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"This is a great war of continents"

"This is a great war of continents"

In the battle for Ukraine, you need to understand that the United States has no constructive scenario.

“The American scenario in Ukraine is to bring neo-Nazis to power, to launch repressions and to observe how we will be drawn into a bloody mess on our frontiers,” philosopher Alexander Dugin told the newspaper VIEW. But time is working for Russia - the US is losing its global influence and opportunities.

The fate of Ukraine can no longer remain just a matter of our foreign policy. The future of Russia itself depends on the answer to the Ukrainian question, which is why it is so important to decide on what we want from Little Russia. Reunion, fragmentation, mythical neutrality? About what the current phase of the Ukrainian crisis really is, about the plans of the US and Europe, about what Russia's policy should be on the Ukrainian front, the VIEW newspaper spoke with the philosopher and geopolitist Alexander Dugin, director of the Center for Conservative Research at the sociological department of Moscow State University. With this interview we open a series of publications in which Russian thinkers and politicians will answer the question "How do we get Ukraine back?"

VIEW: Events 18 February is the beginning of civil war in Ukraine?

Alexander Dugin: Yes, Ukraine has started a civil war. USA went on radicalization events. They go there to establish a nationalist, fascist dictatorship. If this option does not pass, then began to disintegrate in Ukraine, which is drawn in Russia. In the case of the first scenario from us instantly demand to withdraw the Black Sea Fleet, in the second scenario we uvyaznem in Ukrainian chaos. Both scenarios are negative for us, we imposed on them. Decoupling will soon.

VIEW: But there are still chances that now will avoid both negative scenarios, and the situation will return to a shaky confrontation, which has flared up again only during elections. If you do not speak now of smashing kolapse and Ukraine, is it possible to return Ukraine to the alliance with Russia, reunification of the two parts of one whole? How should the policy of Russia in the Ukrainian direction in the medium term?

Alexander Dugin: We must put Ukraine in a geopolitical context. There is not just a Ukrainian crisis, one should not look at Russian-Ukrainian relations and even not at relations in the Russia-Ukraine-Europe triangle. This is a much more complex model - this is a great war of the continents. At the beginning of the 90s, when the liberal idea was dominant, geopolitics and the idea of ​​confronting the continents were ridiculed, and today no sane analyst would ever think to deny the laws of geopolitics.

What is happening in Ukraine now is the struggle of a unipolar world, embodied in American hegemony, against Russia, which embodies the steadily growing will to build a multipolar world. This is the US battle to preserve world domination. And the same people are here: Victoria Nuland (US Assistant Secretary of State), Bernard-Henri Levy (French “philosopher” and public figure who spoke on Maidan in early February), who were the instigators of the wars in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Bosnia and etc. Today, the struggle of the continents: Eurasia and the Atlantic - takes place on several fronts, including the most vital for us - the Ukrainian. Although the same problem is being solved in Syria, it was largely solved in Libya - and if we did not take a strike in Libya (due to the fact that Medvedev was in power), then we accept it in Syria and in Ukraine.

So there is a struggle that, in a sense, has nothing to do with the Ukrainians - they are pawns here. In the global geopolitical game they have a very small choice of freedom. America is struggling to ensure that its right to control the world is unlimited; Russia together with other countries insists on restricting this right. Europe is trying very quietly to get out of the American boot, but this is a very difficult process.

VIEW: How serious are these attempts at Europe? Including if you look at the Ukrainian situation. Formally, we can say that Europe puts on Klitschko, and the United States - on Yatsenyuk, but these are all tactical differences. Does Europe have the strength and determination to truly pursue its geopolitical line in world affairs, and not to be a point guard for the Anglo-Saxon elite?

AD: There are two of Europe: Atlantic and continental. One is an American stooge, conquered territory occupied zone, and the second is gradually moving towards independence. But moving gently, gently, in the framework of the Atlantic partnership, making no sudden moves, but constantly trying to strengthen its position.

There are two of these identities throughout Europe, and they are represented by two lobbies - the pro-American, liberal community dominates, including the gay community, which sets its own laws, and European leaders often follow its lead. The other is embodied primarily in conservative, military circles, in the special services. And, of course, in most people.

The opinion of the people, like democracy, was pushed aside, they are not considered. But, strictly speaking, what we saw the other day in Switzerland, where we voted in the referendum to limit migration, this is democracy, this is the voice of Europe. This is the Europe that, when given the right to vote, the right of real democracy, will immediately choose a completely different one: Swiss Switzerland, German Germany, and European Europe. Therefore, democracy in Europe today is completely incompatible with the conduct of the American line. And democracy in Europe is curtailed - as in Greece. But Europe is resisting, there is a struggle. Therefore, in Ukraine, and on other issues, Europe is trying to pursue its line.

The fact that Americans are hegemonic terrorists who keep everyone under their boots, is now evident to all Europeans. Now it is impossible to say how soon they will be able to throw off the American yoke, but sooner or later they will succeed, it is inevitable, because American domination is crumbling.

