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"Ukraine is needed to strike at Russia"


“From the 19 century, the goal of the psycho-historical special operation of the West is the creation of Slav-Russophobes as a psycho-cultural type and political force. They should tear Ukraine away from Russia and oppose it with the latter as “anti-Russian Russia”, as a “free and democratic” alternative to the empire, ”historian Andrei Fursov, director of the Center for Russian Studies at Moscow University of Humanities told the newspaper.

“The maximum program in Ukraine is the same as in the 1930s during the creation of the German Nazi Reich: the creation of a force that, if necessary, for the West will take on the decisive part of the war with Russia and exhaust it to the maximum, while self-destructing. In other words, the final decision of the Slavic / Russian question by the forces of the Slavs / Russians themselves, followed by the division of Russia / Northern Eurasia and the appropriation of its resources and space. ” So well-known historian and specialist in geopolitics, director of the Institute for System-Strategic Analysis Andrei Fursov explains the strategic task of the West.

The newspaper VIEW brings to your attention an interview with Andrei Fursov about what is happening in Ukraine, about the main geopolitical challenges for Russia and how the balance of power is now on the world chessboard.

VIEW: Andrei Ilyich, do you agree that the “February revolution” in Ukraine was caused not only by the refusal of Kiev from the agreement on European integration, but also by the fact that in the 2013 year the West suffered a serious geopolitical defeat in Syria?

Andrei Fursov: Last year, in both cases, the West failed to achieve the results that were set — to overthrow the Assad regime and bring the pro-Western forces to power in Ukraine, finally separating Ukraine from Russia. And if there were disagreements on the Syrian issue in the world capitalist elite - there was an influential group that did not want to escalate the conflict in Syria and turn it into a regional war, then on the Ukrainian issue the West was a single entity. At the same time, it is clear that, economically, the North Atlantic elites do not need Ukraine for a hundred years, they need to geopolitically tear Ukraine away from Russia, turning it into an anti-Russian bridgehead.

The policy of separating Ukraine from Russia is a long-standing geopolitical “project” of the West as a whole: Germans, British, Americans. We like to quote Brzezinski’s words that without Ukraine, Russia is not destined to become a great power (this is a mistake: Russia and without Ukraine can be a great power, only this will be more difficult to achieve than with Ukraine, but Ukraine without Russia is a ruin, This is an abandoned distant courtyard of Europe). But much earlier than Long Zbig, at the very beginning of the 20 of the 20th century, German General Paul Rohrbach wrote that it was in the interests of Europe, and above all Germany, to "tear Ukrainian Russia away from Moscow Russia." It is significant that for the general both Ukraine and Muscovy are Russia.

In the current situation with Ukraine, the United States and the European Union vividly and without embarrassment demonstrated both hypocrisy, double standards, and Russophobia. Only this last one can be explained by their more than “tolerant” attitude towards the Ukrainian Nazis, marching through the streets of Kiev, towards SS men marching in the city. The logic is simple: if the Nazis in Ukraine (as in the Baltic States) against Russia, then let them. However, Americans are not used to it: in 1945 – 1946, with the active assistance of the Russophobic Vatican, they did everything to remove them from the blow of the Nazis (including obvious war criminals) to the United States or Latin America and actively use them against the USSR . Ukrainian events are a visual experience with whom we are dealing.

VIEW: As a result, in February, the opposition managed to overthrow Yanukovych - and the West considered that he had achieved his goal ...

A. F.: Yes, the situation in Ukraine has radically changed: in Kiev 19 – 21 February, there was a neo-Nazi-Bandera coup inspired by the collective West, and above all - the United States. It was the Americans who, using the dullness and greed of Yanukovych and his entourage, changed the situation, halting the anti-terrorist operation of the Ukrainian authorities. If it had begun, it would have been done with Maidan - he was already retreating. But it turned out the way it did. The long years of work of the US special services with the Ukrainian top, which keeps money in American banks, the SBU, the Bandera underground, which has been activated and largely recreated, have affected.

It is indicative that during two decisive days the US Ambassador “worked” for the Rada speaker, who dictated the conditions to the top of the “unseen”. Although what kind of "neutrality" can we talk about? The quasi-state of Ukraine, and so was largely under external control, but here it was demonstrated frankly, cynically and brazenly. Everyone was shown who is the boss, who rules the events - in the Rada and on the Maidan, whose evil will directs the neo-Nazi scumbags. The February American-Bandera coup could significantly change the geopolitical situation in Eastern Europe, Eurasia and the world.

If the West and the pro-Western forces in Ukraine, who used in their goals, far from the interests of Ukraine, the natural discontent of the inhabitants of Ukraine, primarily Kiev, the mafia-oligarchic clan of Yanukovych, have their plans, then the goal they have been actively pursuing for more than two decades can be considered achieved. Already, war has come to earth historical Russia - for the first time after the Nazi invasion. In the future, we can talk not only about creating a self-reproducing situation of the Yugoslav type near the borders of the Russian Federation, but also about turning Ukraine into an anti-Russian Slavic state opposing (in alliance with Poland) Russia. The attempt to create such a state by the hands of the leaders of the "Orange Revolution", the American Sixes, Yushchenko and Tymoshenko failed. Most of the people resisted this course, and the election of Yanukovych did not accelerate the process of Ukraine’s final separation from Russia - this long-standing Western project developed by the Germans and inherited by the Americans.

We often quote the words of Zbigniew Brzezinski that without the accession of Ukraine, Russia was not destined to regain the status of a great power. “Long Zbig” is mistaken: Russia and without Ukraine can return this status, only it will be more difficult and take more time. But the main thing is that Brzezinski is not original, he repeats the words of the German General Paul Rohrbach, who predicted at the beginning of the 20 century: to eliminate the danger from Russia for Europe, and above all for Germany, it is necessary to completely tear Ukrainian Russia away from Russia Moscow. Let us pay attention to the fact that for the German general both Ukraine and Muscovy are all Russia, and he speaks of the need to cause an internal Russian intra-Russian split. In this regard, he develops the ideas of German politicians of the last third of the 19 century, in particular Bismarck, who not only insisted on the need for such a split, but also offered concrete means of solving this problem.

In particular, they stressed the need to oppose Ukraine to Russia, to poison their peoples, for which it is necessary to raise people among the Russian Ukrainians themselves with a consciousness that has been altered to such an extent that they will hate everything Russian. Thus, it was about a psycho-historical special operation, information-psychological sabotage, the purpose of which is the creation of Slav-Russophobes as a psycho-cultural type and political force. Such orcs in the service of the Western Saruman. They had to tear Ukraine from Russia and oppose it with the latter as “anti-Russian Russia”, as a “free and democratic” alternative to the empire. All this was designed, in particular, by the Galician project, on which the intelligence services of Austria-Hungary and Kaiser Germany, then the Third Reich, in the second half of the 20 century and to this day the CIA and BND actively worked.

