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Culture as a factor of combat effectiveness


The outstanding Russian military commander, General Mikhail Skobelev, was primarily concerned with maintaining the high spirit of the troops. N.D. Dmitriev-Orenburg

Doctor of Military Sciences, Professor Alexander Korabelnikov points out: “History testifies that art fights and fights in peacetime as well as during war. The play, the book, the film, as well as the songs, "double the army." Art doubles the nation, but it can also become the fifth column in our country, as our harsh reality has shown. ” Indeed, the combat capability of the army and high culture are interrelated.


The most important role in educating the patriots of their country, in raising the morale of the troops was played by works of Russian poets and prose writers, including firsthand knowledge of the military service of Gavriil Derzhavin, Denis Davydov, Alexander Griboyedov, Mikhail Lermontov, Lev Tolstoy, Alexander Kuprin, Nikolai Gumilev, Mikhail Zoshchenko, Konstantin Simonov, Emmanuel Kazakevich, Vasil Bykov, Yuri Bondarev, Boris Vasilyev and many others.

“Speaking of the army as an independent organism, one should not forget that a victorious, invincible army is a powerful tree that grew on the soil of its native country, with roots deeply penetrated into its spiritual and physical thickness. The degree of power of a tree depends on the life-giving juices that it drinks from the country, from society, and which, while being processed by the army school, do not lose all of their original essence. Hence, the enormous role of writers who touch upon questions in the field of spirit, from the field of everyday life of society and the army in philosophical and fictional works, because their teachings and models bring up the thoughts and feelings of contemporaries, ”wrote General Alexei Kuropatkin about the influence of the works of Leo Tolstoy on officers and lower ranks of the Russian army.

Analysis of literature programs operating in Soviet educational institutions shows that all literary education was mainly focused on the tasks of patriotic education of young people, on their preparation for the defense of the socialist Fatherland (works by Dmitry Furmanov, Nikolai Ostrovsky, Arkady Gaidar, Konstantin Trenev, etc.) , images of the defenders of the Motherland, fighters for its freedom and independence - Danko, Metelitsy, Mechelson, Chapaeva, Pavka Korchagin - were brightly and very convincingly taught to love the Motherland, her oichesky nation showed the fighting and labor traditions.

The analysis carried out at the present time of the program-methodical materials on literature shows that a large number of works of patriotic orientation have been withdrawn from the curriculum. For example, in the textbook "Modern Russian Literature" (1990-ies - the beginning of the XXI century) on motifs of the Great Patriotic War, the mocking epitaph of Joseph Brodsky "To the death of Zhukov" and the book of Georgy Vadimov "The General and His Army" were recommended, in which Guderian and traitor Vlasov. In the “Encyclopedia for Children”, released by one of the Russian publishing houses, only two outstanding commanders Zhukov and Vlasov are named. In this case, given a few photos of Vlasov.

Not included in the program “The Story of a Real Man” by Boris Polevoy, not studied in literature classes “The Young Guard” by Alexander Fadeev, few students know “The Fate of a Man” by Mikhail Sholokhov, “Russian Character” by Alexei Tolstoy, and others. The theme of the Great Patriotic War is mainly studied in general, without assuming, in contrast to the textual study, a detailed recess in the text of the work. But Russian students are recommended to read such works as Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, Blue Salo by Vladimir Sorokin and others.

Books and memoirs of the traitors of the Motherland Victor Rezun (Suvorov), Oleg Gordievsky and others are published in millions of copies. The activities of bandits and terrorists are advertised. So, for example, in the book “Encyclopedia of the art of war”, which practically does not say a word about military art as such, describes how “the colonel of the armed forces of the Republic of Ichkeria (Basayev) strengthened according to all the rules of military art in the hospital building ( Budennovsk), conducted on the territory of the enemy a sabotage action adequate to that which the federal troops were doing in Chechnya, as a result of which the Basayev battalion returned to Chechnya with triumph, the humiliated and offended Kremlin was forced to de facto recognize Dud eva Ichkeria leader and Stepashin to the post of FSB director replaced Barsukov. "

Who will be the student after reading these works? Anti-patriot, a man who hates the past of his country and his people? Will he become a defender of the Fatherland? Will he respect the army, respectfully treat the military?