VIEW: Can differences in Ukraine accelerate the liberation of Europe from American influence?

A. D .: Not yet. It is still early - so far the situation in the US-European relations has not reached this point, five or six more steps are needed. Ukraine is not the final and not the most important stage on this road. One of - along with the bugs, the confrontation of the CIA and the German intelligence BND in Greece ... There is a huge struggle. And, of course, in Europe there is its fifth column, its own “swamp”. And if we still have it sitting and doing nasty things on the “Rain”, then in Europe it just dominates, with rush, rules. This is the same American bastard, like the same Bernard-Henri Levy. Is he a European? He is just a paid American sex artist who will bring both the politics, the philosophy, and the fashion to the ordered topic. Guest worker who works for the American father.

Just as the US-Soros network, which is spread out here, represents the order that dominates the world, it works for the “prince of this world.” The danger of our fifth column is not that they are strong, they are absolutely insignificant, but that they are hired by the greatest “godfather” of the modern world - the United States. Therefore, they are effective, they work, they are listened to, everything gets away with them - because the world power is behind them. Fighting for Ukraine, Putin clearly defined what he had confirmed before: he is on the opposite side of the barricades. In the struggle of a unipolar world against a multipolar, he opposes American hegemony.

Therefore, today, before any commentator or analyst opens his mouth to talk about Ukraine, it is already quite clear which side he is on. So people cheer for one or the other team - here friendship cannot win, here it is necessary to score a goal. Atlantists will turn everything in their own way, as they always do, even the wording will be fundamentally different: if a homosexual praises Putin, he is a dirty n ... and if he is cursed, then a respected representative of the gay community. If someone says that it is necessary to restrict the migration of Africans to Europe, then the liberals will declare him a neo-Nazi, and if the French comedian Dieudonne laughs at some aspects of Zionism, then they also call him an unwashed black. These are double standards.

But they do not need to be criticized - there are American standards, but ours; and those and other doubles. Because we see the truth from our point of view, and they - from theirs. They too should be understood when they lie on the same Echo of Moscow. Everyone who opposes Yanukovych in Russia is an employee of the American network, he has his own logic. It is only necessary to register him as an agent of influence and after that calmly talk to him. They have the right to work for the United States, after all, espionage can never be ruled out. And someone just hates our country and the multipolar world so much that it does it sincerely.

So, the analysis of the Ukrainian situation cannot be neutral, because there are only two sides - not three, not ten, but exactly two: ours and ours. Atlantic position and Eurasian position. There are barricades between them and us.

VIEW: Russia And in this war of civilizations is trying to return to Ukraine, knowing that it would not be complete without ...

A.D .: We want to strengthen our Eurasian pole, reuniting with our close in all respects - historically, religiously, culturally, ethnically, linguistically - part of our common Slavic, Orthodox Eurasian world. We want this not in a vacuum, not in a vacuum - we want it in the course of the struggle against us. Because even just wanting this reunion, speaking of this, we are going against the United States and their plans.

See how the eyes of Venediktov or Latynina change immediately when they hear about reunion. In response, we hear a roar - not them, they, in general, do not care, this is a huge millstone of the great war of the continents, in which they are just pawns. How, by the way, and we are - just we are children of the Russian people, and they are anti-Russian. We stand on the side of one civilization, they are on the other. But if those who sit in Washington are fighting for their civilization, and this is their right, then what are their attendants fighting for us, this fifth column? And why does she propagate hatred towards us in our midst with such impunity?

In the analysis of the Ukrainian situation is a watershed ideas about the past, present and future. This is the line where it starts to present policy, which defines friends and enemies.

VIEW: The current Ukrainian crisis is a logical consequence of all of its post-Soviet stories...

A. D .: Ukraine is now in a very difficult situation. She was in a difficult situation during the Orange Revolution 2004 of the year, and in the 90s during Kuchma. And even in the USSR, especially in the postwar years, she experienced some features of her geopolitical position. Ukraine as a nation-state has not historically existed — there is no Ukrainian ethnic group, no Ukrainian nation, or Ukrainian civilization. There are Western Russian lands.

And the West Russian lands proper begin on the right bank, on the right bank of the Dnieper - and they are very different in their historical fate. Part of them were in Poland, partly under Austria, partly with us, sometimes changing their submission. As for the left-bank Ukraine, this territory has nothing to do with the Western Russian lands. These are Cossack lands, and there is no difference between them and Don, the same people who speak the same language live there, and they have nothing in common with Western Russian culture.

From western culture has always felt independent and from the Poles and Austrians from, and from the Muscovites. Conservation ideas from western archetype of its identity with the unadventurous inclinations for autonomy have always existed. But, you see, between such timid attempts and independent state is a significant difference. There are more states held that resigned to the fact that you were within our system.

