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In defense of fashion for patriotism. Why is it needed and how does it affect policy

In a recent article, the respected Maxim Kantor warned us about the upcoming fashion for patriotism and that it alone would not make our life easier or fairer - “this will not affect the plundering of the country”. There is something to speculate about.

Fashionless patriotism - a simple sect

Patriotism is slowly returning to political discourse, comes to life. A couple of years ago, he was driven by rampant propaganda of dislike for the Motherland on the most shameful backyard of public consciousness. Show it was not accepted. However, it is always harder to sit in reclusive areas than to be subjected to social rejection. And little by little the germs of patriotic thought and rhetoric began to break through the concrete of liberal dogmatism.

When did it happen and what became the impulse? According to my observations, the turning point happened in 2011, and the war in Libya was the impetus for it. Liberal propaganda in this case misfired, as the picture it proposed was too different from the facts coming from an African country. The moment came when silence became more difficult than hiding, fearing universal reprimand. And people began to speak, and not on someone else's order, but from the heart. Began a period of folk art. I myself have joined this work - and, to great joy, I found out that a lot of people literally no longer hesitate to say what they think. Thanks to their efforts, such materials (and they became more and more) began to spread in social networks and communities. Visual and easy-to-understand materials gave rise to a kind of fashion, gradually replacing the import-liberal assessment of events in Libya. This is exactly the case that the US military researchers recently wrote about - how the aggressive position of the minority, thanks to the correct presentation, wins a mass audience. In this case, there is no difference what underlies this aggressive position - a foreign grant or, as in our case, a keen desire to restore justice. The mechanics are the same.

You need to understand what is fashion in social networks - this is what is called a trend in the discussion. Do not confuse this fashion with the catwalk, where eminent fashion designers amaze the audience with impractical and fancy clothes. No, in our case, we have a place with steady trends that are quickly gaining supporters. Without creating such a trend or wave does not gain like-minded people. That is, patriotism as a mass phenomenon will never become such without fashion, because people tend to be interested and get involved in what is becoming popular and accessible.

Libyan история demonstrated that enemy propaganda can be opposed by small forces. Of course, no patriotic trend at that moment had yet taken shape, but a start was made and one front was won back. The events in Bolotnaya that followed in our country spurred the formation of a patriotic discourse - sprouts began to break through the asphalt already on the domestic political bed. The flywheel began to unwind, acquiring new forms of visual agitation and good-quality analytics (“However,” became its main source). And today we already see millions of patriotic communities on social networks and the fact that our ideas are no longer marginal. Patriotism is already gradually “like any fashion, it is overgrown with fanatics, magazines, phrases, small and large rituals” (M. Kantor), but without this it would not have happened at all. For the final transformation into the mainstream, he lacks the generally accepted symbols and leaders, but this is a matter of time.

Of course, this phenomenon has its own side effects. In particular, fashion leads to the fact that they begin to imitate it, without going into meaning. Just because it is so accepted and do not want to lag behind others. However, this is not so bad. The ancient Greek philosopher Zeno, speaking of Pericles' ambition, remarked: "one pretense of virtue imperceptibly produces a desire and a habit for it." Similarly, people who have fallen under the nascent influence of fashion on patriotism, eventually penetrate to them and change their way of thinking. I suppose that this method of exposure is even more effective than forcible hammering.

Main victory ahead

Thus, we won the first important victory, but it does not make sense if we do not transfer it to real life. This is much more complicated, because in real life there is no ease of disseminating information that is in the virtual. In order for patriotism to become popular on the streets, more serious means than enthusiasm are needed, and the government cannot do without it. The state should let it into the public sphere through television and radio, media products, through the restoration of youth policy and other methods of campaigning. No, it is possible without all this, but then patriotism from our Internet will seep into life very, very slowly, risking, in the end, to dry out under the pressure of circumstances or the opposition of his enemies (they have not gone away).

Why do we need this second victory? In order for patriotism to begin to have a real impact on real politics. Now, dwelling in virtuality, it influences mainly the policy of the sofa. Little-known deputies are trying to play along with patriotic users, stamping strange legislative prohibitions that do not affect the policy of a large, adult. This is not enough.

If our sentiments encompass the majority, then the big politicians will not be able to ignore them. I do not want to say that now the government is not patriotic, however, obviously, using the sleepy state of society, it often does not consider it necessary to argue its important decisions. There is a suspicion that many important initiatives are not being undertaken by the authorities precisely because the society is not quite ready for them. Or, at least, specially trained people have the power to convince them professionally.

The second side effect of such a global return of patriotism to our consciousness is the appearance of careerists trying to make their lives sweeter on it. This is what Kantor writes about. But this is an inevitable effect, and is it worth being afraid of it? In the end, the popularity of liberalism probably also attracted a lot of careerists, who do not share his dogmas deep down, but liberalism has not lost its destructive power.

