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The honest story of euro Maydanovtsa about money, murder and window dressing Maidan

The honest story of euro Maydanovtsa about money, murder and window dressing Maidan

Look news about evromaydane.

Who do you empathize with? Heroes? Songs about euroMaydan - almost hits of the season. Soon, with the support of one of the oligarch politicians, more than 10 volumes of poems about Euro Maidan will be published. This is called the romanticization of the image.

Vladimir, whom I contacted with the help of a familiar psychologist, does not fit into the media format. Speaking the language of show business, it is unformat. He does not look like a patriot from a television screen who defends freedom to the end.

Vladimir's clothes are not decorated with a swastika. While we were going to the place of the interview, he never said “Glory to Ukraine!”, And during the conversation I didn’t hear from him the word “twin”. Vladimir 25 years, he is a builder from the Lviv region (for security reasons, they ask not to mention the city of residence of the hero and the meeting place. - R. B.). He does not play in the game.

A new acquaintance takes me to one of the occupied offices in the center of Kiev. With a few fellow countrymen, he lodges in one of the offices. We enter the meeting room.

Now here sit such as Vladimir. For some, they are heroes, for others - the hated Bandera. My acquaintance does not take offense at the “Bandera’s”, but does not consider himself a hero either.

It’s hard for me to name Vladimir EuroMaidanovts: the image that imposes television, and specifically this person is incomparable.
The conversation turned out somewhat ragged. Vladimir always tried to say something important. Often spoke out of place. Sometimes it was difficult to perceive what he said.

I did not specifically do the literary editing of the text of our conversation.

The main idea of ​​my interlocutor: EuroMaydan is not a fairy tale, and there was little romance there.

“Toby Nichim Not Help”

- How long is it on EuroMaydan?

- Більше трыох місяців. Ale vzhe hour dodomu.

- Why?

- Yakscho nіde not writing, you do not get any ntoє. Ti nihto.

- Tobto vi - nihto?

- You can say so.

- And yak tse - "nіhto"?

- Tobi Nichym do not help. We are frightened - you know the sponsor of Kyiv, who bought armor. Win not giving money on screenshots (for the gracious contributions - R. B.), from yak people throw. Bo vzhe people dіznalis, just pennies in the duzu great rozmіrah disappear.
Pіdіyshov vіn to us. “Cotton, what can I do?” I know that the money is lost. ” Mi porahuvali scho us require nineteen bronіzhilжtіv. Vin is especially dermal in giving his hands.

The cooks in the kitchens in the armor walk, and the boys from the front in Grushevskogo they were not Mali. Smіshno ...
If “Freedom” was given by the KMDA, the stars knit two hundred thousand bronyzhil. So why stink them there trimal?

- Mozhe, two armor vest?

- Close dvokh tisyach! Htsy from our early walking Pitati, yomu seemed, just a little. And the stinks there are boules. So itself, yak і in trade unions (at Budinka
profspilok. - R. B.): After a fire, they climbed there, in the pits of the boules, there are bursts.

- Vie vidovіdali for yakus dіlyanku defend?

“There are six of us, then mi, how to explain to you correctly ... they took one barricade, and that trimal baricade. Baricade of the entrance to Dinamo, yak it to the “Cohane Bridge”.

- Did they live there?

- We slept in tents bіlya profspіlok. Already on our barikad buli patzani іz Zaporizhzhya, a couple of cholovіk іz 29-ї sotnі.

- Was the barricade behind you shut up?

- We knew on Grushevsky Vzhe, that we should go, and they let us pass without any passes.

"Do not try, bo mav stand"

- At EuroMaydan є єєrarhіya?

- I think, just ... And one more: in front of the 18 number (fierce. - R. B.), yak assault on Grushevsky, here for ten years before the Right Sector
vіdіyshov for the baricade.

- And the stars are right, the very Right Sector?

- We knew the foremen, they walked, screamin ', in the face.

- Vіdіyshov dozen-two, more?

- more. Znimali before the assault. I can see bulo, depriving a lot of people for five killers before the assault.

- What do you say are violated?

