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Russia-West: propaganda and various solutions to world problems

Russia-West: propaganda and various solutions to world problems It is quite noteworthy that as soon as Russia takes a foreign policy step, the Western media immediately begin squealing angrily (on command, as if on command), in every possible way stifling Russia and our president personally. It seems that many politicians in the West are stuck in old cold war trenches flooded with water and still consider our country as the source of hell, where the KGB and the Gulag rule. Check out any Hollywood film about today's Russia, in which only our black life shows our modern life using 30 patterns of the last century. And such examples do not count. For example, take at least the Sochi Olympiad and its "colorful" descriptions in the Western press. It is well known from Greek times that wars, battles, attacks on each other stop during the Olympiad, and former opponents "fight" on the sports lists, showing their prowess and sports training. But things are very different in the West with the Olympics in Sochi, which caused a number of political figures and journalists to once again occasionally viciously bark at our country, showing their most base, vile qualities.

Here is a sample of this disgusting propaganda. President Putin’s foreign policy in Syria does not meet the Olympic ideals, Mark Malloch-Brown, a former UN Under-Secretary General and former British government minister, said in his article on Foreign Policy. “Now the Putin government is the main obstacle in the UN Security Council - it is blocking a resolution that would put these lofty ideals into practice,” the author brazenly lies. According to Malloch-Brown, Russia must insist that the Syrian government miss humanitarian aid for "Syrians dying of hunger and lack of medical care because of the blockades imposed by the Assad forces."

What a word, then lies and outright slander, calculated on the fact that the western man in the street is not very versed in international affairs. It is possible to remind the former minister, and at the same time enlighten the western man in the street, that it was the Russian Foreign Ministry that proposed to introduce a truce in Sochi during the Olympics, to stop any hostilities. Yes, indeed, Russia rejected the draft resolution submitted by its Western partners to the UN Security Council, believing that this document would only complicate the situation and thwart efforts for a political settlement against the background of an international conference in Geneva. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov explained in some detail to his Western partners why Moscow had rejected this draft resolution. But at the same time Russia introduced its project, more detailed and more constructive, aimed at improving the humanitarian situation in Syria. But the former British government minister did not say a word about this.

In addition, the western man in the street can be reminded that Russia regularly sends humanitarian aid to Syria, which saved tens of thousands of Syrians from starvation and cold. And what about the United States and its Western partners? Yes, they also “help”, but they help the Syrian opposition to further fan the flames of civil war. The press repeatedly passed messages about how CIA agents actively train Syrian gangsters and thugs at bases in Turkey and Jordan, how different kinds of weapons are supplied to these “fighters” for freedom. What is worth, for example, the message that has just appeared that the closest American partner of Saudi Arabia is going to supply man-portable air defense systems to the Syrian thugs, as written by the Wall Street Journal, citing diplomatic and opposition sources.

Saudi Arabia offered the opposition supplies of Chinese MANPADS, an unnamed diplomat from an Arab country told the publication. According to the newspaper, the proposal was first announced at the end of January, when the first round of negotiations in Geneva ended, at a meeting with the rebels of representatives of the intelligence of the USA and Saudi Arabia, as well as other countries of the Persian Gulf. At this meeting, the parties expressed regret that the Syrian government delegation in Geneva does not want to discuss the resignation of President Bashar Assad.

The United States has repeatedly stated that they oppose the supply of anti-aircraft missile systems of the Syrian opposition for fear that they could later be used against Western countries. And there is no doubt that many international gangsters and thugs, having gained experience in Syria, may appear in Europe and the USA, and then the western man in the street will have no time for a warm feather bed. This is not gloating, but a simple statement of fact.

Let us take another example: the visit of Egyptian Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to our country, Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmi and their highly successful negotiations in the “two plus two” format with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. At the same time, Vladimir Putin received the Egyptian delegation in Novo-Ogarevo, where, addressing Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, he said: “I know that you, dear Mr. Minister of Defense, have decided to run for office of the President of Egypt. This is a very responsible decision - to assume the mission for the fate of the Egyptian people. I wish you success both on my own behalf and on behalf of the Russian people. ” In other words, our president expressed good wishes to the Egyptian guest.

But even such kind words addressed to the Egyptian guest caused a real wave of hysteria in the West. Instantly, the Al-Arabia website (UAE) presented a statement by State Department spokesman Marie Harf, who expressed regret that Russian President Vladimir Putin openly supported one of the candidates in the upcoming presidential elections in Egypt. “The decision about who should be in power in Egypt should be taken not by Russia or the United States, but by the Egyptian people,” M. Harf stressed.

