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Evil disappointed revolutionaries: The seventh composition of BP has every chance of becoming heavenly ...

The latest events in Ukraine are actively discussed on the Web. Recently, even Maidan’s supporters have been increasingly disappointed and indignant in their assessments. The controversy shares with you a compilation of such statements by sympathizers and antipathetic Ukrainian revolution.

Odessa businessman, founder of the Tavria V supermarket chain Boris Muzalev:

“Ask for a debt. We do not give. Astronomical prices. The new ones will have to create business problems, in order to get their money back and earn more, and we will have to include this pimp tax in the cost of services. So what to do?

Simple and quick solutions do not happen. Now I will say an incomprehensible thought, including for me. But for officials, this is worse than a three-letter word spoken loudly in a church. This word ... This is a terrible idea ... Local government! Is it conceivable to think! The judges and the prosecutor are selected from specialists of appropriate qualifications. The head of the municipal department of internal affairs of the municipal police is appointed by the mayor. Etc.

There will be many crooks and disappointments, but the world has not come up with another way. I am sure, we will again begin to invent our sophisticated way of corruption. ”

Ex-MP Svyatoslav Oliynyk:

"What is happening is increasingly reminding me previously known only from the 17 revolution books. The legitimate government was overthrown as a result of an armed uprising, with the active participation of representatives of Western states and the USA. The country fell into chaos, looting and revenge. The economy is already beyond collapse. And Square "comrades" in the fight choose caps government, in which there are practically no professionals.

At this time, the losing regime forces are preparing for revenge. Unrest continues in the South of the country. All imaginable positions in the country are united in one person, this is a religious comrade in a leather jacket. The interim government resembles a group of the doomed, who will either be swept away by revenge, or shot by comrades in arms.

Yes, prisoners convicted of murder and the organization of mass beatings are leaving prison.

Jeanne d'Arc galloping on a white horse, in effect at one time merging the whole country to the Russian emperor. At the same time, she pocketed almost half a billion gas dollars together with the former Prime Minister.

And all this on beautiful slogans about freedom, equality and bright European life. And on the dreams of hundreds of thousands of romantics, including those who gave their lives.

The conclusion is sad for now: the second wave of destruction is inevitable, and maybe behind it. There are chances for a positive outcome, of course, but personally I look at all this without optimism. "

Activist of the Donetsk national militia Pavel Gubarev:

“Donbass militia leaders bought almost everyone and inexpensively (2-10 th. UAH per day). For this, they have to express the position of the“ peace world ”and stupidly make people freeze near Lenin, speak in a megaphone. scared adminresursom and again titushkami.

Normal militia leaders say the same thing as me. The difference is that they offer no action. Rather, they propose them: "show the authorities that we disagree," "demand from the authorities," "put pressure on the authorities so that they hear us," "adopt a single resolution for the authorities for all organizations" ... and all that, and the like ... In addition, it is not possible to develop a common opinion in their environment for various reasons.

A criminal case was brought to me in Donetsk UBS. Operative investigative measures are carried out. I am not afraid, because the police are also in solidarity with me (with the exception of the police authorities, whose motive is clear), but arrest is possible, IMHO. Wife and children moved to a safe place (just in case).

The RSA did not go to "peacefully occupy", as they considered it inexpedient. People really need more (times). Most people are "for" (two). And we will collect them (three). "

Kiev lawyer Tatyana Montyan:

“My yesterday’s communication with some deputies showed that they are in a state of complete inadequacy - they are trying to stir up the usual schemes, ask how to reach an agreement and who to bring them to, so they don’t“ lust, ”drool in anticipation of a deriban, and dream of only one thing - to disperse them Independence so as not to interfere. Nothing else interests them at all. "

The deputy of the Kiev City Council from "UDAR" Alexey Davydenko:

"Maidan decides, say?!? I know the names of the new Minister of Health and the new Minister of Culture. If for the sake of such people (without leadership experience and without a single adequate employment record), Ukraine stood on Maidan, and people died under bullets, then the price of such a victory. In the current economic situation, given the expectations of people all over Ukraine, the quota principle of distributing portfolios is too expensive.

It is not enough just to be a good person, not enough to have merit before the Maidan, one must still be able to soberly assess one's strength and have the courage to admit to oneself and those around me in the absence of professionalism for management work as minister. Honorable, successful and professional Olga Bogomolets can admit to herself and others that she cannot cope with the country's humanitarian sphere in the current situation and give up the post of deputy prime minister, but an actor and a public activist without work experience - no. I suppose even these thoughts do not arise.

If the only selection criterion for future ministers on the quota of Maidan is participation in the life of Maidan, then it will be a sad spectacle. "

Chief editor of Andrei Manchuk:

"Supporters of libertarian student self-organization thoughtfully reflect that candidate candidate Kvit is a nationalist who publicly wiped their feet on Mogilyanka, throwing them out of there is not the worst option for this ministerial post where he will grow new generations of the far right fanatics.

And some people confess that he likes the inscription “Down with the idols,” which the Nazis from the Right Sector wrote on the ruins of the monument to Marx destroyed yesterday. Anti-authoritarian, against Bolshevism-well, self-organization, again. Not the state demolished.

No one remembers the candidate for the post of vice-premier - Svobodov Syche, who demanded that women dress so as not to “provoke” rapists. It is impossible to speak ill of a revolutionary and a democrat.

Guys, these days you earned ten auschwitz that your allies will give you. "

Historian Andrey Plakhonin:

"It seems to me that the BYuT, which has seized upon all the power in the country, today performs a very important function. Like a sponge or a rag, it absorbs all the dirty pools, scraps and other impurities left by the unscrupulous predecessors who hastily escaped. And, like that the sponge, having absorbed all the dirt without residue, should be thrown into a landfill. Only then general cleaning in the country will be considered complete. "

Journalist Vladimir Ivanidze:

The “right hand” of the gas princess, the former secretary of the Komsomol district committee, the head of the agitation and propaganda department of the Dnipropetrovsk regional Komsomol committee, Oleksandr Turchynov became the acting President of Ukraine. He has already made some interesting appointments in the “new government”.

But his last appointment: Oleg Rafalsky became the head of the Presidential Administration. Rafalskiy’s career began in 1983, after graduating from Kiev University he became an assistant in the department stories The USSR and the Ukrainian SSR (the history ennobled by Marxism-Leninism, as I suppose) and the secretary of the Komsomol committee of the Kirovograd Pedagogical Institute. I’m not going to retell here all the long way up to Comrade Rafalsky. But the gray Komsomol activist has funny episodes in his life. In 2008, he became first deputy head of the secretariat of the parliamentary faction of the Party of Regions. And in March, 2010, by decree of President Yanukovych, became deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine. Can anyone explain to me what this person is doing in the "new leadership of Ukraine"?

