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Business on the blood


It's no secret that defense enterprises provide the lion's share of the US economy. Washington is also increasing its military budget: for example, over the past decade, spending on the maintenance of the armed forces has increased 2,5 times and reached the level of 750 billions of dollars. At the same time, the main buyers of American weapons they are not in the States at all: military corporations supply their products to many countries of the world, including those countries where armed conflicts have been fought for decades.

The dictatorship of the industrialists

US lawmakers do not interfere with the enrichment of the owners of weapons companies. Moreover, the Congress annually adopts legislation to meet the new demands of the manufacturers of weapons and the Pentagon. The United States benefits from wars, even if they themselves participate in and face casualties.

In fact, the US Department of Defense is working for the benefit of weapons manufacturing companies. Each new war promises a good profit - this is the main principle of politicians and industrialists.

The largest profits to the US budget come from several companies, namely Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing and Lockhed Martin. They operate with amounts comparable to the budgets of individual states, and bring a huge income.

Lockhed Martin knows how to carry death from heaven

Lockhed Martin ranks first in the top 5 of the most powerful US weapons companies, which means it is the world's top corporate killer. To date, the turnover of this company is 40 billion dollars, its factories employ over 116 thousands of employees. The company is engaged in the space industry and aircraft manufacturing, and also produces electronic devices for various purposes.

Lockhed Martin's most famous designs are the P-3 Orion, the F-22 Raptor, the A-4aR Fightinghawk, the C-130 Hercules. Now the company is engaged in the modernization of the F-35 Lighting fighter II and Trident missiles.

The use of new weapons of the company raises concerns among independent military experts. Observers note that modern radars cannot distinguish the launch of a Trident missile from launching missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. With a very high probability, one of the states may take the launch of Trident as the start of a nuclear attack, and immediately counterattacks. The sad outcome is obvious.

In addition to large-scale arms trade, Lockhed Martin became famous for participating in several corruption scandals. For example, in 2001, the company clashed with NASA, and paid 7,1 a million dollars to the US government to end the dispute in its favor. But journalists learned about the bribe, and the scam failed miserably.

However, Lockhed Martin did not abandon the policy of "sponsoring" senators, congressmen and government officials. In 2009, the company spent 13,7 million dollars on lobbying interests, 2010 million in 13,2, and settled conflict with the US Navy with 2011 million dollars in 2.

Burning Vietnamese napalm has enriched Boeing

Contrary to the well-established stereotypes, Boeing produces not only aircraft, but also components of combat systems. The company's budget is 38 billion dollars, its staff is 171 thousand employees.

The main achievement achieved by Boeing Corporation for all history its existence - the B-52 bomber, nicknamed "stratospheric fortress." With the help of these weapons, tens of thousands of inhabitants of Vietnam, Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan were destroyed. It is symbolic that B-52 was used to test the first hydrogen bomb.

The biggest Boeing-related scandal is the cessation of the development of the P-8 Poseidon bomber in the 2003 year, due to the corruption of the company's top managers. In 2005, Boeing was accused of industrial espionage and lost the court to its main competitor, the already mentioned Lockhed Martin. Since then, the corporation spends huge sums annually on lobbying its interests: in 2009 and 2010, the amount of "financial assistance" to officials reached 17 million dollars. During the presidential election of 2008, an entrepreneurial company financed both Barack Obama and John McCain - however, the winner Obama received a sum of five times more than outsider McCain.

General Dynamics is able to make amends for poor-quality components

In third place in terms of income (and corruption) is General Dynamics. Its annual budget is 25 billion dollars, and there are about 95 thousand people in the staff. The company is engaged in the manufacture of small arms, artillery, ammunition, aircraft and ships, electronic devices and military vehicles.

General Dynamics has a wealth of experience in the production of killing machines: the machinery it manufactures is used in all corners of the world by the armed forces of the United States and NATO countries, as well as various terrorist and rebel groups. General Dynamics engineers developed the most massive fighter in the Western countries, the F-16 FF, used in the wars against Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

General Dynamics, like its competitors, lobbies its interests in Congress and the executive branch of the United States. Interestingly, the company does not help the congressmen themselves, but politicians who claim to be in the Congress. Thus, the actions of General Dynamics from a legal point of view, corruption is not, because the current congressmen do not get a penny.