After the Orange Revolution, it seemed to the West that the task would be solved - it did not work out. By the end of 2013, it also seemed that the task was about to be solved, that the EU clamp was already around Yanukovych’s and Ukraine’s neck. But the position played by the position of Russia (and possibly of China), and Yanukovych, having decided to play some of his own gesheft game, bucked. At this point, the West wrote off, firstly, Yanukovich, secondly, the peaceful, “orange” way of separating Ukraine from Russia, making a bet on Bandera, on Ukrainian neo-Nazi russophobes, a product of the very psycho-historical operation that the Germans began to prepare for a century and a half back, then during the Second World War, the Nazis picked up the baton, creating the SS division "Galicia", and from 1990-s the heirs of the Third Reich to create a new world order (what a coincidence of terminology!) joined the work. - Americans. # {ussr}

The result of the long-term "relay race" is the February neo-Nazi-Bandera coup in Kiev, conducted under the instruction of American specialists, and the beginning of the design of the anti-Russian Bandera state. For the first time, the West managed to lay the foundation of an absolutely anti-Russian (more Russophobic than Poland) Slavic (and not a Catholic, but Orthodox) state. In terms of its demographic potential, Bandera’s Ukraine, especially in alliance with Poland, may well resist Russia militarily, especially with the support of NATO.

The minimum program for the creation by the West of the Slavic neo-Nazi-Bandera Reich is constant pressure on Russia, provoking it in various ways, including sabotage, and in the case of an adequate response, replicating the image of “free democratic Ukraine” in the world media, which is allegedly under pressure from Russia aspiring to the restoration of the empire; in short, small Ukraine is a victim of big Russia (according to the scheme “poor Albanians - victims of evil Serbs” worked out in Yugoslavia).

The maximum program is the same as in the 1930s during the creation of the German Nazi Reich: the creation of a force that, if necessary, for the West will take on the decisive part of the war with Russia and exhaust it to the maximum, while self-destructing. In other words, the final decision of the Slavic / Russian question by the forces of the Slavs / Russians themselves, followed by the division of Russia / Northern Eurasia and the appropriation of its resources and space. But, as you know, it was smooth on paper.

History is an insidious lady, it’s enough to recall how and with what those who sought the final solution of the Russian question ended. This is not to mention that there is the East and Southeast of Ukraine. At the same time, however, it must be remembered: the current separation of Ukraine from Russia is planned as a separation-opposition for pressure on Russia or striking at it with the forces of the neo-Nazi-Bandera regime. This, among other things (and the “other” it takes place: the struggle in the American elite, the situation of Obama after the 2013 year for him, the US-German problems, the Chinese games in Eastern Europe, etc.), the US response to Russia's actions in the 2013 year .

It looks like they, at least, this administration and the clans behind it, which need to save face in front of their masters, are moving to action: after two years of elections, and the Democrats do not want to leave the White House, and Obama will have to work on the new, now white president. Who it will be - Madame Clinton, who back in December 2012, was mad at the Customs Union and, seeing in it the re-Sovietization of the post-Soviet space, stated that the United States would oppose this in every way, Biden or someone else - it does not matter. It is important that Russia should not expect anything good from this segment of the American top, but an attack is possible. But, as the characters of the film “Chapaev” said about the attack of the enemy: “Mental? Well, to hell with her, let's psychic.

VIEW: And you do not exaggerate?

: I would really like to make a mistake so that it turns out - I’m exaggerating However, I have been studying the world struggle for power, information and resources for a long time, analyzing the goal-setting and activities of the North Atlantic elites. I repeat that Russia, even in its present state, is still the only obstacle on their path to world domination. That is why L. Shebarshin, one of the last chiefs of Soviet intelligence, noted: the West needs one thing from Russia — that it should not be there. Strategically, geohistorically was not. And for the organization of non-existence, a ram is needed - like Hitler used to be.

Therefore, our armored train should always be on the siding: forewarned is forearmed. And it is better to thicken colors and make mistakes, than to allow the repetition of "22 June 1941 of the Year", the more North Atlantic elites - the enemy is much more serious than Hitler with his Third Reich, which turned out to be one-on-one with almost the whole world. Today, one-on-one with almost the whole world is we, especially since the Russian Federation is not the USSR either in terms of its economic potential or, most importantly, in the quality of human material.

VIEW: You can imagine what will happen to Ukraine, its economy in the event of a consolidation of the Bandera regime?
A.F.: Ruins. Nothing else can be. Partially destroyed, partially suppressed, partially expelled Russian population. Destroyed industry, bought up by the West and partly by the Chinese land.

VIEW: But in this case there may be a mass popular outrage and the overthrow of the Bandera regime, is not it?

A.F.: It is theoretically possible, but it is difficult to overthrow the regime, behind which the West stands. This was possible when the USSR existed in the world — the second superpower that could support the weak of this world in their struggle against the strong, against the bourgeois iron heel. A more likely other option: the regime and the West will try to direct the social rage of the lower classes to the eastern neighbor, identifying it as the source of all the evils, the causes of which are allegedly "oppression of the Russian empire", "Soviet totalitarianism", etc.

However, I repeat: the story - the lady treacherous, and everything can go differently. The future is not predetermined, it becomes in the struggle, the collision of wills and forces, and therefore depends on us, on our actions. Unfortunately, the game for Ukraine is stupidly lost. Our ambassadors worked with the Ukrainian oligarchs, turning their geshets, completely forgetting that there are people, people, including pro-Russian — the dollar was sickening with reason, while the West worked with the oligarchs, and with the most active anti-Russian forces, layers, in groups. These groups turned out to be the joker with whom the West interrupted the supposedly pro-Russian oligarchs and their protégé with a criminal past.

However, losing a game is not losing a match, the match is not over. But in order to win it, or at least not to lose, it is necessary to do ruthless work on the mistakes and restore order at home. The loss of the “Ukrainian party” is the result of our internal problems, internal disruption.

VIEW: If we go from Ukraine to a global scale, can we say that the alignment of forces in the world arena has changed, and in part has already occurred in the past year?

A.F.: It is hardly possible to speak of fundamental, i.e., qualitative changes in the alignment of forces in the world arena. There is a routine daily struggle. The situations in Syria and in Ukraine are far from being resolved, and it is clear that the interested forces in the West will continue to exert pressure — the struggle will continue. In the meantime, the parties, like the players in the wonderful game of Weiqi (Go), “set stones”.

VIEW: What are the geopolitical successes of Vladimir Putin and Russia in the past year?

A. F.: The successes of Vladimir Putin and Russia in the international arena, at least with regard to Syria and Snowden, are due, firstly, to favorable circumstances - the lack of unity in the world top, the presence of two opposing sides, on whose contradictions can be played.