In general, I was alerted by one detail. The official biography says that in the middle of 90's he was "the dean of the faculty, an associate professor at Kirovograd State Pedagogical University." I still could not understand why there is no faculty name? But, having rummaged a bit in his past, he discovered that he was the dean of the faculty of foreign languages ​​at the pedagogical institute. And then I understood why in his biography, published on the presidential website, it was not said that he was the dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. According to the text of his official biography, Rafalsky "is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian" !!! The abilities of this person are staggering, frankly! But that's not all. It turns out, according to the official biography, he not only knows German, but also "reads and translates with a dictionary." Oh how !! Hell would be with these unprecedented abilities of the former Komsomol secretaries. These people are cockroaches crawl everywhere. You say that I am angry, but I am glad that those guys who died on the Maidan will never know who will replace their murderers. "

Businessman Garik Korogodsky:

"As a result of the revolution, Ukraine received a unique chance to destroy the old country. But they could get together to build a new one, the temptation was great."

"Everything was invented a long time ago, there is nothing to reinvent the wheel. Positions in the hat, and the three of us pull in turns. The third pulls through time. The names on the mugs then they put down at home. You can immediately charge everything - to the district administrations and sanitary doctors, they will all be kicked out all - not in order to fight to ...

And the sucker voter sprinkles parmesan and a creme rosette on top - she eats with a purr. "

Ex-people's deputy, oppositionist Victor Ukolov commented on the "visit" of revolutionaries and the media in the estate of Viktor Medvedchuk as follows:

"Gentlemen, it's time to tie this up. Andrew Paruby, there must be some respect for private property. Even if they are opponents. If this is an official, I agree, but if not, instincts must be contained. After all, tomorrow someone will want to get into my Volkswagen "Golf on the grounds that Mr. Centurion has simple Zhiguli. And the day after tomorrow they will go to apartments with an armored door, there is richer there."

TV journalist Konstantin Stogniy:

"Well, what can I say about the new Ukrainian ministers ... Experts, how to choose. With the exception of a few candidates, experience in the entrusted industry - 0. Frankly, I wouldn’t let such managers on the threshold of my company."

The “editors of Nadzvychaynykh Novyn” these days look more like ATC. Never before have people so massively complained to us about lawlessness. Many applicants simply do not know where to run. Police still can’t start working normally ... People with bats are putting tribute to kiosks and rural shops We don’t have any data about cities. Our own correspondents report executions of businessmen. At the Interior Ministry, no one can give us statistics on how many criminal corpses per day. If we take messages from the field as a basis, then in general for 5-7 people are killed for 24 hours per month 200 people. It’s clear that in a day or two it’s hard to adjust the work of the scattered system. But you can’t pull it! The work is getting worse — you need to find effective leaders and not write everything off for a transition period. After all, widows and orphans multiply every day ...

"ICPR leader Sergey Melnichuk:

"They say that the dome of the parliament will now be without a star. It is necessary to somehow report to the electorate about their legislative activities. I strongly recommend instead decorating the dome from the inside, like a Christmas tree, with bottles filled with napalm. Such feng shui will always remind you of the fate "Not a single chosen soul will no longer be smoked. Each b *** ina will think well before pressing the button."

PR strategist Sergey Didkovsky:

“Trying to justify their actions by predecessors who plundered, or by the fact that we are the“ new power ”is a failure.

The state is a big corporation. Listen, do you want your cum to repair your wiring only because it is your cum? Not. You will call an electrician, a professional in your business, and he will fix it all for you, make you beautiful. So why do you want someone there, hiding behind a political flag, to repair the economy of your state? Professionalism cannot be measured in hours spent on barricades.

What led to Euromaidan? If we abstract from the same political issues of redistribution of power, the cause of Euromaidan was inefficient government. There were a lot of professionals in that team, and they are in this team, but they always raised the question of personal political loyalty.

Patriotism is when you are not ashamed that you are doing something here. No blue thief syndrome, no paranoia. Patriotism is professionalism within the state. Here you grew up here, you live and are a professional. It does not matter in a private enterprise or public office. Your task is the intensive development of your line of business.

So no, give Beniuk or Ruslan to you! Until the society makes professional requests to the managers of the country, but continues to talk about toilet bowls and photo toads with Caesar. For the time being, the essence of the conflict will be the one who shouts louder, while it is a question of finding a domestic enemy as soon as possible. Monuments, language issues, media owners, "hto not jumping, that moskal". Until then there will be nothing. Even if you crack, until the manager shows you a rational justification for its effectiveness, but will yell political abuse, we will live as we live. Mediocre. "

Writer and translator Andrei Bondar:

“The minister of culture is a netherminder is a classic incarnation of the Greengall syndrome. Or evidence that we have changed, and they are not at all. rake - only with a fork in hand? "

Kiev journalist Orest Sohar:

“Question to Arsen Avakov - when will the Constitution start to spread again? Why is the Right Sector still carrying automatic weapons, including negotiations with politicians? Do you think its adherents violate the law or not? How long did 17 Years with fittings and bats will roam around Kiev? Not along the Maidan, but most of the streets scaring passersby? And the situation described by Iryna Gerashchenko when she was held for 20 minutes at the checkpoint is berries, because there are cases when scared young ladies were beaten bats auto ...

Avakov, when a group of aggressive people will lose the right to decide whose property to smash, and whose - not? Peter Simoninin is not a Pegasus of my muse, but will he be punished for burning the property of his family? If not, then I ask you to make public the list, whose "overwhelmingly acquired" can be smashed, and whose will you protect? And the license validity period ...

Independence led to Europe, and the country hit the 1917 year. Even his sailor Zheleznyak loomed. People in helmets are smashing rural homes, under the guise of searching for weapons, they penetrate anywhere, and the police have obsed and are afraid to stick their nose out of the plot. You are a commander without troops, because Maidan completely de-classify the police, whatever it is, but now it is not there at all, and any fraer with the words "I am an avtomaydanovets, I have a weapon" forces the security official to run for the diaper. You are a minister, so apply power and make off Zheleznyak and his team. "

Journalist Maria Zhartovskaya:

"They do not need Maidan. An unpleasant aftertaste after Turchinov's words that those who had not been on Maidan before. They announced the names, not saying who. Without saying what priorities. Without explaining why. Shutting people down in a minute of silence. no longer shouted "fuuuu."

"Colleagues, journalists, especially those who write about politics. Now the formation of a parliamentary majority continues and candidates for Prime Minister and core ministers are discussed. I do not consider this process open and transparent. Many deputies themselves do not know about the conditions a coalition majority is being formed and who can lead this or that ministry. Everything is based only on rumors. Negotiators do not even talk about intermediate results. It should not be so, given the declaration on the construction from another state. "

Nardep-strike Irina Gerashchenko:

"The guy asked to open the trunk, if I’m not carrying any explosives to the Maidan. I asked to show the decision of the Maidan Council on this issue. Because you can just as well demand that you show me if I’m not dressed in a shahid belt." Communicated "20 minutes.