- Mi there Mali stand. At the time of the assault, there were five of us. From my memory, just one from 29, hundreds of muzhik zi own zhinkoy. Happiness, scho ta zhinka knew the plan vidhodu.

- Zvidki?

- Htos iy explaining the earlier. What is the essence of it: yak sided under the Lyalkovy Theater, there was a group on the mountains, and we were small like a prikrivat. And won in the course was not there, there already is storming. Sobі sidіli, with dchatki stupidly laughed. Yakbi mi they were not spoiled, menti bi were surrounded, that is one hundred percent. In short, the hour is ahead.

- І stink awake prikrivat?

- Ta de - then everything was fine!

- you beat?

- Particularly less. Misha from Odessa, then made friends with him, having received better from the armored personnel carrier. Youmu foot zatisnulo. From the tick of the neck (rose up in the windows,
4 marina. - R. B.) by soiling walking bіlsh-Mensh. Well, in less than that this was not so.
“Self defense? Bidlo

“Self defense? Bidlo

- You can't be seen.

- Rachers ...

- Is it better?

- That is from tim, schock stink all afraid - from і, іz self-defense! For whom did they break their eyes, as it were?

- Wee enter before yakois hundreds?

- I signed up with a hundred hundred devyat before New Rock. Ale there dobgo not a bouve.

- Why?

- On Novy Rik Dodomu poihav. And if you turn around, you no longer want to write a note. Nayshov svoih i lived at once. Zaraz one іz our senior nibi want to make organizatsiyu. Schob could give us badges, passes.

- And what do badge badges come up with?

- Varaz vzhe nі in chomu. If yak baricadi were standing, then you couldn’t go anywhere. Navi on Grushevskogo without badge will not enter.

- Is there anything wrong with that? Napriklad, goat "Molotov cocktails"?

- It’s awesome, screaming.

- Tobto before storming gootualis?

- So, ale is not a bit too scaled, on another day, after storming, if people died and brought gasoline. On choolovka here Chotiri, on Mali.

- Were thrown "cocktails"?

- So. Todi, if they stinked us, they broke through the barricade і went to us. І vr the number entered.

- Have you heard?

- Immediately say: ni.

- Mіlіtsіonerіv not regret?

- There, the simple boys were not sensible - bigli seryozhniki biki.

- True, scho paid for the cocktails?

- I didn't feel like that. It is possible to say something like that on the Grushevskogo boule simple people, like. And we could pay ...

- Do self-defense people “just” have a self-defense to EuroMaidan?

- Є five common normals: 2, 4, 8, 29, and 31. Stinks did know, for scho stand.

- And all?

“Well, I don’t know all the others, ale there, take, sho ... Bidlo.” Ponapihu on yourself bron_zhilєtіv lest not two, knives, pilots. Ale if yde do dila, vіn tіkaє z sim vim. Why then is everything wrong with you?

- Named you five hundred stood up to kintsya?

- So. It is possible to say that the stink was stung the most. Wee marveled up the list? De there є s "Right Sector" xtos? Simple people!

“Provokatori is just people”

- We fussed, just an hour before that.

- So, at home, not everything is finished. According to the Interviews Deputies, we fought more than once, nizh mi.

- Do you stay here?

- So, on Novobudov trokh dalі Lvova. At one time I can pratsyuvati. Hloptsі rozumnіnnyam put, scho I in Kiev.

- Skіlki you koshtualo live in Kiev?

- I didn’t bite a penny about it. And then mother passed on, brother. Cigarettes troshki lіpshі already bought. There were worn cigarettes, ale not zavzhdi possible bulo get on normal.

- Alcohol boove?

- Well, so ... They drank beer, I will not brehat. That and scho, not bachili, sco punny paw? Kanshno, sco Bulo.

- P'yanі on euroMaydan - tse provokatori, "tіtushki."

- Provokatori - that simple people, scho nіde not recorded. Bulo take, sco i yshov at "Billou" (on european square. - rb.). Taking two beers doesn’t take them to the supermarket. I came that self-defense, surrounded me and let it go, because I am a provocateur: “How are you? .. We’ll get you on campuses over the top in trade unions!”.

