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Maidan, which will not show in the news

The author of these videos is not me, but a certain Nikita Glotov. Nikolay analyzed the events on the eve of the armed seizure of power in Ukraine. It is about the use of firearms. weapons, as "peaceful demonstrators" euromaidan, and their opponents. The analysis is conducted on the basis of video from euromaidan, which since the end of February 2014 has been freely available on various Internet resources. So, the word author:

Part 1

Part 2

The purpose of this article is to acquaint the readers of "Military Review" with a rather convincing point of view of the author, on the current events in Ukraine.
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  1. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz 4 March 2014 08: 15
    I watched it on another branch an hour ago. Everything is on the shelves. These videos will still take their place in Judgment Day over the banderlogs.
    1. brelok
      brelok 4 March 2014 08: 29
      banderlog yell that this is a montage. The work of the SBU of its honest part is visible. Yesterday there was an appeal from the Ukrainian special forces to the new government to come to the prosecutor’s office. I don’t think that there are traitors among the Ukrainian military. An Egyptian scenario is possible. Maybe with our support
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 4 March 2014 08: 35
        Quote: brelok
        banderlog yell that this is a montage.

        They always yell, only there’s no point in it. Everyone has eyes and ears. Everything according to the script, as was the case everywhere, they did not come up with anything new.
        1. domokl
          domokl 4 March 2014 08: 55
          I’ll tell you a little secret. Exactly the same videos, while standing on the Maidan, occasionally slipped during a live broadcast. Moreover, on Maydan TV, such as Espresso .. So it will be difficult to otmazatsya
        2. RUSLAN39
          RUSLAN39 4 March 2014 09: 30
          Vadim Kolesnichenko respect and respect! He called a spade a spade, named the traitors of the people of Ukraine by name and gave them an assessment without hesitation in expressions - well done! I hope the bastards Turchinov, Klitschko, Yatsenyuk listened to this record.
    2. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 4 March 2014 15: 44
      Quote: dmitrij.blyuz
      I watched it on another branch an hour ago. Everything is on the shelves. These videos will still take their place in Judgment Day over the banderlogs.

      Amazing work. Who made the video to that respect and respect. From completely unreliable sources, a man assembled an amazingly monstrous picture.
  2. stayer
    stayer 4 March 2014 08: 21
    He also watched carefully the whole layout. But the title of the article just confirms that this alignment will never be seen in the West. Their propaganda machine works almost without a glitch.
    1. Papakiko
      Papakiko 4 March 2014 08: 44
      Quote: stayer
      Their propaganda machine works almost without a glitch.

      Strongly true.
      "u-tube" is mercilessly cleaned of the previously released "1 part", now the second will also be removed. A lot of posted videos about the atrocities of Banderlog from this resource are cleared. 20-21.02.2014 There was a video about the burning of buses and the beating of people on highways to the point of corpses on the roadway and on the side of the road.
      And the "west" arranges for us periodic "blood baths".
      Arranged, satisfied, and will be satisfied.
      US authorities have moved from threats to breaking important partnerships. In the military sphere, there should no longer be any joint exercises, conferences and meetings, and Russian ships can no longer call at US ports. This was announced by Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby.
      A big game moves from moving pieces older than a pawn.
      1. I do not care
        I do not care 4 March 2014 08: 48
        I completely agree with the general, nehren and they do with us
      2. olegkrava
        olegkrava 4 March 2014 09: 31
        Here they fell to us their ports hurt. Let our missiles fly there, but we don’t need more. The main thing that would fly, and then after Serdyuk, as if for amnesty and missiles did not go away.
      3. Mhpv
        Mhpv 4 March 2014 09: 55
        Quote: Papakiko
        "yu-tub" is cleaned mercilessly

        Why Russia will not create a counterbalance to YouTube other than RT?
      4. Ducksar
        Ducksar 4 March 2014 20: 32
        downloaded, you never know ...
    2. domokl
      domokl 4 March 2014 09: 00
      Quote: stayer
      this alignment will never be seen in the west.

