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The myth that the "fascist sword" was forged in the USSR

Competing in how it would be harder to “kick” the USSR, the liberals invent and attribute to the fallen empire of “evil” all conceivable and inconceivable sins. One of the main ideas in the "rewriting" stories World War II was the accusation of the Union in inciting world war.

But this is a rather difficult matter, since we did not sign the Treaty of Munich, we entered the war two years after it began and would not have entered if Germany had not attacked us.

In 1992, the book “Fascist sword was forged in the USSR” by Y. Dyakov and T. Bushueva was published, as a result, this expression became very popular and rooted in public opinion. The media even claimed that Goering and Guderian himself studied in the USSR, saying that Moscow itself had raised these German commanders “on its head”. The Soviet Union in Lipetsk taught German pilots, tankers were trained in Kazan, and, even worse, Stalin economically supported the restoration of the power of the Third Reich.

First you need to remember that the Soviet-German military projects were launched in the 20-s, in the 1922-1933 years - this time so-called. Weimar Republic. And the Weimar Republic was a completely democratic state, in Germany there was a powerful socialist and communist movement. It was hoped that Germany would eventually become a socialist republic. That is, the very formulation of the question of the "fascist sword" is fundamentally wrong.

German cadets in Lipetsk.

The question is who did you study from whom?

In the 20s, the USSR was an agrarian country with an economy just beginning to recover from the First World War, the Civil War. Teach Germans tanking and combat use aviation we, in principle, could not. So, during the First World War, Berlin issued 47,3 thousand military aircraft, we - 3,5 thousand, the Germans had 70 tanks, we first released in 1920. Russia's first tank, Freedom Fighter Comrade Lenin, was copied from the captured French Renault and released in Nizhny Novgorod (the Krasnoye Sormovo plant). It was quite bad with the release of aircraft engines.

In terms of the availability of qualified specialists, Russia was also inferior to Germany, in Germany compulsory secondary education was introduced back in the 1871 year, we had two thirds of the illiterate population at the end of the Russian Empire.Who could teach in this situation?

Hangars, 1926.

Barracks immediately after construction, spring 1927.

Why did Moscow cooperate with the former enemy?

After the defeat in the First World War, Russia and Germany were the most “offended” states. Their territories were rejected, the German army was turned into decorative. Russia needed to build new armed forces, almost from scratch, in conditions of international isolation. In addition, we must remember that Russia has lagged far behind the advanced powers in a number of military technologies, for us cooperation with the technologically developed power has become a matter of survival. It is possible to draw a parallel with the modern Russian Federation: at present, an alliance and large-scale cooperation with Berlin would not prevent us from doing so.

In this most difficult situation, the two “rogue” countries extended their hands to each other. In April, 1922, during a conference in Genoa, Berlin and Moscow signed the Treaty of Rapall. Countries renounced claims to each other, Berlin recognized the nationalization of all German property in Russia. Traditional trade ties have been restored. The treaty did not contain military articles, but could serve as a basis for cooperation in the military field. Germany needed test sites where it was possible to test equipment far from the observers of the Entente, Russia needed German experience in the production and use of the latest technology. Therefore, in the middle of 20-ies, an aviation school in Lipetsk, a tank school in Kazan, and two aero-chemical stations near Moscow and near Volsk were established.

View of Lipetsk.

The Fokker D XIII fighter was the most common aircraft in the Lipetsk Aviation School.

Fokker D XIII on the snow skiing.

School in Lipetsk

The agreement on the establishment of an aviation school in Lipetsk was signed on 15 on April 1925 in Moscow, in the summer of the same year it was opened. It was created with the money of the Germans and the Germans, the planes (bought in Holland supposedly for Argentina) were bought by the Germans. German cadets came to Russia under the guise of tourists and employees of firms. The school was headed by a German officer: in 1925-1930. Major Walter Star, then from 1930 to 1933. Major M. Mohr and Captain G. Muller. The flight crews were Germans, gradually the number of German staff grew to 60 people. 360 pilots graduated from the school, including 220 Germans, 140 Russians and 45 Russian aircraft mechanics. This is quite a bit, for example, only in 1932, at the schools in Braunschweig and Reichlin, the Germans trained almost 2000 pilots. The maintenance costs were also borne by the Germans, they also delivered all aviation materials and paid transportation costs.

