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Color revolutions and unknown snipers

Color revolutions, which flare up with enviable periodicity in all parts of the world, develop in approximately one scenario. At first, a completely peaceful opposition goes to a completely peaceful rally and occupies the central city square. The demonstrators, for the most part, look civilized and noble. Usually this is the “golden youth” who have graduated from the prestigious universities of the USA and Europe. Protesters are organized and managed through social networks. At one time, the first Leninist revolutionaries took great risks, transporting the Iskra, Pravda newspapers and revolutionary proclamations from neighboring states. And now Zuckerberg globally facilitated the revolutionary processes by creating a social network adapted for any region. Any revolutionaries are now controlled via iPhones and iPads from a certain virtual center.

Confrontation, the beginning. This is the first and peaceful phase of any color revolution. Fiery speeches that protesters say in the town square are simple and clear to everyone. They talk about the dominance of corruption, the corruption of officials, about embezzlement, about integration into the world and European community. These beautiful and correct speeches are widely supported among the masses. A large number of intelligentsia, green students and ordinary gopniks adjoin the demonstrators. The number of protesters grows to a certain critical mass, and protest moves into the next phase.

The first phase of the confrontation. It also takes place quite peacefully. The authorities are simply concerned about the huge number of people in the city center. For such a mass of people need to eat, sleep, and, sorry, go to the toilet. There are not enough toilets for all the protesters, so the demonstrators are spoiling in the most inappropriate places. The protest area acquires the specific smell of an unwashed human body and human feces. In order to establish a minimum order, the authorities send an ordinary unarmed police (militia) to the scene. Law enforcement officials are provoking protest sentiments among the protesters. Revolutionary leaders appear calling for the construction of barricades and the seizure of government buildings.

The second phase of the confrontation. Active butting with the authorities. By this time, the authorities are simply obliged to respond to what is happening. The city center is paralyzed by barricades, government buildings are seized and do not work. Usually, the authorities are involved in the process of curbing street unrest of conscripts from internal troops or a police battalion consisting of the same soldiers of the oaths. But the protesters win as much as the local victories over the finer conscripts, and this is very encouraging to the demonstrators. Then the authorities are involved in the events of the special forces, this is the riot police, SOBR or the "Berkut". But what can the riot police or the "Berkut" do when there are several hundred thousand protesters? In two or three days, riot policemen are falling down from exhaustion and lack of sleep.

In parallel with the phase of confrontation, another phase is underway, which many do not even realize. Call it conditionally the phase of exhortation. At this time, representatives of the “peace-loving world community” begin to actively communicate with the president of the country. In parallel, representatives of the “peace-loving world community” go to the barricades and feed revolutionaries with dried biscuits. And the leaders of the country are calling world leaders about in telephone conversations warned about the inadmissibility of bloodshed. Scare sanctions or economic blockade. They give some guarantees and promise references. Telephone conversations with world leaders have a magical effect, because you can promise anything, for telephone conversations are conducted without protocols and on secret government communication. Charged with telephone conversations, the president of ex-Yugoslavia Milosevic came at one time, more than once they called Saddam Hussein, called Kyrgyz President Askar Akayev and his heir Bakiyev, and called Colonel Gaddafi and Syrian Assad. Local mass media report such conversations delicately that the president had a telephone conversation with the leader of a powerful state. But all these conversations and promises are forgotten after the onset of the bloody phase of opposition.

Bloody phase. During the confrontation-butting phase, a qualitative replacement of the protesters takes place. Green romantic young men with ipads disappear from the barricades, intellectuals and office plankton disappear, their place is taken by tough old men familiar with the tactics of street fighting. Severe guys and act sternly. Bottles with Molotov cocktails, cobblestones, batons, catapults, bulldozers, hunting and gas weapon. Every effort is made to provoke riot police or the "Berkut" to violent retaliatory actions. But the riot police or the "Berkut" are not provoked, and they don’t want to spill the blood of their compatriots. At this moment mysterious snipers appear on the scene of events. This is a kind of wick, thrown from the side into a boiling fire hazard mass.

Mysterious snipers. They are quickly forgotten and strenuously pretend that there were no snipers at all.

