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I bring to your attention the regular material of the permanent observer of the resource, Elena Fedotova, dedicated to Chinese topics. The role of China in the world is only increasing and will continue to grow. So the position of Beijing will play an increasing role in world politics. In the situation with Ukraine, China supported the actions of Russia, strongly opposing any sanctions. 8 March 2014, at the height of the crisis, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that "China is convinced that China-Russia comprehensive strategic cooperation and partnership will continue to strengthen."

I draw your attention to this statement, since in the Ukrainian media and social networks they are actively disseminating information that China ... supports the Kiev putschists, and not Russia's policy. If you want to know the opinion of China, which is called “first-hand”, you can do it very simply: go to the official sites of the two most important Chinese state-run media.
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And now Hong Kong stuff ...

“July 1 The 1997 of the year has become truly national British mourning. On this day, Hong Kong - the last English colony in Asia - returned to the bosom of China, opening the way to unity, power and prosperity. Today, this small autonomous region can be called "the economic pulse of Asia," and the old woman Britain is in no hurry to remove her hand from it. Formally leaving the stage, she continues to rule the ball there.
“Every New Year, my friends and I go to the bathhouse,” said the hero of his beloved Soviet film. These words instantly come to mind as soon as it comes to Hong Kong. After all, here every anniversary of the events of July 1, that is, British national mourning, the Hong Kong opposition takes to the streets. Each time she is dissatisfied with something new, and at the same time, poorly forgotten by the old. So, the main trump card of the Chinese democrats of all stripes is, of course, the notorious Tiananmen and endless calls to "condemn the killers", now and then heard in the crowd of demonstrators. And Hong Kong is no exception. The events of 1989, which will never go to the well-deserved historical rest, serve as direct evidence that the Chinese opposition has better memory than imagination. Although, in Hong Kong, of course, there are some “special” problems. The main one is the terribly unfair electoral system, requiring immediate democratization.

After 1997, the population of the former colony gained confidence in the future and solid ground, and Hong Kong itself grew into that fierce and fattened “Asian tiger” that we know today. However, Democrats continue to yearn for the blessed time of British rule. On the first day of 2013, they defiantly tore up the red flag of the People's Republic of China, and raised the flags of Hong Kong and Britain, demanding the resignation of the “fascist Communist Party”. Do you still think how to celebrate the New Year in an original way? Contact the international organization Civil Human Rights Front, which acted as the organizer of this holiday, as she solemnly declared. Apparently, as advertising.

It was one of those rare occasions when Hong Kongers didn’t wait until July 1, violating a long tradition. They demanded, as before, the resignation of the head of the local administration. It is difficult to find fault with the current election system in Hong Kong - a council of several hundred representatives of local elites elects a worthy candidate by a general vote. However, the Democrats do not believe them. “Loyal to Beijing!” - sounds inexorable sentence, and the candidate, of course, is reputed to be a “pro-Beijing figure.” Arguments do not have to wait - because the voice of the crowd is true and true by definition. How true was every decision of the Queen of Britain, who single-handedly chose the governor of her colony, without regard to any Beijing.

In 2005, the ice broke. Propecian’s head of administration, Dun Cuyuanhua, resigned two years before the end of his term. He was replaced by Sir Donald Tsang, a Catholic, a knight of the Order of the British Empire and a graduate of Harvard. He started moving up the career ladder in the colonial period, and even became the first ethnic Chinese to take on the post of Minister of Finance in 1995. However, the Chinese in it gave only a characteristic cut of the eyes, otherwise it was a purebred Englishman.

Once he gave an interview to Rossiyskaya Gazeta. As an economic expert, Tsang did not avoid talking about the Hong Kong dollar. Recall that the one with 1983 of the year is pegged to the US dollar by a rigid ratio. Although the Bank of China has the right to issue since 1997. The question, as you might guess, was the following: will the prerequisites ripen in the future to tie the Hong Kong dollar to the Chinese yuan? In light of the promises of the Chinese government to make the yuan a global reserve currency by 2015, he assumed only one answer. It was a kind of courtesy of a journalist to a Chinese official. But the Honorable Sir Tsang smiled with his eyes alone and turned on the Englishman. “This is unrealistic and inexpedient,” he snapped. The outlook for 2015 seemed to exist for him. The yuan is not a fully convertible currency, said Tsang, and, apparently, did not believe in a bright future. "Hong Kong and China are at very different stages of economic development, and this situation is unlikely to change." And it is worth noting that this is true. If China without Hong Kong is shaken, but it will stand, then Hong Kong without China will burst like a soap bubble. But, according to Mr. Tsang, everything is quite the opposite. Guess who is “developed” and who is “developing”?

