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FELIN - French soldier outfit of the future

Ambitious development of the United States in the field of creating innovative martial infantry kits, called the Land Warrior, initiated the development of similar kits in Europe. In particular, the development of the IdZ project began in Germany, and in France - FELIN. In fact, both of these sets, like a number of others currently being developed in Europe, follow in their development the American concept aimed at integrating the fighter into a digital battle management system. More detail, let's stop our eyes on the French FELIN outfit, which attracted the Russian generals and was purchased by a small batch to conduct combined-arms tests.

France and Germany began developing their own projects immediately after the United States, back in 1996. They tried to test the first prototypes during the fighting in Yugoslavia, but due to the low efficiency of the kits, funding for their creation was completed. However, after the units of these two countries joined the military operation in Afghanistan, the development of sets of equipment resumed with a new force.

Already in 2003, the French armed forces in the course of the tender gave preference to Sagem, which began developing the first-generation FELIN-I outfit kit. FELIN - Fantassin a Equipement et Liaisons Integres in French means "Integrated infantry equipment and communications." FELIN is a high-tech set of individual equipment of the soldier - the so-called "set of the soldier of the future." According to the initial plans of the French Ministry of Defense, by the end of 2010, troops were to receive more than 30 000 of such kits, 22,5 thousands were to be sent to armor 20 infantry regiments, 9 000 were to receive armored troops, artillery and engineering troops.

The 50 first outfit prototypes in September 2007 were sent to the French peacekeeping contingent in Afghanistan. The weight of the complete set of equipment, taking into account electronic equipment (radio, video and infrared cameras, navigation instruments, control unit), weapons, ammunition, uniforms with body armor and batteries, the helmet is approximately 25 kg. The kit must be presented in 3 different configurations. Each infantry regiment should receive 1000 of such kits.

FELIN, in addition to the now traditional FAMAS French assault rifle, includes new personal protective equipment with enhanced characteristics, camouflage jackets and pants, a radio station, a personal computer, a GPS receiver, optical systems (including sighting), and an information display attached to the helmet . Two lithium-ion batteries serve as power supplies for the kit.

FELIN - French soldier outfit of the future

At present, three sets of equipment are ready and tested: for ordinary soldiers, the squad leader and the platoon commander. In addition, all the equipment included in the kit is divided according to its purpose and type of action into 3 groups: individual, special and collective use.

Individual subsystems include 6 equipment samples:

- Protective uniforms with elements of flame and moisture protection, as well as personal armor protection (its basis is a universal vest-unloading of a new modification, on which individual armor protection is hung), a satchel with a container for drinking water, as well as hand grenades and spare shops for assault rifle.

- “Electronic Vest” - an optoelectronic and other radio equipment system consisting of a personal computer, a GPS receiver, communications equipment, etc.

- “Wearable electronic platform”, in fact, is the “heart” of FELIN and includes radio engineering and optoelectronic devices from the “electronic vest”. The components of a computer platform have an open architecture, which allows, if necessary, to include in its structure additional or new types of electronic equipment, this platform uses the USB 2.0 interface.

- Individual power supplies (lithium-ion batteries).

- Personal weapons fighters. The main weapon of soldiers using the FELIN kit is the FAMAS assault rifle, but in addition to it, a lightweight MINIMI 5,56-mm machine gun, a PAPOP dual-use small-arms gun that combines an 30 mm sub-barrel grenade launcher and an 5,56 mm assault rifle or a sniper rifle can be used as needed. rifle FRS2 caliber 7,62 mm with appropriate sights, including infrared. The FAMAS rifle in this set of equipment received a small-sized video camera that allows you to translate the image into the observation and information collection systems of the squad and platoon commanders.

- Combat helmet, consisting of 3-x components - a protective combat helmet with the possibility of mounting the front transparent screens, communication systems and an optoelectronic system. Combat helmet received a built-in protective mask for its use in cases of use of weapons of mass destruction by the enemy. The mask allows the soldier, without removing it, to take food and water (the respiratory system of the mask can use either a regeneration filter balloon or an air balloon). The fighter’s communications system is integrated into the combat helmet, but can also be used separately. The optoelectronic system consists of a helmet-mounted video camera, an information display based on OLED technology (displays graphic, textual, video information coming from a PC, a video camera, or other information sources), as well as the FELIN communication system, which allows for the exchange of information between military personnel and unit commanders at the level squad and platoon. Implemented audio conferencing right on the battlefield. The radio communication system has the following functions: a “alarm button” of a soldier, which gives a signal to the unit commander, a channel for autonomous data transmission, and a communication module for communicating with the higher command is provided for the unit commander. This communication system is based on proven and widely used civilian DECT technology.

The special-purpose subsystem includes: a soldier’s terminal information system; universal infrared binoculars (available only to the platoon commander); special carrying case for carrying elements of the FELIN kit

The collective subsystem includes: a system for recharging the batteries from the equipment kit; family of armored combat vehicles, intended for use by units equipped with the FELIN equipment kit - AMX-10P, VBCI and VAB.

