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MIC seeks protection from Serdyukov

As it became known, representatives of two defense factories - FSUE “Plastmass Plant” and FSUE “Signal” - sent an open letter to the President of the Russian Federation, State Duma deputies and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. In their letter, they indicate that at the moment there is an open collapse of the Russian military-industrial complex, and, in their opinion, it is necessary to take urgent measures that will stop these destructive processes. The most difficult situation has arisen in the field of the production of ammunition in connection with the decision of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Anatoly Serdyukov to stop financing. These South Ural factories are engaged in the production of ammunition.

In an open letter, in particular, it is stated: “If the similar situation continues, thousands of workers will be thrown out of enterprises tomorrow. The state will lose not only the unique technologies for the production of special products, but also specialists, which in general will cause irreparable damage to Russia's defense capability. ”

“This year, the cost of the state defense order for the Signal plant amounted to 125 million rubles, which is exactly twice as low as last year. But besides this, the Ministry of Defense has accumulated debts to the plant amounting to more than 27 million rubles, ”says Alexander Dolganov, head of the regional trade union committee of defense industry workers. - In order to somehow live and maintain a cohesive team, at the beginning of 2011, the administration of the plant took a forced measure - the work week was reduced to 4 days. Collective expect reductions. According to preliminary data, out of 1100 people, 170 will become unemployed. Considering that earlier reductions have already been made and all existing non-core positions have been withdrawn from the state of the enterprise, at the moment we are talking about reducing specialists in the main professions. This further aggravates the situation, since in the future it will be extremely difficult to find qualified and trained specialists. ”

The situation at the Plastmass plant is even sadder. Three years ago, the state defense order for this enterprise was 95% in the total volume of products manufactured, to date - only 3,8%. To stay afloat, the plant has to look for export orders on its own.

Today, wages at enterprises producing ammunition are the lowest in the military-industrial complex. The average salary of a skilled worker is 14,3 thousand rubles. And this is taking into account the often harmful and dangerous working conditions. But these enterprises are located mostly in small single-industry towns. There is no other place to make money. And the dismissal of production as a result of the reduction is a real disaster for many families.

But why is this situation? Yes, because such a situation is in the entire Russian military-industrial complex. The Ministry of Defense, under the pretext of the chronic technological backwardness of the military-industrial complex, leaves more and more domestic enterprises without state orders. Preference in providing the army with weapons and ammunition is given to bulk purchases of obsolete foreign models of military equipment and weapons. So we decided, say, Mr. Serdyukov in company with comrades that our army is Russian Tanks no longer needed. Obviously, the German "Leopard" with crosses will look better against the background of the new army. As a result, at only one Nizhny Tagil Uralvagonzavod factory, which is the T-90 monopoly producer, 5 unique specialists are preparing for dismissal at the same time. This is only at the factory, and there are also related companies of tank builders - 50 thousand people may lose their jobs.

The decision was made to buy the Mistral helicopter carrier from the French. Perhaps the idea is not bad, but, as it turned out, the dimensions of modern Russian helicopters are somewhat too big for him. The hangar, in which there are deck helicopters, is built somewhat low. You can, for example, raise the deck of the ship, and thereby solve the problem, but this means a serious and long revision of the project "Mistral." Representatives of France incline our military to take another decision. According to Mikhail Shmakov, chairman of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions, Russia will obviously have to purchase deck helicopters from them. But in this question Shmakov is categorical: “Naturally, these Russian helicopters do not fit these helicopters weaponFrench only. Russian ammunition, respectively, does not fit the French machine guns and guns, which means that it is necessary to buy ammunition from the same France. Meanwhile, our ammunition enterprises have a zero in the column of the state defense order. Therefore, I propose to immediately warn the Ministry of Defense that for restoring order on the labor market after such “wise” decisions, compensation for the money spent on stabilizing the labor market must be carried out from the funds of the Ministry of Defense. ”

However, Mr. Serdyukov’s department seems to be afraid of no one and nothing. And so the threats from trade union leaders even more so. The range of arms and military equipment planned for the planned purchase of weapons in the West is growing by leaps and bounds. In February, 2011, commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky, during a visit to Severnaya Verf in St. Petersburg, said that he did not rule out the possibility of installing foreign-made artillery complexes on modern Russian frigates. Obviously, we are talking about the replacement of the Russian 130-mm artillery, type A-192M, which is currently regarded as the main artillery armament on the ships of the 22350 project, to foreign systems. As the main candidates for replacing Russian weapons, Commander-in-Chief Vysotsky proposes the French installation of the Creusot-Loire Compact 100-mm, as well as the Italian OTO-Melara 127 / 127LW 64-mm system.