The Fokker D-XIII fighters, which were bought by the Germans, formed the basis of the fleet of aircraft; in the summer of 1925, the 50 of packed in aircrafts was transported by sea from Stettin to Leningrad. In the summer of 1926, the Heinkel HD-8 two-seater reconnaissance aircraft were supplied. By the end of 17, the park grew even more.

In general, the school in Lipetsk cost Berlin 2 million marks annually, in some years more. This is excluding construction costs.

That is, the Germans for their money prepared the German and Soviet pilots, mechanics, shared a unique experience, the latest technical advances. And after Hitler came to power, the school was closed, all equipment went to the USSR. As a result, we can say that the Germans forged the "Soviet sword".

Heinkel D 17.

Scout Albatross 84 on trial, 1931 g.

Tank School in Kazan

The school was created at the end of 1926, the principle approach was the same - the German staff with auxiliary staff from the Soviet side: carpenters, mechanics, drivers, painters, a cook, a caretaker, security, etc. The head and teachers are Germans. The school was located in the former barracks of the 5 th Kargopol Dragoon Regiment.

Again, all the costs of maintenance, arrangement were assigned to the Germans. The Germans were forced to pay even for the congress of units and military schools that were located here. Training tanks were provided by the Germans.

The preparatory work went on until the summer of 1928, the Germans had equipped the training room, workshops, and prepared the ground. Only in the spring of 1929, studies began. When 10 tanks were brought from Germany, they were called “tractors” for conspiracy.

Before closing in 1933, the school managed to make three graduations; in total, it released 30 German tankers (not enough for the “German sword”) and 65 commanders for tank and mechanized units of the Red Army. The myth claimed that the famous Guderian had also studied there, but this is not so. Guderian was in Kazan, but as an inspector, with a short visit.

The myth that the "fascist sword" was forged in the USSR

Soviet tank (Russian Renault system - Fighter for the freedom of Comrade Lenin. Released by Sormovsky plant in the number of 17 pieces).

Col. J. Harpe

Since 1929, Led Colonel V. Malbrandt led the school, the project was named KAMA (Kazan + Malbrandt) in his honor. Then the school was headed by L. von Radlmeier, in 1932-1933. - Colonel J. Harpe.

As in the case of the Lipetsk school, the Germans prepared their own and our tankers with their own money. None of the great German military leaders in the USSR did not study, they came to the inspection (like Guderian and Lutz in Kazan in the summer of 1932). Or observers came to the Red Army maneuvers: Colonel Brauchitsch, Lieutenant Colonel Keitel, Captain Kretschmer came to the 4 of the day to look at the teachings of the Belarusian Military District; Major Model on 2 week at the location of the 9 Rifle Division in Rostov, etc.

KAMA Tank School, Kazan (1929 year).

Teaching at the KAMA tank school, Kazan.

Tomka Chemical Object

The joint aeronautical testing agreement was signed in August 1926. The picture was about the same as in Lipetsk and Kazan. Only in the Saratov region there were other tasks - joint research.

The USSR provided a training ground and provided working conditions, the Germans undertook to train Soviet specialists during the experiments. The main tasks were not training, but research. The technical leadership was in the hands of the Germans, administrative in the Soviet.

The first tests took place near Moscow at the Podosinki training ground; about 40 sorties were carried out, and it was proved that aviation should use mustard gas against living targets, to infect the territory and settlements. In 1927, the construction of the Tomka facility near the town of Volsk in the Saratov region was completed and the tests were moved there. We worked on methods of chemical attack, tested chemical means, studied the animal damaging properties of mustard gas, methods of cleaning the terrain. The first project manager on the German side was Col. L. von Sieherer, from 1929 to 1933 for years, General V. Trepper. Most of the project financing was taken over by the Germans.

Was this collaboration helpful?

Without a doubt - yes! Berlin, violating international obligations, at its own expense created the newest military training and research centers in the USSR. We did not break any contracts - we were not even invited to Versailles.

