Korean MBT XK2 Black Panther - application for leadership

Korean MBT XK2 Black Panther - application for leadership

XK2 Black Panther ("Black Panther") the new MBT of South Korea. The tank was developed under the XK2 program by the South Korean Defense Development Agency and Rotem (a division of Hyundai Motors). According to the developers, the project used only its own South Korean design solutions and developments, which allowed Koreans not to buy licenses of foreign manufacturers. Development, Research and Testing Program tank worth $ 230 million was carried out over seven years, from 1995 to 2002.

XK2 Black Panther is designed to conduct combat operations not only in flat terrain, but also in the mountains, and, again, according to the developers, it has no equal in overcoming water obstacles.

The new Korean OBT has a classic layout. The crew consists of three people: the commander, the gunner and the driver.

Booking and security of XK2 is similar to the armor of the American Abrams M1A2, but the XK2 is lighter, the mass of the armored vehicle is 55 tons. Reservations were made using Chobham’s advanced composite armor and modular active armor to protect the tank from cumulative ammunition. In addition, the XK2 Black Panther is planned to be equipped with Russian Arena-E active protection complexes. The tank is equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system, as well as anti-nuclear protection.

The tank is armed with 120-mm stabilized smoothbore gun Rheinmetall L55, which provides an increased initial velocity of the projectile with automatic loading and the rate of fire of 15 rounds per minute, produced in South Korea under a German license.

The tank has a standard set of shells: 16 shells in the loading mechanism and another 23 in the compartment in the main building. Ammunition of the gun includes STM-class KSTM-120 projectiles developed in South Korea (new self-guided shots that can hit enemy tanks from above, flying a hinged trajectory) similar to those of the American ХМ943 STAFF. The projectiles do not have their own engine, they stabilize in flight with the help of four stabilizers, they are equipped with a homing system and fly-around obstacles. The KSTM-120 active projectile guidance system includes millimeter-wave radar, infrared and radiometric sensors, which make it possible to effectively highlight the target signal among interferences by its characteristic signature. The projectile flies on the "mortar" trajectory. Upon reaching the highest point of flight, the projectile is braked with a small parachute to provide the guidance system sufficient for scanning the area and identifying the target time. The defeat of an armored target is made from the usually least protected upper hemisphere with the help of a destructive element formed during blasting (Explosive Formed Projectile, EFP). The range of the projectile - from 2 to 8 km. In addition, the tank can shoot these ammunition from behind the barrier, with a canopy. It also provides for the possibility of firing on the move and pointing the projectile at the target by the operator.

In addition, the Black Panther has a 7,62-mm machine gun (12 000 ammunition) and an 12,7-mm anti-aircraft gun (3 200 ammunition ammunition) paired with a gun.

The South Korean tank has a developed onboard control system, an element of which is the weapon control system. HK2 is equipped with a millimeter-wave radar, a laser rangefinder traditional for tanks, a side wind velocity meter, laser and radar radiation sensors. Possible to capture targets for automatic tracking. There is an automatic shot delay mechanism to compensate for the random displacement of the gun - for example, when firing on a go over rough terrain. Control system weapons allows you to hit low-flying aircraft and helicopters with 120-mm guns. The IVIS system allows the crew to exchange information with friendly forces, increasing the level of perception of the situation of the battlefield. An on-board GPS receiver allows you to share information about your current location within a unit. There is a sensor of environmental characteristics. The tank supports the C4I data exchange format and meets the requirements of the internal NATO standard STANAG 4579.

The XK2 Black Panther tank with snorkel is able to overcome water obstacles to a depth of 4,1 m and has high maneuverability in a submerged position. Firing is possible immediately after leaving the water.

The tank is equipped with an active suspension system that allows it to change the clearance depending on the nature of the terrain. A tank can not only “land” on the ground, but also “lean” forward or backward to increase the range of elevation angle changes. The latter function, according to the designers of the tank, is useful in the conduct of hostilities in rugged hilly and mountainous terrain. The tank can climb slopes up to 60 degrees and overcome vertical obstacles up to 1,3 m, which also makes it optimally adapted for combat operations in mountainous areas.