But the system of binding to the US dollar Tsang is quite satisfied - it is both justified and suitable. The United States may not be worried until the PRC begins to tighten the nuts in the economy. And this will certainly happen as soon as the center gets its due strength, and the yuan will become the world reserve currency. It must be assumed that it was at that moment that the separatists became active in both Xinjiang and Tibet, and the Hong Kong opposition would break out with absolutely righteous anger.

If in the 1997 year, Britain lost, losing to Hong Kong, then it was done at the most opportune moment. Formally, the hundred-year lease of the territory came to an end, but when did this bother the English? Did a financial gambit take place against China? To do this, it is worth saying a few words about the economy of Hong Kong and its transformations. In the 80s, the neoliberal wind blew out here, which nullified all industry acquired after the war. Today, Hong Kong's 90 percent of GDP consists of the services sector and the banking sector, and it is nothing without a "central producing" - the PRC.
No sooner had the British yacht to sail off the coast of China, throwing overboard the last piece of colonial Asia, as at the end of 1997, the economic crisis hit Hong Kong. Accidentally, but he became one of his first epicenters. The last load dropped from a balloon a minute before the crash. The economy of Hong Kong by that time was already soaked through with the poison of neoliberalism and consisted, as stated above, of the financial sector and the service sector. What are these two messengers of the economic apocalypse proved the crises of past and future years. Sir Tsang, of course, forgot, by whose grace the “developed”, unlike Beijing, Hong Kong then remained afloat. The newly acquired father China came to the rescue of him - the only country that was not affected by the crisis. It is terrible to imagine what would have happened to Hong Kong, if he had remained under British rule by that time, but today there would be less for one “Asian tiger”. The primacy of the state sector, the socialist way of life and the weak dependence on the world market gave Beijing a unique opportunity to play by its own rules, and, therefore, to be truly independent.

Let us leave behind the scenes that at that moment a generous British "gift" was a grenade with a torn check. It used to be the inhabitants considered crises to be a bolt from the blue, and today every second knows that they can be predicted, and every tenth one even can plan. And only a few regularly embody it in life, creating man-made thunder - at the right time and in the right place. But China not only did not fall into the wide open abyss, but also pulled Hong Kong by the ears.

And six months before the explosion on the English yacht, the last British governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, was sobbing. Leaving behind the last colony, he was probably aware of how it was done in time. And he cried either from grief or from joy. When the crisis got over, this gentleman became the EU foreign minister. At the end of 90-x - the beginning of 2000-x his paranoia was Chechnya.

The European Union then without soap, climbed into the Chechen conflict. Let the situation be settled! We know how! This is yours, louder, everything is wrong, and the rights of the militants are not respected. The decision lay on the surface - letting Chechnya go on a peaceful voyage and stop bullying civilians. And the leaders of the separatists distribute the Nobel Peace Prize. Weakly because the Soviet Union broke up - and things need to be brought to the end. So that from Russia, except for the Moscow region, nothing is left. With such thoughts and a proposal to “settle” Chris Patten arrived in Moscow in 1999. But he did not have time to open his mouth, as he was driven out by a lousy broom.

Democratic journalists blushed with shame for intractable Russia, and stronger than all - Anna Politkovskaya. In 2003, this US citizen and a close friend of Boris Berezovsky (according to one of the versions, killed by his “order”) wrote a note for Novaya Gazeta about her meeting with Patten in Brussels. In this article, a journalist in the corporate style of "own conversation" washes the bones of his country - not at all, however, completely native. A native of New York, became famous for accusing the Russian authorities of all the mortal sins of mankind. In those days, when Chechen gangsters cut our soldiers from ear to ear, like pigs, she appealed to brilliant Europe, where "everything is just like that of people."

