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Slippery Ban Ki Moon

Ban Ki Moon has been driving the UN since 2007. He was re-elected Secretary General of the World Organization in 2011. Ban Ki-moon - exclusively career diplomat. All his life - a brilliant climb on the career ladder and red carpet. He knew only the ups, his falls happily passed. So at the Olympics in Sochi, he did not miss the room, but carried a torch. But as if in order to belittle the hosts of the Olympiad, in the same place in Sochi, the UN Secretary General pushed the speech about the rights of the blue.

Already in 18 years, this distinguished Korean traveled to the USA (as part of the American Red Cross program, under the strict guidance of which the smart teenager practiced English), where John Kennedy himself shook his hand. In 1970, the young man received a bachelor's degree in international relations from Seoul National University. In 1975, the young Pan worked tirelessly in the United Nations section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. "Advanced training" Pan in the United States. In 1985, he received a master's degree in public administration from the School of Management. D. Kennedy at Harvard University.

Further, Ban Ki-moon occupied the post of First Secretary of the Permanent Mission of South Korea to the United Nations in New York. He later became director of the UN department at the central ministry office in Seoul. In 1996, a mature diplomat served as the chief presidential adviser on national security issues, and three years later he became the ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Austria. A year later, our careerist replaced the Minister for Political Planning.

In January, 2004, Pan sat in the chair of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Korea. In 2006, this man turned out to be one of the candidates for the post of UN Secretary-General, and offered some reforms in the world organization as an electoral program, the essence of which modestly chose not to voice. 1 January 2007 of the year Ban Ki-moon replaced Kofi Annan, and 21 of June 2011 of the year the UN General Assembly re-elected Ban Ki-moon.

This person will “steer” the organization before December 21 of 2016.

Since the beginning of aggressive support by the West, primarily the United States, the so-called "Arab spring" in Syria, Ban Ki-moon has taken a clearly pro-American position. Many of his statements, often made too hastily, as if to please the State Department, and built on so-called "unverified facts" (the term does not belong to Ban Ki-moon, but to specialists from pseudo-journalism; this is an ordinary manipulation of the mind, because untested facts does not happen), impartial person will say a lot about what. In fact, the United Nations in the days of Ban Ki-moon became an American institution, issued as an international one. And it has even become something that gives an unhealthy smell of NATO.

It is enough to cite a few recent examples in order to understand how politically flexible the current leader of the United Nations is and under whose pipe he dances - even while he holds the Olympic torch in Sochi.

Last September, Ban Ki-moon presented to the Security Council a report of experts on the use of chemical weapons. Inspectors confirmed that on August 21 sarin was used in the attack near Damascus. There is “clear and convincing evidence,” the report says. However, the question of who used chemical weapons, remained unanswered.

This did not prevent Ban Ki-moon to condemn at a meeting of the UN Security Council the use of chemical weapons in Syria, calling it a "war crime" and demanding "bring the perpetrators to justice." But everyone knows who the West calls “the“ war criminal ”in Syria. This is definitely Bashar Assad. Therefore, the message of Ban Ki-moon has only one interpretation - anti-Assad.

Earlier, as you know, the American press raised a whole howl about tyrant Assad, who suffocated his own people with sarin. The chemical series about Syria began to be shown on American and Western European TV since March 2013. But the real ninth wave of misinformation and false propaganda has risen after the provocations of August 21. Some "American intelligence officers" stated that Assad troops used chemical weapons, as a result of which hundreds of people were killed. B.H. Obama in the White House was theatrically angry. And then the Pentagon began to frighten Assad with Tomahawks.

But here Russia entered the terrible geopolitical game. The decision to destroy chemical weapons Syrian President adopted on the recommendation of Moscow. 14 September official Damascus signed the "Convention on the prohibition of the development, production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons and their destruction." Experts of the OPCW received information on storage sites and quantities of chemical warfare agents.

B. H. Obama has nothing left but to mumble that such a measure could be a breakthrough in a protracted conflict. At the same time, the US president, not wanting, so to speak, to take positions without a fight, tried to put the blame on 21 August Himatak on Assad troops again: “No one disputes that chemical weapons in Syria have been used. The world has seen thousands of videos and photos testifying to the attack. And humanitarian organizations have reported hospitals overflowing with people with symptoms of gas poisoning. ” And further: “Moreover, we know that the Assad regime is responsible. In the days before August 21, as we know, Assad’s supporters prepared for an attack in the area where they sprayed sarin gas. They distributed masks to their servicemen. They fired rockets from territories that were controlled by the regime in 11 suburbs, from where the regime tried to drive out opposition forces. ”

Then the head of the American state, barely audibly sighing, said that the United States would study Russia's proposal to transfer chemical weapons under international control in Syria and continue to consult with Moscow.