The USSR had to create many military areas from scratch, and here the help of Germany was invaluable. The Germans shared their experience, knowledge, technology for free! For example, in ten years, Soviet chemical troops were created almost from scratch, scientific research was organized, production of chemical weapons and remedies. In the 1931, the USSR already had, in addition to the 400, thousands of old shells of the First World War, which were to be reloaded, 420 thousand of new ammunition (with mustard, phosgene, diphosgene). Remote chemical projectiles and fuses for them were tested. The Air Force adopted 8 and 32 kg of a mustard gas bomb (to infect the territory), 8 kg chemical fragmentation bombs with chloroacetophene to destroy enemy manpower. By the end of 1931, they were preparing to adopt the 50-ti and 100 kg bombs with remote-acting yperitum, drums with phosgene. There were 75 kits for aviation equipment VAP-4 and it was planned to create 1931 in 1000. Bottling stations with a capacity of over 5 million shells and bombs per year were created.

Thus, the USSR in the shortest possible time eliminated the backlog from the leading powers in the field of chemical weapons and became equal with them. The USSR created its own excellent school of military chemists.

Other areas of cooperation

The Red Aria and the USSR, thanks to cooperation with Germany, received excellent cadres of pilots, tank crews, chemists, and after the termination of cooperation, the objects themselves with equipment. In Lipetsk, the Higher Airborne Tactical School of the Air Force was opened, in Kazan - the Kazan Tank School, in the Saratov Region we remained a training ground, part of the Tomka property went to the development of the Institute of Chemical Defense.

But there were other areas - cooperation in the development of modern weapons. At the end of the 20s, the German designer E. Heinkel developed the HD-37 fighter for the Soviet Air Force, in the USSR it was produced as the I-7, only 1931 to 1934 were produced by the aircraft. Another plane built by Heinkel for Moscow is the marine intelligence officer Henkel-131, we called it the KR-55, and it was in service until the 1 year.

Marine intelligence officer "Henkel-55", we called it the KR-1.

In addition, they ordered a K-3 catapult from Germany to launch the KR-1 from the battleship "Paris Commune", and at the end of the 30-s purchased two K-12 catapults for the Voroshilov and Kirov cruisers.

For the tank industry: in the T-26, BT, T-28 German welded hulls, surveillance devices, sights, the idea to pair a gun with a machine gun, electrical equipment, radio equipment. For artillery: 76-mm 1931 anti-aircraft gun of the year, through its modernization created 76-mm anti-aircraft gun 1938 model of the year and 85-mm anti-aircraft gun 1939 of the year, also the 76-mm system of naval anti-aircraft guns. They bought the Germans 37-mm anti-tank gun, by upgrading it created the famous 45-ku 1945 model of the year. From 1932 to 1942, more than 16 thousands were built. At its base they created 45-mm tank guns, they were armed with almost all Soviet tanks, which were released before the war.

For the Naval Forces of the USSR, submarines of the “Series IX” were designed, at the end of 1934, the 3 PL: H-1, H-2, H-3, with the 1937 of the year “C” - “medium” were laid at the Baltiysky plant ). Many design solutions and mechanisms of "German" were used in subsequent, already Soviet, projects. On the basis of this project, they launched the “IX-bis series”, the main difference between them from the “German women” is the replacement of German diesel engines by the Soviet ones and in small changes to the fencing of the wheelhouse. By the beginning of World War II, 20 Submarines had been built, or were almost ready, and 18 was still being built.

Thus, not the "German sword" was forged in the Union, but rather the opposite, The Germans helped us in the 1920-beginning of the 1930-s to create the basics of modern tank, air, chemical troops and military-industrial complex branches.

It turns out that Moscow was not distinguished by stupidity in those years, but by a high state mind, using the maximum benefits of cooperation with Germany.

fighter HD-37, in the USSR it was produced as an I-7.