The first mentions of mysterious snipers appeared in 1991 in the confrontation in Vilnius at the TV tower. Then the mysterious snipers shot peaceful demonstrators for the first time. Vilnius authorities filed charges against the Soviet Army and the CPSU. Several people from the military and party workers were sentenced to long prison terms. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the discrimination of the Soviet Army began with this sniper fire in Vilnius. And the new authorities in Vilnius have long been silent about the fact that the demonstrators were killed with the latest Mauser rifles, which were not in service with the army and special services. And one demonstrator was shot at all from a three-lane, which was removed from the weapons of all armies.

A little later, snipers were noted in Moscow, in 1993, in the process of punching Yeltsin with other branches of government. At that time, there was a roller on YouTube, on which, under an ordinary Moscow street bridge, police put a pile of corpses with neat holes in their heads. The team of the victorious Yeltsyna insisted on their bloodless victory, so they simply kept silent about those who died during the clashes.

In the first Chechen, mysterious snipers on the streets of Grozny shot Russian soldiers and officers under the lower section of a bulletproof vest, practically in the groin. Soldiers rumor carried these shots to the groin at the expense of a certain squad "White Tights"

August 2008. Events in South Ossetia. Again snipers. The shooting of Russian armored columns on the outskirts of Tskhinvali. These events are described in their reports by the special correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda, Alexander Kots. Kots himself was saved by the major of the Russian army of Ham who died in that battle. Kots describes the attackers as Amazons in camouflage with МХNUMX rifles at the ready. By the way, there were no women's units in the Georgian army. So the origin of the Amazons in camouflage is difficult to explain.

2010 year, the revolutionary events in Bishkek. Mysterious snipers from city roofs shoot 80 people. No sniper found or installed. But the then acting president of Kyrgyzstan is enrolled in “bloody tyrants” and overthrown.

Snipers, shooting in the groin, appeared in a completely different region. The bloodshed in Syria also began with sniper shots in the city of Ham, where 67 peaceful demonstrators were killed by unknown snipers. By the way, the Syrians have learned how to fight snipers. Snipers are shot from machine guns without any pity and on Syrian television often twist videos where snipers circled in red circles run on the roofs.

Yemen 2011 year, during a peaceful demonstration in 17 demonstrators killed by fire snipers. The dead were written off to the account of the government’s own secret services and everything ended with a government coup.

Tunisia, 2011 year, 24 man killed by sniper fire. In the course of further unrest, the president and the government fled, other people came to power.

2013 year. Events in Libya began with the shooting of a peaceful demonstration in Benghazi. Ukrainian nurses working in Libyan hospitals talk about a large number of injuries in the stomach and groin. Sniper shots attributed to the guardsmen Gaddafi, the people rose and Gaddafi overthrew.

And the same mysterious snipers appear on the streets of Kiev. Demonstratively shoot the special forces in the left eye. Many innocent people die, but the goal is reached, the victims are written off as “bloody regime”, subsequent hysteria in the media and complete chaos in the state. Requirements to bring to justice Yanukovych and security officials. Investigation of the fire of snipers is assigned to non-military or ballistami, the investigation is entrusted to a perhydrol blonde with a tenth-grader's intellect. Everything has been done so that Kiev snipers remain unknown.

As a confirmation of the version about snipers ... We read the book "The Art of the Sniper", published in 2009, by Alexey Andreevich Potapov. Book here:

We read carefully the 7 section of this book: "Basics of sniper tactics." We find a subsection titled "SNIPERS AGAINST THE FIGHT IN THE CROWD". I quote:

“In the world practice of the police and the special services, there happens another unpleasant moment, or rather, an ugly political device of all kinds of opposition. Fight in the crowd. It lies in the fact that during mass events - rallies, demonstrations, etc. - when passions run high, a fight is provoked. To stop her, of course, jumps the nearest police outfit. His arrivals are already awaited, and police are attacked by superior forces. To the rescue of the beaten colleagues, a more numerous detachment of policemen is being advanced, which is forced to make its way through a specially created dense crowd, and the opposition agents deliberately create conflict situations, bringing the policemen to brutality.

The clubs begin to go. The atmosphere is heating up. A general fight begins. Brutalized policemen beat with batons both the right and the guilty. A squib is thrown into the ranks of the police. There is a crash. Under this crash, the opposition sniper from the attic or other convenient place for shooting shoots anyone unaware of the events of the onlooker who happened to be near the carnage. The crowd goes wild. The sniper does not necessarily shoot at the average man. A sniper can shoot a speaker at a rally, which the opposition will "substitute". A sniper can be shot down by a high-ranking or influential person who is present at a mass event (which the opposition also substitutes).