In general, the return of patriotism to the mass consciousness may not cure some of the minuses that exist today. Yes, you can steal and under the guise of slogans. However, we will receive many additional advantages, the main of which is the healing of the people's soul, deliverance from the severity of the inferiority complex and second-rate imparted to it. A competent ruler will take advantage of this boom in the interests of the country and direct the energy of the masses into a creative channel. Well, the illiterate - foolishly later. However, ideology has nothing to do with it.
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  1. Duke
    Duke 13 March 2014 22: 17
    The word Patriot should sound proud!
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 13 March 2014 23: 41
      The concept of patriotism should have a physical material content. To be supported by actions and deeds.
      Otherwise, it is idiocy.
  2. kelevra
    kelevra 13 March 2014 22: 17
    I’m a patriot and proud of it! Russia gave me life, freedom and everything that I have. Yes, we have problems, but it’s better as a patriot to solve these problems than as a traitor and a liberal, constantly condemning someone and making fire!
    1. Yura
      Yura 13 March 2014 22: 42
      Quote: kelevra
      but it’s better as a patriot to solve these problems than as a traitor and a liberal, constantly condemning and bonfiring someone!

      + !!!
      1. Roman Skomorokhov
        Roman Skomorokhov 13 March 2014 23: 42
        Yes, sometimes one hit in the horn is much more effective than impeachment.
  3. Sergg
    Sergg 13 March 2014 22: 20
    Talking about the minuses of patriotism is stupid. It is with reliance on the patriotism of the people that our government makes its patriotic choice. A society without strong patriotic feelings is not viable, we have been in some kind of ANABIOSIS for so long that it is time to wake up.
  4. moremansf
    moremansf 13 March 2014 22: 24
    Is it really bad to love your Motherland !!! This is our homeland, here is our home and family, friends and comrades !!!
  5. infinite silence ...
    infinite silence ... 13 March 2014 22: 28
    won the first important victory, but it does not make sense if we do not transfer it to real life

    Patriotism implies pride in the achievements of their homeland, its rulers.
    Now it is closely accepted by the majority. And this is accepted by the majority of the Ukrainian people! Most Southeast! You have something to be proud of!
    I read today the correspondence of quite young people ...
    - If I were a Russian, I would be proud of Putin! He is a guy with eggs! Bent States and straightened your back))) Put in a comfortable position)))
    -And we are proud! Russia is behind him now, let’s all stand up!)))
    Let the conversation not shine ... But patriotism is clearly traceable ... You need to fight for their minds! They are the future !!!!
  6. Name
    Name 13 March 2014 22: 29
    Patriotism without an idea is a simple sect; In Russia, the idea came up- TO SURVIVE AND GO FORWARD! hi
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 13 March 2014 23: 35
      No, we ALREADY survived. In the nineties.
      We have already risen from our knees. In the zero.
      And now let's go ahead.
    2. Stanislas
      Stanislas 14 March 2014 11: 03
      Quote: name
      There was an idea - TO SURVIVE AND GO FORWARD!
      Survival is not an idea, but a function of the instinct of self-preservation, "going forward" is also not an idea, but a free expression of the fan chant "Russia - forward!" But if sports fans can easily imagine what “forward” means for their favorite team (for example, to move up from last place to last but one), then the political “forward” remains so vague that even the absence of changes (with the main task of “surviving ") can be interpreted as moving in the right direction. For all the emotional appeal, these slogans do not pull on ideas: "an idea appeared", as if this "idea" did not exist before, and everyone just wanted to stomp on the spot and kill themselves against the wall.
  7. 1goose3
    1goose3 13 March 2014 22: 31
    Patriotism, the growth of patriotism, is an indicator of the country's strength, an indicator of the growth of the country's strength. Russia is no longer on its knees. Go Russia !!!
  8. infinite silence ...
    infinite silence ... 13 March 2014 22: 34

    by the way ....))))))))))) about patriotism
  9. Luga
    Luga 13 March 2014 22: 35
    "According to my observations, the turning point happened in 2011, and the impetus for it was the war in Libya"

    I disagree. In my opinion, in 2008. It was then that for the first time in many years I felt pride not in the past of my country, but in the present. And it was then that for the first time I felt that to express views close to patriotic is no longer bad manners, but "fresh thinking"

    I agree with the author that careerists under a patriotic slogan are better than under a democratic one. Although both must be ruthlessly planted if they are pursuing a career contrary to the interests of the state.