Quite a few wishing to debase the military and the army was found among theatrical figures. Here is one example - staging on the stage not one, but the Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army, the play “Classmates” based on the play by the writer Yu.M. Polyakova. One of the characters is played by a man from the fund, as indicated in the program, dressed in the uniform of a major. As a gift to the 40 anniversary of the paralyzed Afghan war veteran, this major delivers either a prosthetic arm or prosthetic leg, playing the role of a complete idiot. And the audience is happy, the audience laugh. Do you think this statement contributes to the development of respect for servicemen and the army? The answer is obvious.

Modern mass culture reanimates the lower aspects of consciousness and instincts, which, in turn, stimulate the ethical, aesthetic and intellectual degradation of the individual. Everything is primitive: theater, cinema, literature, painting, music.

The visual arts always affected and influenced the morale of the troops. The Russian military has made a significant contribution to its development. The works of such outstanding masters as Peter Klodt and Vasily Vereshchagin were included in the golden fund of fine art. The activity of the studio of military artists named after MB became a phenomenon in the domestic fine art. Grekov. Today, painting is dominated by postmodernism, post-impressionism, and post-abstractionism. And there are no such bright representatives as Vasiliy Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, etc. were at one time. There is a slave tribe of imitators and novelties, whose creations are the works of excrement and caricatures of the military and the army.

Music plays an important role in army life. Many researchers both in our country and abroad drew attention to the role of music in rallying the military collective, raising the morale of the soldiers. In the development of world music culture, significant merits are the Russian military, such as the hussar officer Alexander Alyabyev, General Caesar Cui, the naval officer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, a graduate of the Guards warrant officer school Modest Mussorgsky, the founder and director of the Soviet Army Song and Dance Ensemble, major general Alexander Alexandrov and etc.

However, at present, in the country as a whole and in the army in particular, Western pop music is being strongly promoted and introduced. Various musical groups and groups are being advertised, in which songs with a call to violence, sex, including unconventional, are played, very often in combination with profanity. The outstanding Russian composer Rodion Shchedrin called this music mud in the musical atmosphere.

In the modern world, cinema and television are significantly affected by a person’s worldview. 80% of young people think that television has a strong influence on them. In the first place (20%) are information-analytical programs and news, on the second (19%) - entertainment programs, on the third (16%) - sports broadcasts, and then feature films and musical programs. 5% of respondents do not watch TV.

It should be noted that the history of cinema included many names associated with the Armed Forces. This is, above all, the Aesaul of the Don Cossacks, Alexander Khanzhonkov, the senior lieutenant, the commander of the airborne company, Grigory Chukhray, the major Yuri Ozerov, the captain of the 1 rank, Vladislav Mikosha, and many others.

However, currently in cinemas and on television channels, erotic films, low-end serials and unfair advertising are being shown in a continuous stream. And without any restrictions. The situation in this area is exacerbated by the negative impact on young people of such low-grade films as "Penalty", "Enemy at the Gates", "Scum", where the most important events of the Great Patriotic War are distorted.

Unfortunately, the government has little concern about the situation in the film industry and on television. This is manifested in inadequate control over the activities of television channels, connivance at the issuance of licenses for television broadcasting, the absence of censorship of what is shown on the screens of cinemas and televisions. All this leads to the spiritual and moral impoverishment and depravity of Russian citizens.

Tribute to Traditions

The ideology of the fulfillment of military duty to the Fatherland has always been at the core of the education of the young generation in Russia. This duty was performed by Russian soldiers and officers in all wars, and by right the military was considered the most patriotic stratum of society. Patriotism, inextricably linked in Russia with devotion to the throne and the faith of the ancestors, was the cornerstone of the psychology of the military. The triune formula “For Faith, the Tsar and the Fatherland” determined all the upbringing of future warriors. Their behavior and attitude to the surrounding reality was inevitably determined by the fact that every phenomenon or idea was viewed through the prism of the country's national interests and tasks.

The army is strong above all traditions. One of them is religious culture. The military organization receives enormous support from the side of religion — for the commander is God's authority; the courage of the soldiers is reinforced by the doctrine of the afterlife and the retribution to those who fell in battle “for their friends”.

Culture as a factor of combat effectiveness
Military uniform designed for combat, not for the podium.

Instructive for today's Russia is the policy pursued in the XIII century by Alexander Nevsky. The Russian prince agreed with the Tatar-Mongol Horde and directed his main efforts to the struggle against the crusaders who threatened Russia from the West. He even suppressed his brother's rebellion against the Horde. Alexander Nevsky saw that the Horde requires mainly the payment of tax (yasaka) and does not touch the Orthodox Church, does not impose its own language and culture. And the Teutonic Order suppressed first of all the faith and national identity of the conquered peoples.