Diakov Yu. L., Bushueva TS. The Fascist sword was forged in the USSR, the Red Army and the Reichswehr. Secret collaboration 1922-1933. Unknown documents. M., 1992.
History of domestic shipbuilding. In 5-ti. SPb., 1996.
Weapon of victory, M., 1987.
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  1. Rustiger
    Rustiger April 6 2013 09: 37 New
    Since the beginning of the so-called. For almost the past quarter century, they have been trying to inspire “glasnost” and “new thinking” that we lived in a totalitarian country ruled by a gang of criminals who accounted for a lot of grave crimes, including the outbreak of World War II.

    Some "historians," such as the fugitive scout V. Rezun, carefully push to the masses the "truthful" version of Hitler's rise to power concocted by British intelligence with the active role of the USSR and Stalin personally. Say, the insidious villain Stalin planned to crush the countries of Western "democracy" with the help of a naive fool Hitler, whom he even called accordingly - "the icebreaker of the revolution." But then this “icebreaker" suddenly "saw the light", turned on the reverse gear and almost crushed Stalin who had given birth to it ...

    Rezun and similar “experts” wrote dozens, if not hundreds of books, in which they convince the reader that if the insidious Stalin did not intend to take over the whole world, then there would be no Hitler. Like World War II, and multi-million victims.

    However, first you need to figure out: where did Hitler come from? And even better - to trace his life after the First World War. In short, Adolf Aloizych Hitler at that time was the leader of the dwarf party and a professional parasite. He positioned himself as a writer, but the revenues from the meager sales of Mine Kampf (a little more than 1925 copies were sold from 1929 to 25) would hardly have allowed him to feed, not only Hitler himself, but also his pets.

    However, this did not prevent the parasitic "writer" Hitler from leading in the mid-1920s. a very wasteful lifestyle - a villa in the Alps, a car with a personal chauffeur ... And this is at a time when the rest of post-war Germany was living in poverty! By the beginning of the 1930s. Hitler has already acquired an impressive retinue - bodyguards, secretaries, and even cooks. By that time, his party began to grow surprisingly and gain strength. So, in August 1929, about 200 party members gathered in Nuremberg to the congress of the NSDAP in specially ordered trains (!). Moreover, as you might guess, the trains were not rented at the expense of the state budget.

    In this connection, one question arises: where did Hitler and his party find such funds? In the country, to put it mildly, the situation is far from comfortable, full of unemployed, monstrous inflation, Germany pays reparations under the predatory Versailles Treaty, and the future Fuhrer and his partyigenoss ride like cheese in butter!

    It is worth noting here that after the First World War, Germany was not only ruined and enslaved by reparations, but actually lost its independence. This was especially true of its economy, which was tightly controlled by foreign (primarily American and English) corporations and concerns.
  2. Fox
    Fox April 6 2013 09: 41 New
    The article could be written easier: Hitler came to power in 33. And all schools and training grounds were BEFORE 33 years old. So that the nonsense of these "afftarofs" is evident. And there is nothing to justify.
    1. nakaz
      nakaz April 6 2013 13: 59 New
      And now it would be nice to more actively cooperate with Germany in the field of high technology.
  3. Rustiger
    Rustiger April 6 2013 09: 43 New
    Everything that happened in Germany between the two world wars could not happen on its own, but only with permission from Washington or London. And Hitler's advance to power, of course, could not escape the attention of the Anglo-American masters of Germany. It did not slip away. Quite the contrary: Hitler always aroused keen interest among very influential gentlemen both in the USA and in England.

    And so influential that they were able to actually appoint the leader of the German people a person who does not have German citizenship. Adolf Aloizych officially became a German citizen only in 1932: before that, he was a citizen of Austria. In the same year, Hitler, without hiding it at all, met with many interesting people - the English financier Norman and John Dulles (future US Secretary of State) and his brother Allen (future head of the CIA).

    Further it is known that Hitler almost became an Führer by order of magnitude, and literally immediately he was given such help, against the background of which the landlilies, so beloved by the British and Americans, fade, which, in their opinion, helped the USSR win the Second World War.