But it is not at all clear - why? According to experts, the Russian newest lightweight naval 130-mm artillery mount type A-192M "Armat" is now at the stage of the last development of the prototype. The events related to the fine-tuning of the structure and tests are carried out in accordance with the schedules and plans agreed upon previously with the same admiral Vysotsky and should be completed in the 2012 year. For all major combat and technical indicators, the installation is not inferior to world analogues, and even surpasses many.

It seems that the Mistral purchase transaction opened a truly disastrous Pandora's box for the Russian military-industrial complex and now it is difficult and perhaps impossible to stop the fast-growing process.
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  1. Vitus
    Vitus April 9 2011 09: 11
    The collapse of Russia from the inside !!!
  2. soratnik
    soratnik April 9 2011 10: 29
    It was about the same tricks that Tukhachevsky and his comrades were shot at the time. Is it time to use power?
  3. Escander
    Escander April 9 2011 10: 51
    --- "However, the agency of Mr. Serdyukov, it seems, is not afraid of anyone and nothing."

    Yes, these -removed- in their Kremlin garden do what they want. They are all unsinkable there.
    At least to take Shoigu, he shod all the country's enterprises through his department (LYSENZY !!! to fire hazardous facilities, to which he ranked almost everyone after Lame Horse), he heated up to 100000 p. and he was pleased with the “sun-faced”, even a report on the website of the Ministry of Emergency Situations posted ALL the enterprises of the country — who had already gone crazy and who hadn’t yet, and for those who were dull, they connected the prosecutor’s office (and this was against the background of the collapse of the fire service)! Pukin threw appeals and complaints - the result is 0!
    And a wooden minister from the same lads. The result will be the same.
  4. Sergio
    Sergio April 9 2011 10: 55
    Quote: soratnik
    It was about the same tricks that Tukhachevsky and his comrades were shot at the time. Is it time to use power?

    Yes, it's time to use such power angry
  5. dick
    dick April 9 2011 11: 06
    by whom and what power to use? it’s the policy of rulers, smerdyuk only a public snout ... and what to expect from the commerce of smerdyuk, if the generals and admirals are high, postnikov, priests ... push the purchase of imported weapons for kickbacks to them ...? for rulers, the country's defense against external enemies is not important ... they hone the army for a war within the country, against the Russian people. The GRU special forces (the struggle against the external threat) have collapsed and the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (suppression of the hunger riots of the people) are being strengthened - you can’t argue against the facts ...
    the collapse of the country from within ... not collapse, but sawing off ... it began long ago by the scanty humpback and the Jew Yeltsin, and now the process is coming to an end ... Menehan has already appointed his governors who will provide him with "fair elections" for the 2nd presidential term ...
  6. Sasha
    Sasha April 9 2011 11: 40
    Yes, where does the collapse. many questions arise under the article .... 1. what kind of single-industry town in which the population mainly works at these factories, if it is said that the number of workers is 1100.
    2. orders of minobarons decreased from 98 to 3,8%, where did they go? as far as I understand, not abroad but to other plants. here is the question of competitiveness.
    3. dismissed all the unskilled - aha 170 people, usually at state enterprises they don’t say how much managers earn, I’m sure they were not affected by the reduction, and there are a lot of them just ordinary workers.
    everything sounds to me like an ordinary budget nagging.
  7. bean
    bean April 9 2011 12: 26
    Buying foreign equipment, Serdyukov, along with the rest of the lads, continues the process of colonizing Russia by the West. The Kremlin’s silence about the stunning statements of the generals from the Ministry of Defense about the "outdated" equipment that caused billions of dollars in damage to Russia is interesting. Apparently, this is only welcome. Here are just which countries?
  8. Maksim
    Maksim April 9 2011 12: 45
    Doesn’t the president or the government see what kind of bl ... is happening? They see! Perdyukov-for life. Let him do the coffin himself. I want to know from the author whether they think anything in Moscow about this. this bastard suits many, but still?
    I want to see an article about how they react and what measures are taken with respect to GOVNYUKOV. Even civilians and a thousandth of us do not know what he is doing. The military in general .... What a nasty thing. It is urgent to put a normal Russian general! !! angry
  9. turnip
    turnip April 9 2011 12: 51
    when I saw the picture I wanted to write something nasty, I read the comments. Now I relaxed, I smoke on the balcony.
  10. Kudeyar
    Kudeyar April 9 2011 13: 02
    From the USSR, we have inherited many defense plants. You cannot provide all orders. Moreover, there is a unification of production. And in past times in the country there were similar situations during the reforms. The army was reduced and under Khrushchev and not only. And production, respectively, was also reduced, and everyone also shouted as they could.