Someone throws a grenade. Chaos and crush begin. The opposition blames the authorities for all the victims. A bloody conflict is the best way to budge the political inertia of the population. The main thing is that this ice should start (a familiar phrase is familiar to everyone), and then political events will be dispersed by insane energy of the masses, who will always and in any political regime be dissatisfied with something. Then, of course, everything will return, as it was, but already under new policies. Fools never understand. ”

Surprisingly, the author of the book, Alexei Andreyevich Potapov, predicted the Kiev events of 2014. Although, quite possibly, his book was taken as a scenario of a military coup ...
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  1. pv1005
    pv1005 11 March 2014 10: 09
    Yes, their name is so UNKNOWN.
    1. safon
      safon 11 March 2014 11: 46
      I recommend - an educational video.

  2. Gagarin
    Gagarin 11 March 2014 10: 25
    The script for this "movie" is completely worked out, we are just watching new and new episodes in different corners of our laneet.
  3. Leopold
    Leopold 11 March 2014 10: 49
    Come out now, protest against housing tariff increases
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 11 March 2014 10: 58
    Color revolutions and unknown snipers..Where without them ...
  5. Sibiryak13
    Sibiryak13 11 March 2014 11: 42
    Everything worked out dozens of times. By the way, there was a video lying on the u-tube showing both bullets and cartridges. 5,56-caliber bullets and cartridge cases flickered rifle with an annular groove. And on ours is the edge.
  6. svp67
    svp67 11 March 2014 11: 48
    Dear forum users, the article is very interesting, but it is quite provocative ... And the provocation is that the author, citing an excerpt from the book of a sniper specialist, completes it quite interestingly
    Surprisingly, the author of the book, Alexei Andreyevich Potapov, predicted the Kiev events of 2014. Although, quite possibly, his book was taken as a scenario of a military coup ...

    Whether voluntarily or not, he seems to be prompted by a RUSSIAN specialist sniper even earlier, on the basis of the PERSONAL, since the book is replete with so many examples, the experience tells how riots and killings were organized in Kiev ... And a question may arise, but not Did the Russian specialists plan this and the main thing was done? ...
    So, here is another passage from the same book and the same chapter ...

    Police actions against fighting in the crowd is a continuous non-standard, a kind of chess game in which the police must play better than the enemy.

    One of the variants of the development of such events, which took place in the memory of the author not so long ago in the European city of B., was not distinguished by originality and was quite ordinary. Events developed according to a knurled scenario. The day before the demonstration, a police officer gave the following instructions to his subordinates right at the scene of the alleged events: "They will tie up a fight right here, near the tribune where the speakers will crowd. Put stronger people here. people in civilian clothes. Let them position themselves in a "strip" and, if necessary, create a kind of "corridor" for the forceful evacuation of the instigators of the fight. Therefore, it is more profitable to shoot at them, as well as at the podium, from the attic windows of this house, which is in alignment with these possible targets, in the alignment between other houses and quite far beyond the cordon line. (He takes out binoculars and lets his subordinates look.) a lot of people are always standing here (shows the place), and therefore the grenade will be thrown right here. it will be thrown because of this post - here it can be quietly reached and thrown with your right hand, especially without attracting attention (shows the post located "behind the backs of the crowd"). They will most likely shoot from a pistol at the crowd from here, from this alley - from here it is convenient to shoot with a turn to the left, and cover to the left of the shooter. The brutes will start a fight near the tribune, and with a grenade and other weapons they will be small, nondescript and vile-looking. It can also be women. The sniper rifle should be brought to position tonight and camouflaged there. They will shoot from the depths of the attic, the flash will not be visible and the roar of the shot will be muffled. The rebels will put up operational cover near the sniper's position. Now we will not touch them, but we will take them when the sniper reaches the line.
  7. svp67
    svp67 11 March 2014 11: 48

    We leave the exit to two large streets free - in case of confusion the crowd needs to disperse somewhere.

    Since we will neutralize the sniper, and the rebels will have to fulfill the assigned task, they will frantically search for a position on the go and, most likely, will shoot from the roofs of these houses (shows which ones). Put people in all places where you can shoot, let them sit in these positions secretly and do not protrude. The task for our snipers is that any individual who appears with a weapon on the roof, in the attic window, in the wall opening is a target and must be destroyed by independent fire without an order. Our snipers determine and take positions on their own. "

    The next day, young and strong guys hang around the house indicated by the chief. This is the operational cover of the opposition sniper. People gather in the square. Speakers rage. The crowd is heating up. Something incomprehensible is happening near the podium. People in civilian clothes are running through the crowd of thugs, handcuffed and gagged. Other people in civilian clothes create a "vacuum" in front of them, deftly and politely pushing aside the incomprehensible protesters. The guys with their mouths gagged are dragged into the entrance of an apartment building, which is immediately closed. Nobody can understand anything. On the other side of the entrance, at the back door, young people are put into a police van, which immediately drives off.