"In Europe, everything is simple, without conceit ...". Patten, here, gave a personal audience. Incidentally, he is also “not the fact that our officials are majestic under the fence”, but friendly, wearing professor's glasses and “smiling fatherly”. He was very interested in the situation in Chechnya - after all, neither Putin nor Ivanov had been in a hurry to devote him to the state secret. Complained! And only Politkovskaya could shed light on the fact that "impenetrable, as with the" scoop. " "A gray-haired and cheerful fellow" Patten did not trust the "occupied by the special services of the Kremlin." And Europe was so exhausted in the hunger for information that Brussels was already “feverish over Russia”. It is also necessary to have such arrogance - to solve their own problems! The delegation of the European Parliament was once again prevented from entering Chechnya. Chris was perplexed and surprised, and Politkovskaya poured light: there are no human rights in Chechnya, even if you burst. Peace plan? Of course have! To give Chechnya to the mercy of gangsters, and not to go to the elections of Kadyrov. So, Politkovskaya, according to her, saved the prestige of Russia.

A note dated February 3 2003 of the year she ended with the following words: “We are very tired of Europe. Too tired. Its irresponsibility. We are only tolerated, given our vast spaces, the devil knows what is stuffed, and the demonstrative love of Putin absolutely means nothing. Suffer as possible evil. But do not respect - as a source of good. And this feeling more and more looks like how long they endured Saddam. In today's example, it is perfectly clear that every patience is the end. Maybe not worth the risk? ”Ten years have passed. And, as it turned out, today, Russia is not only still tolerated, but sometimes it is even afraid - no matter how much it gets bored by chance and doesn’t run into strong teeth. But Anna Politkovskaya, unfortunately, even tired of her former "friends." Too tired.

In recent years, China has also erupted noble fangs. “Chinese Chechnya”, however, is not called Hong Kong, but Xinjiang - where separatism is based on the religious factor. Religion and national identity are at the head of the Tibetan problem, historical discord with Kuomintang Taiwan is on political grounds. In Hong Kong, the opposition is growing out of the most absurd chimera. Here it’s not even the economic model, the kind of “securely protected island of capitalism” in the ocean of socialism. Just Hong Kong in this sense - as one of the hundred unloved wives of the Sultan living in the lower harem. The British seemed to have given up on her hand, but continue to jealously guard against the encroachments of other men. After all, once with the Sultan - forever with the Sultan! But this is only an external effect. Hong Kong is still a tasty loot for Britain, which has always considered it its property and continues to consider it to this day.

This enclave was once artificially created by the British and assigned during the Opium Wars. Given to China on the eve of the crisis, it could well be the financial gambit of capitalism, but not only because its cultural influence is also huge. Passion for pop culture, extreme hairstyles, a rich uncle from Hong Kong in every Chinese film - only minor touches that transformed beyond recognition the picture of the life of the whole of China. Although in recent years more and more Hong Kongers have recognized themselves as Chinese. How could it be otherwise? Easy - the rhetoric of separatism knows no bounds of the absurd. A few years ago, the issue of nationality in Hong Kong differed downright irrelevant diversity. Among the respondents were "Chinese Hong Kong", "Hong Kong Chinese", "pure Chinese", "pure Hong Kong", as well as purebred English with a narrow cut of the eyes. “British Londoner” or “London Briton” - who is cleaner? It is worth thinking about.

With the light hand of Hong Kong, the whole Celestial Empire was flooded with punks and green-haired mods in torn jeans, with Pepsi and Cola banks in their hands, and began to worship a new idol - MTV. Trivia trifles, but one very strong state once did not withstand the power of gum and scarce jeans. Beijing does not slumber and creates in society a serious counterbalance, cultivating traditional Confucian values ​​- honor to the elders, serving the state, patriotism. The opposition sees this audacity as a personal insult - a familiar situation, isn't it? The storm of indignation turned into the most probably absurd reason to protest in 2012, against the lessons of patriotism in Chinese schools. With complete seriousness, people of Chinese nationality took to the streets of China and were outraged that their children were forced to respect themselves and their country. Apple of contention was the book "Chinese model", mandatory for study in schools. Dissatisfied considered it the propaganda of the Communist Party, which whitewashed such events as - well, of course, the same! - "Tiananmen killings." Here again curious parallels arise. Throw mud at the past to deprive the future - the infamous and very effective technique. But the most outrageous in this book, of course, was the criticism of the US political system. According to disgruntled, it created social tensions. The question - where is China, and where is the USA, and where exactly the tension arose, was never voiced. As well as the statement that Americans have the most tender and fiery passion for Beijing. Such that they are ready to strangle in their arms.