Secondly, a certain part of the world top in 2011 – 2012 exerted a powerful pressure on Putin, and then tried to ostracize him - just look at the anti-Putin campaign in the media - and overdo it: the Russian Federation and its leader, in fact, had no place to retreat. I'm sure Putin never had any illusions about those with whom he deals in the West, those whom he calls "partners," but the Libyan and Syrian events with the extrajudicial killing of one leader and the failed attempt to kill another (in the literal sense of the word) the danger of compromises with the western elite, which is increasingly behaving like an organized criminal group.

Finally, the last but not the least: the economic cluster in which Putin and his team - gas-oil (which is currently “state-forming”) are most interested — requires not only the preservation of the sovereignty of the Russian Federation, but also expansion, not to mention the protection of business boundaries. By the way, Syria and Ukraine are closely connected with the development of the gas industry and international competition in this field.

And yet, with regard to Syria, it must be admitted: if the deployment of a regional war in the Middle East did not contradict the interests of a certain part of the top of the world capitalist class, the “masters of the world game,” it would be very difficult for the Russian Federation and China to stop the aggression.

VIEW: And who was not interested?

A.F.: Let's start with the one who was interested. There were three such sides: the Anglo-American “oil industry”, the Israeli lobby in the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia — each had its own interest. Saudi Arabia and Israel (and, consequently, the Israeli lobby in the US) are very concerned about Obama’s attempts (more precisely, those clans that are behind this “cardboard president”) to improve relations with Iran and — maximum program — to turn him into an ally. This would be a great success for the United States in their Middle Eastern and - more broadly - Eurasian policy. A large, extremely important geopolitical and geo-economic position of oil-bearing Iran as an ally is preferable to, for example, small Israel. Alliance with the United States will bring Iran out of actual union with China, and the tension in the Middle East, so much needed by the United States, will continue: Shiite Iran versus Sunni Arab monarchies.

The warming of US-Iranian relations, which Obama and part of the Iranian establishment are striving for, is what terribly frightens Saudi Arabia and Israel, that they are trying to thwart at any cost, including the war with Syria, of which Iran is an ally.

Now imagine: the arsonists managed to light the fire of a regional war. What should Iran do sooner or later? Shut off the Strait of Hormuz. As a result, oil prices skyrocket. Cui bono? Who benefits? Anglo-American "oil industry". Who is the loser? The European Union, China, and that (very powerful) part of the Anglo-American financial and economic elite, which invested in the European Union and China, first of all the Rothschilds (not to mention the Chinese, and a certain part of the Western European elite, in particular the German, which, unlike from the French, did not want to participate in the adventure of the Tlas clan, who intended to take the place of the Assad clan in Syria). These layouts, or, as they would say in the 18 century, "conjuncture", plus the active actions of the leadership of the Russian Federation and determined the result. But the result of this preliminary. In Syria and around it, nothing ended, as in Ukraine.

By the way, speaking of the coup d'état in Ukraine, one cannot fail to mention the failed coup attempt in 2013 in another former republic of the USSR - Kirghizia. The next surrogate revolution was supposed to start at the Naryn gold mines under environmental and anti-corruption slogans and develop into a large-scale movement. The latter was supposed to disrupt the SCO summit in Bishkek and prevent China from gaining control over Manas airport. But at the last moment, as Stirlitz would say, something did not work out. Analyst Konstantin Cheremnykh noted an interesting similarity between the Ukrainian and Kyrgyz events: in both cases the resource of the Hizb ut-Tahrir network was involved, which feels at ease not only in Central Asia, but also in Ukraine, where, like in Syria, the main political battles most likely to come.

The confrontation, and successful one, of Putin of a certain part of the “masters of the world game” manifested itself not only in foreign but also in domestic politics. I mean his Valdai speech and answers to questions from Russian and foreign journalists. In the first case, the president essentially recognized the need for a state ideology (and indeed, without ideology, that is, proclaiming meanings and goals, development is impossible, only gesheft, cutting dough and dancing to someone else’s tune, often hostile ideology) and unequivocally spoke about traditional values, including family, which the West is rapidly losing.

At a meeting with journalists, Putin stunned them, especially Westerners, by comparing Stalin and Cromwell. The president put the question as follows: why is Stalin worse than Cromwell? Cromwell, like Stalin, is to blame for the death of a large number of people, but he is given monuments in England, therefore ...

Perhaps a better example for comparison would not be Cromwell, but King Henry VIII, on whose orders about 10% of the population of England were sent to that light just because they were deprived of their livelihood and, being driven from the land by landlords, turned in the tramp Almost did not lag behind dads and Elizabeth I. However, the example of Cromwell is also eloquent.

And during the meeting, the president, answering a question about the defeat of education by the relevant ministry, jokingly (there is a joke in every joke) noted that, apparently, representatives of the “creative class” had snuck into this ministry.

Comprador media called the whole amalgam “creative class” - from office plankton to intellectual and emotional (“show business”) comprador elite servants. From the point of view of real economy, real production and - more broadly - real life, this is a poorly educated, useless in social function, trotting layer, a layer absolutely unpatriotic, if not to say - anti-Russian in its spirit, a layer of individuals professing consumption, individualism, social Darwinism, group egoism , snobbery in relation to the people, which for them are “anchovies”, “footcloths”, etc.

“Kreakly” is the announced result of social and educational degeneration. “Creative class” are those 10 – 12% of the population that fit into the lower-middle part of the comprador market and, being a product of social decay, decay, are not capable of producing anything other than decay and destruction. In this regard, those who carried out education reform are true creacles, and Putin’s phrase, whatever he had in mind, hit the target.

VIEW: What factors led to the discovery of Snowden?

A.F.: This is a very tricky and not completely understandable situation, although now we can say who lost (and see behind this, if not the scheduler, then the performer), and evaluate the overall result, which, in my opinion, is very positive. I will be brief, as analyst Elena Larina drew a rather complete picture in her publications in Komsomolskaya Pravda.

I think that the incident of Snowden, which has more than one bottom, is caused primarily by the confrontation between two US political clusters expressing the interests of two economic blocs - the latest IT technologies on the one hand and the traditional industrial sector on the other. As a result of Snowden’s flight and revelations, the most powerful intelligence service, the NSA, connected with the IT sector, received a blow. And the blow was apparently inflicted by the CIA forces, which were closely connected with the industrial sector, primarily the oil sector, with the Bush family, that is, with the Yale illuminators who were at the origins of the CIA.

It is clear that the CIA had to somehow agree with the special services of some other countries, and it is not such a rarity in the global struggle for power, information and resources, when corporate-departmental and clan interests take on tactical precedence over national ones.

The loser from the scandal was Obama, who was publicly and humiliatingly "bent." Therefore, those who believe that this whole story is inspired by the clans behind Obama in order to compromise the American special services, who took too much power in the first decade of the 21st century, are mistaken. The scandal did not affect the US intelligence community as a whole, but a specific service, and also occurred at a very inconvenient time for Obama. For several years, Obama has been cleaning his “stables” from those who are somehow connected with Bush, neocons, Yale University, and as a result, he ran into a retaliatory strike.

