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Imagine a country

Imagine a countryYou do not understand that your information space is being hammered by senseless information guides: “a decently dressed European man promised to think about what to think about when to start thinking about how much money to give to Ukraine”?

I follow the events in Ukraine and in the Crimea, and I have a persistent feeling of deja vu.

It seems that individual participants (Russia, for example) are moving, and the rest generally show looped video recording - who is applause, who is going somewhere with flags or bats.

There were already five UN Security Councils. They did not accept anything, because countries with the right of veto block any resolution in which there is something concrete. There will be one more. In fact, they are collected once every three days. What is the point and who is waiting for something from it?

I wrote China in Xinhua that the position of Russia in the Crimea is an internal affair of Russia, that Crimea is “the collection of native Russian territories”. What now to expect from the Security Council, if China was there with the right of veto and already five Security Councils were there? What in three days everyone will suddenly change their mind?

The EU has promised different amounts more than 30 (!) Times. Not translated a penny. He promised to accelerate European integration four times. Again, nothing happens, it is promised that everything will start after the formation of the government, that is, after 25 May.

The idiots relish. From their point of view, promising to press the gas four times is equivalent to four gas presses.

In fact, no. There is no money, but expenses go every day - pensions and social benefits are no longer paid, the economy collapses in the country, the largest banks limit the withdrawal of funds, debts (and penalties) increase, taxes are not collected.

The IMF promised to give money more than 10 times. The conditions were not publicly announced every time, but for one-time references - they are only toughened. This is logical: Ukraine has no choice, it will take on any, and the IMF has not saved any country from poverty.

Let me remind you that Greece (with completely different starting conditions and scales) did not help 210 billions, GDP fell by half, in fact there is no economy, industry too. And against this background for months to expect "just about a billion," savoring the next promise to ever give?

You do not understand that your information space is being hammered by senseless information guides: “a decently dressed European man promised to think about what to think about when to start thinking about how much money to give to Ukraine”? Yes, this mess can 10 once a day to broadcast, causing a happy squeak dying from poverty of the state: "Hurray, about us do not forget the future owners, just about, well, just about."

While you are being fed this sugarless cud, the infrastructure is becoming obsolete. Let's not forget about the depreciation of fixed assets, more than half of which are Soviet and are already inefficient in use, adding to the cost so much that products are illiquid in European markets. The debts and bonds taken are days before the return. There is still spring and sowing.

All this requires money and resources, here and now. To consolidate a poor country, you always need a goal that is understandable even to mental minorities, and a loud voice from the podium - to silence the rumbling in the stomach.

The goal is declared - it turns out, the war with Russia and the Russians, declared a non-donation.

According to the “ukrosmi” they turn pictures about creepy troops who have enslaved something, carefully avoiding the question that every night the next corpses of Ukrainian students-sysadmins endure the Maidan, and in the Crimea with silent people who do just one task - remove the factor “unknown guys in black masks, with swastikas and bats, the whole train left Kiev to direct the Aryan order ”- they take pictures and go on, life goes on there, and not a looped propaganda tape.

A separate piece of looped tape - about the continuous promises of military assistance. Here Shiza unfolds to the full, because the promises of the EU and the IMF about the money just copied, and here they also comment.

Why - it is clear. A typical Ukrainian Internet patriot is a middle-aged student who has rejected the army and lives with his mother, who plays computer games a lot and hasn’t seen any money, so he doesn’t have much interest in commenting on “3 billion bonds issued”. 47 he raid thousands of hours.

The first block of comments is to belittle the capabilities of the Russian army. The entire Russian army a priori with rusty Kalash, inflatable tanks and flightless planes and missiles. This axiom, copied with an emoticon, is a pass to any Ukrainian forum where you can start asking questions, why then are the calm guys AK hundredth and “Ratnik”.

The conclusions from these questions are usually simple - “Photoshop” or piece copies were given out purely for showing off. Because it is impossible, guys, axioms to question.