Beijing has many such "admirers" - both external and internal. And the latter will be worse than any British and Americans. Precisely because "their". Although it would be more accurate to call them "their own among strangers" - after all, they have never had a homeland, nationality, or state. A special caste, powerful and untouchable, traces its history from ancient times and spread networks around the world. Secret societies, criminal transnational corporations, “Chinese octopus” - the triads have many names and worship only one god named “business”.

Their high point was the Opium Wars - the greatest catastrophe in the history of Chinese civilization. Drug trafficking literally triad who acted as intermediaries in transporting opium to the United States, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. At the same addresses, they massively supplied slaves - Chinese coolies who came to Hong Kong to work. In the 20th century, heroin joined opium, and the giant drug trafficking network began to grow by leaps and bounds. Since then, Hong Kong, which became a stronghold of the triads, has become the main transshipment point of super-profit smuggling. And the Chinese mafia have established strong ties with their Western partners. Thanks to this friendship, China is still one of the main exporters of heroin. More precisely, a small autonomous region of Hong Kong. No wonder even Deng Xiaoping called him "the hen that lays the golden eggs." After all, only here are the triads, paying tribute to a longstanding tradition, can safely do what they love: drug trafficking and weapons, pimping, racketeering, piracy, gambling and kidnapping people for ransom. And God forbid Beijing to intervene!

Triads always had great power and could easily organize any insurrection. Against whom - it did not matter if he got in their way. Mafia took the position in relation to the government, which was profitable. The authorities interfered - they opposed the authorities, the opponents of the ruling regime interfered - they rebelled against them. Of course, there was no talk of any patriotism or ideological views. At the forefront was always the business, which, as we know, has no nationality. As early as the 19th century, they could strike any layers of the people on strike — from coolies to port loaders. True, then their competitors were the French.

With the communists, the triads have a long-standing feud. No less fierce than the Kuomintang. Her legendary leader Chiang Kai-shek, oddly enough, was also in a secret society and, having come to power in the 20-s, in fact, legalized mafia groups. The Kuomintang and the triads became one. The military, traders, high-ranking members of the party did not hide their belonging to the "Chinese octopus". You can imagine how lush the triad business bloomed at that time. The drug trafficking chain controlled by them included the Golden Triangle, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The latter became the main link, and one of the final points is the USA. And now let us remember the reverent attitude of the American financial elites to the drug issue. Money from the sale of Mexican and Colombian cocaine, as well as Asian heroin, flows into the banks of Wall Street. This fully explains the warm feelings of the West towards the Kuomintang party. By the way, the already mentioned Sir Donald Tsang, who headed the administration of Hong Kong, is precisely in her.

In any business, the main resource is people. And the triads work closely with the people. Rickshaws, taxi drivers, prostitutes, merchants - can smile friendly and talk heart to heart with a random passerby. And then in detail to transfer the entire conversation to the customer gangster. Network of informers everywhere, in the best traditions of the special services. But there are also permanent members, whose staff is constantly replenished. And these guys do not envy. Workers are recruited on the streets, in universities, and even in schools. The one who caters to the paws, the fate of the fly in the web awaits - to twist, not twist, but you cannot escape. Only get stronger. Every newcomer undergoes an unsophisticated rite of passage - order killing. After that, he is said to be blood bound: you do not want to rumble to the police, keep up the good work.

The strictest regulations and sacred rituals, secret language and distinctive signs, oaths and mysterious symbolism — everything in the life of the triads has merged, which makes sick opponents of conspiracy. Who they are - "criminal secret society" or "gangsters with a centuries-old tradition" - is difficult to determine. In the triads phenomenally united the features of both of them. And although it is very difficult, after mentioning the word “Freemasonry,” to avoid accusations in the moveton, we simply state a fact: there is every reason to believe that the triads are the Chinese version of freemasonry. They call each other "brothers", and the leader - "Big Brother"; "Lodges" and "Brotherhood" flash in the names of the largest gangs. Countless similarities in symbolism and rituals - swords in the ritual of dedication, and the triangle as the main symbol. True, in Freemasonry, a curious eye still peeps out of it.