“For all the time of its existence, Russia had to fend off two enemies,” says Russian military historian Anton Kersnovsky. - The first enemy - the enemy of the east - came to us from the depths of the Asian steppes, first in the guise of Obrov and Polovtsy, then the Mongols and Tatars, and finally the Turks. The latter, having conquered half of Europe, turned Constantinople into Istanbul - thus becoming across our historical path.

The second enemy is the enemy of the west. His name was and remains - German. The enemy is stubborn and merciless, cunning and soulless, cunning and dishonest. For seven hundred years - from the Battle of the Ice to Brest-Litovsk - the enemy is traditional, but not once, by the whim of history, who put on the guise of "traditional friendship" - every time, all to his greater advantage and all to the greater misfortune of Russia.

The struggle against the eastern enemy turned for Russia first in defense of the Christian faith, and in subsequent centuries in the liberation of the oppressed co-religionists and fellow tribesmen. And the same liberating character was adopted by the biggest of its wars with the enemy of the West.

All this informs the wars led by Russia in a character completely different from the wars waged by other nations, and gives them the imprint of that supreme humanity for which there is no human reward in this world. Waging these wars, Russia performed its task — the task of “God's ratification of the best warrior” —the centuries-old continuous crusade.

The Frenchman was dying for glory, for the white banner, for the emperor - and simply for beautiful France. The Englishman died at the edge of the world "for all big Britain" and poured his blood into the seas of the world to the glory of old England ... The Russian officer and the Russian soldier put their soul "for their friends". With the death of each of them, it seemed like one asterisk became larger in the sky. And if it were possible to collect in one vessel all the blood shed by them over the centuries on the fields of Germany and France, Galicia and Poland, in the mountains of Bulgaria and Armenia, then the only inscription on this bowl could be: “Not us, not us, and in Your Name. "

And now in the country is emerging anti-Christian culture. Sexual perversions are served as a sign of "elitism." There was a sharp increase in satanic, occult movements, sects. And all this for the sake of the principle of tolerance, and essentially as a result of spiritual and moral decline, the violation of all norms of morality and ethics.


The decline of culture in society is manifested in everything in the army - in behavior, uniform, relations between superiors and subordinates.

Unfortunately, the example of lack of culture was shown by the former leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, headed by Anatoly Serdyukov, who himself did not disdain to use profanity in communicating with officers. In particular, the case is known, as in September 2010, the Minister during a visit to the Ryazan Airborne School of the Wings of foul language of the head of the school of the Hero of Russia Guard Colonel Andrei Krasov in the presence of his subordinates. True, these combat officers are partly to blame for allowing the presumptuous furniture maker to carry on with him. It was imperative to immediately besiege him.

Army culture, generally speaking, is not such a thing, the heir or owner of which you can declare yourself. How, how can random officers, like Minister Serdyukov and his "women's battalion", which he brought with him to the military department, can train and train officers in military traditions? For example, Tamara Fraltsova, head of the department of military education and science of the Ministry of Defense. There is no need to emphasize that this “lady with a dog,” as she is called in the Ministry of Defense, because even she comes to meetings with a dog in her arms, is very far from both army culture and military science and education. True, here too the officers are good - they tolerate the presence of the dog and its “knowledgeable” mistress in serious official meetings.

The lack of professionalism among decision makers led to serious mistakes in developing a new uniform for military personnel. For some unknown reasons, the epaulet was not on the shoulder, but on the chest. But a military uniform is an attribute of practical value, and not an attribute of a fashion house. It is designed for military service, and not for the podium. More eloquently, the competence of the former leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Russia speaks first of all for their commitment to fashionable forms of military clothing, which has resulted in massive colds and the disruption of entire units and units.

The most important role in shaping the army culture belongs to education. Unfortunately, the former leadership of the Department of Education of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation headed by Ekaterina Priezhevoy the military education system was collapsed, in particular, several major military academies and universities were eliminated, the number of teachers was reduced seven times. The officers of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation began to train on a three-level Bologna system (bachelor's degree, specialty and magistracy), which resulted in a sharp decline in the quality of officer training (the new Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu already canceled it). Regarding the education system introduced by her, Ms. Priezheva was heard at a meeting of the Public Chamber and, according to the testimony of the military experts present, she could not clearly substantiate the essence and goals of the reform of military education.

