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Victory Maidan - the defeat of Ukraine

Victory Maidan - the defeat of Ukraine

In the article "Girshe lyakh your childrens rozpinyayut”(No. 7 (689) from 14 — 20.02.2014) I expressed the fear that the barricades on Khreshchatyk were not shared by the authorities and the opposition, but by Ukraine. In fact, two Ukraine: Western and South-Eastern. Subsequent events have confirmed this with all the dramatic obviousness.

In order to foresee such consequences of the anti-state insurrection, it is not necessary to have a special insight. We must have a little common sense. The leaders of the opposition, who called the Ukrainian people only Western Ukrainians and followed only their will, such, unfortunately, did not turn out at all. There is not even the slightest doubt that all the goals stated on the Independence could have been achieved by non-violent means as a result of the next presidential election in March 2015.

The fact that the opposition and the Western politicians supporting it did not want to wait turned out to be an incredible tragedy for the whole of Ukraine. Today, only talk that about the fault of Yanukovych and his entourage in the victims of Maidan. In this case, for some reason, the victims are called only the dead on the one hand, with the Maidan. On the dead from the other winners and do not remember. They do not lay flowers, do not put candles, do not call heroes. Meanwhile, both of them are the victims of power ambitions. Some are opposition leaders, others are powers that be.

At the same time, neither from the one nor the other side, the people who gave orders to shoot, did not receive even the smallest scratches. Others were sent to death. Moreover, at the critical moments of the confrontation themselves miraculously found themselves out of the blazing conflict. Thus all the victims Maidan on the conscience of the government and the opposition. Or - the opposition and the authorities. Both those and others, undoubtedly, will appear before a righteous court. stories.

In the company with them on the lava, there will be American-European "democrats" who fanned the all-Ukrainian fire with incredible effort. How many of them were in the rebellious tribune of the Maidan! Some gosdepovskie ladies even assimilated themselves to Jesus Christ and presented people with Maidan bread. Encouraging speeches were made from Western capitals.

To qualify this only as interference in Ukrainian affairs is too soft. With the sad experience of the Balkans and the Middle East, Western politicians could not be unaware of what their obsessive mentoring to Maidan, the calls to defend democracy and European values ​​could turn into. With cynicism, they called Maidan peaceful even when he seized administrative buildings by force, mercilessly beat the police with armature and threw “Molotov cocktails” at her. So, gentlemen of the Euro-American Democrats, have the courage to admit their guilt for the Ukrainian victims.

For the victims and for the disregard of the very democratic values ​​that Ukrainians call for. After all, at home you do not allow anything like our Maidan. We are all witnesses of how the United States brutally murdered participants in the action "Capture Wall Street" or in Germany with the Protestants in Hamburg. Some were beaten and handcuffed, others were also beaten and washed away with hoses from the streets. Why do you like us like that? Is it only because of revenge for Yanukovych and his entourage for unexpected disobedience?

Independence won. Approved the new government. Yatsenyuk, who received the post of prime minister, called the procedure for forming the Cabinet of Ministers unprecedented in the history of Ukraine.

Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. Tradition Maidan choice of power we have long, since the Cossack times. That is how many hetmans and atamans were chosen then. Former chopped up heads, new handed maces. A striking example of this could be the election in 1621 of the city of Hetman Sagaidachny, a protege of Poland. Arriving from Warsaw to the Cossack camp near Khotyn and stating that he had brought favors from the Polish king, he was able to attract the Cossacks to himself so that they immediately called him a new hetman. The old was immediately shackled and then, on the orders of Sagaidachny, they cut off his head.

It is incomprehensible that in the twenty-first century. We are inspired by those old, almost medieval traditions. And it is not necessary to rejoice, as was the case on the Maidan, and upset. This is yet another convincing evidence that the current Ukrainian statehood is very relative. This is also indicated by the personal composition of the Maidan Ministers. Ideologically, they represent only one force, and territorially, practically only one region. There is nothing to talk about the professionalism of ministers. Can such a government count on national recognition? The question is rhetorical.

The Verkhovna Rada also elected. about. the country's president. This amount of authority, as now Turchynov, never dreamed of the previous presidents. Including Yanukovych, who was accused by the opposition of dictatorship.

But there is one significant problem. For many, in our country and abroad, this election raises serious questions. After all, Ukraine has a de jure popularly elected president. He did not renounce power, and among the legal grounds for depriving him of his post there is no such clause as “self-withdrawal”. At the time when Verkhovna Rada made such a strange decision, he was in Kharkov, therefore, in the performance of his official duties. And if we are guided by the Constitution, and not by revolutionary expediency, it is impossible to dismiss this circumstance so easily.

You can treat the president’s flight from rebellious Kiev in different ways - as a manifestation of cowardice or as a desire to save the life of your family. But it is abundantly clear that by doing so he deprived the opposition of the pleasure to apply the constitutional provision to the given case: “In the event of the death of the president.” And the fact that some hotheads from the opposition did not rule out such an outcome was clearly stated on the nightly television show of the notorious Savik Shuster. Everyone who watched this program remembers how sharp the reaction was caused by the first president, Leonid Kravchuk, who was forced to leave the program.

Many argue that at this critical moment in our history, the Verkhovna Rada became the only legitimate authority. Formally and legally, this is probably true, but not morally. Here she demonstrated a complete failure. We all, especially the voters of the south-east, should be ashamed of the “regional” deputies. Some of them left ahead of time a sinking domineering ship, others surrendered to the victors later. At the same time, both of them and others unanimously renounced all the deed of the Yanukovych regime, as well as of himself.