And to the world community, and at the same time Ban Ki-moon, it became clear: B.H. Obama went back down.

Since then, the UN Secretary General has taken a universal position on Syria: everyone is to blame. In January, 2014, Ban Ki-moon сказал: “All parties demonstrated complete disrespect for humanitarian legislation, which provoked humanitarian problems in the country.” Very comfortable position. All bad, America is good. That's what makes it easy to read.

Another example. A month ago, the UN Secretary General reported that Iran and nine other states received additional invitations to the conference on the Syrian settlement "Geneva-2". However, the United States did not like this statement very much. Ban Ki-moon made a suggestion through the media.

Iran’s invitation to Geneva-2 in Montreux should be withdrawn if Tehran does not publicly declare its support for the thesis on the transfer of power in Syria to the transitional government, which was discussed in 2012 at the Geneva-1 conference. This statement was made by US State Department spokesman Jen Psaki, the site reported ITAR-TASS.

Psaki noted that Washington regards the invitation forwarded to UN Secretary General to Tehran as based on the condition that Iran will demonstrate “clear and public support for the full implementation of the Geneva communique”, which was adopted at the meeting of the “Action Group”.

The agreements contained in this document provide for the “formation of a transitional governing body with full executive authority, by mutual consent” of the parties to the internal armed conflict in Syria, Psaki recalled. According to her, “Iran has never done this in public,” and the United States has long sought this out of it.

The instruction was received, and our hero, who was slippery as an eel, immediately changed his statement to the one that was suitable for America. The press noted that Ban Ki-moon, allegedly under pressure from NKRS, withdrew the invitation, choosing the requirement to recognize the results of the Geneva-1 as an argument for refusal, as the State Department understands them.

Comrade Lavrov subjected Ban Ki-moon’s slippery policies to fair criticism. The Russian foreign minister called the wording of the secretary general “slyness”. According to Lavrov, the decision of the Secretary General is nothing but a concession to those who wish to change the government in Syria.

The meeting of Ban Ki-moon in Montreux with the head of NKORS Ahmed Jarboy looked right before the Geneva-2 conference. The relevant UN statement, written in very warm tones, said: “The Secretary General welcomed the participation of the delegation of the Syrian opposition in the January conference on Syria 22. They discussed the inter-Syrian talks, which will begin on January 24 with the participation of the UN Special Representative and the League of Arab States Lakhdar Brahimi and will be aimed at reaching a comprehensive agreement on a political settlement and the implementation of the Geneva communique. ”

Of course, with such double standards protruding from everywhere and an aggressive American installation, no “comprehensive agreement” was born on the Geneva-2 fields.

The following example.

Hillary Clinton, without explicitly declaring it, nevertheless aims to become the US president. Judge for yourself: in the last weeks of Hillary - everywhere and everywhere. Many American and world TV channels and other media are vying with each other to broadcast about the former and, apparently, the future political star. Mentioned by H.R. Clinton in the news and story reports on a variety of occasions - from gossip about Bill's loving husband, to the activities of the former secretary of state in the UN Women's Rights Committee, and even to participation in the meeting of the National Association of Automobile Dealers in New Orleans.

The goal of all these messages in the media and the goal of all speeches is nothing more than a hidden PR campaign. Hillary herself did not explicitly declare that she was going to run for the presidency, but the noise around her person was not accidental. If she wished to leave for political peace, she was a strong-willed person who had the nickname Obama umbrella not so long ago (Obama himself considered something almost a henpecked in the White House), would not only stop any attempts by the press to cover her life but would not have led, for example, such an active and rather tiresome human rights activity. For any such activity, in addition to her, let's say, moral purpose, has a goal to keep your name visible. A woman who fights around the world for the rights of women cannot but try to become the first female president. Especially since once she tried it.

The main electorate of the future presidency is the female audience. Ban Ki-moon is well aware of this. Which by no means can stand aside.

The other day, he addressed a gracious testimony to Hillary Clinton, calling her "the World Champion for the protection of women's rights." Moreover, the UN Secretary General is ready to give Hillary the lead role in celebrating the 2015 anniversary of the UN Committee on Women's Rights in 20.

Better PR for the future presidency and you can not imagine!

And one more example, quite fresh.

Arriving at the Olympics in Sochi, Ban Ki-moon first of all ordered not to offend the blue. As reported "" referring to the Associated Press, the head of the international organization demanded to stop attacking members of sexual minorities and subject them to discrimination. He said this, speaking with an appeal to the International Olympic Committee.