In 2008, the corporation sold low-quality components of submarines and the military to the U.S. Department of Defense. aviation. In this regard, the US government filed a lawsuit, but the dispute was amicably resolved: General Dynamics paid off the plaintiff with 4 million dollars.

Raytheon Tests US Prisoners for Experimental Purposes

Another major corrupt official from the defense industry is Raytheon. It employs 68 thousands of employees, its budget is 24 billion dollars. The scope of the enterprise is astronautics, rocket production, production of electronic devices.

Today, the corporation is engaged in developing "non-lethal weapons" - devices that can stop and demoralize the enemy's living force without killing. However, at the same time the victim feels strong physical torment, and may receive serious injuries. Raytheon is testing his "non-lethal weapons" on prisoners in a California prison. None of the power holders are in a hurry to stop the inhuman experiments: the company skillfully protects its interests and knows how to properly manage the money earned.

The Raytheon missiles were widely used in a series of military operations against Iraq. Today, the corporation is equipping a missile defense system, which the States intend to deploy in Eastern Europe.

Former US President Bush senior complimented Raytheon products, including praising the Patriot missile developed by this company. American allies immediately became interested in this miracle weapon, and made several orders. In fact, the head of the United States made an advertisement for Raytheon. Congress later found out that Bush greatly exaggerated the merits of the Patriot, and deceived the journalists who later quoted the president. It is not known for certain whether it was an accident or a prepared action.

The company is actively attracting to its activities the officials of the Ministry of Defense: it is easier to sign defense contracts. For example, Raytheon's chief consultant is Richard Armitage, who previously held the position of US undersecretary of state. The board of directors of the company includes former Senator Warren Rudman and former CIA chief John Deitch.

Northern Grumman dictates US foreign policy

Northern Grumman’s budget is 22 billion dollars, 68 has thousands of employees. The company is engaged in the manufacture of components of intelligence systems, the construction of missiles, ships and aircraft. It was Northern Grumman engineers who created the B-2 Invisible Bomber. Today, the company's conveyors are assembling drones - unmanned aerial vehicles, which are used by the States to conduct undeclared wars in many countries in Asia and Africa.

Northern Grumman receives good defense orders because it is closely linked to Congress. In 90, the company spent 8,5 a million dollars to support various candidates during election campaigns. In 2005-2006, the corporation allocated a million dollars to future 1 congressmen.

James J. Roche, head of Northern Grumman, was for some time one of the claimants for the post of head of the Pentagon, but he discredited himself by participating in a sex scandal and was forced to abandon his ambitious plan. Despite this, several top managers of the company became members of the Bush administration, among them Paul Wolfowitz, who later served as head of the World Bank.

Northern Grumman uses the services of its powerful allies and dictates the White House who should sell American weapons in the world and who shouldn't. In fact, the corporation, like its competitors, sets the vector for US foreign policy and actively intervenes in the work of various departments. Connected by blood and money, American politicians and entrepreneurs have made war a profitable business, and are looking for another victim. If it does not work out to organize open aggression, the States clash their heads with their heads, and then sell them weapons. Let us recall, for example, Irangate, when individual members of the US administration managed to supply weapons to a potential enemy of Washington.

In the modern world, ideology fades into the background. Business - the background of all the wars of America. Killing people is a profitable business that brings a lot of money to the gun nouveau riche and the owners of Washington offices.
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  1. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 28 February 2014 08: 28
    During the Cold War, all the sounding offices were “rolling like cheese in butter,” and they broke prices for their products. And the Pentagon twisted, but took. Taxpayers grimaced in the tenacious embrace of toads, but paid, the "red threat" was worse ...
    But after the collapse of the Union, the tension somehow subsided, and it seems that the volume of defense orders should be reduced, but are industrialists ready to lose profits? I think no laughing

    In the early 90s, there was such a joke that "Desert Storm" began because "tomahawks" with an expiring "shelf life" were cheaper to shoot than to dispose of laughing

    Something like that ... It's just my personal opinion hi
  2. fennekRUS
    fennekRUS 28 February 2014 09: 29
    Business in the blood, as it has been for so long, it will be so. And we have the same, and they have. There will always be people for whom someone else's life is a simple resource. So THANKS CAP! hi
  3. Dezzed
    Dezzed 28 February 2014 09: 43
    "It's no secret that defense companies provide the lion's share of the US economy's revenues."