I sincerely hope that these are problems of growth, and I put this question before my colleagues. Patrolling the streets does not mean arbitrariness, we should talk about it. We all fought together for three months against the excesses of the traffic police, explosives and other shield-bearers who blocked the city center. And we will definitely not allow anybody to violate our civil rights on the wave of revolutionary expediency. From myself I will add that together with our team I will make every effort to return the country to manageability and legality. "

Nardep from "Batkivshchyna" Vladimir Aryev:

“Titushki, who did not get out of Kiev, because they were abandoned, under the guise of Self-defense, begin excesses. There are cases of attempted attacks on military units (military units. - Ed.) To seize weapons. On the Maidan go drunk in balaclava, which was basically impossible until February 18. Yesterday, one such person seriously molested my wife and minor daughter. I very much ask Andrei Parubiy and the Headquarters of Self-Defense to immediately establish order with the forces of genuine Self-Defense. Otherwise we will have a big trouble. A very big trouble! ”

Former Minister of Economy in the government of Yulia Tymoshenko Bogdan Danilishin:

“I am amazed at what I saw on the Maidan. First, why wasn’t Yuriy Lutsenko rehabilitated? Other members of the former government? I spoke and oppose the entry of any former ministers into the government! This is not a government of national trust. Only full lustration. a word, although people wanted to express their opinion! And where is the freedom of speech? Did the Maidan stand for it? Maybe I don’t see something from the Czech Republic? But it seems that everything is just beginning !!!! "

Nardep Victor Baloha:

"Over the past few days, the feeling that the people want to deceive again (but now the old-new government) has not disappeared. Rather, the opposite has intensified. I stress once again, personally, my team and I do not claim any of the positions in the Cabinet. I urge other colleagues to do the same and finally give way to new people, for what is happening now, I cannot name anything other than “a bye-bye”.

The principles are the same as under Yanukovych, meanness, lack of transparency in decision-making, quota, etc. I think corruption is not far off after government appointments. All this is done with such frivolity, as if there is confidence that this time it will carry everyone. They did not understand anything.

Therefore, the people on the Maidan should not disperse anywhere. On the contrary - to mobilize under the demand for early parliamentary elections, because this Rada is incurably sick with political corruption and is devoid of any moral principles.

Because if things go on like this, then we can wait for the "Ukrainian choice" to become part of the new government - as it was in the good old times. "

Kiev supporter of the "Right Sector" Alexander Stonoga:

"In the evening, at OSBB, where I work in the parking lot, six bukhikh Raguli from Maidan attacked. They simply did not like that two new 14-storey houses were fenced and that the gate, where there is a passage, was locked (although in 15 meters the passage without a fence is open from it). They came up and started yelling at me to open it. They began to frighten Tyagnisrak, call the names of the centurions. I calmly explained to them that this was a house territory and that the decision of the residents to avoid trouble and because of poor viewing for the night it closes, for which, furiously, the two began to p vat the chain, and the rest to ask if the rygs or the communists live in the house. I called the manager and after 4-5 minutes the 10 people came out, and they also started off. Of the help, three participated in the battles on the Grushevsky - well, in short, vulili lyuley them, took the passports (rewrote the data - it turned out, they live in a five-minute walk) and drove them into the lake (it is in 50 meters from the house), into a hole where the walruses swim, some heads sticking out of the water :)

For myself, I made a conclusion from this instructive story: Maidan is a class! Control over the officials is super! But if the majority of the population lives in a ghetto without self-organization, lives in shabby entrances with broken windows, where used syringes are lying on each floor, and stinks from the basement with corpse + pay raiders - housing and utility mafia - that’s worthless as the controllers, and Turchinov ( in which there is nothing sacred), sensing it with my gut, even dared to go on and tell the Maidan that it’s enough - you can disperse !!! "

Blogger Sergey Belyaev:

"I saw somewhere, I don’t know who was the first to say it, but this:" Tell Turchinov that the seventh convocation of the Verkhovna Rada has every chance of becoming heavenly. "
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  1. psychologist
    psychologist 28 February 2014 22: 10
    their disappointment is yet to come !! under Natsik no one had finished well !! negative
    1. Ari100kraT
      Ari100kraT 28 February 2014 22: 22
      You read the hairs on your head on end ... I would not want to live in such a situation, but they themselves gave rise to it. The "predators" were released, the rest of the "zoo" residents huddle in the corners, waiting for their turn. Some group of maydanutyh will like someone's girlfriend (wife), someone else's watch (car), clothes. And there are reasons: "You slept at home, and we defended your freedom (or something like that", but the fact that no one asked them about it does not interest them ...
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Vitaly Anisimov
        Vitaly Anisimov 28 February 2014 22: 35
        "Heavenly hundred" ... Let the earth rest in peace to them (nevertheless) laid the "invisibility" of Ukraine behind itself to heaven ..! All the curtain is closed weekdays begin ..! Remember the appeal "pan" ..?
        1. Old_ret
          Old_ret 28 February 2014 23: 16
          Earth rest in peace to those who fought under the banner of Bandera?
          "During the Great Patriotic War, more than 3 million civilians were brutally tortured and killed by members of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA)."
          1. UREC
            UREC 28 February 2014 23: 56
            The first were killed by Poles, they were nearby, then Belarusians and Russians. SS men nervously smoked on the sidelines when the Benders were cleaning out settlements. I read somewhere about "bouquets" of murdered children tied to tree trunks. It's a pity these geeks did not work out to the end under Stalin.
            1. Old_ret
              Old_ret 1 March 2014 00: 03
              If Stalin had done at least half of what was being hung on him, there would have been no Bandera, no liberals, or other trash.
              1. dr.star75
                dr.star75 1 March 2014 00: 23
                if it interests anyone, Stalin was a very soft-headed leader.
                1. Serg65
                  Serg65 1 March 2014 09: 07
                  Do not talk rubbish, Stalin was a sensible, pragmatic and moderately tough leader!
                  1. dr.star75
                    dr.star75 1 March 2014 21: 04
                    I agree partially. Stalin was a sensible, pragmatic and very gentle leader! Read Starikov's book about Stalin. (there are only facts of those times without comment, you can draw conclusions yourself)
          2. The comment was deleted.
          3. Serg65
            Serg65 1 March 2014 09: 04
            Alexander, for you the key words are "May the earth rest in peace", but in fact "MIKHAN" is right! These "Heavenly Hundreds", with their cattle-ness and stupidity, did a great job, they showed in practice what nationalism is! I think that now many have realized that nationalism is an outrageous betrayal of their homeland and their people ??
        2. generalissimo
          generalissimo 1 March 2014 02: 13
          Do you speak in fluff? It is unlikely! But the creator most likely will not refuse to succumb to Bandera contraceptives! The devils are there for a scumbag-like firewood forever in stock! Enemies are you human race! And what about the enemies? But according to Christianity, what does the popular wisdom say about this?