The second block is the Ukrainian youthful xenopatriotism, when a student who has deflected from the army is a patriot of an American aircraft carrier that continuously enters the Black Sea (it is impossible to discuss how and why).

The aircraft carrier, it turns out, can capture Russia to Novosibirsk (hello for the Ukrainian educational industry, 23, flourishing already, the legacy of the scoop in the form of all sorts of geographies and the physicist has been successfully defeated), on an aircraft carrier around 800 aircraft, it can fight autonomously for several years, in principle, the aircraft carrier is invulnerable -Here, he is about to come. Aircraft carriers won all the latest war.

This quotes, if that. Similarly to the above, all are analyzed. news on a military theme. What, the United States sent one reconnaissance aircraft to the border of Ukraine and Poland? Everything, armada, in four minutes they will reach Moscow, and from there a nuclear missile will reach Khabarovsk, ha-ha, so they jumped. Say fiction? The reality of the wretched and distraught from the intense masturbation of the poor zapadens, raving revenge.

The headquarters took Saakashvili? Well, he will show Raschke how in the 2008 year, when they dragged him from him to Rostov.

NATO promised to protect NATO countries? Well, Ukraine is a NATO country - they promised her that someday, perhaps, it is possible, it will be - it means that NATO has clearly stated that it will defend the territory of Ukraine, including the Kuban, right now, there are already columns of NATO tanks. Rashkin jackets from there have already fled, it is obvious.

In general, the retelling of each television news against the background of the constant statements “we don’t watch TV, we aren’t trash, everyone in Rashka constantly watches Kiselev’s” is one of the forms of shiza that is most likely to come across on the Internet.

I finally realized who was watching Kiselyov - Ukrainian Internet warriors watching him, opening his mouth and catching every word, then to fill up a stunner with quotations with shouts of “that's what's washing your head off!”

The looped tape of the daily “ukrosmi” looks like this:

- The EU again promised to give out Hitleriard of money tomorrow;

- The IMF, pushing the EU aside, promised as much, but to every resident of Ukraine;

- in Europe again, luxury - the minimum wage has grown from 14 to 18 thousand euros, for immigrants from Ukraine are allocated houses in Switzerland from 1200 square meters each. For those who do not want to work (because no one works in Europe, it is so luxurious there) - an allowance in the amount of 13,5 thousand euros per month;

- famine in Moscow - leather goods from destroyed shops are eaten on Tverskaya, women's leather shoes are fried in ruins on candles and they are eaten hot (video sequence - the Greek rally "F ... the EU");

- it is planned to turn the gas pipe valve on its own side - then, according to the idea of ​​ukrouchenykh, Gazprom will inflate and burst, as in a cartoon;

- NATO has vowed to serve the people of Ukraine (the black-and-white movie of the 1930 parade is shown under the soldat und ofitsifen);

- on the Maidan, Kyivans, stupefied by luxury, wealth and happiness, freely walk (video series - a piece of the film “Amelie”);

- The US 4 aircraft immediately entered the Black Sea. To enter, they had to stand on the butt, but they did not crawl right away;

- the unprecedented flourishing of the Ukrainian economy: in two weeks, GDP growth was so much that we did not say how much. The queues behind the hryvnia are such that it is necessary to limit withdrawals in banks, and then many withdraw all the money, because hundreds of foreign billionaires are lying on their knees and begging them to sell the hryvnia. The National Bank states that it does not make sense, since it will soon be possible to buy a castle in Europe for three hryvnias;

- in the Crimea, night processions with torches, swastikas and anonymous people in black with bats are the agony of Putin's regime. It is good that this can not be in European Ukraine (a video series two weeks ago from Kiev is shown);

- Ukraine was fully supported by all the leading world powers (a video from the smiling Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Luxembourg is shown).

