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"There is a danger of provocations." The deputy of the Crimean parliament told about the atmosphere in which the historic decision was made to reunite with Russia

"There is a danger of provocations." The deputy of the Crimean parliament told about the atmosphere in which the historic decision was made to reunite with Russia“We have been working on these issues for more than one day and not one week ... The decision to hold the referendum was made standing up - that is, the atmosphere was so joyful,” said Crimean Supreme Council deputy Valery Kosarev to the newspaper VZGLYAD. So he commented historical Parliament decision on joining Russia.

The Supreme Council of Crimea on Thursday adopted a decision of principle on joining Russia as a subject. This decision has yet to be approved in a referendum, which the authorities of the autonomy appointed for March 16.

According to the newspaper VIEW, after the Supreme Council meeting, one of the deputies came to the people gathered in front of the building and announced the decision: “First - the decision was made to join the Russian Federation as a subject of the Russian Federation, second, the referendum will be held on March 16”. People met these words chanting "Russia!". Currently, on the square in front of the building of the Supreme Council, several thousand people have gathered, holding in their hands the flags of Russia and Crimea.

Valery Kosarev, member of the Presidium of the Supreme Council, told the newspaper VIEW of why the deputies decided to hurry up with the referendum.

VIEW: Valery Evgenievich, in what situation, on what emotional background was the decision about the referendum made?

Valery Kosarev: The situation is alarming since ever, when the SBU buildings, the regional executive committee’s buildings, began to be set on fire, when a portrait of Bandera appeared in the central square instead of Taras Shevchenko’s portrait. When they began to oppress the Russian-speaking population. Therefore, we decided to hold a referendum and decide how to proceed.

The session was attended by 86 deputies. Of these, 78 fully supported our decision to enter the March 16 referendum, as well as the issues that will stand on it. The decision to hold a referendum was made standing up — that is, the atmosphere was so joyful.

VIEW: Who prepared the wording of the questions?

VC.: The questions were prepared by the deputies themselves, our legal service, as well as public organizations. The questions have been prepared, they are verified for compliance with the Constitution of the ARC and the Constitution of Ukraine, which spelled out the right of citizens to vote.

VIEW: Were other options discussed?

VC.: Not. We have already worked on these issues for more than one day and one week.

VIEW: Eight deputies did not support the decision. How did they argue their refusal?

VC.: I do not know why they voted against. It was important for me to make this decision, and we made it. For us, the most important thing was the number 78.

VIEW: Deputies from the number of Crimean Tatars were at the meeting? As far as we know, most Tatars oppose the referendum ...

VC.: I did not see at the session whether there were representatives of the Crimean Tatars there. I do not know where such data comes from, which most do not support. Who gives them? There is an ambiguous opinion among the Crimean Tatars. Their head covers the point of view of the Mejlis, but even in the Mejlis itself, opinions on this issue are divided. There are other Tatar organizations that are for. They disagree with the Majlis and will support the referendum. As far as I know, they will perform on Friday. I even know specific people who are going to appear in the press in support of the referendum tomorrow.

VIEW: Where were the “armed people from the forces of self-defense” who, as is known, took protection of the parliament even February 27 during the voting?

VC.: As we just do not show, and at the barrels of machine guns ... No self-defense forces! They left the building of the Supreme Council of Crimea long ago. Long! We work in normal mode. Today, the Armed Forces are guarded by police units - five to six people, as has always been the case, and also by the Crimean Berkut. Berkutovtsev I did not consider. Today there is a danger of provocations; earlier, as you know, attempts were made to seize the building.

VIEW: Why did you decide to move the referendum from 30 to March 16?

VC.: The Kiev authorities today declare that they do not recognize any referendum. Attempts are being made to disrupt the referendum, we fear provocations, exacerbating the situation. A delay in holding a referendum will simply lead to its breakdown. Since they now call it illegal, then what to talk about? The population of the Crimea has long been determined where to go.

VIEW: As the First Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Rustam Temirgaliyev promised, if the Crimeans do not support the decision of the Supreme Council, the parliamentarians will resign. Will you also pass the mandate?

VC.: This is illogical. We will work as we did. We are a legitimate authority. But we are sure that the population will vote for. We did not conduct such surveys, but we know the aspirations of the Crimean people. It did not happen today and is not even connected with Maidan. Independence only spurred these processes. If he hadn’t spurred, the referendum would have passed in a year, in two. But historical justice would still triumph.

VIEW: Perhaps Kiev will still try to disrupt the vote. Who now controls the border with Ukraine? Is it self-defense or border guards?