Here are his words: “We all must stand up against attacks on lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender people and intersex people. We must ensure that they are not arrested, imprisoned or subjected to discriminatory restrictions. ” “Hate as such is not the place in the 21st century,” the UN Secretary General added.

So that's why Mr. Ban Ki-moon arrived at the Olympics. Preach the Western ideals of LGBT. Or, perhaps, to approve the Olympic standard, forgotten almost from ancient Greek times.

But it was Ban Ki-moon and the president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, who were entrusted to carry the flame of the Olympics on the second day of the Olympic torch relay. Noteworthy is one phrase uttered On that day, the UN torchbearer:

"Sochi is a great place for the Games, I am pleasantly surprised by the hospitality of the people of Russia."

The surprise of Russian hospitality is, as they say, “something with something”. Even if the surprise was pleasant. What are you waiting for, Mr. Secretary General? A shed instead of a suite, balanda instead of rich borscht, last year’s compote instead of vodka with the brand Soyuzplodimport?

With such a secretary, only a veto, often used by Russia and China, saves the face of the UN.

Recall that in the 2006 year, being a candidate for the General Secretary, Ban Ki-moon proposed some kind of unspecified reform of the world organization as an election platform. In 2014, we can definitely say: the reforms took place, the organization finally became pro-American.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. ZU-23
    ZU-23 24 February 2014 08: 10
    The same Korean Judas, I recall how he ran to Kerry after the first Geneva-2 and how the dog waved his tail from his animal joys.
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 24 February 2014 08: 27
      Quote: ZU-23
      I recall how, after the first Geneva-2, he ran to Kerry and how the dog waved his tail from his animal joys.

      Well, this is normal practice, how else to behave with the authorities? You look, the prize will be thrown.
    2. smel
      smel 24 February 2014 09: 20
      The same Korean Judas
      Yes, they do not like us over the hill. But we do not need their love. Let them just be afraid. It is a pity that it is precisely such thoughts that push us ... Very sorry. Even at the close of the Olympics, Russia showed its spiritual values. And it was necessary to show a blind man with eyes blinded by the American flag, who only sees a bear with a bottle of vodka dancing to the balalaika through the slots of the stripes - this would be enough for many over the hill
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. siberalt
      siberalt 24 February 2014 10: 59
      Judging by the way this "pan" understands the shades of piderastiya - he himself is a clear pi derast. The truth will still come out.
      1. sarmat-4791
        sarmat-4791 25 February 2014 12: 51
        "Arriving at the Sochi Olympics, Ban Ki-moon first ordered not to offend the gay people." So these are the programs taught in the Schools of Management. They took a squinting one on the train. Interestingly with Obama in the "special" baths did not steam?
      2. The comment was deleted.
    5. AVV
      AVV 24 February 2014 14: 50
      Quote: ZU-23
      The same Korean Judas, I recall how he ran to Kerry after the first Geneva-2 and how the dog waved his tail from his animal joys.

      The United States took over the UN leadership !!! And so there’s such a reaction from GI Moon !!! Such a state policy that everyone is in the bud !!! It’s time to reform this organization, which has ceased to be an independent platform !!! Khrushchev’s lack of a tribune knocking on a tribune and on the head with its shoe !!!
  2. pensioner
    pensioner 24 February 2014 08: 22
    “Hate as such is not the place in the 21st century,” the UN Secretary General added.
    You would, Munya, it would be better to preach in Kiev, on the Maidan ...
    1. Papakiko
      Papakiko 24 February 2014 08: 52
      Quote: retired
      You would, Munya, it would be better to preach in Kiev, on the Maidan ..

      Mlynnnn, but really, why don’t the Maydans defend LGBT people?
      1. Armata
        Armata 24 February 2014 10: 19
        Quote: Papakiko
        Mlynnnn, but really, why don’t the Maydans defend LGBT people?
        And what about the poster "from --- su from LOVE BERKUTOVTS who went over to the side of the people"? Or is it propaganda of heterosexual relationships?
        1. Papakiko
          Papakiko 24 February 2014 11: 36
          Quote: Armata
          Or is it propaganda of heterosexual relations