I turned back at the supermarket, called my own, and all the time they rested in the same way. The guards helped us to the store. Kazali, scho self-defense, waved: simple kiyan could not buy alcohol.

- Do you have any barricades for you Parubіy, інші deputies?

- Chi bouve htos tv? Nі, nіkogo not bulo ...

- Parubiy rozcharuvav?

- I think it was a long time ago, that it was dead. Parubov especially said zi scenes, just my own people not to let me go. Todi nascho that self-defense stilled? The screenshots (for sacrifices - R. B.) they have to stand on the Maidan, it’s just a cap ...

- Storming pam'yataєte?

- Є failures.

- Wee became svіdkami vbivst?

- So. Bachiv, like a peasant, got a head with a grenade b_lya mene ... So it became, just a grenade for the cap of a yoma fell ...

- Vid you far?

- Three metry. Here so.
“I have violated my problem”

- For standing like EuroMaydan?

- I do not know for the whole Maidan.

- In and?

- I was standing, bo katuvali me in the mіlіtsі. Just something you need vzhe.


- Hotly attributed, wanting that day vazali did not matter in the city.

“With your year, have your guts brought?”

- Not brought.

- Ninі Ukraine zmіnilyasya?

- Well, if you want to be afraid now, take it. It seems that we do not have to go to the forms of my mіlіtsі already.

- In principle, your problem vi viril?

- Well, like this. Viddav use, scho mіg.

- On EuroMaydan dovryaly polik?

- They didn’t go to those meetings. I can say no more for myself. Mi did not like all the rumors. Ніяких компромісів ...
“I didn’t fight into melee, knocked the knife”

- Wee entered into melee bіy?

- Bouw bіz z tіtushkami.

- If? De?

- Godina syoma wound, if it came out of Budynok trade union. Mi, six, went to sleep at the Mihailivsky Cathedral. Our tents were bіlya profspіlok, tezh zgorili. We are around the corner, stow tovpov people, cholovіk hundred, in takіy formsі, yak ours. Literally cholovіk twenty pіdbіglo. In hand-to-hand, I did not fight, knocked the knife.

- Knife?

- So. Mav nіzh іz him.

- Wee kogos hurt?

- So, one hundred percent.

- People fell?

- Zlapalas for breasts, and the other shouted duzhe. I do not know ... Rasht was afraid of it. Mi waited tikati. Chuli, scho shutter dyornuv.

- And fear?

“I’m not thinking about that.”

- Did you control yourself?

- I do not know vzagali ... It was terrible not to ...

- Instinct self-preservation?

- So, it seems more like that. On another day, as long as it’s okay to sleep, try thinking, yak ti vzagali tudi pishov. And that is not my taka dumka. They all ate: "Yak mi yshli?". I zranku buv in shotsі, yak I tudi pishov ... I do not know, damn it…

"People hold power"

- Nini vi schos ochikute?

- That I check. Zaraz Nashi to post in Boryspil. It seems to Ale that this will be okay little by little.

- Who is EuroMaydan?

- Not final, more know for directors of firms, factories, de not to pay wages.

- І?

- The first time to ask, another time not to ask.

- Tse on Lvivschiny?

- Ні, in Kyiv and Kyiv region.

- If you turn, can you plan such a deal?

- Let's live. Odnodumtsi Yakscho, hocha bi group of ten cholovіk. Less ripathis not a mask.

- Wi rosumite, is it illegal?

- So.

- Ale all one plan?

- So. And yak: people are just pratsyuє, and ї й not worth paying?

- Tobto turn Ukraine to EuroMaydanivs'ko not be?

- Do not be.

- People vzymut own power?

- I think so scho. Ale, I think, the Maidan will stand a lot to the president’s choices.

"Vova Beard at forty forty thousand»

- For whom the vote?

- And I think, I did not pіzali. In the first place, I will not vspitnu passport zrobiti, bo vіn zgoriv at the hall.

- Do you hate Yanukovich?

