United States has the tools to combat drug trafficking, but Washington does not use them.

The United States purposefully sabotage any plans to eliminate the Afghan drug business. The program "Rainbow-2", other proposals from Russia and the neighbors of Afghanistan are ignored by the owners of the situation. It seems that the artificial growth of drug trafficking in greenhouse conditions was one of the main tasks of NATO: all operations allegedly to destroy poppy plantations more closely resemble the play of actors on camera. With the Hollywood prowess, the American soldiers portray the burning of poppy crops and the defeat of the drug labs.

But in reality, over the past decade and a half, no concrete steps have been taken to combat the production of heroin. Are Americans afraid of an answer or benefit from the drug trade? It is not known for certain, but, apparently, the United States, after its departure from Afghanistan, hopes that Russia should solve the heroin problem, which will be the first to suffer from it.

Washington cowardly takes the burden of responsibility off and places it on Moscow and Beijing: you can figure it out without me. The one who has made porridge is not going to clear it up.
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  1. W1950
    W1950 17 March 2014 08: 55
    It is necessary to send planes with defoliants and destroy crops in the bud.
    1. Igor39
      Igor39 17 March 2014 09: 05
      Only shooting all involved in traffic can sober up.
    2. elmi
      elmi 17 March 2014 09: 07
      I agree, especially since it is no longer for us to sprinkle crops first, there have been examples. We also need to block the entire border with Afghanistan with our border guards, since it is easier to prevent drug infiltration at a "narrow place" than to catch them in the endless expanses of Russia.
      1. zeleznijdorojnik
        zeleznijdorojnik 17 March 2014 09: 29
        Specify the length of this "bottleneck"? Bombing and sprinkling with defoliant is not an option. The only option is to return and build a peaceful life - to sow fields with wheat, open schools and hospitals ... Only firstly, you need to return for a long time - at least 25-30 years - so that the generation that fought with us died out and a new one was born, another thing - no Unfortunately, we still have such opportunities, and secondly, we have people who criticized the operation of 79-89. - here, too, a change of generations is needed, but for now - include propaganda indicating the need for an operation in Afghanistan in the 80s and crush Central Asia - we will improve life in Uzbekistan - and our number of guest workers will decrease - Ravshans will go home to build a new life and through the Afghans will be drawn by ethnic Uzbeks and Tajiks.
        1. elmi
          elmi 17 March 2014 10: 09
          Quote: zeleznijdorojnik
          Specify the length of this "bottleneck"?

          Look at the map, those countries of the former USSR that border on Afghanistan and need to be replaced by our border guards. It seems to me that the border with Afghanistan should be closed altogether, not to import anything, as they will try to hide drugs every time. And the principle - "the bottleneck" I think you understand, you know how at one time 300 Spartans stopped the armada of the Persians, it is also easier to prevent the penetration of drugs at the borders than to catch drug trafficking throughout Russia. Nobody said to bomb, and to spray poppy plantations with substances that cause disease and death of poppies is very reasonable. Nobody suffers except for plantations of poppies. Here's a read:
          In Afghanistan, Opium Poppy Plantation Affected by Fungus

        2. zadorin1974
          zadorin1974 17 March 2014 10: 15
          I completely agree with you Abdula-one military force cannot solve anything. Well, we will destroy the crops, well, we will shoot some of the so-called "camels" -what will change? An alternative is needed-poppy is grown in Avgan the same way as we are bread, not for general drug addiction but for food (farmers are not politicians - they will buy pineapples from them all the time - they will grow pineapples) But the leaders of drug trafficking really need to be destroyed (this is where the military component comes in handy)
  2. svp67
    svp67 17 March 2014 09: 01
    Show that point in the world where the United States has not spoiled? It is necessary that all this surges into America ...
  3. ddmm09
    ddmm09 17 March 2014 09: 10
    Russia will have to return to this country, otherwise there can be no question of restoring order in Afghanistan. Obviously, we have information revealing the United States about their condoning the growth of drug trafficking from this country.
  4. mabuta
    mabuta 17 March 2014 09: 23
    And now we see why we fought in Afghanistan, and America and the company opposed us. Here and the whole bazaar about democracy. It is urgent to restore our influence in Central Asia. Http:// 725 / sqxy55.jpg
  5. Gagarin
    Gagarin 17 March 2014 09: 24
    The soldier in the photo looking at the FIELD OF MIRACLES:
    "... I will serve in two shifts and without lunch!"
    1. igordok
      igordok 17 March 2014 10: 47
      Quote: Gagarin
      The soldier in the photo looking at the FIELD OF MIRACLES:

      Even in a fairy tale it is said that the insidious poppy field will not allow you to walk along the yellow brick road (road to the future). (The Wizard of Oz)
  6. Alex66
    Alex66 17 March 2014 09: 25
    Well, it’s not really difficult to bring out some infection for the poppy and process the fields.
  7. svoi
    svoi 17 March 2014 09: 26
    A systematic approach, the destruction of plantations, the elimination of "collective farm chairmen", a sharp tightening of legislation for storage, etc., compulsory treatment of drug addicts, oriented youth movements, and much more.
  8. Gagarin
    Gagarin 17 March 2014 09: 31
    I think it’s not so difficult to deal with the problem itself, the problem is that MUCH IT IS FAVORABLE, and therefore it cannot be solved. For the United States, the spread of the plague in our regions is similar to the creation of the fifth column.
    Quote: svoi
    Systematic approach, plantation destruction, liquidation
  9. Weniamin
    Weniamin 17 March 2014 09: 56
    Looked at the photo. Damn this is how many buns with poppy seeds you can cook up!
  10. fennekRUS
    fennekRUS 17 March 2014 10: 23
    Defoliants and "chairmen" shoot is of course tempting and spectacular, but much more effective, in my opinion- do not "expand"! That is, to engage young people. Take away from vice. Lack of demand will destroy plantations much faster than any war. There’s only one BUT work, long, systemically, sequentially ..
  11. The Sparkle
    The Sparkle 17 March 2014 10: 27
    Abolish the moratorium on the death penalty and sentence to it for drug trafficking, as well as for involvement in the use - so that Russia becomes an inconvenient place of "work" for these hucksters.
  12. viktor1227
    viktor1227 17 March 2014 10: 33
    Competition for survival, or die or kill, without cleaning the fifth column: do not survive.
  13. parusnik
    parusnik 17 March 2014 10: 39
    the area under poppy cultivation in this country increased by 36%
    Well, who then controls the world drug lords? As was recently announced by the United States ...
    The USSR collaborated with Afghanistan, built factories, trained specialists, wheat, rice, especially for the climate of Afghanistan, imported it .. the United States did not like it ... and away we go .. and the result is a collapsed country, the drug business is booming .. this is probably capitalism with a human face ..
  14. Strezhevsky
    Strezhevsky 17 March 2014 10: 42
    It is necessary to organize direct deliveries to the states, as they say with your fat !!!
  15. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 17 March 2014 11: 06
    is it really impossible to come up with some kind of sore or something else - which will devour or destroy crops !? if not - they do not have air defense - incendiary from high altitude regularly - and that's it
  16. bubla5
    bubla5 17 March 2014 11: 18
    It’s just that ours is also poher, if you could even biologically treat the fields, no one would even notice, so no
  17. ren1999
    ren1999 17 March 2014 11: 25
    Or maybe start with yourself, as with a market?
    Maybe it’s time to burn out the supply and protection systems for drug dealers at home with a hot iron? What, the mystery behind the seven seals, the fact that the ears of drug police are visible everywhere? And what are our legislators? Why aren't our anti-drug laws cruel? Why poison E. Roizman?
    Let the freedom-loving Afghan people do what they want. Enough, reminded ...
  18. made13
    made13 17 March 2014 11: 38
    Optimal - to help Afghans change drug trafficking to America - was they allowed marijuana? Yes! After some time, heroin will be allowed.
  19. Ek.Sektor
    Ek.Sektor 17 March 2014 13: 01
    I believe that one should not go into Afghanistan, the Afghans have long proved to everyone that they do not want to change their lives and the tribal organization is much closer to them than a centralized state, there is nothing to be done. And to fight heroin you need
    1. Strengthen the pressure of drug lords in the country and their roofers
    2. Strengthen border control
    Even if you fight poppy fields in Afghanistan, there are still a bunch of countries that can replace it, because everything is dictated by the simple formula "demand creates supply", so this demand must be squeezed by all means.
    1. Olegovi4
      Olegovi4 17 March 2014 13: 45
      Quote: Ek.Sektor
      there are still a bunch of countries that can replace it

      Yes, but if you "omit" Afghan opium, then with others it will be much easier and easier.
  20. Admiral 013
    Admiral 013 17 March 2014 14: 14
    The NATO lessons have completed the task! Poppy fields are bearing fruit again! So much for the valiant fight against "terrorism".
  21. Eugene 79
    Eugene 79 17 March 2014 14: 46
    In addition to all the measures listed above, introduce the death penalty for the distribution and storage of dope in the territory of the Russian Federation.
  22. Goodwin
    Goodwin 17 March 2014 19: 30
    And how would you send all the nonsense only to the United States, bypassing us? Any ideas?
  23. family tree
    family tree 17 March 2014 21: 55
    In Europe, however, only a small fraction of Afghan opium falls; The main drug market is Russia.

    Yah?! All our drug addicts would have been bent from an overdose. The states not only took care of production, but also took care of traffic. They are not strong Russia, nor a strong EU nafig do not need, so that they poison everyone
  24. mvv
    mvv 17 March 2014 23: 54
    soon the Taliban will begin to burn these factories in the bud - smoke will cover the whole territory right up to Astana
  25. tolancop
    tolancop 18 March 2014 00: 06
    Synthetics from China is far more dangerous than heroin. Ways to fight heroin, in general, have been worked out, but what to do with all sorts of rubbish that is actually sold legally on every corner is a question ...
  26. Igool
    Igool 18 March 2014 02: 37
    This whole situation is extremely beneficial for the United States. Whether these drugs will reach America is still unknown, but that almost all of their mass threatens Russia - this is completely obvious. The calculation is based on this. The more drugs are produced, the more they penetrate into Russia, where they stimulate an increase in their consumption. The Americans are well aware of all the ways to deal with this threat, but intentionally do nothing. Why do they need this?
  27. morozov_n
    morozov_n 21 March 2014 17: 00
    As far as I know there are reagents that destroy poppy crops, they can be sprayed from an airplane. Why can’t you treat the fields a little at night after leaving the amers? Afghanistan does not have an air defense system as such, the Russian Federation has a base from which the IL-76 can fly, too, what is the problem? These are our national interests.