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I want to remind you ...


Today, on the first day of spring, eating traditional Shrovetide pancakes, cooked by her beloved grandmother, four generations of the family gathered at her home heard about, for someone, a small episode from her life, but for our seimya this memory will remain forever.

"I was born in 32 year here in Stalingrad. When the Germans came here I was ten. I remember everything well. When the bombings started, we then lived not far from the station, we hid not in bomb shelters, but on the stairs, because you remember movies, the house is bombed, and the stairs are? So that day we were the four of us, I, my mother and sister with a small child, my father was at the front a long time ago, sitting on the stairs when a bomb that fell on our house killed a mother shard. got a shard in the leg. "Jeanne," she told me then, "you have to go to your aunts." She was going And the child can’t be quite small, she collected something for me in a backpack, my mother sewed it out of something, so I went. And to go through the whole city, and where to go? My sister is wounded, I know, if I don’t get there - we’ll all die. There were no tears, there was fear and one thought - to walk, to walk. I’m walking along one of the streets from ordinary one-story houses with gardens, I hear airplanes flying, I look, they fly somewhere over me and something small was pouring from them, explosions began in a nearby street, I fell. I was lying, very scary, the explosions ended, got up, there was no more left on the street, went further. Once I got there, knocking, no one at home, I don’t know what to do, I sat on the porch to wait. After some time, the aunts came, they needed something in the house to pick up.

They have long been, like everyone near them, dug in the ravines of the burrows and lived in them, it is terrible to remain in houses, they are constantly bombed. They saw me, jumped: "Zhenochka, what happened?". I told them everything that my mother was killed, my sister was wounded, and in my head one thought: “I reached.” They took a cart with two wheels, and we went. My two aunts and me. The sister and the child were taken away and returned, the sister recovered, and the child then died, from dysentery, could not be stopped. After all, there was no water in the city - you have to go to the Volga for water, but you will not reach it, so they gathered in puddles and drank one. And then we, when my sister began to walk, left for Don, the Germans did not let anyone stay in the city, you can take one bundle and go wherever you want. So they went, there for the first time and saw her future husband, his relatives sheltered us, his brother Athanasius nodded at me and said: "Mark, your future wife." He snorted, laughed, and forgotten. And survived the famine there, and the occupation. After the war, his aunts met with me, my picture was shown, and Mark was on vacation here in Stalingrad. He then already became a fighter pilot, then flew in Syzran. He took my photo, but came to me in Dubovka, where I got to work as a teacher during the distribution. By the end of the holiday, he made me an offer, did not know to agree al no, and my aunt and my second mother said: "Jeanne, he is a good man." I never regretted it. "

This is just one of my family stories. In the father's village, near Volgograd, near the village council there is a small memorial to the fallen in the war with the German fascist invaders. Of the forty names on it, twelve belong to my family. After all, my family is not the only one with whom the war left memory and names on the granite.

With friends several times a year, we go to one of them to his homeland, where his family comes from. Not far from Mikhaylovka (a town two hundred kilometers from Volgograd), the village where his father lives. He told us how to get to the farm where they used to live. There is a memorial there, next to the lake, there are no seventy years around the dwelling. Embossed surnames on granite tell who died from living here then. And on it eight times the name of my friend. At the foot of the memorial are flowers, the waves of the lake run onto the shore, the leaves of the surrounding trees rustle gently. That's what the war brought us. And how many families were destroyed at the root?

Events in Ukraine confuse my soul. That fascist reptile that our fathers and grandfathers destroyed, giving their lives so that we could live without ever knowing this bastard ideology, again destroys our people on our land, with the support of the West, seventy years ago. Again the boots of those who want to destroy our free will are being trampled on our Slavic land. Now in a country whose people I consider to be brothers, there has been a coup d'état where the fascists have seized power.

I ask everyone to remember to help each other. Do not remain indifferent to the misfortunes of others, even if they are completely outsiders. Only together we can survive everything, as we experienced then ... Ukrainians, Russians, remember that Russia is with you! Let the power be silent for now (it has its own reasons for that), but the people support you. I hope that this time it will be without twenty million victims, but we must be ready to fight back so that our children do not know what it is. I would very much like everything to be decided by diplomatic means. To avoid casualties. Here are just fascism raised his head, not only in Ukraine. How many in the Baltic countries destroyed monuments to wars who died in the war against fascism? How many SS “veterans” parades were held there? So this problem is not only Ukraine?