And so - in the cycle. Eagerly looking at it and not catching that every day the same thing in terms of promises, Internet connection crawls to the computer and copies it to the Network, without understanding the simple thing - the events in Ukraine have stopped. She, like a skating rink without an engine and brakes, smoothly and confidently rolls down every day. And no matter how much shouting in the cockpit about painting, nothing can be changed.

Laughing about the fictional Upper Volta with a nuclear baton got the real North Somalia without pants. And the scales of that pit, where this skating rink is heading now, enthusiastic commentators who are agitating are not aware of it at all.

This is the same, the main victory of the new Ukraine - virtual reality ousted the usual one.

It is absolutely incomprehensible just what to do next. If it is unclear what to do with the hundreds with breaking from drugs in maidan soups, then it is not at all clear what will happen when 50 has started to break millions, who guessed that they participated in the TV show “Make a fantasy about the country”.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 13 March 2014 10: 22
    The EU promised various amounts more than 30 (!) Times.

    To promise not to marry ..

    Promise, promise and promise again .. and when they believe and do what EUROPA wants to hang naive suckers by the ass and we will slowly castrate. (Interpretation of the words of WESTERN POLITICS)
    1. GreatRussia
      GreatRussia 13 March 2014 10: 26
      Ukraine is fully supported by all the leading world powers ....

      Well, yes, something like this:
      1. Same lech
        Same lech 13 March 2014 10: 31
        Last time Klitschko in OCHKO without a beard was ... smile quickly the people gave him a beard.
      2. evgenii67
        evgenii67 13 March 2014 10: 51
        The author is handsome! I especially liked about: "I finally understood who is watching Kiselev - Ukrainian internet soldiers are watching him" for example, I don’t watch TV, but I just learned about Kiselyov from the Ukrainian Internet warrior (I’m not going to hide what I heard before, well, there’s such a talker and what, but you have fewer Westerners?)!
        1. aksakal
          aksakal 13 March 2014 12: 28
          Quote: evgenii67
          The author is handsome!
          - I also liked Karmanov’s article laughing Relevant sarcasm - and there can’t be any other evaluations regarding Ukrainians smile
          1. afdjhbn67
            afdjhbn67 14 March 2014 07: 13
            I agree a colleague read with pleasure, just with taste, interesting
    2. Duke
      Duke 13 March 2014 10: 31
      It is absolutely incomprehensible just what to do next. If it is unclear what to do with the hundreds with breaking from drugs in maidan soups, then it is not at all clear what will happen when 50 has started to break millions, who guessed that they participated in the TV show “Make a fantasy about the country”.

      There will be no industry, pensions, salaries, then Ukraine will clutch its head.
      1. avg
        avg 13 March 2014 12: 29
        Quote: Duke
        There will be no industry, pensions, salaries, then Ukraine will clutch its head.

        But it will be later, but for now:
        - The 6th US Navy fleet entered the mouth of the Dnieper, the holds are filled with chewing gum, bacon, and Coca-Cola. And the American submarines through the "North Crimean Canal" went to the rear of the Mos.ko.lyam occupying Crimea, who are already in panic evacuated from Sevastopol on stolen ships of the Ukrainian Navy. So the victory is closely dear sirs! In order to survive until this bright day, the pan president allowed to eat part (but not all!) Of the rutabagas from the caches. Hooray!
    3. ele1285
      ele1285 13 March 2014 10: 49
      Quote: The same Lech
      Promise, promise and promise again .. and when they believe and do what Europe wants
      1. St Petrov
        St Petrov 13 March 2014 12: 24
        Kasilev, Mamontov and Simonyan from RT are the only journalists from all this shushary.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  2. The comment was deleted.
    1. Anper
      Anper 13 March 2014 10: 38
      Quote: GreatRussia
      Well, yes, something like this:

      If stupid Russians think that everything written above is an exaggeration, then I will bring yesterday's TV - the news in prime time on Inter.
      Unknown people in camouflage mined the entrances to Chongar. What was extremely outraged by the locals - after all, sowing on the nose, they dug up 100 hectares of arable land, the country will remain without a grain harvest. But one of the residents accidentally found documents left on the minefield, which they successfully read out on camera - characteristics of mines with a complete roadmap for their delivery.
      1. not good
        not good 13 March 2014 12: 38
        Mines were laid by Crimean farmers to save on fuel, and what is the difference with plowing, the result is important! wassat
  3. Sibiriya
    Sibiriya 13 March 2014 10: 27
    Reaches them already
    not over the head the truth
    but better since nothing
    1. rasputin17
      rasputin17 13 March 2014 11: 02
      So far not so much !!! That's when they put it on the most reluctant then it comes so do not spoil !!!))))))))) laughing
  4. Oleg Sobol
    Oleg Sobol 13 March 2014 10: 28
    Many thanks to the author! Positive, with humor! hi
    If it’s not clear what to do with hundreds of drug addictions in soups from the Maidan, then it’s not at all clear what will happen when the withdrawal begins at 50 million, who realized that they participated in the TV show "Fantasy about the country".
    But this is an open question of questions ...
    1. Anper
      Anper 13 March 2014 12: 50
      Quote: Oleg Sobol
      when the withdrawal begins at 50 million,

      This is about utilities:
      “Each of us will receive bills - probably in May for April. These accounts will be different from the previous ones, unfortunately, and this is part of the price we have to pay, ”he said.
      Lisovenko noted that the mission of the International Monetary Fund continues to work in Ukraine, so commenting on the figures discussed during the negotiations is still incorrect.

      This is about cars:
      initial registration of the vehicle will grow according to the table:

      Engine displacement (cm3) Change in the rate for 100 cm3 (UAH)
      1 to 1000 from 3,53 to 3,82
      2 from 1001 to 1500 from 5,88 to 6,37
      3 1501–1800 from 8,22 to 8,90
      4 1801–2500 from 11,75 to 12,73
      5 2501–3500 from 29,38 to 31,82
      6 3501–4500 from 47,00 to 50,90
      7 4501–5500 from 52,88 to 57,27
      8 5501–6500 from 64,63 to 69,99
      9 more than 6500 from 70,50 to 76,35
      The amount of utilization fee will be increased for cars from 5 500 to 5 956,5 UAH, and for trucks from 11 000 to 11 913 UAH.
      The Ministry of Finance explained the need to increase fees by rising consumer prices and inflation. If the bill is adopted in parliament, it will enter into force on April 1 this year.
  5. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 13 March 2014 10: 29
    Four US carriers entered the Black Sea at once. To enter, they had to stand on the end, and they did not climb right away;
    laughing He laughed heartily .. But as they say laughter through tears. Infovoyna however. Brainwashing continues.
    1. Andrey57
      Andrey57 13 March 2014 11: 09
      Brainwashing continues.

      There seems to be nothing to rinse, full of jelly. Familiar Crimeans spoke on the phone with ordinary people from Western Ukraine, so they spoke in all seriousness about the battles in the Crimea, where "Putin's quilted jackets" will soon be thrown into the sea and there will be happiness! Crimeans calmed them down as best they could, invited them to a barbecue laughing
      1. Anper
        Anper 13 March 2014 11: 46
        Quote: Andrey57
        There seems to be nothing to wash already, full jelly

        This is only a fragment of yesterday’s evening news - everything that doesn’t fit into any gates is impossible to find. Relate the video sequence with the text.
        1. engineer74
          engineer74 13 March 2014 14: 20
          Fun video! laughing I can't even believe what this is on TV! We need to broadcast this channel in Russia, TNT with "house-2" and "comedy club" will die by itself!