As it is typical for our Ukrainian mentality. Acknowledging that there is nothing unusual in such behavior of people's representatives, it is nevertheless difficult to get rid of the feeling of bitterness for such behavior. There was not enough courage to lay down the parliamentary powers, which would be fair: since they themselves recognized the actions of their leader as criminal, they would at least share the blame with him. How to rule a country and make a fortune for yourself, as well as with Yanukovych, and how to respond - only to him alone. I wonder if we would be happy with such a fiery exposing speech of the head of the Party of Regions faction, if Yanukovych were the winner?

Now the Verkhovna Rada is stamping its decisions with unprecedented unanimity. It is also possible that it works under the supervision of the Maidan, part of which with the armored personnel carrier moved to the walls of the legislature. Definitely, for the sensation, although such stimulation, judging by the unanimity of the deputies, is not required. With any single Sasha Bilogo would be enough.

There is no doubt that under the supervision of the Maidan, the May presidential elections will be held. It is quite predictable and their outcome. And the West, they will be recognized as the most democratic. As it was in 2005, when, under the supervision of the same Maidan, a third round of elections was held, not provided for by the Constitution.

You can admire the Maidan, as part of Ukrainian society does, but you can also think about why it is here that it is the authority that forms power. And if we think about it, we will have to admit that in all the years of independence we have not been able to create a state that would stand on firm legal basis.

We change the constitution for each new president. We can not decide on the form of statehood. With equal enthusiasm, the people's representatives alternately introduce either presidential-parliamentary or parliamentary-presidential form of government. Adopt laws that serve the interests of not the state and people, but the oligarchic clans in power. Some laws as quickly as adopted and canceled. At the same time, the same composition of legislators, each time demonstrating their “principles”.

A feature of clan statehood is corruption, bribery, and embezzlement. I readily believe the statements of the new government that the old one was completely immersed in these sins and left her (and all of us) an empty treasury. True, if they themselves were honest, they would recognize that the many-month standing of the Maidan would be well served by this void. No wonder the people came up with a ditty for this occasion: "We do not sow and do not plow, we are peacefully dancing on the Maidan." Even for a developed economy, such a socio-political crisis would not have passed without a trace, for ours it is completely destructive.

Returning to the statement of Yatsenyuk, it should be noted that it almost exactly repeats the similar statement of Azarov 2010 that they received from the "orange" predecessors the empty treasury. While maintaining a clan-based opaque system of governance, we will listen to similar statements in the future.

In order to convince the public of the corruption of Yanukovych and his entourage, the new authorities organize excursions to Mezhigorye, show the mansions of the Prosecutor General and other representatives of the authorities. Of course, it makes a depressing impression. So bartering in a poor country where millions of people cannot make ends meet is absolutely immoral. And I have no regrets about the expropriation of these estates and palaces in favor of the state.

But there is one small "but." In the same, and in some cases, more luxurious palaces are inhabited by the leaders of the opposition (now the new government). Some of the palaces match the White House in Washington. They were also erected not on salaries alone, and why should activists of Maidan not build their own excursion routes there. I think they would be replenished with impressions not worse than those experienced in Mezhigorye. Yes, and the general public could show how its current leaders live, as they are for the welfare of ordinary Ukrainians.

Today, the new government is outraged by what is happening in the south-east of Ukraine, regarding it as a manifestation of separatism. If you do not know that being an opposition, she encouraged exactly the same thing in the west and in the center of Ukraine, you could join in this outrage. But we know how the Western Ukraine regions had previously left the central government in Kiev. As by force, the buildings of state administrations were seized and some kind of “people's radas” were established without prior arrangement. Representatives of presidential power were humiliated and even indulged in public execution.

Of course, this was a very bad example, as many authors stated in the 2000 weekly. But then the simple truth that in a glass house is not thrown stones, for some reason did not occur to the opposition. She came to fruition only when she became power and herself faced a similar problem.

But how can we now explain to the people of the south-east that their actions are dangerous to the integrity of the country, if they only repeat what was shown by the former opposition in Western Ukraine and then was not perceived as something unacceptable? How can you be persuaded not to create militarized self-defense detachments in the southeast, if you yourself created such in the west of the country and in Kiev, and with the help of which you came to power? The task is extremely difficult, if at all solvable.

Recently, I had the occasion to listen to an interview with the chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea, Mr. Konstantinov, who calmly stated that they had learned everything from the former Kiev oppositionists and in essence only repeated their earlier actions. How can you not remember the wise proverb: “What you sow, you will reap”.

Three months boomed in revolt west and center of Ukraine, now it is the turn of the south-east. Then they refused to recognize the power of President Yanukovych, now they refuse to recognize the power that Maidan created. It is considered illegitimate.

By and large, people of the south-east are afraid of this government, which asserts the values ​​of only one region in the country, denies other parts of Ukraine the right to study their history, to use their native Russian (and that’s half the Ukrainians) of the Russian language, smashing monuments to their heroes World War II, Russian political, military and cultural figures.

Television cadres of bullying Volynsk governor, secretary of the Lviv KPU regional committee, public humiliations of law enforcement officers, raids of Right Sector detachments in the cities of the southeast to seize administrative institutions further aggravate this fear.

An ambulance on the adoption of various decisions, the new government hastens to condemn the southeast, calling what is happening there separatism. This is both unfair and politically illiterate. The demands for greater independence of the regions, the federal administrative-territorial structure, linguistic and cultural autonomy have nothing to do with separatism. Until now, no region and even the Autonomous Republic of Crimea have declared their withdrawal from Ukraine.