The power of the triads in Hong Kong has not only not changed over time, but has increased many times over. As well as 150 years ago, they make millions on the dirtiest crimes, and at the same time regularly rob small traders. At the end of each month, even the most insignificant shops - you trade at least one-time cups or cheap fast food - welcome the guest from the triad. He studies the documents of profit, while the owner trembles in a dark corner. The triad is due 15 percent monthly. If you conceal a cent, the shop will be flaring up on the same night, and you will find yourself in the nearest ditch. They are not deceived. Respect. “What is it,” say merchants, “I earn less, pay less, everything is fair.” But they help to solve problems. For example, they deal with boys who throw stones at shop windows. It is necessary only to specify.

Why do you want to do small things with super-profits? It is clear that “taxes on plastic cups” is nothing compared to billions of drug dollars. It's not about greed. All these visits with strict checks and tremors only to demonstrate power and maintain discipline. And the drug traffic is still flourishing. PDA, hands off the interior of Hong Kong!

As we remember, triads can organize any anti-government insurrection. This is someone who is truly dissatisfied with the power of the Communist Party - they have long had a grudge against each other. The first thing Mao Zedong did when he came to power was to shoot the leaders of the triads. All, of course, “you will not shoot”, and at Snake Gorynycha two heads grow on the place felled, but membership in the triads is still punishable by death. In the face of Hong Kong, they found a safe haven. Immediately after the communists came to power in China, gangsters began to emigrate en masse to the colony, where they could do what they loved.
1997 was a year of mourning for the triads. On the eve of the return of Hong Kong to China, mafia leaders began to frantically ship operations abroad - to the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada. There have long been established strong business ties.

This is the main reason why Hong Kong is foaming at the mouth for its “independence” and inviolability in internal affairs. As soon as Beijing begins to tighten the screws, merchants who pay 15 percent of the profits will come to the streets (after all, you can get into the ditch not only for non-payment), students who are recruited by triads will come out and you will receive a solid wave of popular outrage. What happens on July 1 is just annual prevention.

And “tighten the screws” can be, for example, like this: in 2009, on the eve of the Summer Asian Games, the Communist Party organized a global sweep of the criminal world of Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong. Dozens of brothels and casinos were closed, the police scooped the coolest leaders and thousands of ordinary gangsters. The blow to the "holy of holies" - drug traffic - can collapse at any moment.

How can you not worry the common people? After all, under the wing of Britain, it was both more democratic and civilized, and the bandits were not imprisoned. Freedom - she is. And in Hong Kong such a tradition - every New Year ...
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  1. Stiletto
    Stiletto 14 March 2014 14: 56
    Russia - Crimea, China - Hong Kong, America with naglosaksami - big and fat.
    1. ZU-23
      ZU-23 14 March 2014 15: 04
      The naglosaks of Santaclaus must be glued, they like to live unrealistic.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. platitsyn70
      platitsyn70 14 March 2014 15: 07
      China, it’s time to take Taiwan away, and be afraid of the battle when Russia and China create a military alliance, the United States will only hang itself.
      1. maks-101
        maks-101 14 March 2014 15: 12
        Chinese potential and money; Russian technologies and resources, and, p-t. American ambitions, Europe, they will stick their tongue in their ass and suck through a rag
      2. Duke
        Duke 15 March 2014 02: 34
        Triad - India, China, Russia.
    4. neri73-r
      neri73-r 14 March 2014 15: 24
      Long and not washed!
    5. Gluxar_
      Gluxar_ 14 March 2014 17: 01
      Quote: Stiletto
      Russia - Crimea, China - Hong Kong, America with naglosaksami - big and fat.