Another line of scandal is the aggravation of relations with Europeans at the very moment when talk of transatlantic integration intensified. So Snowden was not a joker in one game, and perhaps not all games we are destined to find out.

And in another respect, Snowden's case was very important. He ripped off the masks from the American IT community as a supposedly distant from the politics of the world of intelligence and business, and from the owners and allegedly creators of the main social networks - as ingenious singles, made their way through talent and luck. Thanks to Snowden's revelations, it turned out that the IT structures - if not the functional organs of the NSA and the military-industrial complex, then junior partners created by the American military sector for their own purposes - are actively working and funded by this sector, in particular by the Defense Agency for advanced research projects - the famous DARPA . And Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Steve Jobs and others are not at all self-made men, successful geniuses confirming the “American dream”, but a product of the activities of the military-industrial complex, special services and the propaganda machine of the USA.

LOOK: What is happening with European integration - will Germany succeed in continuing to unite Europe around itself?

A.F.: I think the problems of the European Union will become more and more serious. This ugly and, in my opinion, initially non-viable construction in the form in which it arose, was created as one of the elements of the neoliberal counterrevolution. This project has been completed, and the European Union is torn by sharp contradictions, I’m not even talking about the fact that this is an economic colossus on clay military and political legs. The European Union is unlikely to collapse de jure, but de facto it will have a “Carolingian core” with Germany in the center and an exploited periphery. However, the “core” will also have serious problems associated with an increase in the demographic mass of the African and Arab-Muslim population.

Externally, the main beneficiary of the scam called "European Union" - Germany. Economically, the Germans achieved what Hitler, the creator of the first version of the European Union (in the form of the Third Reich), sought by military-political means. However, if we take into account the degree of control of the United States and American transnational corporations over Germany, which initially arose as an American protectorate on three conditions dictated to Adenauer in the 1949 Chancellor Act of the year (sharply limited German sovereignty), control over German economic, political, and intellectual life about German success getting smaller.

In 1940, Churchill said that Great Britain was at war not with Hitler, and not even with National Socialism, but with the German spirit, the spirit of Schiller, so that it would never be revived. After 1945, the collective West (which includes Israel) managed to drive the Germans, as a nation, a sense of collective guilt for Nazism, spiritually castrate them in many ways and drive them into such a sociocultural position, for the slightest resistance of which the charge was “Nazi”. Compared to this psychohistorical lobotomy, Stalin’s approach looks much more humane: "The Hitlers come and go, but the German people remain." By the way, among the Russians, who suffered the brunt of the Hitler machine and whose victims during the war are not comparable to the victims, I repeat: not a single people, no historical hatred for the Germans, the blame lies on the national socialist regime and those forces in Britain and the US, which brought him to power, preparing aggression with German hands against the USSR.

Today, according to opinion polls, 40% of German men want to be housewives. With such human material it is hardly possible to build the Fourth Reich. History evil laughed at Borman, Muller and Kammler, who created the Fifth Reich network structure in the post-war decades and achieved a lot. Today, German finance and industry are hardly under less US control than in the 1920 – 1930s, when Americans pumped German economy and corporations with money. History repeats itself, but of course it’s different. Today, the situation in Europe can be described according to Gibbon - “Decline and Fall”, “Decline and Fall”, not only of the Roman Empire, but of Europe as a civilization embraced by the will to death.

Compared to Europeans losing religious, cultural and racial-ethnic identity, loss of work ethic, love and taste for work, with the collapse of the family and the legalization of distortions and pathologies (they left to legalize pedophilia and cannibalism), financial and economic problems are flowers, but completely poisonous. I would like to believe that in Europe there will be forces capable of shaking off all this European-bureaucratic undead, necrocracy, profiting from the announced death of an entire civilization.

VIEW: How do you assess the immediate prospects for the United States - will their geopolitical and financial problems deepen?

A.F.: There is no indication that America’s situation in 2014 will improve. Rotten something in the "kingdom" of the American. Previously, the system worked with any, even weak and not quite adequate presidents, for example, under Ford and Carter, whom other American observers do not call "jerk" other than "jerk". Today, the American system is so weakened that the presence of a weak, one of the weakest presidents in US history, affects the system as a whole. It seems that the American ruling elite, as well as the West European one (just look at all these Blair-Sarkozy-Holland and others), is experiencing an acute crisis and is degrading. This is a very serious problem at the top of the world capitalist class, of its closed supranational structures of world coordination and management.

Well, if the crisis affects the backbone element, then the system is breathing its last. The external military-political expansion of the North Atlantic elites of the last decade is, on the one hand, convulsions, attempts to solve internal problems in this way, and on the other, a desire to correct the crisis situation by establishing control over drug production zones and their transportation routes. Hence, the invasion of Afghanistan, the creation of a Kosovo drug-addict state, and partly the “Arab spring”, it also displays the motives and interests of drug trafficking.

The fact that drug trafficking plays an increasing role in the global economy as a whole, and not only in its criminal segment (about 50% of banks in the world exist at the expense of lending drug trafficking) indicates a serious crisis of this economy and civilization, which created it, if the term “Civilization” is used in this case, rather, it should be about anti-civilization, anti-system. And this anti-system works for the drug economy to the same extent that the drug economy (and the global criminal economy as a whole) works for it.

So, in 2013, in California marijuana was legalized; I think, ahead of the legalization of this, and behind it - and other drugs in other states. Anesthesia of society is one of the indicators of the crisis and at the same time an indicator that the world elite is slowly but surely moving towards the creation of a new, posthuman being, having no gender, nationality, race, historical memory and easily manipulated. Those who try to resist are eliminated.

In 2013, an unprecedented phenomenon occurred in the history of Western civilization: for the first time, the Pope abdicated as a result of the pressure of secular forces. During the year, pressure on the father increased: American high-ranking officials began talking about the need for a “Vatican spring”, and a press campaign was unfolding. In fact, the majority of the world top group jointly opposed the pope. The result is a new dad. The most interesting is his name: Francis. The fact is that the new dad is a Jesuit, and with the Franciscans the Jesuits have long, to put it mildly, complicated relationships. Does the name Francis symbolize reconciliation of opponents in the face of the increasing pressure of the Anglo-Saxons on the Vatican in the struggle for the future? Quite possible. The representatives of the Order of Malta will control the finances under the new pope. This order, hidden in the Harry Potter films, serves as a structure linking the Vatican with the leading Anglo-Saxon special services - MI-6 and the CIA. So an interesting picture is obtained.

VIEW: At what pace will the reconfiguration of the Middle East continue this year?

A.F.: The fact that such plans exist, undoubtedly. But there are several unknowns here: how exactly will the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan take place? Will the US succeed in improving relations with Iran? Will the interested forces succeed in disuniting Syria, and if so, how? But what became clear in 2013 year was the failure of Erdogan’s attempts to turn Turkey into a regional power pole. Erdogan made a gross miscalculation in his Syrian politics. Considering the inevitable overthrow of Assad, Erdogan actively hurried into the camp of his opponents - and miscalculated: Akela missed. To this were added serious internal problems - popular unrest in Istanbul about two sawed trees in the city park - ecology, you understand.