      You should not consider them idiots ... They have the Internet ... Most of them know very well what and how. Another thing is that this majority is not well represented on the leading TV channels.
      The rest of the people are satisfied with what the telly shows in the evening. Under the beer.
      By the way, yesterday there was a huge puncture in the UK. The SNN showed an interview with the Maidan fascist without cuts ... Today they will somehow blur public opinion, such as this is not maydown, but a scumbag
      1. Anper
        Anper 4 March 2014 10: 35
        Quote: domokl
        huge puncture in the UK.

        This is not a puncture. This is done deliberately. There already such "punctures" began to turn into a big hole. And everyone can draw conclusions himself.
        By the way, about YouTube. It’s also now weakened. If anyone remembers the beginning of the Maidan, there was a gay scandal with Portnikov there. All the people valnul to watch the details on the Internet - but no. Under various pretexts. Very - but everyone lamented.
        Since this is pure pornography, now it won’t fall out right away, but you can find it in a minute. With apologies made in advance, I give a link to a site that was simply banned. I’m afraid I’m not banned after that. crying
        1. Anper
          Anper 4 March 2014 11: 25
          By the way, I highly recommend reading the comments under the article - it is much easier to determine the mindsets of people in the so-called. Bandera region.
          And, in general, I have a question - where did the Boxer and others like them go? He’s not on TV, he isn’t in the government of public trust either. Maybe he’s not what he was considered to be?
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. platitsyn70
    platitsyn70 4 March 2014 08: 22
    The term "paranoia" unites a group of mental disorders, the main and often the only manifestation of which is persistent systematic delusions. And these paranoids came to power, here they are supported by the West and the United States, Shame on all the values ​​of European democracy.
    1. olegkrava
      olegkrava 4 March 2014 09: 33
      Andrei, what have you seen of dermocrats of value?
  5. mirag2
    mirag2 4 March 2014 08: 24
    Very interesting!
    Also yesterday (or at night) I saw it somewhere (I don’t remember where so many things were revised, that everything was mixed up in my head, what I saw, where and when).
  6. shibi
    shibi 4 March 2014 08: 26
    You need to retweet this video everywhere and everyone.
    What would reach more users in the world.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 4 March 2014 08: 36
      Quote: sibi
      You need to retweet this video everywhere and everyone.

      Yes, he will be removed soon from YouTube.
      1. SkiF_RnD
        SkiF_RnD 4 March 2014 08: 41
        Need to save.
    2. olegkrava
      olegkrava 4 March 2014 09: 41
      Schach download, and then let them try to delete.
  7. Same lech
    Same lech 4 March 2014 08: 26
    How does all this corny coincide with the same events in YUGOSLAVIA, LIVIA, SYRIA?
    fifth column + demonstration + unknown snipers = riot + invasion of NATO and the USA

    This is an extremely simplified mechanism for overthrowing power in a foreign country — but the essence of this action has not changed — the capture of foreign territory with the help of local traitors.
    1. SkiF_RnD
      SkiF_RnD 4 March 2014 08: 32
      This corny coincides with the execution of the Emergency Committee.
    2. Oleg Sobol
      Oleg Sobol 4 March 2014 09: 07
      For directors, everything is "simple". If the script works, then why change it ?!
      Now, the same scheme is applied in Venezuela. And, sadly, everything is going exactly the same as in Ukraine on the Maidan.
  8. stranik
    stranik 4 March 2014 08: 28