    Is it possible in more detail and in numbers?
    1. CAMS
      CAMS 28 February 2014 15: 52
      another Israel's son asking for facts when they are on the forehead of the United States or you are the one under a new disguise. the all too familiar say "please facts."
      1. Dezzed
        Dezzed 28 February 2014 23: 02
        Sorry to interfere with work
        a group of amateur performances and folklore.

        Facts! Figures! The man wrote "It's not a secret for anyone" and I poke my 5 kopecks.

        America's 2013 budget "$ 3.803 trillion" !!! what part of this money is the "lion's" share of the proceeds from the sale of weapons?
        language blur less need.

        Comrade KAMS, if you don’t need the facts, then you dear wandered into the wrong forum.

        1. CAMS
          CAMS 1 March 2014 03: 36
          Well, if your facts are Wikipedia. there really is nothing to talk about. drawing facts from a wiki is the same as making them out of thin air. and if you are an adequate person, you should understand that reality does not correspond to what you want to see and the facts of militarism and pragmatism in the actions of the United States, bordering a crime against humanity, abound
          1. Dezzed
            Dezzed 1 March 2014 11: 08
            agree wikipedia this is wikipedia.
            at the beginning I wanted to give a link from the US State Department, I also thought they would say that they all lie.

            one way or another, you were not honored to give the link NOT FROM WHERE! keep saying words that are not justified by anything (not even poor Wikipedia).

            Here's it specially for you:

            (there are just a lot of numbers, I didn’t want to blame you, but if you insist)
  4. EvigKrig
    EvigKrig 28 February 2014 11: 51
    And Russia is apparently engaged in the sale of weapons solely for humane reasons ... The article is generally about what and why?
    1. Vovka levka
      Vovka levka 28 February 2014 15: 25
      Quote: EvigKrig
      And Russia is apparently engaged in the sale of weapons solely for humane reasons ... The article is generally about what and why?

      Everyone sells weapons for profit, and whether it starts to shoot too soon.
  5. screw cutter
    screw cutter 28 February 2014 12: 06
    How can we expect a peaceful policy from people releasing weapons? And only through the release of this and the living.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  6. postman
    postman 28 February 2014 13: 45
    Author Artyom Vit:Lockhed martin knowhow to bring death from heaven
    and "Sukhoi", MIG, "Tupolev" ...... do not know what?
    Author Artyom Vit:Observers note that modern radars cannot distinguish the launch of a Trident missile from the launch of missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. With a very high probability, one of the states can accept the launch of Trident as the start of a nuclear attack, and immediately counterattacks.
    and UGM-96A "Trident-I" C4 and UGM-133A "Trident-II" D5 CARRY ONLY NUCLEAR warheads:
    8 x W76 (100kT), 8x W88 (475kT) or 14x W76 (100kT) !!
    Is it non-nuclear?
    And who EXCEPT the USA and England has Trident in service?
    Author Artyom Vit:Raytheon for experimental purposes is torturing American prisoners
    AND? Where when? in what experimental?
    Author Artyom Vit:General Dynamics is able to make amends for poor-quality components
    how is this related to [Author Artyom Vit] In third place in terms of income (and corruption) is located in General Dynamics.[/ Quote]
    Serdyukov & Co., General Director of the Nevsky Anchor, Valentin Ponomarev, is suspected of placing an fake (BU) anchor on the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier cruiser as a new one / General Prosecutor's Office: “in order to benefit he decided to buy from one of the Dutch companies instead of a new one second-hand anchor for only 1 million rubles (27 thousand euros) that four times less than the amount received from the Ministry of Defense. Then he made a forged certificate, and upon receipt of the ship's belongings he applied a fictitious number to it. ”.
    frankly, it is not clear why General Dynamics will NOT gut (at least once) in court (Russian) to the thread of such "authors" (and publicists at the same time) - at least once, indicative?