It is necessary not to aggravate the passions, but to take urgent measures to stabilize the situation. The first and indispensable condition of the internal peace in the country is the closure of the Maidan. It is necessary to immediately disarm his paramilitaries and send people home. At the same time, it is necessary to cancel the decision of the Verkhovna Rada on the abolition of the law on the languages ​​of Kivalov-Kolesnichenko. It is completely harmless to the Ukrainian language, but somewhat raised the status of the Russian. Not to the level of the second state, as promised by the Party of Regions, but before the official regional one. I think in modern conditions this is minimal, which the southeast can agree on. Tomorrow he may demand more.

The Verkhovna Rada and the new government should urgently develop a system of legal provisions on the gradual federalization of the country, which would take into account the historical, cultural and economic characteristics of all its regions. It is necessary to abandon once and for all the impossible dream of turning Ukraine into Great Galicia.

We must recognize by law that we are different and will remain so in the foreseeable future. If you do not consider federalization, as they say, from above, it will be realized from below. But then, it is possible, with certain losses for Ukraine.

For all sensible people, it is absolutely clear that Ukraine needs serious and systemic transformations. Without this, she, like a sovereign and democratic state, has no future.

Will the new government at the level of such sanity?
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  1. AVV
    AVV 9 March 2014 12: 44
    What sanity, they stupidly carry out the will of their bosses and kiss each other while salivating !!! Such a democracy is not necessary for the Ukrainian people, but who wants to be lackeys, let them land in Brussels and pump their rights there !!!
    1. jjj
      jjj 9 March 2014 14: 09
      In fact, this is precisely democracy.
      1. Salamander
        Salamander 9 March 2014 14: 58
        I do not know, real or fictitious, but:

        Letter to Evropu!

        Dear Uncle European Commissioner and other democrats!

        A simple boy Vanya from the Ukrainian outback writes to you.
        In the first lines of my letter I will not dissemble.
        You are really expensive for us, with your “peaceful demons”!
        Everything would be fine, but it’s just painful, they spoil the air, and they’re not childish.
        Of course, it’s very “noble” of you to drink, feed, dress, arm and train them to beat civilians and policemen, smash houses and shit around.
        But for Christ’s sake, I ask you to pick them up at your place, where they belong.
        They were nostrils in Kiev, there was no more urine.
        And I want to go to school, and be calm for mom, dad, cat Muska and his house,
        and somehow I’ll build my future myself, for I live with it.
        Then let me take my leave.

        Pisi: And our president is good, big and beautiful.
        And very kind, though this kindness climbs him out with Maidan.
        And what money loves is ...
        “Let someone who doesn’t love throwing cobblestones at him” ... there are none!
        You won a loan too ... though you have money !!!

        PsiSi: and in the end, as our 1 “I” class unanimously decided:
        not the toilet is painting well, and well the toilet!
        From the site
        1. uhtiybr1956
          uhtiybr1956 9 March 2014 17: 48
          That's right!
          1. Mature naturalist
            Mature naturalist 9 March 2014 22: 57
            "Russian partisan" - on the topic ...

    2. RusSever
      RusSever 9 March 2014 14: 40
      It says about mentality - yes it is mentality. This is obvious nationalism - the hidden one was raised after 1945 by scoundrels, the second is, in Russian speaking "cunning" - to wait, not to miscalculate, etc.
      1. CALL.
        CALL. 10 March 2014 06: 45
        It is necessary to immediately disarm his paramilitary forces and send people home.

        Yes, not at home, but to give real terms for armed rebellion, 10-15 years.
    3. Duke
      Duke 9 March 2014 15: 18
      Zadornov about Ukraine.
    4. a52333
      a52333 9 March 2014 17: 11
      Opinion of the Israeli intelligence on the future of Ukraine. I agree with him on 85%.
      1. uhtiybr1956
        uhtiybr1956 9 March 2014 17: 58
        Very interesting!
      2. SHILO
        SHILO 9 March 2014 23: 04
        Quote: a52333
        Opinion of the Israeli intelligence on the future of Ukraine. I agree with him on 85%.

        Say from the 9 minute, it went in unison with mine at 100%.
      3. Same lech
        Same lech 9 March 2014 23: 43
        Well, one word to a point ... it is difficult to object to this Jew.
        1. aksakal
          aksakal 10 March 2014 00: 30
          Quote: The same LYOKHA
          Hmm, in a word to the point ... it is difficult to object to this Jew
          - The Jew has nothing to argue, that's for sure. I repeat once again - the Jews are worthy and sane people, and this Israeli intelligence officer is one of those. But the Zionist - somewhere on the next branch, one such pardoned Zionist froze stupidity - no longer mind, but his teeth knock hunting
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. siberalt
      siberalt 9 March 2014 19: 22
      Remember the heroes of the Maidan! That would not allow them to reproduce their own kind! This is their last hour.
    7. Nevsky_ZU
      Nevsky_ZU 9 March 2014 19: 49
      In Lugansk, Bandera wet:

  2. konvalval
    konvalval 9 March 2014 13: 53
    They are afraid of normal elections like the devil of incense. They were prompted that they would lose them and they were prompted and financed how to snatch "power".
    1. Arhj
      Arhj 9 March 2014 15: 16
      First, the right-wing sector announced that they would personally control the vote count, and then Yarosh gathered for the presidency. And all against the backdrop of claims that the ideal management model is authoritarian. Here is such a democracy.
  3. calocha
    calocha 9 March 2014 13: 54
    Europeans (special services) reanimated them and nurtured against Russia and against all Russian ... So what to expect from freaks?! .. I think they do not have much time left .....
  4. delfinN
    delfinN 9 March 2014 13: 55
    These "rabbits" now have one task before the elections: to grab more and unload from the Wild Field in time.
    1. sergaivenski
      sergaivenski 9 March 2014 19: 50
      Who would make holes in the heads of this quartet (Yatsenyuk, Tyagnibok, Klitschko, Tymoshenko) !!!
      Personally, I wouldn’t be upset !!! A fool understands this QUARTET - crossover figures. Pawns in
      big game !!! They did their job, drove Yanukovych, it's time to throw these puppets off the chessboard !!! I am convinced that this will happen soon !!!
    2. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 10 March 2014 08: 16
      Quote: delfinN
      These "rabbits" now have one task before the elections: to grab more and unscrew from the Wild Field in time

      Music in the theme:
  5. Klim
    Klim 9 March 2014 13: 56
    In general, it would be nice to carry out a targeted special operation and arrest the coup leaders and judge by the laws of war, as long as there is a legitimate president and has the authority to impose martial law.
    1. jjj
      jjj 9 March 2014 14: 10
      It is only necessary that they not be arrested, but disappeared quietly
    2. sergaivenski
      sergaivenski 9 March 2014 20: 07
      Klim, Good evening !!! Yanukovych had the opportunity to do what YOU are proposing. Unfortunately, Yanukovych turned out to be a limp rag, unable to do anything !!! To rule the state is not to rob people on the street with accomplices !!! it’s art, the ability to make decisions, even the most unexpected, the most unpopular. Since independence in 1991, clans have come to power in Ukraine, stuffing their pockets with millions of dollars and euros, and then dumping them outside Ukraine. Both Kravchuk and Kuchma, and Yushchenko, and the same Yanukovych went the same way: to fill their pockets !!! The people of Ukraine have NOTHING received anything from the pseudo-reform of the presidents !!! And they will not !!!
  6. vadimalehin76
    vadimalehin76 9 March 2014 13: 57
    About "snatch power". It turned out to be snatched, but to keep her here is the ethno question however wink
    1. DMB-78
      DMB-78 9 March 2014 15: 02
      Quote: vadimalehin76
      here to keep it here is the question ento however

      it's hard to become a champion. championing is much harder
  7. agbykov
    agbykov 9 March 2014 14: 01
    The goal of the usurpers, but rather their masters, is to create chaos and civil war in Ukraine. None of them are interested in stabilization and order. The power they seized is only a tool for further destruction.
    1. DMB-78
      DMB-78 9 March 2014 14: 23
      Quote: agbykov
      rather their owners,

      that's it, their owners. and all these words of the West about not allowing war are nothing more than hypocrisy. they need to draw Russia into the war like air and finally bring Ukraine to its knees. although she herself with pleasure becomes on them.
  8. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 9 March 2014 14: 16
    According to one of the senior officials of the former Ministry of Revenue and Duties on the night of March 7, by order of one of the “new leaders” of Ukraine, the entire gold reserve of Ukraine was exported to the United States ...
    ljot_s_zolotym_zapasom_ukrainy / 2014-03-07-9122
  9. Neophyte
    Neophyte 9 March 2014 14: 16
    The article is correct, and the question is posed correctly: can power save
    Ukraine from chaos? No and no again! If the main regulator of power is the Maidan, then these idiots will not be able to stay in power. And time
    is not in their favor! Tomorrow comes the collapse of the economy and the Maidan again
    will fuss.
    1. vlum
      vlum 9 March 2014 17: 03
      Even if the article poses the right question, it gives the wrong answer.

      Well, what election of a single president now can be talked about.
      And every day the actions of Kiev more and more exacerbate the split.
  10. avt
    avt 9 March 2014 14: 20
    ,, We must legally recognize that we are different and will remain so for the foreseeable future. If you do not think over federalization, as they say, from above, it will be implemented from below. But then, it is possible, with certain losses for Ukraine.

    It is absolutely clear to all sane people that Ukraine needs serious and systemic transformations. Without this, it has no future as a sovereign and democratic state. " request LATE! This could still have been done under Kuchma, with difficulty under the early Ssynukovich. But now only a suicide in the Ukrainian government can go for it, and in the literal sense of the word. They "took a bite" and now they will be carried to the complete impoverishment of the population and the collapse of the project "Ukraine 1991" squeals about the fact that the machine itself will take for the integrity of its brainchild.
    1. DMB-78
      DMB-78 9 March 2014 14: 54
      Quote: avt
      .They, "bit the bit" and now they will be carried