VC.: I think there are those and others. No Bandera there. The forces of self-defense, wherever they stand today, their goal is only one — that the Right Sector representatives and extremists do not come here today, so that we are not created provocations here, do not create Maidans and squabbles. To prevent this, there are self-defense forces.
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  1. Rusik.S
    Rusik.S 8 March 2014 06: 15
    A look at Ukraine from Lithuania.

    the text is not mine! but the numbers and pitch are very interesting. I recommend to read.

    A letter to an orange friend Yesterday I bought a bottle of Ukrainian vodka in a store and drank a glass in silence, without clinking glasses. Sorry for her, Ukraine. Who would have guessed 23 years ago that everything would turn out this way ... In principle, after the division of the Union, the Ukrainians broke off one of the best pieces of the Russian Empire. What an enviable industry ... ... the extension went to her ... from the Antonov aircraft plant and four nuclear power plants to the Crimean wineries. And another 25% of the world's black soil, the best agriculture of the USSR, coal, oil, metals, a powerful military-industrial complex, 1400 (!) Kilometers of the Black Sea coast, ports, roads, resorts, universities, research institutes, 50 million active and educated people ... Not Kyrgyzstan, damn it! Ukraine has historically been the most inhabited and developed part of the empire. As stated in the famous film, "and the forge, and the granary, and the health resort." For a thousand years, all possible and impossible invaders rolled on its tidy lands: Mongol-Tatars, Turks, Poles, Lithuanians, Prussians, French, Austrians, even the Swedish king climbed to fight in Poltava (where Sweden, and where - Poltava). The ideological inspirer of the current Maidan-Banderaites - Hitler, when it came to Ukraine, they say, the feces in his tongue and voluptuously groaned: "I-ah, I-ah, das east fantastic! .." In short, when 23 years ago the Ukrainians broke off The USSR was the best part (including the donated Crimea), all the peoples of the former empire thought with black envy: “That’s the luck of the Khokhlov, it’s so lucky!” And now, attention: the annual GDP of present-day Ukraine per capita is $ 3860. For comparison: the poor of Albania - $ 4000. Neighboring poor Poland and Russia overtake Ukraine by GDP almost FOUR TIMES - $ 13 and $ 300, respectively. Latvians dying and scattering from their land have a soul of $ 15. And now the most annoying thing for Ukrainians: Belarusians neighbors (whom Ukrainians consider shermal and Svidomo “stupid scoops”) - 000. Two times more. What a bummer! You are not, you are not? 14 years ago, during the “orange revolution”, the hit of the season was the song of the Ukrainian rap group “Grinjola”: “We are rich at once, we are not enough” (“Together we are many , we cannot be defeated ”). On Maidan, she was sung 900 times.
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  3. Rusik.S
    Rusik.S 8 March 2014 06: 16
    In ecstasy, people went in, knocked their heads on the ground, he saw it. The key words in that song were: "we are not, we are not." Brave claim. I would like evidence. Some facts ... At least a clear answer to the sacramental question: if you are so smart, then why so poor? It is poorer than Albania and TWO poorer than the “stupid Soviet” Belarus. Or maybe you should finally doubt it? Assume for a moment that perhaps you are - and still -? But what if? Any version is useful to consider from both sides. Let me put it on my fingers. 10 years ago you were protesting against “unfair elections”. Say, Yanukovych, who then "podolil" you, - rigged the results. We arranged a big all-Ukrainian disco, sang and danced on our Maidan for a month. As a result, the re-election and the victory of the pimple Yushchenko and the “woman with a scythe”. And only five years later you sent your longed-for Yushchenko (for whom they sang and danced a month in the cold) to forever send to the garbage can. I apologize to ask: what? What did it become? And then you elected Yanukovych as the president of the same “ransacked” one (already without fraud, under the supervision of world experts), and the song “we - not, we - not” got a fresh sense. Catch it? In 2004, you yelled that "you are not" - and you chose Yushchenko, and in 2010 - you returned back to Yanukovych. That is, they thought carefully, everyone weighed ... and admitted that you did ... Rzhunimagu! Brown Maidan Three months ago, your president Yanukovych preferred Russian 15 billion and a 30 percent discount on gas to the free "association agreement" with the geyropa. In my practical opinion - well done! He skillfully powdered the brains of the gay people, while meanwhile he was actively bargaining with Putin. And yet, he spread the fisted Uncle Pu into specific babos! Romanian-Bulgarian-Greeks, who are many times richer than Ukraine, would have carried such a Yanukovych out of his hands on a Moscow plane. The golden toilet was presented for life use. Ten toilets! And you, Ukrainian “not - not-”, began to burn tires in the city center. Eh, you haven’t taken a sip of European grief. February 23, I frayed on Skype with my army friend Mishka (lives in Lviv), drank a glass for the Soviet army. We talked about Russian gas ... I showed him in my Skype camera my bill for water-heating in January (211 euros). He did not believe. He said that his pension as lieutenant colonel of the Ukrainian army is one and a half times less. But our apartments are the same. By the way, where will you take the loot now - will they repair Kiev? After all, the city was littered, no worse than the Nazi invaders
  4. Rusik.S
    Rusik.S 8 March 2014 06: 17