    I myself do not like it when a St. George ribbon is tied wherever it comes to one’s head (for a cap with an American eagle, for example), or when the same ribbon hangs, tied to the car’s antenna for a year — dirty and worn. This is not patriotism, this is fashion. But even such a frayed ribbon is better than a mattress flag in any form.
  10. aksai61
    aksai61 13 March 2014 22: 36
    Surprisingly, a fact! Only we Russians (in the broad sense) share the concepts of state, country and homeland (fatherland) !!! The state is a system of power. Country is territory. And Homeland:
    I found out that I
    There is a huge family:
    And the path, and the woods,
    In the field, each spikelet,
    The sun, the sky is blue -
    Everything around me, dear!
    This is my homeland,
    I love all in the world!

    This will never be understood by any foreigner (a gay person, an American, etc.) ... request
    And not everyone can explain that the Motherland is for them (and I, too) ... This must be felt by the RUSSIAN SOUL !!! soldier
  11. lord
    lord 13 March 2014 22: 38
    peasants if you see now people who are scolding Putin’s country, these are the Leberales, these are enemies, how many of them have divorced Sabchak Lyubov, Honopolsky Shevchuk, Jura Makorevich, a lot of them need to be known in person and that’s not all
  12. Spike
    Spike 13 March 2014 22: 39
    Love for the motherland is what makes you a real citizen !!!
  13. sinukvl
    sinukvl 13 March 2014 22: 48
    I AM RUSSIAN! AND Proud of it!
  14. Navy7981
    Navy7981 13 March 2014 23: 04
    And what is normal. For example, I consider myself a patriot of my country. Not a jingoistic patriot. It leaves me indifferent, the world's best nesting dolls and Kosovarotki with bast shoes, and even ballet (that's like spiders in jars), and, horror, I do not like Lenin. I don’t like domestic politics or I don’t like everything, but I admit that I’m not the smartest and something, and maybe I don’t understand much. I do not like that Mr. Serdyukov is the same as him, not where they belong. I don’t like the fact that roads are slowly being built and disjoint crossings of cars and railways have not yet been built (which will increase GDP by 0,5%)!
    But I love that we created the T50, MI28 and the Alligator. We are exploring the Arctic, building dams and airplanes, and flying into space. Because an underdeveloped society is simply not able to do this. I like that we had Mendeleev and Lomonosov, Kolchak and Kruzenshtern and Korolev and Gagarin, Pokryshkin and Nesterov, Pushkin, Gumilyov, Blok, Alferov, Zhukov and thousands of others, and I am proud that, no matter how difficult it was in 1945, we came to Berlin. I like that we have a truly multinational country, because I am convinced that this is a wealth of diversity and a reason to move. I like that at the moment the government of my country does not shy away from the offices of the European Union and the State Department, does not complain about how weak and offended we are. And I want and dream that RUSSIA WAS !!! And I will be sure!
    In how, the whole speech came out.
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 13 March 2014 23: 39
      Great speech came out.
      And we also have Matsuev, Sotnikova, Lipnitskaya and thousands of lesser-known people whom we can and should be proud of. Steelmakers, fishermen, soldiers, doctors ...

      We are the kindest and most calm.