    Interestingly it turned out at the expense of the Mistral, everyone went around and around, almost bought it, and lo! It turns out that helicopters do not fit)) o_O
  11. Old jew
    Old jew April 9 2011 13: 32

    ".. Do not the president or the government see what the hell is going on. They see! Perdukov, for life ..."
    AAAAA ........... smiled easier to write off everything on the function than admit that everything happens and is bought (because they themselves are not able to produce better)
    you yourself are to blame .... you yourself chose this government ..... why are you voting in a drunken state? They are sitting now scribbling comments .... who is to blame .... read the fable "Monkey and Glasses" you will find the answer to all questions ....... although I see it is useless. You have what you have
  12. vist
    vist April 9 2011 14: 07
    The Euro-troll is here, as it is, as usual, some kind of crap carries: "you yourself chose this power", you also remember about "democracy", you yourself read that fable, or when translated into Yiddish, the meaning changed there, a snotty student, no mind, no knowledge, but there, too, in serious topics to troll.
  13. war
    war April 9 2011 14: 20
    Really do not see not the president, nor the government, what kind of bl ... happens. See!

    So they are with him.

    you yourself are to blame .... you yourself have chosen this power .....

    Power has long been choosing itself.
  14. sergey gray
    sergey gray April 9 2011 14: 42
    they are all at the same time. only someone will say against, immediately gets on the head. Only gentlemen, officials think about it and if unexpectedly a war then who wants to protect you bastards.
  15. Michael
    Michael April 9 2011 14: 50
    On the other hand, what do these plants produce, by what technologies, does this product meet modern requirements? Here you have a double-edged sword. And the eternal Russian question - what to do? Agree that not everything is so simple, we have a minimum of information (its reliability is in question) and most of all emotions. Something to do - shitty, not to do - the same thing, buy over the hill -?, Build at home -?
  16. Growth
    Growth April 9 2011 15: 38
    And the eternal Russian question - what to do?
    Under Stalin, there was no such question. Just Medved Put the traitors to the Motherland! I imagine how they would work out their betrayals in the Gulag. Their philosophy reminds me of Gorbachev and the result will seem to be the same.
  17. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui April 9 2011 15: 45
    Damn, I missed such a topic, everything has already been said about Perdyuk, I’ll go and drown Serv in a beer - you bastard, I steamed my brains in the morning.
    In general, all of the above in the article smacks of a raider scheme, at first we won’t give the dough, and when you bend, we will buy you for 1 bucks. Tochnik, this treasury bankrupt the military-industrial complex, and after that he will quietly buy it, like rembases.

    Michael - if people are yelling out loud that they are not given loot for life and development, is this a minimum of information? Go to the stock exchange, talk and you will be infa. I have seen enough and heard enough how in Siberia they ruined and seized production.
    Irkutsk IVATU, who guessed this Perdyukov, also did not meet modern requirements ??? But I know the statement of the big Pendos flyer, who at one time was there to exchange experiences. Perdyukov did not just kill IVATU - he killed a whole complex of related structures.