And do not overestimate the desire of Western Ukrainians for freedom and independence, it was moderate. They have every right to do this, but there is a great distance from this right to the defense of national statehood. Moreover, the statehood fell on them quite by accident, during the clouding of the older brother's consciousness, was completely historically unfounded. At that moment we were simply paralyzed by our fifth column, did not understand what we were doing. Well, as the man went and drunk, he lost his wife, children, and the house — approximately that was what Gorbachev and Yeltsin did. And now the drunken years of betrayal and debauchery have passed, Russia has become sober and thinks about what to do with the family, children and brothers, houses and lands that have been drunk in the tavern.

Ukrainians got too much. But for us the territory of modern Ukraine is too big - we do not assimilate the zapadensky enclave. We have always suppressed Bandera-behaved tough, took and destroyed them after the war. True, the Bolsheviks had previously treated the Great Russians in the same way - they uprooted the Russian identity. In 20, this was the brutality of the then victorious group from Ekho Moskvy - one can imagine that they will glue to their enemies now if they establish a totalitarian dictatorship.

In today's conditions, when the Americans are playing on the side of the Westerners, Ukraine cannot be pro-Russian within the current borders. Under no circumstances - even if the most pro-Russian president is (although it is impossible now, a significant part of the population will reject him), he will be doomed to behave in the same way as Kuchma or Yanukovych. This is the maximum of what we can get. Russia should think about this: if we want more than Kuchma or Yanukovych, then we behave irresponsibly.

VIEW: But Yanukovych tried to sit on two chairs ...

AD: after receiving Russophobic frankly, pitted scab Yushchenko such inconsistent, cautious, oscillating partner as Yanukovych, had to run on a different scenario.

Now we support Yanukovych, but we have no strategy. We have not yet formed a pro-Russian, Eurasian network. Therefore, we cheer for Yanukovych, and he does something - what he can. But he cannot do more and does not want to, because he is what he is, and if he had not been so, he would never have been the president of Ukraine. But Moscow has never been strategically engaged in Ukraine, and only now Putin has begun to really fight for it.

VIEW: After we managed to dissuade Yanukovych from associating with the European Union, do we have a further strategy regarding Ukraine? What should we do - try to tie it, dragging it into the Customs Union, rely on splitting, tighten the situation of constant confrontation between pro-European and pro-Russian forces?

A. D .: Putin already has a long experience with Ukraine. During his first two terms in Ukraine, dramatic events had already taken place, and in that situation he behaved flawlessly. But with all the indisputable merits of Putin, he has a big disadvantage: he believes that the idea has no value, he does not believe in the idea, considers it an edging for some technical, sometimes even covert operations. If you think that an idea is just a form of chatter, you will inevitably make many mistakes.

VIEW: But in the last year or two, he, on the contrary, a lot of time talking about the importance of ideas about the meaning and value, even an ideological confrontation and struggle ...

AD: Yes, it's a very good sign of its evolution. He learns, he grows as president. But if we return to Ukraine as you did before 2012 year, then we do nothing. Putin has to radically change policy in this direction. The idea. Ukraine as an idea.

VIEW: Ukraine - as the main idea for Russia, we must put reunification at the center of our agenda.

AD: Yes, and it means that we ourselves understand our status as one of the poles of the multipolar world. Begin to act systemically. And adjusts staffing policy under two principles: ideology and effectiveness.

Russia must be ruled by an idealistic patriotic elite who will see Russia as an idea. The second is efficiency. If a person was given a task and he failed, they put a minus, he did it - plus. But most people in the government do not cope with us, but for some reason they get new appointments. It is time to end with this vicious practice, with this loyalty to every kind of garbage - this is not European, and not Russian.

If Putin put the task to solve the problem of Ukraine before the effective managers, which will take as their failure and thank for their success, one that will change everything. Already after a couple of rotations any scum that will attempt to capitalize on this and to fish in troubled waters will not, because it is a very big responsibility. And will people who are ready, willing and able to do it.

VIEW: What should be done in the coming years?

A. D .: We must calculate the time. In the global world, there is a fall in American hegemony - and the longer we hold out in any position, the more likely we are to resolve everything peacefully and calmly. Time works for us.

What happens to Nuland when she is the mother of the EU is a sign of hysteria. The US is hysterical - they are about to lose control of the global economy, a new wave of crisis is about to come. In fact, America lives on the eve of its end - like any other empire, it is trying to extend the time of its existence. The behavior of Nuland is like the Riga riot police of the USSR sunset period, the last agony. Hence leaks, confusion, non-fulfillment of their own promises. America is falling, America will collapse soon. Soon - this concept is very complex, it can last 20 for years, maybe two years. But the fact that this is about the end of American global hegemony is understood by the Americans themselves. And so they live by the principle of "die today you, and I tomorrow." America is playing this game, and it is ready to plunge any country in the world, which prevents it, into a bloody civil war.

VIEW: Including Europe ...

AD: Of course. This is why we need a strategy and was there on delivery of migrants and multiculturalism, to maximize ease European society, to deprive him of homogeneity.

