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Pulsing jet engine will be created in Russia

The scientific and technical center named after Lyulka, a branch of the scientific and production association "Saturn", is engaged in the creation of a pulsating air-jet engine. On this, as reported by ITAR-TASS, said managing director of Saturn Ilya Fedorov. The development is carried out in parallel with the project of a promising engine of the second stage ("Product 129") for the T-50 fighter (PAK FA). According to Fedorov, Saturn itself is working "on promising next-stage aircraft," which may be unmanned.

On the development of what kind of a pulsating engine in question, Fedorov did not elaborate. Currently, there are three types of pulsating engines - valve, valveless and detonation. The principle of operation of these power plants is to periodically feed fuel and oxidizer into the combustion chamber, where the fuel mixture ignites and the combustion products outflow from the nozzle with the formation of jet thrust. It is believed that the pulsating motor is simple and cheap to manufacture.

The pulsating air-jet engine was invented at the end of the 1th century by the Swedish engineer Martin Wiberg. The new power plant was developed during the Second World War and was serially used on the German Vau-014 cruise missiles. These missiles were equipped with the Argus As-XNUMX engine manufactured by Argus-Werken. The power plant was inferior in its characteristics to those already available at that time. aviation engines, but was cheap and easy to manufacture.

Currently, several large defense companies in the world are engaged in research in the field of creating highly efficient pulsating jet engines. In particular, the work is carried out by the French company SNECMA and the American General Electric and Pratt & Whitney.
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  1. Stavr
    Stavr April 1 2011 07: 04
    Today, the power of the best jet engines on military aircraft, given per unit of their weight, is approaching nuclear reactors. But this is the limit of power removal from a jet engine. scientists' calculations show that this limit can be surpassed and the power of an aircraft engine can be increased even more by using a pulsed engine. That is why the publication of new developments of these engines suddenly disappeared from scientific journals. It is tempting to create a hyper-rocket aircraft, which is capable of reaching anywhere in the world and in space within an hour after takeoff, having such high-speed characteristics that you can simply forget about the anti-ballistic missiles that could bring down such an aircraft!
    1. Dmitriy
      Dmitriy 4 June 2011 14: 23
      And soon a science fiction writer will appear and write a novel "From Cradle to Saturn".
      We will die of hunger, but we’ll feed the worms!
    2. webdog
      webdog 19 November 2012 10: 40
      where does this data come from?
      links to the studio!
  2. gridasov
    gridasov 22 March 2012 23: 00
    If you believe what is seen from the drawing, then these scientists are not engaged in their own business. The pulsation of the hydro-gas-dynamic flow is accomplished by the method of giving it a kinetic rotation impulse. And the effect of hydro, gas dynamic impact is only an additional component and completely not determining. Moreover, the critical forms of the Laval nozzle, as far as I know, are not defined as the most effective forms and corresponding to the harmonics of the geometry. The method of scientific poking, which everywhere remains the main method of comprehension, will remain so until someone explains the essence of the theory of transformation of energy processes.
    1. gojesi
      gojesi April 19 2012 15: 27
      You should contact V. Katyushchik. Type in U-tube - V. Katyushchik UFO technology, and all things :)
  3. gridasov
    gridasov April 19 2012 19: 05
    Thanks for the recommendation. I will be frank and say that we have discovered such a device that is orders of magnitude more effective in its ability to convert a moving stream. This, in addition to everything else, means that it is not only more efficient in all operational, mass-dimensional, and technological parameters, but also has a large number of options and location relative to the object itself as a power plant or propulsion system. Moreover. I will say that I have solved such key problems of geometry that allow you to absolutely precisely harmonize the calculations of the input paths, the calculations of the working mechanism itself and the ways of removing these moving flows. Despite the uncertain coefficients and input parameters, my calculations are absolutely accurate and not ambiguous. Calculations of the energy parameters of the conversion process harmoniously manifest themselves. Only statistics are lacking. In addition, we understood what the number Pi means and found its explanation in the numerical solution that is being proposed now. And we found a coding method, or rather, why the calculations led to ten trillion after the decimal point. It turns out that there is a level of the beginning of cyclic repetition, and in general for what kind of polygon this number is.
    1. gojesi
      gojesi April 19 2012 23: 35
      Quote: gridasov
      the calculations are absolutely accurate and not ambiguous. Calculations of the energy parameters of the conversion process harmoniously manifest themselves. Only statistics are missing

