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Pfeifer SR rifle: short with a long barrel

Pfeifer SR rifle: short with a long barrel

Pfeifer family SR2 - single-shot rifles, built according to the scheme "Bullpup". The overall length of the base model is 70 cm, and the length of the barrel is 66 cm. That is, the barrel is shorter than a rifle just 4 cm! And the remaining 4 cm occupy a shock mechanism and a rubber butt pad.

But this is not the only parameter that distinguishes the SR series rifles from the huge number of samples produced and known to us. weapons.

The rifle charges very unusual: from the butt. To do this, the butt plate on the back flaps back and up, and the shooter can insert one cartridge into the chamber and two spare cartridges into special openings for storage. Then the butt plate goes down and locked with the pivot arm.

SR Pfeifer Series SR: 1 cartridge in the chamber and 2 in reserve. It remains to send them flush, slam the back plate and turn the lock down.

Rifle Pfeifer series SR Sport. Another perspective.

Weapons are also cocked in an unconventional way: by “away from you”. To bring the rifle into a fighting position, use ... trigger! It is installed in the trigger guard, but turned in the opposite direction and is located in front of the index finger. And, as I said, serves for cocking a drummer. To do this, the shooter pushes the thumb into the trigger guard and pushes the trigger “away from you”. This decision somehow reminded me of the PPSh, but Shpagin had a fire interpreter there.

SR Series Pfeifer rifle: for cocking the firing pin ... push the trigger off with your thumb wink

The trigger is also unusual: it looks like ... a button from a fountain pen! He and the trigger is called because this button performs the function of the descent.

SR Series Pfeifer Rifle: To Zap, Press the Tiny Pip wink

Descent force can be adjusted using a hex within 300-1500 gr. This option will cost the client only 205 euros. In the standard SR2 / 3, the descent force is 500 gr. In the SR3 Sport, adjustable downhill comes as standard, but it is softer: from 150 to 500 gr.

Rifle Pfeifer SR Series: adjustment of the trigger.

The SR rifle lock is locked with the ... key! How to lock the desk drawer. This option will cost the client only 75 euros. And in the basic configuration there is an automatic fuse that blocks USM and protects against accidental shots in the fall.

SR Series Rifle Pfeifer: "Volyn Under Lock"

Some will say that the SR Pfeifer SR Series externally resemble a carbine for a Beretta Cx4 Storm pistol cartridge, but this is only a very distant external resemblance. Pfeifer rifles are different as the layout of the mechanisms, and used ammunition. Also, the production of Pfeifer Waffen is distinguished by its excellent quality that can be afforded, producing products in limited quantities or on an individual order, asking for a lot of money.

Rifle Pfeifer SR2. Basic series.

Pfeifer SR3 Sport rifle

The metal parts of Pfeifer rifles are processed by carbonitriding in a liquid medium (Salt bath-nitrided quenched and tempered steel). I think that the process is identical to the technology Tenifer, which is used in the manufacture of Glock pistols and ORSIS rifles. Pfeifer rifle boxes are made from special weapon-grade laminate, walnut or ebony.

SR Series Pfeifer rifles can be ordered in almost any caliber: from .22LR to .458. Do you want chambered .22-250 Remington? Or under 8x68S RWS Magnum Rimless? Or maybe under .270 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum)? A friend advised under the .338 Winchester Magnum? Every whim for your money! Produced by any caliber of any material, any color. About accessories, I keep silent diplomatically.

The SR Pfeifer SR rifles are divided into the 3 series:
SR2 - basic series.
SR3 - lightweight version of the SR2 series: has a shorter and thinner barrel; it is offered for chucks: 22 Hornet, .222 Rem, .223 Rem., 5.6x50, 6x70R.
SR3 Sport - SR2 heavy duty barrel series from Lothar Walther with muzzle brake.
The standard package SR3 Sport includes: adjustable cheek on the butt, Picatinny-type strap for mounting optics, removable bipod, adjustable descent. The SR3 Sport is available in 308 Win calibers. or .223 Rem., but if you really want ... By default, SR3 Sport is made in black.