America will export civil war and death, as it does in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria. Now it begins in Bosnia, then it will come to other Balkan countries, the conflict of Hungary and Romania is possible. The war of all against all. And the civil war in Ukraine is a way for the United States to postpone its own collapse.

LOOK: The option of splitting the country and the civil war in Ukraine is a spare for the US - in case they finally make sure that European integration does not work out - or the main one?

A. D: Although the USA is still the strongest of all, their influence is falling. They took the path of sliding down, not the death of the United States, but of American hegemony. In parallel with this, Europe will increasingly assert itself as an independent player, playing partly with America, partly with Russia. Today, they are playing 95% with the USA, with 5% - with Russia. This ratio will gradually change - at the same rate that the United States are falling. Europe will come to a normal state: 50% from the USA, 50% from Russia.

If Europe moves in this direction, and we hold on to the face of falling America, then Western influence in Ukraine will steadily fall with each passing year. He has nowhere to grow, Europe will not play along with America, it already tries to get less involved in the Ukrainian situation - only American mongrels among Europeans do it. Europe is moving away from Ukrainian history.

There was never a question about Ukraine joining the EU - and this will never happen. It was about the stage, about the agreement of intent, and at the moment when the EU members themselves, like Greece and Hungary, raise the question of withdrawal from it. The initiative to drag Kiev into the EU was not European, but the signatures were torn off in order to sow the grain of civil conflict in Ukraine.

So if Russia keeps on, even clumsily and without ideas, if Putin keeps the line that is now and does not take a step back, then the longer he holds, the more chances that the situation in Ukraine will unfold itself in our the side. This is objective. I would like us to act more subjectively, more efficiently, but, even acting with weak efficiency, we still do at least something - and against the background of the fall of the United States, this gives us chances. But, of course, if the US felt good, if processes in Europe were not catastrophic, this would not be enough. But now our opponents have everything falling out of their hands - and we just need to hold on. Then we have a chance to save Ukraine and save ourselves.

VIEW: What do we need to bet on Ukraine?

A. D .: In Ukraine, Americans do not want democracy. How so? After all they, it seems, all the time insist on democracy? Now Ukraine is perhaps the most democratic country in the world - hardly anywhere else there is so much democracy. It is achieved by two poles: the west and east of Ukraine. If someone tries to impose his sole will, the other side has all the tools to stop it and give it a hand. Yushchenko worked in the “orange” vein for four years and was thrown out in disgrace. Yanukovych is also not free - as soon as he says that Moscow is behind him, instantly he receives such a blow on his legitimacy from the Ukrainian society that he is forced to dismiss Azarov and talk about Yatsenyuk’s premiership.

Ukraine has exhausted the possibilities of democratization. Democracy in Ukraine today is working not only against us, but also against the West. Because any democratic will of the people will lead again today to the victory of Yanukovych. And attempts to fight for a recount again lead to confrontation. Democracy is not an option for anyone - neither for us nor for the West, because no one can use it to move anything in Ukraine.

Now the main problem in Ukraine allegedly comes down to the fact that the man of the United States is Yatsenyuk, and Europe is Klitschko, but the Americans do not know what to do with Tyagnibok and the Right Sector. This is not true - they know perfectly well what to do with them. Because the main intrigue of the Ukrainian situation is that Americans can no longer use democracy in their geopolitical interests. Democracy is becoming the enemy of the United States. Democracy does not suit them in Europe either, because if you look at the democratic decisions of the French, they will be directed against the laws on homosexual marriage, and Scotland will leave the UK.

So I think that the Americans have a completely different plan for Ukraine. Economically, they do not need it, Europe is not going to take it either. The answer is only one: Americans want to establish a nationalist, Nazi dictatorship in Ukraine. Therefore, the main figure is the Yagsenyuk, and Yatsenyuk is just a cover. Nationalism is the only way to mobilize Western Ukraine for a harsh policy. Suspend democracy, and under the auspices of Ukrainian anti-Russian neo-Nazism, they can establish power control over the east and the Crimea. In the spirit of Saakashvili - they have worked it in Georgia and in Ukraine can already act, given the failures in South Ossetia in 2008 year.

VIEW: It's bloody scenario ...

A. D .: Not yet. The coming of neo-Nazis to power in Kiev will create the prerequisites for a tough nationalist regime. Which will immediately require the expulsion of the Black Sea fleet from Sevastopol and the abolition of all decisions of the eastern regions, directed against the new government, will begin tough repressive measures. At this moment, the Americans will pull themselves up, who will tell Russia about the same thing that we told them when we entered Afghanistan in 1979: we were invited. Then they told us that our invitation was fake, that we were invited by local communists, and now we will tell them that they have a fake invitation and they were called by neo-Nazis. But this is a matter of strength - if the Americans enter Ukraine, they will be able to deliver us an ultimatum on the withdrawal of the Black Sea Fleet, threatening a nuclear war.