      I realized that you looked Katyushchik ... As for the problem of the lack of statistics, then contact, again via the Internet to - Plykin V.D.
      This is an amazing Russian scientist, information specialist ... Gen. director Izh-masha. Type in YouTube - "New model of the universe plykin". I think he will help you, I don't even doubt it ...
  4. gridasov
    gridasov April 20 2012 01: 34
    I'm really grateful to you. This is very important information for me. Especially in the fact that people continue to be people. Everyone is trying to seem better than others and very often build their authority on cursing opponents. People should solve specific problems and harmonize all knowledge. And those who are called academic scientists and those who have a new worldview.
    I will express my opinion. Experience suggests that truth does not require explanation and proof. It complements and harmoniously combines all the contradictions. I can say the main thing that human tasks is the knowledge of the mathematical structure of consciousness and world order as two combined information systems. Knowledge of the algorithm of level transformations of all energy structures as a process. And the simplest thing is to know the geometric laws of magnetic force flows. This is a triune task. Each remaining unresolved will not create the fullness of the whole picture of the world order.
    1. gojesi
      gojesi April 20 2012 03: 02
      we are having an interesting conversation ...
      Quote: gridasov
      This is very important information. Especially in the fact that people continue to be people. Everyone is trying to seem better than others and very often build their authority on cursing opponents

      There are many reasons for this, only listing them will take a couple of hours. But these are CONSEQUENCES, but there are fewer REASONS ... and they are already understood and faster and easier ... You know, our ancestors said: EVERYTHING IS NEEDED - SIMPLY; EVERYTHING COMPLEX - UNNECESSARY!
      Sometime about 7 years ago, my eyes "suddenly" opened, although this classic "suddenly" is nothing more than a metaphor or a speech figure. This "suddenly" was preceded by the accumulation of a huge amount of Information. And on "one wonderful day" when I was accidentally diagnosed with cancer, I suddenly realized with piercing clarity that THERE IS NO GOD !!! That this is a mega-far-sighted divorce and managerial manipulation of "masters" in relation to "slaves".
      As for the meaning of human life ... You are probably a person with an academic and warehouse and lifestyle ... and way ... so to speak. I do not blame your approach, but accept, it also has a place to be! But it is apt to believe ancestors who taught that a person returns to earth time after time, solely for the purpose of KNOWLEDGE OF LOVE !!! There is no Greater Goal or Energy in the Universe! But on Love, as for a REASON, everything else is wound and
      Quote: gridasov
      It complements and harmoniously combines all the contradictions

      learns algorithmics
      Quote: gridasov
      level transformations of all energy structures as processes. And the simplest thing is to know the geometric laws of magnetic force flows

      Quote: gridasov
      This is a triune task. Each remaining unresolved will not create the fullness of the whole picture of the world order.