          It is not permissible to forgive the one who intentionally commits evil, for the evil that is left without punishment is multiplied, and the blame for the increased evil lies with the one who left the perpetrator of the evil unpunished and did not bring him to God's righteous judgment.
          - Is it possible to forgive the enemy?
          - God will forgive! Our task is to arrange their meeting.
          So then "PANOVA!"
        3. dmitrich
          dmitrich 1 March 2014 05: 39
          Quote: MIKHAN
          "Heavenly hundred" ... Let the earth rest in peace to them (nevertheless) laid the "invisibility" of Ukraine behind itself to heaven ..! All the curtain is closed weekdays begin ..! Remember the appeal "pan" ..?

          kindly should be a thousand.
          1. Field
            Field 1 March 2014 07: 39
            Not fluff, not fluff - an anonymous grave.

            Quote: Dmitry
            kindly should be a thousand.

            And not one, but a couple of tens of thousands
    2. Stinger
      Stinger 28 February 2014 22: 27

      their disappointment is yet to come !! under Natsik no one had finished well !!

      Well, yes, when seriously pestering wives and daughters. And at home they will check if there are any Communists and extra money.
    3. jjj
      jjj 28 February 2014 22: 32
      Already openly it is said that hundreds of Bandera are engaged in robberies and violence on the outskirts of Kiev.
      Poroshenko tried to "talk" with the Crimeans. They pushed him out, had to urgently take a taxi to the station
      1. jjj
        jjj 28 February 2014 22: 34
        At a checkpoint, a car with explosives equivalent to 400 kg was detained. I went to Sevastopol
      2. Mih
        Mih 28 February 2014 22: 50
        How to express your participation to ordinary people of Ukraine? I am truly sorry for them. This is our pain for all people.
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. Russ69
            Russ69 1 March 2014 03: 47
            Quote: dred212
            And I sincerely pity those who want to obtain our citizenship .. they will simply doom themselves and their children to eternal poverty, humiliation from our rulers and soon slavery from the inhabitants of our eastern neighbors ...

            Poor thing, yak brought you ... smile
            1. Serg65
              Serg65 1 March 2014 09: 12
              dred212 ... Well, yes, lying on the couch while drinking beer, living at the retirement of your beloved mother and at the same time claiming that you are a beggar ... it's creative and glamorous !!!!
      3. jjj
        jjj 28 February 2014 22: 50
        The sky at the Simferopol airport is closed. The provision of communication services in Crimea was terminated due to the seizure of communication centers. The Russian Consulate will start issuing Russian passports to Berkut employees
      4. UREC
        UREC 28 February 2014 23: 59
        Been in Kiev - there was a wonderful calm city!
    4. Civil
      Civil 28 February 2014 23: 34
      They do not solve anything, their puppeteers decide))) as well as idiocy
    5. SSR
      SSR 28 February 2014 23: 41
      Quote: psychologist
      their disappointment is yet to come !! under Natsik no one had finished well !! negative

      But no, give you Benyuk or Ruslan! Until the society begins to make professional inquiries to the managers of the country, but continues to talk about toilets and fotozhabs with Caesar. For now, the essence of the conflict will be who is shouting louder, while it is a question of finding the inner enemy as soon as possible. Monuments, language issues, owners of the media, "hto do not jump, that b." Until then, there will be nothing. Even though you crack, until the manager shows you a rational justification for his effectiveness, but shouts political abuse, we will live as we live. Mediocre. "

      While they will watch and discuss with whom how much other people's money will be considered, they will be eternal whiners and will always catch disappointments.
      A man caught a goldfish.
      The goldfish says: "Ask for what you want, but know that your neighbor will get 2 times more."
      A man thought and thought: “Ask the house, the neighbor will have 2, ask for a lot of money, the neighbor will be twice as rich, it's not that ...”
      Suddenly a man lit up and he decided: "Goldfish, stick one eye out for me."
      1. AnaBat
        AnaBat 1 March 2014 00: 42
        Rake, rake, rake. How to make sure that the people who have taken the pitchfork do not step on the same rake now - only with the pitchfork in their hands? "

        Sorry Great Ukrainian People! Ukraine today is a historical example to all of us! But unfortunately we do not learn from mistakes ... crying
    6. The comment was deleted.
    7. The comment was deleted.
    8. infinite silence ...
      infinite silence ... 1 March 2014 00: 31

      I think disappointments have already begun
      you look at the faces of those who came with Bely
      They are clearly not at ease
      1. abdrah
        abdrah 1 March 2014 02: 00
        Quote: infinite silence ...
        I think the disappointments have already begun, look at the faces of those who came with Bely.

        To go nuts simply ... For what they fought for it and ran into it. But seriously, Sasha is a semi-literate white degenerate.
        1. DMB-78
          DMB-78 1 March 2014 05: 13
          Quote: abdrah
          But seriously, Sasha is a semi-literate white degenerate.

          no, it’s
      2. dmitrich
        dmitrich 1 March 2014 05: 45
        Quote: infinite silence ...

        I think disappointments have already begun
        you look at the faces of those who came with Bely
        They are clearly not at ease

        this dive will end badly.
    9. The comment was deleted.
    10. chehywed
      chehywed 1 March 2014 05: 39
      Quote: psychologist
      their disappointment is yet to come !!