The XK2 Black Panther engine is a 12-cylinder diesel engine of water cooling, the engine power of the tank is 1500 L. power supply of all subsystems of the tank, even when the main engine is off. Such a constructive solution has significantly reduced fuel consumption, increased autonomy and power reserve of the tank, as well as reduced infrared and acoustic visibility of the tank. The speed of the HK1 "Black Panther" on the highway is 1200 km / h, over rough terrain - 400 km / h, power reserve - 2 km. The speed set - 70 km / h "from the spot" takes 50 with.

Combat weight, t: 55 - 58
Crew, person: 3
Armor, mm:
750 shell front - 800
900 tower forehead
Armament: 120 mm smoothbore gun
multifunction grenade launcher
installation "Halix"
Ammunition: 40 shots
Engine: diesel,
power 1500 hp
Highway speed, km / h: 70

Korean MBT XK2 Black Panther is currently the most expensive tank in the world, the cost of one machine is about 8.5-8.8 million dollars. By the beginning of 2010, four experimental tanks XK2 were produced in two versions. Also at the stage of release is a new modification of the tank under the designation K2 PIP. On it the suspension will be even more perfect - active, scanning the surface of the earth in front of the tank for a perfect adjustment to the relief. There will also be added non-explosive reactive armor, an active protection complex and, possibly, a new gun.

In conclusion, it should be recalled that recently in the foreign media flashed information that the Korean tank builders in the process of testing the tank faced with problems associated with the design features of its new MBT. The details were not disclosed, it is only known that if the problems are not solved, the program can be closed due to its high cost.
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  1. Alexander
    April 8 2011 09: 01
    We offered similar developments in the mid-90s. This concept of a ground-air complex based on the T-90 includes the destruction of targets from above with projectiles with a seeker and the use of UAVs, an increase in aerosol masking capabilities by an order of magnitude and a change in the thermal signature of a tank, an increase in armor protection with "preliminary armor, an automatic RCB protection system, etc. .d. The intellectual priority is for Russia because articles on this topic have been published, patents have been obtained. We do not need to know how to just "reform" it. Now everything has been stolen: Italians UAVs, Americans use aerosols, Koreans "over-the-horizon" destruction of targets. Who else will use Russian ideas?
  2. Escander
    April 8 2011 11: 06
    Isn't it a pity for the “sniper dream” on the snorkel? Wasn’t it easier to put a camcorder with tape there?
    In general, it’s not badly promoted for the northern "brother", who will scratch their turnips. “Let’s shout about the super, keep silent about the shortcomings,” like pendos with the Raptor. I can imagine how many bunts with such a suspension.
    In general, such bangs to the battalion - and in the country during the economic crisis.
  3. turnip
    April 8 2011 13: 10
    I recently looked at a youtube chronicle of the times of the 3rd Reich Panther there, the royal tigers. Why have I forgotten that? tongue
  4. 0
    April 8 2011 17: 32
    Good sharpener - hotz to listen to opinion of perdyukov with popovkin

    The program may be closed, but related technologies will remain - perdyukov with popovkin - learn bully
    April 8 2011 19: 16
    Our troops will soon send kits, like furniture from Ikea.
    The soldiers rolled up a couple of tanks before the battle, he likes an armored personnel carrier and Mi-8. Fools are simple !!!!!
  6. Denis
    April 9 2011 06: 00
    And the range of 450 km - is it not enough? most western and russian tanks have more than 500-550 km
  7. +1
    April 9 2011 11: 34
    Now in service with South Korea is more than 2500 tanks.
    "The number of tanks in the Russian Armed Forces is planned to be reduced to two thousand units," Interfax reports, citing a source in the Russian Defense Ministry.

    On the Kursk arc, in our counter-offensive, 4.5 thousand tanks took part on our part, and the Voronezh Front alone lost almost 13 thousand tanks by July 2.
    1. Stealth
      21 December 2011 17: 34
      Quote: huginn
      "The number of tanks in the Russian Armed Forces is planned to be reduced to two thousand units," Interfax reports, citing a source in the Russian Defense Ministry.

      How much can this nonsense be repeated?
      2 thousand tanks are only in constant readiness units (to calm the nerves of our European and overseas portners). By the way, these will be T-90A (or M) tanks, but about 6 thousand more tanks (modernized T-72BA and T-80) will be in long-term storage and in case of war they will always be ready to go into operation.
      Such a system will provide several advantages at once:
      -In peacetime, significantly reduce the cost of maintaining BTT
      -in case of a local conflict, Russia will have 2 thousand modern tanks (most certainly will not be needed)
      - In the event of a total non-nuclear war, Russia will have the opportunity to quickly form an eight-thousand tank fleet (at least one of the strongest in the world).
      In general, your panic is completely unjustified, sleep peacefully.

