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Prosecutor General's Office became interested in tenders Roscosmos

At the end of last year, the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) published documentation on two tenders. The purpose of the tenders was to find an organization capable of performing a number of research projects. In mid-February, it became known that these tenders attracted the attention of the Prosecutor General's Office. Inspection of tender documentation showed that announced tenders could lead to inappropriate spending of budget funds.

According to the newspaper Izvestia, on January X, the Prosecutor General’s Office sent a submission to the leadership of Roskosmos, in which the organization was informed about the violations. According to Izvestia, for organizing contests that contradict existing legislation, Roskosmos leadership may be brought to disciplinary responsibility.

The claims of the supervisory organization relate to tenders “Development of conceptual documents on the development of space activities in Russia based on system studies of the problems of studying and conquering space in the country and abroad for the period up to 2030 and clarifying the strategic goals and tactical tasks of domestic space activities” and “System studies of development problems space tools and the development of program-planning documents (concepts for the development of space vehicles up to 2030, the Federal Space Program Sessions on 2016-2025 years, etc.) on the creation of promising space assets, taking into account the country's transition to an innovative socially-oriented development model and the results of a long-term scientific and technological forecast. ” The initial value of the contracts was determined in 883 million and 968,8 million rubles, respectively. Thus, the total value of the two contracts exceeded 1,8 billion rubles.

February 5 was announced the winner of both competitions. Two contracts were to be received by the Central Scientific Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering (TsNIIMash). However, the signing of contracts has not yet taken place. In early February, Roskosmos received a submission from the Prosecutor General's Office, according to which all work on the preparation of agreements had to be suspended.

According to Izvestia, two Roscosmos tenders contradict the law “On Space Activity”. In accordance with existing legislation, the creation of projects of the federal space program, as well as the conduct of systematic research relating to the further development of the national space program, should be carried out by the Federal Space Agency. However, the conditions of the two contests implied that such research should be undertaken by a different organization. In this regard, the Prosecutor General’s Office demanded that the results of the tender be canceled and that Roskosmos employees who committed such violations be brought to disciplinary responsibility.

Shortly after publication in Izvestia appeared, the Prosecutor General’s Office confirmed the submission of the submission to Roskosmos. The document was sent in the last days of January, and the execution of the submission is under special control of the management of the supervisory authority.

The task of the two tenders that attracted the attention of the Prosecutor General’s Office was to determine the current state of the domestic space industry and the prospects for its development. In addition, the studies assumed to take into account the state of foreign space exploration, the Russian economy and some other factors. In other words, the works ordered were not so much the development of a cosmonautics development strategy as an attempt to collect information on various aspects of the state and development of the industry.

Izvestia cites the words of Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics A. Ionov. In his opinion, the essence of the current Roscosmos problem lies in the fact that in two tenders a huge number of different questions were combined. In addition, according to Ionov, the Federal Space Agency needed to be more attentive to the wording. For example, the wording “preparation of materials for strategic research” could protect the tender from claims.

It is not yet known how Roscosmos will solve the existing problem and carry out the planned work. Peculiarities of the legislation do not allow the Federal Space Agency to involve third-party organizations to carry out certain works, which is why it will have to look for some ways to comply with all the formalities.

Cancellation of the results of two tenders will affect not only Roscosmos, but also related organizations. After signing two contracts, 1,8 of a billion rubles was to be received by the Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering, however, due to the submission of the prosecutor's office, the money will remain with Roskosmos. According to reports, the peculiarities of the work of TsNIIMash are such that the bulk of the salaries of employees is formed due to the implementation of research works. Thus, the legal features of the two tenders should first hit the employees of TsNIIMash.

Interestingly, at the end of last year, information appeared in the media about the financial problems of the Federal Space Agency. Then the Kommersant publication, citing its sources in the industry, wrote that of the 170 billions of rubles allocated to the space program last year, Roskosmos did not manage to distribute about 30 billions. This amount is made up of the value of unsigned contracts, non-submitted works, etc. It was reported that Roscosmos is looking for ways to absorb the remaining money, since they cannot transfer to the organization’s budget for 2014 a year.

Who and when will begin the study of the prospects of the space industry is not yet completely clear. Apparently, the Federal Space Agency will have to carry out all the necessary work independently, without turning to TsNIIMash or other organizations.

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  1. Vita_vko
    Vita_vko 27 February 2014 08: 49
    Faced repeatedly with a similar money laundering. I am sure the employees of TsNIIMash would get a penny. And 90% of all the money went into the pockets of officials who planned such work. This always happens when government organizations order supposedly conceptual, but in fact documents of no significance. Sometimes this way of laundering budget funds comes to a funny point. As was the case when officials of one large organization held a tender to develop a plan of their own work.
  2. Chinovnik
    Chinovnik 27 February 2014 10: 21
    At the space agency, now all work is entrusted to enterprises either through tenders with their own organizations, or through snowdrops, which are registered and receive a salary in these enterprises, but call themselves Roskosmos employees and even are in the same premises as real Roskosmos workers. Of course, they are not in the structure of the department approved by the new head, but in fact there are more than 200 of them.
  3. calocha
    calocha 27 February 2014 10: 39
    Wrecking in action! Only toughening can succeed! Why was there practically no corruption under Stalin?! The order was. The law was respected!
  4. Denis_Rossiya
    Denis_Rossiya 27 February 2014 11: 33
    A reasonable question arises: what then does Roskosmos do in general? if all tasks are delegated to allied ...... and, accordingly, the question of the appropriateness of such a structure ... with such arguments and questions, you can fill up any of the similar state corporations .....
    1. valokordin
      valokordin 27 February 2014 12: 30
      And what about the prosecutor’s office, she has an eyesore. Her activities can be viewed in two ways.
      1. Manul
        Manul 27 February 2014 15: 02
        Quote: valokordin
        And what about the prosecutor’s office, she has an eyesore. Her activities can be viewed in two ways.

        Write another article. About this department. And here they discuss another topic.
    2. valokordin
      valokordin 27 February 2014 12: 30
      And what about the prosecutor’s office, she has an eyesore. Her activities can be viewed in two ways.
      1. siberalt
        siberalt 27 February 2014 13: 45
        The prosecutor’s office does not write laws. She oversees their accurate execution. It seems that some inconsistencies were revealed in the legislation.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Chinovnik
      Chinovnik 27 February 2014 14: 02
      Roscosmos is engaged in the usual distribution of budget funds. And we see how he does it. At least one serious competition was won by a third-party organization? No, all the winners are on their list.
      So why then need such a monster? This is the work of a small department.
  5. Ascetic
    Ascetic 27 February 2014 14: 20
    I said for a long time that Popovkin is Serdyukov squared. It is difficult to find a "more effective" manager. For example, at Baikonur for 200pl. there were two "starts" 39-left start, now it is used to launch Protons and 40-right start, which is completely destroyed at this moment. and for starts is not used, it was planned under the Angara initially. Then they decided to move to 250pl. and the fortieth were left in a disassembled state. Moreover, the Kazakhs were "bred" for a lot of money with this very Hangara.