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Our Russia: forward to the "Kingdom of Truth"!

Our Russia: forward to the "Kingdom of Truth"!The text “Listen, people!” Reappeared in the network.

Today, April 07, when Orthodox Christians celebrate the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos - one of the 12 main (twelve) holidays in the Orthodox calendar, a text called “Listen, people!” Reappears on the Internet, representing a statement on behalf of the Council of Guardians of the Russian Civilization. This text is related to the National Assembly of Russia:


Our Russia: forward to the "Kingdom of Truth"!

1. About the future of our Russia

Our children and grandchildren will soon ask - what do you leave to us? What answer will we give descendants? Why did they allow the destruction of the country given to us by God?

Our sin is in faint-heartedness. In fragmentation. In the absence of civic courage. Only having overcome animal fear for one's skin, only having achieved that unity, which the glorious ancestors possessed fighting for the creation and sovereignty of the Russian State in the fight against the fierce enemy - Ancient Khazaria in 971, on the Kulikov field in 1380, in the fight against the interventionists of the People’s Militia the leadership of Minin and Pozharsky in 1612, under Borodino in 1812, near Moscow in December 1941 - we will be able to get rid of this disgrace.

Russia has its own unwritten Historical The Constitution, preserved for many centuries, developed and transmitted by many generations, and it defines the state system of Russia in the form of a Great Power and the image of the Russian Empire as a sovereign state with a zemstvo form of democracy and the sole principle of public administration. The historical Constitution of Russia defines the state ideology as its national ideology, which is based on spiritual and moral values, cultural and historical heritage of Russian civilization.

The way out of the crisis is the Transformation of the Fatherland through a return to direct democracy. Imitation, sovereign "democracy" will not save the Motherland. At such a terrible hour, only the People, as the supreme source and sovereign of power, can lead Russia out of crisis. We are the People of Alexander Nevsky and Sergius of Radonezh, Minin and Pozharsky, Pushkin and Tolstoy, Suvorov and Zhukov, Korolev and Kurchatov. We are the heirs of the Great Victories. Victory will be ours!

We believe that, as in the old days, we will be able to overcome confusion and disintegration. The desire to live according to the Truth is the ideal that is the main driving force of the Russian People — its National Idea: “Great Russia is the Kingdom of Truth.”

2. Image of the future device of our Russia

1. State system - Empire

2. The form of government is people's autocracy, conciliar democracy and local self-government.

3. State ideology - in Russia, in accordance with the established procedure, state ideology is recognized, based on spiritual and moral values, cultural and historical heritage of the Russian civilization.

4. Russia is a social state - a decent life and free development of a person: ensuring full employment and competitiveness of own labor resources, priority of labor, direct social support of people, free health care and education, state guarantees of social standards and quality of life.

5. Civil nationalism - the Russian people are recognized as state-building, while protecting the right of every nation and nation to realize their national cultural identity

6. People’s property — all natural wealth and state property belongs to the people, is used by the executive power exclusively in the interests of the people, realizing the right of every citizen of the Russian Federation to receive income from its use, and cannot be rejected without the consent of the people.

7. The highest values ​​of the state:

HUMAN - man as an image of God, human rights and freedoms, the dignity and value of the individual, the duties and responsibilities of a citizen, participation in the greatness of the universal mission of the Motherland.

PEOPLE - autocracy and sovereignty of the people, the spiritual and civil unity of the nation, conciliar responsibility to future generations, natural solidarity and mutual trust.

HOMELAND is a patriotic unity of the whole nation, an inalienable, natural, sacred right, as well as a historical, universal and religious duty.

NATURE - the basis of everything and the beginning of all beginnings, the sacred habitat and the nurse of the people, the earthly nest of fathers and ancestors.

FAITH - spiritual universality, holiness of the Fatherland, spiritual sovereignty and spiritual freedom, the priority of spiritual and moral values, the power of self-determination for the better and joint activity for the sake of a single goal.

CULTURE - the basis and value-semantic code of the people's way of life, the foundation of education, upbringing, education and public enlightenment, the basis of the spiritual and moral values ​​of the people.

