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Diplomats in the United States engaged in the profane

Diplomats in the United States engaged in the profane

The scandalous 'Fuck the EU' undersecretary of state Victoria Nuland as the quintessence of American foreign policy and an indicator of the competence of those who conduct it.

The contents of a telephone conversation between US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payet, in which the second person of the American diplomacy “sends” European partners, does not look anything out of the ordinary. Senior US officials and not such blurt out! Suffice it to recall the replica of the last US ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, who was thrown into the camera of one of the local TV channels: “This is a wild country ...”. The head Chef McFaul, Secretary of State John Kerry, recently turned many into a stupor, stating that Washington will not Tehran is developing a peaceful atomic program. And this is literally the next day after, as a result of the difficult and lengthy negotiations in Geneva, the parties agreed to the opposite! And what about his last revelation that free choice "It does not necessarily lead to democracy".

Barack Obama, it would seem, God himself and the US Constitution are being asked to follow every word spoken publicly, but he also turned out to be far from the pattern of diplomacy. In April, 2011, during an official meeting with the Emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Tani, the American president praised the vis-à-vis "enormous contribution" to promoting democracy in the Middle East. However, two hours later, Obama remarked to his entourage, where journalists had accidentally fumbled that "in Qatar itself there is no noticeable movement in this direction." Half a year later, at the G20 summit, the US president was embarrassed when, along with his French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy, he began to wash the bones of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alongside his working microphone: “You’re sick and tired of it,”

Is it any wonder that, with such a president, the United States foreign policy machine moves with creak and more and more often flies into scandalous pits, giving many reasons for laughter. Another such excuse was the mandatory meeting of the members of the Senate Committee of Commerce with the newly appointed US ambassadors Obama. The four leaders of the US diplomatic missions in Argentina, Hungary, Iceland and Norway were not human resources workers and, as it turned out, had a very vague idea of ​​their countries of destination. For example, for George Tsunis, it was a real revelation that the Norwegian Progress Party, which he called "anti-democratic", is in fact in the ruling coalition of the country. And Colin Bell, the ambassador to Hungary, is going overseas with a firm determination to condemn the Hungarian nationalists for oppressing the Jews. This is almost all that she managed to understand for herself about her future work.

History, pretty cheering senators and journalists, would have remained regular in a series of similar ones, but it coincided with the publication in the United States of two studies, which independently confirm that, first, the position of the US ambassador abroad has a very specific price. And, secondly, in order to become one, it is not at all necessary to have experience in diplomatic work.

Of course, Obama is not the first to award loyal supporters the status of ambassador in calm and pleasant countries. Under President Reagan, "thieves" among the ambassadors were almost 40%, under Clinton - 35%. However, by the second presidential term of Obama, nonprofessionals among the heads of US diplomatic missions became noticeably more than half. Under US law, it is the president who has exceptional authority in appointing ambassadors, and all diplomatic workers, as civil servants, must be selected on the basis of "equal opportunities". That is, among them must be representatives of all ethnic groups and social strata of the population. Personnel diplomat frankly does not like this order. “Why is our profession the only one where it is considered acceptable to appoint someone without experience?” Says Stephen Cackett, former vice president of the American Association of the Foreign Service, indignantly. “No one would ever think of putting a person without a medical experience at the head of the hospital!”
Denis Jett, a former colleague of Cashkett, who has served 28 for years at the State Department and has extensive experience as an ambassador, now works at the University of Pennsylvania. Here, together with Johannes Fedderke, he conducted a large-scale study and revealed such a pattern: the more funds in the election campaign of Barack Obama attracted a sponsor, the more chances he had to be an American ambassador to a rich and safe country (most often in Western Europe). The entrance ticket to the elite amateur club of amateurs, according to Jett and Fedderke, begins with 550 thousand dollars.

The findings of the University of Pennsylvania researchers were confirmed by experts of the US Center for Social Integration Michel Bekel and Chris Zubak, who compiled a special card and a list of 23 fundraisers (as fbii sponsors electoral presidential companies are called in the United States) by Barack Obama. In total, they attracted more than 16 million dollars to the election fund of the current head of the White House and, despite the lack of diplomatic experience, they found themselves in the cozy chairs of the ambassadors of the US-friendly Old World states. Is this not one of the reasons for the continued failure of the Barack Obama administration in the foreign policy arena and the steady growth of anti-American sentiment in the same Europe !? The authority of the White House in general, and the State Department in particular, does not increase the scandals, which are increasingly breaking out of the borders of the diplomatic corridors.