    In June 1933 (that is, six months after the appointment of Hitler as Chancellor), Germany received a loan of $ 2 billion from the United States and $ 1 billion from England. In 1934, Standard Oil built gasoline plants in Germany that would be useful to Hitler already in the very near future. The American companies Pratt-Whitney and Douglas hand over a number of patents to German aircraft builders and, in general, render almost friendly assistance. By the way, this help (investment) reached about $ 500 million per year, so after that somehow it’s “ridiculous” to recall Stalin, who not only gave Hitler nothing, but he himself soon took a German loan of 200 million marks.

    Generous Western loans, technology and “moral” support allowed Hitler to turn Germany from a poor country into one of the leaders in the economies of pre-war Europe. In addition, not only to return the territories lost after the First World War without a single shot, but also significantly expand the borders of the Reich at the expense of Austria and Czechoslovakia. And the creation of a first-class German army is entirely the merit of the Anglo-Saxon sponsors.

    It is clear that there are no miracles in the world, and Western assistance to Hitler was not provided for a beautiful mustache. Serious gentlemen from Washington and London, who can count every cent, saw Hitler solely as a long-term project, designed to ultimately crush Soviet Russia uncontrollable by the Entente, and then take its resources into its own hands and thus have a very solid gesheft.

    The "countries of true democracy" for a long time and purposefully prepared Hitler for the "expansion of living space" in the East, generously supplying Germany with everything possible, and this assistance continued during the war.

    But at a certain stage, the Fuhrer decided to change the rules and participate in the game as a full-fledged partner, which, of course, was not included in the plans of his patrons. However, out of control, Aloizych hoped until the very last to “negotiate” with his sponsors. This explains the strange "escape" to England of Rudolf Hess and his equally strange death many years later. This also explains the miraculous "salvation" of the British army at Dunkirk, and the "sit-in war" of 1939-40. (a hyperlink to the text “Sit-down War”: how the Allies betrayed Poland ”) still raises a lot of questions.
  4. omsbon
    omsbon April 6 2013 09: 45 New
    Good article! Deserved plus to the author!
    The absence of conscience and any censorship allows pseudo-historians and all kinds of shellups to write, publish any nonsense like "The Fascist Sword Forged in the USSR." I do not want to mention the names of the authors.
  5. fero
    fero April 6 2013 09: 58 New
    About the latest military chemical production delivered by the Germans is somewhat not true.
    Recently I watched a film about the city of Chapaevsk, where they told the story of the creation of chemical weapons in the country of those times. The technology that the Germans slipped in was outdated, and the territory was used as a training ground for developing their own explosives. Due to outdated technology and our gouging (when it was necessary to achieve a result at any cost), a lot of people died.
    I advise you to watch this movie.
    1. fero
      fero April 6 2013 17: 00 New
      I found the link.

      This film can be considered propaganda and lies ... but I still can’t believe that the Germans provided the latest technologies for the production of organic matter. What a fright then ...
  6. avt
    avt April 6 2013 10: 00 New
    Not the first call on this topic. But it's good good Constantly one needs facts, at least a little truth to say and crush Svanidzi chronicles. Such materials help to understand the time in which events and the logic of decision-making took place, to comprehend the correctness or their mistakes calmly and judiciously. +
  7. PAC3
    PAC3 April 6 2013 10: 09 New
    The level of the author of the article can be understood from the illustration "Teachings in the KAMA Tank School, Kazan." In the photo cadets in German uniforms, and by car - German numbers.)))))
    Yeah - this is exactly KAZAN and exactly the cadets there))))))))))))))))))
  8. erased
    erased April 6 2013 10: 16 New
    Actually, the author is Igor Pykhalov. This is from his book The Great Great War of War, the first chapter.
    Well, the fifth column is ready to write anything for a handout.
    That's interesting - during the war, large US private enterprises collaborated with Germany. What do not write about it? Not relevant? Or how?
    1. family
      family tree April 6 2013 14: 23 New
      This is already written. Charles Higham "Trade with the Enemy" for example. It blows the roof. Advertising, such books, is not enough.
    2. chehywed
      chehywed April 6 2013 15: 53 New
      It's like that. Tankers with oil and vehicles with metals and weapons from the United States, through third countries, went to Germany before our Victory. Just a bliad 'business
      1. Raven1972
        Raven1972 April 7 2013 20: 49 New
        And not only from the USA, neutral Sweden, for example, supplied bearings to Germany, all German aircraft flew bearings from the Swedish company SKF
        - Soldiers fight, and merchants trade Herre Olafson
  9. Egoza
    Egoza April 6 2013 11: 49 New
    Quote: erased
    US large private enterprises collaborated with Germany during the war. What do not write about it?