    Old Jew - but you are not a Jew ... bully
  18. Cedric
    Cedric April 9 2011 18: 53
    We already have so much ammunition that it is possible to arm the whole world twice, but it is only needed if the Papuans go tribe to tribe - no one needs it in modern warfare. First of all, you need to drive managers in factories who cannot create conditions to create really good weapons. Here Libya was torn apart in a week, which was mainly armed with our useless stuff. And "Mistral" is our Trojan horse, which we launched into NATO, you look under the guise and newer technologies and weapons for this business will appear in the troops. I think you can not produce worthwhile products, go bankrupt to hell, how long can you lisp with you.
  19. Escander
    Escander April 9 2011 19: 52
    --- "I think you can’t produce worthwhile products, go bankrupt to the damn mother, how much you can talk with you already."

    Interestingly, what is the meaning of the word “bankrupt”?
  20. APASUS
    APASUS April 9 2011 23: 45
    By the destructiveness of their actions, Serdyukov can be safely put on a par with Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Sadly, but a fact!
  21. datur
    datur April 9 2011 23: 50
    a little more and there will be a complete b..dets.
  22. Kudeyar
    Kudeyar April 10 2011 00: 23
    Do not panic people. When he served, so much ammunition was brought in, under Grozny alone, enough for a world war. Where else to stamp them. And it’s high time to unify the production of small arms with the production of ammunition in one enterprise.
  23. Maksim
    Maksim April 10 2011 00: 49
    The old Jew is in his repertoire. Nobody from the people chose Perdyuk. This is the Jewish-oligarchic power of yours pushing him. And then these "fart" and substitute the country. You would an old Jew pray in his synagogue that we have a real Russian general in our country for Perduk's place was. And then the next shell from NATO, China or the Arabs will be yours.
    Old Jew - but you are not a Jew ...WORSE!
    viktor_ui Bull's-eye
  24. polaris
    polaris April 10 2011 04: 11
    Corruption from factories must be removed so that a la nano-autotasis does not work. BMP export prices are not the same as Army A cheaper. the extraction and introduction of foreign technologies is not developed, as the Chinese need if their own is still lagging behind.
  25. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui April 10 2011 04: 49
    And who is Perdyukov? GID, Ali MASSON ??? And in my opinion, he’s just a clergyman who got into our garden and does what he can - EATS THE CABBAGE lol
  26. I'm sitting
    I'm sitting April 10 2011 06: 18
    It is interesting how many times it is necessary to kick in the face so that it dawns on the Russians that Aliens are sitting upstairs and only brainless people can complain to strangers about strangers. First, the rats flee from the ship, then the sailors hang the captain and officers in the yard. The process is already underway - rats are running now.
  27. Cedric
    Cedric April 10 2011 07: 47
    To eskander
    Here is, at least, we need a weapon:
    not useless blanks.
  28. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui April 10 2011 11: 18
    Cedric is a great example - the discs and cores today and tomorrow just will not roll.
  29. Escander
    Escander April 10 2011 12: 21
    A mortar mine with a GPS sensor controlled by a computer, of course, this is a good thing, only who would order it when our military industrial complex, and then pay properly? As Bender used to say, in such cases “abroad will help us” (by orders), but not your native Moscow region with traditional bets on “pissed cannon fodder”.
    In general, I trust scanning more without involving a space group for the simple reason that in “serious conflicts” it will “order a long life” in the first place.
  30. Paul
    Paul April 10 2011 12: 34
    Here you can’t splash dirty water with a child, the defense plants are still guys and constantly yell on the topic of state order. But there is a problem that part of the factories has such prices and so this order fulfills (for some armaments the factories agree on prices) that the hair stands on end. And the questions of military acceptance are answered this way - you go to the market, look for others. You should have seen the comrades of directors - these are real feudal lords, swollen from local authorities. (everyone works for him, the city administration also listens to the DIRECTOR). Please note that the worker’s salary is given, but the cost of the product is not, does this not seem strange? I will answer because of the withdrawal of money from the plant it is higher than foreign ... Now an example of the same factories in France, they are not afraid to go abroad, and our successful models are successfully sold.
    An important part is the country's defense capability and it is not necessary to buy everything in a row abroad, of course, but sometimes it is worth putting our manufacturers in a competitive situation.
  31. Miail
    Miail April 10 2011 12: 51
    Something strange.
    Our defense research institute now has the largest budget in the region. Then the top frankly swells with money ...
    Thieves on thieves ...
    And the result is that we are doing frank hack-work from project to project, which is really worse than what we did in the 80s.
    If we talk about something new - they will say yes, prepare a certificate - but when unmeasured money arrives - they disappear somewhere ..