      Hong Kong and so Chinese, Crimea and so Russian ...
      Although the position of the author is largely true. Hong Kong is not just a city or metropolitan area, it is a fairly powerful political and economic force in the region, even against the background of China itself. In China, the positions of external investors, foreign are very powerful. China itself and its economy are tied to exports. And it is precisely this export that controls Hong Kong in many ways.
      1. mda
        mda 14 March 2014 19: 08
        I apologize for offtopic, but could not help but publish
        A lot has already been written about the strategy of our President .. Here's another .. BRAVO PUTIN! Russia has made a GENIUS "HORSE TRAVEL". She twisted everyone around her finger and in a couple of days earned more than 20 billion dollars, plus returned about 30% of the shares of her own monopolies. Putin fucked both the EU and America and how BEAUTIFUL. Before the eyes of the whole WORLD, he played everything like clockwork. For such a move he NEEDS TO APPLAUDE. ! ! ! Previously, part of the shares of energy companies belonged to foreign investors (Americans and Europeans), which means that almost half of the income from the oil and gas industry went not to the treasury of Russia, but to the accounts of "financial sharks" in Europe. In connection with the situation in Crimea, the ruble began to fall sharply, but the central bank did nothing to support the ruble exchange rate; rumors appeared that Russia simply did not have a reserve of currencies to support the ruble exchange rate. These rumors and Putin's statements that he is ready and will defend the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine led to a large drop in the price of shares of Russian energy companies and the "financial sharks" began to put up shares for sale until they completely depreciated. Putin waited all week and only smiled at press conferences and when the price fell below the baseboard, he gave the command to sharply buy up shares at the same time from all Europeans and Americans. By the time these "financial sharks" realized that they had been cheated, it was already too late, the shares were already in the hands of Russia, and now, not only did Russia earn more than $ 20 billion these days, it also returned the shares of its companies to Russia and now the income from oil and gas will not go abroad, but will remain in Russia, the ruble rises by itself and there is no need to spend gold and foreign exchange reserves of Russia to support it, and the "financial sharks" of Europe remained with their noses, they were circled around the finger like LOCHOV - they have in a matter of minutes, for a penny they bought up shares that bring billions of dollars and left without oil and gas revenues. Such a brilliant operation has never happened in the history of the stock market. BRAVO PUTIN !!!

        If the news has already been published, sorry
    6. StolzSS
      StolzSS 15 March 2014 09: 16
      Yes, everything is fair!
  2. ZU-23
    ZU-23 14 March 2014 15: 01
    Let Hong Kong be completely under China so that the Anglo-Saxon shushara would not be born there, and in this regard we think we will support China as it supported us with the Crimea.
    1. Gluxar_
      Gluxar_ 14 March 2014 17: 12
      Quote: ZU-23
      Let Hong Kong be completely under China so that the Anglo-Saxon shushara would not be born there, and in this regard we think we will support China as it supported us with the Crimea.

      I am greatly offended by the elementary illiteracy of my compatriots. Does the article say somewhere that Hong Kong is not Chinese land? Even his comparison with the Crimea is not appropriate.
      Even if someone made a reservation and mixed up Hong Kong with Taiwan, then in this case a comparison with the Crimea is not appropriate.
      In Hong Kong, the influence of the Triads is strong, but this is Chinese land and no one disputes this. China is in no hurry to restore order there for many reasons, including because it suits the current state of things.
      Taiwan is the ideologically opposite state of China. There are ideological opponents of Beijing. The analogy with the Crimea is not appropriate. A more appropriate comparison is Russia and Warsaw ... we are kind of part of the same country in the past, but antogonism rolls over. Although outwardly there are more radical regions and pseudo-states, but their scale will never make them a real player. So in the question of China and Taiwan, it is unreasonable to escalate the situation for each of the parties, but there will be no special love either. In the matter with Hong Kong, such an argument is excessive.
  3. major071
    major071 14 March 2014 15: 04
    Good article. I read it with pleasure. But amid problems with Ukraine, China and Hong Kong seem so far away. Here we are done with affairs in Ukraine and back to affairs with China. laughing
    1. platitsyn70
      platitsyn70 14 March 2014 15: 38
      the article is good, but our classics and politicians have long talked about this, Dostaevsky, Stolypin, etc., among other things, Pyotr Arkadevich was killed in Kiev.
    2. Gluxar_
      Gluxar_ 14 March 2014 17: 15
      Quote: major071
      Good article. I read it with pleasure. But amid problems with Ukraine, China and Hong Kong seem so far away. Here we are done with affairs in Ukraine and back to affairs with China.