Pfeifer SR rifle brief specifications:
SR2 Standart / SR2 Africa / SR3 / SR3 Sport
Total length (cm) 70 / 73 / 64 / 70
Barrel Length (cm) 66 / 68 / 60 / 68
Diameter of barrel (mm) 17 / 20 / 14 / 20
Descent Force (gr.) 500 / 500 / 500 / 150-500
Weight (kg) ~ 3,3 / ~ 3,5 / ~ 2,5 / ~ 4
Base prices (Euro) 2548 / HZ / 2548 / 3337

Such an unusual rifle is made in Austria.

On the one hand, this is a sufficiently accurate weapon for apt and self-confident hunters: with a slip, a second shot is unrealistic. Unless to catch up with the wounded and finish it off. On the other hand - for sports and entertainment shooting. I would like to look at those shooters ... And for me - a rare wonder in the collector’s armory.

Немного stories
The Austrian campaign Pfeifer Waffen, originally Montfort Waffen, was founded by Klaus Pfeifer in 1978. In April 2003, the campaign passed to his son, Christian Pfeifer.

The company produces custom-made various unique weapon systems and, thanks to consistently excellent results, gained a certain reputation and earned a solid reputation among hunters and weapon lovers.

I would like to highlight the master-gunsmith Otto Ziller, through which the campaign Pfeifer Waffen has expanded its world fame and confirmed its uniqueness.

The campaign says: “We are proud to be able to satisfy any wishes of our customers.”

Among the most unusual orders carried out by the Pfeiffer campaign, it is worth noting the development and production of the most powerful revolver in the world: Pfeifer Zeliska in Caliber .600 Nitro Express
Jean Claude Tolphin tests Pfeifer SR cal 270 WSM rifle
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  1. Duke
    Duke 12 March 2014 08: 43
    A very peculiar technical solution.
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 13 March 2014 09: 07
      An interesting weapons studio-studio, with interesting samples!
      However, even for small-scale samples, high technology is proposed (carbonitriding in a liquid medium) —that when we have such things for the population at an affordable price — this will mean that there are no traces of Kudrin, Chubais, Dvorkovich and Medvedev in our economy!
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 12 March 2014 09: 04
    Quote: Duke
    A very peculiar technical solution.

    Not only is it original, but also very inconvenient - neither recharge quickly, nor the goal to keep on the line when recharging. Enough controversial rifle.
  3. Hort
    Hort 12 March 2014 09: 38
    the campaign the first rifle was assembled from improvised materials - a button from a fountain pen, a door lock and a broken gun))

    For me it’s such an absolutely impractical thing
  4. Ev1l_4eLL
    Ev1l_4eLL 12 March 2014 10: 54
    constructor freak
    1. Ilya Mikhalych
      Ilya Mikhalych 12 March 2014 16: 15
      No, he's an artist. This rifle is like Malevich's "black square" - it is not clear how why and why, but it costs a lot of money.
  5. Gagarin
    Gagarin 12 March 2014 11: 48
    For the courage of innovation - an honest and solid five!
    Well, the price and places of application are certainly questionable ...
  6. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 12 March 2014 12: 13
    I like this. In general, there is this damn thing in weapons when an engineer leaves traditional solutions and finds his own, original one. The pleasure is indescribable!
    1. ICT
      ICT 12 March 2014 14: 05
      "Volyn under the castle" the most efficient and easiest storage security solution
      and unauthorized use of weapons (maybe a combination lock would be more suitable, but it’s also good for a rifle)
      1. Mister X
        12 March 2014 15: 17
        Quote: TIT
        "Volyna under the lock" the most effective and simple storage security solution

        The main thing is not to lose the key, otherwise the rifle will turn into an "elegant club" wink
        1. Danash I
          Danash I 12 March 2014 15: 30
          Firearm club. One warning, one to defeat, control. And three strokes for a guarantee. A tool for the Baltic states, or what? belay
        2. ICT
          ICT 12 March 2014 18: 18
          Quote: Mister X
          don't lose the key

          Well, it's still better than these devices

  7. Luga
    Luga 12 March 2014 14: 04
    The only advantage of the rifle is its dimensions. That is, it turns out to be hidden wearing? The killer’s weapon? Also no. Trying to come up with a case for which it is better than others. Where do we use weapons? War, hunting, self-defense, sports. Look like that's it. More show off. But for the Ponte, it fits cool, for everything else - hardly. In the idea itself, there is plenty of noble madness in abundance, but in order to make THING from this workpiece, a lot more work and effort are needed, in my opinion.
  8. intsurfer
    intsurfer 12 March 2014 14: 19
    Quote: Luga
    Trying to come up with a case for which it is better than others. Where do we use weapons? War, hunting, self-defense, sports. Look like that's it. More show off.

