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Syria confronts hostile plans with honor

8 March in Syria is a double celebration. On the one hand, International Women's Day is celebrated, as well as throughout the world. On the other hand, it is also the Day of the People’s Revolution 8 of March 1963 of the year, as a result of which the Arab Socialist Renaissance Party (PASV) came to power.

The party’s statement on the occasion of the 51 anniversary of the Revolution, in particular, states: “For half a century the enemies of Syria have taken all sorts of pressure, threats and blockades to eliminate the national-patriotic project, which the March revolution has taken. The current situation in the country shows that the global war against the Syrian people, the army and the leadership is aimed at undermining the principles of the March Revolution 8. The continuation of the revolution and opposition to all enemy intrigues is achieved thanks to the resilience and solidarity of the Syrian people, as well as the ability of the revolution to take into account changes in the life of society. ”

The party expressed confidence that the SAR "will triumph over the conspiracy organized by the enemies of the nation and their accomplices against it, because it is at the forefront of the forces fighting for liberation, independence and the creation of a new balanced international system."
On this day, a meeting of the Syrian People’s Council was held, at which its chairman, Jihad Al-Lyahham, stressed that the March March 8 revolution "became a key moment in the country's political and economic life." According to him, “Syria continues to follow a revolutionary course to achieve progress, freedom and democracy, strengthening its sovereignty and territorial integrity and realizing the common will of the people who paid with their blood for the revolutionary changes.”

ATS President Bashar Al-Asad met with the leadership of the PASV Committee of Damascus Province. He recalled that over the years, Syria has been subjected to numerous information attacks, but continues to resist with honor all hostile plans and extremist ideas.

He stated that all plans of countries supporting terrorism are doomed to failure, and the fight against extremism and terrorism will continue.
Bashar al-Assad also pointed out that the policy of the Syrian leadership on the world stage is to strengthen relations with friendly states, first of all, Russia, China and Iran.

On the same day, a rally of the Universal Women's Federation was held in front of the UN headquarters in Damascus in honor of International Women's Day. Its participants handed over to the UN representative an appeal in which they demanded that every effort be made to stop arming, financing and other types of support for terrorists in Syria.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army continues counter-terrorism operations. During these days, they managed to free the village of Az-Zara from the province of Homs from gangs. Previously, it was one of the main strongholds of terrorists in the area, located near the ancient medieval castle Krak de Chevalier, which continues to be under the occupation of militants. It is from this village that the thugs entrenched in an outstanding monument storiesreceived supply weapons and food.

As stated by the High Command of the Army and the Armed Forces of the SAR, a large number of terrorists were destroyed during a successful operation with the support of local residents. Because of the geographical location of Az-Zary, this special operation is of particular importance - the village is located near a large highway connecting the coastal and central region of Syria. Moreover, this particular settlement was a transit point for terrorists penetrating from Lebanon.

Currently, Az-Zarah is clearing explosive devices identified by criminals, searching for tunnels and weapons depots. 30 militants from the village of Al-Zarah voluntarily surrendered to the authorities. In the city of Homs, 19 terrorists laid down their arms.

Army special operations continue in the city of Yabrud, Damascus province. In the industrial zone, on the square of As-Salkhia and on the northern entrance to the city, fierce clashes took place, as a result of which a large number of bandits were destroyed, their warehouses with weapons and ammunition were destroyed. Not far from the city of Deir-Atya, more than 10 explosive devices were deactivated by sappers.

Another major special operation of the army takes place in the province of Hama in the village of Mork. Dozens of bandits from Dzhebhat Al-Nusra linked to Al-Qaida, including the leaders, were killed there.

The crimes of the militants against the people

Militants supported by the West, Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia continue to commit crimes against the Syrian people. A few days ago, in the city of Homs, the Andalus school in the Al Hamra quarter was fired on with rockets. Several people injured.

In the province of Damascus, gangsters fired mortar neighborhood Dahia Harasta. One of the shells damaged the residential building, the other two hit the hospital grounds. Fortunately, there are no casualties, however, great material damage has been inflicted.

The suburbs of Latakia, located on the Mediterranean coast, were fired on by rockets. One of the shells hit the central street of the Mashrua Demsarh microdistrict, the second - in the shopping center, the third - in the Ramel district of Al-Jenubi. As a result, 14 people were injured.