- Navit nіkoli for nothing without thinking ... That the second for Julia Tezh. Kohl Tymoshenko has come to Maidan, people were not allowed in. And then, self-defense vstihsnala all, zrobila corridor. People do not want to be here. It is like this: I came to the carriages, and after two days I walk !? I don’t know, I nakvat ... Chi stench grats on people’s patronage, I’m sorry ...

- We are national?

- Hey, I don’t, shchu duzu until rasi primahuvatsya.

- Ale "moskalyaku on gіlylyaku", Mabuchi, sp_vali?

- Bulo. Ale simple Russians for us ... І just one more thing about Grushevsky. Before storming such a senior Vova Beard. We thought that they were just ordinary people, but they said nothing about cash, money, money, or money.

- Bagato?

- Forty times a thousand.

- In your barikad Vitezh zbirali Kosti?

- Once they put a screen on a cigarette, they came to self-defense and averted self-defense, but I never recorded it.

- Tobto on zbirannya pennies by the monopoly?

“So, the requirement is right. ... І Otsy Beard, a yaky Vіk z groshima, they told the boys, znayshov. Koli priykhali to new dodoma, chogos in new buli Mentovsk shumov grenades. De vіn їх taking?

- To tell about the moment of hiring for EuroMaydan in an hour.

- Todi, if a sniper firing, and people fell. It’s not that it seems that I’m not wrapped up on the sides.

- Wee bigli chi vіdsiduuvalisya at the crib?

- Hi, prikrivavshis pіd shield. Helmet, armor, shield ... І htos shouting is not wrapping and just go forward. I’ve already lost sight of everything: turning around, and having fallen, I’m falling, I’m screaming ... Vzhe troda trokhi was scary. Ale's all right is not thinking about death. Well, I am so zrozumiv, scho boys ti, scho fell, so thought. And then "opa", і є ...

- Wee zdivuvalis, if zalisilis live?

- Ta vsі in shotsi boules! H leather groups, hto ti yshov, boules posstrazhdal і, and we have з one quietly six cholovіk.

“Whoever was better, that bolshee Maw groszy”

- For yakuyh minds you turn on EuroMaydan?

- I’m sure you can do that. Standing, sitting, living - it is necessary.

- Yak we put up to the heroes of EuroMaydan - Chernovol, Bulatova?

- For Chernovol nichy not Chuv. And for Bulatov Bagato Chog Chuv. I know men in automaidan. Well you pomil normal. What are the scars?
Computer buying for common penny sobі. Jinja 20 thousand Euros.

- Tobto?

- No, no, mba, take back the pennies that were transmitted from Europe. І vіn so gravely, nibi quiet pennies not brav. Ale ti goshі dіysno yomu passed on - that's all they know.

- Show off Bulo Bagato?

- It's worse than bagato. Leather day. Scho vid "Right Sector", scho vid self-defense. The very bashful window-dressing robed "Right Sector". It is possible to say so: hto yourself pіariv, that bіlshe і pennies mav. Bo prilіtav from America, our countryman і on the tablet znyav (I asked DIaspor), yak zanіs in the "Right Sector" 4 400 dolar. And on another day before us, at the barikadi, knowledge comes, as the eldest of the Right Sector. Shown that video. Win kazhe: "It was not such a pittance." An American to speak, just like that to him this time passing. ІTogzh not bulo quiet pennies. So I know for one, especially for one.

- You Skoda, scho іnshі nazhilsya, and v three mіsyatsі spent perk?

- I am for those not thinking. Yakscho demanding - call, transmit.

"Bi bi sratsі"

- Do you think if you are called Bandera, if it seems to be so, so, yak, do you not want to talk?

- Before your head you can’t brave. Ale deyakі kiyani come і it seems, just yakbi not vi, banderіvtsі, mi bi boules dali sratsі. It seems that they didn’t think so badly, they don’t follow the rules of the people, ale wish the inadequate people of the country passed through the city.

- Heavenly hundred?

- Simple people. From my knowledge of 14 cholovik ... Bulo th, just like a man having stood for three years with us - I am a peasant ...