    [quote = Author Artyom Vit] The burning of the Vietnamese by napalm enriched Boeing [/ quote]
    1.napalm is kerosene mixed with aluminum salts of naphthenic and palmitic acids (Boeing DOES NOT PRODUCE such products (l), as well as components
    2. The USSR used an incendiary tank (ZB) / ZB-500RT / in Afghanistan: It is equipped with a thickened incendiary mixture and does not carry an explosive charge - who was "enriched"?
    3. How is this statement connected [quote = Author Artyom Vit] with the cessation of development of the P-8 Poseidon bomber in 2003, [/ quote] ??? XZ (X knows, but Artyom Vit ... is unlikely: probably due to the lack of both X and brains?

    [quote = Posted by Artyom Vit]Northern Grumman dictates US foreign policy [/ Quote]
    Northern Grumman - NO !!!
    There is:
    1.North Virginia Technology Council (2214 Rock Hill Road, Suite 300, Herndon, VA 20170 XNUMX) - to whom it dictates nothing
    1. postman
      postman 28 February 2014 13: 49
      2.NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORPORATION. It is unlikely that she can dictate to NG, since they "breathe" in the back, or even the back show others:

      The "steering wheel" is ONE, but there is a LOT of those who wish to have the potential?
      The article (her name is exactly) - BRAZD_NA, full. Ganglia in place of the brain
      In the "elderberry garden, and uncle in Kiev"?
      1. Nayhas
        Nayhas 28 February 2014 17: 28
        Quote: Postman
        The article (her name is exactly) - BRAZD_NA, full. Ganglia in place of the brain

        The idiocy inherent in this author. An attempt to score points on hatred of the United States on this site is welcome, but it is often done illiterately trying to draw on emotions.
        1. postman
          postman 28 February 2014 18: 21
          Quote: Nayhas
          This site is welcome, but it is often done ignorantly trying to draw on emotions.

          Clear remark.
          It’s not enough, just like that: tyap, blooper, Flicked: The electorate is squeezing.
          I don't see the difference between m / y with such delusional opuses and those that are "on the other side":

          BUT THERE IS MUCH SMARTER THIS (Well, as an example, Ukraine)
          1. Nayhas
            Nayhas 28 February 2014 21: 36
            Quote: Postman
            I don't see the difference between m / y with such delusional opuses and those that are "on the other side":

            Oh yeah! Epic movie! I remember how in the USSR they mocked this "masterpiece". But besides that there were "Red Scorpion", "Rambo 3" ...
            These films were obviously filmed with funds from the US Ministry of Defense (as far as I know, they have a line in the budget for this) with an understandable purpose.
            Ignorance, the misfortune of mankind ...
            PS: how do you like the movie Starfish Hitler?
            1. postman
              postman 1 March 2014 04: 40
              Quote: Nayhas
              Hitler starfish?

              But I didn’t look !!
              SPS, I'll go "" see what the fuck
  7. AVV
    AVV 28 February 2014 15: 29
    The military-industrial complex is America’s locomotive and while the United States will release so many weapons, wars around the world will continue !!! And everyone sees who was the organizer of all the wars on the planet in the last century, this is the USA !!!
  8. Blackmokona
    Blackmokona 28 February 2014 18: 51
    Find the US GDP figure, take arms exports + military spending, and you get this "lion's share" of less than 10%
  9. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 1 March 2014 12: 10
    Interestingly, but the Russian Orthodox Church is not a blood business? Still, they do not earn on the joys of the Lord. Everywhere there is a cross of torment, and besides, Squaw, they drink the blood of the Lord, worse than long-range aviation gasoline.

    Ps: Anegdot. Late dinner. Jesus gathered - the dignity of the apostles at the table, and says: "This is my blood - drink!" All - oh, God, how sweetly he speaks! He continues: "This is my body, eat it!" All: "well, he decomposes, truly a godly cook" ... Then the waiter brings sausages in mushroom sauce, and how everyone started to feel sick ...!

    Ps2: by the way, unlike the 2nd, this technique serves to protect its own, while Ho2 - for unnecessary or unreasonable losses. Glory to long-range aviation!

  10. ivanovbg
    ivanovbg 1 March 2014 13: 41
    An excellent article, we must more often and more diligently look for the root evil, and not only about the consequences - wars have already broken out - to argue.