In the province of Deir ez-Zor, militants killed a journalist, the operator of the Lebanese television channel Al-Mayadin, Omar Abdel-Kader, who also collaborated with several Syrian television channels. The bullet of the criminal hit the young man in the neck.

March 11 in the metropolitan quarter Zablatani mortar shelling led to the death of two people and the wounding of six. The area is the Souk Al Khal Wholesale Market, where it is almost always crowded. Many trade pavilions on the market were damaged.

In eastern Syria, in the town of Kamyshli, Hasaka province, three suicide bombers blew themselves up together with civilians. In addition to the criminals, five people died. Eight - suffered.

The army prevented a crime against civilians in the province of Daraa in southern Syria - five gangsters were arrested who laid an explosive device on the highway.

A few days earlier in the province of Daraa there was a massacre of peaceful people, among whom are an old man and a ten-year-old child. Previously, these people were abducted by armed groups, now the criminals have selected several people from among the captives and shot them. Before that, they were all put on their knees and beaten.

Among this hell there is a nice news - The nuns of the monastery of St. Thekla of the city of Maalula, who had been abducted by militants during the attack on this Christian shrine, were released.

Syria confronts hostile plans with honor

On the Syrian-Lebanese border - the return of the nuns

On the night of 9 on 10 March, they arrived at the Zdidedet Yabus border checkpoint on the Syrian-Lebanese border, where they were met by journalists, public and religious figures, and the governor of Damascus. After three months of captivity, 16 hostages took liberty - 13 nuns along with Mother Superior Pelageya Sayyaf, as well as three novices

A delegation from Russia, which includes representatives of the Legislative Assembly of the city of St. Petersburg (Leningrad), is currently visiting Syria. It was headed by a representative of the Communist Party faction Alexei Vorontsov. The delegation was received by the chairman of the SAR People’s Council Muhammad Jihad Al-Lyahham and the president of the SAR Bashar Al-Asad

The President of Syria during the meeting with the Russians, which took place on March 11, highly appreciated the role of Russia in the modern world. He expressed the hope that after many years of a unipolar world, it was Russia that would restore the balance in the international system. The Head of State warmly thanked the Russian people for supporting Syria in the current confrontation.

And 12 in March, Bashar Al-Asad visited the temporary residence center in the city of Adra. There are currently placed citizens who were forced to leave their homes because of the crimes of terrorists. The president listened to the people, got acquainted with their living conditions. He said that the state will continue the fight against terrorism, and will also do everything possible to make life easier for people who have lost their homes.
Photos used:
Elena Gromova, SANA
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  1. GreatRussia
    GreatRussia 13 March 2014 09: 14
    Syria confronts hostile plans with honor

    That’s what prevents Russia from supplying S-300 systems to Syria now?
    The mattresses blocked military cooperation with the Russian Federation, transfer fighters and DLRO to our borders, etc., etc.

    I think it's about time to load the Syrian Express.

    Moreover, that:

    Parts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces went over to the side of the ARC government, a representative of the Crimean government said today.
    The military of the 50th, 55th and 147th anti-aircraft missile regiments located in Yevpatoriya, Feodosiya and Fiolenta sided with the Crimean people.
    “In total, more than 700 soldiers and officers declared their readiness to protect the Crimean population,” a representative of the Crimean autonomy, quoted by RIA Novosti, said.

    “The air defense units that have sided with the ARC government include more than 20 Buk anti-aircraft missile systems and over 30 S-300 PS anti-aircraft missile systems,” the agency’s interlocutor added.
    1. Dazdranagon
      Dazdranagon 13 March 2014 09: 51
      Quote: GreatRussia
      That’s what prevents Russia from supplying S-300 systems to Syria now?
      - Set, if there is a need to protect the sky. Now why? hi
    2. alone
      alone 13 March 2014 19: 46
      Quote: GreatRussia
      That’s what prevents Russia from supplying S-300 systems to Syria now?