As planned by the creators of the equipment, soldiers dressed in FELIN will always know their exact location and location of their comrades on the battlefield, and thanks to the special “human-machine interface” of the equipment, they can fire from their weapons at an invisible target, for example, protruding from behind the shelter or the corner of the building.

Also, the equipment kit received a non-standard microphone and headphones with the possibility of vibration. These headphones are fixed on the body below the ear, the soldier perceives information from vibrations transmitted to the zygomatic bone, and then to the inner ear. This solution allows even during the battle not to raise your voice when communicating on the radio.

In many ways, the French equipment kit coincides with the Land Warrior Land Fighter kit, designed to equip US troops and is already being tested in Iraq. Although there are quite significant differences. The US kit provides all tactical information, including digital maps with plotted troop positions to any of the unit’s military personnel, while at FELIN only platoon commanders, branch commanders and ordinary soldiers have no access to detailed tactical conditions.

Currently, the General Directorate of Armament of France (DGA) has ordered the Sagem 22 588 FELIN equipment kits, the total cost of the order has exceeded 1 billion euros, which allows us to estimate the approximate cost of the set - about 45 000 euros. Under the terms of the contract, 1009 kits FELIN will go into service with the French army in January-March 2010, and by the end of 2010 the army should receive about 3000 similar kits. It is expected that the complete delivery of equipment kits to the troops will be completed by 2015, and the same year, it is planned to start work on the creation of the FELIN-II kit.

I would like to believe that the FELIN equipment purchased in France will help and advise a number of design solutions to the domestic defense industry to create the best domestic set of equipment for the soldier of the future. While such kits are already being fully adopted in Western countries, in Russia the search continues for the most suitable solution. The Barmitsa complex presented earlier did not suit the military with its extreme weight in 40 kg. The most promising is the “Warrior” equipment kit, which took into account the shortcomings of previous developments, however, it is not known when this equipment kit will be delivered to the troops in sufficient quantities.

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  1. unit669
    unit669 April 8 2011 09: 16 New
    It’s a pity, I didn’t have such a glamorous outfit during the service ... lol
    1. GUrNS
      GUrNS 22 March 2012 18: 13 New
      The author of the article does not own the information.
      Here about our kit called "Sagittarius"
  2. pasner
    pasner April 8 2011 10: 07 New
    All this is of course fun and without modern equipment of our army, of course, it is impossible to do, especially when, after the next fashion show, our Minister of Defense turned to the most glamorous couturier in Russia with a request to develop uniforms for the Russian army. And now it’s clear that one soldier that the second froze the army in winter. Regarding this French outfit, I deeply doubt its effectiveness, all this is yet another show-off and the lobbying of the interests of our companies, they say how smart we can think of good and functional clothes for our warriors. I would have looked at them when their soldiers in their outfits in Chechnya ran through the mountains with a smart 25 kg. equipment on the shoulders under the flames of fire.
  3. turnip
    turnip April 8 2011 12: 51 New
    the feeling that we have a commercial doesn’t leave us. The system is not for the mass army. but as a training ground for working out new solutions there can be nothing bad either. Let's see.
  4. Zerkalo
    Zerkalo April 8 2011 17: 02 New
    Yes, in the era of high technology it will be hard to fight in the old fashioned way. Anu how a global conflict will happen - because the satellites will be the first to disable. And what will be the soldiers who will be left without all this electronics is a big question.

    And what our "super-cyborgs" will be like when France refuses to supply us with accessories - everything is clear here too.
  5. Kudeyar
    Kudeyar April 8 2011 19: 49 New
    Take away all these electronic toys from them, and they are like small children. All this is nothing more than cutting money from the state. In global wars, satellites will destroy in the first place, they will do interference on the radio and we will run around the world with wires. This is for their colonial corps, it may do.
  6. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui April 8 2011 20: 10 New
    turnip - hit the mark. This is a testing ground for technology development.
    Well, they won’t be sure to run sweat to the mountains in this outfit, UAVs and promising dridas will do it for them, and only those who remain alive will come and finish off the martinets in this very FELIN. 100 pounds that there will simply be no one to partisan. Since the 80s, the warrior has become remote and the distance of guaranteed defeat is becoming more, more, more ... True, unfortunately, this concept does not take root in us. The power-possessor of the state and equipment of the Russian soldier.
    Zerkalo - you so naively believe that it is so easy to withdraw the entire orbital group. The dreamer however. Probably again thinking about small nuclear explosions in orbit and all that ...
  7. Kudeyar
    Kudeyar April 9 2011 00: 47 New
    Boeing their laser will be launched and shoot satellite. Well, then yes, you should be able to do everything with and without it.
    APASUS April 9 2011 23: 57 New
    Yudashkin delivers such complexes to our army!
  9. datur
    datur April 10 2011 14: 40 New
    the sawmillers of denyuzhk in the west have not yet shifted, and indeed glamorously! although things are moving forward. our um only saws, but how fast.
  10. Ham radio
    Ham radio April 13 2011 12: 00 New
    All of these “Outfits of the Future” which are a fighter wrapped in wires is proto stamping on the spot and cutting money.

