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Automatic gun Beretta 93R

At one time, the Beretta 92 pistol became so widespread that the creators of this weapons - Fabbrica Dʻarmi Pietro Beretta SpA - decided to continue the family tradition and developed numerous variations of one model. For example, in 1973, an automatic model with the ability to fire bursts saw the light. The new pistol was given the designation Beretta 93R (index 93 stands for 9 - 9 mm caliber, 3 - model by count; R - Raffica from the Italian gun line).

This weapon rather belongs to the category "assault gun". The Beretta 93R is designed to be worn and used as a regular 9 mm autoloading pistol. If the target is located outside or beyond the normal range for a pistol, but in a difficult position to defeat, the shooter can fold the front grip (hinged on the trigger guard) and hold the pistol with both hands. This position is much more stable, since the hands, with the front handle, are at a distance sufficient to control the weapon. When firing bursts using both handles, and if the shooter has time, it was recommended to attach a folding detachable butt, allowing you to more accurately aim with the emphasis in the shoulder.

For greater stability during fire bursts on the muzzle of the barrel placed a compensator reactive action, acting as a flame arrester.

Compared with the original model - the Beretta 92 - the new pistol received a reinforced frame and a heavier bolt, but the automatic and locking systems of the barrel remained. In general, there were no other significant differences.

Automatic pistol works due to the short stroke of the barrel. Coupling the bolt and the barrel when fired by a swinging larva located under the barrel. The fire mode switch and fuse were on the same axis and located on the left side of the frame. In this case, the safety lever is directed back and the translator of fire modes - forward. The mechanism for controlling the modes of fire is located under the right cheek of the pistol grip.

For greater stability during automatic fire, this model was equipped with a small folding butt and a special handle installed in front of the trigger guard.

Specifications Beretta 93R as follows. The mass of weapons was 1,17 kg. Overall length - 240 mm, while the barrel length was 156 mm. The strike system is represented by single-action USM. This model is adapted to the cartridge caliber 9х19 mm Luger. The shop is designed to accommodate 20 cartridges. The maximum firing speed is 1100 rounds per minute in bursts of 3 rounds. The theoretical rate of fire was 1100 rounds per minute in bursts of three rounds. The gun was equipped with a removable metal butt and folding front handle. 93R allows you to fire single or 3 shot bursts.

Beretta 93R was designed for carabinieros and police special units. The gun provided maximum fire power at ultra low and short ranges. The gun was adopted by the elite Italian units of NOCS and Carabineri GIS. However, at the same time, a whole pleiad of competing submachine guns was created which only had a lower cost and weight (for example, Steyr TMP, Micro-UZI and HK MP5K) but were not inferior in firepower. This was the main reason for removing 93R from production.

Large firepower, long sighting line, the capacity of the store, the best controllability with automatic fire with the ability to produce short lines, for special forces to combat terrorists is more important than a compact pistol. Despite the cessation of production of these weapons in a small amount is still available in the special divisions of Italy. As a result, the Beretta 93R was another unsuccessful attempt to combine a mass of short-barreled personal weapons and small dimensions with the firepower of submachine guns. In addition, there are other disadvantages. For example, single-action trigger does not ensure the safe carrying of a weapon in full combat readiness without the safety catch turned on.

However, the sophisticated manual fuse skills of the shooter compensated for gun control, since this gun was intended primarily for well-trained professionals. Another drawback was the large size and weight of the weapon, even when compared with the full-sized large-sized 92 series. To the advantages, in addition to the effectiveness of shooting and firepower, it should be noted safety in handling weapons, high shooting accuracy, low recoil force, minimal toss when fired, good controllability, high quality workmanship and long service life.

Automatic gun Beretta 93R

Performance characteristics of the Beretta 93R:
Caliber - 9 × 19 mm.
Used cartridge - 9x19 Parabellum.
The length is 240 mm.
The width is 37 mm.
Height - 170 mm.
Barrel length - 156 mm (including the length of the compensator).
The initial speed of the bullet - 375 m / s.
Weight with equipped cartridges 15 - 1120 g.
Weight with equipped cartridges 20 - 1170 g.
Magazine capacity - 20 cartridges.
Firing modes - single / queue of three shots.
Aim range - 50 m.
The sight is open.
Folded stock length in the folded state - 195 mm.
The length of the folding butt in the unfolded state - 368 mm.
Stock weight - 270 g.
The rate of fire - 1100 shots per minute.
Magazine capacity - 15 (20) cartridges.

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  1. La-5
    La-5 6 March 2014 08: 14
    Great and very beautiful gun. That was Leon.
    1. Vadim-61
      Vadim-61 6 March 2014 08: 42
      if you recall the cinematic fate of this trunk, then he flashed in the movie "Loner".
      1. the47th
        the47th 6 March 2014 09: 38
        But what about Robocop ?!
        1. Mister X
          Mister X 6 March 2014 13: 28
          Quote: the47th
          But what about Robocop ?!