Well, the main external "nail" was hammered overthrow of the Mursi regime in Egypt. Erdogan bet on an alliance with the movement of the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhvanov), on the Istanbul-Cairo axis, which was supposed to reinforce the claims of the Erdogan regime for polarity and which was hardly liked by many, including the Russian Federation and Israel. By the way, information about the participation of the Israeli special services in the preparation of the overthrow of the Egyptian military, led by al-Sisi government ikhvanov led by Mursi is on the Internet. In any case, in the near future, the “polar dreams” of Turkey are not destined to come true.

VIEW: Is a sharp exacerbation possible already this year of the confrontation between the USA and China in the Pacific region?

A.F.: It is difficult to predict such things in a rapidly changing world. Neither the United States nor China is currently interested in confrontation - and this despite the fact that the confrontation persists. Rather, tensions are possible in Sino-Japanese relations.

VIEW: Well, the last question: what are the main threats you see for Russia in 2014?

A.F.: The main threats to Russia in the 2014 year are the same as in the 2013 year - corruption, slowdown in economic growth, increased social polarization and, therefore, popular discontent, especially those who actually voted for Putin. The combination of a “slowdown in economic growth — corruption — an increase in social polarization and tension” creates a vicious circle. Against the background of a decrease in economic growth, the dominant groups are increasingly compensating for their losses by increasing the corruption component, which increases social tensions and further worsens the economic situation. All this is fraught with an aggravation of the social situation, which can be used or even warmed up by external players, especially since there are enough points of vulnerability: the Caucasus, the Volga region, some regions in Siberia, where from time to time there is talk of "Siberian self-sufficiency." Well, of course, much will depend on the situation in the global economy.

In the new year and in the foreseeable future, the struggle in the world top will intensify. The neoliberal counterrevolution is over - forget it. The anti-liberal course and the forces associated with it are gaining momentum. They will try to clean up the beneficiaries of a bygone era, especially the so-called "young money." The confrontation on the world level of supporters of the neoliberal and anti-liberal schemes will undoubtedly be broadcast on the Russian platform, adding intrigue. It will not be boring.
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  1. Nevsky_ZU
    Nevsky_ZU 4 March 2014 13: 44
    If Russia is limited to Crimea, then the West will pump Ukraine up with NATO weapons, albeit 10 years ago and cheaply, but will arm it to the teeth. Complexes "Patriot" are guaranteed to be located west of the Dnieper, no matter how the conflict ends, "Aegis" will be in Odessa, if it is not beaten off. But if they are near Kharkov, it is generally a nightmare! sad
    1. SHILO
      SHILO 4 March 2014 13: 54
      Quote: Nevsky_ZU
      But if they are near Kharkov, this is generally a nightmare!

      My friend agrees. We are a small fry, cannon fodder of the buffer zone is the goal of Russia.
      1. Lesnik
        Lesnik 4 March 2014 14: 00
        Let me clarify not the buffer zone - but the forefield (in the terminology of military strategy) hi
        1. SHILO
          SHILO 4 March 2014 14: 17
          Quote: Forestman
          Let me clarify not the buffer zone - but the forefield (in the terminology of military strategy) hi

          I prefer the first option - it sounds brutal.
          1. stroporez
            stroporez 4 March 2014 14: 37
            Quote: SHILO
            I prefer the first option - it sounds brutal.
            --- not brutal, more honest ......
            1. SHILO
              SHILO 4 March 2014 14: 45
              Quote: stroporez
              --- not brutal, more honest ......

              Brutal my friend - brutal! yes And ... And more honest. good
              1. 120352
                120352 5 March 2014 01: 11
                Sorry to intrude, but the word BRUTAL means ANIMAL, coarse, uneducated, less often dirty, unshaven, smelly, unwashed, etc. See dictionaries.
                The use of concepts whose contents are distorted or not known leads to the spread of misinformation.
    2. Boris55
      Boris55 4 March 2014 13: 57
      Quote: Nevsky_ZU
      Complexes "Patriot" are guaranteed to be located west of the Dnieper, no matter how the conflict ends

      In order for Russia to end as it should, it is necessary to return all to the agreements of February 21 and to implement them - to disarm the mayonnaise and hold elections.
      Given the overwhelming number of Russian-minded Ukrainians and Russians living in Ukraine, thanks to the thoughtless actions of the Maydan, the number of pro-Russian citizens has grown significantly, we are guaranteed the protection of our interests.
      Russia benefits single Ukraine, albeit federal, but single. To the West - no. They understand that a united Ukraine will be about Russian.
      1. ele1285
        ele1285 4 March 2014 15: 03
        Quote: Boris55

        Russia benefits single Ukraine, albeit federal, but single. To the West - no.

        Let me argue. A united Ukraine, in principle, is not needed. Its collapse is not important on the 4 or 2 parts, which leads to some part being pro-Western, which will join NATO. Russia, in any situation in the division of Ukraine, loses its influence on Banderlog and it’s quite possible to go to Kiev, but the Americans will get it. You can imagine what a moral blow it is. NATO is getting almost 600 km closer to Russia. So a united Ukraine is beneficial primarily for us, and not for the USA.
        1. observer
          observer 4 March 2014 18: 49
          In fact, NATO has long been at our borders, even if you do not take into account Alaska
    3. elmi
      elmi 4 March 2014 14: 08
      Quote: Nevsky_ZU
      If Russia confines itself to Crimea, then the West will pump Ukraine up with NATO weapons, albeit 10 years ago and cheaply, but will arm it to the teeth. Complexes "Patriot" are guaranteed to be located west of the Dnieper, no matter how the conflict ends, "Aegis" will be in Odessa, if it is not beaten off. But if they are near Kharkov, it is generally a nightmare!

      I don’t think that everything will be limited only to Crimea, especially since other regions are asking for membership of the Crimean government. It may be possible to establish an unspoken border between the western and southeastern regions in the areas of influence - the western parts of Ukraine fall under the control of the west, the south-eastern under the control of Crimea that is, Russia, then in reality people will understand under whose rule it will be better to live, and they will take that side, respectively. And the West will not pour in billions of dollars, they already have a lot of problems if Greece cannot be pulled out. ie move the economy of Western Ukraine under its own standards where expensive than Russia is nothing to alter it is not necessary for our economy historically perepleteny.Vot then impoverished population will shift the western part of the pro-Western and come under the Crimean and the country reunited and will not be pro-Western and pro-Russian.
      1. ele1285
        ele1285 4 March 2014 15: 13
        Quote: elmi
        Perhaps there will be an unspoken border between the western and southeastern regions in the areas of influence - the western parts of Ukraine fall under the control of the west, the south-eastern under the control of Crimea, i.e. Russia