          Experts tell me, in the video from 10:06, how in one box of 62 kg weighs 21165 anti-tank mines ??? what

          PS Are there really people who take this seriously? sad
          1. Andrey78
            Andrey78 13 March 2014 18: 48
            Cartoon you remember how from one skin made 7 caps. So it is here. laughing And such overhead, I can print as much as enough paper and toner in the printer. Not a single print was shown. fool
          2. Vasyan1971
            Vasyan1971 13 March 2014 22: 07
            The territory of the military unit, "mined" with planks with nails, was especially inserted. It's cruel, inhuman and contrary to the Geneva Convention
            1. afdjhbn67
              afdjhbn67 14 March 2014 07: 29
              in addition it would be necessary to hand out slingshots this would be the apotheosis of inhumanity
  6. svp67
    svp67 13 March 2014 10: 29
    Four US carriers entered the Black Sea at once. To enter, they had to stand on the end, and they did not climb right away;
    If the Americans had done this ... they could have erected a monument made of pure chocolate ... it's just a GIFT, in honor of the successful completion of the Olympics ... That's where the work of "Moscow" and "Shores" was, "according to the direct profile ... "
    1. 222222
      222222 13 March 2014 10: 34
      svp67 SU Today, 10: 29 New

      "" "" 4 US aircraft carriers entered the Black Sea at once. To enter, they had to stand on the end, otherwise they did not climb right through;
      If the Americans did it .. "" "
      ".... the range of the Russian coastal mobile anti-ship missile system K300P Bastion-P in case of application in Crimea. Earlier our blog already reported that the launchers of this complex were seen in Sevastopol."
    2. alex-s
      alex-s 13 March 2014 10: 35
      This is where "Moscow" and "Beregam" were working, "on a straight profile ..."

      Yes, the Bosphorus would be completely blocked! laughing
  7. from punk
    from punk 13 March 2014 10: 36
    hitlerliards-smiled laughing
    1. RBLip
      RBLip 13 March 2014 12: 05
      Quote: punk

      hitlerlyard is a thousand maydanards wink
      1. afdjhbn67
        afdjhbn67 14 March 2014 07: 31
        or one hundred barakabamok laughing
  8. avt
    avt 13 March 2014 10: 38
    Article plus! It would be quite fun, but the correct author draws the conclusion --- ,, It is absolutely unclear what to do next with this. If it is not clear what to do with hundreds of drug withdrawals in soups from the Maidan, then it is not at all clear what will happen when the withdrawal begins in 50 million who guessed that they participated in the TV show “Dream about the country.” “This is really a question of questions! And the country with nuclear power plants will have to specifically answer it. In Kiev, the maydauns are already seizing banks and nothing until they peacefully disperse. And when the maydauns are given weapons and it will be the "national guard", what will the SBU do the same with its piece units? This is not for you to knit Gubarev unarmed in Donetsk. No, in principle, it is clear what to do with the Bandera bastard. But who will give the go-ahead besides GDP? After all, all at once will howl about the replenishment of the "innocent heavenly hundreds" "human rights activists" who, when they put a knife to their throats, will howl - "Help! Police! Where is this power! I pay taxes! The government is obliged to protect us! "Is it obligated, that's just how in such an exotic way without the use of force? And from what hangover will all this ,, human rights" pack determine the “excessive use of force"? The term was invented.
  9. from punk
    from punk 13 March 2014 10: 39
    on the Maidan they ask - how long will you stand? - until life is better. but I thought that we need to work and then it will get better. Annette
  10. Name
    Name 13 March 2014 10: 39
    ... virtual reality has replaced conventional ...-so virtual is prettier and you don’t have to do anything, dream yourself ... wassat
    Here is what US has in the Guide, some against starting to mumble this no matter how good: According to the agency's interlocutor, some hope that Vladimir Putin will reconsider towards softening his approach to Crimea ... The agency's interlocutor called the worst scenario of retaliation from the West, which includes the freezing of Russian foreign reserves, bank assets, and the termination of lending to companies. ...