    A simple example - the C8051Cxxx microcircuit costs about 100-350 rubles, the bought "correct" way costs over 2000 rubles.

    In short, the military-industrial complex is frankly a "milking machine"
  32. Escander
    Escander April 10 2011 12: 58
    Putting our manufacturers in a competitive situation is certainly worth it, only who would do it. Will the manufacturers themselves put themselves in a "competitive situation"?
    In our country, the Kremlin globalist centrists are only thinking about the WTO and NATO, and not about their own economy. For collusion, for example, the antimonopoly service (supposedly) has unfinished laws and mechanisms for regulating market relations (allegedly) too. But all this economy functions as if through ... pu. The Russian defense industry is the direct legacy of socialism (competition was not supposed in principle), and now in the yard there is developed capital feudalism. Therefore, just as feudal citizens “steer”, so the ship is sailing (or we can sink).
  33. datur
    datur April 10 2011 13: 00
    actually this one: yude shvayne: approving the actions of the goats already got it.

    where the PCA swells, and where there is nothing to eat. apparently they give money only; the right guys; . and there effective managers are right there. they attach themselves to orders.

    the grandmas get torn up and look again in their mouths, give money, give money. Normal scientific research institutes are enterprises that do not know how to lick the asses of these freaks with stools, and gop companies, give kickbacks, are bent.

    by the way, without the USSR, without RUSSIA, there would have been neither Israel nor Jews. The Germans would not have left even memories of them.
  34. Interested
    Interested April 12 2011 00: 21
    First I wanted to write a big comment about the collapse of the ordering departments, the disbandment of the GRAU, the catastrophic downgrading of officers in the Moscow Region, the omnipotence of militant amateurs in the Moscow Region. The fact that different "wise men" believe that, after reading a couple of articles on the Internet, you can become an expert in the field of armaments and argue which projectile is better, which one is worse (about the same as the leaders of the Moscow Region - a beautiful picture, and even better a cartoon is the best proof of the high weapon efficiency). About how they killed 195 objects and many other OCD by lowering people's money in the toilet. The fact that in fact even that touched the shells that the USSR did was actually not so great. About the difference in pricing for orders in the USA and in Russia. And that, due to the lack of planned orders, enterprises and research institutes often have to lay in the price of one work the life of the whole enterprise. The fact that over the past few years the range (this is certainly not APMI, MOUT, GPS, but sometimes you have to use such words) of metals produced in Russia has decreased by almost an order of magnitude. Even metal balls of the right size can not be found. One could mention the lack of research (i.e., the scientific base of today's developments was actually laid in the USSR). One could also write a lot of things about how the Moscow Region does not pay for the COMPLETED work, how the COMPLETED work is sent to the cloth without mass production. And you can also write about how we organize sales abroad. But why? After all, you can, picking in your snotty nose, read the three magic letters of GPS and understand - here it is happiness! True, completely not paying attention to the fact that this is a modernization of the SERIAL mine.
  35. Stavr
    Stavr April 12 2011 08: 52
    Many comments are surprisingly naive. Russia is being dumped - this is the main thing and everyone should understand. When NATO tamahawks fall on our heads one by one, it will be too late, since there will be nothing to answer. The technique, albeit old, but still in some places will remain, so there will be no shells and powder. How to shoot? The nuclear briefcase is already in the hands of those who will never give the order to use it. And in terms of conventional weapons, our army will soon lose even to Georgia. It should be understood that all this is being done intentionally and purposefully. This will be followed by NATO's usual practice of "peace enforcement" and Russia will be torn apart. Who and what piece will get it is already known, look at these cards! Maybe then you will sober up?
  36. werr17
    werr17 4 January 2012 18: 12
    here I recall the words of Alyosha Popovich from the cartoon of the same name: How long do we Russian people endure this adversary? ...
  37. Honory
    Honory 7 October 2012 11: 06
    Tolerate for a long time. For Vova and Dima will replace each other to death will be as in the beloved by many of the USSR.