      And whoever doesn’t like us (because they’re not a hundred-dollar bill, they don’t have to) - they can go to Brussels and open their veins there. Or in Amsterdam, to die for death.
  15. Arh
    Arh 13 March 2014 23: 09
    Patriot is not a fashion. This is Tradition, Culture of the People. Love! ! ! * * *
  16. Cossacks
    Cossacks 13 March 2014 23: 30
    The pendulum of history has swayed and patriotism is fashionable but liberalism is not. As they say exhausted itself. Extreme appointed. Trustees sprinkled speeches and articles. Sincerely, if not for these liberals, Putin would have done so much.
    1. Spike
      Spike 13 March 2014 23: 44
      These are not mini and maxi ... Love for the Motherland is our life ... ONE SIMPLE TRUTH: "Do with people the way you would like to be treated with you."
  17. Tehb
    Tehb 14 March 2014 00: 00
    And thanks to the United States for the revival of our patriotism. Their moronic policy has led to the awakening of self-awareness of our country. It was they who woke up OUR PEOPLE. After all, it’s not in vain that we harness it for a long time, we drive fast. That critical mass has accumulated, when it is time to leave.
    Today I go to a relative, he has "polite people" on his splash screen, I recognize we are starting a conversation. He says he put in contact several people left from friends, it became clear who is my friend and who is radish. So thanks again to obamke and his pi. ndo. one hundred. Well
  18. counter-west
    counter-west 14 March 2014 01: 25
    I am most worried about our loyalty to traitors and all kinds of evil spirits that use all the services of the State and at the same time desecrate our shrines, history and everything that is dear to us. They studied in our schools, were treated in our hospitals, etc. If some Shenderovich, "pusi" and others like them, the gallbladder becomes inflamed from an excess of contents, then they will not go beyond the cordon, but will call our Ambulance and ride it to our doctors, good or bad, it does not matter which ... Their only goal in life is to spoil our country, under the supervision of Western television cameras to receive overseas "barrels of jam and cookie boxes" for this and without any fear of retribution from normal people. Recently, they have done so much, said, sung and danced that it makes no sense to list all this and their names, everyone knows that, and those who have lived not in Russia in recent years will get tired of reading about it all.
    Now they have certainly calmed down, the return of Crimea is visible, the successful Olympiad and, in general, the rise of patriotism introduced them into a stupor, but this did not last long. They themselves, with the current attitude towards them, will not calm down, but most likely their activity will increase.
    I think now the very moment has come for the creation of an active popular-patriotic organization that would keep this evil spirits under constant control, so that, sticking their heads out of their hole, they feel the danger of actions directed at them, corresponding to their essence. So that they should not be dealt with by riot police and other law enforcement agencies, i.e. the government, but a free civil society. There are also such movements as "Stop ham" or "Piggy against". And these creatures are many times more dangerous than those who park in the wrong place and expired sausage. They undermine the moral foundations of our people, its cultural program, which was written for centuries and mainly with the blood of our ancestors. They are a virus, and we must create an antivirus.
    They need to create conditions in which they could not only act actively, working out Western grants, but simply live next to us on our land. And there, beyond the cordon, they are of no interest to anyone; there is enough of their own scum. The enemy, retreating, does not take his minions with him.
    In what directions, in my opinion, one needs to act:
    1. Cyber ​​attacks on their blogs and online resources. (To involve sensible hackers in this matter)
    2. Permanent psychological and other pressure that does not cross the border of administrative offenses.
    3. Education. It is high time to cleanse the History of our Motherland from the dirt and lies in which it has been hewn for many years not without participation, or rather with the full participation of our Western, strategic "friends".
    And in general, you can do a lot of things that are necessary and useful for our Motherland if we get down to business together. And it's time to unite !!! Like the classic: "If evil people unite, then why not unite the good!"

    PS Many will say that the language to grind, and in this case, the keys do not carry bags to drag. But for myself I will say the following: Since the habitats of these creatures, and they mainly live in Moscow and St. Petersburg, are located over 2500 km. from my place of residence, I’m ready to regularly make contributions to the movement, which will oppose them. Well, if you are lucky to meet someone in person, then he just will not pass by.

    Good luck to everyone in the fight!
  19. The comment was deleted.
  20. Counter
    Counter 14 March 2014 06: 23
    "I do not want to say that the authorities are unpatriotic now, however, obviously, taking advantage of the sleepy state of society, they often do not consider it necessary to argue their important decisions."
    It really is. In my opinion, the gross miscalculation of the Yanukovych cabinet was the complete absence of even an attempt to explain to the public through the media the reasons for refusing European integration. And this had to be done immediately, in simple and understandable words through ALL available media. This was completely ignored, and the people were simply confronted with the fact that their rosy dreams of a "sweet European life" had suddenly ended. This could not but provoke an explosion that was so quickly heated up and used by the West. They did not hesitate to explain that Yanukovych was "wrong", and right there, by roaming around the Maidan, showed that the West was "with them." What Ukraine actually got is already known. Apart from the chatter that "the West will help them", nothing else. And the same will obviously receive in the future, but the job has already been done. The disobedient Yanukovych was thrown out by the crowd itself. This is the price of Yanukovych's failure to understand the need to argue for the important decision that his cabinet made in November. A special case.
    Z.Y. I am ready to subscribe to all the comments above.
  21. Orik
    Orik 14 March 2014 07: 43
    Yes, patriotism straightens its shoulders, it has always lived in our hearts, dormant in the chest of our youth, BUT no Jewish "" However "has NOT become its main source", never was and never will be. True patriotism was founded (like industry) back in the USSR, it was kept by small groups of the intelligentsia and many individual hearts, when it was defamed by the anticipated liberal junta for two decades. DO NOT BELIEVE the shape-shifters, they serve only the present moment, not Russia.
  22. dmb
    dmb 14 March 2014 10: 37
    As you name the ship, so it will float. It's a little different with people. The author's pseudonym so far speaks only of an overestimated self-esteem, because he does not express an opinion, but broadcasts. Moreover, its broadcasting has a very peculiar orientation, bordering on hysteria under the general slogan "Good". The masterpiece of the opus, of course, is the "thought" that the government does not make important decisions, since the people are not ready for them. Well, downright unlucky for our government, again, unlike Super-Zhenya, she got bad people. It’s interesting, and what "wise and important" decisions is the power afraid to take because of our lack of understanding?