That's what they are counting on in Ukraine, because they already have everything else there, nothing else in a democratic way will go there. Democratic ballots will restore the same picture; moreover, the self-consciousness of the east, which is lagging behind the self-consciousness of the west of Ukraine, will gradually grow, and the ideology of the east of Ukraine and separatist plans will be formed. This will inevitably occur as a reaction to what is happening in the country now - just the Ukrainians need time to get to that.

So the Americans simply decided to transfer power to the neo-Nazi leadership, only this will allow them to solve their problems, albeit temporarily, albeit at a terrible price. But they are pragmatists, they think two or three steps forward. They capture Afghanistan without thinking about what will happen in 10 years.

LOOK: Unlikely to Europe, not to mention Russia, will quietly observe the American game in Ukraine.

AD: Europe astonished, although pro-American forces of Levy will applaud Tyagniboka, saying that it is not the same Tyahnibok. They already have precedents when the far-right, coming to Parliament, become quite manageable figures as Gianfranco Fini, who came to Israel and asked for forgiveness, became deputy prime minister. And it is in Italy, where there was a very strong anti-fascist movement. They have the experience of buying and taming nationalists who are beginning to be useful idiots of the West.

The burden is chosen for this role. Therefore, the West does not need the opposition to come to an agreement with the authorities - they do not need anything either from Yanukovych or Yatsenyuk and Klitschko, who generally act as a cover. In reality, the United States can only launch a scenario of radical Ukrainian nationalism. The blitz operation on the conduct of non-democratic, dictatorial laws, which they will gradually soften or cancel, but the matter will be done: the fleet will go out, a single national state will be established.

After some time after that a civil war will begin. It will start in very unpleasant starting conditions for us. The Crimea is being mobilized, in which the Tatar groups are already arming, and they will cut out the Russians together with the Ukrainian nationalists. Western Ukrainian neo-Nazi brigades will begin serious cleansing in Eastern Ukraine - there the population is quite relaxed, until it realizes what is happening, a critical moment can already pass. That is, the Americans will support the neo-Nazis, and then they will say that they have nothing to do with it, the Ukrainians themselves do everything.

Russia at best be able to close the valve, we lose time, lose process, and then, already had drawn into the bloody fight, lose very much in the eyes of Europe. America immediately tell Europeans that Russian again took up his imperialism, they are not limited to Eastern Ukraine, and they encroach on Poland, Romania and seize ...

Europe will again be strictly subordinated to the States, and thus the United States for a certain period postpone their end.

It is their script. Bring to power the neo-Nazi repression deploy and watch as we get involved in a bloody mess on our borders.

What should we do? Understand what is at stake. First of all, understand that their tasks in relation to Ukraine are not constructive, but destructive. We are accustomed to thinking that the opponents have some kind of constructive scenario - in this case it is not so, their whole scenario boils down to extending their agony by two or three steps, but it leads nowhere to neither Ukraine nor Europe, not us. We can not imagine how bad things are for America, that they think in the categories “die you today, and I am tomorrow”.

VIEW: Well, their behavior in the Greater Middle East in recent years confirms it: they did not counted the consequences of what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan ...

A. D.: They do not know what to do with both Afghanistan and Iraq. Shiite Iraq will grab Iran, and then the United States will use Wahhabis, Al Qaeda and the Kurds against them. And this bloody chaos forever. In the same chaos want to plunge and Ukraine. We need to understand this. No need to hurry. The longer we pull the rubber to Ukraine, the better it will be for us. There are situations - for example, Karabakh or Transdniestria - when any solution will be worse than its absence.

At the same time we can play a proactive: realizing that Americans dragged Tyagniboka little shake theme fascist threat in Ukraine (and little by little we are already doing), and contribute to the organization of preventive east and Crimea to become independent card. And when zapadentsy say that if something goes wrong, then we take the administration in Lviv, the East must meet that takes administration in Kharkov and Odessa.

We need to strengthen Yanukovych. This Ukrainian horror still will last, it can not be resolved, it has no solutions, so let him until that lasts.

We now do not take the whole of Ukraine - if we threaten all, we will lose everything. It is also unprofitable for us to prolong the crisis indefinitely, but we need time to prepare.

VIEW: divorce initiative should come from the western regions, that is weak and leaves the loser.

A. D.: We should not initiate the division of Ukraine - we must prepare, create a situation where the two parts of Ukraine will be mobilized sufficiently equilibrium. The West is already well mobilized, but the East is not. We need the mobilization of the east of Ukraine. If the east is ready for separation, it will be a chance that this separation will never take place. And if the east is not ready, then the west will try to swallow it.

In a democratic way, this no longer took place — under Yushchenko, zapadentsa ruled and could do nothing with the east. Assimilate it from them failed. So, democracy is no longer working in the interests of zapadentsev, it works on two sides. Therefore, the Maidan scenario with a pro-American nationalist dictatorship comes.

We must help mobilize the east and the Crimea on an ideological and structural basis. Invest there, first of all, the idea, and secondly, information strategies, already in the third place - everything else. It is necessary to draw up a project "Eastern Ukraine" in which to invest. Not to carry out the division of Ukraine, but to prevent it. Because if there is not a powerful independent east, then this section will still go, but not in our scenario and against us.