      Quote: huginn
      On the Kursk arc, in our counter-offensive, 4.5 thousand tanks took part on our part, and the Voronezh Front alone lost almost 13 thousand tanks by July 2.

      Modern warfare is very different from the Second World War, so such parallels are simply inappropriate.
      1. gor
        26 January 2012 23: 16
        Now there are Apache for this, so I agree that the analogy is inappropriate
  8. 0
    April 10 2011 01: 27
    15 rounds per minute? not a whig yourself a sewing machine.
    1. Stealth
      21 December 2011 17: 36
      Quote: datur
      15 rounds per minute

      This is all in theory ...
  9. Maximum
    April 10 2011 04: 32
    about the suspension, they ripped off the BMD. arena-e is easily electromagnetically suppressed. The latest fashion is Danish AMAP.
    and we take everything from the t95, the latest leopards, leklerks, challengers and something from all BMPs and fuck the E-nanotank!
  10. 0
    April 10 2011 14: 37
    By the way, Choi stool is lost, you need to take new.
  11. SOLDIERru
    April 10 2011 18: 21
    An interesting, classic car with bells and whistles. Impressive rate of fire (maybe a typo). It takes away how they squeezed the radar into the internal volume of the tank (I did not understand its purpose). What is the rate of fire of the anti-aircraft machine gun, that he needs such ammunition. Do you really need such a sophisticated suspension tank with a tower. The Swiss STRV-103 has a similar suspension, but it does not have a tower. And the price is not weak. But in general, if you polish the car, well done Koreans. Impressive!
  12. 0
    April 10 2011 19: 46
    15 rounds per minute, 2 machine guns, ammunition ......, radar, armor, speed, suspension. NON-SPORTS and only. Interesting, but doesn’t the ball lightning fly out of the stern?
  13. Dmitriy
    April 16 2011 05: 53
    After getting the OFS, all this jewelry will fail. And how will they repair the car? Helicopters in parts to the factory? No military repair can not cope. Tank for 5 minutes. Any soldier with a grenade launcher will damage the chassis, the rest - to finish off is the work of artillery. More intimidation and envy from frills than a real result. Is there a coffee maker and a vidyushnik? A seat heater and spoiler? About neon the same must not be forgotten. And in order to walk in the mountains, you need not a suspension, but an engine operating in conditions of discharged air.
    1. gor
      26 January 2012 23: 19
      yes I agree with you fucking tanks. give everyone chain mail and NATO tanks and break them all a member))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  14. 0
    25 May 2011 22: 54
    similar to t99 chinese.
  15. kesa1111
    28 October 2011 02: 41
    Koreans studied the experience of 4 tank-building powers, ripped off the best, added their own. The method is basically correct, (the northern neighbor will help to identify flaws). But they themselves constantly study the world experience.
    1. 0
      2 January 2012 22: 55
      Of course it is impressive .., knows how to do it .., then .., beautifully .. but it’s interesting to see what happens from this MBT after long-term operation with a separation from the tank service ...

      Koreans also study and copy cars, but all the same, only Hyundai and other unpronounceable models are obtained ... smile
  16. suharev-52
    26 January 2012 23: 24
    Someone here indicated that the power reserve is small. And they don’t need more. They have a small country. And after crossing the border with North Korea they are thrown with hats there.
  17. Oleg68
    April 17 2012 12: 04
    "In addition, the XK2 Black Panther is planned to be equipped with the Russian Arena-E active protection systems." ////////

    That's bullshit. KAZ Koreans have developed together with the United States (three-coordinate radar installation, thermal imager, 70mm anti-missile).
  18. kov
    17 October 2012 23: 58
    About Black Panther

  19. TeR
    18 January 2015 08: 27
    Yeah, here is the news from 03.01.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX:
    "... The first delivery of prototypes of the tank, powered by German MTU engines, was delivered to the South Korean army in June 2014 for evaluation. Serial production of the final version with the Korean engine-transmission unit is expected to begin in the first half of 2015."
    I.e. Four years have passed. Only the South Korean army received several prototypes. All.