      and Maidan will not stop
  11. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 9 March 2014 14: 22
    After talking for two days with the Svidomo people of Kiev on the streets, I understood the essence of the Western national idea. This is the result of the huge complexes of the small evil people. This is the source of the deep Russophobia of the Maidan adherents. That is why they call Russians "slaves", "deer" and "I am a Nazi muzzle, amy", and the inhabitants of the South-East "cattle", "gopniks" and "scum". A dwarf's valor is to spit high. Here are national Svidomo and spit, as they can, in strong and calm nations, because they can do nothing more - neither create a strong state, which can be proud of, nor become famous in sports, nor leave a mark on world culture. But in spitting in height, they achieved noticeable results.
    1. Humpty
      Humpty 9 March 2014 15: 05
      You are too right. The softer the tribe, the higher it tries to spit.
    2. Roman 1977
      Roman 1977 9 March 2014 15: 16
      Here it is the essence of maidan and maydaunov ...
      1. sergaivenski
        sergaivenski 9 March 2014 19: 55
        Death walks with a scythe !!! So this bastard named Julia !!! I can’t even believe that this mother gave birth !!! Nothing sacred, only dollars and euros in the eyes !!! Nobody could strangle this madam in the Kharkov hospital! !!
    3. The comment was deleted.
  12. Arh
    Arh 9 March 2014 14: 23
    More Ukrainians and Russian sane! ! !
    1. Arhj
      Arhj 9 March 2014 15: 24
      Probably so, but they are passive. Today, the city takes not courage, but arrogance. It has long been proven that even in a smart sane person who has fallen into the crowd, the ability to adequately assess the situation is reduced. And today in Ukraine, all decisions are made by the crowd, including sane people. And when the ability to think returns, it will be too late.
    2. Tanysh
      Tanysh 9 March 2014 15: 41
      More sensible, but better united they have a pan that thinks and feeds for them
  13. Megatron
    Megatron 9 March 2014 14: 27
    At this pace, the East will soon separate, and the Libyan scenario awaits Ukraine - complete chaos, anarchy, gangs.
    1. DMB-78
      DMB-78 9 March 2014 14: 56
      Quote: Megatron
      complete chaos, anarchy, gangs.

      and this is already happening. sashka deBily vivid example
  14. DMB-78
    DMB-78 9 March 2014 14: 39
    [b] and here is how Crimeans answered
    1. woron333444
      woron333444 9 March 2014 15: 01
      Everywhere would be so, otherwise they will wait when they come and kill
    2. kelevra
      kelevra 9 March 2014 15: 42
      Gorgeous little guys piled on benders and fascists !!!
  15. skifd
    skifd 9 March 2014 14: 47
    Ukraine is in agony. The coup in it was carried out by a bunch of mummers and Banderites, supported by the State Department with their Euro-stickers. It is now useless to hope that the "new government" will be guided by "common sense" in domestic and foreign policy. They were helped to come to power in order to make Russia "scared". Well, "scared"! But for some reason now they themselves have fallen into hysterics - they do not have full confidence that their "horror stories" will stay in power for a long time. Right now there is a forcing of events, the "clique" is using all the opportunities to gain a foothold in power. But now a lot depends on the people of Ukraine, will put up with the new regime, turn off the brain and memory - either "Slavyanka's Farewell", or they will build a wall between us. Until then:

    Passionaries v / s Pacifists (do not care) - 1: 0

    With regret.
    1. skifd
      skifd 9 March 2014 19: 55
      Judas will always remain Judah . :

      "Khodorkovsky spoke on the Kiev Maidan

      The former head of Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, addressed the audience on Independence Square in Kiev.

      Khodorkovsky said that on the night of March 9 he visited the Maidan. The ex-oligarch said that on the Maidan "there are no fascists and Nazis, more precisely, no more than on the streets of Moscow or St. Petersburg."

      In his speech, Khodorkovsky noted that "everything that the authorities did here, she did with the consent of the Russian authorities." Khodorkovsky said that he was shocked by the “plywood shields with which they stood on the Maidan against bullets”. He also assured the audience on Maidan that in Russia "there are people for whom friendship between the Russian and Ukrainian people is more important than their own freedom."

      Khodorkovsky arrived in Kiev on March 9. His lecture "Rights and Freedoms" is scheduled for March 10 at the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute".

      Earlier, Khodorkovsky said that Russia is "on the verge of participating in the civil war in Ukraine" as a result of "incompetent actions of politicians."

      Recall that Khodorkovsky was pardoned by President Vladimir Putin at the end of December 2013. A few hours later, the former oligarch left Russia. In the near future, Khodorkovsky does not plan to return to Russia, since the Supreme Court did not overturn claims to recover 17 billion rubles from him. After his release, Khodorkovsky announced that he sees himself as a public figure, but does not intend to enter politics. "

      Read full article:
      1. bubalik
        bubalik 9 March 2014 19: 59

        skifd (1) SU  Today, 19: 55 ↑ New

        Judah will always be Judas

        how much the rope does not curl, the end will still be ,,,
        1. skifd
          skifd 9 March 2014 20: 18
          1. Name
            Name 9 March 2014 20: 35
            It's time Khodorka for scrap.
            For Russia, the South-East of Ukraine now, it would be beneficial to destabilize the situation in Kiev and the West of Ukraine. For a week and a half.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  16. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 9 March 2014 14: 47
    from the Don.
    March 16, May 25 — two milestones in the history of present-day Ukraine! A week before the referendum on Crimea must be lived. A whole 7 days of provocations, right up to the storming of Crimea!
    But up to 25 banderlogs by all methods you need to: reassure: South-East. And what was in Donetsk is the first bell! The psychological and physical suppression of dissent will only increase!
    1. DMB-78
      DMB-78 9 March 2014 15: 00
      Quote: borisjdin1957
      the physical suppression of dissent will only increase!

      yesterday in Kharkov they already started
    2. Arhj
      Arhj 9 March 2014 15: 28
      And there will be provocations. Who believes that in the absence of money, troops are removed from their locations for training?
    3. vlum
      vlum 9 March 2014 17: 17
      Those who were called aunts were still young guys. There are not so many young people in the general mass of self-defense, which is nevertheless organized ... But it seems that some manipulators from the West are playing for the complete self-destruction of Ukraine.

      The border is now "locked". Those are not only not allowed in, but also not released. So that there is no temptation to run. Trust absolutely no one to anyone. Generally. Someone from the Kiev authorities will try to refute their own lie that there are no refugees?
      Well? And then what? What will people without any prospects at all do?