In addition, we need to work in the enclaves in the west of Ukraine. There are quite serious forces with which we can work. Orthodox in Volyn, Transcarpathian Rusyns - a lot of people who will be for us. We will not return the West, will not capture it, but if they start the collapse of Ukraine, we can create a lot of trouble for them, they will not have quiet Lviv streets. What they are going to arrange in the east of Ukraine should take place at their home. They will not take the east, but they will arrange shooting there, terror, repression. And we must be ready to respond to terror in the east of the guerrilla war in the west. We must have arguments - and this is not only gas.

Today there is a situation when, opposing the pro-Western forces in our former republics, their opponents take the path of least resistance. The West comes up with a nationalist model, with such a liberal neo-Nazism, while its opponents fall into the opposite extreme and begin to defend Sovietism. This happens, for example, in Moldova. On the one hand, it is rigidly anti-Romanian, pro-Soviet Moldavinism of the communists, and on the other, pro-Romanian liberal nationalism. Similarly, in Ukraine, there is liberal nationalism for the West, and against them are people with portraits of Stalin, talks about a great era and social achievements. The liberal nationalists alliance is quite effective: the neo-Nazis give real energy, and the liberals cover them. The liberals themselves have no energy - these are minorities, in every sense of the word, from sexual to national, but by entering into an alliance with the nationalists, the “little people” of liberals gain strength.

What do we say in response? The ideology of the late Soviet cartoons - Kota Leopold and Cheburashka: "Let's live together." We have to resort to the exploitation of good, stable, but empty Soviet nostalgia. But this is not a tool, this is not a policy - we will not defend either Odessa or the Donbass with this ideology. And even more so Kiev. We need a new ideology for Ukraine and for Russia, and not the slogans that we had a great era, we launched Gagarin into space. There must be a national, mobilization ideology of Eurasianism. Need to refer to the meanings.
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  1. Ruslan67
    Ruslan67 21 February 2014 06: 06
    Nothing will change on the fact that a dozen articles by different authors on the same topic appear on our site today! The time for Conversations is over! What can we do to stop this madness? Colleagues Forum hi Suggest ...
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 21 February 2014 06: 20
      Yanukovych missed all that he has the opportunity and it’s useless to offer him anything, EVERYTHING EQUAL WILL SELL us and his people.
      I don’t know what to offer, I hope there are a lot of smart people on the site with reasonable ideas, there is ALWAYS an EXIT as well as an entrance.
      1. CTEPX
        CTEPX 21 February 2014 08: 56
        Quote: The same LYOKHA

        Russian force intervention is possible even now. If the alternative is a hot war on its territory.
        And they are preparing it for us.
        Dugin, giving places a true assessment of the situation, makes two, or mistakes, or omissions.
        These are:
        1. that the opponents do not have any constructive scenario.
        Quote:"their whole scenario boils down to prolonging their agony by two or three steps ..."
        2. that our opponent is America)).

        The enemy has a constructive scenario. And he is like this:
        chaotization of states capable of becoming a breeding ground for Nazism (Ukraine, Poland and other Europe), Wahhabism (Bl.Vostok and Middle Asia), arrangement of the war in the Far East (Japan against China) .And the direction of all this soup, with simultaneous internal destabilization to Russia.

        Our opponent is not the United States, but the Anglo-Saxons, led by an internal kagal)).

        And their goal is not a nuclear winter, but debt cancellation and the subsequent arrangement of a new financial world order.

        And what do we do now? In particular, with Ukraine?
      2. Ross
        Ross 21 February 2014 12: 33
        Very deep article and analytics.
        And the advice is right:
        There must be a national, mobilization ideology of Eurasianism. One must turn to the meanings.

        Russian idea! Only it will unite both the East of Ukraine and Russia. And he will repulse the Bandera Nazis. Any unifying idea! Because many people in Ukraine are against bandits, but at the same time they don’t want help from Russia either, like you have your own oligarchs and problems, etc. Now the time has come for truth, as it used to be in antiquity, the time has come according to the ancient Russian customs - who is with us with a sword ....
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      Quote: Ruslan67
      Suggest ...

      I suggest (myself) to buy a "pump" with a good supply of "olives" (after yesterday's Maydanut chronicle, my wife gave up quickly laughing )!
      Is it really a hedgehog what , then the answer to such questions (sadly) lies not on the pages of VO.
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        Ruslan67 21 February 2014 07: 03
        Quote: SHILO
        I suggest (myself) to "Saiga" to buy a "pump" with a good supply of "olives"

        Too late request Now you have to stand behind the cartridges like a sausage in the late 80s laughing But if it’s serious .... I don’t even know request
    3. does it
      does it 21 February 2014 07: 17
      Quote: Ruslan67
      The time for Conversations is over! What can we do to stop this madness? Colleagues Forumites Offer ...

