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How does the “Right Sector” react to a criminal case against Yarosh?

The situation in Ukraine does not go in the front pages of world publications. Both the political and the economic situation on Ukrainian territory are vigorously debated. As reported by "PressOrg" in the section Ukraine News, in the "Right Sector" today there is an active discussion of the information that the Russian Federation declared the head of "PS" Dmitry Yarosh internationally wanted after the establishment of a criminal case.
Russia declared Yarosh in the international search and opened a criminal case against him after an appeal appeared on an official PS page on one of the social networks, in which Yarosh appeals to Doku Umarov to start a new wave of terrorist war against Russia. After some time, representatives of the “Right Sector” of Ukraine stated that the appeal was not posted by them, but by some provocateurs who hacked the organization’s page. Whatever it was, but immediately after the news of the appeal of Ukrainian radical nationalists to the militant Umarov, Ramzan Kadyrov intervened. He posted his comment on the social network. The head of Chechnya noted that if Yarosh so wants, then he can himself go after Umarov. Kadyrov has once again declared that Umarov is no longer alive.
Information that Umarov is dead is not confirmed by the Russian special services, but there is at least one fact that emphasizes the truthfulness of Kadyrov's words. This fact is related to the fact that for several months already, Doku Umarov has not appeared on any of the videos, although as early as 2012-2013, this was his favorite method of making statements about himself and his actions. If Umarov is not on the "tape", then it is likely that he is not alive.
The Right Sector responded to reports that Yarosh Russia was wanted. The representative of the "PS" Andrei Tarasenko made a statement in which he noted that the criminal case initiated against Yarosh would not affect the "fight". According to Tarasenko, the “Right Sector” will not wind up due to the criminal case against Yarosh. At the same time, PS announced that there is an information war against it, and that the organization is not at all radical, as they try to present it. If someone believed such tales of “sektoravtsev”, then the naivety of these people has no limits. The “non-radical” organization with Molotov cocktails, special training bases, having in its leadership people with a terrorist past is an interesting excuse.
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  1. operator35
    operator35 6 March 2014 11: 47
    It seems to me that if there is open pressure on the civilian population of the eastern and southern regions, then "people without identification marks" will quickly stick flags on their sleeves and go to crush all this Nazi bastard !! here the faithful sons of the "right sector", for the sake of saving their own skin, will hand over their leader ... we know these brave guys !!
  2. Gagarin
    Gagarin 6 March 2014 12: 57
    Too much attention to these Yarosh, we ourselves PR this trash.
    Its time to just LOSE.
    1. Just
      Just 6 March 2014 13: 09
      It cannot be lost. They are doing the right thing - now let the West try to shelter a Nazi after this bubble of the next "popular" revolution bursts. Very soon, Ukrainians will elect a pro-Russian candidate, Aksyonov, as president of Ukraine. And when he, with the support of the country's population, begins to crush these snakes, the creatures will scatter around the world. This is the case for an international wanted list.
      Every bastard should know - now Russia will ask anyone who dares to spoil her.
  3. Leshka
    Leshka 6 March 2014 13: 09
    I sent a group of pearmen in our place and felled him
    1. kirieeleyson
      kirieeleyson 6 March 2014 13: 12
      We need this creature alive. There will be a show trial.
  4. gavr002
    gavr002 6 March 2014 15: 03
    Quote: kirieeleyson
    We need this creature alive. There will be a show trial.

    right and all who came to power with his help will also go to trial
  5. Astral
    Astral 6 March 2014 21: 38
    It is necessary to declare the "Right Sector" as terrorists and, on a full legal basis, to start an anti-terrorist campaign on the territory of Ukraine.
  6. zzz
    zzz 6 March 2014 21: 45
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