    Someone worried about their bank accounts, not otherwise ... recourse
    Read more:
  11. bomg.77
    bomg.77 13 March 2014 10: 39
    Great article)) +
    For this phrase special thanks to "Hitleriard Money" laughing
    The money that Ukraine is counting on will not be! In his statement, Yanukovych made it clear to all Western "benefactors" that the country does not bear responsibility for the funds allocated to the illegitimate government! And in the West they are not fools, to give such money to people smelling of burnt rubber and wearing a helmet!
  12. Tatarus
    Tatarus 13 March 2014 10: 40
    Just shocked by the idiocy of ukroInternet warriors. You read their comments and seriously think about the forced castration of the like so as not to produce their own kind. Uk-ry really is not the creation of the Creator, but a tribe of semi rational monkeys. Something at the level of Neanderthals, only with computer knowledge. Per article +.
  13. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 13 March 2014 10: 42
    But many believe in this crap and try to convince them! Much more expensive ..
    Well, at least not all.
  14. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 13 March 2014 10: 45
    In the meantime, the Right Sector arranges its financial affairs:
    Self-defense of the Maidan and the Right sector engaged in racketeering. They force business owners to transfer their facilities under their protection. The rates are $ 25000 one-time fee, after which the object is taken under 24-hour security by two fighters or you can negotiate cheaper, but in this case there will be no security, but they will give a sticker with the phone to call the fighters.

    From the same source:
    On the night of March 7 on the Maidan, in the building of the Kiev city administration, there was a shoot-out between the fighters of the Right Sector and the Independence Square. Eyewitnesses say that during this confrontation, two people were killed and another wounded. In the news that they heard firing from automatic weapons reported, but not a word about the victims. The same eyewitnesses said that the corpses were taken to the crematorium, which is controlled by 24 Hundred Self-Defense Maidan from 3 March. These cases are not isolated, people disappear constantly and there is reason to argue that they are being transported and burned. Or why did 24 hundred occupy the crematorium and the morgue? I note that in Ukraine there are only three crematoriums and this is an ideal place to cover your tracks.

    In general, there is an opinion that soon even Sashko Bely, against the background of what is happening, looks quite respectable, he just hits, not kills ...
    So, choose Crimea:
    1. Anper
      Anper 13 March 2014 17: 52
      Quote: Novel 1977
      In the meantime, the Right Sector arranges its financial affairs:

      The Verkhovna Rada adopted on the whole bill No. 4393 “On the National Guard of Ukraine”. 262 deputies voted for this document, the MFN correspondent reports.
      “It is proposed to create a separate military unit on the basis of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with law enforcement functions and legislatively determine its legal status,” said the author of the bill, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Alexander Turchinov.
      In addition to law enforcement functions, the National Guard will carry out functions of ensuring state security, protecting borders, as well as anti-terrorist activities and the fight against illegal military units in Ukraine. In addition, the National Guard is assigned tasks in cooperation with the Armed Forces of Ukraine to take part in cutting off armed aggression against Ukraine.
      The National Guard will act in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and carry out combat missions.
      The law also provides for some restrictions on joining the guard, in particular, persons with an outstanding or unexpunged criminal record do not have the right to serve, except for rehabilitated persons, and those who have recently been subjected to administrative penalties for corruption offenses cannot serve.
      The candidacy of the Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard will be submitted by the President, and the Verkhovna Rada will appoint. The number of the National Guard under the document is registered in the amount of up to 60 thousand people, but if necessary it can be increased by decision of BP.
      However, the deputies did not support a similar bill 4393-1 of the people's deputy ("Freedom") Yuri Sirotyuk, who proposed the creation of the National Guard as a separate body, and not in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
      The head of the law enforcement committee, Andrei Kozhemyakin, proposed supporting the bill of Alexander Turchinov, since the practice of creating a guard based on the Ministry of Internal Affairs exists in Europe.
      “Paruby asked for Art. 2 of this law in the part “participation in the protection of public order” shall be replaced by “the protection of public order”, ”said Kozhemyakin.
      The adopted law will be additionally examined by the technical and legal commission. “I do not exclude that there may be errors in the document and they need to be corrected,” said Andrei Kozhemyakin.
  15. Hans51
    Hans51 13 March 2014 10: 52
    Leafing through the old notebook of a shot general,
    I was clearly trying to understand how you could give yourself
    To the tear of vandals!
    O general’s notebook, clogged with the truth of rebirth,
    How hard it is to read you to a deceived generation!
    I. Talkov (RUSSIA)
  16. siberalt
    siberalt 13 March 2014 10: 55
    Yes. A whole generation has been completely killed. Who should restore Ukraine?
  17. schizophrenic
    schizophrenic 13 March 2014 10: 58
    You will be full of propaganda when you can eat or when the war is going on, otherwise the person will become angry and hungry. And we can expect the continuation of the revolution with new faces in a new version. Kryndets will be the oligarchs of Ukraine supporting the Maidan.
  18. Loki
    Loki 13 March 2014 11: 00
    Good article. But in fact - the question is open - what's next. Because in any case, whether with Crimea, without Crimea, with this government - pro-Western or other - pro-Russian - the issue of financial fiasco has not gone away and will not disappear. It’s easy to voice the sum of 35 billion on television, but in fact it’s a huge pile of money, which is impossible to return in principle.
  19. GROM
    GROM 13 March 2014 11: 00
    Finally, I am reading an article on this resource with healthy irony, without endless insult to everyone and everyone who is against Russia, without sputtering, without dull throws about Amer-Satanists, Euro-atheists, fifth columns of the Antichrist, spiritual bonds and Jewish conspiracies. Maybe somewhere in the article there is something like that, but it didn’t bother or remember, the author, write more;)
    1. Alexey Prikazchikov
      Alexey Prikazchikov 13 March 2014 11: 13
      It’s such a rarity in the main here are lovers of conspiracy theories, haters of train ... and just Kamunizdy.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  20. rasputin17
    rasputin17 13 March 2014 11: 05
    rich in thought !! Let them fantasize today under euphoria, it will be interesting tomorrow when a bitter hangover comes !! Life is wise and puts everything in its place!
  21. Vadim12
    Vadim12 13 March 2014 11: 28
    The normal article, the only problem is that the citizens of Ukraine believe in the whole lobbies of ukrsmi and do not want to take off their pink glasses. Well, yes, not long left, will come soon.
  22. IRBIS
    IRBIS 13 March 2014 11: 41
    Let us honestly admit that our people were treated in the same way at the dawn of the country's collapse. Promises of an economic miracle, future rivers of milk with jelly banks. And you were led! After that, there was a decade of obscurantism and poverty.
    Poor Ukrainians, now you have to find out what six months without salaries and pensions are. And that's not the worst part! We refrained from joining all kinds of "kaki", only we screwed up with the Council of Europe and grabbed loans from the IMF. However, they stopped in time. And the EU and NATO will be steeper and the consequences will also be serious.
  23. pensioner
    pensioner 13 March 2014 11: 44
    Great article! Many thanks to the author! hi
  24. nahalenok911
    nahalenok911 13 March 2014 12: 01
    "every night the next corpses of Ukrainian students-system administrators are taken out of the Maidan"
    Guys ... for sure, they wanted to dig the truth ..
  25. Gagarin
    Gagarin 13 March 2014 12: 04
    Article on EXCELLENT!
    I myself live in Ukraine, it’s exactly what is happening on TV channels - the most powerful euphoria from VICTORY (above myself)
  26. Capyar 48315
    Capyar 48315 13 March 2014 12: 05
    After drinking, a hangover will come - for those who are not bent from an overdose.
  27. skifd
    skifd 13 March 2014 12: 07
    From the Internet:

    Eustace to Alex. An urgent message from a credible source;)

