A flying AT Black Knight Transformer helicopter appeared

A modern inhabitant of large megacities, who are often forced to stand in many hours of traffic jams, could have had the idea of ​​building a flying SUV that could climb into the sky, and then return to the house automatically, having made a soft landing in the parking lot at home. A beautiful dream that can become a reality. It can be implemented in the United States, however, the main target audience of such vehicles are not ordinary citizens, but the military. The helicopter-truck was named AT Black Knight Transformer, the ground tests of the novelty ended in December of last year, and at the beginning of 2014, it will have to make its first test flights.

AT Black Knight Transformer is a flying cargo platform that can move not only across the sky, but also on land roads. According to the plans of the creators, this machine is a kind of "ambulance", which can be remotely controlled, it is designed to evacuate wounded soldiers from the battlefield. According to the developers, their transformer can fly up approximately in 30 km from the end point of its route, after which it sits not far from the battlefield, overcoming the remaining distance on the ground, like an ordinary four-wheel drive truck. Go to the place of the battle on the ground is the creators of a safer option.

The transformer uses a computerized machine control system, which is designed to facilitate the process of controlling the device as much as possible. In this case, the possibility of using and manual control of the machine is allowed. The rotors used on the machine are very similar in design to the rotors on multicopter helicopters. At the same time, there are some peculiarities, in particular, each AT Black Knight Transformer rotor is driven by its own turbo diesel. Each of the rotors with a diesel engine is mounted on a special movable structure; all of the average men 2 will be able to replace it when the need arises.

A flying AT Black Knight Transformer helicopter appeared

The multi-rotor design used in the transformer is able to provide it with a stable behavior in the air without the use of tail rotors and other stabilizing elements. The control system of the device provides automatic control of the direction of flight, the position of the device, making manual control of the machine not much more difficult than controlling an ordinary car or riding a bicycle. In addition, the developers report that the machine control system can be expanded by installing additional modules that turn the AT Black Knight Transformer into a completely unmanned vehicle that can perform all its tasks in a fully automatic mode.

In this case, the final version of the new hybrid vehicle will be significantly different from the machine that can be seen today in many photos on the Internet. Serial car get a sleek aerodynamic fuselage, which will provide AT Black Knight Transformer the ability to take off and land even the smallest portion of the flat surface. Dimensions and car suspension will allow the helicopter-truck to move with sufficient speed, not only on the highway, but also on country roads. 8 independent rotors with propellers will provide high controllability and stability of the device in flight.

AT Black Knight Transformer is designed for unmanned and manned small cargo delivery, evacuation of the wounded. The creation of the machine began in 2010. At the same time, the volume of the internal space of a helicopter truck is comparable to that of the popular American Blackhawk helicopter. At the same time, since 2012, Advanced Tactics is working on designing a cheaper and more compact version of its vehicle, which can be attributed to flying ATVs (AT Panther Transformer). The dimensions of this hybrid device allow you to transport it in the cargo compartment of the CV-22 Osprey tiltrotor. It is reported that AT Panther Transformer does not require special management skills and accommodates two people with full equipment.

In both vehicles, Advanced Tactics engineers use the same vehicle transformation technology that can be used on public roads and in the air. In this case, the modular design of the device provides for the replacement of components and components in the field, and all the parts used are commercially available and inexpensive.

As well as electric multicopters, which are quite widespread today, AT Transformer stabilizes and is controlled in flight due to the difference in thrust between opposite propeller groups. This approach is implemented in a machine using a computerized control system with high-speed feedback. This system is cheaper and simpler than the standard "helicopter" stabilization system. At the same time, the development of AT Transformer is able to make a controlled flight even if a partial system failure occurs. The American company plans to demonstrate the full range of capabilities of its development by the end of this year.

As a ground vehicle, AT Black Knight Transformer can move at speeds up to 113 km / h. It is reported that after a series of manipulations, the AT Black Knight Transformer can also be turned into an amphibian or a boat. Currently, Advanced Tactics engineers have built a whole range of prototype devices, ranging from small electric models to a full-scale operating prototype, which is equipped with internal combustion engines. It is reported that the final version of the hybrid unit will receive turbodiesel engines, and its aerodynamic characteristics will be significantly improved. It is assumed that the helicopter cargo can transport up to 5 passengers or more than 450 kg of various cargoes at speeds up to 240 km / h. The maximum range of the device should be approximately 250 nautical miles (463 km).

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