    A young man silently walks past the guys who were covering the sniper position. Going upstairs. He takes out a Zastava rifle with a telescopic sight, wrapped in a tarpaulin. He takes a position near the attic window. At this time below, people in civilian clothes are already laying their faces on the asphalt of the guys from the group covering the sniper. Above, in the attic, the sniper hears an incomprehensible light noise behind him. He turns around and sees a bared dog's mouth near his face. Command the dog from a dark corner: "Guard!" Command to the sniper: "Face down on the floor! Don't move!"

    In the square, near the post indicated by the chef, people in civilian clothes handcuffed a plain-looking peasant. He didn’t have a grenade, but under the cloak two bottles of gasoline were found.

    In the alley that the boss mentioned, a shabby-looking girl with brown stains under her eyes is dragged into the car. She's clearly drugged. Under her jacket they find an Italian "Beretta" with a full store.

    Police snipers spot a man on the roof of one of the houses with a long object wrapped in something light. He is allowed to climb onto the ridge of the roof and uncover. In the optical sights it is clear that this is again the Zastava rifle. The man, ducking, looks for a place to shoot. Three police shots from different directions. The man falls. Lies motionless. This is the only corpse in today's manifestation "But he is far from the crowd, and he is not visible.

    Nothing new is happening in the square. Speakers say the same thing. The crowd gets bored. Attention switches to beer barrels and hawkers selling edibles. There are more and more hackers. The crowd begins to eat and gradually dissolves in different directions. The political demonstration by the treacherous efforts of the police turned into a usual festivities. The small initiative group of rebels remaining on the square is no longer a danger.
    1. svp67
      svp67 11 March 2014 12: 00
      From the above passage it is clear that the special, called Potapov A.A. - special anti-sniper group. And now the question arises, why did the US representatives so insist on the withdrawal of special police units, including anti-sniper groups, not only from Maidan, but also from Kiev ...
  8. protopop
    protopop 11 March 2014 14: 18
    Excellent material, even civilians with the presence of a little brain understand. Thanks to the author of the video stories for serious analytical work! God forbid that this material be useful later in the trial of the Maidan bastard!
  9. Wiruz
    Wiruz 11 March 2014 14: 27
    By the way, gentlemen, didn’t anyone understand what kind of rifles they had? Of course, I am not an expert, but those that are full of Internet and on the box are shown very similar to Lobaevka. Dear pleasure. Although I do not think they shot .408 caliber.
  10. shatu
    shatu 11 March 2014 17: 01
    Any revolutionaries are now controlled through iPhones and iPads from no one virtual center

    Yes, so what, let’s talk openly - from Langley they rule all this chaos.

    I know America, how you got fat.
    I know where your wealth comes from.
    In it are the tears of Grenada, in it are the torments of Korea,
    In it the mountain of Vietnam calls for revenge.

    In it is the ashes of Baghdad, in it is the hell of Hiroshima,
    In it is the death of millions of hungry children.
    In it is now the bitter fate of Russia,
    Caught in the arms of spider webs.

    © Boris Gunko, Los Angeles. September 1992

    [media = http: //]
  11. Aurora
    Aurora 11 March 2014 21: 00
    I am sure that our power will make the world face the truth. the time will come and all the executioners will get what they deserve.
  12. Gray 43
    Gray 43 11 March 2014 22: 16
    The issue of the nationality of provocative shooters remained unsolved
  13. mr.vorodis
    mr.vorodis 11 March 2014 23: 23
    And they do not have a nationality - as in the Foreign Legion. And they serve the one who pays the most.
  14. w2000
    w2000 12 March 2014 09: 24
    Best defense is attack. It is necessary to organize mass protests in the United States, and for unknown snipers to shoot demonstrators and police.
  15. Knivy
    Knivy 12 March 2014 23: 46
    >> in 1993, in the process of butting Yeltsin with other branches of government. At that time on YouTube was
    >> video
    Movie on YouTube in 1993? Some kind of typo? YouTube was founded in 2005.