In the course of Obama’s first election campaign, the support of Kennedy’s influential clan in America helped him win the primaries first, and then the struggle for the White House. And although on the eve of his first presidency, Obama repeatedly spoke out against political appointments and promised to nominate only experienced personnel diplomats for serious positions in the State Department, he could not thank colleagues for his help. In the summer of 2013, Obama sent as the US ambassador to Japan the daughter of the murdered US President John F. Kennedy - Caroline, who had no diplomatic experience, eschewed publicity and was engaged in paper work in her late Father’s Presidential Library. Needless to say that the newly-diplomat did not know Asia and Japanese at all.

Louis Sasmen, unlike Caroline Kennedy, speaks the language of the host country perfectly well. This is not surprising, since the former lawyer and banker has been the head of the US embassy in the UK for more than four years. He has no diplomatic experience and merit, but he gathered 2,3 million dollars into the Obama election fund. Interestingly, a warm place in London Sasmen stood up in a confrontation with another major sponsor of the current president - the chief editor of Vogue magazine Anna Wintour. Rumors about her appointment to the United Kingdom at the end of 2012 caused such a negative reaction in the British press that the White House had to play back.

The fact that such appointments of ambassadors can lead to is vividly illustrated by the resignation of Cynthia Stroum, who led the US diplomatic representation in Luxembourg for eleven months. The former investor in start-up companies was so self-indulgent, aggressive and rudeness that most of the embassy staff hurried to quit, and some even chose to transfer to troubled Kabul and Baghdad. By the way, the American embassy in Iraq also did not avoid a scandal, when it turned out that among the two thousand mission personnel, very few people speak Arabic ...

Writer Nicholas Kralev, working on the book "The Second Army of America," talked with hundreds of American diplomats and came to the unequivocal conclusion: most Obama appointees have no idea how to manage embassies and conduct diplomacy in the 21st century. The situation is not so ridiculous as it is dangerous - the total profane are in charge of the foreign policy of a nuclear power. It is unlikely that such a strategy will lead to something good.
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  1. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 8 March 2014 06: 10
    In general, the Kennedy family was okay, and as a result, we saw the advent of the new Bush clan!
    Who knows what the fate of America could have been under Kennedy and it seems to me that Obama has his interests in pulling Caroline Kennedy.
    1. sledgehammer102
      sledgehammer102 8 March 2014 06: 56
      In light of recent events, I am more interested in the answer of the creaks to their eternal cry about the plundered trillions of Putin, who is also an agent of the West, and is pursuing an anti-Russian policy while passing away / selling land to neighboring states for personal profits ....

      1) Where is the money, Zin?
      2) Are we protecting the Tatars in Crimea?
      3) To whom will we surrender Crimea later?
      1. platitsyn70
        platitsyn70 8 March 2014 07: 18
        hysteria subsides and the incontrovertible facts of gross interference of the USA and the West into the affairs of Ukraine come out, American diplomacy is failing and will cling to any straw. Kiev radicals are increasingly getting out of the control of the United States, and the new Ukrainian government is adopting a law one by one more stupid than the other.
      2. 8 March 2014 09: 49
        Quote: sledgehammer102
        To whom will we surrender Crimea later?

        There is a suspicion that those who, since 1993, regularly “have” peoples and nationalities inhabiting the former 1/6 of the land.
  2. delfinN
    delfinN 8 March 2014 06: 13
    As the saying goes: "For lack of a cook" they have a "cook".
    1. Aryan
      Aryan 8 March 2014 11: 04
      let them then take an example from Piggy and Stepashka
      who sued their puppeteers
      who when they go to the toilet do not take them off their hands laughing
    2. The comment was deleted.
  3. MolGro
    MolGro 8 March 2014 06: 30
    what kind of education and personnel !!
  4. VengefulRat
    VengefulRat 8 March 2014 06: 39
    Yes, let Obama be elected for another term. Maybe he’ll ruin Yusu laughing
  5. platitsyn70
    platitsyn70 8 March 2014 06: 40
    soon the usa is waiting for the same thing that they are doing around the world, the color revolution and it will not take long to wait.
  6. VADEL
    VADEL 8 March 2014 06: 51
    Is it any wonder that under such a president the foreign policy machine of the United States moves with a creak and increasingly flies into scandalous pits, giving a lot occasions for laughter.

    It’s time for Snowden to talk. We laugh heartily. laughing
  7. v53993
    v53993 8 March 2014 07: 17
    Diplomats in the United States engaged in the profane

    ... and monkeys from yellow hot Africa, its central part.
  8. mig29mks
    mig29mks 8 March 2014 07: 19
    A petition has appeared on the White House website today, which protests against US anti-Russian propaganda during the development of the situation in Ukraine, as well as against the support of the coup in Kiev and their illegal, provocative policy of repression. In protest, petitioners are asked to declare themselves non grata persons in the United States. Do not pass by!