- Skіlki you rock?

- 25.

- Farther you vidovoryuvali vіd EuroMaydanu?

- They never said anything. Well, dad is mute, and mom ... Tata's brother called her most, worrying a lot ...

"Yak is alive, so I will live."

- Chi is fearful, how is it possible to bring vidovіdati at a time? For zahoplennya budіvel napriklad.

- Bulo take. Thinking for those who want to come have come more girsha. I do not care if they are, if it is, when they are, standing. Infection for those not thinking.

She herself was more worried about those that weren’t like, they didn’t play. Yak yti dodomu, and there, I think, less vzhe chekala minіtsіya.

- Bridges bedrooms.

- So. Bagato such історій: priyhav dodomu, and vzhe you are joking. Lviv may have such knowledge.

- What is the best plan?

“I think it’s not me who hasn’t done better.” Yaki Bouve, taki i lost. Yak is alive, so I will live.

- Khiba people do not zmіnyutsya, if on їїї ахах іншій людині ідриває head?

- Coming to a psychologist, speaking in our place. Glad to talk about those who are bach.

- Do you think you are a hero of Euro Maidan?

- Nі, navіt not zdaєtsya, schobi schos take bulo.

- And what is your uniform form?

- Zniav, more vzho should go. Not much consumption Ti, to contaminate, pozuyut z bron_zhilанtami, swords, lanchakam, what are there only small numbers of infectious ...

- Wee put to them with a despise?

- So, I do not like such people ... Alone: ​​our elders like to go on stage and tell the truth. Ale yak tіlki soot talk - immediately disappearing sound i shouted, just provokatori. I'm in shots, yak stinks in three scenes, they didn’t take it.

- Vi vіdіshli vіd experienced a pid hour to storm?

- Ta ni, decals ti pictures appear.

- Zhahi withdraw?

- Bulo. Meni rozkazuvali, scho I at night shouting, yak slept. She's not me, Zhenya is there. You can not rozbrati scho shouting. Click here when clicked ...

- And what about the advancement of the offensive, and not the year?

- That I will stay. Vzhe stіlki bouv, then quietly a couple of days ... And on the other tijden just follow.

PS The hero of the article allowed to publish his photos, knowing full well that by exposing Euro Maidan, he puts his life at risk. In the event of danger and danger to the life of the hero of the article, the editor of The Kiev Times will take appropriate measures.

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  1. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 8 March 2014 05: 50
    And I missed something, Russian, too, already with us ... of that? Was there yesterday? And the boy got along ...
    1. Smirnov Vadim
      Smirnov Vadim 8 March 2014 05: 54
      Interviews from the Ukrainian site. Translation below the Ukrainian text is.
      1. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg 8 March 2014 14: 07
        Quote: Vadim Smirnov
        Interviews from the Ukrainian site. Translation below the Ukrainian text is.

        As expected. Someone has to do all the work for homosexual combat. He’ll do a kid, and he’ll come home at kitchman. There everyone will remember him, they will not look under whose roof he is.
  2. mnbv199
    mnbv199 8 March 2014 06: 09
    Information war

    I would like to share with the participants of our forum ideas about participation in a true "Information War" in Ukraine.
    Each of us can find on the Internet for ourselves 2 sites with Ukrainian forums, which discuss the political situation in Ukraine. In these forums, every day, you need to post your comments about the danger that threatens Ukraine. You can also show all the disadvantages of the policy pursued by the Kiev junta, which staged a coup.
    Whoever has the time, you can argue with opponents and try to prove your point. For those who have little time, it will be enough to post truthful videos, photos, links to articles on these forums that confirm your correctness in this matter. Also on these forums, you can post copies of the comments of the participants in our forum indicating the address of our site ( Let your messages in one visit to the Ukrainian forum will be few, but you need to write about it every day.
    The policy pursued by Kiev is based on lies spread by the Ukrainian media. Media lies are the weakest link in the management of the Ukrainian state. If we all make an effort to knock this link out of Ukraine’s administration, then we have a chance, if not to win, then at least entice most people to our side.
    From the media, we see that eastern Ukraine is fighting for its rights, but the central and western parts of Ukraine have not yet realized their danger. Therefore, we should wage an "information war" on the forums of these parts of Ukraine.
    This call for an "information war" can be extended to other Russian forums as well. I think that many patriots of our Motherland will support this idea.
    I would also like to contact the administration of our site. What if you create a separate blog "Information War", which will be constantly in the news feed. In this blog, we are forum members, we will exchange links to videos, photos, articles, websites, etc. necessary for us to conduct this "war".