And this is not surprising. The most that Ekaterina Priezezheva did in military education was to create a boarding school for students of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on Anatoly Serdyukov’s instructions and personally selected the first students for it. And then, in her own way, she continued the reform of military education: Russia stopped preparing officers in a number of important areas, but all conditions were created for admitting female cadets to almost all military schools, in particular, Ryazan Airborne Military School showed up girly companies.

Oh, emigrants, slave herd!

The greatest and most basic military law is that the art of war is national.

“It should be remembered that military art cannot and should not result in the same forms for all nations, be always and everywhere the same, regardless of the spirit and characteristics of the people. Our salvation and revival can only consist in detachment from foreign foundations and returning to the precepts of the glorious leaders of the Russian army, ”Russian military historian Nikolai Morozov called in the early twentieth century.

Unfortunately, in modern Russia, statesmen did not heed the warnings of many domestic thinkers when, starting from 1992, they began to form the Russian army in the American way and likeness, introducing the American style of a military uniform, adjusting the structure of the Armed Forces to its standards, adopting American uniforms and ways of military action. All this ended in the mass dismissal of many capable officers and warrant officers from the Armed Forces and the rather sensitive defeat of the Russian army in the first war in the North Caucasus.

We need a different approach to the study of foreign armies. With many armies need to cooperate. But cooperation should mean mutual enrichment, and not adjustment to NATO or other standards.

But attempts to “squeeze” Russian military traditions and Russian military art into the Procrustean bed of foreign, primarily NATO, troops are still continuing. In the Russian press, unfortunately, sometimes in the "Red Star", the dubious merits of the American, then Israeli, or British armies are being exaggerated with might and main, undeservedly belittling, in some cases, their own, Russian army.

In particular, we set the example of the German army, where it is customary to go in the line not in step. In one of the newspapers in the story about the Dutch army it is proposed to adopt from her such, if I may say so, innovations, when servicemen do not give honor to each other, soldiers do not stand up when a general passes by, and some other absurdities.

In the Western armies there is no appeal of the servicemen to each other by their patronymic name. Just in the western world there is no middle name. And in the ritual of communication in the Russian army by name and patronymic there is a deep meaning for the protection of human dignity and the distinctive veneration of their ancestors, their belonging to a great nation. The contemptuous Russian "Ivan bezrodny" or "Ivan is not remembering kinship" refers specifically to those who do not have a patronymic. Therefore, in the Russian army, both for command and for subordinates, a private soldier, a sergeant, an officer, a general cannot be Ivan, Peter, Sidor, but only Ivan Ivanovich, Peter Petrovich, etc.

In the Western press, it is said that if a soldier dug a trench in his class, he must pay separately. In some places, bans on inspection and the appearance of senior commanders in units on weekends have been introduced, without taking into account the fact that instead of these commanders, the enemy can carry out an “inspection” at the most inopportune time.

“Our journalists have no idea,” wrote Army General Makhmut Gareyev, President of the Academy of Military Sciences of the Russian Federation, “that we have already experienced this. Even in the statutes of 30's, it was stated that the Red Army man welcomed the commander only if he respected him. But the life of us already in the Finnish war severely punished for all these liberties, and we thought better of it in time. The fact is that all these armies, which are now being touted, have not yet passed any tests and have not participated in any serious war. During the first clash with the German army, the same Dutch army, along with other Western armies in the summer of 1940, could not oppose the enemy and quickly ran away. ”

About grandfather

The henchmen of the world behind the scenes are trying (and not without success) to confuse the population of Russia by shifting the priorities of the problems - to issue the problems secondary and tertiary for the main, primary ones. For example, from the problem of maintaining the combat ability of the army to the problem of hazing in military teams. This is a very effective military device.

Moreover, today hazing is the main problem in the activities of many public organizations that show heightened care for draftees. However, replacing dedovshchina among the soldiers on the "Babovshchina" Committee of Soldiers' Mothers will not fill the vacuum of patriotism in the army. In addition, you can not keep a young man - a future warrior in greenhouse conditions, constantly protecting from the hardships of life. It is noted that the validity of recruits for military service over the past 10 years has decreased by 20%. But a physically developed soldier is not threatened by the hazing of his fellow soldiers and does not require the "babovschina" of the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers.

Now many idlers and slackers, and sometimes outright criminals, primarily from among military servicemen, are seeking protection in the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers and other human rights organizations against dedovshchina.

