Tank T-90CA

As far back as January 28, 2004, a demonstration of the capabilities of Russian equipment to representatives of Libya was held on the territory of the GVDC FGUP NTIIM, and the delegation of Algeria on March 24-25 of the same year. A big plus of the Russian side was the availability of flexible but comprehensive solutions for MBT, a ready-made program to modernize the fleet of previously manufactured vehicles, the possibility of delivering a set of engineering and support machines on a single base with improved characteristics (for example, an increase in carrying capacity and outreach of the BREM boom). Based on the project tank T-90S Sample 1999, delivered to India, the Ural Design Bureau of Transport Engineering carried out its revision to the requirements of a new customer.

Representatives of Algeria, leading negotiations through Rosoboronexport, were presented with about a dozen options for the configuration of the machine based on different values ​​of the cost-effectiveness parameter. Taking into account the operating experience of T-90C "Bishma" in the hot climate of India, the initial version of the machine with the installation of air-conditioning and cooling equipment for night vision equipment, as well as the installation of a modified laser radiation detection system was chosen. This option received the factory index "Object 188CA" (originally - "Ob.188С with the installation of air conditioning") and military designation T-90CA. A prototype was made in May 2005. At the end of the same year, he successfully passed the tests in Algeria, including the harsh desert conditions.

In January 2006, during the visit of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to Algeria, the Russian Rosoboronexport signed a package of contracts for the supply of various weapons, including armored. According to them, during the 4 years, the Russian side is obliged to supply Algeria with X-NUMX T-185CA tanks and their commander version T-90SKA, to upgrade 90 T-250М / М72 tanks to T-1М72М (“ob.1XXNXX”) -U ”) by the forces of Russian specialists, but in local Algerian production areas. In addition, the contracts provide for the delivery of a batch of repair-evacuation machines BREM-172CA, made on the basis of BREM-1М with the installation of air conditioning and training simulators. According to the contract, the first batch of 1 tanks should be delivered before the end of 1.

After Algeria, Libya became the buyer of T-90CA. This desire was finalized by the summer of 2006, as well after the successful demonstration and test program at the customer’s premises. In addition to the above-mentioned improvements, the machines supplied by Libya will regularly have a SEMP (system of electromagnetic protection from mines with magnetic fuses), it is planned to be equipped with mine trawls with an electromagnetic prefix (protection against mines with radio fuses), masking sets “Cape”. The T-90CA in this configuration (series No. 2Р05ВТ6716) was presented at the exhibition “Russia Expo Arms -2006”, held at the Prospector range near Nizhny Tagil 11-15 in July 2006. At the same exhibition, the Libyan delegation showed great interest in the BMD-3М military demining vehicle developed by FSUE UKBTM and the humanitarian demining machine of settlements MGR NP developed by SKB-200 of the Federal Research and Production Center Stankomash. This interest demonstrates the great attention of Libyan commanders to the threat of a mine war and an integrated approach to equipping armored forces with machines that have a single unified base, and the undoubted commercial success of the Russian defense industry.

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  1. turnip
    April 8 2011 12: 26
    humanitarian demining machine settlements MGR NP -repa shocked. HUMAN demining !!! crying And they have no environmental shells ?!
  2. 0
    April 8 2011 14: 33
    environmental protection shells (well, killed on the spot - a hammer!) - of course there are, they are tungsten, and not from depleted uranium. After shooting, you can collect them and make tungsten filaments for Ilyich’s bulbs. Aftor was clearly puffing. And the pictures are so old, and the article is identity too.
    Is Algeria our strategic partner now? Oh, but the bananas and coffee mats will pay.
  3. Escander
    April 8 2011 21: 28
    Also in aah. How is this "humanitarian clearance"? I can with my head, or the author. Pendos cannot give the mind to ordinary trawls, but in our country humanitarian ones - easy ...
  4. 0
    April 10 2011 01: 20
    yes ... weed steers ...
  5. 0
    14 May 2011 16: 09
    I don’t understand why people were so amused in the term “humanitarian demining”? There is combat demining, which is used during hostilities, and demining in peacetime is called humanitarian.