      If they hold back the social explosion BEFORE May 25, then AFTER they will vomit blood much more strongly.
  17. Naum
    Naum 9 March 2014 14: 51
    Quote: Arh
    Ukrainians and Russians

    There are only RUSSIANS: great, little, and Belarusians! Few "Ukrainians" headed by Adam and Eve, as they are sure in Lemberg (and now in Kiev), founded our human civilization ... It would be funny if it were not so sad. The fascist infection has raised its head again and is climbing into all the cracks. And again you will have to crush it, sacrificing millions of lives. And again, behind the backs of the browns, there is the west with the Americans. History repeats itself in a mirror ...
  18. parus2nik
    parus2nik 9 March 2014 14: 55
    The birthmark of clan statehood is corruption, bribery and embezzlement. I readily believe the allegations of the new government that the old is completely mired in these sins and left her (and all of us) an empty treasury.
    Some thieves are gone, others are .. The eternal choice of two evils choose the lesser
  19. mabuta
    mabuta 9 March 2014 15: 04
    There will be nothing new if Maidan wins.http: //
  20. Semyon Albertovich
    Semyon Albertovich 9 March 2014 15: 06
    Bandera, as natural-born punishers, fight well with civilians ... but the other end of the cudgel awaits these abominations. raised by them .... by neo-Nazi youngsters from the football of the "white race" .....
  21. blizart
    blizart 9 March 2014 15: 24
    When about 20 years ago, the Ukrainians decided to translate Pushkin (?!), I personally understood a lot. Why so demonstratively distance yourself from the obvious? Even we "stupid apes" know about the deep historical relationship of the Rus, Byalorians, Malorussians. Even among us, who first sat on your neck for 300 years, and then shook off the "lyuli" in return, there is a notion that this is all the essence of a flowing and multifaceted historical process. Even now, the Russian language is recognized in our country and endowed with the official status (although the Turkic languages ​​are obviously less related to Slavic). At the official level, any manifestation of disrespect for the Russians and generally non-titular peoples is suppressed harshly and decisively. So maybe, well, his figs of such relatives (another such brother and enemies will not be necessary) were the Bulgarian "brothers" - they came for Shipka near Stalingrad, with weapons, of course. At the very time to remember Vysotsky - I don't understand when the words are heard in the report - Here again our Czechoslovak friends threw the puck at us. And the song is like that
    And Guinean Sam Brooke circled me in a circle
    And everyone said yesterday, Sam said, our friend
    1. Igarr
      Igarr 9 March 2014 18: 38
      blizart, well, that's why this is- ".. Even we are" stupid apes "..."
      Flag - Union.
      Russian is excellent.
      So, during the Soviet Union, he was born and raised. And then everything was different. And even - the apricots were apricots, and the dullness depended on what angle to look at, if you take away the dull 180 from 160 degrees ... there are very sharp 20.
      Thanks for the feedback.
      I didn’t understand one thing ... 300 years? ... who sat where?
  22. Dmitry Ukraine
    Dmitry Ukraine 9 March 2014 15: 33
    What happened was far from "Victory of the Maidan". Almost everyone who really was his "acting" force, as in 2004, will soon realize that they were simply used by those for whose money and in whose interests the next "Maidan 2013-2014" was organized. There are already "results" - the oligarch governors of Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk and other regions - are these the "ideals" of the "Maidan"? But now, when the results necessary for the "masters" of the revolution have been achieved, those who will always carry out any commands from one "our" business group that defeated another, as well as from Washington, Berlin, London, etc. are at the "helm". and so on, even if "brother will go against brother" - they do not need further "self-determination" of the people through referendums and other ways of expressing their will. Therefore, there are cries about the "unconstitutionality" of the referendum in Crimea, and, moreover, such attempts in other Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine. Because the Moor, who has done his job (once again, after 2004), is the time to "leave". And to give the real "parade commanders" an opportunity to bring things to the desired result (for business - the redistribution of property, for the West - to obtain a sales market and another NATO outpost). But Russia, as after the arrival of Yushchenko-Tymoshenko in 2004, cannot succumb to another provocation of the type: "" - "himself." There is no need to argue with Kiev, which has long been living NOT IN UKRAINE (by the level of income of the population, which is several times higher than other regions, or by the level of costs for utilities, it is just as many times lower for "political" reasons and because of the large number of potential voters in 1 sq. Km.) There is no need to argue with the bearers of the nationalist ideologies of the western regions - people, for various reasons, who have been brought up for decades within the clear framework of these principles, cannot be persuaded, especially in a short period of time ... BUT - it is necessary to establish, without mutual reproaches and accusations, based on long-term economic and cultural ties, cooperation with those regions of Ukraine that agree to such mutually beneficial relations with Russia. A great state (if Russia really wants to become one again) needs the same great patience and the power of PERSONALITY to prove its correctness and correctness of this path ...
  23. siberalt
    siberalt 9 March 2014 15: 44
    Really pi indos have not yet realized that in Russia they learned to use their mistakes to their advantage? Well, stupid! laughing
  24. Black
    Black 9 March 2014 15: 44
    Quote: Klim
    In general, it would be nice to conduct a targeted special operation and arrest the coup leaders and judge by the laws of the war

    The first part is yes. It is a pity that the Kremlin is almond - the so-called. "leaders" should be shot like mad dogs. And it's too early to judge. Unfortunately, they are not alone, there are already millions of zombies behind them. The winner can judge.
    1. wasjasibirjac
      wasjasibirjac 9 March 2014 20: 15
      Quote: Chen
      But it's too early to judge. Unfortunately, they are not alone; millions of zombies are behind them. The winner can judge.