Hazing came to us from ancient Rome. As is known, Moscow is the Third Rome. And in ancient Rome, the system of education and training of warriors, which, according to Engels, created the winners of the ancient world, was based on hazing, when, for example, veteran old soldiers, and in our “grandfathers”, engaged in 4 hours per day, and recruits 12 and more hours. And it was justified, since the recruit needed to become a full-fledged warrior as soon as possible in order not to die in the first battle.

"... we always won by knowing how to skillfully choose recruits, to teach them, so to speak, the laws weapons, temper daily exercise, pre-anticipate during exercise during camp life all that can happen in the ranks and during the battle, and, finally, severely punish idlers ", - testified the military theorist of Ancient Rome Vegetius in his book" A Summary of the Military case. "

Today, the Russian army needs state protection, primarily in the moral sense, from slanderous fabrications, insinuations and outright lies from the unscrupulous and corrupt part of political and public figures, analysts, the journalistic and television corps of the country. It is necessary to create an atmosphere of morality in the country and society, without which education of the constructive defense consciousness of people, the creation of barriers and obstacles to the destructive activity of the enemies of Russia and their agents of influence are impossible.
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  2. avt
    avt 15 March 2014 09: 13
    Old, common truths, which diligently tried to die out when they dealt with the remnants of the Soviet Army. I just wanted to add, all that the author says is a continuous process that requires constant adjustment in accordance with time and state ideology. As soon as everything stops and stiffens - the collapse that we actually saw in the 1917m and 1991m.
  3. Name
    Name 15 March 2014 09: 18
    It seems that what is called IDEOLOGY has appeared, since the coup in Ukraine, it is simple, but just everything is ingenious, but ...-or RUSSIA, or USA.
  4. Grenz
    Grenz 15 March 2014 10: 20
    It is interesting that from what I wrote it is not true - that anti-Russian films were shot, vulgar performances were staged, the history in Soros textbooks was distorted, military traditions were ruined, that a blow was inflicted on our spirituality. Write - not a valid text. And what is permissible - all around are friends and the best of them in the USA
  5. Aleksandr68
    Aleksandr68 15 March 2014 10: 27
    the author could not convey his thoughts written in a very clumsy manner, and the call for censorship causes heartburn
    1. via75
      via75 16 March 2014 06: 27
      For the proper education of youth, censorship is needed.
      In the same America, history books say that American soldiers won the Second World War. And how in Ukraine has grown a generation that hates Russia.
      There was and is censorship there, only the direction chosen was the opposite.
  6. parus2nik
    parus2nik 15 March 2014 11: 17
    Hazing came to us from Ancient Rome ...
    Ancient Rome is the source of all today's ills .. smile
  7. Gardamir
    Gardamir 15 March 2014 12: 00
    The article is a big plus. Exactly what is listed is the main weapon with which Russia can be destroyed. And you can revive. There will be Russian literature, Russian culture, traditions will be respected, no one will defeat us.
    1. zarya
      zarya 16 March 2014 07: 03
      Let me disagree with you. I believe that such an argument is akin to the argument that it is necessary to completely isolate yourself from any virus, and not look for means to fight the infection within the body itself through the development of appropriate methods and drugs. Russia (as well as any other power) should not, following the example of North Korea, prohibit contact with information potentially leading to degradation; Russia should seek support in those positive traditional (in the spirit of the people) images that are capable by their very strength to show an advantage over degradation, it is necessary to ensure that at the level of material existence it will be possible to follow ideals and not to sacrifice many when you their own they beat. If such an effective support is found, then no one will really defeat Russia and it will have something to offer the whole world.
  8. Yarik
    Yarik 15 March 2014 13: 11
    And I liked the article. And it’s well stated. Not a bit about the topic, but the Germans really defeated Holland instantly, but their (Dutch) miniature aircraft proved to be cool at the same time. The Germans were beaten up there in order, I can’t say for sure, I read for a long time.
  9. shatu
    shatu 15 March 2014 14: 11
    Tamara Fraltsova. There is no need to emphasize that this “lady with a dog”, as she is called in the Ministry of Defense, because even at meetings she comes with a dog in her arms