          Here I will answer you this way: The mouth does not have same-sex cuts, and even less age.
          Therefore, as a service propaganda, yes, but as a service quality, it is not guaranteed.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 24 February 2014 12: 04
      Yes, he merged Yanuk there.
  3. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 24 February 2014 08: 30
    Ban Ki-moon is still that monkey trained by the Americans. He only says what he is ordered. Is it really not clear?
  4. Name
    Name 24 February 2014 08: 37
    Ban Ki-moon is not serving, he is serving.
    1. andrey04.1971
      andrey04.1971 24 February 2014 17: 49
      to point Andrew 04
  5. Firstvanguard
    Firstvanguard 24 February 2014 08: 39
    Thank you Oleg for your work hi good
  6. duchy
    duchy 24 February 2014 08: 43
    It must be assumed that this fruit clearly has uneasy ties with the top leadership of the United States. Wait a bit, there will be "Monica Levinske" in the male performance. laughing
  7. groin
    groin 24 February 2014 08: 44
    You can also remember how he was recently mentioned by high-ranking Western officials in their negotiations about who from the opposition to put in power in Ukraine. "Ban Ki-moon will help us glue everything there." This is the same scotch tape and sticky snot that sticks the US bandit policy with hangers-on.
  8. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 24 February 2014 08: 47
    In fact, during the time of Ban Ki-moon, the UN became an American institute that was impersonating an international one. And it has even become something that gives the unhealthy stink of NATO.

    Americans can be proud of their feeding!
  9. paul72
    paul72 24 February 2014 08: 53
    which organization (UN), such and the Secretary General.
    but no organization.
    after the collapse of the USSR, Americans perceive the UN as a machine stamping "approvals" for all their adventures; moreover, Kozyrev taught them to do this in the early 90s
  10. evgeni21
    evgeni21 24 February 2014 09: 03
    Crush like this corrupt skin is necessary. Tired of this sodomy.
  11. Hitrovan07
    Hitrovan07 24 February 2014 09: 33
    Western puppeteers know how to nurture "leaders".
  12. ddd1975
    ddd1975 24 February 2014 09: 39
    The UN is an American show. We gathered idiots from all over the world - we prove something to them, and it’s violet to them. It's time in this show to change the producer.
  13. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 24 February 2014 10: 05
    But what is the UN itself now? Now it is the "League of Nations" version 2.0, no one listens to it and has no authority whatsoever. There are a bunch of stupid international organizations that are just doing what they are trying to give legitimacy to certain government decisions USA. If the Americans suddenly want to arrange a nuclear bombing of any UN country and this decision will give legitimacy. That and the secretary general they have that rat, you can already see it.
  14. leks
    leks 24 February 2014 10: 17
    In a word Political 3,14daraz, latent homosexual !!!
    They’re all there along the way, remember how Obama said that if the Russians don’t have (blue) in the team, that means they have a weak team, they immediately started asking questions from the press saying that you might be from the same blue pack. hi
  15. Sultan
    Sultan 24 February 2014 10: 28
    I will express my IMHO: How I can not stand this brute !!! I thought that I was the only one who was disgusted with this slug and slicker on the Indian asses. To be honest, I didn’t like this man right away and was upset that Kofi Anan was leaving his post ... It felt like he was “gone”. Apparently, the feeling did not deceive me. Of course, it is very beneficial for the Indos to have an organization of supposedly united nations with manual control ... I am sure that time will put everything in its place, and this Hymun will pay for his zeal to be a small dog in an Indian handbag
    1. sarmat-4791
      sarmat-4791 25 February 2014 12: 57
      Kofi is still a cucumber, not better, but at least he kept the brand
    2. The comment was deleted.
  16. terrible
    terrible 24 February 2014 11: 09
    ) him for Ana toad smothers))))))))))
    1. KG_patriot_last
      KG_patriot_last 24 February 2014 15: 41
      It was necessary to make Victor An a standard bearer.

      The UN would show who they are, would encourage the Koreans of the USSR, South Koreans would be rebuked along with their social and sports movements, shut up liberals, and nationalists at the same time, they would show the world that Russia is a multinational democratic country.

      It would also be epic to make Viktor Wilde an arrogant, the same points + he achieved such successes only in the Russian system of training athletes and did not have successes in the USA, plus Russia not only as a destination for Western dissidents like Snowden or Depardieu, but also for athletes and ordinary people.
  17. rasputin17
    rasputin17 24 February 2014 12: 10
    What a pop is such a coming !! What, in fact, we could see from the scarecrow of nations with its puppet secretaries !! The UN has long been discredited as a structure capable of doing something or deciding in accordance with international norms and laws !! The whole process taking place in its bowels has long been under the control of Washington and the State Department !! This is especially vividly look with the advent of this nosy dog ​​gi moon !! It is disgusting to see how he, with obedience and servility, goes to everything that is dictated to him, and he, like a faithful dog of democracy, then carries this junk to the masses in assemblies !! It's disgusting to listen to how he bleats the written text by the Indos !! And behind such a screen, the Third World War is underway, blood is pouring and legitimate governments are being thrown into the place of chaos and poverty under the sauce of shit democracy !!! Millions perish for the benefit of overseas millionaires !!
  18. Lelek
    Lelek 24 February 2014 12: 39
    The main task of Ban Ki-moon is not to mix up where to lick and where to yap. And then - do not bring the Lord. wassat
  19. ksendzov1971
    ksendzov1971 24 February 2014 13: 09
    So let him go and lick pi ... s and lesbians Korean hole
  20. spirit
    spirit 24 February 2014 14: 13
    Slippery Ban Ki Moon