      but simply to kill - who thinks that he has lost. "leaders" maydanutyh must be judged in order to obtain evidence of the mutiny and the involvement of "puppeteers", "appearances, caches"
  25. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 9 March 2014 16: 02
    If Maidan recognizes today's power, then he deserves it! Every nation deserves the power it has chosen! request
    1. I read the news
      I read the news 10 March 2014 05: 50
      So let this power be the power of the Maidan, do not extend it to all of Ukraine.
  26. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 9 March 2014 16: 06
    What a shaman, flies, however. A set of stupid spells, found with whom to negotiate. Only time to lose reading such nonsense.
  27. morozof63
    morozof63 9 March 2014 16: 50
    they don’t want to negotiate with the people, negotiate peacefully, so they get
  28. Andrey Ulyanovsky
    Andrey Ulyanovsky 9 March 2014 17: 02
    A story forgotten.
  29. DMB-78
    DMB-78 9 March 2014 17: 09
    all who refused the fight against fascism
  30. DMB-78
    DMB-78 9 March 2014 17: 13
    Provocation in Nikolaev

    Sobkor "Essence of Time", 09.03.2014/11/39, 1.00:20 - Nikolaev: Today at about XNUMX a night an attempt was made to organize a provocation against the participants of a permanent picket at the monument to the Heroes-Olshantsam. First, a car drove up, the passengers of which insulted and threatened representatives of the “Not a Step Back” movement in every possible way. After leaving the car from a neighboring street, an organized group (about XNUMX people) appeared, actively trying to provoke picketers to “active actions”, including openly calling for a fight.
    All this happened with the direct presence of police officers who did not want to intervene. When the defenders of the monument asked the policemen to introduce themselves so that later they could refer to official witnesses of the incident, representatives of the “authorities” refused to do so.
    During the whole time of the incident, a car was standing nearby, from which a continuous video was taken of what was happening, most likely in order to fix the "illegality" of the actions of the picketers.Срочно
  31. The comment was deleted.
  32. Andrey Ulyanovsky
    Andrey Ulyanovsky 9 March 2014 18: 15

    They gave us peace by defeating the Nazis.
    1. skyil
      skyil 9 March 2014 19: 44
      Excites the blood, put a bold +.
      1. aksakal
        aksakal 10 March 2014 01: 14
        Quote: skyil
        They gave us peace by defeating the Nazis.

        Kazakhstan Motor-Roller group, soloist - Ilyas Autov, has been singing for twenty years, but only now they have gained strength for expansion into the Russian media market. I also like this composition of them.
        1. Andrey Ulyanovsky
          Andrey Ulyanovsky 10 March 2014 15: 04
          Quote: aksakal
          I also like this composition of them.

          Downloaded from the tracker, then found on YT, the clip is good.
  33. individual
    individual 9 March 2014 19: 09
    Victory Maidan over whom? Or what?
    If over the Russian language, then this is fraught with the collapse of the country.
    If over the Ukrainian people, then the people have not yet spoken.
    If over Russia, then Russia by and large has not done anything yet.
    If over your own president, then the question. Why did you choose it?
  34. rasputin17
    rasputin17 9 March 2014 19: 11
    Both will undoubtedly appear before the righteous judgment of history.

    The court of history will put everything in its place, but I would like to see the verdict in the crimes committed much earlier! And not to let the neo-fascists and Bandera murderers go underground once again! And one remark about history: we see the flaws of the NKVD and SMERSH now very often looking at the demonstrations of ghouls from the UPA in the form of the Wehrmacht and the SS "Galicia" division! And to them there are special accounts for the burned down villages of Belarus, millions of tortured and burnt alive citizens of this fraternal people to us! And there is no statute of limitations for these cases as there is no oblivion and forgiveness !!!!!!!!!!!
  35. non-placeholder
    non-placeholder 9 March 2014 19: 20
    fuck, and this is the honor and conscience of the Maidan
    and she stuffed it with old icons and called it a museum, just a talent
    mezhigorye resting
    we would have lived like Roshal
    they are all there just outrageously rich, and from idleness and nothing more, they arranged a Maidan to have fun
  36. Urri
    Urri 9 March 2014 19: 47
    Quote: ne_mestofil-ko
    The court of history will put everything in its place, but I would like to see the sentence in the committed crimes much earlier!

    It's time in Russia by decree of the president to return the death penalty. Many maydanuty would immediately rush over the hill. Yaytsenyuh and so already.
  37. Zaharoff
    Zaharoff 9 March 2014 20: 02
    Again, in connection with the events in Ukraine, I have a double impression of the picture received through all channels: why the right sector is young, strong guys, and the residents of Donetsk, Kharkov, Simferopol are very close to people of retirement age, the older generation ... if we shout from all the pillars that the square is being shared, where is the division, why are there no Russian-speaking youth at pro-Russian rallies ??? In all this Ukrainian mess, this question interests me more and more
    1. DMB-78
      DMB-78 9 March 2014 20: 50
      Quote: zaharoff
      why there is no Russian-speaking youth at pro-Russian rallies