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  9. v53993
    v53993 8 March 2014 07: 24
    Diplomats in the United States engaged in the profane

    This is for us they are ignoramuses, but for America they go like crazy, because of the general stupidity.
  10. serge
    serge 8 March 2014 08: 01
    The US has actually already destroyed international law. God went over to the side of the big battalions, as Napoleon used to say, ditching his battalions in Russia. Or as Comrade Stalin used to say: "Pope - how many divisions does he have?"
  11. 8 March 2014 08: 15
    +1 Слова приписываемые Петру I:
    “If you please, declare at the congress in Polat all the ministers who come to conzily, so that they write down all the matters about which they advise, and each minister would sign with his own hand, that it’s necessary, it’s necessary that they didn’t define any business at all, because by then any stupidity will be revealed ”
  12. Voennyi
    Voennyi 8 March 2014 08: 22
    I would like to think that things are different in our Foreign Ministry. At least, the highest professionalism of Sergey Lavrov inspires hope for this.
  13. Voennyi
    Voennyi 8 March 2014 08: 31
    I turn to the moderator - maybe you should adjust the work with commercial sites that choose, in particular, a certain Klitschko as a model. It's about advertising Power Balance bracelets. I understand perfectly well, business is business. But, as they say, a good show is more expensive than money. I'm talking about the reputation of our Military Review.
  14. Karabin
    Karabin 8 March 2014 09: 45
    Of course, Obama is not the first to reward loyal supporters with ambassadorial status in calm and pleasant countries.

    Here it is appropriate to recall the domestic practice of appointing ambassadors. Mr. Zurabov famously ran the embassy in Ukraine.
    You can laugh as much as you like at stupid Americans and admire Lavrov's wisdom, but you have to ask yourself sometimes the question - "Why can stupid ones organize" Springs "and" Maidans ", and smart ones get a fire around the border.
  15. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 8 March 2014 09: 52
    Their diplomacy on aircraft carriers is coming!
  16. mountain
    mountain 8 March 2014 09: 56
    And Nah .. they have diplomacy, they have a printing press. How much is needed and will be printed, diplomacy.
  17. major071
    major071 8 March 2014 10: 01
    When in politics you are a complete zero
    You have a penny of education
    Or maybe he just "inserted" alcohol
    When you "not childishly" burn on cameras!
    Having bought a position and completely "forgotten" the brains
    On the warm armchairs wipe the ass
    Continuous nonsense, go.
    Who think of themselves as "superman"!
  18. loginovich
    loginovich 8 March 2014 10: 36
    It is evident that democracy is the best system for those who have money.
    1. serge
      serge 8 March 2014 10: 53
      Democracy is the rule of democrats. They also have money. And democracy in ancient Greece is not what people think about now. In Athens, a narrow circle of descendants of the founding fathers of Athens voted, several hundred people (in fact, oligarchs in the current sense), who voted for the entire city. From this point of view, the current "democracy" does not differ one iota from the ancient Greek one.
  19. Turkir
    Turkir 8 March 2014 11: 07
    The article absolutely correctly reflects the situation. I would call it a catastrophic situation not only for America, but also for other countries. In a word, the political establishment of the leading countries of Europe has come people who do not have not only the appropriate education, but also a minimum political foresight for their actions. In the pursuit of momentary, seeming wins, any political perspective is lost. On the example of Ukraine, there is a complete destruction of the mechanism of international law and, if you like, political morality. The most tragic thing is that, for the sake of the interests of international corporations, even the national interests of their own country are endangered. This is especially clearly seen in countries such as France and Poland. The list goes on ..
    The political establishment consists not only of poorly educated people, it consists of the proteges of trans-corporations, some middle-class managers who give distorted information to senior officials in the interests of their masters. This is clearly seen in Mr. Obama.
  20. Pushkar
    Pushkar 8 March 2014 11: 13
    You can, of course, laugh at the US diplomats, but we also have such "professionals". Suffice it to recall the Russian Ambassador to Ukraine, Mr. Zurabov.
  21. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 8 March 2014 11: 18
    from the Don.
    Tell me who your diplomat is, and I’ll tell you who you are!
  22. Riperbahn
    Riperbahn 8 March 2014 11: 59
    We do not need smart people in government posts in America :) De Bill is enough :))))
  23. Max otto
    Max otto 8 March 2014 13: 55
    Yes, after the arrival of Snowden, something often went to the plum of information from that side of the front.
  24. Mainbeam
    Mainbeam 8 March 2014 19: 36
    I never paid attention to it. And now I read it, and I was just in shock. I watched the TV series House of Cards (2013) with Kevin Spacey. I thought it was joke. And it turns out, a plausibly described situation. I don't know whether to be happy or upset. A monkey with a grenade is safer.