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American Biolabs and Ukraine Today

American Biolabs and Ukraine TodayUkraine has a lot of power. And if in the southeast, power retains its basic attributes as a whole, in the west it is captured by Bandera elements. There today, as Chairman Mao said, “a rifle gives rise to power”. Actually, already gave birth. In Kiev, power is shared by a boxer, a lecturer, a Baptist pastor and other equally exotic figures. The leadership of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Maidan approved the TV presenter. The "post-revolutionary" Ukrainian state is learning to manage the cook, and this is not funny - it is dangerous. The lack of control of the forces released by the coup in Kiev, created a direct threat to the population of Ukraine, and where this threat may not be waiting for ...

Ukraine - in the recent past, an industrialized country with a high population density - is especially vulnerable when exposed to the damaging factors of a man-made nature that may arise when the respective industries are destroyed under the influence of terrorist attacks. In this case, the terrorists play the role of a trigger. Everything can happen even much simpler, the case may not reach the act of terrorism. If chaos continues, in a situation where the "treasury is empty," one step before employees of hazardous industries under conditions of non-payment of wages began to dismantle and remove cables and parts of critical components or began to trade, for example, radioactive isotopes. Such cases in the post-Soviet stories are known.

Of particular concern is the growing biological threat under these conditions.

In addition to the actual Ukrainian scientific and technical structures that were at the most advanced positions in the field of studies of pathogens of especially dangerous infections (OOI) during the Soviet era, the Americans deployed 11 (eleven!) Biological laboratories conducting highly dangerous biological organisms on the territory of Ukraine! The question is: for what?

“According to the information in the press,” writes the author of the article “Why does the Pentagon need a biological laboratory in Kazakhstan?” Dmitry Popov, “from the former Soviet republics, their collections of causative agents of dangerous diseases in exchange for American assistance were transferred to the United States, ignoring the concerns of Moscow, Ukraine , Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan ... In general, over several decades, the United States has formed an extensive network of dual-use laboratories in various parts of the world ... In the post-Soviet space, large laboratories are open Americans in Ukraine and Georgia. "

The Internet contains extensive information about the activities of the US Department of Defense in Ukraine in matters related to the biological weapons (see: articles "American modernization of Ukrainian biological laboratories: disarmament, corruption, hack-work"; "American modernization of Ukrainian laboratories-2: consolidation and liquidation"; "Modernization of Ukrainian biological laboratories in the" New American Century "".

As it was noted in the report “Restoring American Defense: Strategy, Troops and Means for the New American Century” published in the USA in September 2000, in the XXI century “new methods of aggression will be distributed - electronic, non-lethal, biological ... fighting, probably will go into new dimensions - into space, cyberspace, and maybe into the world of microorganisms ... ”, and“ ... advanced types of biological weapons that can affect a particular genotype can translate biological weapons from the sphere of terror into Part of useful political tool. "

So we must not allow the forces that have prepared and committed a coup in Ukraine, losing control over the country, be tempted to use biological weapons as "useful political tools."

Under the conditions of the “national revolution”, such a threat is not at all abstract. In the scientific research institutes of Lvov, Kiev, Simferopol and Odessa there were kept and stored unique collections of strains of pathogens of especially dangerous infections (OOI), collected over the last 70 — 80 years. In Lviv Research Institute of Epidemiology and Hygiene work the best professionals in this field.

Today the question is highly relevant: what (or who) will be able to prevent armed militants of the same “Right Sector” from taking control over the said scientific research institute and getting OOI there both for “their own use” and “for export”!

Under these conditions, it is natural to expect that Moscow will make an official request to the US authorities on biological laboratories in Ukraine, demanding an answer on the merits, and at the same time officially declare the personal responsibility of representatives of the Ukrainian “revolutionary” government for the protection of biological laboratories. It seems that in the case of Lvov, an urgent evacuation of biomaterials, specialists and equipment is necessary. American "klopovniki" on the territory of Ukraine should be eliminated.
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  1. lelikas
    lelikas 4 March 2014 11: 25
    SchA, they will start shaking the ghouls in the UN with white test tubes.
  2. Energy
    Energy 4 March 2014 11: 31
    What is not a reason to start a military operation? Saddam and Bashar covered the same topic)))
  3. Neophyte
    Neophyte 4 March 2014 11: 46
    The author is right, in Ukraine there really is anthropogenic and biological
    threat. Recently, there was an article about Ukrainian nuclear power plants - just tin! Our Foreign Ministry and the media
    urgently need to provide western countries with hazard information
    repetition of Chernobyl. This must be done quickly, Ukraine is plunging into chaos.
  4. Horn
    Horn 4 March 2014 11: 50
    Quote: lelikas
    SchA, they will start shaking the ghouls in the UN with white test tubes.

    - So we need to "shake the test tube"! And conduct a peacekeeping operation to protect the WHOLE world community from the aggressive plans of the Nazis to start a biological war.
  5. valokordin
    valokordin 4 March 2014 11: 55
    That's right, it’s time for our Foreign Ministry at the UN to raise a biological threat from the United States in the territory of neighboring states, to deliver an ultimatum primarily to Nazarbayev, Yanukovych and Gryzun.
  6. host
    host 4 March 2014 13: 04
    The problem is very important and very dangerous for all countries of Europe and it is necessary to shout about it from all stands and the media!
  7. konvalval
    konvalval 4 March 2014 13: 41
    We still lacked this at our borders. It really needs to be taken under control. Like the United States in Iraq. Shake with a test tube, blame Yarosh and Sashka beaten and both hang.
  8. 120352
    120352 4 March 2014 13: 42
    It seems to me, gentlemen, that the West will provide Ukraine with assistance of 3 billion not in pure money, but, as they have accepted, with its illiquid goods, in particular GMOs. After all, in Ukraine, crop failure! All on the Maidan. There is no one to plant and clean. There are more important things to do: we must fight the Russian language. So they will soon exhaust the Little Brothers with their pesticides to the Ukrainian land. those. RUSSIAN grab yourself.
  9. Gagarin
    Gagarin 4 March 2014 14: 42
    A very possible scenario, especially for cover, during the flight of revolutionaries.
  10. kare
    kare 4 March 2014 16: 47
    A bit late. They have control. Imagine that you managed to break their neck relatively quickly. Among them, among the jerks, they must have brought up kamikaze. They should take several reactors hostage. And then dictate the terms. How many nuclear power plants are there in Ukraine?
  11. Cristall
    Cristall 4 March 2014 19: 42
    Quote: kare
    After all, in Ukraine, crop failure! All on the Maidan. There is no one to plant and clean.

    fields near Odessa (Ovidiopolskaya road) are plowed. Sure from the Kiev side, too.
    Farmers on the Maidan did not stand. Although it may in the western part - but the nurse is Volyn + Poltava, well, our grains and vegetables will be as always.
  12. voliador
    voliador 4 March 2014 21: 08
    I read that all the shit that is exported from Syria will go straight to Ukraine.
  13. Fobos-grunt
    Fobos-grunt 4 March 2014 22: 07
    In the border areas with Ukraine, the suspicious activity of diseases of agricultural plants and animals has never been seen before African swine fever, potato cancer. Undermining the economy will be comparable to the accident in Chernobyl