    I just want to see a daredevil who would order, pointing his fingers in the direction of Fraltsova: "Throw this bitch out of here! .. I mean a bitch with a tail."
    The whole country would applaud such a person!
    1. zarya
      zarya 16 March 2014 07: 05
      Serdyukov essentially had a lot of power? I pout that would be fired immediately after such a remark of the person who made it? Or am I wrong?
  10. valokordin
    valokordin 15 March 2014 14: 36
    One thing must be understood, under existing conditions the treacherous government is doing everything to smear in the mud everything that the Soviet people were proud of, the exploits of the war heroes, even the president recalls 37 when it comes to fighting traitors to the Motherland, such as Serdyukov. Traitor to the Lebanese, destroys the education of the wokup with his associates. In the movies, we see the excrement of Mikhalkov, who hates Soviet power with fierce hatred, a round-headed bald ... dorchuk, who smeared the bright image of his father, creating the most disgusting 9th company and "Stalingrad" And Pavel Korchagin can be called an ugly Bolshevik fanatic. The Minister of Medicine is killing health care, turning it into a public health service, Pogosyan together with the Americans killed the Russian aviation industry. Yes, the 5th column is strong, but it is extremely necessary to roll its head.
    1. Fiero
      Fiero 15 March 2014 15: 30
      Again Poghosyan killed someone?
    2. zarya
      zarya 16 March 2014 07: 14
      I believe that a large part of this 5th column is the result of the forcible feeding of patriotism in Soviet times. If you force-feed even good medicine, then the fact of this violence will cause rejection. This subjective reaction to rejection could be smoothed out if everyday life would be very comfortable and there would be stability in the society (one or the other is necessary); due to the degeneration of the apex, comfort of life could not be ensured. I mean, in Soviet imeria (the empire is viewed here in a positive way), there were some significant costs, and trying to ignore them would mean stepping on the same rake.

      In addition to all these works of Mikhalkov, Dorchuk, and others, it is necessary to add something that would hurt the strings of the soul of the people so that it would be intuitively clear to everyone that working for the good of Russia makes sense despite some difficulties. You can’t do this by force: you need to find exactly what is already in place among the people. And it is in him.
  11. siberalt
    siberalt 15 March 2014 15: 25
    There is no ideology, patriotism is not brought up. Nowadays, not going to urgent was an exception. Mostly for health reasons. I remember I came to the draft, and the sending was postponed for 5 days. He sat before sending home. I was ashamed to go out. And now evading the call is cool.
  12. Arkan
    Arkan 15 March 2014 17: 55
    Regarding hazing, my grandfather, a career officer who fought from Hassan to Courland, said the following: - Where there is an OFFICER, there is no hazing.
    1. zarya
      zarya 16 March 2014 07: 16
      By the way, a fact. Violation of the officer education system against this background looks doubly tragic.
  13. Ragoz
    Ragoz 16 March 2014 02: 29
    The external enemy is not so terrible as the internal and, first of all, television (young people do not read newspapers). To raise patriotism, it is simply necessary to close 70% of pop broadcasts and some channels, especially TNT. Show more Soviet patriotic films (military and detective stories about Soviet detectives, and not all kinds of "Nuts") and at a fairly early time at which they usually show various crap (usually foreign), snotty melodramas or rock concerts, and real films can be seen only after 00 hours am
    1. zarya
      zarya 16 March 2014 07: 22
      Why Soviet? Remove yours, but with the same ideals. The main thing is idealism, morale, and practicality.

      What do you think about the movie "Weapons" (
  14. via75
    via75 16 March 2014 06: 20
    Perhaps the state is already taking steps in the right direction in the educational system. A child at school has a compulsory extracurricular subject "Me and My Motherland" (a child in grade 1). In the lesson, they talk about the multinationality of our country, show films about Moscow, talk about sights. In other words, they foster a sense of pride in the country.
    No matter how blasphemous it may sound, the situation in Ukraine, most likely, will not allow the already grown generation to lose.
  15. stroporez
    stroporez 16 March 2014 18: 28
    Boo ha ha
    ------- Well, PPC, from a secret so a secret !!!!!!!!!!!
  16. RoTTor
    RoTTor 17 March 2014 18: 45
    The problem is posed. But the article is mediocre. The one who wrote it is probably a propagandist of the Lviv spill (the woodworking factory "Lvov Political School" - they collected oaks, released - linden).
    He urgently regained his sight and became bolder after removing the tuburetkin and now he started to gag.
    He wrote great only about ministerial oXXXX officers from the Arbat district who hold on to Moscow like a louse by the casing and allow all scum to spit in their faces.
    Therefore, the army became rotten, which turned it into rot, which changed the oath.