Bravo, Mrs. M. Harf! At last, you and other Washington politicians have come to a simple truth known from time immemorial that the fate of a country is decided by its people. Then the question is: where were you before, when the American military and its western singers in the spirit of fascism attacked Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now they are tormenting Syria? Should not the Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans and Syrians themselves decide the fate of their countries? Why did Washington, occupying Afghanistan and Iraq, destroy statehood in them and implant puppet regimes only on him? Why is there still a civil war in these countries and the blood of civilians is being shed? Moreover, all states are located thousands of kilometers from the United States, and not one of them declared war on the Americans or attacked American territory. Think, before it's too late, dear Mrs. M. Harf. By the way, it was good to think before the ancient Greeks advised before taking any action, including on the world stage.

Where a horse with a hoof, there and cancer with claws, says the Russian proverb. According to her, Western singers are already starting to spin a new round of anti-Russian propaganda. And now the "dollar" sang Italian Stefano Magni published an article in the Opinione newspaper under the catchy headline "Cossacks on the Nile: Putin supports al-Sisi." This Italian is not at all interested in affairs in Italy itself, where the next political crisis and the Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta announced his resignation. S.Manyi is only interested in “If the Cossacks drink their horses in the Nile?”. And, trying to be more American than the Americans themselves, the Italian sadly exclaims: “There is no doubt that negotiations between Putin and al-Sisi, especially after the promise to sell weaponshould be considered a clear and strong signal from the Obama administration. But does anyone in Washington listen to what is happening? ”

At the same time, the visit to Washington of the Minister of the Interior of Saudi Arabia, Prince Muhammad bin Naif. The Saudi guest reportedly conferred with US Secretary of State John Kerry, US National Security Advisor Susan Rice, CIA Director John Brennan, and Head of the National Security Agency Keith Alexander. I wonder how the Russian media reacted to this visit. If in the spirit of evil Westerners, then such articles should appear: “The Saudis have completely laid down under the Americans,” “The Pentagon views Saudi Arabia as its pocket training ground,” etc. It may be recalled that the huge American fleet, including nuclear aircraft carriers, has been hanging out in the Persian Gulf for a year now, completely poisoning its turquoise waters with its waste. By the way, where are the fighters for the purity of nature, where are the activists of Greenpeace, where are their fearless attacks of American aircraft carriers? But this is nothing. As well as the professional Russian press only informs its readers about current events and gives analytical articles, avoiding the angry attacks on the West and its leaders.

I wonder how our President V. Putin behaves at this time? While the Western press is angry, he paid a visit to the American house in the Olympic Park in Sochi and spoke there with the president of the US Olympic Committee Scott Blackman and members of the American delegation. According to RIA News, the Russian president thanked the United States for supporting Sochi as the capital of the Winter Games. “I remember how friendly the representatives of the United States reacted to our application in Guatemala. We remember and thank our American friends for their support, ”Putin said. According to the Russian president, the American team at the Games in Sochi looks very strong. “In my opinion, Americans are performing very well,” he noted.

Pay attention: he didn’t say any bad things or taunts to the Americans, although it is known that V. Putin is very sharp on the language and can speak quite sharply. And so it turns out, as it were, two approaches to the events in the world: the continuous evil tattling of the West addressed to us and the very benevolent attitude of V. Putin towards the Americans. Feel the difference? I would say earlier - a good education. And nowadays it is the presence of both a good upbringing and a manifestation of the usual culture of communication, and the legacy of the great Russian civilization, which dictates peaceful coexistence with other nations, nations and states.
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  1. SSR
    SSR 24 February 2014 07: 12
    Here already one of the members of the forum (Asket like) the owner of the newspaper **** was already quoted, and a relative in the State Department has a public relations post, the Sienen TV channel has the same chain in general, representatives of the multi-vector nation and the US State Department, England, the Jewish Union are very much intertwined corporations lobbyists.
    1. Orel
      Orel 24 February 2014 07: 59
      In Ukraine I will tell you my opinion. I got acquainted with the publications and reports of our media, Ukrainian and foreign. The truth, as always, is somewhere between all these positions. I believe that the revolution was due to dissatisfaction with the policies of Yanukovych, the difficult economic situation and corruption. Most of the Maidan are ordinary people. Nationalists are a minority, but they are the most active, efficient and initiative. They simply became a battering ram for the revolution, as they are more radical. We had such a thing in Moscow in 1993. There were also RNU and Brakovoshites there. In such periods, they always go on stage. The situation now is such that the nationalists are no longer needed by the new government and will try to push them in, but they may not like it and then the nationalist dictatorship may become a reality. This is the main danger. Let's see how the new government copes with this. I also see two revolutions in Ukraine. In the West of Ukraine, the revolution is more nationalistic in nature, and in the center of the country and in Kiev, more moderate, since there are a minority of nationalists ...
      1. vladsolo56
        vladsolo56 24 February 2014 08: 14
        What to watch? anti-Russian laws are already being adopted by the parliament, so look do not look the Nazis raised their heads, armed themselves, and are not going to stop.
        1. 222222
          222222 24 February 2014 10: 24
          Speech by Vladimir Zhirinovsky 23.02.2014 on the situation in Ukraine