I just want you to remember that it cost us last time how much pain and suffering our people experienced and begins to experience again ...

This was written by my grandfather, Mark Denisovich. Fighter pilot aviation. I cannot find a better epigraph.


You are now standing on a pedestal
And how many roads have we walked with you?
How many cities with you took
How many anxieties have we experienced

You and I are like brothers
Protecting their homeland
I was in your arms
You did my will

And as soon as the guns died down
We broke up with you as friends
I built houses that stung
And on the tractor threw open the fields

And now I'm running a rough palm
By your chilled armor
You feel friend! Fascists in Bonn
Pulling countries to nuclear war

Nothing, you stand on the pedestal for now
It will be necessary, I will come to you
And for the Motherland to crush, we will become reptiles
How crushed in the last war ...
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  1. Eric
    Eric 3 March 2014 07: 41
    New time - new challenges.
    But we are not in the first. The dead do not have shame, the answer is for the living.
  2. Magadan
    Magadan 3 March 2014 07: 45
    Guys! I'm afraid to make a mistake so far, but in my opinion the TRUTH begins to break through in the minds of ordinary Americans even despite the crap Western media. Become a member of the New York Times (
    "occupation of Crimea" and the reaction of ordinary people
    1) dodocanada: For Moscow not to try and protect ethnic Russians is unthinkable; it's not Putin who is the aggressor. (so that Moscow does not try to protect ethnic Russians is something unimaginable. The aggressor is NOT Putin) - under the post 334 plus
    2) nothin2hide: Wasn't the Kiev protesters' overthrow of the despotic, but duly elected, Mr. Yanukovych both illegal and the right thing to do? -And did the Kiev protesters who threw off the tyrannical but legally elected president Yanukovych not do the same? (speech about performances of Crimeans)
    3) Question: don't the people in Crimea have the same “unalienable right” as the people in Kiev to choose their form of government? - Question: don't the Crimeans have the same "non-earthly right to choose their form of government?"
    4) bobaceti Oakville Ontario Yesterday
    The Russians have as much right to protect ethnic Russians as does the US to protect its citizens in other parts of the world. - Russians have the same right to defend ethnic Russians in other parts of the world
    5) Mr. McCain traveled and spoke to protesters in Maidan.
    Why doesn't he travel to Sevastopol or Donetsk (or Ossetia or Abhasia) and speak to people there?
    Mr. McCain rode and spoke with protesters on the Maidan. Why not go to Sevastopol or Donetsk (Ossetia, Abkhazia) and talk to people there?

    And 90% like that !!!

    But judging by ours, who are sitting in EU forums - everything is not so smooth there :( So far ....
    1. stroporez
      stroporez 3 March 2014 07: 58
      "... Former US Ambassador to Moscow John Matlock in his personal blog criticized the position taken by the United States in relation to what is happening in Ukraine ..." --- there are sane people ............ .... but there are still more fascists ........ WHILE .......
      1. demel2
        demel2 3 March 2014 09: 29
        Quote: stroporez
        Former US Ambassador to Moscow John Matlock

        They, all these Matlocks and others like him, have a lot of them doing what they want in their posts, as soon as they retire sharply, they have such fake freedom of speech.
    2. Rurikovich
      Rurikovich 3 March 2014 08: 12
      Oh well. This is a drop in the ocean. Although the so-called American people are reduced to the level of consumers and, as a political player in their country, are reduced to the level of an observer, these small posts are thought-provoking. After all, they believe what the media are stuffing them with. Even the Olympics and that showed censorship. But the freest country !!!
      But only there will not be its Maidan - brainwashing is put on stream. Most likely there will be some new set show like 11/9, and the people will again be silent and crack their burgers listening to the false promises of politicians and bankers ...
      So sir hi
      1. Magadan
        Magadan 3 March 2014 08: 19
        but what kind of "free" it is, is it an American country? I am trying to convey to their minds that everyone, guys, your tale about the wealthy middle class is over. There was the USSR, there was something to show off for the sake of, to share with his people, so that they live beautifully to others to envy. There is no USSR, there is no need to be afraid of communists anymore. So now get it. Gradually, of course, imperceptibly so. Read O'Henry, Jack London or Theodore Dreiser - they wrote in the late 19th and early 20th century. So there is continuous poverty at almost every step and merciless exploitation. Then their sheepherds of socialism got scared and they healed more or less
    3. Sid.74
      Sid.74 3 March 2014 10: 42
      News fire! Dopi ..... amerikosy! Who knew that on a rake will jump not only maydanutye! laughing
      Lead Economy.
      China will use its "veto" on any decision of the UN Security Council against Russia, several media outlets write at once, citing sources.