      And what are you going to shoot down from the S-300 in Syria? Tanks and infantry fighting vehicles? Maybe the militants have aircraft?
    3. S-17
      S-17 13 March 2014 20: 26
      I think that after the referendum, distribution of "gifts" from Russia to everyone "who behaved well this year" will begin. Including through Syria ...
      We are waiting for the 17th with good news, and then, as VVP once said, "Who hasn't hid, it's not my fault!"
  2. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 13 March 2014 09: 32
    Syrians are respected ... hi
    1. just exp
      just exp 13 March 2014 10: 50
      3 years hold on, over the years, grinded tens of thousands of bearded men.
      how many would have died if these bearded men rushed to the Caucasus.
      1. alone
        alone 13 March 2014 20: 12
        Quote: just explo
        3 years hold on, over the years, grinded tens of thousands of bearded men.

        You know, Ekspl, when I was a schoolboy, was very interested in the Combat Reports of the Iran-Iraq War. I cut all the reports from newspapers and collected them in a separate folder. In 1987, when I was already a Komsomol member, I collected all the clippings, and thoroughly began to study and summarize all the losses parties (Fortunately, there was a summer vacation and there was nothing to do). After spending three days on the calculations, I collected all the clippings and threw them into the trash can. Because it turned out that in 1982-1987, Iran and Iraq reportedly destroyed 70% of the total population each other.
        In addition to military operations, there is a very active information war. And also, do not forget that under modern military conditions, 90% of those killed are civilians. So I do not advise putting it mildly on either side, to put it mildly. The facts are only directly removed during and after the battle.
  3. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 13 March 2014 09: 44
    Elena a lot of human gratitude for the constant reports from the Syrian front!
    Take care of yourself!
    Everything will work out with us, both in the Crimea and in Syria, albeit not immediately, but also in Ukraine! ..
  4. philip
    philip 13 March 2014 10: 04
    But really, what prevents the REPUBLIC OF CRIMEA from delivering Syria the S-300, before joining the Russian Federation?
    1. just exp
      just exp 13 March 2014 10: 51
      what for ? from the air defense system bearded in shelters to bring down?
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 13 March 2014 11: 01
    Syria, well done .. they would fight back even with Iraq to coordinate actions .. would strangle the terrorists ..
    1. Sandov
      Sandov 16 March 2014 18: 39
      Quote: parusnik
      Syria, well done .. they would fight back even with Iraq to coordinate actions .. would strangle the terrorists ..

      Azerbaijan would help too. Together, they would clear this world from nonhumans.
  6. denson06
    denson06 13 March 2014 11: 59
    Quote: Andrew Y.
    Syrians are respected ... hi

    The strength of spirit of the Syrians is not equal .. their Army and People deserve great respect and my personal admiration .. This is their Homeland, their children, their future ..
    My Deep Respect and words of support to the people of Syria and personally B. Assad .. hi
  7. Russlana
    Russlana 13 March 2014 13: 34
    God help them in their righteous struggle. Well done, the Syrians.
  8. habalog
    habalog 13 March 2014 14: 29
    Involuntarily begs the comparison of the two heads of state. In each case - betrayal, agents of influence, crisis. But only one is fighting for his Fatherland, for which honor is praised, and the other breaks his pens at conferences, leaving his father's house.

    Logic tells me that there is everywhere shelupon, and strong people - not always. Naglo-Saxons, by the way, have not been noticed in sweeping promising politicians around the world?

    By the way! Comrades forum users. We have the opportunity to provide direct moral support to Syria - write letters. Electronic or paper. With simple words of support and respect, from ordinary people who are not related to politics smile Though tiny, but it can be decisive. And Elena Gromova clarify where it is better to send, so that it reaches the addressee.
    1. elenagromova
      14 March 2014 12: 14
      Many thanks for the good intentions.
      There is one big difficulty in sending letters - we need translators to receive and translate these letters, which is not so easy at the moment. But you need to think about the idea.
      1. habalog
        habalog 14 March 2014 14: 02
        Elena hi

        Be sure to share with us if you come up with. The desire to support, as you see, is. I think I do not have one smile
  9. RUSLAN39
    RUSLAN39 13 March 2014 15: 06
    The Syrians, by their example, showed the whole world what real courage is.
  10. Belarus
    Belarus 13 March 2014 16: 06
    It is simply amazing how Syria can put such pressure on terrorists in such conditions. Well done in a word.
  11. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker 13 March 2014 18: 42
    It is simply amazing how Syria can exert such pressure on terrorists in such conditions.
    I completely agree! Really GOOD FELLOWS! ! !
  12. alone
    alone 13 March 2014 20: 18
    Nothing new. The other day I read all this from the reports of the SANA agency (the official agency of Syria)