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Arsenal is a competitor of Kalashnikov

Arsenal is a competitor of KalashnikovKalashnikov’s most serious rival in the military rifle segment weapons Bulgaria will be in the Indian market, said Andrei Baryshnikov, director for foreign economic activity of the enterprise.

“In the Indian market, the Kalashnikov concern will have to compete with serious rivals. These are Beretta, Colt, Barrett (USA), Israel Weapon Industry (Israel), as well as the Bulgarian Arsenal, the director for foreign economic activity said in an interview with the corporate newspaper Oruzhenik.

According to him, the most serious rival, of course, will be the Bulgarians, who offer weapons created on the basis of a Kalashnikov, at lower prices. “However, there is a chance that many willing manufacturers will want to realize their ambitions in the Indian market. According to experts, the need of Indian power units for high-quality automatic weapons is estimated at several hundred thousand pieces, and the closest attention to Izhevsk weapons is due to their reliability and dependability in the climatic conditions of the Asia-Pacific region, ”Baryshnikov emphasized. Earlier, the general director of the Kalashnikov concern, Alexei Krivoruchko, told reporters that in 2014, the company would start building a joint assembly plant in India. He clarified that the concern expects 50 to enter thousands of products per year. According to him, India is an extremely promising market. Kalashnikov Concern is the largest Russian manufacturer of automatic combat and sniper weapons, guided artillery shells, and a wide range of civilian products: hunting rifles, sporting rifles, machine tools and tools. The company is part of the state corporation "Rostec".

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  1. ikken
    ikken 12 March 2014 09: 15
    Eh, I feel again the Indians will give us a ride, with their "diversification"
    1. Nevsky_ZU
      Nevsky_ZU 12 March 2014 09: 22
      Quote: ikken
      Eh, I feel again the Indians will give us a ride, with their "diversification"

      Yeah, something they’ve done with it what ... But we will keep fists. angry
      1. elmi
        elmi 12 March 2014 10: 22
        I think it’s not worthwhile to supply new machines with balanced AK-109 automation. Otherwise, in a short time, AK-109 clones of Chinese, Bulgarian manufacturers will appear. It is not worth revealing secrets, you need to saturate your army with the latest weapons.
    2. Nayhas
      Nayhas 12 March 2014 10: 18
      Quote: ikken
      Eh, I feel again the Indians will give us a ride, with their "diversification"

      Yes, already a ride. In the tender for the supply of assault rifles in exchange for the local INSAS, ours do not participate. And by the way, the Bulgarians, too, what is the point of writing them down in competitors? As far as I remember, Israel, the Czech Republic, Italy and the United States participate there, in May testing begins and lasts until the fall. In short, by the end of the year it will become known what kind of assault rifles the Indians will fight ...
    3. Bagatur
      Bagatur 12 March 2014 21: 23
      IZHMASH lost the tender for the Vietnamese army! The Izrilts won .. The Russian offer is the road for 80 million dollars ... and that’s it! ASE-32 defeated Kalashnik 100 sri!
    4. AVV
      AVV 13 March 2014 10: 13
      Quote: ikken
      Eh, I feel again the Indians will give us a ride, with their "diversification"

      It is necessary to make such an offer that it would be difficult to refuse !!!
  2. Aleksandr12
    Aleksandr12 12 March 2014 09: 32
    The main thing is less ringing that we will win the tender and silently conduct active negotiations. then we can win the competition. Looking at the tender for airplanes, the Indians did not really bother with the price (they chose the most expensive). The main thing is not the price, but the buyer's interest smile
    1. Very old
      Very old 12 March 2014 09: 41
      Price is not important
      And how does the Bulgarian Kalash differ from the Chinese, if the price is even lower?
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 12 March 2014 09: 54
        Quote: Old very
        Price is not important
        And what is the Bulgarian "Kalash" different from Chinese if the price is even lower?

        quality, because it’s not for nothing that they drive them to the states, although it (the arsenal) already belongs to the Americans, there is its own branch in the states themselves ...
  3. AlexxxNik
    AlexxxNik 12 March 2014 10: 06
    Indians are not the first to overpay for stinginess, so the Bulgarians have many chances
  4. Gagarin
    Gagarin 12 March 2014 10: 15
    Avaricious AGAIN WANTS to pay twice - a flag in hand!
    1. And Us Rat
      And Us Rat 12 March 2014 13: 27
      Quote: Gagarin
      Avaricious AGAIN WANTS to pay twice - a flag in hand!

      Again? request The "avaricious" is still more than satisfied with the rearmament of his own landing force.
  5. Glaz8000
    Glaz8000 12 March 2014 13: 34
    I do not quite understand why they are being knocked out? With the union, they actively bought our weapons and were very pleased. They are now that the price / quality does not suit? Or am I just not knowing something?
  6. Zomanus
    Zomanus 12 March 2014 14: 06
    All the same, in our time, whistles with fakes mean a lot. You cannot attract a buyer with simple reliability.
  7. kelevra
    kelevra 12 March 2014 19: 24
    Simple, not whimsical and reliable, our Kalash! The legend, like its creator, is a pity, passed away already!
  8. Pastor
    Pastor 12 March 2014 20: 04
    Bulgarians are just louts, copied our Kalash, and claim that this is not so ..
    1. Bagatur
      Bagatur 12 March 2014 21: 26
      The USSR gave the license itself! Another thing is how right now with the so-called "royalties" -% of each sale! Ibushev (chief of Arsenal) claims that they fertilized a lot ... it is doubtful! It's the same Kalash with a picatinny rail and improved ergonomics ...