          RoboCop had a customized model: Beretta 93R "Auto 9"
          The same modification appeared in the films Sin City (2005) and City Hunter (1993)

          Here is a partial list of films where the "base" model participated: Beretta 93R
          Elysium / Elysium: Paradise Not on Earth (2013)
          New Kids Nitro / New Nitro Boys (2011)
          The Tourist / Tourist (2010)
          Knight and Day / 2010
          Resident Evil: Afterlife / Resident Evil 4: Life After Death (2010)
          Mesrine: Public Enemy Number 1 / Enemy of the State No.1: Legend (2008)
          District B13 / Thirteenth District (2004)
          San Antonio / Professionals (2004)
          36th Precinct / Embankment Quay, 36 (2004)
          The Art of War / 2001
          3000 Miles to Graceland / 3000 miles to Graceland (2001)
          Bedazzled / Blinded by Desires (2000)
          The Big Hit / Big deal (1998)
          Who am i? / Who am I? (Xnumx)
          Ronin / Ronin (1998)
          Half a Chance / One Chance for Two (1998)
          Dobermann / Doberman (1997)
          Broken Arrow / Broken Arrow (1996)
          Bulletproof / Bulletproof (1996)
          Desperado / Desperate (1995)
          Virtuosity / Virtuosity (1995)
          Natural Born Killers / Natural Born Killers (1994)
          Police Story 3: Supercop / Police Story 3: Super Police (1992)
          La Femme Nikita / Her Name was Nikita (1990)
          The Loner (Le Solitaire) / Single (1987)
          Dog Day (Canicule) / Heat (Roundup) (1984)
          The Outsider (Le Marginal) / Outlaw (1983)
          Never Say Never Again / 1983
          1. Massik
            Massik 6 March 2014 19: 40
            Forgot "Ultraviolet")))
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 6 March 2014 08: 21
    The car is beautiful, it looks spectacular. But, like APS, it's just a tribute to time and fashion. Owning is nice, and the submachine gun will be better and more effective for performing equivalent tasks.
  3. avt
    avt 6 March 2014 09: 06
    Quote: inkass_98
    The car is beautiful, it looks spectacular. But, like APS, just a tribute to time and fashion

    The same case when excess is harmful.
  4. Vasia kruger
    Vasia kruger 6 March 2014 09: 39
    Thank you for the article! Charismatic gun.
  5. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 6 March 2014 10: 40
    Quote: Vasia Kruger
    Thank you for the article! Charismatic gun

    Charismatic, but nothing more. He never received distribution, and, in principle, was suitable only to pierce the show-offs ...
    However, in this he is completely similar to other so-called. "assault pistols". In the automatic fire mode, they are inferior to the PP in efficiency and ease of handling, and the overweight, somewhat complicated design and large dimensions prevent it from being used as a conventional pistol ...
    The same applies to our famous APS ... Its popularity is primarily due to the fact that the troops did not (and still do not) have a full-fledged army pistol. PM, you understand, does not pull (we did not have a PM in those years, and even now there are not many of them), and the APS, which surpassed it in many points of performance characteristics, looked just like a "super-machine" ... And again, charisma, prestige ... Therefore, the happy owner of the APS put up with his weight, dimensions and dimensions of a wooden holster, if only he had a powerful enough personal weapon ...
    And the article is excellent ... Thank you ...
    1. Timeout
      Timeout 6 March 2014 11: 37
      Quote: Chicot 1
      put up with his weight, dimensions

      Already more than once, repeated and still repeat! The size and weight of army pistols from almost every kilogram or more, the same with length.
      Quote: Chicot 1
      He never received distribution, and, in principle, was suitable only to pierce the show-offs ...

      93R was quite widespread among Italian specialists and carabinieri, as well as in some Arab countries, but it is not a priori suitable for civilians. And now many people buy it for show-offs because of the price tag!
      1. Massik
        Massik 6 March 2014 17: 20
        All the same, the APS handle is more convenient, not a brick like 93p, a cut-off of 3 is a very controversial moment, for 15-50m it is certainly more convenient, but at point-blank you may not have time to pull the trigger a second time ...
      2. Chicot 1
        Chicot 1 6 March 2014 21: 56
        Quote: Timeout
        The size and weight of army pistols from almost every kilogram or more, the same with length

        It was about APS and its comparison with PM. You, or read carefully or do not take phrases out of context ...
        Quote: Timeout
        93R was quite widespread among Italian specialists and carabinieri, as well as in some Arab countries

        In any case, its prevalence cannot be compared (and will not even get into the dust) with the self-loading model "92" (if we take into account only one "Beretta") ...
  6. Aristocrat
    Aristocrat 6 March 2014 10: 48
    Very highly specialized weapon. Despite the fact that he will undoubtedly yield in effectiveness to submachine guns, he has the right to life. He has his own niche. Ideal as a weapon of self-defense for a sniper, machine gunner, etc. PP - of course, it will cope better with this task, but do not forget about the mass of weapons and dimensions ... It is a pity that Russian legislation prohibits the purchase of weapons to citizens. I would prefer this model. Or Glock-18 (also automatic). Although ... civilians would be allowed an automatic pistol ...
  7. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 6 March 2014 10: 51
    Oh, when the whole 'world' can buy such things, we can only dream. crying BUT FOR SELF-DEFENSE, A GOSH18 OR GLOCK18C laughing
  8. bazilio
    bazilio 6 March 2014 11: 34
    Like it or not, it’s a very pretty trunk, the appearance is solid.
    And the functionality has already been said a lot
  9. allexx83
    allexx83 6 March 2014 22: 16
    "Bagpipe" is of course "niche". An open carry pistol with the ability to shoot in bursts. Handsome, no doubt. I would not mind, no doubt))))
  10. Pass
    Pass 9 March 2014 14: 31
    The weapon is undeniably very brutal and charismatic. I doubt that in modern conditions such a rudimentary submachine gun can be useful in practice, but brutality and beautiful design are a fact. Already salivating ran.