    Absolutely right! and collaborated precisely during the war, at the same time that their own state fought against the Nazis. We will not talk about how it fought and where, but at least somehow ....
    Just once again our propaganda is late! it was high time to write articles on this topic, and release a film with TRUE information about that time. And we are silent as always! But in vain!
    1. RPD
      RPD April 6 2013 12: 20 New
      old article, propaganda should be used as a weapon of mass destruction, and not shoot at everyone sniper
  10. knn54
    knn54 April 6 2013 12: 51 New
    The article could be called (as an option) - WHO SAME TO WHO FORGED THE SWORD ...
    Special thanks to the German experts of the Weimar Republic who made a definite contribution to the defeat of fascist Germany.
  11. rexby63
    rexby63 April 6 2013 13: 07 New
    Thus, not the "German sword" was forged in the Union, but rather the contrary, the Germans helped us

    Dig a grave for them.
    You can still read Elena Anatolyevna Prudnikova. It speaks intelligibly and intelligently
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ April 6 2013 16: 40 New
      A whole series of books by Elena Prudnikova rediscover all of us the history of the pre-war USSR. Prudnikova’s arguments and arguments cover the well-known events of the 20-30s of the USSR in a completely different light, they destroy the myths of Khrushchev-Gorbachev’s ideologists “about the bloody tyrant Stalin” and “his handman Beria”, “about the cruel regime of Stalinism”.
      Prudnikova E.A. returns to the Russian people and the whole world the TRUTH about that time, the TRUTH about the creator and leader of the state of workers and peasants, all the working people of the USSR - really Great, for their perfect deeds, Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich.
  12. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian April 6 2013 15: 33 New
    It's best to read Talking ...

    We Russians again did not understand the easily vulnerable mind of the Anglo-Saxons!

    It’s just a group of armies South, North, and Center that, like trolls, were pushing toward the Great Urals in order to provide their leader with a stunning suicide along with his highest race of masters.

    AND THE ARTICLE IS RIGHT! WE precisely bound them

    Frosts! Winter! Subzero temperature!

    What is good for the Russian is for the German Kaput!
    1. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn April 6 2013 18: 45 New
      The Russian is just as afraid of the cold as the German, just as he wants to eat and is waiting for the convoy; among the Russians, just like the Germans, cars get stuck in the mud during the mud.
      It is not necessary to attribute the stamina and courage of the people to nature, people fought, not General Moroz and Colonel Gryaz.
      1. opkozak
        opkozak April 6 2013 21: 04 New
        Quote: cth; fyn
        Russian is just as afraid of the cold as a German

  13. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian April 6 2013 15: 48 New
    Thanks to the author for the article, the material makes it possible to argue against the machinations of those who seek to level the USSR with fascist Germany.

    And for those who are interested in this topic, the epic movie Liberation The last assault very well reflects the relationship of the Soviet people with the Germans.

    Which equation? The Germans were always a sword against Russian civilization in the hands of the Anglo-Saxons (like robots - as in 1241 they continued to snout) - and then they fell on Chamberlain’s bait, they destroyed their colonies to the British, who were not Russian and the Americans would be in deep ass, left our Kaliningrad, got out of the western regions of Poland. In short, they didn’t get enough, but they sent them.

    And as soon as they began to compare the Russians with the Nazis - on the Internet, in cartoons, in articles, then the Russians lost all control, they were driven by the offspring of the slave chase Moses - the founder of slavery in Europe!
  14. radar75
    radar75 April 6 2013 16: 54 New
    And what is wrong? The Germans were provided with a training ground for testing accelerated training methods. They themselves trained, practiced and developed tactics and strategy. Under the terms of surrender, the Germans could not do this at home, and the USSR provided the conditions.
    1. revnagan
      revnagan April 6 2013 18: 40 New
      Quote: radar75
      And what is wrong? The Germans were provided with a training ground for testing accelerated training methods.

