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Dutch company Damen will build 12 patrol boats for the Venezuelan Navy

Dutch company Damen will build 12 patrol boats for the Venezuelan Navy

The Dutch company “Damen Shipyards Group” (Damen Shipyards Group) will supply the NNVX 12 new patrol boats to the Venezuelan Navy.

According to Infodifensa, the agreement worth 220 million euros provides for the supply of 6 boats of the Stan Patrol 4207 class and 6 boats of the Stan Patrol 5009 class boats.

The ships will be used to patrol the country's exclusive economic zone in the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean.

According to the agency, the Venezuelan Ministry of Defense commissioned the Navy to purchase 6 patrol boats of the Stan Patrol 4207 class and related support services with a total cost of 94,82 million euros, and 6 patrol boats of the Stan Patrol 5009 class worth 126,11 million euros.

The shipyard where ships will be built is not called. It is most likely that it will be carried out by the Damen Shipyard division - DAMEX Shipbuilding and Engineering in Santiago de Cuba (Cuba).

The Cuban company is already fulfilling the order of the Venezuelan Navy to supply four Damen Sten Lander 5612 class multi-purpose transport vessels, as well as supplying spare parts for 7 patrol boats built for the Navy of Venezuela by the UCOCAR national naval shipyard (Unidad Coordinadora de los Servicios de Carenado de la Armada) in Puerto Cabello.

As TSAMTO had previously reported, the draft law on the budget of Venezuela for 2014 for the year included the construction of new Damen Sten Pat Patrol 4207 and Damen Sten Patrol 5009 class patrol ships in Cuba with a total value of 1,8 billion bolivars.
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  1. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 4 March 2014 10: 07
    "Mosquito fleet" is always needed: for patrolling near the coast, to block drug traffic, etc.
  2. Apollo
    Apollo 4 March 2014 10: 10
    citation-The Dutch company Damen Shipyards Group will deliver new patrol boats to the Venezuelan 12 Navy.

    About the company and products.

    quote-According to Infodifens, an agreement valued at 220 million euros provides for the supply of 6 boats of the “Wall Patrol” class 4207"And 6 Wall Patrol class boats 5009».

    These boats.

  3. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 4 March 2014 11: 57
    Well, thank God, at least a normal military topic without Ukraine ...
    So the Navy of Venezuela:
    The number is 18300 people (including 7800 in the Marine Corps, 1000 in the Coast Guard, 500 in the Naval Aviation and 4000 military servicemen)
    Shipboard: 2 diesel-electric submarines of the German project 209

    An order was planned for 9 submarines of project 636/677, now we are talking about 5 submarines of project 636, which is actually xs.
    6 frigates of the Italian Lupo project, built in 1980-1982, displacement of 2986 tons, 8 missile launchers "Otomat Mk.2", missile launcher Sea Sparrow / Aspide SAM, 1-127-mm missile launcher "Oto-Melara", 2 40-mm missile launcher "Dardo", 2 three-pipe TA, helicopter PLO AB-212ASW;

    4 corvettes of the Guaiquerí class of Venezuelan construction, built in 2011-2012, built according to the Spanish project Avante 2200. Displacement: 2419 tons. Armament: 1 76-mm AU "Oto-Melara", 1 35-mm AU "Oerlikon", 2 12,7-mm machine guns, there is a hangar for a helicopter. The Venezuelan government is currently negotiating the construction of four additional patrol ships.

    4 patrol ships of type BVL-project Avante 1400, similar to the ships of the project Guaiquerí 2010-2102 built.
    3 RCA project "Vosper 37m." / Class "Federación" 1975, British construction. Displacement 170 tons, 2 anti-ship missiles "Otomat", 40-mm AU "Bofors" 2 12,7-mm machine guns;
    3 AKA project "Vosper 37m." / Class "Constitución" 1975, English construction. odd displacement 170 tons, 76 mm AU "OTO-Melara" 2 12,7 mm machine guns;
    12 US-built Gavión patrol boats
    4 American-built Point Point patrol boats handed over by the US government;
    4 large landing ships of the LST / Capana class 1984, built in South Korea, repaired in Cuba

    1 Ciudad Bolívar supply ship
    1 Punta Brava oceanographic vessel
    1 Bricbarc / Simón Bolívar sailing training ship
    Air Force Navy:
    3 patrol aircraft CASA C-212-200
    4 transport aircraft CASA C-212-400
    2 light transport aircraft Beechcraft Super King Air, used as training;
    10 anti-submarine helicopters AB-212ASW, based on Lupo-class frigates;
    6 Mi-17-B5;
    2 light American Bell 206;
    In 212, 2012 Chinese anti-submarine Harbin Z-8 helicopters (a Chinese copy of the French Eurocopter AS.9SA Panther) were purchased to replace the AB-565ASW. Helicopter delivery expected in 2015
    The Marine Corps includes a division consisting of 2 brigades, a special forces brigade and a river border brigade. Armament: 11 American amphibious armored personnel carriers AAV-7 38 Brazilian armored personnel carriers Engesa EE-11 "Urutú", 12 Italian 105-mm BG OTO Melara M56, 18 French 120-mm mortars Thomson-Brandt MO-120-RT, 12 Swedish MANPADS RBS- 70
    There are also 2 Bal-E missile systems (8PU)
    1. Saburo
      Saburo 4 March 2014 22: 42
      Roman, have you ever thought of writing such reviews as separate articles? I just see that you do it regularly in the comments ... It seems to fit into the site format.
  4. Dmitry Zurn
    Dmitry Zurn 4 March 2014 18: 04
    Unfortunately, the domestic political situation in Venezuela has become very complicated, there are demonstrations against the current government, people are unhappy with inflation and isolation, which continues from the United States. Therefore, the future of the Venezuelan contracts and, in general, Latin American socialism is a big question. Venezuela, the main sponsor of socialism in Latin America, in addition, the Chinese take a large share in the country's oil production, all this spurs the United States to action, which we are witnessing. As much as you and I would not like, but the United States, unfortunately, remains the only superpower, and we will have to live and fight somehow. Good luck to us gentlemen.