        2. CALL.
          CALL. 24 February 2014 13: 44
          While the Western press was vicious, he paid a visit to the American House in the Olympic Park in Sochi and talked with Scott Blackman, President of the US Olympic Committee, and members of the American delegation.

          Russia is a unique country. After all, only we have a black-and-white TV "Rainbow", handcuffs "Tenderness", a chainsaw "Friendship", tear gas "Bird cherry", intercontinental ballistic missiles "Mir".
          1. 222222
            222222 24 February 2014 18: 41
            CALL. RU Today, 13: 44 ↑
            ..sey the politician is allegedly trying to gain a rating on someone else’s ... he would put on a field uniform himself if the colonel ... and forth .. for Slavic unity .. He only does more harm ... and plays into the hands of only not Russia and Ukraine ..
  2. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz 24 February 2014 07: 13
    All the same, Putin is our good fellow! Egypt is doing the right thing under our wing. Let the Saudis wipe away. Perhaps soon and bloody snot. Worthless scum on the planet. The horse went across the furrow! Maybe someone doesn’t like the GDP site, but I say! God grant, Volodya, to you unmeasured health!
    1. Sunjar
      Sunjar 24 February 2014 07: 31
      Well, again, srach will begin any minute. For Putin, for some, the embodiment of the Devil, and without Putin we would live in prosperity and prosperity.
      1. dmitrij.blyuz
        dmitrij.blyuz 24 February 2014 08: 25
        Well, someone can't stand you! wassat Minuses rained down! Or Putin?
        1. major071
          major071 24 February 2014 09: 17
          hi Be afraid of minuses - do not go to the forum! laughing
  3. Hleb
    Hleb 24 February 2014 07: 18
    yes .. I’ve climbed their sports sites in the morning. Why don’t you read there? And that 51 billion was spent, including on bribing judges, and the bestial attitude towards American athletes and their failures (falls, misses, etc. ... ) there are adequate articles.
    (Moments of nationalistic pride and over-the-top enthusiasm occur at every Olympic Games. But, over these past two weeks, make no mistake: Sochi won the gold.)
    By the way, I like my translator))
  4. Name
    24 February 2014 07: 23
    In the Western and not only media, they follow a simple rule:The greater the lie, the sooner they will believe in it. Although when you read what Western media write, laughter parses, but you should not relax ... and sometimes you just need to be wary:... foreign policy analyst James Traub confidently made this prediction:
    “Putinism is doomed to failure: according to general belief, it is already weakening. 25 years ago, the United States had the good sense to help the Soviet empire collapse as neatly as possible. After some time, probably quite soon, the United States will again have to resort to its skills in skillful diplomacy. ”

    Shelling of Sochi with a sight on Syria ("The American Conservative", USA)
    Neocons sharply criticize Russia for stopping them from starting another war

    Read more:
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  5. shelva
    shelva 24 February 2014 07: 23
    Yes, they are simply afraid of us, and not because of the fact that we are threatening them, but simply because bz.uns are by nature.
    1. dmitrij.blyuz
      dmitrij.blyuz 24 February 2014 07: 32
      They are not afraid of us for this reason. The whole world is afraid of us and many respect us. It's just that we are RUSSIAN! It doesn’t matter how many nationalities are in my (our) country. We are in Russia. This is our mentality. The bulk of the world crowd hates us. they don’t know us. Propaganda is doing its job. But we still will decide our fate. Not people, but planets. We don’t need to annoy us. If we are with the world, we are affectionate as kittens. And if you know something. hi
  6. Alexey K.
    Alexey K. 24 February 2014 07: 26
    Well done Putin! Keep it up! Dogs bark - the caravan is coming!
  7. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz 24 February 2014 07: 36
    Quote: Sunjar
    Well, again, srach will begin any minute. For Putin, for some, the embodiment of the Devil, and without Putin we would live in prosperity and prosperity.