      I do not agree with you. there are a lot of youth. but many are still afraid to go under pain of expulsion from universities
  38. Igmail
    Igmail 9 March 2014 20: 22
    "How can you convince not to create paramilitary self-defense units in the southeast, if they themselves created such in the west of the country and in Kiev, and with the help of which they came to power? The task is extremely difficult, if at all solvable." This phrase fits the realities on the outskirts, and this is what we must start from, as from the point of separation !!!!!
  39. non-placeholder
    non-placeholder 9 March 2014 20: 50
    Quote: zaharoff
    Again, in connection with the events in Ukraine, I have a double impression of the picture received through all channels: why the right sector is young, strong guys, and the residents of Donetsk, Kharkov, Simferopol are very close to people of retirement age, the older generation ... if we shout from all the pillars that the square is being shared, where is the division, why are there no Russian-speaking youth at pro-Russian rallies ??? In all this Ukrainian mess, this question interests me more and more

    read and understand Ukrainian history textbooks. their pensioners do not read, and young people are forced to read. Just 22 years have passed and the right generation has grown, and the unnecessary have grown old. Now is the best moment for all this crap
    1. Pushkar
      Pushkar 9 March 2014 22: 16
      Quote: ne_mestofil-ko

      read and understand Ukrainian history textbooks. their pensioners do not read, and young people are forced to read. Just 22 years have passed and the right generation has grown, and the unnecessary have grown old. Now is the best moment for all this crap
      Another point is that the administration of Ukrainian universities prevents the students from attending pro-Russian rallies.
  40. ussrex
    ussrex 9 March 2014 20: 56
    Pe .... the elements from Europe wanted fresh f.
    Ukraine is a candidate for Sodom’s mandate ...
    There the fascists are not a hindrance: joy will go happier!
    Yarosh, Tyagnibok, Klitschko - knead a point?
    Yaytsenyuh will pay everyone, the cocaine the old Druch.
    Where will he get the pennies? Kiss, suck ...
    Well, a lesbian in comfort - Tymoshenko for treatment.
  41. Pushkar
    Pushkar 9 March 2014 22: 11
    For site administration. The article rating line does not work in this article.
  42. Mviktor
    Mviktor 9 March 2014 23: 14
    Quote: Arh
    More Ukrainians and Russian sane! ! !

    Yes, there are always more good people, but bad people are better organized.

    Why did the association come to my mind that Yatsenyuk and Hetman Sagaidychny equally came to power with the help of the Poles, they destroy the country the same way, and end their lives the same way, everything repeats in history.
  43. wax
    wax 10 March 2014 15: 17
    Events of the week (in the wake of Nostradamus):
    March 10, Yatsenyuk flew to Washington for a package from the exceptional Supreme Commander.
    March 11, all capable military units of Ukraine are waiting for the order to throw in the Crimea at Perekop
    On March 11 in Rostov-on-Don, the legitimate President of Ukraine Yanukovych made an official statement
    March 12 (Washington time) with exhaustive evidence of the legitimacy of the Kiev junta and assurances of worldwide support, Yatsenyuk flew to Kiev
    On March 13 (Moscow time), the Sovinformburo announced a transfer to Kiev, Lvov, Donetsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, in accordance with the treaty of friendship and international law, of units and formations of the Russian army to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine, protect the rights and democratic freedoms of the population Ukraine. Boryspil Airport cannot accept a plane with Yatsenyuk for technical reasons.
    March 16, a referendum is held in Crimea
  44. CB activist
    CB activist 10 March 2014 16: 07
    I don’t know how to explain to Mr. P. Tolochko that the point of no return has been passed and the stabilization of the situation by means of a "reasonable compromise" is no longer possible. With whom will we seek a compromise? With the Bandera dogs? Is it possible? These dogs have been fed for 20 years, now they have let them loose, they have already tasted blood, but now you can simply say that it was a misunderstanding (an unfortunate mistake) and the East of Ukraine and Crimea will believe it? If they believe, they will be fools, whom life does not teach anything, but I am sure that they are not fools, the correct conclusions have already been drawn by Konstantinov in the Crimea and others in the East.
    What does the proposal "to close the Maidan and disarm its paramilitaries" really mean now? There can be any illusions on this score, but REALLY this will mean only one thing - the order to Bandera will temporarily hide and quietly penetrate the security forces (SBU, police, Ukrainian Armed Forces). When the East of Ukraine and Crimea, amid the "peace-loving" speeches of P. Tolochko, lose their vigilance and stop the struggle, the Bandera beast will jump, it cannot help but jump, this is its nature, for this it was created, large-scale punitive actions of East and Crimea against "her and the war."
    What REALLY means now the call for the unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine? There is only one thing - the spread of the power of Bandera throughout the entire territory of Ukraine, other options are in the area of ​​P. Tolochko's unrealizable fantasies. He wants "moderation, peace and tranquility" ?, and the United States and their dogs Bandera want it ??? They will not give up their intention to slaughter all Russians and Russian-speakers, turning Ukraine into one big "Guantanomo military base" with missiles and secret prisons, they cannot do otherwise, because that is their nature. The clever and educated person P. Tolochko has one little thing left to understand: the Banderaites are fascists of the 21st century, they HAVE COME and will not voluntarily leave, whoever will seek a compromise with them will die from them. The time has come for everyone to decide: either to be on the side of the Bandera fascists and the United States, or on the side of the Russian East of Ukraine and Crimea. Simple hygiene rules require those regions of Ukraine that are not affected by the Bandera plague under the patronage of Russia. Peaceful people of Western and Central Ukraine will receive our sympathy and help.
    Our Russian cause is just! The enemy will be defeated, the victory will be ours!
  45. CB activist
    CB activist 10 March 2014 16: 18
    There was a failure in the transmission of the text, the second paragraph ends with the words: against "her and the war".
  46. CB activist
    CB activist 10 March 2014 16: 21
    failure again, okay, we formulate it differently: against Russian and Russian speakers