      What is there to think! the entry of the Russian army into the territory of Ukraine, and annexation its territory in favor of mother Russia.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 21 February 2014 07: 25
        Quote: kvirit
        ! the entry of the Russian army into Ukraine

        Not time yet.
        1. SHILO
          21 February 2014 07: 45
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Not time yet.

          Yes. Not the time. Regrettably, one will have to wait for the Russian blood of the southeast. These are the customs of politics. This is not sarcasm!
        2. Cynic
          Cynic 21 February 2014 09: 05
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Not time yet.

          And the Crimea?
          1. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov 21 February 2014 09: 12
            Quote: Cynic

            And the Crimea?

            And Crimea is too early, now all the corrupt ones will go over to the side of Bandera. That's how the denouement comes, then the word is ours.
            1. Cynic
              Cynic 21 February 2014 09: 19
              Quote: Alexander Romanov
              And Crimea is too early

              No matter how late it was.
              How many conversations were that Sochi will not forgive us. Here we are sitting now _ not attached, but ...
    4. Name
      Name 21 February 2014 07: 30
      Yes, the author generally made a proposal regarding the Southeast:

      "We must help mobilize the East and Crimea - on an ideological and structural basis. Invest there, first of all, the idea, secondly, information strategies, and in the third place - everything else."... But this requires the desire and will of the authorities of these regions. hi"We also need to work in enclaves in western Ukraine."We can also arrange anxiety ...
    5. CTEPX
      CTEPX 21 February 2014 08: 31
      Quote: Ruslan67
      The time for Conversations is over! What can we do to stop this madness?

      To do something, you need to know how to do it to the detriment!
      Bad business - not tricky)).
      1. Cynic
        Cynic 21 February 2014 09: 05
        Quote: ctepx
        To do something, you need to know how to do it to the detriment!

        Any action causes a reaction. Any!
    6. alone
      alone 21 February 2014 19: 41
      Quote: Ruslan67
      Nothing will change on the fact that a dozen articles by different authors on the same topic appear on our site today! The time for Conversations is over! What can we do to stop this madness? Colleagues Forumites Offer ...

      Ruslan, greetings! The only way out of this situation is early elections of all branches of government in stages, in order to formally retain at least some kind of power. And the people themselves will decide who will lead the country and who will have to pull Ukraine out of the quagmire. I don’t see any other alternative. In any other scenario bloodshed will continue and a sea of ​​blood will be shed.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 21 February 2014 06: 11
    It is incomprehensible to me that LUKIN’s role as a deliberator in UKRAINE is naive to believe that the radicals will listen to some kind of Muscovite ... la, further, what leverage does RUSSIA have on the leaders of the opposition? -NO !!

    The alignment of forces in UKRAINE I see something like this: A moderate OPPOSITION (supported by GERMANY, FRANCE) - further RADICALS-OUN UPA and other trash (supported by the USA) - further YANUKOVICH (which is still supported by BERKUT) with the eastern oligarchs.
    The loose majority of the people in the EAST of UKRAINE do not have their own charismatic leader (organizer) and therefore so far pose no danger to the RADICALS and the OPPOSITION.

    As for KREMLIN, he took a wait-and-see attitude (partly due to the Sochi Olympics and expectations of Yanukovych’s actions)

    In general, while a decisive turnaround has not occurred for any of the parties — WE EXPECT CONTINUATION OF FAR ESCALATION OF EVENTS — I believe the United States will push the militants to more decisive actions, as was the case in SYRIA.
    1. wasjasibirjac
      wasjasibirjac 21 February 2014 06: 25
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      It is incomprehensible to me that LUKIN’s role as a deliberator in UKRAINE is naive to believe that the radicals will listen to some kind of Muscovite ... la, further, what leverage does RUSSIA have on the leaders of the opposition? -NO !!

      maybe with him the time of the regiments of the RF Internal Troops was sent, such as to protect an important statesman, and after sending three letters, the BB will begin to "protect" and disperse everyone wink lol
  3. valokordin
    valokordin 21 February 2014 06: 27
    There is one suggestion, not to be afraid, to impose sanctions on Europe, to turn off the gas. And set the presidential election in Russia.
    1. stroporez
      stroporez 21 February 2014 07: 07
      Quote: valokordin
      turn off the gas
      ---- and for what people? sales when turned off for theft of gas was not in the apartments of ordinary Ukrainians .............
    2. Horst78
      Horst78 21 February 2014 07: 13
      Quote: valokordin
      There is one suggestion, not to be afraid, to impose sanctions on Europe, to turn off the gas. And set the presidential election in Russia.

      Sorry, but this is nonsense. I hope this was a bad joke.
    GELEZNII_KAPUT 21 February 2014 06: 33
    He canceled WHO, Yanuk rag! request
    I feel we are on the eve of a grand schucher!
  5. Kazakhstan
    Kazakhstan 21 February 2014 06: 40
    I suggest for now to view useful links. There is something to ponder.