      And what are we doing with China? We chose neutrality in the issue of the disputed islands and did the right thing. China supported us in Ukraine because it is in his interests. And not in exchange for something. What common ground do we have with China in territorial disputes? We should not be at enmity with Japan. And the Japanese, remembering our neutrality in their dispute with China, do not particularly support the United States. So do not dramatize events in Ukraine and transfer them to the international level. The question of Russians in Ukraine is our internal question and no one should go there.
  4. Cossacks
    Cossacks 14 March 2014 15: 05
    I look to China, many woke up good feelings and in vain.
    1. Ruslan
      Ruslan 14 March 2014 15: 43
      it's not about good feelings. I respect them, for example. for me they are an example of what the USSR could become, except that it would be many times more powerful. but at the same time I realize that, as it was said in one film, "they will fuck us at the first opportunity," but it will be our trouble that they allowed this. the Britons long ago came up with a scheme of geopolitical relations "(insert the right) has no friends, only interests." all countries and peoples that followed it were successful. China has learned this, they are good students and it is worthy of respect.
      1. platitsyn70
        platitsyn70 14 March 2014 15: 51
        we must be friends with China, and not only because we have good feelings for them, but because we need each other and China understands this, and loners in the modern world will not survive. Those who support Russia in the Crimean conflict are all silent as partisans, and if we had a military alliance with China, they would probably be voiced with an eye on the floor.
        1. Ruslan
          Ruslan 14 March 2014 16: 23
          these friends are ready to be friends only if they give something for friendship: daman, gibberish, Ussuri, freedom with Chinese goods and more. there are no friends in international politics. it is self-deception. century Russia lived by this self-deception. enough. you can build alliances, agreements, but rely only on yourself. expecting at any moment betrayal on their part.
  5. shitovmg
    shitovmg 14 March 2014 15: 06
    I do not agree. Russia - Ukraine !!!
  6. Klim
    Klim 14 March 2014 15: 13
  7. Dyukha Siberian
    Dyukha Siberian 14 March 2014 15: 31
    and where are the links? I don’t have for some reason!
    1. Viator
      Viator 14 March 2014 20: 37
      I also don't see the links, but probably it was about the Chinese Central Television, the Xinhua agency, the Renmin ribao newspaper, etc. Here are my links to their Russian-language pages, if they are not displayed, then you can easily find it yourself by typing in Google, for example, "CCTV Russian", "People's Daily" or "Xinhua":
  8. Stinger
    Stinger 14 March 2014 15: 32
    And how are things going on in Honduras?
    "Peace-friendship! Stop fire!"
    He popped like a cashier,
    Kose - button accordion, ass - accordion,
    The icon - the Papuan!
  9. vadson
    vadson 14 March 2014 15: 41
    I read and got an idea about the MANDATORY TEXTBOOK AT SCHOOL. we must introduce a compulsory textbook on the history of America and Europe and their struggle with Russia. with reinforced concrete facts and elements of analysis. our people are fair and we must use it and show what creatures surround us in the international arena
  10. Ross
    Ross 14 March 2014 17: 03
    Quote: platitsyn70
    China, it’s time to take Taiwan away, and be afraid of the battle when Russia and China create a military alliance, the United States will only hang itself.

    In Taiwan lies the gold of the Chinese imperial court. The National Museum in Taipei (the capital) annually changes the gold collection - and in 50 years it has never been repeated! This is the main reason why Taiwan is China and why the US (or the Fed?) Guards it so carefully.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 14 March 2014 18: 49
      I suspect that this collection has long been brought from the UK. laughing
  11. gladysheff2010
    gladysheff2010 14 March 2014 17: 30
    The article is also good because it shows the "fruits of democracy" from a different angle, explaining along the way what is at the heart of the "democratic impulse" and "the voice of the people." A people is wise if its leaders are endowed with wisdom. Friends, yesterday they scolded Putin and called him a traitor to the motherland, but today, to please the crowd of praise, they scratch. Patriotism is not criticism, and not pregnancy, either there is, or alas. With regard to China, we can say: we are brought together by common problems, the first is the struggle for minds - the moral state of society!
  12. konvalval
    konvalval 14 March 2014 17: 48
    Well done Chinese. What I like about them is the fight against corruption. That would be so.