JUSTICE - the eternal hope for the best: life according to the Truth, according to Justice and Conscience, a symphony of religious and spiritual principles and conciliar social and state administration, social justice and civil consent.

LOVE - love of neighbor and love of the Fatherland, love of the spirit of its people, the holiness of family relations and the inviolability of unity. Man - Family - Rhode - People - Homeland - Nature, power, full of love - goodness.

8. Top state priorities:

Protection of the viability of the motherland.

Savings, multiplication and welfare of the people.

Power for the people, not the people for power.

The national treasure of the country for the benefit of the people.

The reunification of the peoples of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

World leadership of the Russian Empire.

9. State power in Russia is exercised by: Supreme power - the Head of State, the People’s Assembly of Russia; Administrative power - the National Council, the State Duma, the Government of Russia, the Courts of Russia.

10. Head of State - The Head of State is the guarantor of the Constitution and the highest values ​​of the state, takes measures to protect sovereignty and state integrity, ensures the functioning of state authorities, determines the main directions of domestic and foreign policy of the state. The head of state is elected by the People’s Assembly of Russia by an open vote.

11. The People’s Assembly of Russia is the supreme body of democracy, a national assembly consisting of deputies of regional people's assemblies elected by direct voting by local people's assemblies, as well as representatives of state power and the main social strata of the country, convened to collectively address the main issues of the state’s life.

12. The People’s Assembly of Russia determines: the socio-political system, the state ideology and the national strategy, accepts the indicators of the quality of life and the criteria for evaluating the activities of all branches and levels of government, forms two chambers from its composition - the State Duma and the National Council.

13. The State Duma is a standing legislative body of state power, formed from the deputies of the National Assembly of Russia with proportional representation from each region.

14. The National Council is a periodically assembling representative body of state power, formed from among the Heads of Regions, the Chairmen of the Regional People's Assembly, the members of the Government of Russia, and the Chairmen of the highest judicial bodies.

15. Executive power - executive power is exercised by the Government of Russia. The Prime Minister is appointed by the Head of State with the consent of the National Council.

16. The judiciary - the highest judicial bodies are the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court and the High Arbitration Court.

17. Zemstvo self-government - Zemstvo self-government bodies independently manage property and economic activities on their territory, establish local and regional taxes, form a budget, protect public order, and organize a system of territorial justice, social security, health care, and public education.

18. The priority of national legislation - in Russia there is an unconditional priority of national interests and national legislation over international treaties and agreements.

3. On emergency measures to protect national interests in our Russia

1. Introduction of the death penalty for especially grave crimes, for corruption on a large scale, for crimes against the nation and humanity.

2. Conducting a mandatory universal declaration of property rights and capital with confirmation of the legality of sources for their acquisition.

3. The introduction of the mandatory declaration of income and expenditure for civil servants and their families, the prohibition on dual citizenship and the placement of funds abroad and in foreign banks, as well as the compulsory annual procedure for checking the corruption of a polygraph.

4. Preventing the deliberate destruction of national identity, the loss of spiritual and moral values ​​and historical and cultural traditions, the destruction of the nation by the media, the promotion of alien values ​​and ideals, the decomposition of the foundations of the state, the prohibition of advertising defects in any form.

5. Ensuring full protection of the individual, society and the state at the expense of the quality and power of the Armed Forces, the restoration of the combat capability of the armed forces.

6. Restoration of the traditional system of general education and vocational training, public education and public enlightenment, the elimination of the USE system.

7. Legal assessment of check and mortgage auctions and other mechanisms of unlawful privatization of national property, as well as the responsibility of officials who prepared, signed and ratified the decision to terminate the USSR, grossly violated the will of the people to preserve the USSR, expressed in a referendum on March 17 of the year 1991.

8. Russia should not solve foreign strategic tasks, but should focus on solving its own problems of national development - unconditional securing the priority of national interests over any external obligations and circumstances.

