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Unique pistol


Gun "Unic" or "Unic" non-automatic four-barrel pocket (Unique Palm Pistol). The gun was produced at the end of 19 at the beginning of the 20 century (according to some information, from 1901 to 1915 a year) by the American company Shattuck Arms Co located in Hatfield Massachusetts (Hatfield, Massachusetts).

It produced several thousand pistols.

Shooting is conducted alternately from four trunks, when you press the shutter release button.

Unique pistol

For the implementation of the shot, you must press the bottom of the base of the pistol grip. The serial number on Unique guns (Unique) was usually applied on the inner surface of the barrel unit and the gun frame, sometimes on the barrel block latch.

Each time the trigger was pressed, a rotation (rotation by 90 degrees) of the hammer occurred. The striker’s striker, after turning, standing in front of the cartridge's cap, strikes it.

Barrels for reloading went down on a hinge in a vertical plane, after which you can remove the liner and equip the pistol with the following four cartridges.

The surface of the trunks is smooth, without rifling. The body of the gun has an original design, appearance weapons does not look like ordinary pistols.

The frame of the gun was usually made of brass or steel, and covered with nickel-plated coating. The frame covers are fastened to the base with screws.

Pistols were usually made under the caliber 0.22 and 0.32 cartridges. In the literature there is information that a very small number of pistols were issued for 0.25 and 0.30 caliber cartridges.

If we compare the designs of 0.22 pistols and 0.32 caliber pistols, we see that they differ not only in the sizes of the frames and blocks of the barrels, but also in the shape of the upper part of the frame and the design of the latches.

The marking is usually applied on the left cap of the pistol frame in the form of three lines of text “UNIQUE CS SHATTUCK ARMS CO. HATFIELD, MASS. "

On some pistols on the left side of the barrel there is an INVISIBLE DEFENDER (Invisible Protector) marking text.

This gun "Unique" (Unique Palm Pistol) has a different design latch trunks.
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  1. Vadim-61
    Vadim-61 6 March 2014 08: 34
    Handsome, as for me)
  2. avt
    avt 6 March 2014 09: 05
    good Great article! I haven’t heard of this “lighter.” A specific weapon, not even a Derringer. Rather, for specialists - liquidators. Like, “Do you want to light a fire?
  3. Kapitan Oleg
    Kapitan Oleg 6 March 2014 09: 10
    Cool machine, but useless. I would say just a dangerous toy.
    1. Mister X
      Mister X 6 March 2014 15: 11
      Quote: Kapitan Oleg
      Cool machine, but useless. I would say just a dangerous toy.

      I wouldn’t wear such a thing in my trouser pocket wink
      And in a hurry, you won’t understand how to grab it and where the shot will be fired from.

      What a "complex" trigger she has

  4. Vasia kruger
    Vasia kruger 6 March 2014 09: 35
    Cool little thing)))
  5. bazilio
    bazilio 6 March 2014 11: 40
    Interesting article. Somewhere I saw such a "lighter" attached to a glove.
    The only tactical niche for this product is concealed carry + "last chance" weapon for spies
  6. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 6 March 2014 12: 39
    Cuff gun. That is, such an American version of the Chinese "knife for wide sleeves." This is for cuffing a coat or a wide bell mouth with an elastic band. A very popular thing was during the Prohibition and the police of large cities, which were entirely supported by mafia syndicates. Not bad and like brass knuckles ... in general, now it would be very useful there. In adjacent topics ...
  7. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 6 March 2014 14: 45
    Yes, I forgot to mention. You see in one photo - a hole in the trigger lever? For stretching to urban conditions, it also works great. Pomegranate and plows heavily, and carries everything around, and then quietly, cleanly and efficiently.
    1. Vadim-61
      Vadim-61 6 March 2014 15: 03
      this is the "barrel block latch".
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. kav669
    kav669 6 March 2014 17: 17
    interesting lighter.
  9. allexx83
    allexx83 6 March 2014 22: 07
    Simple, but tasteful. I like it.