      Or maybe it was originally planned?
      1. smith7
        smith7 1 March 2014 08: 34
        It is impossible to build a forecast based on information available on the web. It is almost impossible to distinguish between misinformation and truth about the situation in Ukraine. Based on objective facts, we can say that Ukraine in the customs union will live economically comfortably (but not to the point of fat), and in the EU the sovereign state of Ukraine will cease to exist ... In Russia, it is almost invisible to ordinary people in which direction Ukrainians are really inclined. And the fact that Putin "never lost to the West" is not at all a fact, and if he did not lose, then everything happens for the first time for everyone. The Ukrainians will not decide for themselves - we will not understand. It began in 1917, and the primitive order began after 7 years! At the same time, the blood of the Orthodox was spilled - seas! May God grant reason and patience to the Ukrainians! And all over the world there is a shortage of the same periodically ... All people are brothers ... By reason :)
  2. a52333
    a52333 28 February 2014 22: 11
    In muddy water, as usual, it is easier to catch a fish. Who is poorer, who has a machine gun, that and the main ...
    1. PN
      PN 28 February 2014 22: 47
      Yes, if you have a family, then willingly or unwillingly, but you can find a firearm.
  3. bubalik
    bubalik 28 February 2014 22: 18
    not yet will be ...
  4. Interface
    Interface 28 February 2014 22: 23
    under Natsik no one had finished well

    Bandera came ...
    Now pee too with permission?)
    1. kaa_andrey
      kaa_andrey 28 February 2014 23: 26
      On the Maidan, two lads from Western Ukraine are standing next to the toilet:
      - "M" tse for m..ley!
      - "F" tse for the Jews!
      - Where are we going?
      - And we are right here! We are winners!
  5. nik221276
    nik221276 28 February 2014 22: 33
    Today, the words of the prophets of our classic accidentally came to our eyes:
    "Russia must seriously prepare for the fact that all these liberated Slavs will rush into Europe with rapture, before losing their personality they will become infected with European forms, political and social, and thus will have to go through a whole and long period of Europeanism before comprehending anything in its Slavic meaning and in its special Slavic vocation among humanity.
    Between themselves, these little lands will forever quarrel, always envy each other and intrigue against each other. Of course, in the moment of some serious trouble, they will certainly turn to Russia for help. No matter how they hate, gossip and slander us, Europe, flirting with her and assuring her of love, but they will always feel instinctively (of course, in a moment of trouble, and not earlier) that Europe is a natural enemy of their unity, was they will always remain, and what if they exist in the world, then, of course, because there is a huge magnet - Russia, which, irresistibly attracting them all to itself, thereby restrains their integrity and unity ... "
    Dostoevsky Fedor Mikhailovich.
    The diary of a writer.
    September - December 1877.
    time will tell what will come around for the "liberated"
    1. PN
      PN 28 February 2014 22: 49
      And did Vanga predict anything about Ukraine?
      1. Mih
        Mih 28 February 2014 22: 53
        Wang is who?
        1. PN
          PN 28 February 2014 22: 58
          Clairvoyant. Here you can read about it.
          1. Mih
            Mih 28 February 2014 23: 01
            I do not believe in fools.
            1. Setrac
              Setrac 28 February 2014 23: 20
              Quote: Mih
              I do not believe in fools.

              However they exist laughing
              1. Mih
                Mih 28 February 2014 23: 42
                Extrasex is yes!
            2. Igarr
              Igarr 28 February 2014 23: 30
              Mih, and do not believe in health.
              In Russian, just write, please - Y U R O D AND IN S X ...
              and what you wrote - the name is obtained ....
              so that.
      2. dr.star75
        dr.star75 28 February 2014 23: 15
        Predicted: the president will come to Ukraine - a wet rag, he will be replaced by an unfinished Bandera. And then Vladimir Steel I will come ... and he will return Ukraine back, and on the contrary, he will hang Bandera’s for having alloyed ... laughing
    2. dr.star75
      dr.star75 28 February 2014 23: 42
      Enough zvizdet! This is said for a completely different reason! Give the link completely!
  6. uizik
    uizik 28 February 2014 22: 39
    It's only the beginning! Oh! Oh her!
  7. from punk
    from punk 28 February 2014 22: 43
    straight 1933 year. Germany. I can not believe that this is in Ukraine 2014
    1. Dym71
      Dym71 28 February 2014 22: 55
      Quote: punk
      straight 1933 year. Germany. I can not believe that this is in Ukraine 2014

      For 1943! drinks
      1. dr.star75
        dr.star75 28 February 2014 23: 21
        No, of course, the scale is not the same.
      2. Orik
        Orik 28 February 2014 23: 56
        Quote: Dym71
        Quote: punk
        straight 1933 year. Germany. I can not believe that this is in Ukraine 2014

        For 1943! drinks

        Then for 1945 drinks
        1. Dym71
          Dym71 1 March 2014 00: 50
          Quote: Orik
          Quote: Dym71
          Quote: punk
          straight 1933 year. Germany. I can not believe that this is in Ukraine 2014

          For 1943! drinks

          Then for 1945 drinks

          I waved fifty brandy with you for the 45th, then figured - the 45th, 54,91,2013,2014 !!! request

          I invite again for the 43rd !!! drinks, and then let the lads themselves understand.
  8. uhu189
    uhu189 28 February 2014 22: 44
    Damn, after all, most of these people are still full of illusions that the Maidan was not in vain, and that the people achieved something ... Lord, I’m reading all this and I think - to what despair it was necessary to bring ordinary people that they were their own have done such things in their own country. And after all, in fact, nothing has changed in the elites, the same people with the same wretched bestial worldview remained in power, and even criminality has grown significantly. That's all the achievements ...
    1. Mih
      Mih 28 February 2014 22: 58
      You are right and see the root. Read Kozma Prutkova. And better review the history of the CPSU.
    2. dr.star75
      dr.star75 28 February 2014 23: 28
      Unfortunately you are right. How to ride around the people, so that he himself would ask the fascists to come to power in Ukraine!
    3. UREC
      UREC 1 March 2014 00: 07
      But MOST sat at home and spit on the screens, rather it would all be over, settled down. But this is only the 1st series, the second one is over, and according to the law of the series, there should be interesting events to keep the viewer through the series. We are waiting for the 3rd series.
    4. SkiF_RnD
      SkiF_RnD 1 March 2014 01: 04
      We will not be met today by the blood-red dawn; we are completely depressed. dude what are you talking about.
      We already profiled the revolution in 2010.
      All we are doing right now is purely educational activity. Russia is doomed. A purple star will not go over her. Carthage must be destroyed.
      You need to be an idiot to not understand this.
      You can not knock on the door, closed forever)) And we closed it ourselves.

      Recently I went to a fascist public in a contact. Ours, there are 50k subscribers, citizens of the Russian Federation, so that they get out. The administrator of this public had a hard time talking in personal correspondence, as a result, he gave me this ( fool ) They sit there and dream, that’s to stir up in Russia as well ... I won’t be surprised if they started stocking up with bottles.