        Yes, finally, it’s not permissible for Russia. Who will guarantee that another yushch will not come to power in Ukraine and Ukraine will not be in the EU anymore. Yes, the EU wanted to spit on the Ukrainian population, the possibility of influence is what matters most. There are plenty of people like Sashko Bely and Yarosh and they may well invite NATO troops under any far-fetched pretext. Therefore, for us it is still not profitable, because no agreements in the world are respected if it is not beneficial for the West.
        1. elmi
          elmi 4 March 2014 16: 13
          Time will judge who is right and who is to blame, and it’s absolutely peaceful, in your wallet and pocket. and whoever richer and poorer will live. If the western hegions begin to be poor, and the southeast is rich, then the western regions will be asked for eastern administration, that is. and Bandera’s will be dismissed. And if the Bandera’s try to prevent, the southeast will come to the rescue, and if this is not enough, then Russia.
    4. RUS96
      RUS96 4 March 2014 14: 34
      Across Russia, the 24th meeting of V. Putin with journalists.
    5. Orik
      Orik 4 March 2014 14: 46
      Quote: Nevsky_ZU
      If Russia is limited to Crimea, then the West will pump Ukraine up with NATO weapons, albeit 10 years ago and cheaply, but will arm it to the teeth. Complexes "Patriot" are guaranteed to be located west of the Dnieper, no matter how the conflict ends, "Aegis" will be in Odessa, if it is not beaten off. But if they are near Kharkov, it is generally a nightmare! sad

      I will add that ALL protest activity as a result of further impoverishment of Ukraine, will merge into hatred of Russia, create new legions of orcs and push their foreheads into brothers.
    6. infinite silence ...
      infinite silence ... 4 March 2014 15: 23
      Quote: Nevsky_ZU
      The West will pump Ukraine with NATO weapons

      Is it just a weapon ...? forgot about nuclear waste in closed mines? Yes, we are a buffer zone and meat ... cannon.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 4 March 2014 13: 45
    The dream of the United States that a Ukrainian would kill a Russian and a Russian Ukrainian, in this way, representatives of an exceptional nation will live in the place of the remaining cemetery of the warring nations. am

    It reminds one of TRUMAN’s famous speech - the more Germans and Russians kill each other, the better for the USA.
    1. Goodmen
      Goodmen 4 March 2014 13: 49
      We will not give the little sister to reproach to freaks !!!
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. Orik
          Orik 4 March 2014 14: 49
          Quote: denpom2012
          And with Russia, what will happen. CCCR-2?

          What do not call it will be an empire. EMPIRE or DEATH!
          1. STALGRAD76
            STALGRAD76 4 March 2014 16: 31
            I am for such a Russia !!
    2. RUS96
      RUS96 4 March 2014 14: 29
      Germany has united, Korea will do the same sooner or later, and we, that not one family? Soon our time will come. I BELIEVE IT.
    3. Orik
      Orik 4 March 2014 14: 48
      Really time
    4. ele1285
      ele1285 4 March 2014 16: 17
      Quote: The same Lech
      US dream that a Ukrainian would kill a Russian and a Russian Ukrainian

      And it will be so.
  3. Leshka
    Leshka 4 March 2014 13: 47
    this is clear for a drunken hedgehog
    1. stroporez
      stroporez 4 March 2014 14: 39
      Quote: Leshka
      this is clear for a drunken hedgehog
      ---- drunk, yes, Bandera ---- no ......
      1. Orik
        Orik 4 March 2014 14: 50
        Quote: stroporez
        Quote: Leshka
        this is clear for a drunken hedgehog
        ---- drunk, yes, Bandera ---- no ......

        What hedgehogs they are, why offend a small animal! Underwater snakes.
        1. ele1285
          ele1285 4 March 2014 18: 50
          Quote: Orik
          Underwater snakes.

          I won’t consider what the banner says
  4. konvalval
    konvalval 4 March 2014 13: 48
    I think that for a military man since the time of Gorbachev's perestroika it was clear that Ukraine was seen by the West as a springboard for an attack on Russia.
    1. elmi
      elmi 4 March 2014 14: 19
      "Ukraine is needed to strike at Russia"

      I wonder why Russia is forced to constantly respond to attacks of the West? each time we defend ourselves, we’ll do something wrong, justify ourselves to the West, where is a firm independent policy? Once again, the West has encroached on the holy-Ukraine! few of the eastern countries of NATO, the former countries of the Warsaw Pact, are already climbing straight to the borders of Russia! Are they too overloaded? maybe it’s time to shower with cold water as Khrushchev once deployed pershing in Europe and Turkey in Cuba. If they seek to seize Ukraine and eventually try to deploy their bases, then what to expect - we’ll deploy our missile bases in Cuba and Venezuela interceptors under the guise of defending an attack against terrorists. That is, to play proactive, do not wait for them to take the first step. And we will answer in return and the first, let them have a headache that they have Russian bases and missiles under their noses. That's when they respect us and will reckon with us.
      1. fisherman
        fisherman 4 March 2014 14: 40
        Based on the directions of the foreign policy activity of our leaders, we can outline the following list: Vietnam, Syria and Algeria. Algerian sources report that Russia is eyeing the base in Mers el-Kebir. In addition, it can unmute the Vietnamese Cam Ranh and Syrian Latakia. It is possible that our Latin American allies may provide their bases for the Russian Navy. "
      2. ele1285
        ele1285 4 March 2014 15: 19
        [quote = elmi] [quote] we place our bases in Cuba, Venezuela [/ quote]
        Venezuela has already refused us, in Cuba, the Chinese began to stir up something, although it doesn’t bother us. Although it seems to me that we need more allied Iran and bases on oil transportation routes. Like a dream in Saudi Arabia
      3. AVV
        AVV 4 March 2014 15: 38
        Quote: elmi
        I wonder why Russia is forced to constantly respond to attacks of the West?

        The time will come when our propaganda machine will be at its best, and with its decisive actions Russia will achieve that it is respected, and in the Western world they understand only strength, they will be afraid to respect, therefore it is economically necessary to go at least to the level of the USSR, then talk with The West will be completely different !!! And the USSR was afraid, only people like Gorby could ruin the great state !!!!
  5. Gagarin
    Gagarin 4 March 2014 13: 51
    The article is generally good, but I would like to wish the author to refine the information a little. Too much too much for me.
    1. Good cat
      Good cat 4 March 2014 14: 15
      very much agree. truly "many bukaf"
  6. ars_pro
    ars_pro 4 March 2014 13: 54
    The guys wrote in VK and I’m writing here, blow up the gas pipe in the west of Ukraine, since it is beneficial for the right sector to quarrel Russia and the EU, and poison all the dogs on these reptiles and others like them
  7. Gardamir
    Gardamir 4 March 2014 13: 56
    The main threat to Russia is the lack of ideology. Look in Ukraine, how brainwashed. They will tear anyone for Bandera now, and they are sure that they are right. And we still have an ideology made by people like Shenderovich and others like him.
    1. Normman
      Normman 4 March 2014 14: 11
      I would give you a hundred pluses if I had such an opportunity!
  8. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 4 March 2014 14: 02
    Rotten something in the "kingdom" of american...
    Well, if a crisis hits a system-forming element, then the system breathes incense.