    Recently, it was immediately about Nikonov's double-barreled high-temperature machine gun

    Also, the designer did not for the army, and not even for show-offs. Just because it’s interesting to come up with something original.
  9. landromat
    landromat 12 March 2014 16: 24
    Hunting fittings are widespread in the world, they are highly accurate. Especially they like to hunt the big African five. The company is ready to release a bullpup elephant bomber under a powerful cartridge so that gentlemen would shoot elephants under the Land Rovers under Hennessy.
  10. alex-cn
    alex-cn 12 March 2014 18: 25
    There is a category of wealthy hunters (snobs) who believe that only one shot is permissible to defeat a game, then not gentlemanly. for them specifically, for example, prestigious craftsmen produce shot-shot single-barrels, and at a price of less than 10 thousand pounds. Any whim ...
  11. uzer 13
    uzer 13 12 March 2014 23: 02
    The bullpup is not at all characteristic of a hunting weapon, and with such a locking system it has never been fired. There is something attractive in this gun, although quick firing is not supposed. If it weren’t for the price, it could be called a dream of a poacher who prefers to hide weapons under the sweatshirt. The second trigger in hunting weapons is common, however, it is made in the usual form and it is not cocked by the main trigger, but by an additional trigger trigger for precise shooting. A trigger in the form of a button is not the best technical solution. The tree is good, workmanship is also .
  12. corporal
    corporal 12 March 2014 23: 43
    Despite the unusual design, there are, I think, quite interesting points:
    1) lock with a key - why not restrict access by unauthorized persons?
    2) a very convenient and short platoon of the striker — if applied to military weapons — you can carry a weapon with a cartridge in the chamber without deposition of the mainspring (I know that many pistols have this function), but for the rifle, there’s something new. Although, if they had come up with assault rifles, something like a safe trigger release from a combat platoon and the possibility of a first self-cocking shot ... fellow
  13. intsurfer
    intsurfer 13 March 2014 08: 11
    Quote: alex-cn
    There is a category of wealthy hunters (snobs) who believe that only one shot is allowed to defeat game
    I read that this applies not only to the rich. There are also Russian single-shot rifles. They write that the huntsmen of such hunters are very respected. And then yesterday I saw a hunt for ducks in a box - they stupidly fired a few rounds into the flock, apparently they accidentally fell into one of them. IMHO - Moveton ...
  14. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker 13 March 2014 15: 50
    But if they miss the hunt for a bear ... Then apparently they respect posthumously: `(
  15. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker 13 March 2014 15: 52
    They say: if the stars light up, then someone needs it. If they release premieres for BDSM ... apparently too!
  16. Signaller
    Signaller 15 March 2014 18: 01
    Apparently too.
    With such a rifle, walking on a boar or a bear is more expensive.
    The usual double-barreled shotgun will be better, but this one is visible to the show-off. Ala -A you don’t have one ... And we don’t need it.
  17. lexx2038
    lexx2038 April 7 2014 23: 10
    Thing, weapons of one chance. When you know that you can shoot only once, then you crawl on your belly to the last, you don’t breathe, your body is shaking all over the adrenaline rush - now, or oh ... oh disappointment, or a big buzz, all in all you won’t shoot, more often you don’t manage to shoot, you want something closer, for obvious reasons - op, but it has already run away! My grandfather went hunting with one cartridge. To my question, he answered that he wouldn’t have enough strength to bring two pigs, he said you’ll try, you will understand. I tried, I understand.
  18. oleeeg
    oleeeg 25 February 2015 16: 14
    Cool, uncomfortable and incomprehensible for what :-))
  19. oleeeg
    oleeeg 25 February 2015 16: 18
    I had IL-18 of the 20th caliber. A good machine, but I didn’t go to the bear alone. And the IL-18 is recharged most quickly than the described sample!