      The Germans, but not the Nazis. Specialists of the friendly Weimar Republic, which recognized the USSR and the first to break the ring of the economic blockade of the Western countries. Nazis did not smell then ...
    2. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn April 6 2013 18: 47 New
      But after Hitler came to power, all ties were severed.
      1. Alpha-omega
        Alpha-omega April 7 2013 22: 20 New
        You said that correctly.

        A quote from the text is “... The tank school in Kazan did not last long. It suffered the same fate as the rest of the German facilities in the USSR: by order of Hitler, it was liquidated in the summer of 1933... "

        And here's another -
  15. galiullinrasim
    galiullinrasim April 7 2013 09: 04 New
    not ashamed of good learning even from enemies ashamed not to see and ignore good from enemies
  16. deman73
    deman73 April 7 2013 09: 09 New
    An excellent article after the Versailles world where the Saxons ignored us and all the laurels attributed to themselves it was a normal cooperation between the two rogue countries
  17. arnulla
    arnulla April 8 2013 00: 06 New
    All these facts have been known for a long time. Why talked about them only now? And all this time, the Latins-Albats, Svanidze-Shenderovichs traveled through the fragile minds of Russians ...
  18. CAMS
    CAMS April 8 2013 11: 40 New
    Yes, everything has long been known
  19. washi
    washi April 9 2013 14: 08 New
    Article minus. Why expound many known facts. An article would be more interesting - who really sponsored Hitler. Or: Who helped Adolf come to power. Who surrendered the jackals of Europe, etc.
  20. yurta2013
    yurta2013 1 May 2013 11: 34 New
    Despite the author’s negative attitude to the book “The Fascist Sword was Forged in the USSR,” all the real facts were taken from this book, only in a very shortened and less convincing form. I advise everyone to read this book for the sake of their own education. As for the participation of the USSR in the restoration of German military power, then without a doubt the Soviet Union played a certain role in this. What is the difference which particular government was in power in Germany at that moment. It is important that Hitler used for deployment of his mass army precisely the constant contingent authorized by Versailles, which trained his instructors in military aviation and tank troops at Soviet training grounds (this was forbidden to them at home). The question is "who studied with whom?" I didn’t stand here at all. One cannot seriously take articles in ordinary media, in which, by the way, many and directly opposing opinions are published. It is impossible to consider the USSR in the late 20s as an “agrarian” country. Our country became an agro-industrial power even in tsarist times. And the planes in it during World War I were still built not at 1, but at least 3500 (See PDDuz. History of Aeronautics in Russia).
  21. Alex
    Alex 1 October 2013 19: 45 New
    And although some stunning facts are not given in the article, it’s still “+”! Everything is given and argued in a strictly chronological order. And there is nothing to be ashamed of and seek excuses. Amer until the last day of Adolf supplied strategic raw materials, Sweden and Switzerland - precise mechanics and additives from armored steel. Even the Vatican noted: organized a transit for the SS men under the nose of the "allies".

    So I think: and if the Angles or Franks of Germany helped, instead of stripping it to the skin and thereby cultivating revanchism? Would they begin to moan today and wring their hands: "The fascist sword was forged in France"? Something is not believed ...
    1. BM-13
      BM-13 7 August 2014 15: 27 New
      Quote: Alex
      Would they begin to moan today and wring their hands: "The fascist sword was forged in France"? Something is not believed ...
      This is only our fifth column - an almost national phenomenon (as you dig up the story, all some kind of “fila” spinning around the throne), you won’t meet them there. Sorry...
  22. Flyer over you
    Flyer over you 16 March 2019 10: 32 New
    After reading this article and the comments on it, I was surprised: why none of those who commented on this post had a question: Why did Germany supply and develop technologies for the Soviet Union for free? How could Germany just give away all the technology for the sake of the subsequent nationalization of this? How is this possible?
    After all, Soviet Russia had large raw material resources, and then think for yourself why Germany did all this.