    grow, but your "euromaidan" is the highest manifestation of idiocy. If it had not ended with 80 corpses, I would now ride with laughter. By the way, I specifically warned about future corpses in early December: “In the light spectrum, orange is next to red. A little shift the wavelength - and go. " Displaced, and off. Yanukovych is a thief! The main argument of the current Maydans (who are not quite fascists) is this: Yanukovych is a thief, and his circle is a gang. I will not argue with this for sure. Of course - a thief. Yanukovych - a thief since childhood, his first criminal record was 17 years old for robbery as part of a gang, he received a colony for three years, he was in prison. All of Ukraine knew this, but he was chosen anyway. Have a laugh Why? And it always happens when “orange” moods arise in a country with songs and dances. When people begin to vote for those who scream the loudest at the microphone in front of the crowd, the most inveterate bastards and clowns enter the stage. And others cannot appear there IN PRINCIPLE! You can imagine that a reasonable economist and manager would appear on the Maidan stage and begin to read out a serious program to lead the country out of the crisis (in an hour, say, 3-4). Who would begin to listen to him between the howls of Ruslana’s pop singing girls and the rap songs “We Are Rich At Once”? On Maidan we need slogans short and moronic: “Choose me, choose me - the bird of tomorrow's happiness. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! ”After the song Maidan, the peoples ALWAYS choose the most senseless and mean rulers -“ wrestlers ”like Yushchenko. Well, then, if the next Maidan does not happen, “strong business executives”, that is, thieves, enter the stage. However, orange wrestlers are also thieves, although not as skilled as those who replace them. We in Latvia took place 23 years ago. And still we are passing through. Yanukovych is a killer! The second argument of the Ukrainian comrades who are in the street: "Yanukovych gave orders to mutilate and kill" peaceful demonstrators. " But with this I am ready to argue. Well, think for yourself who in all this Euro-Maidan history was least interested in blood? If you drop the assumption that Yanukovych is with suicidal tendencies (and he is clearly not, and very cheerful person), then it is clear that the blood on the streets, even minimal - this is his inevitable death. And he understood this, for months holding unarmed policemen under a hail of stones and fire. And who specifically gave inadequate orders to “wet the children”, where did the snipers come from? That you will never know. The same question: who killed Kennedy? 23 years ago, blood was shed in Riga and Vilnius. The investigation is still ongoing. In all the song Maidan - from Riga and Vilnius to Syria with Ukraine - snipers always appear that unleash the massacre. And they are never found. The only thing that a reasonable public can do in this case is to make assumptions about who benefits from it. Take a pie from a shelf. Turn on the brain and think about it. How did the Maidan begin? With the refusal of Yanukovych to sign the "European integration". Who all these three months stoked Maidan moods and yet brought the Ukrainian people to bloody madness? Malicious Putin? Australian aborigines? Martians? No matter how!
  5. Rusik.S
    Rusik.S 8 March 2014 06: 17
    And everyone crawled out onto the Maidan stage between revolutionary songs and yelled something meaningless, but incendiary (incendiary), such as "We are with you! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! ”And the more idiotic the foreign person and her slogans were, the more Maidan diverged. Even the main nerd and loser of the past decade arrived - the ex-president of Georgia Saakashvili, a man who has corrupted a third of his own country, who has ruined a bunch of people, a man whose name the Georgian people will curse for centuries. And this tie eater was released onto the stage, and Maidan applauded him. Brothers Ukrainians, do you want the fate of his country? But the most vile sight, for me personally, was when the old toad, US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, was distributing pies to the Maidan. And the maidan these pies were snatched from her hands and bowed. The state is on the brink of default, the people are on the brink of civil war, and it brought American pies. Not money, not help, not advice on how to save the country, but - pies! Feed the dumb and thankful. Glory to Ukraine, glory to the heroes, here’s a pie for you! I would give her these pies in ... (crossed out) threw in the face. Sorry for the non-parliamentary expressions. Boys, you are divorced as children. Do you think that you yourself arranged your maidan? Naive children! This they gave you a maidan, the second in 10 years. Your Yanukovych tried not to follow the instructions of the Washington and Brussels regional committees - and he was punished with a bloody Maidan. As before, Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc. were punished. In the same scenario, one to one. And in this performance you are not heroes (to whom "glory!"), But a dancer and cannon fodder. For the pie. Bandera-style democracy What is going on now ... oh, too much! There is no government, there is no police, there is no money in the treasury and nowhere to take, in the country - the Makhnovsky Gulyai-Pole in half with Bandera's lawlessness, Crimea has already raised the Russian flag, blood has already spilled ... And your Council is happily adopting a law banning the Russian language. At the moment there was no more urgent question? About tse garno, about tse - "state thinking" of the Ukrainian people! Glory to Ukraine! Last night, on the Maidan, they approved a new government - from the stage, to the music. Complete surrealism - Gogol, "Taras Bulba", Zaporozhye Sich ... What is the millennium in the yard? Pinch me, I'm sleeping ... By the way, what are you always yelling “Glory to Ukraine!”? At a minimum, this is immodest. It sounds something like how I would go out into the street and start yelling: "Glory to ME!" These are other peoples, looking at you, should exclaim with delight "Glory to Ukraine!" And now other peoples, looking at you, whisper with horror: "n ... c Ukraine." Boys, you maydate every 10 years - and Somalia will overtake you in terms of GDP. And although I feel sorry for my close people (by blood - a quarter), but in this case I still think that you should drown this cup to the bottom. With bankruptcy, with the complete collapse of the economy, with the collapse of the country, with hundreds of thousands of economic refugees, with humanitarian alms from wealthy neighbors ... In short, with everything that should happen after a big popular madness.
  6. Ivan.
    Ivan. 8 March 2014 06: 18
    Everything is logical and logical! Crimea will be reunited with us soon! + I also hope for at least 8 regions of the southeast.
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 8 March 2014 06: 58
      Quote: Ivan.
      Crimea will reunite with us soon