    So I want to live up to this LIGHT day for all mankind, when the evil empire orders to live long ...
    And I also want to be a witness of the "revolutions" in gayrope, the same as they with a / bm / ers "direct" around the world.
  9. platitsyn70
    platitsyn70 4 March 2014 14: 06
  10. Grbear
    Grbear 4 March 2014 14: 12
    It will not be boring.

    Any platform is suitable for striking Russia. And therefore, we certainly will not get bored. hi
    Article +
  11. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 4 March 2014 14: 18
    Quote: Nevsky_ZU
    Nevsky_ZU Today, 13:44 New
    If Russia is limited to Crimea, then the West will pump Ukraine up with NATO weapons, albeit 10 years ago and cheaply, but will arm it to the teeth. Complexes "Patriot" are guaranteed to be located west of the Dnieper, no matter how the conflict ends, "Aegis" will be in Odessa, if it is not beaten off. But if they are near Kharkov, it is generally a nightmare!
    It seems to me that we are not the only ones who understand IT ... wink
  12. platitsyn70
    platitsyn70 4 March 2014 14: 26
    The Verkhovna Rada decided on the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Crimea
    The Verkhovna Rada approved a statement on the withdrawal of foreign troops from Ukraine. Previously, such a proposal was made by speaker Alexander Turchinov. The parliament also adopted a statement at the suggestion of Turchinov that only the Rada, and not Viktor Yanukovych, could ask for the entry of foreign troops into Ukraine. (4)
    More details:
    1. AVIATOR36662
      AVIATOR36662 4 March 2014 14: 42
      Probably in response to this, the Crimean prime minister said that the referendum would probably be held earlier than March 30. And for Kiev, Moscow has officially announced that it will remove the gas price discount from April. Why feed Bandera again ?!
  13. platitsyn70
    platitsyn70 4 March 2014 14: 29
    A column of armored vehicles moves in the direction of the Crimean border

    On the night of March 2 to 3, in Nikolaev a convoy of BMP-2 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was spotted.

    According to Censor.NET, military equipment on tractors was transported in the direction of the Crimea.

    On March 1, the Federation Council allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin to send a Russian contingent to Ukraine "to protect Russian citizens on Ukrainian territory." However, according to the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov, the president has not yet made a decision on the introduction of troops.

    Meanwhile, in Ukraine in connection with the threat of military intervention by Russia from March 2, a general mobilization was announced.

    this colon moves towards the Crimea not to fight the Crimea, but to surrender because there they pay salaries.
  14. Normman
    Normman 4 March 2014 14: 29
    We will preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine as part of Russia!
  15. platitsyn70
    platitsyn70 4 March 2014 14: 31
    not the news of Ukraine is something, Petrosyan is resting
  16. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 4 March 2014 14: 32
    Just watching the developing events on the world stage, with the rapid movement of tension to the borders of Russia, for more than two months, I am constantly in a kind of numbness. I can’t even imagine how hard it is for Putin now to avoid rash decisions, to survive, not to harm. He probably has no time to sleep now, enemies, as if in ambush, are sitting and waiting for him to make a mistake, to pounce and tear apart not only Ukraine, but also Russia.
  17. poGryziNaLizhah
    poGryziNaLizhah 4 March 2014 14: 39
    you don’t understand anything. there is God's chosen people: the Jews. a people who are, but they don’t have a homeland. there is a God-bearing: Russians. whose people are not by blood, but who have a homeland. there is Europe and North America, which before the flood were uninhabited almost because they were under the ice. if you have enough mind you can draw conclusions. including about Ukrainians ...
  18. Shesternyack
    Shesternyack 4 March 2014 14: 40
    In my opinion, the author did not say anything new: Obama is a weak president, they want to use Ukraine against Russia, the internal hotbed of instability in the Russian Federation is corruption and social and ethnic tension, and the Germans are also complex about their history. Everything is certainly correct, but the conclusions cannot boast of special depth.
    And yes, the last sentence of the article that it won’t be boring - you can’t argue with that.
    1. riding
      riding 5 March 2014 07: 47
      The author competently shows the global alignment: who is for whom. When you know the rules of a chess game, you can turn the game in the right direction. The position of the Russian Federation at present is such that it is not a boat, not an elephant, etc., but is able to put pressure on those levers that move these pieces. You cannot be wrong in this game.
  19. Naum
    Naum 4 March 2014 14: 43
    Quote: ia-ai00
    "revolutions" in gayrope,

    Muslim Afro-Asians will show them "mother Kuzkina"! Geyropa is doomed already because she equated good and evil, God and the Devil. Betrayal of Christian values ​​has always been punished. Sodom and Gomorrah cry out ...
    The Americos will someday be buried by their dollar pyramid. The printing press cannot run indefinitely. We need to be ready for this. Now it is best to store capital in good old gold. and all kinds of "state funds".
  20. Ruff
    Ruff 4 March 2014 14: 49
    They missed everything in the 90s. Here are even accounts MISSED EVERYTHING. And ideology as well. This is a powerful mechanism. How many states did he destroy (of course, not without help). But the saddest thing is that the development of a strong ideology is a strategic task and it may take more than a dozen years to complete it. The Olympics, it seems to me, brought Russia together. But one ideology also does not go far, the "hungry" person's motivation is to eat. I would like to believe that we are on the right track.
  21. schizophrenic
    schizophrenic 4 March 2014 14: 49
    It was not in vain that the exercises were carried out, now they will complete the shortcomings and the troops will be ready for the transfer to the Ukrainian border. Maloli that screams that the troops retreated are regrouped and are ready to throw. am
  22. Loki
    Loki 4 March 2014 14: 58
    Regardless of how the crisis in Ukraine ends - whether maintaining territorial integrity or dividing into several entities - for Russia, both situations are losing. In the first case there will be the effect of an abandoned Russian population, in the second - the pumping of the Ukrainians themselves against Russia and the creation in her person of the image of the enemy who seized Ukrainian land. In terms of information processing, Western countries will give Russia 100 handicaps and still win - information resources and technologies are too incomparable. So the task of creating a permanent anti-Russian hotbed of tension in Ukraine has been completed. The hysteria of the West is more likely due to the fact that troops were simply not expected to enter, but soon the hysteria will subside and smart guys there will continue thoughtful work against Russia, will help the Ukrainian government like Georgia, and this time will absolutely certainly bet on building a strong army in Ukraine.
  23. afdjhbn67
    afdjhbn67 4 March 2014 14: 58
    China is like litmus paper, if the states start licking them, it will start soon ...
  24. taseka
    taseka 4 March 2014 15: 10
    The battle of Ukraine and Russia against nastiness = which they want to impose on us !!! We hold the hands of the brothers Slavs !!!
    The nits will not pass !!!
  25. Yarik
    Yarik 4 March 2014 15: 26
    stroporez (3) Today, 14:39 PM ↑ New
    Quote: Leshka
    this is clear to a drunken hedgehog ---- to a drunken yes, Bandera ---- no ......