      ========== Russia for Russians =========== is the name of the public ... Nickname of this frame Maks Ospycal
  9. GRIGORIY1957
    GRIGORIY1957 28 February 2014 22: 45
    I think that Vladimir Putin will once again beat Obama in international law (God forbid) ...
    1. Wellych
      Wellych 28 February 2014 23: 18
      This is not chess - this is the fate of the brotherly, though a little sick, head to head, and for the Feisty, it is a test of his main goal in life, to restore the Country under the conditions of total pressure all over the world.
  10. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 28 February 2014 22: 53
    A Ukrainian and a Jew go on a train. the Ukrainian eats fat, and the Jew takes out a herring head and let's bite. :
    - What are you doing?
    - Yes, you see the brains in her, I will gnaw, gnaw, and get smarter.
    - Yah!!!
    - And from your fat what good!
    - Listen, let's change!
    Well, a Jew sits, he consumes fat, and the Ukrainian gnawed his head, then looked at the Jew like this:
    - Oh you ! Well you fiddled me !!!
    - Ahhhhh! You see - wiser!
    1. Mih
      Mih 28 February 2014 23: 06
      Anecdote with a big beard, but to the point.
  11. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 28 February 2014 22: 55
    A Ukrainian nationalist comes home after the rally, tired, hungry, looks, the elevator is working in the entrance, runs into the apartment, and there his wife cooks food on the gas, he is already sick, goes into the bath, and there is hot water.
    Sliding along the wall, whispers:
    - Everything, again, the invaders returned!
    1. Mih
      Mih 28 February 2014 23: 12
      Yes, this is the truth of life! Death to the Russian invaders - dad Bandera (Banner Italian.) As always for May Down taxis.
  12. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 28 February 2014 22: 56
    "rEvolutionEry" destroyed the capital of their country, killed innocent people, "took" power, and like BANDERLOGS, pull it in different directions, trying to "try on" themselves. I think in the light of new events - the intensification of Russia's activity to protect Russians in Ukraine, and the return of the "prodigal", but still legal, many of these BANDERLOGs began to shake their veins, as the HOUR of PAYMENT WILL COME, FOR DONE!
  13. Umnichka
    Umnichka 28 February 2014 22: 58
    In this situation, war is almost inevitable, because a fucking ass is just around the corner, and it’s not their fault, as they usually are, but someone there.
  14. dr.star75
    dr.star75 28 February 2014 23: 00
    I already wrote: if you want to know what happened in 1917, look at Ukraine. According to the article: has it really started to “let the Ukrainians go?” Is it possible that the beginning reaches the beginning of whom they have “namaydan” to power? It's only the beginning. Most likely, closer to the frost, we learn "xy from xy".
  15. combat192
    combat192 28 February 2014 23: 04
    Revolutions are carried out by romantics and idealists, and scum and adventurers use their fruits. So it was everywhere and Ukraine is no exception.
    1. Mih
      Mih 28 February 2014 23: 17
      My friend, this is a trivial truth. This is being held in grade 1 of a normal Soviet school.
    2. Serg65
      Serg65 1 March 2014 09: 21
      Alexei, I rephrase the classics with your permission, the financial pragmatists conceive the revolution, make weak-minded romantics, and the proteges of the financial pragmatists take advantage of them.
  16. Santor
    Santor 28 February 2014 23: 05
    But comment. Speech Vitrenko in the European Parliament.

    1. Mih
      Mih 28 February 2014 23: 40
      Impressive. Earnestly. Great clever. A real man, only in Europe, for men with a goatee, all this, as you can see, according to the baroban. Hu from hu, as Gorby said.
    2. aviator_IAS
      aviator_IAS 1 March 2014 00: 44
      Well done Natalya Mikhailovna! I didn’t even wash, but simply smeared this euro-trash. I wonder where our representatives in the European structures are, to convincingly poke these shit into their own shit. Still to listen in translation that there geyropeytsy bleat in response.
    3. DMB-78
      DMB-78 1 March 2014 05: 37
      wonderful speech !!!! it’s only a pity that there will be no sense from it (((these gay men would even get in your eyes, you won’t get anyway ...
      1. ia-ai00
        ia-ai00 1 March 2014 23: 33
        This is who the Ukrainians should elect to be the PRESIDENT - Natalya Mikhailovna Vitrenko! An excellent speaker, professional in politics and economics. So everything in detail "hung" the European Parliament, and the US has not forgotten! Well done!
  17. Riperbahn
    Riperbahn 28 February 2014 23: 08
    If they already say such things about their Maydan comrades-in-arms, what will happen next? The solution of political issues in Parliament with weapons? Factional killing? Or Vova-fire extinguisher, as the strongest, will prove to his fellow rogues right fists?
    1. dr.star75
      dr.star75 28 February 2014 23: 19
      This is just the beginning. We have an advantage: the next move is behind them, but the trump cards along the way are ours.
  18. Ari100kraT
    Ari100kraT 28 February 2014 23: 13
    The seventh composition of BP has every chance of becoming heavenly ...

    Let Better The Seventh Composition of BP Becomes UNDERGROUND. That is, all under the earth and the earth in fluff. And do not think that this is on a national basis, I would send the composition of the State Duma of the Russian Federation there winked
    Cruel but fair
    1. Igarr
      Igarr 28 February 2014 23: 39
      But absolutely right ...
      That BP, that the State Duma ..... definitely - the product number 2 .... defective.
      Here we add - the cabinet of ministers. Government, i.e.
      Underground Both camarillas. Together with all NGOs.
      We will return the Soviets of People's Deputies, it will be right.
      1. DMB-78
        DMB-78 1 March 2014 05: 39
        Quote: Igarr
        We will return the Councils of People's Deputies, it will be right

        so there will also be the same faces)))))
  19. Tolibas
    Tolibas 28 February 2014 23: 14
    Blessed EuroPeicoAsaceative, what, did you all think? The idiotic face of the urban intelligentsia, in front of the pig-fascist snout.
  20. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 28 February 2014 23: 16
    We would have a "heavenly" ten in Russia to start! bully
  21. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 28 February 2014 23: 17
    Got a deuce today in Ukrainian literature.
    There is such a poet - Ivan Drach.
    Well, I was a little late, apologized, sat down in my place.
    And the teacher says, they say: children, we read poetry fighter!
    - I asked again: what are you doing, sorry?

    Russian presenter at a Ukrainian concert.
    He looks at the list of concert numbers with bewilderment ...
    Then he hesitantly announces:
    - Pisenka hung?! ...

    Brothers Ukrainians, beware of fakes!
    Chewing gum is a symbol of the American lifestyle.
    White, tasty, smells good, but it is not fat !!

    Ukraine. A radio is working in the minibus: there is a children's quiz with a geographic bias. The announcer asks the question: "The name of which city in Ukraine consists of two parts: the first is what a person cannot live without, the second is what brings people peace." Answer: "Zhitomir". Aunt in the salon: "Why not Kherson ?!"