    Useful links

    Prophetic video about the civil war in Ukraine
  6. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 21 February 2014 06: 55
    from the Don.
    We won’t be able to do anything yet. If the people, PEOPLE, of the Southeast do not come together, do not resist the banderlogs, NATO bases will be 100 km away. from me! Much depends on GDP. And what he will do, no one knows. Until he was wrong. And you need to create funds of Abramovich, Prkhorov, Potanin to the peak of the Soros fund! laughing
    1. SHILO
      21 February 2014 07: 17
      Quote: borisjdin1957
      And you need to create funds of Abramovich, Prkhorov

      Are you laughing? Ali haven’t drunk coffee yet?
      1. borisjdin1957
        borisjdin1957 21 February 2014 07: 40
        from the Don.
        Sorry, bitter laugh!
  7. inkass_98
    inkass_98 21 February 2014 07: 45
    The East has slightly stirred, but so far it is unconvincing, Dobkin clearly does not look like a leader, but other heads of regional administrations are not visible or heard at all, except for Crimea. The mayor of Kiev has merged technically, now he will contribute to the further "decoration" of the city.
    The organization of marches from the East to Kiev in support of the authorities was at least two weeks late. Pulling rubber is good, but Yanukovych will surrender everything that is left very quickly, the Rada has already announced meetings without days off and no breaks to "pee" for a decision to return to the 2004 Constitution. The counter-terrorist operation has been canceled. While everything looks very sad, there is no reason for optimism on the horizon.
  8. huut
    huut 21 February 2014 09: 45
    Good philosopher! Very competently, accessible and comprehensively told. This article should be given as an introduction to the topic: "The situation with Ukraine or Who is to blame and what to do."

    Who for some reason does not like Wasserman - read Dugin)
  9. Ross
    Ross 21 February 2014 12: 40
    Quote: wasjasibirjac
    Quote: The same Lech
    It is incomprehensible to me the role of LUKIN as a deluser in UKRAINE

    And imagine yourself in the role of Putin.
    Since Europe sent negotiators, diplomats, all sorts of OSCE there, why not our Lukin was present there?
    In my opinion, the subtle game of our strategists. Negotiations will still give nothing. The real move is in silence for now.
    1. alone
      alone 21 February 2014 19: 46
      Anything can happen! can Ukraine make an offer in exchange for Syria? The loss of Syria means the loss of the Middle East and the monopoly of gas sales to Europe. And the loss of Ukraine, this means the loss of illusions about the creation of the USSR-2. Here you have to sit and choose.

      PS This may not be. This is just my guess.
  10. f-eder-al
    f-eder-al 22 February 2014 15: 01
    The Americans have put Russia in a "fork": our passive (diplomatic) reaction will lead to Yugoslav, Libyan, Syrian, etc. etc. scenarios (it is not difficult to choose a model, since the Americans had plenty of time to experiment and take into account all the nuances), then Iran, the dismemberment of Russia, China and "World Hegemony", and for active actions by Russia, such as the introduction of troops to protect citizens RF, they have already prepared a scenario a la Brzezinski ("If the Russians are so stupid that they try to restore their empire (return Ukraine), they will run into such conflicts that Chechnya and Afghanistan will seem like a picnic to them"). Those. we are, anyway, forced to take action. The question arises - what to do?
    Personally, I, like most of you, do not know. I think that the GDP itself and its ilk do not know, but ... In Russia, there are still a lot of smart and creative minds. Suggest! And suddenly someone’s thoughts will push someone to the most correct option, which will save thousands of lives and will not allow turning millions of people into slaves for distraught people!
    A. Dugin suggests taking a wait-and-see attitude and demonstrates the advantages of this strategy. Convincing, but, IMHO, not enough. I will make a reservation right away - I cannot imagine the capabilities of our special services, but assuming that they are in no way inferior to the CIA and NSA, I hope that they can and should take part in the current situation in Ukraine. It's no secret that Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and the Ukrainian fascists are not a legitimate, but fully functional vanguard of the US Armed Forces, which successfully copes with its task and brings closer the notorious "Hegemony". Since this is so successful, why not adopt this tactic - "terrorist war on enemy territory" but with a patriotic appeal, like "tit for tat". Suppose that a certain terrorist organization "Patriots of Ukraine" suddenly appears and declares that for every Ukrainian who died (it does not matter "Berkut member" or "Maidan man"), the country is responsible for their death (since the organization is terrorist, then the sentence is passed not within the framework of international law, but according to "concepts"), sentenced to the death of ten of its citizens in any part of the world. Then "Patriots of Libya", "Patriots of Syria", "Patriots of Sudan", etc. appear. Yes, these will be innocent victims, but are hundreds of thousands of civilians killed by the Americans in their desire to impose their "democracy" guilty?
    Let each amerikos feel the "benefits" that their government brings to other peoples and maybe they will say: "Obama! Go home from Europe and Asia, you were given a" Nobel Peace ", so think about your citizens, and others will figure it out without you ... "