  11. His
    His 1 May 2011 20: 23 New
    The cost of such a fighter?
  12. Passing
    Passing 6 June 2011 15: 04 New
    People, what are you! It’s impossible to blindly ignore reality, such as drinking it all, pampering, we don’t need this for nothing ...
    All these electronic stray (in the broad sense - satellites, drones, laser-guided bombs, etc.) are really super-efficient! Just compare the losses of the Americans in Vietnam, and in all subsequent wars, the difference is orders of magnitude. The defeat of Iraq alone is astounding in its effectiveness.
    My opinion is that he who introduces into our minds the idea that we need Kalash for victory, and all sorts of sights and computers there are unnecessary for us, he prepares for us the defeat of the terrible forty-first year.
  13. Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth 8 June 2011 18: 19 New
    It can be seen that the fighter is overloaded with electronics, a lot of wires, and imagine the information overload.
    Everything that hangs on the vest can be replaced with a single unit, something like a combat smartphone.
    1. frame5
      frame5 11 June 2011 20: 06 New
      And you explain to developers how to do it right, otherwise they cannot figure it out without you.
      He imagined how in combat a fighter puts off his machine gun and reaches into his pocket for a smartphone.
  14. dred
    dred 30 November 2011 13: 07 New
    I can not imagine.
  15. taseka
    taseka 19 February 2012 08: 00 New
    Currently, the General Directorate of Armament of France (DGA) has ordered the Sagem 22 588 FELIN equipment kits, the total cost of the order has exceeded 1 billion euros, which allows us to estimate the approximate cost of the set - about 45 000 euros. Under the terms of the contract, 1009 kits FELIN will go into service with the French army in January-March 2010, and by the end of 2010 the army should receive about 3000 similar kits. It is expected that the complete delivery of equipment kits to the troops will be completed by 2015, and the same year, it is planned to start work on the creation of the FELIN-II kit.

    Unfortunately, we are behind too much, we are behind !!! We have a lot of exhibitions, but real equipment does not go to the troops, only promises! The association with the 1941 year begins - Fritz in forged boots, we are in windings, he is with a machine gun, we are with a Mosin rifle - however, we made them, but the ratio of losses is in millions!
    I see the equipment in the special forces and at the mock exercise, where the photographer from the "Red Star" I really do not see the troops !!!
    But it’s cool when our oligarchs do not buy football clubs, but equipment for the defenders of the Fatherland (who will forbid me to dream?)
    1. SergeySK
      SergeySK 24 February 2012 10: 31 New
      We are not behind anything! This canoe to us unnecessarily will give this advantage of current with the Papuans an additional advantage! The Georgian company showed that with direct contact all these electronic toys cease to give any advantage! Management crumbles too much time you have to devote to super-tablets until you pass the situation until they decide what to do until they pass it ......! This is the practice of controlling the battle in the US Army! I don’t argue, communication means play a big role, but if you accustom a soldier to the fact that 90% of the electronics will work for him in battle, and for the commander it will be decided from the headquarters that it was 08.08.08!
  16. savelij
    savelij 22 February 2012 21: 43 New
    in France they still haven’t adopted Phelan, but they are trying to discourage Russia! I understand why and why ...
    1. SergeySK
      SergeySK 24 February 2012 10: 15 New
      Here is our asymmetric and cheaper answer! ! !

      Slipchenko noted that with the help of the device it is possible to detect, for example, the twenty-first century fighter complex “Felin”. Slipchenko explained: “Antisniper” easily recognizes an optical instrument complex built into such “equipment of the future” at a distance of up to two and a half kilometers. He said: "We discover their system through their channels, in the distance at which the soldiers are still unable to carry out active actions."
  17. Korvin
    Korvin 3 March 2012 23: 04 New
    The ugliest bulky and impractical of all sorts of sets, a soldier of the future. If we get him in (and for some reason we buy exclusively feces from the west) then this is a fox ... Future Force Warrior is time to develop your own and not, owls, In general, such kits are exclusively for testing technologies, something that justifies is being sent to the troops, for example, new SIBZ, or communications or NVD, the rest is to the museum. And who and from what will the satellites knock down? ? In order to put into orbit at least the notorious bucket gae Need: spaceport launch vehicles and tueva hucha time to prepare the start-up strategy pancake ... and that in the case of the third world will be among the first targets for air strikes options: 3) beer stand Ashot 1) Spaceport ... time went.
    1. GUrNS
      GUrNS 22 March 2012 18: 21 New
      Do not piss the fighters, everything goes as it should, we have a worse thing and is already being delivered slowly. The truth is that our envious people say that this
      a copy of Owl, I’ll say nothing like that. More functional and two times cheaper