    Alexander! hi Ali, am I wrong? Yes, let them spit saliva! The bulk of the price here are adequate People!
  8. ZU-23
    ZU-23 24 February 2014 07: 37
    Western media are already swinging the topic with full force that Putin is to blame for the events in Ukraine, which means they admit that they seriously turned over there.
    1. dmitrij.blyuz
      dmitrij.blyuz 24 February 2014 07: 45
      They scamper us, then we’re doing the right thing. And for them, our President is like a red rag for a bull! They’re afraid of the strong! And they’re trying to do dirty tricks out of the silence. And you can take the Western Media-Geyropa from yourself! only they can. One word-garbage!
  9. The comment was deleted.
    1. Magadan
      Magadan 24 February 2014 10: 27
      yes you bear it! In the case of Ukraine, do not wave the saber! There will be a finer game. Bandera will pay for it in full!
      Already mysterious events are governors, most of which WESTERN are resigning
      At the moment, Oleg Salo (Lviv region), Valentin Khoptyan (Ternopil region), Alexander Bashkalenko (Volyn region) Vasily Chudnov (Ivano-Frankivsk region), Sergey Ryzhuk (Zhytomyr region), Gennady Nikolenko (Nikolaev region), Andrei resigned Nikolayenko (Kirovograd region), Alexander Udovichenko (Poltava region), Ivan Movchan (Vinnytsia region).

      All statements about the resignation of governors were posted on the websites of regional administrations.
      1. dmitrij.blyuz
        dmitrij.blyuz 24 February 2014 10: 54
        This is what we are aware of. What is planned with the "leaders" of the Maidana. To work with criminals, including a woman with a scythe, is not to respect ourselves. It is necessary to save somehow nashyah. The shooting of the stubborn is needed. Even without discussion.
      2. CALL.
        CALL. 24 February 2014 14: 12
        Quote: Magadan
        All statements about the resignation of governors were posted on the websites of regional administrations

        They will put in their place.
  10. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 24 February 2014 08: 04
    A kind word and a gun sounds much more convincing than just a kind word. Otherwise, complacency and kindness towards their "partners" without a pistol at their temples, these "partners" will perceive as weakness.
    all the more it is necessary to erect into an axiom the phrase "Never trust the English-speaking - they ALWAYS lie!" And build your policy based on this. For the hypocrisy and deceit of the "partners" is visible at a glance not only in their press, but also in the statements of the partaigenosse.
    Therefore, a strong and efficient army can serve as a guarantee in the freedom of our choice. soldier
  11. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz 24 February 2014 08: 06
    Well, something he can say? This is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs substantiated. You minus for your incontinence. Or do you want a humpback or Yeltsin on the throne?
  12. DS14
    DS14 24 February 2014 08: 07
    Frau Merkel!
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 24 February 2014 12: 38
      Here are just a general form for this deer - too rich. Hitler should be more modest, and then the corporal was ...
      1. CALL.
        CALL. 24 February 2014 14: 37
        Quote: inkass_98
        That's just the general form for this deer - too rich

        Vlasov also had a general uniform. Traitors were bought for beads, and now for general's lompas.
        Carier start

        End of career

        End of career
  13. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 24 February 2014 08: 16
    How long we will look back to the West, is it really not clear that they will poison us while Russia exists, it did not matter whether it was in the USSR or this RF, they did not care what kind of system in Russia. The number one task in the West is that Russia would not exist at all. So do not give a damn about Europe and do your own policy, a policy of preserving, strengthening Russia.
    1. Magadan
      Magadan 24 February 2014 10: 24
      Yes, we don’t look back. But the American people are already starting to look back at Russia, as a carrier of true human values ​​and a truly independent country.
  14. The comment was deleted.
  15. DS14
    DS14 24 February 2014 08: 20
    Well, everything went well: cannibals support their Ukrainian counterparts:
    Syrian Oppositionists Welcome Change of Power in Ukraine
  16. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz 24 February 2014 08: 22
    To calm the nerves. Everything. See from 5.14. If not laziness everything. Http:// V = HdoxbhYtqpg
  17. Neophyte
    Neophyte 24 February 2014 08: 24
    Too bad we're so kind? Gopnik from Hollywood portray the empire of evil
    Russia, stuffing this information with its near-witted public.
    It would be nice for our filmmakers to show Americans in the negative
    And then, in our films, and even in the statements of the first persons, slavish constantly sounds - our partners!
    What, what, but the information war, we lose. Recall the wonderful
    Kukryniksy caricatures. What we do not have similar?
  18. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz 24 February 2014 08: 30
    There is no need to be like cattle. The worst thing is that we practically do not make patriotic films. There are weak attempts. But, indeed, to shoot a masterpiece, at least on the topic "Only old men go to battle", "Defense of Stalingrad", Chronicle of a dive bomber ". There is no money or sensible directors.
    1. Magadan
      Magadan 24 February 2014 10: 23
      absolutely agree! There is no need to be like. It gradually dawns on the people that it is somehow suspiciously everywhere Russians in caps with earflaps on the space station, or all the bandits, or "giving to everyone" Russian ladies, etc.
      They themselves are digging a hole with such propaganda. Well, another 5 years this will be "people hawala", and even then hardly.
      You just have to make your own good films.
  19. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 24 February 2014 08: 37
    The poor Europe howled, the stash of pirates and thieves howled
    the hyenas were crushed by the ass and kicked them.
    For the new "drang nach Ostenov" the Euroshakals have no strength,
    but I want to rob, and they slander and scream.
  20. vlad.svargin
    vlad.svargin 24 February 2014 08: 37
    It is noteworthy that as soon as Russia takes any foreign policy step, then the Western media, as if on command, start to squeal viciously (there is no other word), scolding Russia and our president personally