    That's for sure. I served an urgent 89-91 in the Moscow Region. And somehow there was almost one call of zapadentsev. The trees are green. I was struck by the imagination. Insanity.
  26. parusnik
    parusnik 4 March 2014 15: 33
    The main threats to Russia in 2014 are the same as in 2013 - corruption, a slowdown in economic growth, an increase in social polarization, and therefore discontent among the people, especially those who really voted for Putin. Putin, now at the moment, under the slogan "The Fatherland is in danger!", to start cleaning the ranks, real ... and not to make comedies like Serdyukovskaya, to stop capital outflow, to throw funds to boost the economy, and not to resettle not promising cities .. .But I think .. he will not take this chance .. unfortunately ..
  27. Naum
    Naum 4 March 2014 15: 43
    I just read: "Putin is a real alpha male. He hasn't introduced anything yet, and half of the world is already beating in ecstasy!"
    It is terrible to think what will happen if, nevertheless, he introduces! ..
  28. AVIATOR36662
    AVIATOR36662 4 March 2014 15: 45
    Quote: AVIATOR36662
    Probably in response to this, the Crimean prime minister said that the referendum would probably be held earlier than March 30. And for Kiev, Moscow has officially announced that it will remove the gas price discount from April.
  29. Alexandr 2
    Alexandr 2 4 March 2014 15: 45
    It is said correctly: "Russia without Ukraine can return the status of a great power, only it will be more difficult and take longer."
    1. Yuri Y.
      Yuri Y. 4 March 2014 19: 26
      I also wanted to say it. Especially after World War II. When the industry was massively evacuated from the west to the center of Russia. By the way, this fact always struck me. The first production appeared in winter, the war began, as you know, in the beginning of summer.
  30. klavyr
    klavyr 4 March 2014 15: 49
    Quote: Normman
    We will preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine as part of Russia!

    - and with it, identity with all spiritual values
    1. vadimalehin76
      vadimalehin76 4 March 2014 16: 08
      I completely agree, you can’t deprive people of their roots !!!
  31. ars_pro
    ars_pro 4 March 2014 15: 56
    Quote: Gardamir
    The main threat to Russia is the lack of ideology. .

    Russians have one national idea. RUSSIANS DO NOT DROP OWN
    The second is likely that the RUSSIAN WARS DO NOT BEGIN AND FINISH
    And the third TOGETHER WE ARE POWER
  32. vadimalehin76
    vadimalehin76 4 March 2014 16: 07
    Let them try, get together and die wink
  33. engen89
    engen89 4 March 2014 16: 18
    Quote: Boris55
    Given the overwhelming number of Russian-minded Ukrainians and Russians living in Ukraine, thanks to the thoughtless actions of the Maydan, the number of pro-Russian citizens has grown significantly, we are guaranteed the protection of our interests.

    I talked with Ukrainian youth from the Kharkov and Donetsk regions, they are not happy with the presence of Russian troops there, they call us invaders and are preparing to fight with us
  34. Burmistr
    Burmistr 4 March 2014 16: 36
    However, losing a game is not losing a match, the match is not over. But in order to win it, or at least not to lose, it is necessary to do ruthless work on the mistakes and restore order at home. The loss of the “Ukrainian party” is the result of our internal problems, internal disruption.

    Golden words!
  35. Santor
    Santor 4 March 2014 16: 44
    Help guys, here’s the site of the Transcarpathian region ..... We don’t swear, we don’t respond to abuse - Rusyns live there ... Many have their brains filled up, but not completely .. We patiently explain, tell, argue .....

    Login via Facebook or Twitter ..... I've been "at war" there for XNUMX hours :))) We must fight not with automatic weapons, but with patient explanation ... They are cut off in the information field, they are shoving nonsense into their heads.
  36. Mikado
    Mikado 4 March 2014 16: 59
    By the way, such provocations are already being arranged in Crimea. People are clearly not from self-defense and not from among "polite people. Camouflage and uniforms are delivered, well, the channel that shot this video also says a lot)

    It’s interesting whether they will be caught or not.
    1. PN
      PN 4 March 2014 17: 38
      His yellow glasses on his face confuse me ...
      1. AVIATOR36662
        AVIATOR36662 4 March 2014 17: 49
        This trifle for better aiming when shooting.
        1. Yuri Y.
          Yuri Y. 4 March 2014 19: 47
          I spoke already in the next thread about this video. It doesn't matter if the real military man or not. A correspondent came with extras. Those begin to resent the camera. They say all sorts of people go there, here, do not touch anyone. That’s all, we demonstrated the indignation of the local population by Russia for the audience of the channel. It is apparently their job to show indignation by Russia.
    2. kayman4
      kayman4 4 March 2014 19: 28
      They look and do not even bother anyone that in the photo that is even different in the photo behind the leader and the type of Russian military. Here I live in a military town - and soldiers with weapons passing by are ordinary for us.

      By the way, it’s not a fact that it was shot in Crimea — there’s still a video about how the type from the Kamaz part was not allowed to withdraw with weapons, also a clownery of Bender’s propaganda
  37. voliador
    voliador 4 March 2014 20: 35
    This process has been going on for decades. The global party of the geopolitical game is only gaining momentum, and we must carefully calculate the consequences of each step we take.
  38. berkut.bel
    berkut.bel 4 March 2014 21: 06
    Quote: GrBear
    It will not be boring.

    Any platform is suitable for striking Russia. And therefore, we certainly will not get bored. hi
    Article +

    stupid. missing the Baltic states. Ukraine is an attempt to break out the civil war. Slavs, you did not mind the conflicts in the Balkans. Cognition already.
  39. yvk-evg
    yvk-evg 6 March 2014 14: 20
    Now Russia urgently needs to intensively provide Crimea with "assistance from the regions of Russia", even from Tatarstan "specifically", so that the Crimeans surpass the rest of the outskirts in terms of living standards and defense capabilities! After the referendum of Crimea (for some reason I am sure that after it Crimea will be an independent state), I should not forget to include in its constitution a clause on the possibility of joining other regions of the southeast of the outskirts with Crimea. Both Crimea and Russia to make every possible and impossible effort to hold referendums on the annexation of all coastal regions of the outskirts to Crimea, especially Odessa and Nikolaev! There has never been in history at the outskirts of the Black Sea and should not be !!! In my opinion, it is vitally important to focus attention on this, besides, through Odessa there is a direct route to Transnistria (Transnistria, by the way, itself needs to start helping Odessa now in squeezing Banderlog out of the region).
  40. Robert Nevsky
    Robert Nevsky April 29 2014 17: 32
    Very powerful article!