    In a word. NOODLES ARE NOODLES !!
  21. Stinger
    Stinger 24 February 2014 14: 14
    "Sochi is a great place for the Games, I am pleasantly surprised by the hospitality of the people of Russia."

    Of course I’m surprised. They even met such a pi-dora.
  22. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 24 February 2014 14: 56
    <<< In fact, during the time of Ban Ki-moon, the UN became an American institution, passed off as an international one. And it even became something that gives off an unhealthy smell of NATO. >>>
    Ban Ki-moon is a very valuable and convenient figure for Americans! To help his bosses in their most difficult "big game" of reshaping the world to American standards, he, depending on the situation, mimics: if it is necessary to pass off a lie as the truth, then this is done by Ban Ki Vrun or Ban Ki Liar, if it is necessary to scare, catch up fear - Ban Ki S..un, etc.
  23. homosum20
    homosum20 24 February 2014 15: 53
    Sorry for the lack of education, but why was the macaque placed in the picture in the article? It seems like they should have some kind of pangimuna (I was looking in the zoological dictionary - is there no pangimuna there, maybe it's an alien?) To place?
  24. homosum20
    homosum20 24 February 2014 16: 43
    The one who put the minus - are you a biologist? The UN is an organization on which the fate of the world depends. I'm not saying that you need to know all 193 states that are members of the UN. You need to know their mentality, geopolitical position, religion, economy, politics, geography, tactical and strategic development plans, etc., etc., etc.
    "Ban Ki-moon (Korean 반기문, hancha: 潘基 文, common Latin transcription - Ban Ki-moon; born June 13, 1944 in Chusu, Japan, now Chungju, Republic of Korea)
    At the same time, according to many experts [who?], Under Ban Ki-moon, the UN finally lost the role of the main guarantor of stability and the regulator of international relations.
    On June 21, 2011 Ban Ki-moon was approved by the UN Secretary General for a second five-year term. "
    Do you seriously think that there was no better candidate for this role out of the 7 billion people on Earth?
    In this case, you are not very intellectually different from the creature of the pangimune species. And this is a compliment. And the monkey will be able to put cons. Simple business.
    I try to be polite. Apollon knows what it costs me.
    My vision is fine.
  25. wanderer
    wanderer 24 February 2014 17: 51
    You shouldn’t be so. Macaques are quite decent guys.
    This is a miracle popcorn fed more likely with Tau Ceti, where they breed by budding. .
  26. kind
    kind 24 February 2014 18: 53
    Already at the age of 18, this outstanding Korean traveled to the United States (as part of the American Red Cross program, under the strict guidance of which a smart teenager practiced in English), where John Kennedy himself shook his hand.

    Here are his words: “We all must stand up against attacks on lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender people and intersex people. We must ensure that they are not arrested, imprisoned or subjected to discriminatory restrictions. ” “Hate as such is not the place in the 21st century,” the UN Secretary General added.

    Who offends them ??? They raised this issue themselves. What can I say, they are buggers pederasts.
  27. Ihrek
    Ihrek 24 February 2014 19: 34
    Yes, the type is very slippery.
  28. konvalval
    konvalval 24 February 2014 20: 40
    I already wrote that those who have visited the states are processed in full. They recruit there, hammer in their "values" there, etc., etc.
    Here you have the pan, here you have the old mushroom (grunt) Yakovlev and other traitors to the just structure of the world.
  29. voliador
    voliador 24 February 2014 22: 00
    So that's why Mr. Ban Ki-moon arrived at the Olympics. Preach the Western ideals of LGBT. Or, perhaps, to approve the Olympic standard, forgotten almost from ancient Greek times.

    It seems that in Pindocia, the point is good for him. It is evident that I liked it so much that now I will protect any gamos laughing .
  30. zinander
    zinander 24 February 2014 23: 21
    American henchman and lover of alternative sex. What can I say?
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 25 February 2014 01: 04
      At his age, for "love" the UN salary will not be enough. laughing Hollow, it is hollow in Africa. Would be a woodpecker and how to wipe. crying
  31. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz 25 February 2014 02: 27
    For LGBT people, there is MT-LB.C PKT.