    Russia laid a sewer pipe through Ukraine.
    I wonder if they will steal or not?
  22. from punk
    from punk 28 February 2014 23: 17
    look at the video on YouTube, glory to Ukraine. who doesn’t notice anything?
  23. takeshi
    takeshi 28 February 2014 23: 21
    In a week or two, Natsik will remove this power. And the worst will begin. 17 year, somehow everyone forgot the advent of the Nazis to power in Germany. A hell of a mixture. Ahh, yes, the story was well-edited. It is impossible to forget what you do not know (((
  24. Skifo
    Skifo 28 February 2014 23: 22
    It's a shame for the brotherly people! It seems that everything is obvious: the West is winding up, it is propaganda, but the masses are still going on! Residents of the countries of the former USSR (and not only) have long had time to slaughter themselves: no West (like the peoples of other parts of the world) needs them ! All these are attempts to destroy them for personal gain! Rescue of the drowning ...
  25. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 28 February 2014 23: 24
    I looked at all this leapfrog, a pitiful sight, it is understandable why the boxer and Yulka disappeared somewhere all the current "government" of Ukraine is the kamikaze, who were allowed to swallow Sake and sent to slaughter, to ram American aircraft carriers in the Philippine Sea. Probably the Provisional also looked pitiful. government in 1917, absolutely worthless, petty, miserable and confused, cowards ready to sell their homeland to anyone who pays. Yanukovych is also good, "Bourbon in emigration" fucking, lost everything and hoping for protection. It seems to me that Crimea one way or another, but it will be withdrawn from Ukraine or will receive a very wide autonomy, practically independence. And in fact, by the way, no one needs this Ukraine of yours, all this absolutely empty talk in the West about some kind of "integration" turned out to be empty nonsense, and naive Ukrainians then fell for it, I can imagine how they laugh now somewhere in Brussels or Washington, watching as Ukrainians naively follow the phantom into the abyss. We once also fell for the "phantom" in 1991, and stopped only to the very edge of the abyss, even a leg was probably already raised for the last step, but still they did not step, which is what we advise today's Ukraine.
  26. Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev 28 February 2014 23: 27
    Or maybe the Maidan will begin to wet each other?
    1. Riperbahn
      Riperbahn 28 February 2014 23: 33
      This will be the best way out - they will deal with each other. Less slag will remain. Like rats in a barrel.
      1. Bum
        Bum 1 March 2014 00: 06
        While maydaunas will understand among themselves, ordinary people will suffer.
        And about rats in a barrel, in the end there will be only one, but that is better to shoot.
  27. balyaba
    balyaba 28 February 2014 23: 28
    Why is Putin silent? What should Russia do? And Russia on "Russia 1" will watch "The White Guard" with its favorite actors ...
    1. dr.star75
      dr.star75 28 February 2014 23: 35
      Putin watches a film: "Liberation of Ukraine" makes notes. What?
    2. DMB-78
      DMB-78 1 March 2014 05: 44
      Quote: balyaba
      Why is Putin silent?

      he is a professional scout. and intelligence is quiet, inconspicuous. those who talk a lot fail faster.
  28. housekeeper
    housekeeper 28 February 2014 23: 28
    Maidan itself has already begun to ripen.
    I warn you in advance - an article in Ukrainian.
  29. Bosk
    Bosk 28 February 2014 23: 29
    Sorry for the people ... it's the flowers ... soon the berries will ripen. Or maybe the Maidan was needed ?, at least now all the masks are thrown off and everything is perfectly visible who is who, but such a revelation will cost Ukraine dearly ...
  30. bubla5
    bubla5 28 February 2014 23: 30
    "Tell Turchinov that the seventh convocation of the Verkhovna Rada has every chance of becoming heavenly."
    Good and prophetic words
    1. Egoza
      1 March 2014 00: 12
      Quote: bubla5
      Tell Turchinov that the seventh convocation of the Verkhovna Rada has every chance of becoming heavenly. "

      Here on this occasion, he replaced the commander of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. So, by decree of the President of Ukraine No. 171 / 2014 of 28 on February 2014, Mr. Turchynov appointed Stepan Poltorak as the head of the main department - the commander of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. By decree No. 170 / 2014 of 28 on February 2014, Mr. Turchinov fired Stanislav Shulyak from this position.
      1. DMB-78
        DMB-78 1 March 2014 05: 46
        Quote: Egoza
        So, by decree of the President of Ukraine No. 171/2014 of February 28, 2014 Turchinov

        so he doesn’t seem to be president yet)
  31. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 28 February 2014 23: 34
    Quote: Old_Ret
    Earth rest in peace to those who fought under the banner of Bandera?
    "During the Great Patriotic War, more than 3 million civilians were brutally tortured and killed by members of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA)."

    Yes, I know .... They stood on the Maidan and didn’t run away from bullets .. Why don’t you hide behind shields! And they pulled out the wounded Here it’s all to sell to gays so that God will judge everyone ...
  32. from punk
    from punk 28 February 2014 23: 38
    Quote: balyaba
    Why is Putin silent? What should Russia do? And Russia on "Russia 1" will watch "The White Guard" with its favorite actors ...

    because the head of the Great Country should not grind into empty tongue as others do
  33. buzer
    buzer 28 February 2014 23: 38
    Ukraine awaits the fate of Central Asia. When there is nothing to eat, all the revolutionaries will become migrant workers and disperse to sweep the streets to more prosperous countries.
    1. Riperbahn
      Riperbahn 28 February 2014 23: 42
      Moldova has already run away. Who is west, who is east. And in Ukraine it will be the same.
  34. nikn88
    nikn88 28 February 2014 23: 53
    Why is Putin silent? What should Russia do?
    What to say? Russia has been operating for a long time ... Tomorrow you will see a zombie!)))
    GDP is flawless! But how Yanika played!))) Bravo!
  35. gfs84
    gfs84 1 March 2014 00: 16
    The United States is concerned about reports of events in the Crimea, although it recognizes that the information that they have available requires confirmation. This was announced on February 28 by White House spokesman Jay Carney. “We monitor whether or not Russia is doing something that could lead to the crossing of the red line. Communications from the Crimea are of deep concern to the United States, ”ITAR-TASS official said. According to Karni, "these messages do not correspond to Russia's previous assurances of its support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine." “We urge Russia to fulfill its obligations and respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine,” he said. “In ongoing negotiations with the Russian side, the United States clearly expressed its views that territorial integrity should be respected.” The White House representative also called on "all parties to avoid steps that could lead to mistakes during this difficult time." At the same time, Carney admitted that “contradictory information” comes from the Crimea, requiring confirmation.

    Hmm ... Somewhere about red line has already happened ... If I'm not mistaken - where the heirs of the "founding fathers" have already managed to cheat ... Is it not in Syria? ..
    1. Old_ret
      Old_ret 1 March 2014 00: 22
      If these "heirs" obeyed their founding fathers, there would be no such mess in the world.
      1. Field
        Field 1 March 2014 07: 50
        Why do they honor the "classics"?