4. On the new economic policy in our Russia

1. Gradual exemption of domestic entrepreneurship from most taxes, filling the budget with fees from banking transactions, introducing a progressive scale of deductions from consumer incomes and rent payments for using state property and natural resources.

2. Inventory of state property and natural wealth, public evaluation of the effectiveness of their use, the establishment of criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of public administration.

3. Ensuring full employment and competitiveness of domestic labor resources, the creation of jobs, primarily for graduates of higher and vocational schools.

4. The protectionism of domestic producers, the rapid development of infrastructure based on public-private partnership - jobs, housing, roads, transport, communications, energy.

5. Prioritizing the use of budgetary funds in national infrastructure projects, restoring industry, developing innovation, and subsidizing agriculture at a level no lower than the countries of competitors.

6. Restoration of the system of planned economic management bodies, the establishment of a state monopoly on the production and sale of alcoholic beverages, as well as foreign trade in natural resources.

7. Restoration of the military-industrial complex controlled by the state, providing the needs of the Armed Forces in armaments and military equipment in full to reflect all the challenges and threats to Russia.

8. The introduction of a convertible ruble, secured by all the national wealth of the state, the nationalization of the Central Bank of Russia.

5. People's Truth

It so happened that according to the main law of our God-kept country "the people of sovereignty and the only source of power" called the people themselves, and not different branches of representative democracy. Therefore, today the Russian people themselves, together with all the indigenous fraternal peoples, are entitled to act as the proprietor of the Russian land and order the case, which according to Pravda should be elected and appointed officials from top to bottom.

Let not the silent voice of a voter in regular formal elections without a choice, but a living voice of the people, selecting the best of their sons and daughters for service according to the Truth, will gather in the Order of the People for the edification of the authorities according to an old tradition: what is love and what is not; Who is to blame and what to do; whom to execute, and whom to pardon!

We invite everyone to join the voice of the people and independently, without prompting “well-wishers”, make the most important choice in the modern history of Russia through the historically inherent value foundations of Russian civilization institutions of genuine democracy, gathered on 12 June 2011 on Holy Trinity Day at the All-Russian public forum “People’s Collection of Russia. "

Let our current government before the elections reflect on the will of the people and their rights!

Brothers and sisters, the time has come for us to become a PEOPLE, who by right has always been the HOST OF THE EARTH OF RUSSIA, and to dispose of its right according to the LAWS of TRUTH and FAIRNESS, but this time without meaningless and merciless LEGAL!

We are sure that ONLY TOGETHER WE will bring order in our country and will solve our main task - TRANSFORMATION OF RUSSIA!


Council of the Guardians of the Russian Civilization
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  1. Escander
    Escander April 7 2011 23: 39
    --- "3. On emergency measures to protect national interests in Our Russia
    1. The introduction of the death penalty for particularly serious crimes, for corruption on an especially large scale, for crimes against the nation and humanity. ”

    And do not feel sorry for you Medveputov? How many sawn-off capital over the hill will remain unowned ...
  2. Vladimir
    Vladimir April 10 2011 22: 01
    I am for this manifesto with arms and legs. It's time to drop the cry. Tired of enduring this lawlessness of the authorities. These DAMs and GDP. Hesitated! .If GDP is soon to plunder the whole of Russia with its friends, then DAM will sell it to the Washington Regional Committee with giblets. This is happening with the army, probably because he was given a command from there. A little more time, and DAM and I will hand over all our friends how we handed over Libya, like Yeltsin, this drunk, surrendered to Yugoslavia. From DAM’s hands we will soon wait for our children to be illiterate, sick, because without money we won’t be able to get anything, no education at school, no help at the hospital. That's it!
  3. Vitaly
    Vitaly April 28 2011 16: 20
    A sweet bedtime story, toothless babble of an intellectual layer. Where did the authors come from, where did they study? Surely, even school education spared them. Take a break from Manilov’s fantasies. Stick your heads out of your cells. The world is bigger, more beautiful and more terrible, and it requires real struggle, real work with hands, head and heart. And your God-seeking scribble is semolina for infants.