      That's when you plunge deeper into Plykin, when you see that Universe or, more precisely, the CONGLOMERATE OF UNIVERSES, you see visibly God, not a Jewish-Christian grandfather on a cloud with knitting needles and an untied sock, but the True Essence giving birth to the Universes ... Then you begin to feel with your skin how many billions and billions of Jesus -lookers should be in these Universes ... Then you begin to understand that the World is really not at all triune, as the Church and science teach, and the World is Information ... That "matter" is "condensed Information". After all, no one has ever seen UN-IMAGED Matter for centuries, because even an atom has its own image ... it carried me ... you go to me in a personal and there we can interpret, share ..., well, of course, with mutual comfort and desire ...
  5. gridasov
    gridasov April 21 2012 23: 05
    I apologize for the interruption in the reply.
    I have to adjust the direction of development of reasoning. First, my reasoning does not concern the trinity of cult images, but the trinity of my specific areas of research. I repeat. The mathematical algorithm of human consciousness, allowing to perceive the world around us as a system of information perception. In other words, not everything can be perceived, but only that which corresponds to our ability to adapt the information that already has a captured fragment in memory. Any new and not adapted information is not perceived. And there is one that can cause both shock and physical destruction of our body
    . Once again, the conversation is not about the psychophysics of consciousness, but the mathematical system of perception, accumulation, analysis and transmission of information. And also about the system of distinguishing consciousness from the subconscious, intuition from the logic of reason and reasoning.
    The second aspect is understanding the environment of our existence as an energy system of this energy transfer process. In other words, everything that does not have an algorithm for its conversion and energy transformation - in fact, this simply cannot be. These phenomena are subordinated to the processes of both geometric vectors of change in the local space of energy interactions, and changes in events in the mathematical transformation algorithm, which we call time. There is a third area of ​​research. In fact, there are such concepts that do not have verbal identification. This concept is good, happiness, etc. So is time and space. They can be realized, but it is impossible to describe in terms and words. Therefore, from what has been said, I can say that information is not words and a term, but a complex of phenomena and processes combining the dynamics and statics of the development of a process, but first of all it is a system amenable to coding and control, and therefore to management.
    I honestly admit that it is very difficult to describe in words what I said, both for explanations and for understanding. It is much easier to do this at the level, subconscious or telepathic level of communication. This is very easy if the person is set up for dialogue.
    my mail- [email protected] Alexander.
  6. Honory
    Honory 5 October 2012 19: 05
    It is these engines that the Americans used on their hypersonic aircraft.
  7. gridasov
    gridasov 6 October 2012 14: 17
    Alas! Everything is very simple and obvious that neither Americans nor Russians understand the essence of what they construct and what physical process they organize. First, physics theorists make mistakes, then everyone else in the chain.
    Perhaps I am repeating myself in that I am saying that the speed of relative motion A, A will be the maximum attainable speed. which will be equal to the rate of expiration of the combustion products of any fuel and which form the so-called. reactive speed. In this case, the vector and potential difference of the magnetic force relationships formed by this reactive force will form an equivalent difference of this potential along the vector directly opposite, but not formed by the rate of expiration of the combustion product with the consumption parameters of this fuel, but formed by electronic emission of the body material. This leads to the destruction of the body of this L.A. In other words, an electric circuit breaks, in which in the front of L.A. and in its rear part an unbalanced polarization of the surface of the outflow and the flow of the medium of the outflow are formed. How polarization of the surface of the outflow is formed during highly dynamic processes of this outflow requires a separate explanation. These explanations are based on the argumentation of both the analysis of quantitative arithmetic parameters of the numerical codes that describe this process and the vectorial description of magnetic force processes. Together, this determines the process of changing the energy density of the interaction of magnetic force processes at all fractal levels of transformation.
    Again, you cannot create something by a simple experiment. In order to create an ideally efficient propulsion device and not only for its hyper-velocity relative motion in any medium, it is necessary to harmonize the entire algorithm of magnetic force interactions. Therefore, errors come from not knowing the fundamental foundations of understanding what space is and the patterns of transformation of structures formed by them and according to the algorithm for transforming these changes.
  8. crambol
    crambol 27 October 2012 18: 26
    Without pseudo-scientific exercises, in the fifties, well, we used PULSING AIR-JET ENGINES on aircraft models very widely. Engines were sold, in particular, in the "Pioneer" store on the street. Gorky near the Belorussky railway station.
  9. gridasov
    gridasov 27 October 2012 19: 09
    Alas! These engines are just as inefficient as the rest. You just need to harmoniously combine the experience and knowledge accumulated and, on this basis, do not repeat mistakes. And think from the future. Pulsating air jet engines, and in that primitive form, which are in the figures, do not give normal thrust. At least because the flow is not "pressure head" and it is difficult to provide the full and necessary vectoriality of the directed flow in the direct-flow channel.
    I know that modern scientists do not know the principles of creating an altered flux density of continuous media. Hence the problems. And this is the case when you can not do without scientific exercises. Someone should come about to explain to people at least in what direction to move. But the direction is one. It is necessary to use the properties of continuous media and their potential energy to ionize the surfaces of the outlet. To do this, you just need to understand what turbulence and the motion vectors of flows are in this phase of the energy level of the process itself. Because after the process of turbulization of the flow, the phases of cavitation and sonoluminescence begin. BUT! After these phases, as they are called, even more interesting events occur.
  10. gridasov
    gridasov 19 November 2012 13: 36
    I cannot directly answer the question of where such data come from. I can only add that, for example, WATER in its level energy structure (it is not worth considering deeper) is a geometric spatial figure that a person sees only as a hexagon, but in fact it is a cubic shape with symmetry in volume. In other words, there are four precessional axes. The distance between these symmetrical nodes of magnetic force bonds can vary. This property and design feature provides the most important property of WATER to form layers not only along the horizontal plane, but also on these four coordinate axes and along the structure axes. Everyone knows that space is made up of key and basic dynamic forces that determine the direction of magnetic force fluxes, and on the basis of one such force, which provides a "rolling" moment, superfluidity is provided between layers of liquid or gases. This is when the energy flow processes between the layers are not energy-consuming.
    It is also worth adding that all geometric constructions of space and in space are subject to quantitative analysis based on the natural series of numbers. NOT forms of figurative signs and concepts, but the essence of their structural interactions. Therefore, WATER is primarily a carrier of information. How can mathematically compose a coded system of mathematical symbols in order to level many of the concepts that people came up with? This is a more interesting question.