    A lot of words in the world,
    Like snowflakes in winter.
    But take, for example, these:
    The word "I" and the word "We."
    "I" in the world is lonely,
    In the "I" is not very much good.
    One or one
    It’s hard to cope with trouble.
    The word “We” is stronger than “I”.
    We are a family and we are friends.
    We are a people, and we are one.
    Together we are invincible!

    Signature: mnbv 199
    2014 year
  3. sergey32
    sergey32 8 March 2014 06: 30
    Maid meat.
  4. VADEL
    VADEL 8 March 2014 06: 58
    In the first half of the article, the "roof" was not blown away. How do they talk to them? laughing
    1. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov 8 March 2014 09: 18
      And you read the story of the emergence of this, with the permission to say Mova, and everything will be clear. Therefore, the crazy Farion is furious. She is a linguist by training, and now that she would be hysterical about the correctness, beauty and primordiality of Mova. And since all this is a lie and she understands this, then all this will turn her on even more. Soon she will bite herself by the tail smile
      1. m262
        m262 8 March 2014 20: 02
        As for the language, I’m Belarusian and I understand everything perfectly, it’s not the language, it’s the people, yes, the authorities got them (Yanukovych is far from an angel and it’s not for nothing that the Ukrainians themselves say “they called the wrong country Honduras” - I heard from them myself) , the guy didn't go with them. I don’t want to offend anyone, but my mother-in-law says: “the head of the crest cooks before dinner, after dinner he doesn’t cook” somehow.
        Let's be honest, Ukrainians are Ukraine PROSALA Both themselves, and those grandmothers who knocked on barrels for 200 hryvnias, and those builders from under Lviv who sit idle in the winter and go crazy from idleness, now let them blame yourself ...
  5. demel2
    demel2 8 March 2014 08: 08
    The article is nothing new, as I thought simple stupid village guys. And they muddle and earn loot completely different. Cannon meat. IMHO
    1. vlad0
      vlad0 8 March 2014 08: 48
      The worst thing is that this "cannon fodder", especially not versed in anything and brainwashed, will be thrown in orderly rows on the forehead at our troops.
      And then - the consequences of such attacks will be twisted around the world.
  6. Des10
    Des10 8 March 2014 08: 42
    Different people on the Maidan ... Normal conversation with a person. But, as he noted, it steers all the PS and its roof.
  7. konvalval
    konvalval 8 March 2014 10: 00
    I would like to say: "So you are stupid .. you need it." You need to think with your head before doing something. Well, maybe you will grow wiser.
  8. laptev2014
    laptev2014 8 March 2014 10: 19
    I propose to replace the word BARDAK in Russian with the word-MAIDAN.
  9. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 8 March 2014 11: 09
    from the Don.
    Banderlog degenerates drove on dissatisfaction with corruption, raiding, declining living standards of ordinary people! People live in hope! Such simple people hoped for joining Geyropa, with active brainwashing, but then a bummer. But nothing has changed, it will become even worse, unfortunately .
    And Mova as Mova! What is not clear, the meaning will understand!
  10. RUSS
    RUSS 8 March 2014 13: 43
    It would not hurt the author to translate his article into Russian.
  11. calocha
    calocha 8 March 2014 14: 54
    Thumb to the top .. Such already seen in the videos about Syria. Information war ...
  12. tupolev-95
    tupolev-95 8 March 2014 15: 34
    Indistinct sheep bleating. What they themselves didn’t know, they ruined the country to live on all evil spirits and bleated, we didn’t want that. And what did you want?