      The northern borders of Crimea are heavily guarded by the Russian military, with them, with a full ammunition load of the Crimean "Berkut" and the self-defense militia, there is information that the Kiev "Berkut", which escaped in several groups from Kiev and switched to side of the Crimea. All crossings and driveways are blocked.

      And here are the latest posts:

      Ukrainian troops on Friday evening, March 7, reported the assault on the A-2355 military unit in the Yukharina beam near Sevastopol, Interfax-Ukraine agency reports.

      According to the assistant on-duty unit, unidentified KamAZ army men broke through the gates of the military unit, captured the nearby house and break through to the command post.

      The source of Interfax-Ukraine did not specify the number of attackers, but noted that they were the Russian military. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine told that about 20 people were storming the command post of the Crimea tactical group of the Air Force of Ukraine. Among the attackers are the so-called Cossacks, as well as local radicals with bats who throw stun grenades.

      On the territory of the unit are about 100 Ukrainian military. The personnel of the military unit barricaded themselves in one of the barracks, and the commander and political commander of the unit, who are trying to enter into negotiations, went to the attackers.


      Our guys are working in good faith, just like a hero, 20 people drove a hundred to the barracks. With such men, we civilian elderly are no longer afraid to sleep peacefully.
      1. KOH
        KOH 8 March 2014 07: 26
        This is the "militia", you are wrong ...
        1. Sasha1979
          Sasha1979 8 March 2014 10: 13
          Such a "volunteer corps", with SVD and on "Tigers" :)) Let's drink to the military industry of Crimea
    2. Sasha1979
      Sasha1979 8 March 2014 10: 10
      God grant. These territories have always been Russian.
  7. smith7
    smith7 8 March 2014 06: 20
    The text inspires hope for a good outcome for the entire campaign to reunite Crimea with Russia. The brain of the local leadership works in an orderly manner, thoughts are constructive, the presentation is consistent. And I have a hope for a pleasant vacation in Crimea this summer ... :-) In general, "we'll see" how well things will go!
  8. KOH
    KOH 8 March 2014 06: 22
    KEEP !!!
  9. platitsyn70
    platitsyn70 8 March 2014 06: 35
    Crimea with us, we with Crimea, our Crimea
  10. silver169
    silver169 8 March 2014 07: 07
    Hold on to Crimeans! Russian Australia with you!
    1. tundra
      tundra 8 March 2014 11: 45
      Wow, and in Australia, the soul hurts for the Crimea. fellow good
  11. The comment was deleted.
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  13. novobranets
    novobranets 8 March 2014 09: 44
    Here is an example of a competent, purposeful and timely policy. Southeast there is someone to take an example ... If not too late.
  14. konvalval
    konvalval 8 March 2014 09: 49
    Who would doubt that there will be provocations. But as we say: "Don't fall for provocations." I think smart people are worried about it.
    1. novobranets
      novobranets 8 March 2014 10: 10
      Quote: konvalval
      Who would doubt that provocations would be

      This is not even a question. Banderland will take all measures, mobilize all baseness, so that, if you do not disrupt the referendum, then shit where possible.
  15. tundra
    tundra 8 March 2014 11: 46
    Yes, they would have taken it and dug up the digging point.