        "The tree of freedom must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants, this is a natural fertilizer for it."
        Thomas Jefferson
  36. gfs84
    gfs84 1 March 2014 00: 22
    Hmm ...
    More than 60 helicopters of the army aviation of the Western Military District (ZVO) were redeployed from Pskov to the Leningrad Region as part of a sudden alert test. This was announced on February 28 by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. “As part of a sudden check of the combat readiness of troops deployed on the territory of the Western and Central military districts, units of the 76th Guards Airborne Division of the Airborne Forces loaded military equipment and weapons into military transport aircraft and helicopters at military airfields in the Pskov region and were deployed by air to the designated area at the airfields of the Leningrad Region, ”the ministry said. In total, 60 Mi-8, Mi-26, Mi-24 helicopters and about 20 Il-76 aircraft were involved in the transfer of personnel and military equipment of the Pskov compound to combat training missions, ITAR-TASS reports.

    This is apparently a gesture of goodwill in the framework of the exercises, we don’t even look at Ukraine ... So we remind Estonia that Pskov was originally Russian land)))
  37. skifd
    skifd 1 March 2014 00: 24
    Everything that happens as de javu. No, we certainly WERE NOT. But that is DISAPPOINTMENT, with the pain of the realization that even a small part of what was destroyed by your action or inaction, indifference, not understanding, at least by anything, will not necessarily return the majority. But it will be LATE.
  38. Thomas
    Thomas 1 March 2014 00: 25
    The people's deputy from "Fatherland" Vladimir Aryev:
    “The titties who did not get out of Kiev because they were abandoned, under the guise of Self-Defense, begin atrocities ...

    Who-where, and this one again dumps everything on the aunts. Wake up, deputy! This is no longer aunts, this is a new government.
    They have titushki, like vampires in the movies: "Ah-ah-ah, look - Orest from Maydan turns into a titushka. Noooooo!"
    Or like this: "Diary of a Maidan member: This morning I got out of the tent, looked in the mirror - and there is titushka! Noooo!"
  39. gfs84
    gfs84 1 March 2014 00: 36
    Acting President of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to withdraw troops from the autonomous republic of Crimea. This was reported by Interfax-Ukraine on the night of March 1.

    “I personally appeal to President Putin demanding to immediately stop the provocation and withdraw the military from the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and work exclusively within the framework of the signed agreements,” Turchinov said at a briefing in the Verkhovna Rada.

    According to Ukrainska Pravda, on the evening of February 28, Turchinov also accused Russia of provoking a military conflict with a view to annexing territories in a televised address to Ukrainians. According to him, Russia "is working out a variant identical to the Abkhazian one."

    It just seems to me, or is it really a hysteria? ...

    Maybe the Black Sea Fleet will still be advised to leave Sevastopol so that, forgive me, some people in Kiev do not have a "point" ...
    1. from punk
      from punk 1 March 2014 01: 03
      yes they don’t give money here and yells
  40. gfs84
    gfs84 1 March 2014 00: 38
    Here ... first the stations, now the telegraph ...

    Unknowns are trying to capture the Crimean television channel ATP. Also, as of the evening of February 28, the building of the State Television and Radio Company of Ukraine in Simferopol was seized. “So unknown people in military uniforms and shoelaces came to us. There is a car at the State Television and Radio Company, ”UNN quotes a source in the Crimean State Television and Radio Company. An employee of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Shevket Ganiev wrote on his Facebook that the armed people who occupied the building appear to be members of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.
    1. Field
      Field 1 March 2014 07: 53
      As the classic of the genre bequeathed "we take stations and telegraph" soldier
  41. loginovich
    loginovich 1 March 2014 00: 39
    "Tell Turchinov that the seventh convocation of the Verkhovna Rada has every chance of becoming heavenly."
  42. gfs84
    gfs84 1 March 2014 00: 43
    Who from the Crimea, confirm Old !!!

    Russian aircraft with two thousand troops on board landed at a military base in Crimea, said on February 28, Sergey Kunitsyn, Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea. “Thirteen aircraft of the Russian Federation landed in the Guards, in each - 150 people,” said Kunitsyn in an interview with the Crimean television channel ATR.
    1. bomg.77
      bomg.77 1 March 2014 02: 53
      Quote: gfs84
      Who from the Crimea, confirm Old !!!

      Russian aircraft with two thousand military personnel on board landed at a military base in Crimea.
      5-6 hours ago
    2. Russ69
      Russ69 1 March 2014 02: 56
      Quote: gfs84
      Who from the Crimea, confirm Old !!!

      Russian aircraft with two thousand troops on board landed at a military base in Crimea, said on February 28, Sergey Kunitsyn, Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea. “Thirteen aircraft of the Russian Federation landed in the Guards, in each - 150 people,” said Kunitsyn in an interview with the Crimean television channel ATR.

      The port administration said "Everything is calm." And Kunitsyn Banderlog
  43. Sergey Pearce
    Sergey Pearce 1 March 2014 00: 49
    What can I say? It seems that their song is sung! .. And the President today gave an unambiguous hint at today's press conference that it was time to put things in order. And who is against ?! laughing
  44. Evgeniy7775
    Evgeniy7775 1 March 2014 01: 06
    So they still gathered to complain to the UN .. Thank you, they would say that the borders with the Russian Federation are open and gas is sizzling in the pipes! Anger, angry Vladimirovich .. I am not against Ukraine, I am against impostors in parliament and armed benders!
  45. jkflandria
    jkflandria 1 March 2014 01: 10
    Is there anyone here from the Crimea? I would like to read their comments.
  46. The comment was deleted.
  47. Citizen7
    Citizen7 1 March 2014 01: 12

    Sasha White is strange again
    1. smersh70
      smersh70 1 March 2014 01: 33
      Quote: Citizen7
      Sasha White is strange again

      The only thing he is right is that Avakov must be hung up bully
  48. Ulysses
    Ulysses 1 March 2014 01: 31
    in the Crimea Poroshenko fully hacked.
  49. Russ69
    Russ69 1 March 2014 01: 38
    Still apparently from the Crimea. The guys are very interesting there .... Machine guns, flies, RPGs, AGS. Kalash almost all tuned ...
  50. densh
    densh 1 March 2014 01: 43
    Maidowns began to get even those who only yesterday supported them
    An instructive video of how the Maidan people were driven with pissed rags from the Vinnitsa University. It is worth paying attention to their equipment. Someone bought everything for them. And how many such gangs now walks through the streets of cities ?!

    Another interesting social composition maydanutyh. Like a leader, Sergey (7 min), economist by education, without work.
    Typical victim of "post-restructuring". When the industry was destroyed, and in universities they began to train such "economists", thinking that they would create prosperity. Somewhere in Kiev, of course, he would have got a job in a holding company to shift papers, but in Vinnitsa he is completely superfluous.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. builder
      builder 1 March 2014 02: 30
      Good movie! Everywhere they would be met like that