      Moreover, rumor has it that China intends to cool the "geopolitical ambitions" of the United States, demanding to pay off its debt obligations in gold. As you know, the latter have little gold.

      In addition, the media write again referring to their sources, the leaders of the Middle Kingdom held talks with Turkey and convinced them not to let NATO ships through the Bosphorus. This information in the PRC was left without comments.
  3. parus2nik
    parus2nik 3 March 2014 07: 47
    Not cut forest, grows again .. Under Khrushchev, they released ahead of schedule all Nazi accomplices who had a term of 15 to 25 years
  4. Free Island
    Free Island 3 March 2014 07: 49
    Looks like the fate of the Russians is such .. each generation has its own war ... what would it become empty
    , the war of this ... when the West has already gone to the bottom of the ocean .... to trample all this dirt into the earth .. Vshinington, London, Obrezail ... all this unaccounted for ... they got us molested))) it's time for them to bite a nosybirk
  5. VADEL
    VADEL 3 March 2014 07: 59
    Good article, good soulful verse.
  6. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 3 March 2014 08: 16
    from the Don.
    As long as the Maidan people do not exhaust their lives with banderlogs to the bottom, they will not understand that only you can live in this world! And the Southeast needs to be helped, not to break contracts, although everything is practically dead!
  7. Weniamin
    Weniamin 3 March 2014 08: 38
    It’s good when at least there is a monument where the name of your grandfather is embossed. There is where to come and bow. I don’t have such an opportunity, I went missing in early 1943. Only my memory remained.
  8. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 3 March 2014 09: 00
    As far as I can remember, I have not seen a man who was sympathetic to fascism! And now the brown infection has bloomed in terry color! Let the Buchenwald alarm sound thunder, recalling the millions of victims of fascism!

    Simplicity for grandiloquence, hooked ...
  9. irka_65. irina
    irka_65. irina 3 March 2014 10: 23
    The article moved to tears. We need to tell as much as possible about fascism to our children so that they know, that they remember.
  10. Bootlegger
    Bootlegger 3 March 2014 10: 36
    and show our children who these maydanutye are from behind their masks. Their real face is not photoshop.
  11. velikoros-xnumx
    velikoros-xnumx 3 March 2014 12: 37
    And for the Motherland to crush, we will become reptiles
    How crushed in the last war ...

    In our city, the t-34 on a pedestal in running condition (arrived at it from the station under its own power). If sho, then we are with the pusher and crush, crush ...
  12. PValery53
    PValery53 3 March 2014 13: 42
    The touching memory of the ordeals of war is a warning to us: keep gunpowder dry! And to our enemies - do not rock the boat - get unacceptable damage!
  13. Walk
    Walk 3 March 2014 14: 14
    If nothing global happens in a couple of weeks, then there will be nothing to eat on the Maidan. Nobody is going to give them money.
  14. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 3 March 2014 19: 59
    Quote: Magadan
    what kind of "free" it is, is it an American country?

    A thousand apologies - I FORGOTT to put the quotes "! Thanks, you corrected me smile
  15. kripto
    kripto 3 March 2014 20: 48
    Indeed, nine people from my family also did not return from the war, my grandfather walked on crutches long after the war, and my great-grandfather miraculously survived captivity. And so in fact in every family in Russia. What do all these newly-minted Fuhrer rely on, for whom they cannot give a damn about the memory of their families, their people? Of course, they can win, but it seems to me only when they kill the last of those who still remember the truth about that war, but this is unlikely ... They taught well at the school, and in the Caucasus they are good teachers. No matter how many people say to the West about the Goebels propaganda of our media, one type of banderlog in the TV screen causes quite a natural tooth cut and a desire to take up the machine.