    We also have something to show. tongue
    1. raketnik
      raketnik 4 March 2014 09: 17
      out there ---- fellow this is strong
  9. Name
    Name 4 March 2014 08: 28
    For the Maydanutyh this was not enough ... It would be harder to notice something.
  10. platitsyn70
    platitsyn70 4 March 2014 08: 30
    you need to hold Russia and Ukraine around the world as it was done in Russia, Europe and the United States hands off the Ukrainian people, it’s not for you to decide how the Ukrainian people will live. We need to write more truth on Twitter and Facebook so that everyone can see.
    1. olegkrava
      olegkrava 4 March 2014 09: 42
      It’s interesting and who visited the Monkey page?
  11. Strashila
    Strashila 4 March 2014 08: 41
    The West didn’t come up with anything new ... remember the Baltic states in the 90s ... the same scheme, shooting at a crowd of people, accusation to the Soviet authorities ... a coup, and even after evidence was presented of the innocence of those acting at that time Soviet authorities, the current government in the Baltics at the legislative level decides not to recognize the obvious ... legends and myths are crumbling, and it looks so beautiful.
  12. waisson
    waisson 4 March 2014 08: 51
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. Ivan Tucha
    Ivan Tucha 4 March 2014 08: 59
    I saw the first video. Now here is the second ... Su.iam ...
  15. shitovmg
    shitovmg 4 March 2014 09: 06
    At the end of the 2nd video show the Arab events, most likely Egypt.
  16. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 4 March 2014 09: 11
    And the normal people who were there see who was put into the kingdom. Doesn't it upset them? Or did "Sashka e .... tyye" scare them away? recourse
    1. Anper
      Anper 4 March 2014 11: 15
      Quote: VNP1958PVN
      They do not resent them?

      Yes, normal people see, they see - even here, in Rivne, after his second parade - an alla with a prosecutor, especially educated supporters of the Maidan, who had long been bitten by Dmitry Yuryevich Puchkov - Goblin - were especially cryptic the power of the people is beautiful in ideological slops, which splash in the minds of our intellectuals.And when this power, suffered in the offices, appeared to them in the image of Sash Bilogo, they started to gasp. . So, in a sense, Sashok is an anti-Maidan.
  17. Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev 4 March 2014 09: 11
    Yes, there is no need for the hypocritical West to prove anything. NATO and the EU are the authors of the Euromaidan, and better than you and I know what happened there, in all the details. It is necessary to achieve the exit of Crimea and other regions from Ukraine and recognize their independence. As with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. And then the rest of Ukraine will not be able to join NATO.
    1. Papakiko
      Papakiko 4 March 2014 09: 40
      Quote: Sergei Medvedev
      And then the rest of Ukraine will not be able to join NATO.

      Well, I think that they will find what to enter, they are not the first time. wink
    2. yarvol
      yarvol 4 March 2014 20: 32
      Yes, take it all at once, which is trifling.
  18. Zerstorer
    Zerstorer 4 March 2014 09: 20
    Good stuff.
  19. tank64rus
    tank64rus 4 March 2014 09: 32
    Ah yes Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Why bring in the troops of the Russian Federation when there, in Russia, they were already standing in the Ukrainian garrisons, only they took the oath of allegiance to the RUSSIAN WORLD. This is HIGH PILOT in politics. Comrade Stalin would have been pleased with such a successor.
  20. mpa945
    mpa945 4 March 2014 09: 50
    Quote: olegkrava
    Andrei, what have you seen of dermocrats of value?

    It is in such a transcription.
  21. Kuvabatake
    Kuvabatake 4 March 2014 10: 03
    The thirst for power is not satisfied. Especially in people offended by life with low intelligence ...
  22. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 4 March 2014 10: 14
    All this has already happened once - everything is repeated in this world. "If you don't go to war, then war will come to you"
  23. Normal
    Normal 4 March 2014 10: 22
    Thanks to the author for the work done. Thank you for the location and a detailed commentary on what was happening.
    Such materials need more. The picture is a powerful weapon in the information war. It is necessary to disassemble and analyze what is shown and explain in detail with topography what is actually happening.
    I watched a lot of the videos earlier and even then there was a complete feeling that they were shooting not from where the Maidanians were advancing and the golden eagle was coming not at all towards the crowd below on the street.
  24. miland
    miland 4 March 2014 12: 09
    The worst thing is that a similar garbage can then be repeated in other states of the former USSR, and then it can come to us ... I think that in the USA there are already such plans for the future.
    Much now depends on the competent resolution of the situation in Ukraine with the support and assistance of Russia, on the wise decisions of our president and the Foreign Ministry.
    Unfortunately, while in the information war we are losing.
  25. Tanysh
    Tanysh 4 March 2014 14: 55
    Lord, thanks to those who shot this video! Even in the Ukrainian news it was clear that the shooting was not from there. Screaming like sheep. Although why how?
    A herd of rams is slaughtered, and it is not the shepherds who are to blame.