    Most likely they are making an active fuss because of the good holding of the Winter Olympics, but also because of Ukraine, trying to "predict" the foreign policy step of Vladimir Putin, creating a negative "public opinion" towards Russia. I am sure that our president will find an adequate and correct solution, without looking back at the West, which is why THEY are already beginning to "rage" in advance.
  21. Samson911
    Samson911 24 February 2014 08: 42
    Of course, I understood that I would get a minus but ... We regularly give up positions. Only sport and happy.
    1. Magadan
      Magadan 24 February 2014 10: 18
      We don’t surrender anything!
      it is simply not necessary, if possible, to act with cavalry swoops. Let it be better as it will be with Syria: for some reason, two missiles fell, which "launched Israel" for some reason, and somehow, immediately after these missiles, Obama left the topic of the bombing .... again "for some reason."
      I really hope that in Ukraine it will be quietly and mysteriously settled as well. And Bendery will quietly and calmly separate and will self-dominate in their independent Galicia.
  22. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz 24 February 2014 09: 00
    Then, correct! Khabare-hello! Our, unfortunately, the past.
  23. Magadan
    Magadan 24 February 2014 10: 13
    I do not like the word Propaganda! For me, this means lying and brainwashing. Russia does not carry propaganda, it carries the Truth. A thousand times already talked on a variety of enemy forums - to tell them, the thieves absolutely nothing in essence. It is enough to compare their arrivals (such as Stalinism, Ivan the Terrible, etc.) with the history of their own countries. This is where robots get sad!
    FOR RUSSIA NOW THE TRUTH! And let me prove the opposite.

    Still amused such stamps here:

    "The composition of the Russian population is changing: the Muslim minority continues to grow rapidly, while the Christian Slavic majority is shrinking."

    Firstly, if such a "Slavic Christian majority" like Ksyusha Sobchak, and "mad vaginas" decrease, then I will only be glad.
    Secondly, if we, the inhabitants of Russia, EVERYTHING begin to live with traditional values, including are normal traditional Muslims, then I WILL GENERALLY BE HAPPY. And it is not necessary for the Western media to worry about us, much less divide our peoples into Russian and non-Russian.
    Thirdly, people like Ksyusha Sobchak are already dying out, since they are extremely selfish, spiteful people, "take everything from life", etc. In general, they love themselves, loved ones, and do not give birth to children. Which is good for us. I hope more and more normal people will come to their place, especially Orthodox, who are giving birth to children! My friend already has four. I have three.
  24. Samson911
    Samson911 24 February 2014 10: 19
    Thank!!! It would be me 15 would kill some American. I hope this opportunity still presents itself to me. We are accustomed to having to do this! And thank God!
  25. groin
    groin 24 February 2014 12: 04
    to an ordinary person (even an American, even a Russian), whose head is only for something to shove a gruel into it, it is useless to explain what is black and what is white. He usually has a stereotype with which he will die. I could not convey my nonsense as an infection, I agree with many, healthy propaganda is needed. Just don’t be like Hollywood carriers of ideology. The people (any) are wiser than politicians. I liked the "trick" at the opening (maybe not on purpose) and closing Olympiads with rings. After all, America did not open immediately, but nevertheless it opened. The money spent on the Olympic Games and its golden final did not go in vain, a fact. We will reap the fruits of this for a long time. We ourselves do not yet realize what a big deal we did. This is real, healthy propaganda. ...