    According to data just received from a source in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, trustworthy, by the end of March 11, the group of forces created near the Crimea and loyal to the Maidan exceeded the population of China in terms of numbers. The troops are equipped with the most modern military equipment and weapons, which were urgently manufactured in the month of March this year. at enterprises of the Ukrainian defense industry; It is noted that the Ukrainian arms and military equipment are several times higher in combat characteristics than any foreign models. By the number of concentrated tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, helicopters and other military equipment, the grouping is several times higher than the number of equipment of all the armed forces of the Russian Federation and China combined. Ukrainian ground forces will support the latest secret * fighter-bombers of the 9 +++ generation, which were developed in the strictest confidence by the Ukrainian defense industry during the period from February 21 to March 1 this year. and which were manufactured in the amount of several hundred units over the past 10 days.
    During the training on Monday and Tuesday, the personnel completely mastered all the knowledge on the use of arms and military equipment, all training input standards were exceeded.
    The equipment and personnel are so well camouflaged that it is impossible to detect them in any way possible, including space, air and ground reconnaissance.
    Reserves from the western regions of Ukraine are approaching, which will make it possible, if necessary, to increase the size of the group by at least three times.
    The morale of the group is extremely high, the seconded people from the Maidan carried out the necessary political work. The determination of the troops is very high.
    The command assigned the troops a combat mission: by the 15 of March to take possession of Novosibirsk, and by the end of the 16 of March go to the area of ​​Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The end of the military campaign, scheduled for March 17, will be the full occupation of all of Russia, and subsequently the Ukrainian army will deliver a number of powerful attacks on China, which is now supporting Russia.
    The source also added that to support the grouping in the Black Sea, four American aircraft carrier strike groups have just entered in full force. Three more US AUGs are on the way. For the passage of the AUG, Turkey quickly dismantled the bridge over the strait in half an hour and deepened the fairway to ensure the passage of ships.
    The source promised to soon send documents confirming the truth of the transmitted information.

    I will add on my own - as soon as I receive the documents, I will immediately transfer them to the Kremlin. I am sure that tomorrow, with such accurate information, Putin will urgently leave the territory of Russia and hide in the jungles of Africa in one of Russia's friendly countries. In all likelihood, the GDP will lead the resistance from there. "
    1. schizophrenic
      schizophrenic 13 March 2014 15: 26
      Quote: skifd
      Eustace - Alex

      You don’t have to worry about the agreement with China that 50 million Chinese people will bury the strait and all 500 American Chinese carriers will dig an anti-tank moat 500 m deep and build the Himalayas on the border with Ukraine after entering the Black Sea, now all Russian factories are working on the production of the Shantsevo instrument.
  28. W1950
    W1950 13 March 2014 12: 43
    Anper SU Today, 10:38 ↑
    Quote: GreatRussia
    Well, yes, something like this:
    If stupid Russians think that everything written above is an exaggeration, then I will bring yesterday's TV - the news in prime time on Inter.

    Unknown people in camouflage mined the entrances to Chongar. What was extremely outraged by the locals - after all, sowing on the nose, they dug up 100 hectares of arable land, the country will remain without a grain harvest. But one of the residents accidentally found documents left on the minefield, which they successfully read out on camera - characteristics of mines with a complete roadmap for their delivery.

    If smart Ukrainians are pecking at such a cheap bait, then they really want to. I’m taking ten of these videos from you, located on the other side of Russia. You’re not looking for VRVGs there. They’re much closer, in you.
  29. SLOVO
    SLOVO 13 March 2014 13: 04
    The article plus is huge. In the video (in comments), the Ukrainian military smiled with a checkered scarf, probably according to the charter)))
  30. riding
    riding 13 March 2014 13: 52
    Great article. Humor and satire are sometimes stronger than the most serious thoughts. But the article also presents excellent analytics.
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    Positive. Smiled. Thanks to the author.
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    What can I say * brotherly people *